Britannia Gold
1 ozt. Bullion Coin

In 2013, the Royal Mint enhanced the Composition and Purity of 1 ozt. UK Britannia Gold Bullion Coins from 91.67%, 22k Gold, (2012 and prior) to 99.99% Pure, 24k Gold. 

The History of "Britannia"

"Britannia" is the Ancient Latin Name for Great Britain  

Great Britain was known as "Britannia" as early as the 1st century to after the fall of the Roman Empire and has been seen in 9th and 12th century titles. 

During the early Renaissance,  when the nation of "Britannia" became known as Great Britain.  

"Britannia" transformed into a female inspired symbol of Great Britain, representing strength and integrity. 

britannia with lionBritannia

"Britannia" is viewed as a young woman with flowing, brown or golden hair, a Corinthian helmet and dressed in white robes.  

She's often depicted as holding a three-pronged trident, in one hand, while standing or seated, holding a shield with the British, Union Jack Flag, on it, in the other hand.

In 1672, "Britannia" first appeared on British coinage.

She is often depicted with a lion.

Up until 2008, the lion symbol was depicted behind Britannia on the British fifty pence coin and on the back of the British ten pence coin.



one oz gold britannia obv

Featured on the obverse side of the 1 ozt. UK Britannia gold bullion coin is the current portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, designed the effigy of the Queen.

His initials, "IRB" are inscribed directly below the Queen's neck.

FRBS - Royal British Society of Sculptors (Ian Rank-Broadley - Associate 1989, Fellow 1994)

Inscribed, inside the crenelated border of the coin, are the words and letters "ELIZABETH II, D,G, REG, FID, DEF".

D, G, REG, stand for "Dei gratia regina," is a Latin title meaning "By the Grace of God, Queen."

FID, DEF, translates to "fidei defensor," it also is a Latin title that translates into "Defender of the Faith" in English.

The phrases have been used regularly on British coinage since the 16th century.

The Face Value of the Britannia Gold coin is "100 POUNDS."

Issued as legal tender, the Gold Britannia bullion coin is guaranteed by the Government of the United Kingdom.

Obverse coin photo Provided Courtesy of The Royal Mint


one oz gold britannia rev

The design on the 2013 UK Britannia Gold Bullion Coin was taken
from Philip Nathan's original design of Britannia standing.

The Designer's last name of "NATHAN" is inscribed directly below
Britannia's portrait.

Britannia's Portrait and Image is a Symbol of National Pride for the United Kingdom.

Inscribed inside the coin's notched, crenelated inscribed border is its Weight of "ONE OUNCE" and Purity "FINE GOLD."

The Name of the bullion coin "BRITANNIA" and the gold coins Year of Issue "2013" are also inscribed inside the border of the coin.

The Edge on the gold bullion coins are Reeded.

Reverse coin photo Provided Courtesy of The Royal Mint

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Coin Information:


IRA Approved:...........No (1987 - 2012)

IRA Approved:...........Yes (2013)


Face Value:..............£100 GBP (100 pounds)

Gold Content:...........1 Troy oz. (ozt.)

Min Gross Weight:.....32.21 grams

Purity:.....................91.67% / .9167 (1987 - 2012)

Purity:.....................99.99% / .9999 (2013)

karat:......................22 karat (1987 - 2012)

karat:......................24 karat (2013)


Designer:.................Ian Rank Broadley FRBS (obverse) / Philip Nathan

Mint Mark:................No


Mintage: .................The Royal Mint has been producing the Gold Britannia Bullion coin for 26 years (a few years may not have been produced if their was no market demand).  In addition, there has never been a mintage limit set for the bullion coin.  Silver and Gold Britannia Bullion Coins are produced with Unlimited Mintages.

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