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My name is Steven Warrenfeltz, I am a self-taught investor and I created the Free-Bullion-Investment-Guide to give you an honest place on the web that provides reliable bullion market information.  

This guide is a little unusual to other guides because it not only offers bullion market information, it also supports and advocates Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research.

A few decades ago, I made a graveside promise to a childhood friend who died of cancer that I would support new and better ways to treat cancer, and the Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research side of this guide is one of my answers to that promise.

Below, I've written a little more of a description of how I got into investing, my investing background, and why this site is a precious metals bullion guide.

Getting Hooked on Investing

I was in my preteen to early teen years when I found my love for investing

Every summer, when I was a kid, I would spend a month with my uncle Paul, who lived in Baltimore.

My uncle was a World War II Veteran and a small businessman, he served in WWII as a B-24 Navigator/Pilot and owned several small businesses in Baltimore.

My uncle was the person who got me fascinated with investing, during one of my visits, he stopped by the bank to cash a check, but before he went inside, he showed the check to me.

The check was a dividend check from Merrill Lynch, he briefly explained that it as a quarterly dividend check and he received it because he owned stock in the company.

After he cashed the check and got back into the car, he told me how dividends worked and that by simply owning a stock you can receive a monthly or quarterly payment.

I was hooked, I loved the concept that you could get paid just because you owned something of that company.

My Uncle was born in 1923, he was a man who walked three miles to and from school everyday (see here), he grew up during the Great Depression and he understood the power of money.

He often told me to save every penny and if you see one on the ground "pick it up because they add up," he'd also say "I don't take money for granted, you'll get burned if you do."  

He taught me to treat every purchase, large or small, as an investment.

His best piece of advice that he gave was; "Keep Your Eye on the Horizon."  He would explain that if you kept your eye on what's ahead of you, you'll be better prepared when you reach it.

A Kid Trying to Understand Investing

After I first got interested with investing, I remember wanting to learn more about it, but Fox Business, Bloomberg, and CNBC didn't exist in those days.

The fact that those networks didn't exist at that time was a blessing in disguise because business media doesn't help you learn about investing, they only help you to follow the herd. 

So, I started watching Louis Rukeyser's 'Wall Street Week' and as I mentioned on the investing guru's page, Sir John Templeton and Peter Lynch were the two professional investors who helped me understand investing.

Peter Lynch had the biggest influence on me.  When he spoke about investing he made it easy for me at 14yrs. old to understand his strategies for investing.

One of the investment strategies that Peter Lynch taught me was that if you want to invest in a stock, first, look at how the sector is doing. 

If the sector isn't doing good, then maybe you should look somewhere else or you needed to do your homework to find out and understand why the stock is standing out to you among its peers.

Peter Lynch always stressed that everyone should "Do Their Own Homework,"  when it came to investing.

My First Investing Account

My passion for investing existed mostly in the stock market, although I've always taken my uncle's advice to 'view every purchase as an investment.'

In the summer of 2000, after the dot.com bubble, I opened my first account with an online brokerage.

I believe in having a diversified portfolio, I invested in all the different sectors of the market, but I always seemed to gravitate towards precious metals mining stocks.

I devised my own strategies for picking stocks, and over time I started making a profit.

During those first few years, I learned a lot about myself as an investor from my failures and successes..

Mining Stocks

Every investor should have a well-diversified stock portfolio, and never invest in just one sector.

I decided to add this section, to this page, because Mining Stocks helped me learn a lot about investing, and they're a good way to diversify a stock portfolio.

First off, I am a big fan of royalty mining stocks like Silver Wheaton (SLW) or SandStorm Gold (SAND). 

Royalty Companies stock I used to own.

WPM - Wheaton Precious Metals was SLW- Silver Wheaton

I owned 'Wheaton River Minerals' before it merged with Goldcorp and was spun off to become Silver Wheaton.

SAND - Sandstorm Gold

Other past Mining and Natural Resource stocks

EXK - Endevor Silver

GGN - Gamco Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust

NGD - New Gold, Inc.  (I Originally owned Western Goldfields (WGW) it merged with New Gold in 2009)

NXG - NorthGate Minerals

TGB - Taseko Mining - Sold all of Taseko in 2010 when Properity Mine was rejected by the Canadian Federal Government

The stocks above are the mining stocks that I remember owning, there were many others.

When I Started to Invest in Bullion

In 2005, I bought my first bullion products, originally I gravitated towards government issued bullion coins over other forms of bullion. 

I've since learned that each form of bullion has its own utility and it is up to the individual and their needs as to what kind of bullion will work best for them. 

Since my love for investing began, I knew that from reading Peter Lynch that gold, silver, and other precious metals should be the bedrock of every investor's portfolio. 

The Crash of 2008 and
Why This Site Isn't about Stocks.

The first reason why this site isn't about stocks is due to the actions of the U.S. government during the Market Crash of 2008.

First, we have the actions from the Republican President George W. Bush who during the 'Crash of 2008' summed up his actions when he stated: "I’ve Abandoned Free Market Principles To Save The Free Market System"  - George W. Bush, 2008  (<- click this link for the video)

The second reason this site isn't about stocks is because of the actions of the 110th Democratic Party Majority held Congress that passed TARP in October of 2008.

The third biggest reason why this guide isn't a guide for stocks is because of the Federal Reserve's 'QE' programs and how our system of Crony Capitalism has destroyed my love of what was the U.S. Free Market.

The financial system is a House of Cards and Greed is the only thing that is keeping it up, and it will ultimately Fail under its own weight.

The Crash of 2008 didn't change my views of the market, it was the U.S. Government's remedies to the Crash of 2008 that changed my views of the markets and why this site isn't about stocks.

"To Big to Fail" should have never been uttered.  It all should have failed, that's how the Free Market Works.

Free Markets or Capitalism works when failed companies either get liquidated or bought up by other successful companies, the bankrupt companies gets washed out of the system and a new free market creates itself out of the old. 

If I wasn't honest with myself, this site would have been a guide for stock investors. 

Stocks are a heck of a lot easier to follow, fundamentals analysis almost always support the technical analysis of a stock and vice versa, but these fact about stocks do not apply to gold or silver.  

Gold, Silver, and other precious metals are the only real decentralized asset that exists in the world and it is the only asset that I can honestly be proud to put my name by.

I'm not against other forms of investments, everyone has their own preferences, for instance, I have become a fan of Bitcoin and often do analysis for bitcoin and other altcoins on steemit.

Overall, I believe that if you have savings or investments then everyone should also have at least 10% of their money in precious metals bullion, and this guide is my answer to help anyone who is interested understand why this is, and what choices are available to them to own physical bullion.  

Thank you for your time,

Take Care & God Bless.

Steven Warrenfeltz

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