Private Mints

Private Mints are privately held companies that manufacture their own bullion rounds and bars / ingots.

Unlike a government mint, a private mint can produce anything but legal tender coins.

However, some governments, which were once government owned, are now privately held. 

These private mints produce legal tender for their country of origin, in addition to other bullion and coins for other countries. (ex: Perth Mint and Royal Canadian Mint)

Private Mints, started and held by individual companies, do not issue coins, the term "coin" is used for government issued legal tender.

Private Mints produce "rounds," which can be produced in any size, but rounds are not backed by a government like a coin.
(ex: Westminster Mint & Northwest Territorial Mint)

All of the privately held mints below produce their own Investment Grade Bullion.

As a physical bullion investor, the research information and links on the Guide are here to help you make an educated decision and to help you decide if you want to get in or out of the physical bullion market.

Note:  As a suggestion to anyone interested in buying bullion from any one of the sites listed below, Please Read each of the Mints shipping rules carefully.

In addition, some of the sites below have rules for buying minimums and maximum for purchasers. Please read all instructions on each individual site because they may have certain restrictions when placing an order.

Private Mints


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perth mint gold bar

* The Perth Mintdoes not only produce the major bullion coins for Australia, but they also produce gold and silver bullion bars / ingots.

They are a refinery and a silver and gold bullion mint in one.  In addition, they also offer custom minting services to private customers.

For the History of the Perth Mint, you can go to the Australian Bullion page.

Note: Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

* The Golden State Mint has been in silver bullion business for over 30 years. They produce silver bullion for bullion dealers and private customers world-wide. They are regarded for having the some of the best guaranteed delivery times.

Note: Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

The Royal Canadian Mintis known throughout the world for its standards in producing high quality investment bullion. Not only do they produce all circulated coins for Canada but they also produce all bullion and collectible coins as well.

For the History of the Royal Canadian Mint go to the Canadian Bullion page.

Note: Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

The Pobjoy Mint
is one of Europe’s leading privately owned mints. It produces bullion, legal tender commemorative and circulating coins, medals and tokens for 21 countries and other major companies throughout the world from its premises in Surrey, England.

PobJoy Mint - US and International Customers

PobJoy Mint - UK Customers

Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

Note: Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

The Westminster Mint
offers a wide range of silver and gold bullion, from American Eagle Silver Bullion coins, graded bullion coins to a wide selection of silver bullion rounds. The mint produces their own silver bullion bars and provides many other options of both silver and gold bullion bars.

Note: Please read this sites shipping and purchasing requirements.

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