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Below the following paragraphs about inform you about world bullion coins, you will find a list of respected World Bullion Dealers who, between all of them, offer the widest variety of world bullion coins, available on the web.

World Bullion Coins

Whether or not you've purchased bullion coins before, one of the most important things a bullion investor should know is; What are the different bullion coins minted by World Governments?

Many of those who purchase bullion coins like to expand their collections to more than one type of coin but to do this, you need to know what are the other bullion coins that are available on the market.

This guide provides you with a way to know these coins, every coin page on this guide offers you the history about the mint that produced the coin and the history of the coin itself.

Also, most of the bullion coin pages give you an in-depth description of the coin, photos, and mintage figures.

Below, is a list of World Governments and the coins they produce that are currently found in this guide, they are the most commonly recognized world bullion coins in the industry.

On the bottom half of every Government Bullion page
You will find the bullion coins listed.

united states flag

US Bullion -

  • Gold American Eagle, Gold Buffalo,
  • Silver American Eagle, 5oz. Silver America the Beautiful Bullion Coin
  • Platinum American Eagle

canadian bullion

Canadian Bullion -

  • Gold .9999 Maple Leaf
  • Silver Maple Leaf,  Silver Wildlife Series Bullion Coins, Silver 25th Anniversary Maple Leaf
  • Platinum Maple Leaf
  • Palladium Maple Leaf

mexican bullion

Mexican Bullion -

  • Gold Libertads
  • Silver Libertad

australian flag

Australian Bullion -

  • Gold Lunar & Gold Nugget Bullion Coins
  • Silver Lunar, Koala and Kookaburra Bullion Coins
  • Platinum Platypus Bullion Coin

united kingdom flag

United Kingdom Bullion -

  • Gold Sovereigns & Gold Britannia
  • Silver Britannia

austrian flag

Austrian Bullion -

  • Gold Vienna Philharmonic Bullion Coin
  • Silver Vienna Philharmonic Bullion Coin
  • Platinum Vienna Philharmonic Bullion Coin (coming soon)

china flag

Chinese Bullion -

  • Gold Panda Bullion Coin
  • Silver Panda Bullion Coin

south africa flag

South African Bullion -

  • Gold Krugerrand

russian flag

Russian Bullion -

  • Gold Saint George the Victorious Bullion Coin
  • Silver Saint George the Victorious Bullion Coin

israel flag

Israel Bullion -

  • Gold 'Jerusalem of Gold' Bullion Coin

Premium - is a term often used on this page, the term premium is used by coin dealers in reference to the markup of a coin, above its intrinsic value.

Government Bullion Coins

world bullion

World Bullion is a term used for Government Bullion coins minted around the world.

Government Bullion coins are legal tender, meaning they are backed by the government that created them; this guarantees the coins weight and purity.

Many of these coins receive a higher premium price on the retail and secondary markets than other forms of bullion.

Two of the biggest reasons for the higher premiums on World Bullion coins are due to the design of the coin and low mintage figures.

Government bullion coins are engraved by the finest coin designers who are known around the world for their artwork, they include; William Woodruff (Canada), Elise Martinson (Australia) and John Mercanti (United States) to name a few.

These engravers include symbols representing the country's national heritage, examples of which are, the Lady Liberty, the Mexican 'Winged Victory Angel,' the Canadian Maple Leaf, the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra or the United Kingdon's Britannia.

Bullion coins are more often considered an article of investment rather than a collectors coin.

However, many nations like China, England, Australia and Austria manufacture their bullion coins with the same proof-like appearance of their collector's proof counterparts.

Bullion Mintage Figures


Bullion coins often have higher mintage figures, than the mintages of numismatic or collector coins.

This holds true, more for Western Hemisphere bullion coins than Eastern Hemisphere bullion coins.

One anomaly of this is the Mexican Mint, which produces considerably fewer bullion coins than the other Government Mints' located in the same hemisphere. (ex: The United States and Canada)

For example; these are the mintage numbers for each of the western hemisphere's 1oz. Silver bullion coins for 2014:

1oz. American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin: 44,006,000

1oz. Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Bullion Coin: 29,245,000

1oz. Mexican Silver Libertad: 429,200

Mintage figures have an effect on a coin's premium, the less rare a coin is, the less the premium will be. 

It is ironic that the United States and Canada have the highest bullion coin mintages, the reason for this irony is because of less than 10% of the populace of these nations - purchase bullion coins.

Other bullion coins with low mintage figures include the UK's Britannia and Australia's Lunar, Kookaburra and Koala silver bullion coins, they all have mintage figures under 1 million. 

In addition, Chinese Silver Panda bullion coins produced before 2010 have had mintage figures well under 1 million, because of this, these bullion coins carry very high premiums.

Gold bullion coin mintage figures do not differ as much between nations as they do with their silver bullion counterparts.

Most often you will find very high premiums on gold bullion coins that had a very limited release.  

The premiums mentioned above concern Bullion Coins Only.  Premiums for collector coins usually exceed those of bullion coins.

World Bullion

Below you will find two groups of reputable World Bullion Coin Dealers.

The first group is a list of this Guide's Affiliated Bullion Dealers

Each Affiliated listing includes:

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  • A brief description about the bullion dealer

  • Links to the bullion dealer's Better Business Bureau review page and other customer review pages (where applicable).

The second group consist of non-affiliated bullion dealers, they are on this list because although the guide is not affiliated with them they still belong in this list.

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Note: As a suggestion to anyone interested in buying bullion from any one of the sites listed below, Please Read each company's ordering instructions and shipping rules carefully.

Affiliated & Non-Affiliated

Bullion Dealers are Not Listed in Any Specific Order

World Bullion Dealers

* = Affiliated World Bullion Dealers

* Golden Eagle Coins (Homepage)

is a Family Owned Precious Metals Dealer based in Laurel, Maryland, that has been in business since 1974. 

They offer one of the largest online selections of precious metals bullion.  

Golden Eagle Coins - Trust Pilot Customer Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Better Business Bureau Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Customer Testimonial page

* JM Bullion (Homepage)

Gold and Silver Bullion Dealer based in Dallas Texas.

JM Bullion is one of the most popular bullion dealers in the United States, they offer a wide selection of Precious Metals Rounds and World Bullion Coins. 

Recently, JM Bullion started to accept Bitcoins, as a choice of payment.

JM Bullion - Shopper Approved - Reviews page

JM Bullion - Better Business Bureau Review page

* SDBullion / Silver Doctors (Homepage)

is a Precious Metals Dealer located in Michigan, they offer wide selection of bullion bars, rounds and coins.

SDBullion is a subsidiary of the popular alternative financial website 'Silver Doctors.' 

BGASC - Trust Pilot Customer Reviews page

BGASC - Better Business Bureau Review page

* Bullion Exchanges (Homepage)

Bullion Exchanges is a trusted Precious Metals Retailer located in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District. 

Bullion Exchanges we have a wide variety of products including but not limited to, metals that range from the ever popular gold and silver to the newly emerging platinum and palladium.

Bullion Exchanges - Trusted Pilot Customer Review page

Bullion Exchanges - Better Business Bureau Review page

* BGASC (Homepage)

"BGASC" is a acronym for "Buy Gold And Silver Coins" they are a Precious Metals Dealer based in California.

They offer a wide selection of world gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coin.  

Every single package BGASC ships is sent fully privately insured for its time in transit.

BGASC - Trust Pilot Customer Reviews page

BGASC - Better Business Bureau Review page

* The Perth Mint (Homepage)

is known throughout the world for its high standards in refining and minting investment bullion. 

The Perth Mint is the oldest operating Mint in Australia, it opened on June 20th, 1899.

World Bullion Dealers

Provident Metals

Gainesville Coins

Canadian PMX


Tax Free Gold (UK)

The London Coin Company

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