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The Mexican Mint & 
Mexican Bullion Coins

La Casa de Moneda de Mexico

Founded in 1535, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico is the National Mint of Mexico, when Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived in New Spain.

flag of new spain

New Spain was established in 1521 following the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire.

New Spain's capital was Mexico City; its territory covered much of the western hemisphere, including most of the United States west of the Mississippi, all of present-day Mexico, and Central America (except Panama).

In the map above, New Spain included the Philippine Islands, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad, and the Bay Islands.

New Spain was ruled by a Viceroy in Mexico City who governed the various territories of New Spain on behalf of the King of Spain.

The Mexican Mint

When Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza arrived in New Spain, he brought a Royal Charter from the Spanish Crown authorizing the establishment of the first mint in America.

Established in 1535, Casa de Moneda de Mexico is the First and Oldest Mint in the Americas.  The headquarters of the Mexican Mint is located at San Luis Potosí.

mexican mint logo

The Mexican Mint spent the next two hundred, eighty-six years minting silver and gold coins for the Spanish Empire used as currency in Mexico and the world.

Mexico won independence from Spain on September 16th, 1821, and the Mexican Mint started to mint coins for the Mexican Empire.

The Mexican Mint kept many of Spain's currency traditions. Its silver peso circulated widely around the world and became the model of many national currencies.

The mint's main client is the Bank of Mexico.

Banco de Mexico

In the early 20th century, there was a lot of mistrust in the government of Mexico.

In 1917, the most recent Mexican Constitution was signed.

Article 28 of Mexico's 1917 Constitution states the following: "through the central bank, in respect of the strategic areas of minting of coins and issuance of notes that all money be issued by a Central Bank."

On September 1, 1925, Mexico established its Central bank, called Banco de Mexico, ending a long period of monetary instability and anarchy.

The bank is responsible for controlling monetary regulation, interest rates, and the exchange rate.

Banco de Mexico's fundamental task is to safeguard the stability of Mexico's national currency.

Mission of the Mexican Mint

In the early twentieth century, the mint expanded its production by introducing Commemorative and Bullion Coins.

In addition to creating fine coins at the request of Banco de Mexico, the mint also offers competitive pricing for other government customers.

The Mexican Mint's customers include Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Spain, United States of America, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, England, Malaysia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and Uruguay.

The Mexican Mint takes great pride in its history and five centuries of experience in producing coins.

To improve its products, the Mint currently combines the experience of its workers with the benefits of modern technology.

La Casa de Moneda de Mexico's mission is to produce and sell the highest quality coins and medals for the Mexican Government and offer quality coins for international institutional and private clients.

Sources:  The Mexican Mint & Banco de Mexico

Mexican Bullion Coin

Mexican Bullion Coins are bought and sold based on the current market spot price of gold or silver, plus a small premium to cover minting, handling, distribution, and marketing costs. 

Mexican Gold and Silver Bullion Coins carry a higher premium than other bullion coins because of their low mintage and design.

One of the best ways to find Mexican Bullion Coins closest to their Precious Metal's Spot Price is to buy Gold or Silver Libertads in their current year.

Mexican Gold Libertads

1981 - Present

gold libertad
2019 1oz. Gold Libertad Obverse

1 oz. Mexican Gold Libertad

Fractional Mexican Gold Libertad

Includes: 1/2oz.,1/4oz.,1/10oz., and 1/20oz. Fractional Libertad Bullion Coins

Mexican Silver Libertads

1982 - Present

Mexican Silver Libertad

1 kilo. Mexican Silver Libertad

5 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

2 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

1 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

Fractional Silver Libertads

1991 - Present

Mexican Silver Libertad
Mexican Silver Libertad

1/2 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

1/4 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

1/10 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

1/20 oz. Mexican Silver Libertad

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