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04/25: Gold Price Challenges Resistance at Prior Support as USD Bulls Charge - DailyFX

04/25: Gold and the Great Depression. Again - Bullion Vault

04/25: CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market: Down 1.24% MoM - Advisor Perspectives

04/25: Texas Builds Gold Depository To Rival Fort Knox - SafeHaven

04/24: Gold Nanoparticle : Scientists explore the unknown behaviour of gold nanoparticles with neutrons - PHYS.ORG

04/24: Gold and Silver Prices Rise Wednesday, April 24 - Coin News Blog

04/24: The Great American Coin Hunt is underway: Check your pocket change this week! - Mint News Blog

04/24: Sliding U.S. Inflation May Provoke Fed Rate Cut Later This Year - Bloomberg

04/22: Gold Whipsaws and Continues to Form Topping Pattern - FXEmpire

04/22: The Great American Coin Hunt Has Arrived - CoinWeek

04/22: Here's What the Average American Owes in Credit Card Debt - The Motley Fool

04/22: Experts say increased demand for solar panels causes spike in silver prices - MINING

04/22: Prepare To Add To Gold Positions - Forbes

04/19: Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Counting antigens with gold nanoparticles - Nanowerk

04/19: Gold Prices Fall On Record Global Production Estimates - SafeHaven

04/19: Silver Investment Demand Surged Higher Than Industry Forecast - SRSrocco Report

04/19: Contrarian Alert: “Is Inflation Dead?” Makes The Cover Of Businessweek - RIA

04/19: Notre-Dame Cathedral: Tragic fire prompts Monnaie de Paris to offer silver fundraising coins and medals to aid reconstruction efforts - World Mint Blog

04/18: Gold falls for the session and posts a fourth weekly loss - Market Watch

04/18: Busting the Spending Caps…Again - International Liberty

04/18: CHART OF THE DAY: What Will Cause Inflation To Accelerate? - Hedgeye

04/18: Why Gold Could Rise For The Next 10 Years - Forbes

04/17: Gold eases as China data boosts risk sentiment - Reuters

04/17: America’s wealthy investors say Fed-induced stock rally has plenty of life left — maybe years - CNBC

04/17: Troubled by Debt-Collection Calls? Reprieve May Be Coming - The Wall Street Journal

04/17: Australian Swan bullion coins eye third annual sell out - Perth Mint Blog

04/16: Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Can light-activated CRISPR lead to new treatments for cancer, diabetes? - Genetic Literacy Project

04/16: Gold Prices Lowest Since Late-Jan as Bond Yields Rise with Equities - Bullion Vault

04/16: What's the Second Best Performing Asset Since 1999? - U.S. Global Investors

04/16: Where Is Inflation Hiding? In Asset Prices - RIA

04/16: World’s Largest Primary Silver Miner Production Plunges - SRSrocco Report

04/14: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Rising Treasury Yields, Appetite for Risk Should Limit Upside Potential - FXEmpire


04/14: Counterfeiting Money Is a Crime — Whether Done by the Fed or A Private Individual - Mises Institute

04/14: Next Major Stock Market Selloff Could Spark A Bull Run For Gold - SafeHaven

04/12: Gold ends higher on the dollar’s decline, but posts a modest loss for the week - Market Watch

04/12: The Markets Just Dodged a Bullet, but for How Long? - Financial Sense

04/12: Ray Dalio is wrong about capitalism - AEI

04/11: Gold Slumps Beneath $1,300 in Belated Reaction to Fed - Investing.com

04/11: Ballooning US Deficit Is A ‘House of Cards’ - SafeHaven

04/11: US weekly jobless claims drop to the lowest level since 1969 - CNBC

04/11: China's gold-buying spree continues as central-bank market booms - Business Insider

04/09: Gold Settles Near Two-Week High, Silver Dips - Coin News

04/09: Federal Reserve has bad idea on interest rates for different banks - AEI

04/09: Bullion coin sales and mintage update - Perth Mint Blog

04/09: Exclusive: Venezuela removes eight tonnes of gold from central bank - sources - Reuters

04/09: GOLD SCAM: Man arrested after fake gold scam in Newcastle - Durham Radio News (Canada)

04/08: Gold tops 1-week high on dollar weakness, pause in stocks rally - Reuters

04/08: What Ballooning Corporate Debt Means for Investors - U.S. Global Investors

04/08: Japan's Stock Market Held Up By BOJ Buying Stocks! - Advancing Time

04/08: INFOGRAPHIC: A History of Revolution in U.S. Taxation - Visual Capitalist

04/08: Billionaire Jeff Bezos: To live a happy life with no regrets by age 80, ask yourself these 12 questions - CNBC

04/07: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Stock Market Profit-taking Ahead of Earnings Season Could Boost Prices - FXEmpire

04/07: West Virginia to end sales taxation on gold and silver - NumismasticNews

04/07: China Is on a Big Gold-Buying Spree - Bloomberg

04/05: Positive Economic Data Weighs On Gold - SafeHaven

04/05: CHARTS: March Jobs Report: 196K New Jobs, Beats Forecast - Advisor Perspectives

04/05: VIDEO: Q2 Outlook: Commodities power ahead - Saxo Group

04/05: Ten Retirement Mistakes You Don't Want to Make - Financial Sense

04/03: Gold ends little changed as dollar weakens, with risk appetite buttressed by U.S.-China trade talk - Market Watch

04/03: How the Feds Sedated American Capitalism - International Man

04/03: Bonds As An Investment Have A Very Ugly Side - Advancing Time

04/03: Royal Canadian Mint releases three new bullion coins - MINING

04/03: VIDEO: Decision Time - Northman Trader

04/02: Will There Ever Be a Universal Test to Detect Cancer? - Live Science

04/02: Gold books slight gain as stock-market bulls take a breather - Market Watch

04/02: $3.3 Trillion of Global Debt Starts to Tip the Scale - Bloomberg

04/02: Warning sign suggests now is the time for gold! - Perth Mint Blog

04/01: Gold edges lower after upbeat U.S. manufacturing data - Reuters

04/01: China Announces Trade Concessions as Liu He Heads to U.S. - Yahoo Finance

04/01: VIDEO: "Silver Always Outperforms Gold" - Expert - Kitco

04/01: What Do I Do With This Crap? 11 Ways to Handle Your Low-Value Collectibles - Coin Week

04/01: 4 red lines to avoid financial disaster, according to a New York bankruptcy judge - Market Watch

03/31: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Another Weak Payrolls Number Will Be Bullish for Gold - FXEmpire

03/31: The Fed Continues to Tighten by Reducing Its Balance Sheet - Investopedia

03/31: Gold to lose sheen on strengthening of dollar, but long-term trend still positive - Economic Times

03/31: What Iceland Can Teach America about Debt Reduction - FEE

03/31: Platinum: Big in Japan - Bullion Vault

The Bullion News & Commentary Continues...

Recent Bullion and Financial News & Commentary Headlines

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The Free Bullion Investment Guide offers you:

Financial Market News

The Bullion and Financial Market News, above, is updated daily.


You can click on one of the pages below to see all the Financial Market News the Guide provides you

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Free Bullion Investment Guide

Precious Metals - Charts

The Latest spot price charts of all Precious Metals are found on almost every page of the Guide.


for Interactive, Foreign and Historic Charts

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Price Charts

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Market Basics

The Bullion Basics pages were created to help you to get familiar with the Bullion Market. 

Silver Supply & Demand

Free Bullion Investment Guide

World Gold & Silver Bullion

Modern Government Bullion Coins

The following pages give you a history of the Mints and or Central Banks that produce the bullion coins, for each country. 

In addition, you will find, near the bottom of each page, a link to the Precious Metal Bullion Coins for each country. 

The Coin pages offer you the history and narration of the coins, photos, specific coin information and mintage figures.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Refiners

The Refiners pages give you a history of each refiner and in-depth information about their bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Security

The Bullion Security pages offers you information about two popular ways to protect your bullion.  On your premises and off premises.

The Home Safes page gives you information about the differences in the way home safes are made, how to choose the best one for you and links to suppliers of these safes.

And the Vault Bullion Storage page offers you information about storing bullion abroad.  It explains the differences between allocated and unallocated bullion and lets you decide what is best for you.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Investment Ratios

The pages below give you the history behind the ratios and how to interpret them to help you judge the bullion markets.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Buying Guides &
Where to Buy Gold and more

Each page offers you more information about the type of Bullion you may be interested in, in addition, you will find on these pages the links to the dealers who offer the bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Buying Tools & Links

These three pages of the guide will help assist you in purchasing bullion (if you choose to do so).  In addition, each page gives you in-depth information about how they can help you in your bullion purchases.

Bullion Forums

The Investing Gurus page gives you a glimpse into many well known investors and their trading practices.  Some are well known in the precious metals industry and others are popular in all markets.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

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