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September 2020
Donation Lottery Process
& Recipient

The Angel of Healing Cancer Fund makes a donation, when it collects more than $100.00, to a random individual who is battling a cancer that corresponds with the Cancer Awareness Month, on GoFundMe.

The Fund collected over one hundred dollars during the month of September, however, the donation is made on the 15th of the next month. (October 15th)

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the individuals chosen for this lottery are all battling the a type of cancer that falls under that title.

This page shows you the process and donation in photos.

List of those chosen for the Lottery

September's donation was made on October 15th, and is recorded on the ledger-journal page and the ledger-spreadsheet page of this guide.

This donation is recorded under the 103rd (CIII) Ledger Entry on both pages.

In the process of finding those to be in the Lottery, five random individuals, who are battling a form of Childhood Cancer, were selected from

In this lottery, I've put the name of the individual under the 'Title' of their GoFundMe page (where it is needed).

Childhood Leukemia (cancer) Support (Abram Steves)

Support my little brother battling Leukemia (Michael Baiden)

Daniel's Chemotherapy Expenses

Lia's Fearless Leukemia Fight

My Son Has Cancer And I'm in Debt (Sulub Jama)

The list is cut into strips so they can be put into a box, as you'll see in the next series of photos.

The box is taped shut.

Shuffling the Names...

Pulling out Name Chosen for Donation

Daniel's Chemotherapy Expenses

After I pulled Daniel's slip from the box, I looked online to see if I could learn any more about him and his family's battle against his cancer diagnosis.

I found this story from Arizona's KYMA news: Local boy battles cancer with help from community

Donation Made.

The screenshot below is of the donation, currently the donation has to be in my name (Steven Warrenfeltz) because the 'Angel of Healing Cancer Fund' is not a 501(c)(3) organization, and my name is on the Credit Card, not the fund's name.

However, in the comment section, it states that the donation is being made on the behalf of the 'Angel of Healing Cancer Fund.'

Due to the constraints of the size of this website's spacing, it may be hard for you to see my name under the donation amount, so I've blown it up for you.

'Click' the screenshots to visit help Daniel's family with Daniel's Chemotherapy Expenses on his GoFundMe page.

In the comment section I posted the following:

This donation was made on the behalf of the 'Angel of Healing Cancer Fund.'  We are sending many prayers for Daniel Ixpata to Overcome and Win his battle with cancer.

Anyone can help Daniel Ixpata and his family financially by clicking on this link, or on the two GoFundMe screenshots, directly above.

Thanks be to the LORD Almighty, through his son Jesus Christ our Savior for making all things possible.

I created the Angel of Healing Fund as a vessel for Jesus Christ to bring forth help to those who are battling cancer.

Daniel's family posted his GoFundMe page as a way to ask for help, I am thankful that the Fund was able to be one of many to answer their call.

Furthermore, I wanted to offer my many Thanks to all those who contributed to this donation by supporting the Free Bullion Investment Guide and the Angel of Healing Cancer Fund.

Take Care & God Bless,

Steve Warrenfeltz

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