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Price Inflation

in the United States

What is Inflation?

Inflation is the devaluation of a currency through the increase in the amount of money circulating in society, resulting in the eventual rise in the price of goods.

How is Inflation Calculated? 

As inflation rises, every dollar decreases in value.


If the inflation rate is 2% a year, then an item that sells for $1.00 at the beginning of the year will cost $1.02 by the end of that year.

Inflation often goes unnoticed in doing what it does best: Destroying the Value of a Currency.

The Charts below are a Visualization of how, over the years, "Price Inflation" has affected everyone who lives in the United States in one way or another.

*Important Note: The prices displayed on all of these Charts are calculated with the average price paid in the United States and are not specific to any brand or region of the United States.


Median Income

The first inflation chart is the average increase in the Median Income over the last 87 years.

Price Inflaiton - 85 Years Median Income

To some, the chart above may look like progress, but before that thought crosses your mind' take a look at the following charts; they all show the 'Decline in the Purchasing Power of the United States Dollar.'

'Decline in the Purchasing Power of the Dollar.'



Advisor Perspectives - dshort.com


Food Price Inflation

Milk Price Chart

price inflation milk price


Food Price Inflation

Bread Price Chart

 1lb. Loaf of Plain White Bread, in the United States.

price inflation bread price

Source: econmagic - U.S. city average; White bread

Food Price Inflation

Thanksgiving Dinner Chart

cost of thanksgiving dinner

Source:  American Farm Bureau Federation Survey

Food Price Inflation

Hershey Bar Price Chart

price inflation Hershey bar price



Candy Wrapper Archive


Home Price Inflation

New Home Price Chart

new home price chart



Transportation Price Inflation

New Car Price Chart

price inflation new car price


Road-Reality 2009-2010 graphic

Edmund's - Report Sheds Light on Vehicle-Shopping Trends - 2013

mlive - Average Price of New Car in 2018

TIGERKING Flip Up Small Safe With Biometric Lock TIGERKING Flip Up Small Safe With Biometric Lock -


Postage Price Inflation

First Class Stamp Price Chart

price inflation first class stamp


www.johnstonsarchive - Cost of US First Class Stamp

College Tuition

Education Price Inflation

Public College Chart

price inflation public college costs

Source: National Center for Education Statistics: Table 330 - column 15

Education Price Inflation

Private College Chart

price inflation private college costs

Source: National Center for Education Statistics: Table 330 - column 15


Sports Entertainment Price Inflation

NFL - Super Bowl Ticket Price Chart

For the first three years the Superbowl was called 'The World Championship Game,' in 1970, it was changed to 'SuperBowl.'

The chart below is the average price of a single SuperBowl Ticket.

price inflation movie ticket price


Star Tribune - Price of a Superbowl Ticket 1967 - 2018

Sports Entertainment Price Inflation

Baseball Ticket Price Chart

price inflation movie ticket price




Entertainment Price Inflation

Movie Price Chart

price inflation movie ticket price


Gold Price Chart

The difference between the 'Price Inflation' charts above and the Gold Price Charts below is...

Gold and other precious metals serve as physical asset insurance that preserves the value of your savings and investments.

Gold (1833 - Present)

20 year - Interactive Gold Chart from Bullion Vault

The U.S. Dollar  (1913 - 2019) :

Purchasing Power of the Consumer Dollar

The U.S. Dollar  (1913 - 2019) : Purchasing Power of the Consumer Dollar

Click this link to see more on how the rate of inflation has robbed the value of money over the past 25 years.

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