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02/21: Gold Sets Fresh Records, Japanese Yen 'Loses Safe Haven Status' - Bullion Vault

02/21: Coronavirus To Hammer Japan And The Yen - Advancing Time

02/21: Chinese premiums slump to 3-1/2 year low as virus hits activity - Reuters

02/21: Anglo American says world is short of rhodium - Argus

02/20: Bond Yields Drop, Gold Prices Break Through 'Resistance' as Covid-Hit China Cuts Interest Rates - Bullion Vault

02/20: Fed calls coronavirus 'a new risk to the global growth outlook' - Business Insider

02/20: Dollar slams yen and safe-haven status, gold gains - Reuters

02/20: Gold and silver rallies extend further - SAXO BANK

02/20: Coronavirus Slams Airbnb, Airlines, Hotels, Casinos, San Francisco, Other Hot Spots - Wolf Street

02/19: Gold hits 7-year high as coronavirus reshapes markets - Fox Business

02/19: VIDEO: John Reade and Invesco's Chris Mellor on the case for gold - World Gold Council

02/19: CHARTS: The COVID-19 CoronaVirus and its Economic Impact (Updated 19th Feb.) - Capital Economics

02/19: Shining a Light on the Mystery Gold “Exports” from the UK - VOIMA

02/19: AUDIO: Move Along Citizen, Nothing to See Here (But Deposit Theft) - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

02/18: Why gold prices topped $1,600 and may soon hit a more than 7-year high - Market Watch

02/18: Stocks fall after Apple’s coronavirus warning, analyst says ‘worst is yet to come’ for markets - CNBC

02/18: Gold Surges Back Above $1,600, 30Y Yield Tumbles Below 2.00%, Stocks 'Dip' - Zero Hedge

02/18: Platinum Market 'Swings into Deficit' on Record Investing - Bullion Vault)

02/17: Gold holds near 2-week high on uncertainty over virus impact - Reuters

02/17: Apple warns on revenue guidance due to production delays, weak demand in China because of coronavirus - CNBC

02/17: PDF: Market Spotlight: Coronavirus lifts safe-haven demand, but hits PGMs - Heraeus

02/17: Yellen says Fed purchases of stocks, corporate bonds could help in a downturn - Reuters

02/17: Venezuelan 'blood gold' could be used to fund terror attacks - The Jerusalem Post

02/16: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Central Bank Responses to Virus Will Be Next Bullish Catalyst - FX Empire

02/16: China’s Massive Car-Sales Slump Threatens Palladium’s Rally - Yahoo Finance

02/16: Coronavirus chaos lays bare the price of uncertainty in a connected global economy - South China Morning Post

02/16: Blow To Bitcoin As ‘Significant’ U.S. Crypto Crackdown Suddenly Revealed - Forbes

02/16: BofA: We Are Witnessing The Biggest Asset Bubble Ever Created By A Central Bank - Zero Hedge

02/14: Gold posts weekly gain as virus fears lift safe-haven demand - CNBC

02/14: Potential impact of the coronavirus on gold - World Gold Council

02/14: Updated key market-based indicators - Calafia Beach Pundit


02/14: It would be 'crazy' for the Senate not to confirm Judy Shelton - Washington Examiner

02/13: Gold prices finish higher as renewed coronavirus fears buoy haven assets - Market Watch

02/13: Sales of gold jewellery in China set to plunge - The Straits Times

02/13: Credit-Card Interest Rates Soar to Record High, Bond Yields Drop to Record Low: What Gives? - Wolf Street

02/13: The Indian currency experiment - The Library of Economics and Liberty

02/13: Fed's Powell reinforces regulation and defends repo support in letter to Congress - Reuters

02/13: PV industry silver demand to fall slightly - PV Magazine

02/13: Gold: A Modern Investment Framework For An Ancient Asset - Zero Hedge

02/12: Gold gives up earlier loss to finish higher after comments from the Federal Reserve’s Powell - Market Watch

02/12: China Reports Huge Jump In New Coronavirus Infections, Deaths; Stocks Tumble - Zero Hedge

02/12: Fed chief issues stark warning to Congress on deficits - The Hill

02/12: Powell Suggests the Fed May Lack Ammo to Combat Next Recession - Bloomberg

02/12: VIDEO: Gold Definitely Works in Asset Allocation - Bloomberg

02/11: Gold ends lower after a 4-session climb as rate of coronavirus spread ebbs - Market Watch

02/11: Household debt jumps the most in 12 years, Federal Reserve report says - CNBC

02/11: OK, it Gets Sticky: Job Openings Plunge the Most Since the Great Recession - Wolf Street

02/11: Coronavirus deaths in China top 1,000 as investors seek safety in gold, dollars - Physicians Weekly

02/11: Fed Struggles to Convince Markets Balance Sheet Growth is not QE - ABL Advisor

02/10: Gold gains as markets count economic toll from coronavirus - Reuters

02/10: Shanghai, Chongqing also locked down as Wuhan virus spreads - Taiwan News

02/10: Coronavirus is the biggest market threat right now, Wall Street bull Ed Yardeni says - CNBC

02/10: VIDEO: Bank of England gold: Rare look inside the vaults - BBC

02/10: Turkish Mint Outpaces U.S. Mint - VOIMA

02/09: Silver and Gold Price Analysis (XAG/USD and XAU/USD) - 01/27 thru 02/14/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

02/09: Fed says US economic risks easing but warns about coronavirus threat - Fox Business

02/09: Gold Mining Slips But 2019 Supply Sets Record - Bullion Vault

02/09: Fed Officials Are Stressed Out About Ongoing Disruptions In Bank Funding Markets - Forbes

02/09: The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q4 2019 - Wolf Street

02/07: Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Nanospectra Biosciences Initiates Pivotal Study of AuroLase Therapy for Ablation of Prostate Tissue - BioSpace

02/07: Gold prices briefly drip on upbeat U.S. jobs data, then climb as coronavirus fears persist - Market Watch

02/07: Doctor Copper Strikes – A True Economic Barometer - International Man

02/07: Gold Rush On South Pacific Islands As Old Mines Reborn - Forbes

02/07: Carson City Mint Celebrates 150 Years - Numismatic News

02/06: Gold Nanoparticle Medical Research: New tool monitors real time mutations in flu - Gold-based tool could help virologists stop replication of viruses - Science Daily

02/06: Gold prices tally a 2nd day of gains - Market Watch

02/06: Jerome Powell & The Fed’s Great Betrayal - Real Investment Advice

02/06: JPMorgan's role in metals spoofing is under U.S. criminal probe - Bloomberg Law - Reuters

02/06: The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: January Update - Advisor Perspectives

02/05: Gold rebounds on bargain hunting, bets for loose central bank policy - Reuters

02/05: LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Equities booming, gold and silver plunging but virus still spreading - Sharps Pixley

02/05: Is it Too Late to Buy Palladium? - Money Show

02/05: Florida brothers off to federal prison for coin fraud - Coin World

02/05: How’s the economy? Fed increasingly turns to private data - San Diego Union-Tribune

02/04: Gold Ends At More Than Two-Week Low, Palladium Bounces To Record - CoinNews

02/04: Will Gold Prices Keep Rising? - MORNINGSTAR

02/04: Palladium’s Biggest Miner Says Market Is In a Bubble - Bloomberg

02/04: Ninth Uncirculated example of 1999/2000 Libertad mule discovered - World Mint News Blog

02/04: Customs officials seize fake $1 notes originating in China - Coin World

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