Vault Bullion Storage

Investors who want to own bullion should consider every available way they can hold physical bullion, safely.

vault storage

A large number of physical bullion investors like to hold some of this investment in their home, which is understandable, however, it is ill-advised to keep a lot of this physical assets at home as well.

Why?  Robbery / Crime, Fire, Natural Disasters, etc.

To protect your investment with maximum security, storing physical bullion should have both domestic and foreign components.

Holding physical bullion outside your home country helps in the protection of your savings from any government entity that may choose to look into your finances.

Furthermore, trust and confidence in the banking system where most people once had secured their bullion in a safe deposit box have been greatly eroded.

Considering that all banks are plugged into the global financial system, means banks are subject to arbitrary government controls and regulations.

The safety you get from precious metals bullion comes from its independence from the financial system and in many cases using a bank's safe deposit box compromises that safety.

In addition, home Storage involves owning a safe, hiding it safely from prying eyes and having it secured to the floor. Not to mention many other safety precautions one should take when holding bullion at home.

Unfortunately, as mentioned on this guide's 'Home Safes page', no safe is impenetrable, and neither are most homes, there's always the risk of being robbed.

This is why privately held, Vault Storage of Bullion make so much sense and why it should not be over-looked as a viable option for Diversifying your storage options with your precious metal physical bullion investments.

bullion vault
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Reasons to Consider 
Vault Storage of Bullion

There are many reasons why an individual may want to choose this form of bullion storage this next section we'll take a deeper look into what these reason are with some facts to back them up.

Much of what is written below serves to inform you of how Vault Storage of Bullion can help you, referencing the various services that our affiliate Bullion Vault provides as reference points.

Furthermore, below the 'Reasons to Consider Vault Storage' section, you'll find a 'Top 10 Questions Customers ask about Vault Storage Services' section for more insight about these services.

Click this Questions & Answers link to go directly to the section of this page.

In reference to our affiliate, this guide chose to be affiliated with this services because they are known and regarded as among the Best in the Vault Storage industry.

Furthermore, as an affiliate, any new customer that this guide refers, half of our commission will be donated to the Angel of Healing Cancer Fund, then donated to an individual who is Battling Cancer. 

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Hesitant towards
Storing Bullion at Home

Anyone who has lived through a flood, fire, tornado or an earthquake would undoubtedly be hesitant to store a large amount of bullion in their home.

Most natural disasters happen with little to no notice, and they can change in severity without any warning.

If you are an individual who lives in an area that is prone to natural disasters and is interested in owning bullion, vault storage may be for you.

Crime is another reason to consider using a vault storage facility to store your bullion for you.

Stop Crime

A sad, but true statistic about robbery is that the majority of home and office burglaries are made by someone the owner knows or has met.

Anyone can be a victim of a robbery or a natural disaster.

So, if you are thinking about investing in a lot of bullion, and if you have any doubts about how safe bullion would be in your residence, a smart alternative for you may be to find a vault storage company you can trust to hold your bullion.

No Storage Space for Bullion

Lack of storage space is another realization that comes with owning physical precious metals bullion.

Storage space isn't necessarily an issue if you want to store less than $20,000 of physical bullion.

However, if you want to own over $20,000 in physical precious metals, especially silver, the metal will start taking up a good amount of space.

For instance:

If a person owned $20,000 of gold bullion purchased at the price of $1250 an ounce, which was the average price of gold in 2017, they would need enough space to hold only about 16 1oz. gold bullion coins.

Not a whole lot of space.

But, if the same person owned $20,000 of silver bullion purchased at $17.00, which was the average price of an ounce of silver in 2017, they would need to have enough space to store more than 1,100 1oz. silver bullion coins.

In the scenario above, this individual would need more than 50-times of the space to store the silver coins, than the gold coins.

Before you Move on...

When storing bullion at home there are a few more things one may want to take into consideration before doing so.

Your location: Do you rent or own, are you in the city or suburbs? FBI statistics say that if you live in a large metropolitan area, or rent an apartment you are more likely to have a burglary than if you own your home and/or live in the suburbs.

Your budget: Keeping a small amount of bullion in your home is expected. However, if you plan to store large amounts of bullion inside your home, one should consider the additional security costs (ex: insurance, size of a safe, alarm, door security, etc.)

These are some very important factors that every individual should consider before they decide whether or not Vault Bullion Storage is right for them.

Precious Metals Portfolio

For anyone who wants to diversify some of their investments or savings into precious metals they may ask the following question:

How should I invest in Precious Metals?

It is often stated by financial advisors that 10% of your savings or investments portfolio should be allocated into precious metals, while other advisors will quote a percentages up to 20 or 30 percent.

No matter what financial professionals say or think, ultimately it is up to you as to how much of your money you want to put into precious metals.

In addition, regardless of how much you own in precious metals in comparison to your total investment or savings portfolio, the question that many ask is: How should I diversify my precious metals investments?

There are a several choices:

  • Mining/Royalty Stocks - ex: WMP, NEM, RGLD, AG
  • ETFs - ex: GLD, SLV
  • Owning Physical Bullion at Home - ex: Coins, Bars, Rounds
  • Owning Physical Bullion through a Vault Storage Bullion Company

The chart below is a sample portfolio of how an individual may diversify the 10% they put into precious metals.

diversified precious metals bullion portfolio

A Billionaire's thoughts on Diversification:

"You’re unlikely to get rich investing in gold, but as a diversifier it helps to reduce some of the volatility in your portfolio. I like to recommend a 10 percent weighting in gold—5 percent in bars and coins, the other 5 percent in gold stocks—with annual rebalances." - Paul Singer

A very important investment 'truth' that every investor should remember is to Never Hold All Your Eggs in One Basket: Diversify.

Ultimately, it is up to you as to how and where you hold your assets.

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Ease of Buying & Selling Bullion with
Vault Storage Brokerages

For those who want to purchase bullion, but don't want to deal with the hassles of moving the bullion to sell it, should consider this form of owning bullion.

Owning bullion through a Vault Storage Brokerage is what makes these services so convenient because of the ease that comes with to buying and selling bullion.

Just like a brokerage gives you an entry into the stock market to buy and sell stocks, some vault storage companies do the same in the physical precious metals bullion market.

However, unlike stock brokerage firms that hold electronic forms of your stocks in your name, these bullion brokerages hold your physical bullion in allocated accounts, registered to you, and you only.

Currently, the Free Bullion Investment Guide is affiliated with only one company that offers this type of service: The Bullion Vault.

They have a bullion trading platform that resembles the trading platform of an online stock brokerage.

The Bullion Vault's trading platform is very easy to use, below is a screen-shot of their trading platform.

In addition, 'Live Support' is available, if you need help, see the button on the top right of the screenshot.

Bullion Vault

Top 10
Questions Customers ask about
Vault Storage Services


Who does the Bullion
Really belong to?

Quick Answer: You.

In-depth Answer:  This guide is only affiliated with services that offer 'Allocated Accounts.'

An allocated account is a account where any bullion that is purchase is owned outright the an investor, under a contract or custody arrangement, in a professional bullion vault.

silver and gold nest egg

Vault storage companies act as custodians of your bullion. When a person opens an account with a company that trades and stores bullion they are participating in a "Bailment" Agreement.

A Bailment is a legal relationship between two entities, involving tangible assets, in this case the person who buys the bullion and the vault storage company.

The storage company is considered the custodian or "bailee", and the person who buys and owns the bullion is known as the "bailor."

The bullion is not part of the companies balance sheet because it is not their property, it is registered in the buyer's name, it is part of their nest egg, the company is only storing it for you.

Even in the case of the bankruptcy of the "Bailee," creditors cannot claim your bullion as theirs because of the Bailment Agreement.

Vault Storage companies offer you a platform from which you can buy and sell physical bullion.

Bullion Vault - Online trading platform


Are Customer Accounts Audited
and, if so,
How Often?

Yes, below is an in-depth description of how the Bullion Vault performs its audits.

Bullion Vault

  • daily audits published online, which explicitly reconciles the customer's gold, silver, and platinum...see Bullion Vault's daily audit here.


Where is the Bullion Stored?

steel door

A smart diversification strategy doesn't only involve a well diversified investment portfolio, for the precious metals investor it also involves holding a portion of these assets outside of their home country.

Eric Sprott, the founder of Sprott Money Ltd. has stated the following about owning precious metals in more than one location.

"I firmly believe people should have various storage sources as I do and storing offshore is one of the most prudent decisions that a smart investor can make."

Below, is a list of locations that the Bullion Vault provides for precious metals storage.

Bullion Vault

  • Zurich, New York, Toronto, Singapore, and London

The vaults  are run by highly respected security professionals.

These precious metals storage vaults house metals for governments, banks and other financial firms that demand the highest security.

In addition, the vaults have round-the-clock armed physical security and state-of-the-art electronic protection, and all are insured.

In today's world of limited privacy, and growing debt, investors need to know that their investments are protected from these threats.


Can I supply my account with
Bullion I already own?

Bullion Vault

  • No  (Currently, the Bullion Vault does not offer this service)

bullion vault
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How Much Money is Needed to
Open an Account?

Bullion Vault

  • There are no minimums for the purchase metals, however, they note that they recommend avoiding overall investments below $2,000.

    This is because of the minimum monthly storage charge - $4 for gold and $8 for silver or platinum - may make your investment inefficient below this level.


How much are the Storage Fees?

Bullion Vault

Fees (include insurance)

Metal          per month        minimum         per month

Gold              0.01%           $4               0.033%

Silver            0.04%           $8               0.042%

Platinum        0.04%            $8              0.050%


What Methods of Payment Can Be Used to Open or Fund an Account?

Note: Methods of payment are subject to change without notice

Bullion Vault

  • Wire Transfer

Note: To learn more about Wire Transfers, see this guide's page about them here.


During what Hours of the Day
Can I Buy and Sell Bullion?

Bullion Vault

  • 24/7 ~ 365 days a year


What are the Fees for
Buying & Selling Bullion?

Bullion Vault

BullionVault charges a maximum of 0.50% to buy or sell gold, silver or platinum on their live order board. 

Above $75,000 you pay less.

Transactions    Sum of all purchases         Commission

On the first        $75,000 or equivalent           0.50%

On the next       $750,000 or equivalent          0.10%

Then                                                         0.05%

Bullion Vault aggregate your prior deals within the year, you pay lower commissions as the year progresses. Commission discounts for both purchases and sales run independently on gold, silver and platinum.


How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Money from Sold Bullion?

Bullion Vault

  • 3 Business Days

Here's a Quick Recap of the

Bullion Vault

Bullion Vault is the world's largest online bullion investment service taking care of $2 billion for more than 75,000 users.

The bullion you own is held in vaults.

Bars are stored in professional-market vaults in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York. You choose where.

Because of their size, you benefit from the low storage costs they've negotiated, which always include insurance.

The video below goes into further detail about Bullion Vault's services. 

Bullion Vault - Customer Review Links

Bullion Vault - Trust Pilot Customer Review page

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