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The Perth Mint operates one of the biggest refineries in the world, it refines more than 92% of Australia’s gold production, in addition to the gold mined from countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Perth Mint is Australia's only refiner in the world accredited for both gold and silver by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

The mint produces a wide variety of gold, silver, and platinum coins, plus it manufactures bullion bars for investors around the world.

Australia's famous gold bullion coins include the Gold Kangaroo (originally called the Nugget), and the Lunar Series of gold bullion coins.

Australia's silver bullion coins include the Koala, Kookaburra, Kangaroo, and the popular Silver Lunar bullion series coins.

The Perth Mint's bullion coins come in an array of different sizes, allowing them to fit in any investor's budget.

Source: The Perth Mint

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History of the Perth Mint

The statue (to the right) stands in front of the Perth Mint, it is of two prospectors who made the first major gold discovery in Australia.

The plaque under the statue states the following:

The sculpture depicts the gold strike near Coolgardie, by Prospectors William Ford and Arthur Bayley in 1892, which unleashed the Gold Rushes that secured the future of the struggling colony of Western Australia.

Established one of the State's most successful and enduring industries and led to the foundation of the Perth Mint in 1899.

The Perth Mint opened on June 20th, 1899, today it is the oldest operating Mint in Australia.

The Perth Mint was originally built as a branch of the Royal Mint in London, its main purpose was to refine gold mined in Western Australia.

The mint remained under the jurisdiction of Britain until 1970, at this time the control of the Perth Mint passed from Britain to the Government of Western Australian.

The Perth Mint is currently owned by the Gold Corporation, a private entity, wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia.

The Gold Corporation was created under an Act of the Australian Parliament, known as the "Gold Corporation Act of 1987."

In the Act, the corporation was created to take over the daily operations of the Mint, and start to produce Australian Bullion by launching Australia’s official bullion coin program.

In 1987, the Perth Mint officially launched the Australian Nugget gold bullion coin.

Note: the Australian Nugget gold bullion coin is now known as the 'Australian Kangaroo' gold bullion coin.

the perth mint
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One Tonne
Gold Nugget Bullion Coin

On October 27th, 2011, The Perth Mint unveiled the Largest Legal Tender Bullion Coin ever created, the One Tonne Gold Kangaroo.

It consists of One Tonne of .9999 pure gold, it measures almost 80cms wide and more than 12cms deep.

The video below is a look into how the Perth Mint designed, cast, and put the finishing touches on the Largest Gold Bullion Coin ever created.

The Making of the One Tonne Gold Nugget Bullion Coin

Source: The Perth Mint

Australian Silver
Bullion Coins

Australian Silver Kangaroo
Bullion Coin

silver kangaroo

1 oz. Silver Australian Kangaroo Bullion Coin

Australian Silver Kookaburra
Bullion Coins

silver kookaburra series

1 kilo. Silver Kookaburra

10 oz. Silver Kookaburra

2oz. Silver Kookaburra

1oz. Silver Kookaburra

Australian Silver Koala
Bullion Coins

koala bullion coin series

1 kilo. Silver Koala Bullion Coin

10 oz. Silver Koala Bullion Coin

1 oz. Silver Koala Bullion Coin

1/2 oz. Silver Koala Bullion Coin

1/10th oz. Silver Koala Bullion Coin

Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coins
Series I, II, & III

silver lunar bullion coin series

Series I, II, & III

1 kilo. Lunar Silver Coin

5 oz. Lunar Silver Coin

2 oz. Lunar Silver Coin

1 oz. Lunar Silver Coin

1/2 oz. Lunar Silver Coin

Series I & II

10 kilo. Lunar Silver Coin

1/2 kilo. Lunar Silver Coin

10 oz. Lunar Silver Coin

the perth mint
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Australian Gold
Bullion Coins

Australian Lunar Gold Bullion Coins
Series I, II, & III

silver lunar bullion coin series

Series I, II, & III

10 oz. Lunar Gold Coin

2 oz. Lunar Gold Coin

1 oz. Lunar Gold Coin

1/2 oz. Lunar Gold Coin

1/4 oz. Lunar Gold Coin

1/10oz. Lunar Gold Coin

1/20oz. Lunar Gold Coin

Series I & II

10 kilo. Lunar Gold Coin

1 kilo. Lunar Gold Coin

Australian Gold Kangaroo
Bullion Coins

gold kangaroo bullion coin series

1 kilo. Gold Kangaroo

10 oz. Gold Kangaroo

2 oz. Gold Kangaroo

1oz. Gold Kangaroo

1/2 oz. Gold Kangaroo

1/4 oz. Gold Kangaroo

1/10 oz. Gold Kangaroo

1/20 oz. Gold Kangaroo

Royal Mint Bullion
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Australian Platinum
Bullion Coins

1 oz. Australian Lunar Platinum Bullion Coin

1 oz. Australian Platinum Kangaroo Bullion Coin

1 oz. Platypus Platinum Bullion Coin

lunar platinum coin
platinum kangaroo
platinum platypus

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