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My name is Steven Warrenfeltz, I am a self-taught investor and this is my website.


My Politics:

This is what I wrote about my politics in a blog post, with some editing.

"I used to be a political junkie and I had some good teachers about politics, so I understand it very well.

However, I’m not that person anymore and I do not like politics or any political party.

The following is the most important thing I’ve learned about politics:  When politics is mixed with fact; the truth never gets told."

I try to keep this site Politics free.

The Free Market:

I love the Free Market and I believe in the principals of the Austrian School of Economics.  

One of the biggest reasons this guide exists is to educate people of what happens when a Free Market is Manipulated and how you can protect yourself.

Evening News:

Almost every evening, I post, on the homepage, the daily news that is important for precious metals investors.

I don't post on Saturdays because I work on this guide's blog on Saturdays - found here.

I also post the news later than most other sites because every evening, except Saturdays, I cook dinner for my parents, who have had health issues over the last couple of years.  However, I try to have the news posted by 8pm - EDT. 

Getting Hooked on Investing

I was born on August 9th, of 1973.

I was in my preteens when I got interested with investing.

When I was a kid, every summer I would spend a month with my uncle Paul, who lived in Baltimore.

My uncle was a World War II Veteran and a small businessman, he served in WWII as a B-24 Navigator/Pilot and owned several small businesses in Baltimore. 

During my summers with him, I helped my uncle with work on different projects, one summer I helped him build a foundation on a house and every summer I worked on his friends 100-acre vegetable farm. 

My uncle was the person who got me fascinated with investing, during one of my visits, he stopped by the bank to cash a check, but before he went inside, he showed the check to me.

The check was a dividend check from Merrill Lynch, he briefly explained that it as a quarterly dividend check and he received it because he owned stock in the company.

After he cashed the check and got back into the car, he told me all about how dividends worked and that by simply owning a stock you can receive a monthly or quarterly payment.

I was hooked, I loved the concept that you could get paid just because you owned something of that company. 

One analogy for investing and understanding dividend paying stocks that I was given at the time was: Owning stocks that pay dividends is like buying a matchbox car and getting paid a quarter for owning it and the more matchbox cars I owned the more money I would receive.

My Uncle was born in 1923, he grew up during the Great Depression and he understood the power of money.

He often told me to save every penny and if you see one on the ground "pick it up because they add up."  

He would often say to me "I hope you never take money for granted, you'll get burned if you do."   He taught me to treat every purchase, large or small, as an investment.

His best piece of advice that he gave was; "Keep Your Eye on the Horizon."  He would explain that if you kept your eye on what's ahead of you, you'll be better prepared when you reach it.

Understanding Investing

After I first got interested with investing, I remember wanting to learn more about it, but Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business didn't exist in those days.

The fact that those networks didn't exist, at that time it was a blessing in disguise because business media doesn't help you learn about investing, they only help you to follow the herd. 

One of the few exceptions to this is Rick Santelli of CNBC, he believes in the free market and tries to help people understand the markets.

So, I started watching Louis Rukeyser's 'Wall Street Week' and as I mentioned on the investing guru's page, Sir John Templeton and Peter Lynch were the two professional investors who helped me understand investing.

Peter Lynch had the biggest influence on me.  When he spoke about investing he made it easy, for me, to understand how he invested and his strategies for investing.

One of the investment strategies that Peter Lynch taught me was that if you want to invest in a stock, first look at how the sector is doing. 

If the sector isn't doing good, then maybe you should look somewhere else or you needed to do your homework to find out and understand why the stock is standing out to you among its peers.

Peter Lynch always stressed that everyone should "Do Their Own Homework,"  when it came to investing.

My First Investing Account

I opened my first investment account in 2000, with an online brokerage.

At the time, my passion for investing existed in the stock market.

I believe in having a diversified portfolio, I invested in all the different sectors of the market, but I always seemed to gravitate towards precious metals mining stocks.

I wasn't making a lot of money, so I got started in penny stocks.

I learned many lessons about small mining stocks, the biggest lesson I learned about investing in penny mining stocks is not to waste my time or money in the purchasing of penny mining stocks. 

Penny stocks - meaning stocks trading under $1.00 and stocks trading on the OTC markets. 

Although some penny stocks on the AMEX (American Stock Exchange) can sometimes be worth it, you have to do your homework and learn how to recognize a bad company from a good one.

A lot of the stocks on the OTC markets benefit the owner(s) of the company, not the company's stock investors.  This is because the OTC (Over-the-Counter / Pink Sheets) Exchanges are less regulated than others.

After moving on from penny stocks, I devised my own strategies for picking mining stocks and other stocks and over time I started making a profit.

During this time, I learned a lot about myself as an investor, I found out that I am a "Buy and Hold" investor.

I've tried day trading and hated it.

I've also tried shorting stocks and although I have learned to recognize tops and bottoms in stocks and other markets before they happen, I like to be for an investment instead of against it, when my money is involved.

I currently don't own any stock.

Mining Stocks

First off, I am a big fan of royalty mining stocks like Silver Wheaton (SLW) or SandStorm Gold (SAND). 

The business plan is genius.

The way Silver Wheaton is run is kind of like a bank.

Companies like Silver Wheaton often serve as 'lenders of last resort' for small mining companies. 

This is because sometimes a company won't be able to meet the loan requirements of a bank, so they will turn to a company like Silver Wheaton for funding

For example, lets say company 'A' wants to open a mine but doesn't have the credit to get a loan from the bank.

So they turn to Silver Wheaton, Silver Wheaton says "Ok, We'll give you the loan, but, we get 20% of the mined silver."

In addition, they'll say; "We'll pay for the hypothetical 20% of the mine (it is sometimes more and sometimes less) for a pre-determined time period or for the life of the mine, but at a price under spot."

The last time I owned Silver Wheaton's stock, one of their best contracts stated that they would buy their percentage of silver for $4.00 a troy ounce.

They will then sell the purchased silver from their contracted mines, at the spot price and continue their operations to serve investors and to help other mining companies.

Royalty Companies stock I used to own.

SLW- Silver Wheaton

I owned 'Wheaton River Minerals' before it merged with Goldcorp and was spun off to become Silver Wheaton.

SAND - Sandstorm Gold

Other Mining and Natural Resource past stock investments

EXK - Endevor Silver

GGN - Gamco Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust

NGD - New Gold, Inc.  (I Originally owned Western Goldfields (WGW) it merged with New Gold in 2009)

NXG - NorthGate Minerals

TGB - Taseko Mining - Sold all of Taseko in 2010 when Properity Mine was rejected by the Canadian Federal Government

The stocks above are the mining stocks that I remember owning, there were many others, but all of my tax records before 2007 have been trashed.

I have not owned any stock since 2013.  The biggest reason being, at this time, I do not have any discretionary funds.

When and Why
I Started to Buy Bullion

I stated before that I started investing in mining penny stocks, I then moved into other sectors of the markets and found better profits in those sectors.

Between, 2003 and 2006, I moved completely out of the mining sector, it just wasn't doing much. 

But in 2005, I bought my first bullion products, originally I gravitated towards government issued bullion coins over other forms of bullion. 

I've since learned that each form of bullion has its own utility and it is up to the individual and their needs as to what kind of bullion will work best for them. 

Since I started to learn about investing, I've known that gold, silver and other precious metals should be the bedrock of every investor's portfolio.  

In my view, those in the media today that call precious metals "relics" or "pet rocks," are only indicating the ignorance's they have of the precious metals markets and how they would rather follow the herd than act as an individual.

Precious Metals will never be worth zero, unlike stocks and other paper assets, and although you could almost say the same thing about real estate, you don't have to have a good credit record to buy gold or silver.

I say 'almost' because I have seen real estate go from being worth something to being worth nothing, but I've never seen it happen with precious metals.

The Crash of 2008 and
Why This Site Isn't about Stocks.

It wasn't a shock to me that the Crash happened, anyone who ever heard of a Subprime Loan or Interest Only Loans and understood the markets, should have known it was inevitable.

Furthermore, the fact, that banks were combining the two, selling Interest Only Loans to Subprime Buyers or just as bad Adjustable Rate Loans to Subprime Buyers is Idiotic.

For those who may not know, when a homeowner has a 'Interest Only Loan,' they only had to pay the interest on the loan (mortgage) for a set time period, before they added the principal to the mortgage bill.

The set time period before they added the principal to the mortgage bill was typically around 5 years.  I first heard about these loans in 2002 and I still remember exactly where I was when I heard about them and what I was doing, but that is of no importance.

But what is important is that I also remember saying out loud "What the F**k are they thinking,"  and that "I have to remember to get out of the market when this Sh*t hits the fan."

And when it did, I can only think of one word when I think of those loans and all the other gimmicks that the banks and mortgage companies made up to sell houses; Criminal.

The Crash of 2008 didn't change my views of the market, it was the remedy to the Crash of 2008 that changed my views of the markets and why this site isn't about stocks.

"To Big to Fail" should have never been uttered.  It all should have failed, that's how the Free Market Works.

Failed companies fall and they either get liquidated or bought up by other companies, the trash gets washed out of the system and a new free market creates itself out of the old.  

That's how the financial system used to work and still does for those of us that don't have something for someone in government to gain from.

I know the arguments "But, But, But."

When this system fails and it will because it's built on nothing but greed and lies. 

When this crony capitalistic system that we are in fails, I hope the failures of all those who supported the Federal Reserve and those in Government will finally be convicted and put where they belong; in jail.

The first reason why this site isn't about stocks is because of this man's actions who also stated: "I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System"  - George W. Bush, 2008  (<- click this link for the video).

The second reason this site isn't about stocks is because of the 110th Congress that passed TARP in October of 2008.

And the biggest reason this site isn't about stocks is because of the Federal Reserve's 'QE' programs and how our system of Crony Capitalism has destroyed my love of what was the U.S. Free Market.

The financial system is a House of Cards and Greed is the only thing that is keeping it up and it will ultimately Fail under its own weight.

If I wasn't honest with myself this site would have been a guide for stock investors.  Stocks are a heck of a lot easier to follow, fundamentals almost always support the technical analysis of a stock and vice versa, but this fact about stocks does not apply to gold or silver.  

Gold and other precious metals are the only real decentralized asset, that exists in the world and it is the only asset that I can honestly be proud to put my name by.

I'm not against other forms of investments, everyone has their own preferences. 

I believe that if you have savings or investments then you should also have at least 10% of that money in precious metals bullion, and this guide is my answer to help individuals understand why this is and to help them know what other choices are available to them.

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50% or more of this Guide's Earnings from our Retail Affiliates
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