Missions of the
Free Bullion Investment Guide

The Free Bullion Investment Guide has three missions, this page explains to you what they are and how it hopes to fulfill them.

1st Mission of the
Free Bullion Investment Guide

The first mission of the guide is to provide a honest place on the web that will help you with precious metals bullion reference material, news and information.  

The author of the Guide believes in the power of the individual and only you, the individual, can make the best decision(s) for you and your family.

Every attempt is made to help you empower yourself by keeping the information unbiased by staying away from politics, scare tactics and over-hyped information about precious metals bullion and investment markets.

Excluding Love & Friendship, an emotional investment is usually an investment that will give you little return.

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An Investment in Precious Metals serves as an insurance policy for your investments and savings. 

For most, an allocated investment of 5% to 10% of one's personal savings or investment portfolio in physical precious metals bullion acts as an insurance policy against a down market or inflation.

Ultimately, the best investment is knowledge and the guide is here to help you decide whether precious metals are the best financial insurance policy for you.

2nd Mission of the
Free Bullion Investment Guide

The 2nd Mission of the Guide is to bring awareness of how precious metals may have bigger possibilities in this world than acting as an insurance policy for one's wealth and savings.  

free bullion investment guide

Precious Metals Nano-technology, Gold, in particular, offer a very real possibility of being a better way of treating cancer, without the harmful side-effects that chemotherapy causes.

The Cancer and Gold page, on the guide, introduces you to what Gold Nanoparticles are and how they have proven to kill cancer cells.

The Cancer and gold page also offers you the latest news articles about the Cancer Research with Gold Nano-Particles

Please visit the Free Bullion Investment Guide's Facebook page and "share or like" the guide to help us get the word out about this promising new Cancer Treatment, to your friends and family.

3rd Mission of the
Free Bullion Investment Guide

Its third mission is to help individuals and families who are currently battling cancer. 

The guide does this by giving at least 50% of the revenue it receives through sponsorship fees, donations and affiliate commissions to those who need it most, those battling cancer.

To see who we sponsor now 'click' this link: Who the Guide Sponsors & Why

Thank You for Visiting the Free Bullion Investment Guide

This Guide gives 50% or more of what it earns to those who are Battling Cancer.

Please Help Us Give by Supporting our Affiliates.

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All Donations are Appreciated

Thank You

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50% or more of this Guide's Earnings from our Retail Affiliates
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