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Commodity Charts

This page serves as an "Over-View" page for the following Commodity Charts - Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Price Chart pages. 

It is an aide for the Interactive Charts on these pages and how you can change the information on them, if you wish to do so.

However, If you would like to skip this page and go straight to the Price Charts pages, "Click" the links below.

Palladium Price Charts

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Candle-Stick Interactive Charts

Each precious metal has a new fully interactive candlestick chart.  Click on the Precious Metals,  to see it's Updated Candlestick Chart.

Gold           Silver           Platinum          Palladium

With each of the Precious Metal Candle-Stick Charts, you can do your own Technical Analysis or by clicking on the dots on the charts you can see what others think the Precious Metal will do.

Furthermore, if you want to learn the full capabilities of these interactive charts, click the "TradingView" link at the bottom left of each chart and take their tutorial.

Or you can click this "Link" to Learn the Features TradingView Charts.

Here is an Example of the Interactive Charts you will find on the Precious Metals Price Chart pages

Interactive Candlestick Charts provided courtesy of

Daily Trend Power Charts

The 2nd type of chart for each of the Precious Metals on this page are
the Daily Trend Power Charts, provided courtesy of

The Trend Power chart is a 5-day chart that cannot be changed. 

Located below the chart are the percentage changes of the precious metal for the Day, Month, YTD (year to date) and 52W (one year). 

At the top right of this chart is a meter that indicates investor sentiment.

You can interpret this meter anyway you choose, many will obviously
read it as bullish is good/buy and bearish is bad/sell. 

However, you can also turn these conclusions around.  If everyone is bullish on a commodity this can many time be the time to sell, and Not "Follow the Herd."

Or you can read the Bearish trend signal as a "Buy."  Why, because when everyone is bearish,  this may be the time to get in. 

You may have heard the term "Buy on the Dips,"  well if the indicator is in the bearish area, this would be one of those times.

Sir John Templeton, one of the greatest investors of the 20th Century, is known for saying "Buy at maximum pessimism."  

Although, fundamentals come into play when choosing to buy when an investment is at a low price.  If the fundamentals aren't looking good, then buying at the lows usually isn't a good choice to make.

The one interactive area of this chart is if you "pass your mouse" over the Trend Power Indicator if you do this it will Enlarge the meter.

Whatever you choose to do is your choice, this chart gives you an idea of how other investors ("the Herd") feel towards the Precious Metal.

Commodity Charts Over-View

Foreign Currency Precious Metals Charts

The 3rd chart offered on these pages are the foreign currency price charts for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium priced in several different currencies which include; Euro €, CDN $, RMB, AUD $, UK £, JP ¥, SW F, INR, ZAR, and the Brazilian Real.

These are non-Interactive foreign currency charts, the charts are provided by the courtesy of, and they are updated by the minute when trading is in session.

Historical Interactive Charts

The fourth chart is the Historical Charts, provided by the courtesy of .

The length of time on these charts ranges from a 45year chart for gold to 23year charts for both Platinum and Palladium.   The Silver Historical chart is a 28-year chart.

At the bottom of each of these charts, you can change the information it displays. 

On the bottom right of the historical charts, you will find the Historical Trend Indicator.

At each end of this chart, you will find a vertical line with a small
triangle or arrow in the middle of it. 

By "clicking on the triangle" and holding the left button on your mouse on these arrows, you can change the time period, to your liking.

Note: the Horizontal line on the chart above specifies the date, Feb. 1st, 1980, this date has no historical significance in the price of gold.  This chart is a screenshot and is not interactive, to find the interactive charts go to the individual price chart pages. 

In chart above, highlighted in red, the two lines on the Historical Trend Indicator (bottom right), have been moved together to change the time period on the chart. 

This tool can be helpful for tax purposes, reports, or just for the sake of
knowing what the price of a certain precious metal was on any given day.  

Furthermore, when you change the time frame on the "Historical Trend Indicator" it will also indicate to you the percentage change of the precious metal.

You can also add up to Four Moving Averages on these historical charts
and print the chart you created if you like.

"Click" any of the Precious Metals Chart links below to view the charts described above.

Gold Charts    Silver Charts     Platinum Charts     Palladium  Charts

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