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Vault Bullion Storage

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vault storage

As a bullion investor, the best way to store your bullion is to diversify your storage locations.

To protect your wealth with maximum security, storing your bullion should have both domestic and offshore components.

Holding physical bullion outside your home country helps in the protection of your savings from any government entity that may choose to look into your finances.

Furthermore, trust and confidence in the banking system where most people once had secured their bullion in a safe deposit box have been greatly eroded.

Considering that all banks are plugged into the global financial system, means banks are subject to arbitrary government controls and regulations.

The safety you get from precious metals bullion comes from its total independence from the financial system and using a bank's safe deposit box compromises that safety.

In addition, home Storage involves owning a safe, hiding it safely from prying eyes and having it secured to the floor. Not to mention many other safety precautions one should take when holding bullion in one's home.

Unfortunately, as mentioned on the Home Safes page, no safe is impenetrable, and neither are most homes, there's always the risk of being robbed.

This is why privately held, Vault Storage of Bullion make so much sense and why it should not be over-looked as a viable option for Diversifying your storage options with your precious metal physical bullion investments.

Reasons to Consider 
Vault Storage for You

There are many reasons why an individual may want to choose this form of bullion storage that include:

  • Live in areas prone to Natural Disasters, Crime, etc.
  • Lack of Storage Space
  • Diversification of Saving, and Investments
  • Diversification of Asset holdings: Foreign & Domestic Storage
  • Easy to Buy and Sell Bullion

You can scroll down or simply click each of the topics above for more of an explanation of subject.

Furthermore, below the 'Reasons to Consider Vault Storage for You' section, you'll find a Q&A section of the everyday questions people ask about these services.

The Vault Storage companies this guide affiliated with:

  1. Bullion Vault
  2. Hard Asset Alliance
  3. Sprott Money
  4. The Real Asset Company

The Real Asset Co. Buy Gold Online

Hesitant towards
Storing Bullion at Home

Anyone who has lived through a flood, fire, tornado or an earthquake, would undoubtedly be hesitant to store a large amount of bullion at home.

Several forms of natural disasters happen with little to no notice, and they can change in severity without any warning.

For those living in an area that has a history of one or more of these disasters, storing a small amount of bullion on your premises is their choice and would not be out of the ordinary.

But, it would be ill-advised to store a large quantity of bullion in a place that could not be moved out of quickly.

So, for those who live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, and are interested in owning bullion, perhaps vault storage may be for you.

There are other reasons why an individual may be hesitant to store bullion at home, for instance, an individual could think twice about storing a bullion at their home if they think it could be stolen.

Anyone can be a victim of a robbery, no one is immune to crime, it can happen anywhere.

There are several other reasons why an individual may not want to store bullion at home, the factors mentioned above are just a few of them.

This page was created to inform you about vault storage of bullion and to help you decide if it works for you.

No Storage Space for Bullion

Lack of storage space for bullion is another realization that comes with  owning it.

For the individual who doesn't have to worry about natural disasters or crime affecting their home, then perhaps storage space may be an issue.

Storage space isn't necessarily an issue if you want to store less than $20,000 of physical bullion.

However, if you want to own over $20,000 in physical precious metals, especially silver, the metal will start taking up a good amount of space.

For instance: if a person owned $20,000 of gold bullion purchased at the price of $1250 which was the average price in 2017, would need enough space to hold about 16 one ounce gold bullion coins.

Not a whole lot of space.

But, if the same person owned $20,000 of silver bullion purchased at $17.00 which was the average price in 2017, it would require them to have the space to store more than 1,100 one once silver bullion coin.

A lot of space.

Before you Move on...

When storing it at home there are a few things one may want to take into consideration before doing so.

Your location: Do you rent or own, are you in the city or suburbs? FBI statistics say that if you live in a large metropolitan area and rent you are more likely to have a burglary than if you own your home and live in the suburbs.

Your budget: Keeping a small amount of bullion in your home is expected. However, if you plan to store large amounts of bullion inside your home, one should consider the additional security costs (ie: insurance, size of safe, security alarm, etc.)

These are simply some very important factors that every individual should think about before they decide whether or not Vault Bullion Storage is right for them.

Precious Metals Portfolio

For anyone who wants to diversify some of their investments or savings into precious metals they may ask the following question:

How should I invest in Precious Metals?

It is often stated by financial advisors that 10% of your savings or investments portfolio should be allocated into precious metals, while others will quote a percentages up to 20 or 30 percent.

Regardless of how much you own in precious metals in comparison to your total investment or savings portfolio, the question that many ask is how should I own my precious metals investments.

There are a some choices:

  • Mining/Royalty Stocks - ex: WMP, NEM, RGLD, AG
  • ETFs - ex: GLD, SLV
  • Owning Physical Bullion at Home - ex: Coins, Bars
  • Owning Physical Bullion through a Vault Storage Bullion Company

The chart below is just a sample portfolio of how an individual may diversify their precious metals.

Ultimately it is up to you as to how and where you want to put your assets.

diversified precious metals bullion portfolio

The biggest thing that every investor should remember is never hold all your eggs in one basket: Diversify.

Foreign & Domestic Storage

A smart diversification strategy doesn't only involve a well diversified investment portfolio, for the precious metals investor it also involves holding a portion of these assets outside of their home country.

Eric Sprott, the founder of Sprott Money Ltd. has stated the following about owning precious metals in more than one location.

"I firmly believe people should have various storage sources as I do and storing offshore is one of the most prudent decisions that a smart investor can make."

As previously mentioned the Free Bullion Investment Guide is affiliated with three Vault Storage companies.

Below is a list of locations each service offers to provide storage.

Bullion Vault

  • Zurich, New York, Toronto, Singapore, and London

Hard Asset Alliance

  • Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, London and in the United States (New York and Salt Lake City locations)

Sprott Money

  • Langley, BC, Cayman Islands, Toronto, Delaware, Switzerland, and Singapore

The Real Asset Company

  • Singapore, Geneva, and London

In today's world of limited privacy and growing debt investors need to know that their investments are protected from these threats.

This White Paper from Sprott Money offers more insight into why an individual should store some of their precious metals internationally.

Vault Storage Brokerages

For those who want to purchase a lot of bullion, but don't want to deal with the hassles of moving the bullion, to sell it, should consider this form of owning bullion.

Owning bullion through a Vault Storage Brokerage is what makes this form of owning bullion so convenient because it is very easy to buy and sell.

Just like a brokerage gives you an entry into the stock market to buy and sell stocks, Vault storage companies allow you to do the same, in the physical precious metals bullion market.

However unlike stock brokerage firms that hold electronic forms of your stocks in your name, these bullion brokerages hold physical bullion allocated and registered to you, and you only.

Three of the companies that the Free Bullion Investment Guide is affiliated with offer this type of service, they are: The Hard Asset Alliance, Bullion Vault, and the Real Asset Company.

These vault storage brokerages have bullion trading platforms that resemble the trading platforms of an online stock brokerage.

The trading platforms are very easy to use and the trades are usually done immediately, to give you an idea of what these trading platform's are like, below is a 'screen-shot' of Bullion Vault's trading platform.

Bullion Vault

The other Vault Storage company that this guide is affiliated with is Sprott Money, they do not offer a platform for trading bullion in this matter.

Questions & Answers

Who does the Bullion Really belong to?

Answer - You.

This guide is only affiliated with services that offer 'Allocated Accounts.'

An allocated account is a account where any bullion that is purchase is owned outright the an investor, under a contract or custody arrangement, in a professional bullion vault.

Vault storage companies act as custodians of your bullion. When a person opens an account with a company that trades and stores bullion they are participating in a "Bailment" Agreement.

A Bailment is a legal relationship between two entities, involving tangible assets, in this case the person who buys the bullion and the vault storage company.

The storage company is considered the custodian or "bailee", and the person who buys and owns the bullion is known as the "bailor."

The bullion is not part of the companies balance sheet because it is not their property, it is registered in the buyer's name, it is part of their nest egg, the company is only storing it for you.

Even in the case of the bankruptcy of the "Bailee," creditors cannot claim your bullion as theirs because of the Bailment Agreement.

silver and gold nestegg

Vault Storage companies offer you a platform from which you can buy and sell physical bullion.

Bullion Vault - Online trading platform

The Real Asset Company - Online trading platform

Hard Asset Alliance - Online Trading Platform

Sprott Money - Call to buy and sell bullion

After you have bought the amount of bullion you wish to purchase the Custodian will hold the bullion for the Owner (you) in an allocated accounting system with the physical bullion you purchased registered only to you.

Do these services Audit Customer accounts? &
How often do they do them?

Yes, the services that we are affiliated with do audits.

Bullion Vault

  • daily audits published online, which explicitly reconciles the customer's gold, silver, and platinum...see Bullion Vault's daily audit here.

Hard Asset Alliance

The Real Asset Company

Sprott Money

Is physical delivery available?

All of the services that we're affiliated with offer home delivery, two of the services offer home delivery without any minimums or fees involved.

Whereas two of the services this guide is affiliated with do require minimums for deliverable bullion and fees are associated with delivery.

gold krugerrand

The two services that offer home delivery without any minimums or additional fees are the Hard Asset Alliance & Sprott Money.

Listed below are the names of Vault Storage Services that provide physical delivery of the bullion you buy.

However, each service has different requirements for receiving Home Delivery.

For instance: Sprott Money and the Hard Asset Alliance offer no minimum purchases for home delivery, websites rules and regulations carefully before choosing one company over the other if you want physical delivery.

Not all have the same rules for physical bullion delivery.

Can I supply my account with Bullion I already own?

Yes and No; Some companies allow you to supply your account with your own bullion others do not.

In reference to our affiliates; Bullion Vault and The Real Asset Company does not allow you to supply your account with bullion you already own, but Sprott Money does.

How close to the spot price of bullion can one expect to get from a Vault Storage Company?

Pretty close, surprisingly, many of these services charge as low as >1% above spot price to 8% above spot price.

The commissions for purchasing the bullion range from company to company.

How Much Money is Needed to Open an Account?

What are the Fees?

They range from company to company of course, and every company offers different incentives for you to use them. However to get an idea of what these companies charge to provide their services are as follows from lowest to highest:

  • Storage Fees - (.10% to >6% per annum. / depending on the precious metal being stored and the location of storage facility)

  • Buying Fees or Commissions (.02% to 8%)

  • Selling Fees or Commissions (free - to 5%)

Bullion Vault Storage Companies also charge other small fees that usually do not exceed 1% of the total cost per order, these include administration fees and clearing fees among others.

Vault Storage company

bullion vault chart

*When you buy gold or silver from the BullionVault, you are buying a allocated portion of a standard London Good Delivery Bar. These bars consist of 400 ounces of either gold or silver. In addition, if you choose to take sole possession of the bar and either want it stored in there vaults or have it delivered to you some of the Fees do rise.

Consult the Bullion Vault for more information.

Bullion Vault Storage Fees are paid monthly

Bullion Vault

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Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research News - #7
Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research News - #7

This issue includes:

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  • GNPs Give Oncologist's a Better Way to Track Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
  • How Remote-Controlled Gold NanoRods Energize 'T-Cells' Turning Them into Precision Immunotherapy