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07/19: Gold and Silver Prices Jump After ETF Investment Surge as Bond Yields Drop on Slower Inflation - Bullion Vault

07/19: Something Just Broke In China As Repo Rate Soars To 1,000% Overnight - Zero Hedge

07/19: NY Fed clarifies Williams speech that market took as signal of a rate cut - CNBC

07/19: Support for $15 Minimum Wage Plummets When Americans Are Told Its Economic Impact - FEE

07/19: Here's What the Market Did EVERY TIME the Fed Cut Rates During an Economic Expansion - U.S. Global Investors

07/17: Gold Jumps After IMF Says Dollar Overvalued - Investing.com

07/17: Silver Price Forecast – Silver markets exploded to the upside again - FXEmpire

07/17: Groping for new tools, central banks look at Japan's yield controls - Reuters

07/17: Trade war to drag on as Trump says long way to go and China strikes hard-line tone - CNBC

07/17: Platinum is a bargain hidden behind the rally in palladium and gold - Market Watch

07/16: Gold eases as robust U.S. data trims aggressive rate cut hopes - Reuters

07/16: Gold Bars Drop $10 Per Ounce as US Bond Yields Rise on 2019's $1 Trillion Deficit - Bullion Vault

07/16: A whale is accumulating silver futures - GoldMoney

07/16: VIDEO: World's Largest Gold Coin Lands in New York - The Street

07/16: It's absurd that we're even entertaining Facebook's Libra currency idea - Business Insider

07/15: GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: How advancements in nanotechnology help in targeted cancer treatment - Business Line

07/15: Gold prices settle at nearly two-week peak - Market Watch

07/15: Gold Prices Steady after Reassuring Chinese Data, Comex Cuts Bullish Bet - Bullion Vault

07/15: The Problem With Keynesian Economics - RIA

07/15: US Treasury Secretary Shares Trump’s Concerns on Crypto, Stresses Compliance - Coin Telegraph

07/14: VIDEO: Gold Price Analysis (XAU/USD) - 07/08 thru 07/19/2019 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

07/14: Fed’s Recessionary Indicators and Gold - Sunshine Profits

07/14: Gold Smuggling to India & Japan is a Symptom of Governments’ War against Gold - BullionStar

07/14: Judy Shelton And The Battle Against "Soft Money" - Forbes

07/12: Why ‘it’s not correct’ to compare gold to Bitcoin - Yahoo Finance

07/12: How much gold should you have in your investment portfolio? - Perth Mint Blog

07/12: Who Are The Gold Buyers That Pushed The Price Over $1,400? - SRSrocco Report

07/12: 1 Federal Department Now Spending $100 Billion Per Month - cnsnews

07/12: Fed's Evans: 'A couple' of rate cuts needed to boost inflation - Reuters

07/09: Gold settles above $1,400 as investors await interest-rate hints from Fed Chair Powell - Market Watch

07/09: Gold Trading Leaps 50% in London, Comex Betting Near Record as Stock Markets Struggle - Bullion Vault

07/09: SOLD OUT Latest bullion coin sell outs at The Perth Mint - Perth Mint Blog

07/09: Should gold and silver be in your retirement portfolio? - Considerable

07/09: The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset? - Advisor Perspectives

07/08: Gold holds at $1,400 with Powell’s testimony expected to provide a catalyst for the next big move - Market Watch

07/08: Doug Casey on Bitcoin, Part I - Casey Research

07/08: Doug Casey on Bitcoin, Part II - Casey Research

07/08: Jobs growth is slowing, despite the big June gain - Califia Beach Pundit

07/08: D.tube: Bitcoin Price Update - Bitcoin Price Analysis (BTC) - Free Bullion Investment Guide

07/07: VIDEO: Gold Price Analysis (XAU/USD) - 07/01 thru 07/12/2019 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

07/07: Fed Chair Powell testifies — What to know in the week ahead - Yahoo Finance

07/07: Gold slides 2% as solid U.S. jobs data trims Fed rate cut bets - Reuters

07/07: How Will The Next Economic Crisis Affect You? - Advancing Time

07/07: ECB Policymakers Unite Behind Stimulus Pledge - U.S. News

07/03: Gold, palladium compete for the title ‘most precious metal’ - Market Watch

07/03: Gold Scores Highest Close In Over Six Years; Palladium Logs New Record - Coin News

07/03: Gold Rally Back On Track As Geopolitical Concerns Grow - SafeHaven

07/03: U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit Hits 11-Year High Through May; $137.1 Billion With China Alone - cnsnews

07/03: Who is Judy Shelton, Trump's newest Fed board pick? - Fox Business

07/02: GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Gold nanoparticles improve effectiveness of medicines - swissinfo

07/02: Gold, palladium compete for ‘most precious metal’ title - Market Watch

07/02: Gold Trading Doubles, Sellers Outnumber Buyers 1st Time Since 2010 - Bullion Vault

07/02: Trump just tapped former economic adviser Judy Shelton for a Federal Reserve seat. She's a fierce critic of the central bank who sees a gray area on its independence from the administration. - Business Insider

06/28: GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Medicines made of solid gold to help the immune system - Science Daily

06/28: ETF Gold Investing Slips as G20 Sees US-China Argue Over 'Superpower Status', Putin Declares 'Liberalism Obsolete' - Bullion Vault

06/28: Buy Gold, Sell Bonds - Forbes

06/28: Opinion: A China trade deal could cancel Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts - Market Watch

06/28: Palladium performance: can the price go any higher? - Mining Technology

06/26: PRECIOUS-Gold drops as bets fade for big Fed rate cut fade; eyes on trade talks - Reuters

06/26: Debt, Deficits and the Cost of Free Lunches - Cobden Centre

06/26: Top 10 Gold Producing Countries - U.S. Global Investors

06/26: The golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire - RT

06/26: Did The 1933 Gold Eagle Circulate? - Numismatic News

06/25: GOLD NANO-TECHNOLOGIES: Nanotechnology: The Future of the World - Kashmir Reader

06/25: Gold Continues March Toward Six-Year High - Coin News

06/25: Gold investors have been waiting a long time for this breakout moment and it’s happening - CNBC

06/25: Merrill Lynch Caught Criminally Manipulating Precious Metals Market "Thousands Of Times" Over 6 Years - Zero Hedge

06/24: Gold at $1,400 per ounce is 'overbought': Strategist - Yahoo Finance

06/24: Gold Gets a Boost of Rocket Fuel From Negative Bond Yields. What's Next for the Yellow Metal? - U.S. Global Investors

06/24: Soviet BS Hits the Bank of England - Bullion Vault

06/24: Manipulating Valve Of US Dollar A Very Dangerous Policy - Advancing Time

06/23: Gold Price Analysis (XAU/USD) - Review and Outlook - 06/17 thru 06/28/2019 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

06/23: How the Trump-Xi trade meeting could set the stock-market tone for the summer - Market Watch

06/23: VERY IMPORTANT WEEK FOR GOLD: Where Is The Price Heading? - SRSrocco Report

06/20: This gold rally seems to have real momentum - Gulf News

06/20: Gold hits all time high in Australian dollars - Perth Mint Bullion Blog

06/20: Legislation would allow U.S. Mint to change coinage alloys - Coin World

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