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Following the Bullion Market involves macro and micro economics, plus current events, furthermore because Gold is Money, it also involves the Forex (currency) markets.

To be honest, there isn't enough room on this page to explain all the different variables that affect each one of the precious metals markets.

The Financial News, Blogs and Bullion Market information sites below are here to help you find as much information as possible about everything related to the Precious Metals markets.

Precious Metals Associations

International Precious Metals Institute 

The World Gold Council 

The Silver Institute

International Platinum Group Metals Association

Copper Development Association

Note: The Precious Metals Associations Category is the only list of sites Not Listed Alphabetically.

BGASC - Buy Gold and Silver Coins

Bullion Market News


BullionStar Blog

Bullion Vault

Commodity Online

Gold Bars WorldWide


Gold Seek



Kitco Silver

Oil n' Gold - Action Forex

Platinum Today

Resource Investor

SD Bullion - Blog (formerly Silver Doctors)

Scrap Monster

Scrap Register

Shanghai Metals Market

Sharps Pixley

Silver Investing News

Silver Seek

The Daily Gold

Financial News

ApplesofGold.com - 10% OFF Year-Round Discount for U.S. Military

Financial News & Economic Blogs

Advancing Time

Advisor Perspectives

Ahead of the Herd

Alhambra Investment Partners

Armstrong Economics

BlackRock - insights

Bonner & Partners

Bullion-Investor.com - German Blog

Bull Market Thinking

Cafe Hayek

Calafia Beach Pundit

Capital Liberty News

Carney Capital Investments

Casey Research

CATO Institute

Central Bank News


Charleston Voice

CMI Gold and Silver

Commodity Trade Mantra


Counting Pips

Chris Grande

Contra Corner - David Stockman

CyniconomicsDaily Pfennig

Daily Reckoning

Daily Reckoning - Australia

Daily Wealth

Dana Lyons' Tumblr

Darryl Robert Schoon

Doctor Housing Bubble

Dollar Collapse

Dr. Ed's Blog - Yardeni Research


Economic Policy Journal

ElliotWave International

Enterprising Investor - CFA Institute

Eurasia Review

FEE - Foundation for Economic Education

Financial Sense

Finance Trends Matter


Gold Chat

Gold Investing News

Gold Newswire


How Fiat Dies

Hussman Funds


Inflation Data

Koos Jansen


International Man

Investment Rarities

Investment U

Investor Intel



Jesse's Café Américain

Jim Sinclair's MindSet

Juggling Dynamite

King One Eye

King World News

Learn Liberty

Lew Rockwell

Liberty Blitz Kreig

Liberty Crier

Library of Economics and Liberty

Marc to Market

Market Oracle

Market Ticker

Mauldin Economics

Max Keiser

McClellan Financial

Merk Insights

Midas Letter

Miles Franklin

MISH's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Moneda de Plata Para Mexico

Money and Markets


Money Metals Exchange

Money Morning

Money Morning - Australia



MoneyWeek (UK)


My Budget 360

Notes from the Underground

Notes from the Rabbit Hole

Of Two Minds

Oil Price

Outsider Club

Peak Prosperity


PIMCO - blog

Pragmatic Capitalism

Prime Values

Proactive Investors

Real Clear Markets

Real Investment Advice - Lance Roberts


Rick Ackerman


Scents on Cents

Shadow Government Stats

Shareworld (UK)

SHTF plan



Silver Monthly

Silver Phoenix 500

Smart Knowledge U

Sober Look

Sovereign Man

Sprott - Precious Metals Watch

SRSrocco Report


TF Metals Report

Theo Trade

The Austrian Insider

The Automatic Earth - finance

The Big Picture

The Blaze

The Boock Report - Peter Boockvar

The Burning Platform

The Cato Institute

The Corner - Europe

The Daily Bell

The Felder Report


The Golden Truth

The Grandich Letter

The Liberty Times

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Market Oracle

The Mess that Greenspan Made

The Real Asset Co.

The Sovereign Investor

Things that Make You Go Hmmm

Trader Dan's Market Views


USA Watchdog

U.S. Global Investors

ZEAL Essays



Financial News

Bullion Investment Radio


Everything Financial Radio

Financial Sense Newshour 

FSN - The Financial Survival Network 

Gold Seek Radio

Howe Street

Korelin Economic Report

Lew Rockwell - podcast

McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Physical Gold Fund - podcast

Radio Time - Investment Radio Show

Sprott Money

The Peter Schiff Show

Voice of America - Business Radio

Business Video Sites


YouTube Bullion Investment Channels

Cambridge House

Casey Research

Gary Wagner


GoldMoney News

GoldSeek Radio

Gordon T. Long

McAlvany Financial

Peak Prosperity - Chris Martenson

Peter Schiff

SD Bullion

Silver Doctors

Sprott Money - Ask the Expert

Why Gold and Silver - Mike Maloney


Coin News


Coin News

Coin Update

Coin Week

Coin World

Mint News Blog

Numismatic News

Silver Coins Today

World Mint News Blog

Financial News

World Mint News & Blog sites

China Gold Coin Inc. - translator needed

New Zealand Mint

The Perth Mint - news site

The Royal Canadian Mint - blog

The Royal Mint - United Kingdom

The U.S. Mint

Mining News

Mercenary Geologist

Metals Miner


Mining Feeds

Mining Journal


Mining Top News

Mining Weekly

The Mining Record

Futures News

CME Group

Daniels Trading - Metals Futures

Futures Daily

Futures Magazine

Inside Futures

RJO Futures

Forex News

Daily FX

Forex Live

Forex Pros - (investing.com)

FX Empire

FX Street.com

Financial News

Technical Analysis

Acting Man

Advisor Perspectives - (dshort)

Channels and Patterns

Clive Maund

Commodity Charts

Daily FX - Technical Analysis page

Decision Point

Edge Trader Plus

ElliotWave Gold

Eric De Groot

Investing Haven

Market Anthropology

Nifty Charts


Prometheus Market Insight

Rambius Chartology

SpreadCharts Blog

Stock Chart Blogs

Sunshine Profits

Wizzen Trading

Charting Sites




Now and Futures




Info-Graphic Sites

Info-graphics Archive


Visual Capitalist

Investing News




BNN - Canada

Business Insider

CBC - Canada


CNN Money

CPI Financial

Economic Research - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Fox Business

International Business Times


Investor's Business Daily

Market Watch



Seeking Alpha

The Street

The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Finance

Online Newspapers - Business Section

Boston Herald

China Daily

Go Erie

Los Angeles Times

New York Post


San Diego Union Tribune

Saudi Gazette

Sputnik News - Russia

SWI swissinfo - Switzerland

The Australian

The BRICS Post

The Daily Mail (UK)

The Epoch Times

The Globe and Mail (UK)

The Guardian (UK)

The Hindu - Business Line

The Independent (UK)

The Irish Times

The Japan Times

The New York Times

The South China Morning Post

The Sydney Morning Herald

The Telegraph (UK)

The Times of India

The Toronto Star

The Washington Post

The Washington Times


Trend - Middle East

USA Today

World Net Daily

Xinhuanet - China

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