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03/19: Gold ends higher as traders expect Fed to maintain dovish stance - Market Watch

03/19: What to Watch for From the Federal Reserve Wednesday - BARRON'S

03/19: Forget gold: Palladium is the undisputed precious metals champion - RT

03/19: QT Dead, QE 4Ever - Bullion Vault

03/19: One World Currency - International Man

03/17: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Look for Big Rally if FOMC Economic Projections are Dovish - FXEmpire

03/17: Why Gold Is Still The Best Basis For Money - Forbes

03/17: Hyperinflation Seldom Occurs But Can With Rapid Speed - Advancing Time

03/17: Sending counterfeits through U.S. mail may have been easy, but it results in bust - Coin World

03/17: Intrigue colors auction of ill-gotten estate with gold, silver - Daily Memphian

03/15: Gold Price Holds $1300 as US-China Trade 'Optimism' Sees Stock Markets Rise, UK's Brexit 'May Never Happen' - Bullion Vault

03/15: Job Openings & Labor Turnover: Clues to the Business Cycle - Advisor Perspectives

03/15: The Best and Brightest Just Gave Up on Commodities... And I'm More Bullish Than Ever - Daily Wealth

03/15: Doug Casey on Modern Monetary Theory - Casey Research

03/15: Empty nest egg: 21% of Americans aren't saving money for retirement or a rainy day - thanks to high expenses, low pay and procrastination, survey finds - Daily Mail

03/14: Will Inflation Buoy Gold Prices While The Federal Reserve is on Hold? - FXEmpire

03/14: Consumers Prepare for Deeper Palladium Shortage Following Fiat Recall - Investing News

03/14: Libertad coin series: 2019 program’s surprises may have only begun - World Mint News Blog

03/14: Update on coins, precious metals sales tax exemptions - Numismatic News

03/13: Gold ends above $1,300 to score highest settlement of the month - Market Watch

03/13: Bullion coins reflect deep impression left by historic Moon landing - Perth Mint

03/13: Euro-zone Banking Deception Continues Unabated - Advancing Time

03/13: FAKE BULLION: Urbandale police looking for man who made gas station purchase with fake $50 coin - Des Moines Register

03/13: As debt climbs in US, the next financial crisis you should worry about is your own - USA TODAY

03/13: How To Spot a Fake: Sterling Silver - The Frisky

03/12: Gold ends higher in delayed settlement; CME blames ‘technical issue’ for late finish - Market Watch

03/12: A Long-Term Look at Inflation - Advisor Perspectives

03/12: Low Inflation Is Federal Reserve’s Maddening Unsolved Mystery - Bloomberg

03/12: Sales Of Gold And Silver Should Not Be Taxed - Forbes

03/12: $15 Minimum Wage Laws Are Wiping Out Jobs in New York and Illinois - FEE


03/11: Gold, Silver Prices Pull Back From Friday's Gains - Kitco

03/11: Full 60 Minutes interview with Fed Chair Jerome Powell - 60 MINUTES

03/11: RBI inching towards becoming tenth largest holder of gold worldwide - Business Standard

03/11: New York City is edging toward financial disaster, experts warn - NEW YORK POST

03/10: GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: A look at first results from Frank Billingsley's prostate cancer treatment - Click-2-Houston

03/10: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – At the Mercy of U.S. Dollar - FXEmpire

03/10: Gold:79% of Traders Are Net-Long - DailyFX

03/10: Philadelphia becomes the first city in the US to BAN 'discriminatory' cashless stores and restaurants - to be more inclusive to the EIGHT MILLION Americans without bank accounts - The Daily Mail

03/10: The anchor has been found from a 1641 British shipwreck. Where's the 100,000 pounds of gold? - USA TODAY

03/08: Is it all over for precious metals? - SAXO Group

03/08: CHARTS: Q4 Household Net Worth: The "Real" Story - Advisor Perspectives

03/08: China has removed a planned March trip to Mar-a-Lago from Xi's calendar: report - Yahoo Finance

03/08: January "Underlying Inflation" Measure Falls, but Gap with CPI Widens - Mises Institute


03/07: Gold prices finish lower as ECB news pressures the euro, lifting the dollar - Market Watch

03/07: ECB pushes back rate hike plans, announces fresh funding for banks - CNBC

03/07: Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $501 Billion, Balance Sheet Falls Below $4 Trillion. “Autopilot” still engaged. - Wolf Street

03/07: Where credit card debt is the worst in the US: States with the highest average balance - USA TODAY


03/07: Platinum American Eagle bullion coin sales inching toward sellout - Coin World

03/07: VIDEO: Prof. Steve Hanke: Orange County, CA is known as one of the biggest homeless tent cities in the world - twitter

03/06: Gold Posts Gain for First Time in Eight Sessions - CoinNews

03/06: Federal Reserve keeps hinting no more interest-rate hikes until summer 2019, if not longer - The Washington Post

03/06: Opinion: Silver, not gold, is the portfolio insurance to buy now - Market Watch

03/06: Gold retreats as dollar firms, risk appetite improves - Reuters

03/06: First Look at February: ADP Says 183K New Nonfarm Private Jobs - Advisor Perspectives

03/06: China's Slowdown is Exposing the Cracks in the Global Economy - Mises Institute

03/06: Trends Point To Rents Edging Higher In The Future - Advancing Time

03/05: Gold, Silver Markets Oversold, Due For Bounces - Kitco

03/05: Gold Extends Losing Streak to Seven Sessions - CoinNews

03/05: U.S. Credit Card Debt Closed 2018 at a Record $870 Billion - Bloomberg

03/05: Fed's Kaplan says U.S. corporate debt a reason for rate hike pause - Reuters

03/05: What's behind the surge in personal loan debt? - bizwomen

03/05: Warren Buffett calls public pension debt a 'disaster' - Illinois News Network

03/05: America's Demographic and Economic Doom-Loop Is Well Underway - Economica

03/04: Gold slips to 5-week low as trade deal hopes boost risk sentiment - CNBC

03/04: US, China reportedly close to trade deal lifting most tariffs on Chinese goods - USA TODAY

03/04: The Bomb That Blew Up in 2008? We’re Planting Another One - Bloomberg

03/04: How a 'giant Ponzi scheme' destroyed Zimbabwe's economy - The Telegraph

03/03: Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Spike in Yields Raise Fears of Fed Rate Hike - FXEmpire

03/03: Washington and Beijing Are Near Deal That Could End Most U.S. Tariffs on China - Bloomberg

03/03: The US just officially hit the debt ceiling, setting up another high-stakes showdown for the fall - Business Insider

03/03: VIDEO: Does Debt Really Matter? Nomi Prins, Pt-2 - The Lance Roberts Show

03/03: Before King Dollar loses his throne, inflation will take off - MoneyWeek

The Bullion News & Commentary Continues...

Recent Bullion and Financial News & Commentary Headlines

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The Free Bullion Investment Guide offers you:

Financial Market News

The Bullion and Financial Market News, above, is updated daily.


You can click on one of the pages below to see all the Financial Market News the Guide provides you

     News Archive page                  Quarterly Charts & News page   

     Twitter News Posts                              News / Blog Roll

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Precious Metals - Charts

The Latest spot price charts of all Precious Metals are found on almost every page of the Guide.


for Interactive, Foreign and Historic Charts

you can go to the


Price Charts


Price Charts


Price Charts


Price Charts

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Market Basics

The Bullion Basics pages were created to help you to get familiar with the Bullion Market. 

Silver Supply & Demand

Free Bullion Investment Guide

World Gold & Silver Bullion

Modern Government Bullion Coins

The following pages give you a history of the Mints and or Central Banks that produce the bullion coins, for each country. 

In addition, you will find, near the bottom of each page, a link to the Precious Metal Bullion Coins for each country. 

The Coin pages offer you the history and narration of the coins, photos, specific coin information and mintage figures.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Refiners

The Refiners pages give you a history of each refiner and in-depth information about their bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Security

The Bullion Security pages offers you information about two popular ways to protect your bullion.  On your premises and off premises.

The Home Safes page gives you information about the differences in the way home safes are made, how to choose the best one for you and links to suppliers of these safes.

And the Vault Bullion Storage page offers you information about storing bullion abroad.  It explains the differences between allocated and unallocated bullion and lets you decide what is best for you.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Investment Ratios

The pages below give you the history behind the ratios and how to interpret them to help you judge the bullion markets.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Buying Guides &
Where to Buy Gold and more

Each page offers you more information about the type of Bullion you may be interested in, in addition, you will find on these pages the links to the dealers who offer the bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Buying Tools & Links

These three pages of the guide will help assist you in purchasing bullion (if you choose to do so).  In addition, each page gives you in-depth information about how they can help you in your bullion purchases.

Bullion Forums

The Investing Gurus page gives you a glimpse into many well known investors and their trading practices.  Some are well known in the precious metals industry and others are popular in all markets.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

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