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4th Quarter of 2021
Bullion News

(October1st - December 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

12/08/2021 - Bullion News

CPI Inflation Index: Will Friday’s Report Show that Inflation Continues to Increase? - FX Empire

Gold has been 'shockingly stable': It's a long-term play as U.S. dollar rolls over, says Jeffrey Gundlach - Kitco

12/06/2021 - Bullion News

Dollar Strength Causes Gold to Drift Lower, and Friday’s CPI Will Reveal if Inflation Continues to Spike Higher - FX Empire

Mayhem Beneath the Surface of the Stock Market - Wolf Street

Evergrande Warns on Debt as Smaller Developer Sunshine Defaults - Real Money

Visualizing The Uneven Fallout Of The Inflation Surge - Zero Hedge

12/05/2021 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Daily Forecast – Rangebound Due to Rising Short-Term, Falling Long-Term Yields - FX Empire

Euro crisis as inflation soars up to 10 percent - countries facing crippling price hikes - Express (UK)

12/03/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD climbs as the New York session winds down, steady at $1784 - FX Street

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - December 3, 2021 - GoldSeek

It's Show Time for the Fed - Advancing Time


It's Show Time for the Fed - Zero Hedge

12/01/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Move Back To The Upside Amid Volatility On Wall Street - Nasdaq

Gold Gains; Silver Ends at 2-Month Low - CoinNews

Mint Begins 2022 Bullion Eagle Production - Numismatic News

Bitcoin and Gold “complement each other,” European independent wealth fund reiterates - Finbold

11/29/2021 - Bullion News

Dollar Strength and a U.S. Stock Rally Results in Gold Closing Lower as Omicron Variant Fears Lessen - FX Empire

pdf: Precious Metals Review - Heraeus

We Are in the Biggest Global Equity Bubble Ever - The Global Observer

Are Governments Running Out of Candy? - International Man

11/28/2021 - Bullion News

Gold’s Gains Get Marred as Biden Bonks Brainard - FX Empire

Global bubble BURSTS: Evergrande set for collapse causing 'great reset' worse than 2008 - Express (UK)

Peeling The Economic Onion Will Bring On The Tears - Advancing Time

A-Mark and JM Bullion Unveil CyberMetals, an Online Platform to Enable Digital Transactions of Precious Metals and Optional Redemption into Physical Coins and Bars - A-Mark

Will Investor Lawsuits Flood Bullion Banks? - Numismatic News

11/23/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures – Buyers Could Step in at $1781.00 – $1757.10 - FX Empire

Silver Approaching Important Pivot Point - Stock News

UAE to launch gold refinery standard in February, publish gold trade data - Nasdaq

11/22/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Sink Monday, Nov. 22 - Coin News

Dismissing Gold In The Past Led To Some Hard Lessons - U.S. Global Investors

Where Did the 14.6 Million Ounces of Gold Come From? - Numismatic News

11/21/2021 - Bullion News

With Gold and the Buck, as Told, You’re in Luck - FX Empire

Jim Grant: "The Fed Reminds Me Of A Speculator On The Wrong Side Of The Market" - Zero Hedge

Spain enters gold bullion market with new Lynx coin - CoinWorld

10 Ways to Become a Better Coin Collector - CoinWeek

What Drives the Price of Gold? Part 1 - The Gold Observer

11/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Continues to Attract Market Participants as a Primary Tool of Wealth Preservation - FX Empire

Gold Rebounds and Marks Highest Settlement Since June - Coin News

pdf: 2021 INTERIM SILVER MARKET REVIEW - The Silver Institute

11/16/2021 - Bullion News

Strong Retail Sales and Dollar Strength Take Gold Lower in Trading Today - FX Empire

Housing, Employment, Inflation, and 2022 - Econimica

Average new car price surges to $46,036 The average selling price reflects an increase of 12.9% - or $5,266 - AL

11/14/2021 - Bullion News

Gold ‘n Silver ‘n CPI Oh My! - FX Empire

Early 2022 Mint product calendar revealed - Coin World

11/11/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: New drug delivery could significantly improve treatment outcomes for localised prostate cancer - Queens University (Belfast)

If Inflationary Pressures Remain High where Could Gold Pricing Go to in 2022? - FX Empire

CHART: The annual inflation rate in the US surged to 6.2% in October of 2021, the highest since November of 1990 - Trading Economics


11/09/2021 - Bullion News

Could Gold Be Posed for a Breakout? Tomorrow’s CPI Numbers Will Be a Huge Component of the Answer to that Question - FX Empire

Inflation: Dr.Frankenstonk's Monster - Bullion Vault

Interest rate held at 0.1 percent but Brits urged to brace for 'rapid' cost of living rise - Express (UK)

11/08/2021 - Bullion News

MSNBC Goes Full Clowntard: Gaslights That Inflation Is A "Good Thing", Deletes Tweet After Angry Backlash - Zero Hedge

CHART: United States Consumer Inflation Expectations - Trading Economics

Precious Metals Rise for Third Session on Monday, Nov. 8 - CoinNews

Charting The Stock Market “Melt Up,” & The Fed’s Naivety - Real Investment Advice

Fed Issues Market Red Alert: Warns Stocks Vulnerable To "Significant Declines" - Zero Hedge

11/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold FINALLY Breaks Free Amidst S&P INSANITY - FX Empire

Gold Market Commentary: Gold rallied despite higher rates and equity strength - World Gold Council

11/05/2021 - Bullion News

A Delayed Reaction to the Statements of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England Takes Gold above $1800 - FX Empire

Gold Ends Week at 2-Month High - CoinNews

More 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars enter market - Coin World

Should You Invest in Gold? - U.S. News & World Report

11/03/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Fall on Fed Decision - FX Empire

The Fed's QE Taper Schedule and COMEX Gold - Sprott Money

China Facing "Downward Pressure", Premier Warns - Zero Hedge

11/02/2021 - Bullion News

Gold settles lower as traders await Fed policy decision - msn (Market Watch)

Saint-Gaudens’ Model - Numismatic News

China Will Not Be Able To Offset Its Property Bubble Easily - Zero Hedge

10/31/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Nonplussed by Scary and Crazy - FX Empire

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fed? Gold Shouldn’t Be - International Man

Billionaire Tax Is A Ploy To Take Eyes Off Bigger Problems - Advancing Time

10/29/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD dives to over one-week lows, below $1,780 level - FX Street

40% Of The Bull Market Is Due Solely To Buybacks - Real Investment Advice

Gold Demand Trends Q3 2021 - World Gold Council

The Coin Analyst: California Coin Dealer Discovers Major 2021 Gold Eagle Error Coin - Coin Week

More Signs of Stress on China's Economy: China's Energy Crisis Spreads As Gas Stations Run Out Of Diesel - Zero Hedge

10/28/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Reclaims $1,800; Silver Dips - CoinNews

Sound Money – The Moral and Economic Case - Numismatic News

Counterfeit Coin Detection – Fake 1885-CC Morgan Dollar in Fake GSA Holder - Coin Week

VIDEO: Gravitas: A $8 trillion debt time bomb that China hid - WION (YouTube)

10/26/2021 - Bullion News

Risk-On Market Sentiment and Dollar Strength Take Gold Below $1800 - FX Empire

Powell once again proved to be gold’s joy destroyer - FX Street

10/24/2021 - Bullion News

Finally Gold Goes… uhh wait… No It Doesn’t - FX Empire

The Evergrande crisis is spreading. Here are other Chinese property developers that are in default or wobbling. - Business Insider

China Housing Market Is On Life Support - Advancing Time

U.S. Mint Should Seek Student Input - Numismatic News

It's Show Time for the Fed - Sprott

10/22/2021 - Bullion News

Cross-Currents Continue to Have Positive and Negative Influences on Gold - FX Empire

The bond market is waking up - Califia Beach Pundit

Cargo Shipping Companies: Vaccine Mandate Will Increase Worker Shortage, Wreaking Havoc on Supply Chain - BreitBart

10/20/2021 - Bullion News

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation - FX Empire

Evergrande's $2.6 bln unit stake sale fails as Chinese officials seek to calm nerves - Reuters

China’s Evergrande crisis: clock ticking as crucial debt default deadline looms - The Guardian

10/19/2021 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Gravitas: China's hidden $4 trillion debt bomb | China's "State Run Companies are Doing Worse than the Private Sector" - WION

Precious Metals Rise; Silver Scores 5-Week High - Coin News

Billionaire Supermarket Owner Warns: Food Prices Will Go Up "Tremendously" - Zero Hedge

10/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Twice Yanked Twice Tanked - FX Empire

VIDEO: China Bond Market Collapses & Property Developers Drop like Fly's - YouTube (Michael Invests & tries to make Money)

INFO-GRAPHIC: Visualizing the Global Silver Supply Chain - Visual Capitalist

Just How Big Is China's Property Sector, And Two Key Questions On Policy And Tail Risks - Zero Hedge

10/13/2021 - Bullion News

Inflationary Data Suggests the Fed Is Now Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place - FX Empire

Inflation: The Components - Advisor Perspectives

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunges Further, as Housing CPI Begins to Climb, Food & Energy Soar, New Vehicle Prices Spike - Wolf Street

10/11/2021 - Bullion News

COT: Broad commodity buying; Dollar long jumps - SAXO Bank

"It's A Disastrous Day" - All Hell Breaks Loose In China's Bond Markets - Zero Hedge

China's bond markets slump again as new Evergrande deadline passes - Reuters

10/10/2021 - Bullion News

Wallflower Gold Remains Untowed - FX Empire

"Catastrophic" Property Sales Mean China's Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play - Zero Hedge

Evergrande Contagion May Trigger Wave of Defaults for Developers - Yahoo Finance

Clown World: D.C. Elites Consider Minting ‘Trillion-Dollar Coin’ to Game Debt Limit - BREITBART

10/07/2021 - Bullion News

Ground control to Chairman Powell Ground control to Chairman Powell - FX Empire

Rep. Pete Sessions to Newsmax: McConnell's Deal Doesn't Give Dems Money - NewsMax

America’s supply chain truck wreck - Santa Barbara News Press

The Mechanics of the Global Gold Market - The Gold Observer

Poland Central Bank To Buy 100 Tons Of Gold In 2022 Poland Central Bank To Buy 100 Tons Of Gold In 2022 - Zero Hedge

10/05/2021 - Bullion News

Higher Yields/Dollar Strength Pressure Gold Lower but it’s all about the Jobs Report - FX Empire

Real yields a boon to tightening commodity markets - SAXO Bank

China's regulatory crackdown sends overseas stocks spiraling, plus a look at the Evergrande fallout - Yahoo Finance

10/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Forecast High Goes Bye-Bye - FX Empire

Gold Q4 Technical Forecast: Long-term Price Pattern Remains in Focus - Daily FX


10/01/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Recovers Breaking the Cycle of Lower Pricing Over the Last Three Weeks - FX Empire

Key inflation gauge watched by the Federal Reserve hits another 30-year high - CNBC

Doug Casey Reveals 3 Ways You Can Opt-Out of the Rising Insanity - International Man

09/29/2021 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver and Palladium Post Multi-month Lows Wed., Sept. 29 - Coin News

Numismatic Groups Admonish Facebook About Ads for Counterfeits - Numismatic News

Chasing dollars... - Zero Hedge

09/26/2021 - Bullion News

Gravity Grasps Gold - FX Empire

Will Precious Metals Soar Before Year-End? - Numismatic News

“The Housing Market Is Almost Frozen" - An Even Bigger Problem Emerges For China - Zero Hedge

OFF-TOPIC: Christ and Common Sense: What does the Bible say about global warming? - The Sentinel

09/24/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Trades to a Critical Price Support Level this Week - FX Empire

China asks local officials to prepare for ‘possible storm’ if Evergrande fails, WSJ says - CNBC

Is Evergrande a symptom of deeper malaise? - Blain's Morning Porridge

Fed Reverse Repo Soars To Record $1.35 Trillion After Fed Doubles Counteparty Limit - Zero Hedge

Amateur freedivers discover 53 perfectly-preserved Roman gold coins while cleaning rubbish on the seabed off the coast of Alicante – in what is one of Europe's greatest hoards yet - Daily Mail

09/21/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rise Tuesday, Sept. 21 - Coin News

FOMC; Federal Reserve Policy Statement and Interest-Rate Projections - FX Empire

Billionaire Supermarket Chain Owner Warns Inflation ‘Here to Stay’ - BreitBart

Money and inflation update - Calafia Beach Pundit

These numbers show just how big a headache Evergrande is for China - Quartz

09/20/2021 - Bullion News

Gold price edges higher as havens rally on growing Evergrande fears - Mining.com

Gold Recovers as Worldwide Equites Sell Off - FX Empire

Rabobank: We Live In A World Without Consequences Where Everyone Is Corrupt - Zero Hedge

09/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Struggles as Concerns about Upcoming FOMC Meeting Mount - FX Empire

The War On Cash, Is It A Real Thing? The Answer Is Yes - Advancing Time

Harbin, We Have A Problem: Chinese Junk Bond Yields Hit 11 Year High - Zero Hedge

Fed Chief Powell, other officials owned securities central bank bought during Covid pandemic - CNBC

09/16/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Is Getting Monkeyhammered As Dollar & Bond Yields Spike ...are Investors Dumping Precious Metals to Cover losses coming from Evergrande???
- Zero Hedge

Evergrande: Why the Chinese property giant is close to collapse - DW

09/13/2021 - Bullion News

The Fed and Market Participants Await the Release of Key U.S. Economic Data - FX Empire

"Wall Street Silver“ grows and buys more metal - GoldReporter.de

Cracks in China’s Growth Put Risk-Market Rally on Shaky Ground - Yahoo Finance

US Budget Deficit Hits $2.7 Trillion With One Month Left In Fiscal 2021 - Zero Hedge

09/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Trades Lower for a Second Consecutive Day but Does This Match Up to the Current Events - FX Empire

Silver Price and Demand Outlook - Guardian Gold

09/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Tumbles after Last Week’s Dramatic Rise - FX Empire

Precious Metals Drop Monday, Sept. 7 - Coin News

Bullion Dealers Predict Busy Marketplace - Numismatic News

What's wrong with gold? - Calafia Beach Pundit

Is Anyone Willing To Call The Top Of The Everything Bubble? - Zero Hedge

09/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Forecast – Gold Signals Potential Bottom Over Dismal August Jobs Report - FX Empire

John Paulson on Why Gold Goes Parabolic - Bloomberg (YouTube)

Paul Tudor Jones says ‘go all in on the inflation trades’ if Fed keeps ignoring higher prices - CNBC

The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: August Update - Advisor Perspectives

09/02/2021 - Bullion News

Countdown to Jobs – A Key Component in Shaping the Feds Tapering Timeline - FX Empire

The Coin Analyst: U.S. Mint Officials Discuss Challenges of Demand Spike and Pandemic - Coin Week

China's "Lehman Moment" Approaching: Evergrande Warns Of Default Risk From Cash Crunch - Zero Hedge

3rd Quarter of 2021
Bullion News

(July 1st - Sept 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

08/30/2021 - Bullion News

Both Gold and Silver Have Slight Corrections Following Friday’s Dramatic Gains - FX Empire

‘Big Short’ Billionaire John Paulson Prefers Gold Over Bitcoin Because “There’s A Very Limited Amount Of Investable” Bullion - Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Quantitative Brainwashing - International Man

08/24/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Ends Near Three-Week High for Third Straight Gain - Coin News

The Fed punts in-person Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium this week - Jackson Hole News & Guide

08/22/2021 - Bullion News

Gold (Unloved) Yet to Get the Cash; S&P (Adored) Yet to Get the Crash - FX Empire

U.S. Mint releases last and first 2021 American Eagle bullion coins - Coin World

Food Stamp Increase Means Higher Food Prices For All - Advancing Time

US Economic Growth Suddenly Collapses, As Even Goldman Says "Not Good" - Zero Hedge

08/16/2021 - Bullion News

Heraeus Precious Metals Review - Heraeus

Pay It Forward - Numismatic News

08/15/2021 - Bullion News

COT Futures Metals Charts: Comex Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum & Palladium - counting pips

The Value Of Gold And What It Is Worth In Today's Market - Advancing Time

08/11/2021 - Bullion News

Sentiment for Gold, Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? - FX Empire

Inflation settles at high rate as prices leap 5.4 percent from year ago - New York Post

What Gold Volatility, Stanley Fischer, and CBDC Can Tell Us About What Lies Ahead - Gold Switzerland

The Biggest Gold Medal Hauls at the Tokyo Olympics - Statista

08/09/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Continues to Fall but Recovers from Extreme Lows Overseas - FX Empire

$1.1 Trillion Flood of Liquidity from Drawdown of Treasury General Account Peters Out - Wolf Street

The Death Of Truth & The Rise Of Centralized Government Control - Zero Hedge

08/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Thrust into August a Cussed Bust - FX Empire

Market Report: Anniversary of gold’s $2070 peak - Gold Money

What You Should Know About Original Bank-Wrapped (OBW) Coin Rolls - Coin Week

08/05/2021 - Bullion News

Analysts Differ on their Forecast for Tomorrow’s Jobs Report - FX Empire

Doug Casey on Currency Debasement and Cultural Degradation - International Man

08/04/2021 - Bullion News

ADP Jobs Report Comes in Well Below Expectations - Upon the release of the ADP report, gold prices surged to $1835.90 intraday before giving up almost all of its gains to close - FX Empire

Gold Investing 1/3rd More Popular in Covid Pandemic - Bullion Vault

Are Olympic medals solid gold? 9 facts about the awards being won in Tokyo - msn

08/03/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Sheds 0.4%; Silver Logs Second Modest Gain - Coin News

Corporate Margins Set To Tumble As Companies Freak Out About Surge In "Bad Inflation" - Zero Hedge

What’s REALLY behind the war on home ownership? - off-Guardian

08/01/2021 - Bullion News

“An August August for Gold?” - FX Empire

Fed's Favorite Inflation Signal Surges At Fastest Pace In 30 Years As Spending, Income Rise - Zero Hedge

David Stockman on Why Money Printing Doesn’t Generate Economic Growth - International Man

Tough Questions Generate Weak Common Assumptions - Advancing Time

INFOGRAPHIC: Mapped: GDP per Capita Worldwide - Visual Capitalist

07/29/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Scores Six-Week High; Silver Jumps - Coin News

Mint to Release Limited Edition Eagles to Authorized Purchasers - Numismatic News

1971: High Noon for Gold-Backed Money - Bullion Vault

Gold Demand Trends Q2 2021 - World Gold Council

07/27/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD stays defensive around $1,800, focus on Fed - FX Street

Like prices, inflation talk is going through the roof - Companies can't stop bringing up inflation on earnings calls - Yahoo Finance

07/26/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Dips Under $1,800/Oz to Start Week - Coin News

Killer Biden Inflation Is His Main ‘Gift’ To America - Issues & Insights

Time To Buy Gold As A Hedge Against "Extreme Financial Deleveraging" Credit Suisse Says - Zero Hedge

Housing boom is over as new home sales fall to pandemic low - CNBC

07/25/2021 - Bullion News

S&P Hauls, Gold Stalls, Silver Falls - FX Empire

U.S. Mint to Offer Design Pairings of 2021 American Eagle Bullion Coins - Coin News

Just one facility striking new American Eagle silver bullion coins - Coin World

Lacy Hunt On Debt and Friedman's Famous Quote Regarding Inflation and Money - Mish Talk

07/21/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD remains indecisive around $1,800 amid pre-ECB trading lull - FX Street

Absence of Discounts Confirms Tomato Soup Inflation - Political Calculations

VIDEO: Is it REALLY That Bad? New ASE In Hand -- Unboxing the Brand New Silver Eagle, Type 2 - Silver Forever

Quantitative easing: how the world got hooked on magicked-up money - Prospect Magazine

07/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD idles daily make or break zone - FX Street

David Stockman On Soaring Debts And Plummeting Yields... - Zero Hedge

07/16/2021 - Bullion News

Will The Gold Rise? Silver Knows - Investing.com

America Goes On A Buyer's Strike: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans - Zero Hedge

Equities Investors Focus on Inflation, While Gold Investors Seem to Ignore it - FX Empire

Why Don't Bonds Reflect CPI Alarm About Inflation? - Real Clear Markets

07/15/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Gains for 3rd Day, Ends at Another 4-Week High - Coin News

New York Manufacturing Expands at Record Pace, Price Gauge Rises - msn (Bloomberg)

Gold Is Catching a Bid on Pandemic and Inflation Fears. Are You Participating? - U.S. Global Investors

Big changes in inflation and government finances - Calafia Beach Pundit

07/13/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD stays sidelined above $1,800, Fed’s Powell eyed - FX Street

THE WOLF STREET REPORT: This “Temporary” Inflation Is Turning into an Inflation Spiral - Wolf Street

The ESG Threat - Lawrence Person's Battle Swarm Blog

07/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold price likely to trade sideways this week; yellow metal firm on worries over delta COVID variant - Financial Express

AUDIO: Former IMF Economist: America’s Inflation Is Beginning to Resemble a Latin American Country - BREITBART

"I'm Not Seeing This As Transitory": Paint Supplier PPG Raises Prices For Second Time This Year Due To "Obvious" Inflation - Zero Hedge

07/11/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Forecast – Must Hold Bullish & Bearish Price Levels for Gold and Miners - FX Empire

Into the Swarm #4: Everything Is Relative and Only That Is Absolute - The Swarm Blog

Can Reddit's silver "apes" beat the market? - Reuters

Silver Through the Ages: The Uses of Silver Over Time - Visual Capitalist

07/09/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Logs Third Weekly Gain; Ends at Over Three-Week High - Coin News

Gold Price (XAU/USD) Struggling to Break Meaningfully Higher - Daily FX

A crazy week for U.S. stocks came with a change in the market narrative — should investors believe it? - msn (Market Watch)

Housing Bubble #2: Ready To Pop? - Zero Hedge

China Cuts Reserve Ratio By 0.5% Unleashing 1 Trillion Yuan In Liquidity To Boost Economy - Zero Hedge

07/08/2021 - Bullion News

Stock Market Peaks, Gold ATM Returns: Cue Tickertape - Bullion Vault

Gold Logs Fifth Gain and Another Three-Week High - CoinNews

We Are Entering The Age Of "Full John Galt" - Advancing Time

Wells Unexpectedly Shuts All Existing Personal Lines Of Credit, Hinting US Economy On The Edge - Zero Hedge

07/06/2021 - Bullion News

Silver Price Analysis: Bulls To Defend The $26 Support Level - FX Empire

PODCAST: The inflation fear is still alive with surging oil and natural gas - SAXO BANK

Bank of Japan Stops QE, Reserve Bank of Australia Starts Tapering, Bank of Canada & Bank of England Already Tapering, Amid Shock-and-Awe Rate Hikes in Emerging Markets - Wolf Street

07/05/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD looks to test $1,800 with a daily close above 100-day SMA - FX Trends

Gold Is the Ultimate Contrarian Investment Right Now - ETF Trends

Thai central bank leads pack, buying 90 tonnes of gold over April and May - Zero Hedge

Russian finance ministry to buy $4 bln worth of gold, FX in July - Nasdaq

Market Valuation Update: June 2021 - Advisor Perspectives

07/01/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Synthesizing green gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy with biomolecules - PHYS.org

Precious Metals Begin July with Gains - Coin News

"It Won't End Well": Self-Proclaimed "Fully Invested Bear" Leon Cooperman Says Market Has Him "Nervous" - Zero Hedge

2nd Quarter of 2021
Bullion News

(April 1st - June 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

06/30/2021 - Bullion News

The Last Trading Day of the First Half of 2021 Concludes, and Gold Incurs Losses - FX Empire

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD to stop its decline at the $1735 mark – Commerzbank - FX Street

By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy - Advancing Time

06/29/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Gold nanoparticles injected into tumors could improve radiation treatment for cancer - PHYS.org

Gold Ends Tuesday, June 29, at 2.5-Month Low - Coin News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD dives to $1,750 region, lowest since mid-April - FX Street

Basel III Regulations Finally Kick In: What This Means For Gold - Zero Hedge

Fool's gold not completely worthless. There's real gold inside - Scientists figure out how to squeeze real gold out of pyrite - LiveScience

06/27/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Finds Footing; FedSpeak Stewing - FX Empire

COT Futures Metals Charts: Gold, Comex Silver, Copper Grade #1, Platinum and Palladium - countingpips

Why Gold? - Zero Hedge

06/25/2021 - Bullion News

PCE Inflation Gauge Rising to 2008 Levels Takes Gold Higher - FX Empire

Why Basel III regulations are poised to shake up the gold market - Market Watch

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Steady in May - Coin News

Key inflation indicator posts biggest year-over-year gain in nearly three decades - CNBC

BofA Crashes The "Transitory" Party: Sees Up To 4 Years Of "Hyperinflation" - Zero Hedge

06/24/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Split Thursday, June 24 - Coin News

One of the most common questions that a coin dealer hears is, “How much is my coin or bank note worth?...." - Numismatic News

Top Federal Reserve officials ADMIT that soaring consumer prices may last longer than anticipated - despite Fed Chair Jerome Powell insisting inflation surge is 'transitory' - Daily Mail

06/23/2021 - Bullion News

Chairman Powell Speaks but it Seems Gold Traders Continue to not Listen - FX Empire

BREAKING: U.S. Mint Announces New Morgan, Peace Pre-Order Dates - Numismatic News

Household Debt And Credit Report: Up $85B in Q1 2021 - Advisor Perspectives

Doug Casey on How You Can Think and Act Like a Professional Speculator - International Man


06/21/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rise Monday, June 21 - Coin News

Economic Evolution Turns Many Comparisons Obsolete - Advancing Times

Powell Just Launched $2 Trillion In "Heat-Seeking Missiles": Zoltan Explains How The Fed Started The Next Repo Crisis - Zero Hedge

The housing market is on fire. The Fed keeps adding gasoline - CNN Business

Timeline: 150 Years of U.S. National Debt - Visual Capitalist

06/20/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Drops Exceedingly; Fed Ducks Reality - FX Empire

The long history of money - GnS Ecomonimcs

“Cash Grab” – Feds Seize $85 Million From Hundreds of Safe Deposit Boxes without ‘Any Legal Basis’ - The Gateway Pundit

06/18/2021 - Bullion News

WCU: Commodities drop as FOMC deflates the reflation trade by Ole Hansen - SAXO BANK

The Great American Pension Crisis - Daily Wealth

USA 2021: Capitalism for the Powerless, Crony-Socialism for the Powerful - of two minds

Is Another IMF Gold Sale Fiasco in the Works? - Numismatic News

06/17/2021 - Bullion News

Largest One-Day Drop This Year, Where Could Gold Trade to From Here? - FX Empire

Platinum's Industrial Use: Interactive Chart - Bullion Vault

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979 in Philly Fed Survey - BREITBART

Is Inflation "Transitory"? Here's Your Simple Test - Zero Hedge

06/15/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Researchers have turned transparent calcite into artificial gold - PHYS.org

Gold Extends 1-Month Settlement Low - CoinNews

Producer prices climb 6.6% in May on annual basis, largest 12-month increase on record - CNBC

06/14/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Marks 1-Month Low in Week’s Start - Coin News

Transitory or Not, Inflation Is Here. It Could Be Much Higher Than You Realize - U.S. Global Investors

The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Are Uncle Sam's Largest Assets? - Advisor Perspectives

06/13/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Goin’ Red Ahead of the Fed - FX Empire

"The Transitory Scam" - Ten Companies Warn About Passing Along Rising Costs To Consumers - Zero Hedge

Real Interest Rates Suggest It's a Good Time to Buy and Hold Gold - Mish Talk

06/10/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Rises Slightly as U.S. Inflation Marks Near 13-Year High - Coin News

BofA Just Threw Up All Over The Fed's "Transitory" Argument: Here's Why - Zero Hedge

“Transitory” Inflation? — Sublime Yet Ridiculous - Gold Switzerland

Gold Price Could Hit Five Digits by 2030 - Nasdaq

06/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Strengthens Over $1899.20, Weakens Under $1886.80 - FX Empire

2021 Central Bank Gold Reserves Survey - Gold Hub (WGC)

The Fed Says Inflation Is Transitory, It Has a Vested Interest to Lie - Mish Talk

Yellen Is Wrong: Economist Who 'Wrote The Book' On No-Flation Sounds Alarm Over Policymaker Complacency - Zero Hedge

Stuart Weitzman’s 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin Sells for a Record US$18.9 Million at Sotheby’s - BARRON'S

06/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD testing key resistance ahead of Super Thursday - FX Street

U.S. Mint Offers Point of Clarification Regarding Shortage of Silver - Coin News

Deutsche Bank warns of global ‘time bomb’ coming due to rising inflation - CNBC

Yellen Admits Inflation Is About To Surge, Says It Will Be A "Plus For Society" - Zero Hedge

06/06/2021 - Bullion News

Gold’s June Swoon - FX Empire

The Geopolitics of Gold - Gold Money

The Fed and our politicians are playing with fire - CBP

06/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold futures end higher, pare weekly loss after U.S. employment data misses estimates - msn (Market Watch)

Mint officials postpone offerings of 2021 Morgan, Peace dollars - Coin World

CNBC’s Santelli: Extra Government Benefits to Blame for Disappointing Jobs Numbers - BREITBART

Is the Market Still Overvalued? - Advisor Perspectives

UN "Worried" As Global Food Prices Soar To Ten Year High - Zero Hedge

06/03/2021 - Bullion News

Selling Pressure in Gold Following the Release of ADP’s Private-Sector Jobs Report - FX Empire

Investors starting to favor gold and dollars - Korea JoongAng Daily

Federal Reserve Sees Widespread Supply-Chain Disruptions, Labor Shortages, and Rising Prices - BREITBART

Tennessee Will Explore The Possibility Of A State Gold Depository - Zero Hedge

05/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Great? Or Sedate? - FX Empire

The Fed’s Argument That It’s Not Directly Financing Government Debt Finally Fails - Zero Hedge

05/28/2021 - Bullion News

Both Gold and Copper Have Dad Two Months of Stellar Performance - FX Empire

And Now Prices Are Really Soaring: May Rent Jump Is Biggest On Record - Zero Hedge

Bitcoin vs Gold - Sprott Money

05/27/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Slip Below $1,900/oz - Coin News

Why silver prices lag behind copper’s gains, but outperform gold - msn

05/26/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Breaks Above $1900, Before Breaking Back Below $1900 After The NYC Close - FX Empire

Gold Registers 9th Gain in 10 Sessions - Coin News

The CPI Revisited And Its Failure To Reflect True Inflation - Advancing Time

05/23/2021 - Bullion News

Gold in Top Gear - FX Empire

Opinion: More investors than ever are borrowing to buy stocks. Here’s what this really means for the market - Market Watch

Apples-to-Apples, Consumer Price Inflation Is Nearing 1970-Type Numbers - Zero Hedge

Meat Eaters Hit Hardest as Inflation Sweeps U.S. Grocery Aisles - Yahoo Finance

Feds signal crackdown on cryptocurrency after volatile week - NewYork Post

05/21/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices settle lower, but tally 3rd straight weekly gain - Market Watch

Keep Your Eyes On Silver Prices Heading Into June - FX Empire

Fed Drains $351 Billion in Liquidity from Market via Reverse Repos, as Banking System Creaks under Mountain of Reserves - Wolf Street

Is Institutional Investment Warming to Gold Once More? - ETF Trends

SocGen says bitcoin’s place in a portfolio ‘remains highly contested,’ gold is a better stabilizer - CNBC

05/19/2021 - Bullion News

Buy The Rumor And Sell The Fact? Or Buy The Fact And Sell The Rumor? - FX Empire

What To Expect – A Critical Breakout Warning For Gold, Silver & Miners Explained (Video) - countingpips

Platinum Industrial Demand Set to Rebound, But Analysts Split Over Market Balance - Bullion Vault

Margin Debt and the Market: Up Another 3% in April, Continues Record Trend - Advisor Perspectives

05/18/2021 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Log Multi-Month Highs Tuesday, May 18 - CoinNews

Million-ounce palladium deficit will drive record prices, says Metals Focus - Mining(DOT)com

No Inflation If You Don't Eat, Sleep or Travel - Bullion Vault

Housing Starts Crash as Rising Costs Crimp Construction - Breitbart

Rare silver coin portraying King Charles I discovered in a field in Maryland - msn

05/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Logs Best Close in Over Four Months - Coin News

COT: Speculators sell into overheated commodity market - SAXO Bank

United States Mint offering 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars in three pre-order windows - Mint News Blog

Market Analysis: MS-70 1999 silver bullion coin brings $14,400 - Coin World

05/16/2021 - Bullion News

Gold price: Here’s what to expect in the week ahead - invezz

Gold Works Whilst Stagflation Lurks - FX Empire

CFTC Commitments of Traders – Net Length in Gold Futures Increased as Price Strengthened to 3-Month High - ActionForex

Dollar's Demise And Doom Predictions Are "Over Hyped" - Advancing Time

05/14/2021 - Bullion News

Gold’s Recent Headwind Shifts To A Tailwind - The Felder Report

Does inflation signal lift-off for gold? - Fidelity

Will Precious Metals Investors Get the Last Laugh? - Money Metals Exchange

Law Enforcement Coin Recreated with LEGOs® - Numismatic News

Gold's Top 10 Central Banks - Bullion Vault

05/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices log first back-to-back decline in May after jump in U.S. inflation pushes up bond yields and dollar - Market Watch

Inflation speeds up in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008 - CNBC

Arkansas has joined the 38 other states that offer a sales and use tax exemption on coins, currency and bullion - Coin World

05/10/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Continues to Rally, Moving Above Former Resistance - FX Empire

The Inflation Monster Has Been Unleashed - Advancing Time

$50k in lumber built just over 10 homes in 2020, today only 2.1 homes - Zero Hedge

Visualizing the Recent Explosion in Lumber Prices - Visual Capitalist

05/09/2021 - Bullion News

Commodities Remain the Hot Property of 2021 - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Comex Gold, Silver, Copper Grade #1, Platinum & Palladium - countingpips

Gold Price Pattern Cup And Handle…To The Moon? - Investing.com

April American Eagle silver and gold bullion coins sales down - Coin World

05/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold settles at a nearly 3-month high after a weaker-than-expected U.S. April jobs report - Market Watch

Gold and Silver Log Highest Settlements Since February - Coin News

Mint Statistics: April Sales Wrap for Gold, Silver Bullion - Numismatic News

Gold is Turning - International Man

05/06/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices top $1,800, settle at highest since February - Market Watch

Sam Zell Buys Gold With Inflation 'Reminiscent of the 1970s' - Financial Post

Gundlach Warns America's "Unfunded Liabilities" Are $163 Trillion, More Than 5x National Debt - Zero Hedge

United Kingdom: Royal Mint’s tribute to popular “Queen’s Beasts” series features all designs on one coin — including their largest-ever 10-kilo gold “masterwork” - Coin Update

05/04/2021 - Bullion News

Yesterday’s Advance in Metals Met Strong Resistance Today - FX Empire

Silver Could Continue to Outshine Gold - Nasdaq

05/02/2021 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Higher U.S. Real Rates Will Keep the Pressure on Prices - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium - countingpips

"The Costs Are Up, Up, Up. We're Seeing Substantial Inflation" Admits A Surprised Warren Buffett As Powell, Yellen See Nothing - Zero Hedge

Trade Deficit Again Growing, Now It's Bigger Than Ever - Advancing Time

04/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Weekly Forecast: XAU/USD snaps three-week winning streak, looks to test $1,760 - FX Street

Silver Market Squeeze Not Coming Soon - Numismatic News

Gold Is Money (Or Should Be) - Bullion Vault

Now THAT'S a big chunk of change! 22lb Royal Mint coin made from £10,000 of gold sells for a 'six figure sum' estimated to be as much £700,000 - This is Money

Gold Demand Trends Q1 2021 - World Gold Council

04/29/2021 - Bullion News

Top commodities to trade during 2021 amid global reflation: Silver and copper to outshine gold price - FX Street

Strong U.S. Equities, Bond Yields, and GDP Put Pressure on Gold - FX Empire

"We're On An Economic Cliff!" - Zero Hedge

Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves - U.S. Global Investors

04/27/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD struggles for direction, flat-lined above $1,780 level - FX Street

Stock Buybacks A Piece Of "Financial Engineering Game" - Advancing Time

Forget 2% Inflation. With Margins Forcefully Squeezed, Big Companies Raise Prices, Point at Massive Inflation Overshoot - Wolf Street

04/25/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Triple Top Suggests Upside Pop - FX Empire

Attention shoppers: Price hikes are ahead, but consumer companies hope you won’t notice - CNBC

Gold Gets Boost on Multiple Fronts - Numismatic News

Mint tightens household limits for 2021 silver dollars - Coin World

04/22/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Gives Up One-Half Percent Of Recent Gains - FX Empire

Dollar Slumps to 6-Week Low; Bitcoin Steadies After Weekend Drop - The Epoch Times

pdf: GOLD OUTLOOK TO Q1 2022: DOWN BUT NOT OUT - Wisdom Tree

pdf: WORLD SILVER SURVEY 2021 - Silver Institute

04/18/2021 - Bullion News

Gold And Silver Continue To Gain Value As Multiple Events Support Safe-Haven Assets - FX Empire

Keep 10-15% of assets in physical gold, avoid Bitcoin: Mark Mobius - Economic Times

Strategic Edge Video Series: James Steel of HSBC Bank - World Gold Council

The Next Economic Crisis - Will Your Wealth Survive? - Advancing Time

04/15/2021 - Bullion News

Goldbug Macro Mirth and How Drunks Go Bankrupt - Bullion Vault

Gold and silver look for momentum on fresh dollar weakness - SAXO Bank

Gold and Silver Surge As Yields Drop And Geopolitical Tensions Rise - FX Empire

Ever Fewer People Need Ever More Money...Said Nobody, Ever (Except the Federal Reserve) - Econimica

04/13/2021 - Bullion News

The Consumer Price Index Indicates Growing Inflation - FX Empire

US Mint Gold Coin Sales Hit New Peak in March - Scrap Monster

The Gold Investment Thesis Revisited - Sprott

04/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Declines Monday, April 12 - Coin News

Inflation Concerns To Keep Supporting Gold Price - Investing

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Goes on 60 Minutes to Present a False Narrative on Mega Banks He Supervises Loaning Out their Balance Sheets to Hedge Funds - Wall Street on Parade

Macro Risks To The Stock Market Are Mounting - The Felder Report

Hordes Of Demoralized Cops Are Quitting Their Jobs, And America's Streets Are Less Safe As A Result - Zero Hedge

04/11/2021 - Bullion News

We’ll Soon Behold 1800 Gold - FX Empire

Producer Prices Blow Out - Wolf Street

04/09/2021 - Bullion News

Gold slips from one-month high as dollar, yields stage rebound - Nasdaq

Why gold’s biggest quarterly drop in 4 years doesn’t mark the end of its bull cycle - Market Watch

American financial markets and the specter of inflation - Austrian Economics Center

04/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Cracks $1,750; Watch on Whether Yields, Dollar Will Disrupt Party - investing

AUDIO: Know When to Hold ‘em – APMEX CEO Ken Lewis - Coin World

VIDEO: Does National Debt Still Matter? America's Greatest Gamble - Reason

04/06/2021 - Bullion News

Gold and Platinum Post Fourth Straight Gains - Coin News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD set to average $1800 in 2021 – Citibank - FX Street

Why Not Remove Nominal Value From SAE (Silver American Eagle)? - Numismatic News

Legislation again seeks rule change for coin compositions - Coin World

India’s March gold imports surge 471pc to a record 160 tonnes - Business Recorder

04/05/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Edges Higher Monday, April 5 - Coin News

US National Debt Passes $28 Trillion, +$4.7 Trillion in 13 Months. General Treasury Account Down by $480 Billion in 2 Months, $620 Billion to Go - Wolf Street

Biden's $2.2 Trillion Trojan Horse - GoldSeek

04/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Buyers Own the Trading Volume - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Palladium, Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum - countingpips

Where's the Inflation? Someone Just Paid $660,000 For An Unopened 1986 Copy Of Super Mario Bros. - Zero Hedge

Inflation Scare? Gold Kaufen! - Bullion Vault

Gold Miners Recorded Record High Margins in 2020 - U.S. Global Investors

04/01/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Gain in April Start - Coin News

Bullion Delivery Problems at World Mints - Numismatic News

US Dollar's Status As Dominant "Global Reserve Currency" Drops To 25-Year Low - Zero Hedge

The Doom Is Impending, From Lockdowns but Not the Virus - AIER

1st Quarter of 2021
Bullion News

(January 1st - March 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

03/31/2021 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Will gold break $2,000/oz again? - SAXO

Inflating the Money Supply - Bullion Vault

Debt Up $1 Trillion in First 6 Months of Fiscal 2021 - cnsnews

Platinum warns of bloody end to ‘speculative mania’ - Financial Review

03/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Logs 3-Week Low; Silver Hits 3.5-Month Low - Coin News

Shades of 2008: Derivative Bets Blow Up Archegos Hedge Fund; Inflict Billions in Losses on Global Banks - Wall Street on Parade

Stocks Sink As Fed's Kaplan Admits "Challenges" Due To "Excess Risk-Taking" - Zero Hedge

03/28/2021 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Daily Forecast – Gold Finishes Lower for First Week in Three - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Copper, Platinum, Palladium, Gold & Silver - countingpips

77% Of Americans Are Worried About Soaring Inflation - Zero Hedge

The bull and bear case for copper price - Mining.com

03/25/2021 - Bullion News

Back To The Basics; Strong Dollar And Stable Treasury Yields Take Gold Lower - FX Empire

VIDEO: Trading Inflation - Danielle DiMartino Booth & Tracy Shuchart - Futures Radio​

Powell, Do You Even Know What The Economy Is? - Advancing Time

Fed To Lift Bank Buyback, Dividend Limits At End June - Zero Hedge

03/24/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rise Wednesday, March 24 - Coin News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Rose as Durable Goods Orders Slide - FX Empire

Royal Mint customers charged thousands for out-of-stock gold - msn

4 Steps to Wealth - Bullion Vault

03/22/2021 - Bullion News

It’s The Risk-On Market Sentiment Taking Gold Fractionally Lower - FX Empire

Dollar falters, along with yields on U.S. treasuries - Reuters

A-Mark acquires JM Bullion for $138.3m - Retail Insight Network

03/21/2021 - Bullion News

Gold on the Go and We Review ‘The Crow’ - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Platinum, Copper, Gold, Silver & Palladium - countingpips

Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen 2021 - Zero Hedge

US Dollar Outlook: The Ongoing Battle for Yield Control - Daily FX

03/19/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Hold Steady Amidst Burgeoning Manufacturing Activity - Market Watch

Yield surge punishes oil while gold sends out inflation feelers - SAXO Bank

"Things Are Out Of Control" - There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: What Happens Next - Zero Hedge

Powell in WSJ Op-ed: “I Truly Believe that We [the Rich] Will Emerge from this Crisis Stronger and Better, as We [the Rich] Have Done so Often Before” - Wolf Street

03/18/2021 - Bullion News

Traders Continue To Bid Yields Higher In Spite Of The Federal Reserve Statement - FX Empire

U.S. Mint Boxed in by Legislation - Numismatic News

Google Searches for 'Day Trading' Up 10x - Bullion Vault

03/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Could Reverse Course in the Second Half of 2021 - Market Watch

Fed sees stronger economy and higher inflation, but no rate hikes - CNBC

Printing Money in Times of Corona - Austrian Economics Center

Should You Get a Gold IRA? - Investopedia

03/16/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – $1744.30 Potential Trigger Point for Acceleration into $1787.30 - FX Empire

Another Way To Look At Long-Term Bubble Cycles - Zero Hedge

Gold – Time to shine once more? - FX Street

03/14/2021 - Bullion News

Higher Gold from Here - FX Empire

Modern Bullion Fakes Particularly Deceptive - Numismatic News

CHARTS: Make or break time for gold prices - FX Street

Yellow Metal: Use drop in gold prices to build portfolio - Financial Express

03/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Hold Steadfast in Light of Dollar Strength and Higher U.S. Treasury yields - FX Empire

Watch the Last Four Federal Reserve Chairs Sing their Loyalty to Wall Street - Wall Street on Parade

Rent: From Headwind Tailwind for Inflation - Dr. Ed's Blog

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - March 12, 2021 - GoldSeek

03/11/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices log 3rd straight rise as bond yields and dollar slip - Market Watch

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Dwindles to Another Record Low. Fed is Getting its Wishes - Wolf Street

California Topped U.S. States in Catalytic Converter Thefts: NICB - Scrap Monster

03/10/2021 - Bullion News

Gold, Platinum and Palladium Rise Wednesday, March 10 - Coin News

Gold Breaking Out Of The Wedge Ahead Of U.S. CPI Figures - investing

03/09/2021 - Bullion News

Gold rebounds as dollar, U.S. yields pull back - CNBC

Steep Decline in Gold Prices Boosted Jewellery Demand - Scrap Monster

"Investors Are On Their Own" - BofA Says Fed Won't Intervene On Rates, Fears 1987 Replay - Zero Hedge

SCAM: “Just say no, walk away”: Fake gold jewelry scammers target people near I-5 again - msn (KIRO-7)

The Narrative of Inflation Amid Depopulation - Econimica

03/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Strong Move Over $1711.70 Could Mean Gold Hit Bottom on Friday - FX Empire

The Money Supply Mystery - EPB Macro Research

Checks Without Balances - Dr. Ed's Blog

03/05/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast – A Rare Post Crisis Buying Opportunity - Yahoo Finance

Why the Gold Price Is Sinking - The Gold Observer

03/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Settles at 9-Month Low - Coin News

Jim Grant: Fed Has Left Us With A Bond Market That's "All But Destroyed" - Zero Hedge

Market Cap to GDP: An Updated Look at the Buffett Valuation Indicator - Advisor Perspectives


VIDEO: Gold investor says sales have increased tremendously since the coronavirus pandemic began. - AZ Central

03/02/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Gain on the Back of Dollar Weakness and Lower Treasury Yields - FX Empire

The ‘Alchemy’ of Central Banks - LBMA

Gold Still Attractive as the Bond Selloff Looks Overdone - U.S. Global Investors

03/01/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Futures Lag Far Behind the Other Three Precious Metals in Trading Today - FX Empire

Deutsche Bank: Central Banks Simply Can't Afford Higher Rates With Global Debt So High - Zero Hedge

02/28/2021 - Bullion News

Gold is So Rip-Snortin’ Cheap! - FX Empire

Commodity weekly: Rising yields a short-term threat to the commodity bull run - SAXO Bank

Inflation Is Coming for Your Wealth. Here's What Investors Can Do About It - U.S. Global Investors

02/26/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Is Getting Monkey-Hammered! - Zero Hedge

Global Debt Implications - Market Sentiment & Lateral Thoughts


Fed’s QE: Assets Hit $7.6 Trillion. Long-Term Treasury Yields Spike Nevertheless, Wall Street Crybabies Squeal for More QE - Wolf Street

02/25/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Tumble as US Yields Surge to 1-year High - FX Empire

Gold is moving with rates - World Gold Council


Commerzbank Reduced 2021 Gold Price Forecast - Scrap Monster

02/24/2021 - Bullion News

0 Gold Declines Wed., Feb. 24, As Other Metals Gain - Coin News

Gold down settles below the key $1,800 mark in 2nd day of losses - Market Watch

How different forms of gold investments are taxed - Financial Express

From West to East - In Gold We Trust (incrementum)

02/23/2021 - Bullion News

Gold ends lower as the dollar edges up after Powell’s first day of congressional testimony - Market Watch

After filling up in 2020, US investors remain hungry for gold bars and coins - World Gold Council

The Money Boom Is Already Here - WSJ Opinion

Coin Demand Outstrips Supply - Numismatic News

Just Charts of Demographics...with Multiple Variables (or hot topics for your next cocktail party) - Economica

02/21/2021 - Bullion News

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Were the pundits wrong? Precious metals out of favour - Sharps Pixley

Buffett Buys a Copper Stock! - GoldSeek

Gold vs Bitcoin Long Term: The Experts Weigh in - Be In Crypto

02/19/2021 - Bullion News

Gold ends higher, but suffers sharpest weekly skid in over a month - Market Watch

Spiking yields send gold lower towards key support - SAXO Bank

Institutional investors turn to gold - The Northern Miner

02/18/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Marks First Gain in 5 Sessions Following 8-Month Low - Coin News

CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market: Up 2.6% in January, Continues Record Trend - Advisor Perspectives

Prices Edge Lower Amidst Weak Housing Starts - FX Empire

The Future of Money is Gold - GoldMoney

Gold Is the Ultimate Reserve Asset - countingpips

02/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Ends Near 8-Month Low; Platinum’s Loss First in 8 Sessions - Coin News

Who Bought the $4.5 Trillion Added in One Year to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt, Now at $27.9 Trillion? - Wolf Street

Covid-19 response drives US$24 trillion surge in global debt — IIF - The Edge Markets

Be afraid: Counterfeit gold! - Mint News Blog

Tuskegee Airmen Honored on Final ATB Quarter - Numismatic News

02/15/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: While Gold Pauses, Silver Takes Off - Nasdaq

ANALYSIS: Gold, Platinum Forecast: Will Supply Shortfall Drive Wider Price Divergence? - Daily FX

Silver Rush Creates Silver Scams - Anti-Counterfeit Educational Foundation

The Dreadful "C" Word - Conserve! - Advancing Time

Exposing The Robinhood Scam: Here's How Much Citadel Paid To Robinhood To Buy Your Orders - Zero Hedge

02/14/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: S&P 500 correction looming just as in Gold – or not? - FX Street

Democrats Worry Biden’s Stimulus Plan Could Cause Hyperinflation. Here’s What It Could Mean For The US - The Daily Caller

Counterfeiting: The Oldest Profession - Numismatic News

02/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold settles lower, but registers its first weekly gain in 3 weeks - Market Watch

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - February 12, 2021 - Gold Seek

Silver takes the gold in our Outrageous Predictions vote - SAXO Bank

13 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Gold - msn (Reader's Digest)

02/11/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices suffer first loss in 5 sessions - Market Watch

U.S. Stock Market Capitalization vs GDP Hits Record 200%. What it Means for Gold - The Gold Observer

Short the Fed, Buy Gold - countingpips

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops to Record Low, Despite Aggressive “Hedonic Quality Adjustments” - WolfStreet

02/10/2021 - Bullion News

Gold as a driver of change - little things and big impacts - World Gold Council

Gold Logs Fourth Gain; Platinum Marks Highest Finish in 6 Years - CoinNews


pdf: PGM Market Report - February 2021 - Johnson Matthey

02/09/2021 - Bullion News

Conditions ripe for global commodity super-cycle: Steve Hanke - EconomyNext

Gold ETFs Showing Signs Of Life Amid Bargain Buying - Nasdaq

Silver Price Forecast: XAG/USD Bid Back Above 27 - Can SLV Hold? - Daily FX

02/08/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD boosted as markets bet on inflation - FXStreet

Precious Metals Gain Monday, Feb. 8 - CoinNews

Lawrie Williams: Global gold demand picking up nicely - Sharps Pixley

It's Time to Be Extra Careful - Numismatic News

A Lack Of Jobs In The Future Is A Scary Prospect - Advancing Time

02/05/2021 - Bullion News

Commodity weekly: Euphoric growth outlook lifts oil as silver slumps - SAXO

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - February 5, 2021 - GoldSeek

AUDIO: Silver’s bigger than Gamestop – can the “short” be broken? - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Will some American Eagle silver coins have low mintages in 2021? - CoinWorld

02/04/2021 - Bullion News

Breaking: Gold plummets to two-month lows, below $1800 mark - FX Street


Inflation Is Up for Discussion - Dr. Ed's Blog

Lawrie Williams: Latest Swiss gold exports confirm Indian demand picking up - Sharps Pixley

02/03/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Closed on Weak Side of $1846.00 – $1869.10 Retracement Zone - FX Empire

Gold, silver coin demand surging, straining U.S. Mint's capacity - Reuters

Why the Gold Bull Will Run for Years - countingpips

Reddit's Silver Raid Sparked Highly Unusual Backwardation - Zero Hedge

Inflation Galore at Manufactures, amid Massive Shifts in Demand, Supply-Chain Snags, Shortages, Lack of Shipping Capacity. And They’re Passing it On - Wolf Street

02/01/2021 - Bullion News

Silver prices log highest finish since 2013 on 9% surge; gold also climbs - Market Watch

Silver Coin Sites Seize Up as Buying Frenzy Takes Hold - Yahoo Finance

VIDEO: Entire silver industry is wiped out: JM Bullion - CNBC

Physical Premium To Paper Hits Record As Silver Market Tears In Two - Zero Hedge

Worldwide jewellery industry stutters towards revival - Market Sentiment & Lateral Thoughts

01/31/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: Gold Churns but Silver (Finally) Returns! - FXEmpire

Silver Futures Soar 8%, Rise Above $29 As Reddit Hordes Pile In - Zero Hedge

Laws? Only For You. Bend Over - Market Ticker

01/29/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Intraday Bulls Take Advantage of Light Volume, Fueling Whipsaw - FX Empire

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - January 29, 2021 - GoldSeek

Ten Months after Stepping Down as Fed Chair, Janet Yellen Became Part of the “Leadership” Team for Forums Tied to the Chinese Communist Party -Wall Street on Parade

Update on Fed’s QE: The Crybabies on Wall Street, which Clamored for More, Are Disappointed -WolfStreet

AUDIO: IS VALUE INVESTING DEAD? - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

01/28/2021 - Bullion News


A weak fourth quarter sets the seal on 11-year low for annual gold demand - World Gold Council

Bokhari: Redditors Remind America that Wall Street Is Rigged - Breitbart

VIDEO: Payne sounds off on Wall St over GameStop: All of this whining is making me sick - Fox Business

Thomas Sowell — Intellectual Maverick at Work - AIER

01/27/2021 - Bullion News

The January FOMC and Gold - GoldSeek

Gold Declines Wed., Jan. 27, for Fifth Straight Loss - CoinNews


VIDEO: Jim Rickards: What Is The Future For MMT? - Hedgeye

01/25/2021 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Daily Forecast – Expecting Sideways Price Action Until Wednesday’s Fed Announcements - FX Empire

VIDEO: Joseph Cavatoni's Outlook For Gold As An Inflation Hedge - TD Ameritrade

Perth Mint Gold and Silver 2020 Bullion Sales Highest on Record - Coin News

Considering A Ballooning At-Risk Elderly Population And Pandemic - Economica

Is Gold Money? - Zero Hedge

01/24/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: Recapturing $1857 critical for XAU/USD in the FOMC week ahead – Confluence Detector - FX Street

Time to Worry About Stock Market Leverage Again - Wolf Street

Building A false Economy On Hope And Printing Money - Advancing Time

01/22/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: Hoarder & Jeweller Bargain Hunting Could Underpin Gold - Market Sentiment & Lateral Thoughts

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - January 22, 2021 - GoldSeek

CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market: Up 7.7% in December, Another Record High - Advisor Perspectives

01/21/2021 - Bullion News

Platinum group metals demand set to overwhelm supply balance – Davis - Mining Weekly

What Happened Last November Should Be a Wake Up Call for Gold Investors - Motley Fool

More Than Precious: Silver’s Role in the New Energy Era - Visual Capitalist

American Restaurants: the Catastrophe of the Second Wave, City by City - WolfStreet

01/20/2021 - Bullion News

Gold gains as U.S. stimulus prospects weigh on dollarE - Nasdaq


Gold to retest $2000 and record new all-time highs – Standard Chartered - FX Street


One of England's 'first ever' gold coins is expected to sell for £700k - msn

01/19/2021 - Bullion News

MARKET REPORT: Precious Metals Forecast 2021 - MKS

Gold Climbs 0.6% in Start to Holiday-Shortened Trading Week - CoinNews

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Reversal Bottom Could Trigger Start of Counter-Trend Rally - FX Empire

01/18/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: New Year, Same Risks Drive Gold - Nasdaq


Party Like There's No Tomorrow! - Dr. Ed's Blog

01/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Sheared, Silver Smeared - FX Empire

Silver set to outperform gold in 2021 - UK Investor Magazine

The Next Wave Of Spending Will Not Bring Prosperity - Advancing Time

01/14/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices end lower on rise in U.S. bond yields, risk-on sentiment - Market Watch

Gold Outlook 2021 - World Gold Council

CHART: The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns (2021 Edition) - Visual Capitalist

01/13/2021 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: What’s been moving Gold prices? - Counting Pips

New Tightness Looms on Minted Gold & Silver - Money Metals Exchange

Gold Sees Best Year in a Decade: ETFs & Stocks to Shine - Nasdaq

01/12/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Slip 0.4% on Tuesday, Jan. 12 - Coin News

Chart Patterns Suggest Gold Prices Are Headed Higher - Investopedia

Silver Eagle Sales Explode During First Two Weeks In January - SRSrocco Report

Russia Holds More Gold Than Dollars For First Time In History - Zero Hedge

Madhya Pradesh (India): Hundreds of villagers digging river bed for nearly a week in search of gold and silver coins - Times of India

01/11/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Rises Monday, Jan. 11; US Mint Silver Sales Surge - Coin News

Silver Price Analysis: Bears tiring, focus is on a sizeable correction - FX Street

Silver #1 Performing Asset In 2020 - Numismatic News

2021 may be the year that the world loses confidence in the dollar - Zero Hedge

01/10/2021 - Bullion News

U.S. Mint Sells 2.7 Million Silver Eagles First Week Of 2021 - SRSrocco Report

The Inflation Debate That’s Roiling U.S. Markets Faces 2021 Test - Yahoo Finance

Correction in Gold Prices Is an Opportunity for Fresh Investment - Scrap Monster

Gold and Precious Metals in the Spotlight: 2020 Recap - U.S. Global Investors

Big Tech Suppresses Free Speech Through Censorship - Advancing Time

01/08/2021 - Bullion News

Silver dumps from $27.00 to below $26.00 amid technical selling, rising real yields - FX Street

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Drop Sharply as Yields Continue to Rise - FXEmpire

Palladium Prices Have Rallied. How a Rise in Travel Would Boost Demand This Year - BARRON'S

Answering Client Questions About Investing in Gold - The Street

01/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver and Platinum Rise Thursday, Jan. 7 - Coin News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD to resume the uptrend on a break above the $1966 November high – Credit Suisse - FX Street

Why Gold Mining Stocks Outperform Gold in Bull Markets - Visual Capitalist

The Dollar Could Remain Weak For Years To Come - Safe Haven

01/05/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Weakens Under $1933.20, Strengthens Over $1972.40 - FX Empire

How Are Gold And Money Supply Related? - Zero Hedge

US Dollar as “Global Reserve Currency” amid Fed’s QE and US Government Deficits: Dollar Hegemony in Decline - Wolf Street

How Every Asset Class, Currency, and S&P 500 Sector Performed in 2020 - Visual Capitalist

01/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Prices Soar in 2021 Start - Coin News

After golden year for precious metals, silver set to shine in 2021 - Reuters

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - January 4, 2020 - GoldSeek

CHARTS: Is the Stock Market Cheap? - Advisor Perspectives

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012/30/2020 - Bullion News

Gold firms as dollar slides to multi-year low - Reuters

The World Is Awash In Negative-Yielding Debt - Zero Hedge

Knowledge Problems With Discretionary Central Banking - AIER

Inflation Expectations Solidly On The Rise - Advancing Time

Antiques: Looking to collect coins? Start with old-school silver dollars - Desert Sun

012/29/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Split Tuesday, Dec. 29 - CoinNews

Margin Debt and the Market: Up 9.5% in November, Record High - Advisor Perspectives

Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation Warns Feds About Online “Coin” Seller - Coin Week

LAWRIE WILLIAMS : Swiss gold flows confirm recent global patterns - Sharps Pixley

Precious metals and the fight against covid - Kitco

012/27/2020 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: Our Hope from Santa was in Vain – Gold 1,900 Still to Gain - FX Empire

India gold discounts widen, Singapore demand up on festival buying - Reuters

AUDIO: THE WOLF STREET REPORT: American Debt Slaves in the Weirdest Economy Ever - Wolf Street

Pressured By Negative Rates, European Banks Are Bludgeoning Customers With New Fees - Zero Hedge

A Republic if You Can Keep It - AIER

012/25/2020 - Bullion News

Merry Christmas to All!


VIDEO: A Charlie Brown Christmas (full video) - Internet Archive

012/22/2020 - Bullion News

Palladium Rises Tuesday, Dec. 22, As Other Metals Decline - Coin News

Only 15% Of All Global Bonds Have A Yield Above 2%, And Only 10% Above 3% - Zero Hedge

NGC signs exclusive Signature Label deal with Jennie Norris, designer of new Gold Eagle reverse - Coin Update

012/22/2020 - Bullion News

Palladium Rises Tuesday, Dec. 22, As Other Metals Decline - Coin News

Only 15% Of All Global Bonds Have A Yield Above 2%, And Only 10% Above 3% - Zero Hedge

NGC signs exclusive Signature Label deal with Jennie Norris, designer of new Gold Eagle reverse - Coin Update

012/21/2020 - Bullion News

GNP Cancer Research: Engineering Nanomedicine For Noninvasive Cancer Therapy - Texas A&M TODAY

Gold turns negative as dollar strengthens on new virus strain - Reuters

Gold Declines; Silver Logs 3-Month High - CoinNews

12/20/2020 - Bullion News

McConnell Says Congress Has Reached Agreement On $900 Billion Stimulus Deal - Zero Hedge

The U.S. Continues To Import A Record Amount Of Silver While Flows Into India Near - Investing

Royal Canadian Mint bullion sales remain strong in 2020 - Coin World

12/18/2020 - Bullion News

Gold futures tally a 3rd straight weekly gain - Market Watch

Silver Soars, Bitcoin Roars, Stocks Snore As COVID-Relief Rancor Continues - Zero Hedge

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - December 18, 2020 - GoldSeek

Celebrate the Concept of Money - Numismatic News

Where Americans Splurged & Where They Cut Back in 13 Whiplash-Charts - WolfStreet

12/17/2020 - Bullion News

Physical Silver Investment Expected to Surge by 27 percent in 2020 - The Silver Institute

Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rallies on Dollar Weakness - FXEmpire

Inflation Was Sooo 1970s! Will It Roar Back in the 2020s? - Dr. Ed's Blog

In rare move, Japan sells gold to fill budget hole - Reuters

12/16/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Gains; Silver Marks an Almost 6-Week High - Coin News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Trend Changes to Up on Trade Through $1879.80 - FXEmpire

German retailers report run on gold and silver - Gold Reporter

12/15/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rise Tuesday, Dec. 15 - Coin News

Silver prices rally to weekly highs above $24.50 as real yields slide - FXStreet

Federal Taxes Are Sending An S.O.S Signal - Zero Hedge

Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation Helps Rid Marketplace of $1+ Million of Fakes in 2020 - Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation

George Gero, an 'institution' of the gold industry, dies at 84 - BNN Bloomberg

12/13/2020 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS: Gold Grindin’ ‘n Gatherin’ toward Groovin - FXEmpire

Gold Gains With Stimulus Impasse Spooking Equity Investors - Yahoo

ANALYSIS: CFTC Commitments of Traders – Gold Price Rebounded after Correction - Action Forex

12/11/2020 - Bullion News

3 METALLIC AMIGOS AND THEIR MESSAGES: Gold, Silver, and Copper Ratios Continue to Indicate Inflation - Notes from the Rabbit Hole

Major Banks See Gold Rising to $2,200 to $2,400 in 2021 - NEWSMAX

Federal Spending Sets Record Through November; Deficit Second-Highest Ever - cnsnews

Perth Mint Bullion Sales in November Steady for Silver and Strong for Gold - Coin News

Higher prices and lower costs significantly raise miners’ margins in Q3’20 - World Gold Council

12/09/2020 - Bullion News

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD battles $24.00 as key SMAs probe monthly support break - FX Street

Gold's Bullish Fundamentals - GoldSeek

Gold Prices Slip, India Silver Back in Discount as Imports Sink 80%, Western Gold ETFs Shrink - Bullion Vault

CHART: Central banks resume gold buying in October - World Gold Council

CHARTS: Technically Speaking: Margin Debt Confirms Market Exuberance - Investing.com

A-Mark Precious Metals Acquires Minority Interest in Sunshine Minting - A-Mark

Music Legends Eric Clapton, Van Morrison Sing Against COVID Lockdowns and 'Fascist State' - cnsnews

12/07/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rebounds as Trump Team Renews Campaign Against China - FXEmpire

Gold & Silver Surge Off Critical Technical Support - Zero Hedge

Platinum Price Hits 4-Year High Even as Electric Beats Diesel Cars in Europe - Bullion Vault

The Carrie Trade: From Bond Vigilantes to Bond Zombies - Dr. Ed's Blog

Update on US Treasury Debt, Demographic Causation, & Ongoing Federal Reserve Yield Curve Control - Economica

12/06/2020 - Bullion News

Is Gold Bullish Again? - FXEmpire

Copper Bull Run May Only Be Getting Started - U.S. Global Investors

12/03/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Rise with Inflation Outlook as US Dollar Falls on 'Spirit of Compromise' Covid Deficit Deal - Bullion Vault

Central Bank of Uzbekistan Introduces Parallel Currency: Gold - The Gold Observer

Q&A: Why did the Mint make the mistake of making the Anthony dollar almost the same size as the quarters? - Coin Update

12/02/2020 - Bullion News

Gold and Platinum Gain Wed., Dec. 2 - CoinNews

Gold: Outflows in ETFs key driver behind the November sell-off – Commerzbank - FXStreet

Walter Williams — A Warrior For Liberty! - cnsnews

12/01/2020 - Bullion News

The Noble Metals: Hard Money and the 79th Element - International Man

In Gold We Trust Report: The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is An Inflationary Decade Ahead? - incrementum

World Currency Included In The "Endgame" Reset - Advancing Time

11/29/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Massive 2021 human trials for breakthrough blood test that detects 50 different cancers - The New Daily

Commodity roll yields drive expectations for a strong 2021 - SAXO BANK

Inequality And The Gold Standard - Zero Hedge

The Shocking Growth In America's National Deficit - Advancing Time

Simpson Quarter Nets $630,000 - Numismatic News

11/24/2020 - Bullion News

Gold price ends at lowest since mid July, but hangs above key support level at $1,800 - Market Watch

Gold dumps on vaccine news and strong U.S. data - SAXO BANK

These 6 Powerful Signals Reveal the Future Direction of Financial Markets - Visual Capitalist

11/23/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Starts Week at 4-Month Low - Coin News

Exclusive: JPMorgan dominates gold market with record $1 billion precious metals revenue - Reuters

Fed's Evans sees no rate hikes until late 2023, maybe 2024 - Reuters

Don't Blame the Pandemic for the $277 Trillion Debt Pile - U.S. Global Investors

Mint Issues 2020 Ornaments - Numismatic News

11/22/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Speculators Raised their Bullish Bets to 17-week High - Counting Pips

Gold and Silver: Outlooks look constructive – BAML - FXStreet

5 Reasons Silver Is Gaining In Value - StreetWise Journal

11/19/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Dips 0.7%; Platinum Extends Gains to Six Sessions - Coin ews

Record Silver Shortage in 2020? - Numismatic News

The Ultimate Store of Value - Central Banking

China’s gold market in October: higher jewellery retail sales, seasonally lower wholesale gold demand - World Gold Council

FedCoin Revisited - American Institute for Economic Research

11/18/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Consolidate in Tight Range - FXEmpire

Gold Is a Hedge Against Bad Government Decisions - BNN Bloomberg

Major commodity indices will increase gold weightings for a second year in a row - World Gold Council

Not All Government Spending is Stimulus - American Institute for Economic Research

China’s Credit Jitters Deepen a Selloff in Government Bonds - Yahoo Finance

11/17/2020 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Post First Losses in Four Sessions - Coin News

CFTC Commitments of Traders – Soaring market sentiment Increased Bets on Higher Commodity Prices, Except for Gold - Action Forex

Gold Remains the Best Pandemic Insurance - Counting Pips

pdf: Key Components of Silver Market Affected by Pandemic in 2020 - The Silver Institute

Shelton Nomination To Fed Blocked By Senate - Zero Hedge

11/16/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rise Monday, Nov. 16 - CoinNews Research

Do Not Trust Governments with the Control of Money - American Institute for Economic Research

Goldman Sachs Doubles Down On Bullish Gold Price Forecast - ShareCafe

Has Covid-19 made gold shine brighter? - Central Banking

11/15/2020 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Underpinned by Fading Vaccine Optimism, Monetary Stimulus - FXEmpire

Gold in a brave new world by Lawrie Williams - Sharps Pixley

Election Distraction Has Taken Eyes Off Our Economic Ills - Advancing Time

The Bogus Case Against Gold - Daily Reckoning

11/12/2020 - Bullion News

Gold settles higher on risk-off trade, fall in bond yields - Market Watch

The monetary logic for gold and silver - Gold Money

U.S. Posts $284.1 Billion Budget Deficit at Start of Fiscal 2021 - Yahoo Finance

$521,769,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record for First Month of Fiscal Year; HHS and Social Security Administration Alone Spent More Than All Federal Tax Revenues Combined - cnsews

Money as a Form of Communication - Numismatic News

11/11/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Reserves in Central Banks – 2020 Survey Results - Central Banking

Precious Metals Decline Wed., Nov. 11 - Coin News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Edge Lower and Consolidate as the Dollar Gains Traction - FXEmpire

Recovery on track, politics is no longer a threat - Calafia Beach Pundit


11/10/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Rebounds from 16-Week Low - Coin News

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Could Strengthen Over $1889.70, Weaken Under $1842.60 - FXEmpire

How Easy Money Creates the Boom-Bust Cycle - Mises Institute

JPMorgan Chase Is Under a New Federal Investigation, One Month After Getting Slapped with Its 4th and 5th Criminal Felony Count - Wall Street on Parade

11/09/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Tumbles to 16-Week Settlement Low - Coin News

pdf: Sustained high palladium price favours substitution - Heraeus

Bank Employees Searching Rolls - Numismatic News

11/08/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLES: A Technology that Will Lead to Early Prediction of Cancer through... - AlKahaleej Today (Israel)

ANALYSIS: WCU: Metals-led commodity rally on US dollar slump - SAXO BANK

CHARTS: 5 Important Gold Charts to Watch Right Now - International Man

11/06/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Consolidate Following Strong Payroll Gains - FXEmpire

Fed Discussed Options to Adjust QE, More Details Probably Out Next Month - Action Forex

Gold-backed ETF Holdings Hit New All-Time Peak in Q3 - Scrap Monster

San Francisco Mint silver bullion dollars offered to authorized purchasers - Coin World

2020-W American Eagle Coins Carry ‘V75’ Privy Mark for End of WWII - CoinNews

11/05/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Scores 7-Week High; Silver Marks 2-Week High - Coin News

Gold price holds strong gains above 2% after nonevent Federal Reserve meeting - Kitco

Here’s what changed in the new Fed statement - CNBC

VIDEO: Webinar: Q3 Gold Demand Trends and 2020 Outlook - World Gold Council

11/02/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Dips 0.8% in October while Silver Climbs 0.7%; US Mint Bullion Sales Surge - Coin News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD teases inverse head-and-shoulders on 1H below $1,900 - FX Street

CHINESE COUNTERFEITING: The Continuing Threat of Counterfeits: A Problem for Numismatics and the NBA - Coin Week

Global Mint Sales Say Gold Prices Could Go a Lot Higher - Lombardi Letter

Gridlock Is More Bullish Than Blue or Red Waves - Dr. Ed's Blog

10/30/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Market Not Ready for an Election Shock - SAXO BANK

Gold and the US Election - World Gold Council

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - October 30, 2020 - Gold Seek

INFOGRAPHIC: Charting America’s Debt: $27 Trillion and Counting - Visual Capitalist

San Francisco bullion dollars offered to authorized purchasers - Coin World

10/29/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Bullet-Like Nanoparticles Heat and Destroy Cancer Cells from the Inside - New Atlas

Gold Ends 0.6% Lower on Thursday, Oct. 29 - Coin News

Chartbook of the In Gold We Trust report 2020 - incrementum

Gold Demand Trends Q3 2020 - World Gold Council

The Golden Solution To America's Debt Crisis - Zero Hedge

10/28/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Tumble; Gold and Silver End at 1-Month Lows - Coin News

U.S. Mint Sells Nearly Another Million Silver Eagles Since Last Week - SRSrocco Report

Money, Politics and Turkey's Gold Repatriation from London - Bullion Vault

Margin Debt and the Market: Up 1.4% in September - Advisor Perspectives

10/27/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Marks Sixth Gain in Seven Sessions - Coin News

Monthly Central Bank Statistics - World Gold Council

Turkey Pulls 90% of Gold from London - Bullion Vault

Why Is Gold So Valuable? - Thomas

Our Bizarre Economy 2.0 Is A Spending Based Illusion - Advancing Times

10/26/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Consolidate As the Dollar Rallies - FXEmpire

VIDEO: The role that an allocation to gold can play - WGC

Gold dealers seeing new buyers while some earlier buyers are now selling - Coin Update

Scotland prepares to strike it rich as its first goldmine opens - msn

10/25/2020 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Held Rangebound as Stimulus Talks Hit a Wall - FXEmpire

INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Gold and Silver Coin Production vs. Money Creation - Visual Capitalist

Letters to the Editor of Numismatic News - Numismatic News

The Queen’s Beasts vs. America the Beautiful: Comparing and contrasting two iconic modern coin series - Mint News Blog

A Free Press Has A Responsibility To Be Fair - Advancing Time

10/20/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Gain Tuesday, Oct. 20 - Coin News

Covid Recovery: V, L or W - Bullion Vault

New Stanford Study Suggests Biden's Agenda Will Have 4 Devastating Economic Consequences - FEE

US Companies Go on Debt Binge - Investopedia

Was there ever a time when gold did not fascinate human beings? - Evolution News & Science Today

10/18/2020 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Bullish Traders Patiently Waiting for Catalyst - FXEmpire

US Mint Increases Prices on Silver Coins, Silver Sets and Silver Medals - Coin News

United States Mint Unveils New American Eagle Gold and Silver Coin Reverse Designs - U.S. Mint

$6,551,872,000,000: Federal Spending Smashes Record in FY20 - cnsnews

10/15/2020 - Bullion News

AUDIO: Podcast: Analysing the Gold Demand Trends report on Dig Deep - World Gold Council

Gold Edges Higher For Fifth Gain in Six Sessions - Coin News

Has Gold Gotten Too Expensive? - Zero Hedge

10/14/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: 4-D nanoparticles open new perspectives in safer treatment of tumors with nanomedicine - SciencX

REPORT: Gold, silver prices on track to long-term uptrend - MINING.COM

Gold Posts First Loss in Four Sessions, Slides from Three-Week High - Coin News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Rebound on Strong PPI Report - FXEmpire

Royal Mint launches new bullion coin technology for 2021 - CoinWorld

10/01/2020 - Bullion News

BREAKING NEWS: Mint unveils new American Eagle reverse designs - Coin World

Gold and Silver Log Gains in October Start - Coin News

The Former Industrial Metal: The Silver Price Surges As Copper & Oil Get Crushed - SRSrocco Report

Buy the dip in gold but not stocks, say Citi’s global strategists - Market Watch

JPMorgan Admits Metal, Treasuries Spoofing, to Pay $920M Fine - Nasdaq

1971: The Year That Changed Everything - Zero Hedge

How Calvin Coolidge Defended The Constitution Amid Riots, Pandemic, And War - The Federalist

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