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Engelhard Bullion

Since the early 80s, "Engelhard" has been synonymous with quality silver, gold, and platinum bullion rounds and bars.


The History of
Engelhard Industries

engelhard silver bar

Charles Engelhard, Sr. founded Engelhard Industries; he immigrated from Germany to the United States in 1881.

Employed by a platinum marketer, Engelhard arrived in the United States as a foreign sales agent; he quickly embraced the opportunity that those who live in the United States receive and decided to stay.

Over the next 20 years, Charles Engelhard Sr. began to acquire equity
positions in several precious metals companies.

In 1902, Charles Engelhard bought and merged the Charles F. Croselmire Company, Baker & Co., Irvington Smelting, Hanovia Company, and American Platinum Works into a Precious Metals Enterprise under the name Engelhard Industries; its headquarters was in Newark, New Jersey.

engelhard silver bar rev

The company refined precious metal alloys for industry by owning and operating the world's largest smelter.

In 1950, after Charles Engelhard, Sr. died, Charles Engelhard, Jr. assumed control of Engelhard Industries.

After taking over the company, Engelhard Jr. expanded operations to South Africa, South America, and Europe and built Engelhard Industries into one of the world's leading chemical and mineral refining corporation.


Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond Series and a friend of Engelhard, used Charles Engelhard Jr's likeness as inspiration for his character 'Auric Goldfinger,' in the novel and film Goldfinger.

By comparing these pictures with the video below, you can see the resemblance of Auric Goldfinger, from Charles Engelhard Jr.


Executive order 11825

U.S. Republican President Gerald Ford signed on December 31, 1974,  Executive Order 11825; the order repealed Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102, forbidding U.S. citizens to own gold. 

Immediately after President Ford signed Executive Order 11825, Engelhard Industries began to provide gold bullion bars for the public to purchase. 

Engelhard called their first gold bullion bars "Baby Bullion," they ranged in size from one troy ounce to 40 troy ounces

Samuel Weiss & Co of New York was one of the first retailers of these gold bars.

In 1977, the U.S. Congress passed a law forbidding any president to confiscate gold from U.S. citizens except during a time of war.

Engelhard stopped producing investment bullion bars in 1988 after the price of precious metals had fallen and demand for bullion dried up.

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The Catalytic Converter

Charles Engelhard, Jr. died on March 2nd, 1971.

Sadly, he did not live to see some of his company's biggest and most profitable innovations concerning platinum group metals (PGMs).

In the early 70's, after Engelhard's death, the company developed the first catalytic converter for gasoline engines, helping the American auto industry meet stiff new EPA standards.

The converter's design used a honeycomb of platinum group metals that changed exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine into less toxic substance.

Automobiles equipped with catalytic converters meet today's emission standards that require reductions of up to 98+ percent for HC, 96 percent for CO, and 95 percent for NOx compared to the uncontrolled levels of automobiles sold in the 1960s.


On May 30, 2006, Engelhard was taken over by BASF after the board agreed to the takeover of BASF. BASF paid $US39 per share; the transaction totaled $5 billion.

Headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany, BASF is the largest chemical company in the world.

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Bullion Rounds

engelhard silver round

The Engelhard 1-oz silver rounds were the first bullion rounds minted and marketed to the public.

The company minted "The American Prospector" gold and silver bullion rounds in the 1970s and continued to produce them until 1988. 

The gold rounds came in the following sizes: 

  • 1/10oz.
  • 1/4oz.
  • 1/2oz.
  • 3/4oz.

         and in 1 troy oz.

engelhard silver round

The silver rounds came in the following sizes:

  • 1/10oz.
  • 1/4oz.
  • 1/2oz.

         and in 1 troy oz.

The fractional-sized gold and silver rounds were produced in smaller amounts, which makes them harder to find on the secondary market, summoning higher premiums due to their rarity.

The obverse side of the round displays the image of a prospector panning for gold.  In addition, the obverse side displays the words "U.S.A.," the year of issue, and the name of the Engelhard round, "The American Prospector."

There were two different American Prospector rounds; the differences are on the reverse side; one has the Engelhard logo, and the other has an Eagle. Included on the reverse side are the weight and purity of the round.

Although these rounds are hard to find in some secondary markets, the diligent investor or collector can still find them on the secondary market. Check out the Reputable Dealers section below; the linked pages will take you directly to their Engelhard bullion.

engelhard gold prospector roundEngelhard Gold Prospector Round

Liberty Trade Silver Rounds

Johnson Matthey and Engelhard produced "Liberty Trade Silver" rounds; these rounds are harder to find than Johnson Matthey's "Freedom" rounds or Engelhard's "American Prospector" rounds. 

The Liberty Trade Rounds have the Lady Liberty on the obverse side and her torch on the reverse.

Johnson Matthey produced a proof and non-proof (bullion) version of the round.

Liberty Trade Silver Rounds
Liberty Trade Silver Rounds

To know who produced the "Liberty Round," look for the Johnson Matthey or Engelhard logo/trademark on the bottom of the reverse side to authenticate these rounds. 

Where it says "logo" in the photo above, look for the "E" trademark for Engelhard or a "JM with pick & hammer" trademark for Johnson Matthey.

The "year of issue" is on both sides of the round; on the reverse, a copyright "©" symbol with a 1980s year will be directly across from the logo, on the other side of the torch.

These rounds range from 1/2 oz to 5oz in size; all have limited mintages.

Johnson Matthey and Engelhard also produced Liberty Trade Silver bars in the same sizes as the rounds.

Note: Engelhard produced Liberty Platinum Rounds in 1986.

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  • Engelhard Bullion

    Engelhard produced Bullion Bars using three methods

    Minted Bullion Bars - are cut from a cast bar that has been rolled to a uniform thickness.

    The cutting is done with a die to create blanks that have a specified dimension and weight.

    All the surfaces are smooth and even. Markings are usually stamped on the bar using a minting press. 

    In addition, company markings on minted bars will be "raised" due to this process. (Minted bullion photo provided by the courtesy of Heraeus)

    minted gold bars

    Casting or Poured Bullion Bars - are produced by pouring molten precious metal directly into a mold. 

    Markings are usually stamped on the bar using a hammer or a press.  In addition, company markings on cast bars will look depressed or "sunken," into the bar.

    Note: Engelhard frequently called their Minted bars "Cast Bars," and their Cast Bars "Poured Bars."

    See the 10oz. Silver bars section below to see how the company categorized the numerous "characterizations" on these bars.

    Extruding Bullion Bars - Process in which a metal or another material is forced through a series of dies to create a desired shape or shapes. Markings are usually stamped on the bar using a hammer or a press.  Engelhard company markings on extruded bullion bars will look depressed or "sunken" into the bar.

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    Serial Numbers (#'s)
    & Mintages of
    Engelhard Bullion

    For those who are interested in Engelhard bullion serial numbers and mintage figures, 'All Engelhard' is the site you want. 

    It is common practice for refiners to put serial numbers on bullion to help individual investors keep track of the bars they own.

    However, not all refiners keep a database of the serial numbers for bullion bars that weigh under LBMA Good Delivery Bar specifications.

    25 gram engelhard gold bars

    In some cases, collectors/investors will come together and start an online database for the public to find and identify who made the bullion; that's what happened for Engelhard bullion, and "All Engelhard" is the site.

    For those looking for serial numbers or mintage figures about Engelhard bullion, go to All Engelhard and 'click' on 'DEFINITIVE PAGES' to find the metal/size of bar you are looking for.

    In addition, in each section below, this guide has helped you find some of the pages on All Engelhard related to the most popular bullion bar sizes.

    Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars

    When Engelhard was producing bullion, the silver bullion bars were by
    far, their most popular and widely produced.

    Engelhard made silver bullion bars as small as 5 grams to as large as 1000oz "Good Delivery" bars.

    Odd Sized Bars

    5gram engelhard silver bar

    Odd-sized bars are much harder to find than the more common-sized bars.

    Due to popular demand, expect the value of these bars to be higher than the intrinsic value of the bullion bar.

    Furthermore, they made several silver bullion bars of odd sizes, including:

    1 oz. Silver Engelhard Bars

    engelhard 1oz silver bar

    Most of the one-ounce bars were minted and were quite possibly the most widely produced.

    These bars were not only made for investors but also given as gifts, made into art bars, and at times, corporations had them made and handed them out to employees as rewards.

    'Click' here for more information, Photos and Serial Numbers on the One Ounce Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars

    5 oz. Silver Engelhard Bars

    These bars came in all three methods of bullion bar manufacturing: cast, extruded, and minted versions of the 5oz bars.

    'Click' here for more information, Photos and Serial Numbers on the Five Ounce Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars.

    10 oz. Silver Engelhard Bars

    The 10oz Engelhard bullion bars were the first silver bullion bars produced by the company; these bars probably have the most information written about them throughout the web.

    Although many of these bullion bars have been melted down, mintage figures for these bars range as high as 2 million to as low as 1.5 million.

    It is virtually impossible to know how many are still in existence.

    10oz engelhard silver bar

    10oz bars were both Cast and Minted. As stated above, Engelhard mixed up the definitions in their early produced bullion bars.

    10oz silver bars with a "P" prefix before the serial number signified the bullion bar was "Poured."

    10oz silver bars with a "C" prefix before the serial number signify a bullion bar is "Cast or Minted."

    10oz silver bars with a "W" prefix before the serial number signifies a "Wide Poured" Bar. A "W" prefixed 10oz bar is rare.

    Bars with no prefix were the first 10 oz bars produced in the series, like the one in the photo above.

    'Click' here for more information, Photos and Serial Numbers on the Ten Ounce Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars

    100 oz. Silver Engelhard Bars

    The Majority of the 100oz Silver bars were poured or extruded.

    engelhard silver bar 100oz

    Unfortunately, some counterfeiters have taken advantage of bullion investors by drilling these bars and filling them with lead or tungsten.

    'Click' here for more information, Photos and Serial Numbers on the One Hundred Ounce Engelhard Silver Bullion Bars

    Gold Bullion Bars

    Although Engelhard gold bullion bars were the company's first manufactured bullion bars, they were made in low quantities, plus many have been melted down.

    Furthermore, the odd sizes, shapes, and scarcity of Engelhard gold bars give them a high collector's premium and information about them is scarce.

    25gram engelhard gold bar

    The known sizes of gold Engelhard bars:

    • 1 gram
    • 5 grams
    • 10 grams
    • 1/2 tael (18.75 grams)
    • 20 grams
    • 25 grams (pictured)
    • 1 oz.
    • 1 tael - (37.50 grams)
    • 50 gram,
    • 2 oz.
    • 10 tolas (3.746 oz.)
    • 5 oz.
    • 10 oz.
    • 20 oz.
    • 1 kilogram (32.150 oz)
    • 10 tolas (3.746 oz.).

    Engelhard 1oz and smaller gold bars are minted bars.

    Engelhard 1oz gold bullion bars came in minted and poured versions.

    Engelhard gold bars over 1oz were usually cast or poured.

    The list of known Engelhard gold bars (above) shows that Odd-sized Engelhard produced these bullion bars, its just that images of these bars are hard to find.

    Although, a few years ago, a 1.608 oz poured bullion bar sold on an auction site.

    The majority of the serial numbers observed on the Engelhard Gold bars have no prefix.

    Engelhard Platinum & Palladium
    Bullion Bars

    Sizes of Engelhard platinum and palladium bullion bars are known to be in 1oz and 10oz. "minted" bars.

    Overall, information on Engelhard's platinum bullion is very hard to find.

    However, 'All Engelhard' created this page about the Platinum bullion that Engelhard produced.


    Engelhard bullion bars can still be found on the secondary market click this link to see this guide's affiliated dealers who sell Engelhard Bullion.

    Engelhard Bullion Sources:

    All Engelhard


    BASF / Engelhard International Ltd 


    Reference for Business

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