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December 2021
Donation & Recipient

The Angel of Healing Cancer Fund makes donations when it collects more than $100.00 to random individuals battling cancer that corresponds with Cancer Awareness Month on GoFundMe.

Which it did during December; however, the donation is made on the 15th of the following month. (January 15th)

However, December and August don't have a Cancer Awareness Ribbon designated for them, and as stated on the Angel of Healing Fund's page, the fund makes its donations on those months to a child battling cancer who is around the same age as the boyhood friend of the owner of this guide, who was 11yrs old when he had his battle with cancer.

In prior donations, five names were chosen and a name was pulled out of a box to select the who the donation went to, however, now "2"  individuals are be randomly chosen and a coin flip will choose the winner.  Each will be given a coins side and whoever wins the coin flip will receive the Angel of Healing Fund's donation.

This page shows who was chosen for the coin flip, the results, and links each individual's GoFundMe page, plus some screenshots.

Names chosen for Coin Flip

December's donation was made on January 15th, and is recorded on the ledger-journal page and the ledger-spreadsheet page of this guide. This donation is recorded under the 118th (CXVIII) Ledger Entry on both pages.

In the process of finding those to be in the coin-flip, two random individuals, who are battling Lymphoma or Leukemia, were selected from

In the coin-flip, I wrote each the individual's name with Heads or Tails next to their name.

Help the Will family during Benny's treatments

Support Chris's fight against leukemia

Benny won the coin flip!

Help the Will family during Benny's treatments

Donation Made.

You can 'Click' this link or either one of the screenshots to visit Michael Cortes's GoFundMe page.

Due to the constraints of this website's spacing, it may be hard for you to see my name under the donation amount, so I've blown it up, a little, for you.

Currently, the donation is made in my name (Steven Warrenfeltz) because the 'Angel of Healing Cancer Fund' is not a 501(c)(3) organization, and my name is on the Credit Card, not the fund's name.

However, in the comment section, it is posted that the 'Angel of Healing Fund' made the donation.

Comment posted:

This donation is from the 'Angel of Healing Cancer Fund.' We are praying for Benny and that Jesus Christ will help him triumph over his battle with cancer.  Take Care & God Bless.

Thanks be to God, through his son Jesus Christ, our Savior, for making this donation and all things possible.

The Angel of Healing Fund was created to serve as a vessel for Jesus Christ to bring forth healing to those who are battling cancer.

Benny's GoFundMe page tells the story of his diagnosis, he's a strong young man, and even though its a unfortunate time for him and his family, he'll come out of this battle stronger when he beats cancer.  

The Angel of Healing Fund thanks all those who contributed in making this donation possible.

Take Care & God Bless,

Steve Warrenfeltz

cancer research

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