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4th Quarter of 2023
Bullion News

(October 1st - December 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

11/12/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD recovers some lost ground around $1,940, US CPI data eyed - FX Street

Gold slumps to weekly loss on hawkish Fed talk, waning Middle East fear trade - Seeking Alpha (msn)

There's No Easy Way Out of This Debt Spiral - Quoth the Raven

11/09/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Bounces from 3-Week Low on Thursday, Nov. 9 - Coin News

Powell Threads the Needle at a Conference Held by the IMF - FX Empire

How presidential elections affect the price of gold - Deseret News

Credit Card Delinquencies Surge as Consumer Debt Tops $17 Trillion - Mish Talk

Gold Bullion Sales at The Perth Mint Continued to Climb in October - Coin News

11/08/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Drop Almost a Full Percent as Central Bankers Hint at Further Hikes - FX Empire

Platinum wins at Paris 2024 as Toyota unveils hydrogen-based transportation plans during Summer Olympics - Kitco

AUDIO: Gold Closes At Record Highs In Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Europe Etc. - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

GRAPHIC: The 20 Most Common Investing Mistakes, in One Chart - Visual Capitalist

There’s an estimated $32 billion worth of treasure at the bottom of the sea — inside the race to find it first - New York Post

11/07/2023 - Bullion News

Bearish reversal alert: Gold’s head and shoulder pattern indicates a sharp decline ahead” - invezz

Credit card balances spiked in the third quarter to a $1.08 trillion record. Here’s how we got here - CNBC

Is the Bond Bear Market Finally Over or Just Hibernating? - Investing

Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) : A Collector’s Guide - Coin Week

11/06/2023 - Bullion News

Gold and Other Metals Decline on Monday, Nov. 6 - Coin News

COT: Near record gold buying drives risk of correction - SAXO

China is Hoarding the World's Gold - Newsweek

Gold Prices Record Their Strongest October Surge In Nearly Half A Century - U.S. Global Investors

San Jose shipwreck to dubbed 'the Holy Grail' to be exhumed off Colombia with $20 billion sunken treasure - Daily Mail

11/05/2023 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Gold Price Projections November 2023 - Sprott Money

Japan’s New Gold Era: The Yen’s Decline Sparks Unprecedented Demand For Safe Havens - U.S. Global Investors

Time To Think 'Quadrillions', As There's 'Zero Fiscal Restraint' In D.C. - Quoth the Raven

CHART: Central Banks may be Signaling a Plateau in Interest Rates - Statista

VIDEO: Ron Paul: Unnecessary War Is Highway ROBBERY | The Glenn Beck Podcast - Glenn Beck

11/03/2023 - Bullion News

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Rhyming - Busts and Bubbles - Jesse's Cafe Americain

Gold holds firms as world braces for financial turmoil, war - FX Street

CHART: US Dollar Ready For Next Move; Commodities and Equities Watching! - Kimble Charting

Manufacturing Jobs Hit by Strikes. Job Growth Still Decent. We Look at Part-Time Jobs (Plunged), Self-Employment, and Multiple Jobholders - Wolf Street

Why Have All Chinese Banks Disappeared From The LBMA Gold Price Auction - Zero Hedge


Gold rally slows as Fed pause gives a boost to risk sentiment - SAXO

Gold’s Delayed Reaction to FOMC Is the Byproduct of Dollar Weakness - FX Empire

10 Essential Investment Rules to Navigate Volatile Markets - Investing.com


Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals Decline in Start to November - Coin News

HSBC takes stab at using blockchain to modernize London’s antiquated gold market - IPMI

Marketable US Treasury Debt to Explode by $2.85 Trillion in the 10 Months from End of Debt Ceiling to March 31, 2024 - Wolf Street

Testing The Financial Structures Inspired By Easy Money - The Felder Report

Hopeful Cancer Research: Scientists use supercomputers to make optical tweezers safer for living cells - PHYS.ORG


Gold’s Rally Falters: Is a Deeper Retracement Ahead? - FX Empire

AUDIO: Four Trillion in US Debt Coming Due into Year-End, Says Chris Puplava - Financial Sense

REPORT: Gold Demand Trends Q3 2023 - World Economic Council

China’s Inefficient and Unsustainable Central Planning - Mises Institute


Silver’s Resurgence: Breaking Barriers, Aiming for 78.6% Fibonacci Level - FX Empire

Gold Scores 4th Gain and Tops $2,000/oz - Coin News

COT Metals Charts: Speculator Bets led higher by Gold - Invest Macro

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD to soar on a regional escalation of the Middle East conflict – UBS - FX Street

10/29/2023 - Bullion News

The Gold Price And Geopolitical Concerns - Kelsey's Gold Facts

Gold price jumps past $2,000 as Israel-Hamas clash raises haven allure - Mining.com

Why Justin Trudeau Is Blaming Grocers for Surging Food Prices in Canada - FEE

Beware the 'No Recession' Call: Economic Data Lags Reality - Investing.com

Fighting Cancer: Virginia high school student creates soap to fight skin cancer, is awarded $25K: 'Remarkable effort' - Fox News

10/26/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Logs Another Near 3-Month High - Coin News

Shifting Sands: How the Israel-Hamas Conflict Impacts Gold Prices - The Gold Bullion Co.

The future of US dollar hegemony - abrdn

10/25/2023 - Bullion News

All Eyes On China And U.S Inflation Data For Clues On Gold’s Next Big Move – What’s Next? - FX Empire

An Overview of Today's Gold Market by Richard Mills - Ahead of the Herd

Closure of the Pobjoy Mint: the end of an innovative and extraordinary era in modern numismatics - Coin Update

10/24/2023 - Bullion News

GLD Gold ETF Shrinks Again as TLT Rallies Off 16-Year Low, Ackman Quits Bond Short - Bullion Vault

Gold rally runs out of steam - FX Street

Jerome Powell says Fed will let bond market volatility 'play out' amid historic Treasury collapse - Business Insider

Gold Dips for Second Day on Tuesday, Oct. 24 - CoinNews

The "Utility" of Precious metals’ place in a portfolio - abrdn


Major Dollar Weakness Limits the Decline of Gold Pricing Today - FX Empire

Restrictive Yields Could Be Fed’s Waterloo - Investing.com

Heraeus's Precious Metals Review - Heraeus


Commodity weekly: Gold’s surge is more than safe-haven demand driven - SAXO

Gold Rush: Who Created The Discovery Show? - msn

Markets Have Suffered A ‘Sea Change’ - The Felder Report

10/20/2023 - Bullion News

Silver Should Be Scared of a Slowdown - Investor Ideas

Gold Price Weekly: Bullish potential stays intact as XAU/USD ignores rising US yields - FX Street

Gold and Silver Reach Multi-Week Highs with Strong Weekly Gains - Coin News


The Risks Ahead for Gold in a High Rate Environment - CME Group

Multiple Factors Align Taking Gold to a 10-week High - FX Empire

U.S. Mint plans to resurrect 1794 dollar designs - Coin World

United States Mint wins “Best Collectible Silver Coin” award at the 2023 Mint Directors Conference - Mint News Blog


Gold and silver gain further momentum despite headwinds - SAXO

Audio: Getting Kicked In The U.S. Debt Glut - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

NASA probe heads for metal-rich asteroid worth $10 quintillion after launch on SpaceX rocket - Business Insider

Hopeful Cancer Research: Tiny exploding bubbles can destroy tumours in as little as SEVEN minutes - Daily Mail

10/17/2023 - Bullion News

Gold comes off of moving average resistance. - forexlive

Triple tops (almost) never work – got gold? - invezz

5 Signs that Gold Will increasingly Flow to the East - Gold Switzerland

Gold Nano-particles: Drug-delivery technique with vessel-targeted gold nano-particles shows growing promise for brain cancer treatment - PHYS.org


Precious Metals Market Spotlight - Gold has headwinds but the outlook is bright - Heraeus

Fed's Powell faces 'what, me worry?' moment of spiking bond yields, war, political stalemate - Reuters

Serious Limitations with Precious Metals IRAs - Numismatic News


Gold Technical Analysis - Big selling opportunity at this resistance? - forexlive

Geopolitics, Stagflation, and Gold - GoldSeek

AUDIO: Craig Johnson: Multi-Year Uptrend in Yields; Doomberg on Green Energy Fantasies - Financial Sense

10/13/2023 - Bullion News

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Time to Come Home - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

Gold seasonality trends: best months for investing - forexlive

Bullion coin sales show mixed results during 2023 - Coin World


The Middle East is Not the Biggest Threat to Markets - Forexlive

Gold and Silver Log First Losses in Five Sessions After Inflation Data - Coin News

The US debt situation looks 'unsustainable,' and corporate defaults are rising, IMF warns - Yahoo Finance (Bloomberg)

While Gold Continues its Sluggish Freefall, Costco Sells Out of One-Ounce Gold PAMP Suisse Ingots - Numismatic News


My Take on What QT Has Done to Stocks, Bonds, Commercial Real Estate (Lots of Bloodletting) & What it’ll Do Going Forward - Wolf Street

Wholesale inflation rose 0.5% in September, more than expected - CNBC

Central Bank Gold Holdings - Bullion Vault


Gold: Mind the gap… - Invest Macro

Gold becoming best hedge against geopolitical risks, experts contend - China Daily

Copper MMI: Copper Prices Fall to Lowest Level Since November 2022 Amid Surplus Forecast - Metal Miner


Gold, Silver, Platinum Forecasts: Safe Haven Appeal Amid Geopolitical Turmoil - FX Empire

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD struggles to find acceptance above $22.00, retreats from one-week top - FX Street

There must have been poison gas inside the Treasury Bond price balloon - Treasury Bonds Update - Kelsey's Gold Facts

COT Metals Charts: Speculator Bets led by Copper & Steel - Invest Macro

Charted: The U.S. Mortgage Rate vs. Existing Home Sales - Visual Capitalist


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD rallies 1% as Middle East woes spark flight to safety - FX Street

Copper price forecast: heading to a 10% dip if this happens - invezz

Monthly Gold Compass - October 2023 - incrementum

10/05/2023 - Bullion News

The Dollar is Weaker, Yields Are Lower and Gold Still Declines - FX Empire

Silver price fails at dynamic resistance: here's what the charts are signalling - Investor Observer

New data reveals a crash not seen since Great Depression could hit in 2024 - Fox Business

INTERVIEW: Price Manipulation in Gold and Silver? The Steet.com Interviews GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) - The Street

From Mine to Mint: Royal Canadian Mint Introduces a New Single Mine Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin in Partnership With Newmont - Royal Canadian Mint


Newmont stock is at risk as gold price forms a triple top pattern - invezz

Gold Bullion Finds Fewest Buyers in 4 Years - Bullion Vault

AUDIO: Robert Prechter: How To Stay Safe In The Debt Implosion - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


137 Trillion Reasons To Own Gold - Quoth the Raven

Gold Logs Seventh Consecutive Loss - Coin News

Bigger Than Big: One-Kilo Coins - Numismatic News

Gold Held Up Extremely Well in September Against Rising Real Rates - Gainesville Coins


COT Metals Charts: Speculator Bets led lower by Gold & Copper - Invest Macro

Silver Price and SLV ETF death cross nears as recession risks rise - invezz

Gold Glitters In China’s Financial Storm - U.S. Global Investors

New Details on Proof Silver American Eagles - Numismatic News

Precious Metals Dealers Charged in $7 Million Retirement Account Fraud - Coin Week

10/01/2023 - Bullion News

Week Ahead: Gold set for more explosive volatility - Invest Macro

The Costco Gold Indicator - QUOTH THE RAVEN

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3rd Quarter of 2023
Bullion News

(July 1st - September 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

09/28/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Plants Stepping Stone, Housing Market On The Brink

Link to Video Above : Gold Price Plants Stepping Stone, Housing Market On The Brink - McAlvany

Gold Forecast – Gold Has Entered its Final Capitulation Phase - FX Empire

Assessing the BRICS Expansion: Debunking Expectations - Mises Institute


Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Rise of the Anti-Human - Théâtre du Grand-Guignol - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

Evaluating Opportunities In Gold And The Junior Mining Sector - U.S. Global Investors

Why Are the Stocks So Cheap Relative to Gold? - The Gold Report

US yield curve sends recession warning to crude oil - SAXO


Keep Your Eyes On Gold Prices Heading Into October - FX Empire

Gold Drops to 6.5-Month Low on Wednesday, Sept 27 - Coin News

The stock-to-flow ratio as the most significant reason for gold’s monetary importance - In Gold We Trust

Doug Casey on the Silent Depression and Current Economic Realities - International Man

200 Years of Global Gold Production, by Country - Visual Capitalist

Costco sells out of 1-ounce gold bars as Bob Menendez faces fed probe over gold stash - New York Post


Gold’s short-term outlook challenged by relentless yield surge - SAXO

Is inflation really going down? - invezz

Royal Mint Releases 2024 Britannia Bullion Coins - The Royal Mint


Precious Metals Review: The gold price requires a less hawkish Fed in order to rise. - Heraeus (.pdf)

Silver Prices Forecast: XAG/USD Shows Strength Amid Uncertainty - FX Empire

China Developers Drop Most in 9 Months on Evergrande Woes - Yahoo Finance (Bloomberg)

Trade Of The Week: Is the USDJPY a ticking timebomb? - Invest Macro

Economic Woes Could Boost Precious Metal Prices - Numismatic News

09/21/2023 - Bullion News

Mid-Week Technical Outlook: precious metals & commodities - Invest Macro

Gold Price Forecast: Hawkish Fed and soaring yields weigh on XAU/USD - FX Street

COT: Speculators rush into crude oil futures; Dollar short cut to near neutral - SAXO

National Debt Now More Than 33 Trillion And Soaring - Advancing Time

$5.1 Million for Royal Mint’s Sovereign and Britannia Coins - Numismatic News


SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) ETF nears a key price as US debt hits $33T - invezz

Gold, Silver, Platinum Forecasts – Gold Moves Towards $1950 As Dollar Pulls Back - FX Empire

A Ticking Time Bomb: A Huge National Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates - Mises Institute

Gold Advocate, "Industry Icon" passes away - Wealth Professional

09/19/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: Short-Term Pullback After Failed Breakout - FX Empire

US Mint Sales: 2023 Palladium Eagle Reaches 3,683 - Coin News

The $300 trillion question - The Business Standard

Rare State Quarters Worth Money: Check Your Pocket Change! - Gainsville Coins


Gold, Silver, Platinum Forecasts – Gold Gains Ground As Dollar Pulls Back - FX Empire

Gold Continues Three-Day Rally Amid Market Uncertainties: A Detailed Analysis - Invest Macro

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Time to Come Home - FOMC Rate Decision on Wednesday - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

Margin Debt Down 2.9% in August; First Decline Since April - Advisor Perspectives


Federal Reserve’s Upcoming FOMC Meeting: Uncertainty Surrounding Rate Hike Prospects - FX Empire

Japanese Panic Buy Gold As Yen Implodes And Inflation Soars - Zero Hedge

The Hard Asset Inflation / Paper Asset Deflation Theory - Advancing Time


China Gold Premium Hits Record as Beijing Defends Yuan - BNN Bloomberg

US CPI: Fed likely to prepare for another interest rate hike - Invest Macro

Consumer Price Inflation Jumps 0.6 Percent Led by Energy and Shelter - Mish Talk

Visualized: How Long Does it Take to Double Your Money? - Visual Capitalist


Gold Prices Slide Amid Prolonged Fed Rate Expectations and Dollar Strength - FX Empire

The Palladium Standard 2023 - Setting the PGM agenda for the years ahead - Heraeus

Mints and Private Enterprise Collude - Numismatic News

09/12/2023 - Bullion News

Trade Of The Week: Gold Outlook Hinges On US CPI Data - Invest Macro

What is Going On? Three Separate Coin Shop Owners Shocked as Their Bank Accounts Suddenly Shut Down with No Reason Given (VIDEO) - The Gateway Pundit

Kyle Bass Sees Banks Losing Quarter Trillion Dollars In Coming Office Market Collapse; Morgan Stanley Sees 40% Wipeout - Zero Hedge

Average American household now has $10,170 credit card debt - here are the states where balances are highest - The Daily Mail


Strain on Japanese yen showing in the gold market - invezz

Silver Price Forecast: Bullish Reversal Signals Strength and Potential Upside - FX Empire

AUDIO: China Turns BRICS to CRIBS - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Gold price forecast: Bullish fundamentals and technicals - invezz

Dollar Strength Pressures Gold, but Gold’s Current Price is at an Important Technical Level - FX Empire

Degussa Global Custodian - Why stockpiling bullion should be top of the agenda - Campden FB

Amateur makes 'gold find of the century' in a farmer's field after buying a metal detector because his doctor told him to get more exercise - Daily Mail


Analyzing Gold’s Decline: Where Will Support Emerge? - FX Empire

Central bank gold buying remains hot in July - World Gold Council

‘There’s No Plan B’: Oil Chiefs Sound Alarm on Refining Woes - Yahoo Finance (Bloomberg)

United States Mint opens sales for 2023 American Palladium Eagle one-ounce Uncirculated coin on September 7 - Mint News Blog

09/05/2023 - Bullion News

Growing Economic Concerns Overseas Are Moving Yields Higher - FX Empire

COT: Specs rush back into metals; weak crude conviction - SAXO Bank

Estimated Chinese Official Gold Reserves Cross 5,000 Tonnes - Gainsville Coins Blog

Massive Copper Theft Scandal Sends Shockwaves Through Metal Market - Oil Price


Silver price approaches key resistance ahead of US NFP data - invezz

PCE Index Reveals Inflation Remains Persistent at 4.2% - FX Empire

Fed will lose public and market confidence with more rate rises - Invest Macro


ADP Jobs Report Reveals an Economic Slowdown, a Bullish Factor for Gold - FX Empire

The Growing Role Of BRICS On The World Stage - U.S. Global Investors


Platinum’s Dramatic Reversal: Are Precious Metals Prices Poised for a Resurgence? - Metals Miner

Gold Futures Trading Resulted in Strong Gains on Latest Job Market Data - FX Empire

Gold and Silver Reach Multi-Week Highs on Tuesday, Aug. 29 - Coin News


Trade Of The Week: Gold Primed For Another Breakout? - Invest Macro

Silver’s Rally: Consolidation and Potential Breakout Signals - FX Empire

Stolen Gold Coins Melted - Numismatic News


Gold’s Price Rebound: Testing Support Signals Potential Upswing - FX Empire

Global Precious Metals MMI: Precious Metal Prices Drop Below Support Zones - Metal Miner


GOLD: Quiet Before the Storm, Market Participants Brace for Powell’s Speech - FX Empire

BRICS+ Is Forecast to Dominate the World’s GDP, But What Does That Mean? - Mish Talk

Why commodities may shine in an era of stagflation - SAXO


Gold Ends Near 2-Week High and Silver Soars 4% on Wed., Aug. 23 - Coin News

How Inflation Destroys Civilization… and What You Can Do About It - International Man

Gold And The Shrinking Money Supply - Kelsey's Gold Facts

08/22/2023 - Bullion News

GOLD: Traders await Chairman Powell’s Jackson Hole Speech on Friday - FX Empire

BRICS kicks off as common currency, de-dollarization steal the spotlight - Kitco

What can the Sound Money Index teach us about US states and precious metals? - invezz


Gold price forecast as China, Saudi Arabia dump US Treasuries - invezz

Silver Price Surges with Bullish Breakout, Targets Ahead - FX Empire

The Perth Mint’s Bullion Sales Contract Sharply in July - Coin News

American Eagle Palladium Coin on Sale Sept. 7 - Coin World

TIPS vs Gold: which is the better inflation hedge? - Calafia Beach Pundit


Gold and the G7 of the East - Ahead of the Herd

Inflation Is a Giant "Skim" on the American People - Mises Institute

Fed Minutes Result in Higher Treasury Yields Taking Gold Lower - FX Empire


Gold Continues to Trade Lower Following a Strong U.S. Retail Sales Report - FX Empire

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD bears need validation from $22.10 and FOMC Minutes - FX Street

COT Metals Charts: Weekly Speculator Bets drop this week led by Gold & Copper - Invest Macro


The Bull Market for Gold and Silver: 1970s vs Today - GOEHRING & ROZENCWAJG

Gold Records Eighth Loss in Nine Sessions, Marks Third Weekly Decline - Coin News

BRICS, CPI & the Road to $2080 Gold - Investing.com


Gold and Silver Extend Losses to Third Day, Palladium Bounces Back - Coin News

China slides into deflation in potentially worrying sign for global economy - Fox News

The Global Rejection of CBDCs - Real Clear Markets

Germany Looks To Gold To Help Weather Financial Storm - Oil Price


The Coming BRICS Currency Diversification - Invest Macro

Gold Marks Near 2-Week Low, Other Precious Metals Fare Worse - Coin News

Gold’s Price Weakens: Testing Key Support Levels Amid Bearish Signals - FX Empire


Week Ahead: US CPI Data To Shape Gold Outlook - invest macro

Monthly Gold Compass - August 2023 - incrementum

08/03/2023 - Bullion News

Rate hikes may have slowed inflation in the US – but they have also heightened the risk of financial crises for lower-income nations - invest macro

Gold Price Forecast: Key Levels to Watch for Bullish Reversal or Deeper Retracement - FX Empire

Why The Obsession With Dodging Recessions Is A Bad Thing - Zero Hedge

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Masters of the Universe - Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

China Investment Shrinks in Almost One Third of Provinces - Yahoo (Bloomberg)


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD braces for bumpy south-run towards $1,900 as key United States statistics loom - FX Street

Gold, Silver and Platinum Decline on Wednesday, Aug. 2 - Coin News

America’s Fiscal Time Bomb and the Fitch Downgrade of US Debt in Pictures - Mish Talk

Mike Fuljenz to Receive Chester L. Krause Memorial Distinguished Service Award - Numismatic News


Precious Metals Drop in August Start - Coin News

Silver supply inadequate amid monstrous industrial & investment demand - FX Street

Fitch Downgrades US Credit Rating on Fiscal Deterioration, Government Debt Burden, and Debt Ceiling Standoffs - Wolf Street

Top 10 Gold And Precious Metal Mining Stocks Ranked By Free Cash Flow Yield - U.S. Global Investors


Gold Forecast – Recession Remains Likely as Gold Nears a Breakout - Multiple factors support a recession starting in the second half of 2023 and lasting well into 2024. - FX Empire

COT Metals Charts: Weekly Speculator Bets led by Copper - invest macro

Why Central Banks are Buying and Selling Gold - CME Group

Historical find in the Holy Land as 2000-year-old biblical era coin uncovered - Fox News


Gold price plunges amid economic resilience and tight labor market - FX Street

AUDIO: The Crowd Is Always Right… Right? - McAlvany

Sealed Bag of Silver Half Dollars May be Worth $100,000 - Numismatic News


Gold Rises Slightly, Sees Little Change as Fed Hikes Interest Rates to 22-Year High - Coin News

Fed Announces Expected ¼% Rate Hike – and His Comments Were Classic Powell - FX Empire

What Is A First Strike Coin? - Coin Week

Switzerland to Lock in Coins as Cash - Numismatic News


Gold and Silver Mark First Gains in Four Sessions on Tuesday, July 25 - Coin News

The US Reserve Currency & Commodities - Gorozen

Happy Days Are Here Again - The Gold Report

Rep. Donalds: ‘I Was an Investment Adviser, I Did the Job’ – Here’s Why ‘I Would Never Invest My Clients in ESG Funds’ - mrcTV

07/24/2023 - Bullion News

COT Metals Charts: Weekly Speculator Changes led by Gold & Silver - invest macro

American and German physical silver markets violently diverge in H1 2023 - invezz

Visualized: The U.S. $20 Trillion Economy by State - Visual Capitalist


VIDEO: Gold Sees Very Strong Bullish Moves As Fundamentals Return - McAlvany

VIDEO: Sprott Update on Gold, Uranium and Battery Metals - Sprott Insights

CHARTS: I repeat: the Fed is done - Calafia Beach Pundit

CHARTS: Margin Debt Up 5.8% in June; Highest Level in 10 Months - Advisor Perspectives

Did someone Flip The Economic Lever To Off In China? - Advancing Time


Gold Heading to US$2000 Again - The Gold Report

The Collapse Of The "Risk-Free" Delusion: Implications For The $133 Trillion Bond Market - Zero Hedge

Why Gold Options are Gaining Momentum - The Street

Millennials are hoarding more gold than boomers and Gen X-ers as recession risks loom, State Street says - Business Insider

Hundreds of Civil War era gold coins found in Kentucky farm. ‘Most insane thing ever’ - Lexington Herald Leader


Goodbye Dollar, Hello Gold - Invest Macro

Gold Scores Best Weekly Gain Since April, Silver Prices Soar - Coin News


Gold: XAU/USD flirts with $1,960 amid broad USD sell-off - FX Street

Here’s the inflation breakdown for June, in one chart - CNBC

07/10/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD recovers from daily lows amid USD weakness - FX Street

The Gold Standard Is Back: BRICS To Intro Gold-Backed Reserve Currency - Zero Hedge

Lithium And Gold Were The Only Positively Performing Commodities In H1 - U.S. Global Investors

United States Mint opens sales for the 2023 Morgan and Peace Uncirculated silver dollars on July 13 - Mint News Blog

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Bullion News

(April 1st - June 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

06/30/2023 - Bullion News

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Painting the Tape - Non-Farm Payrolls Next Friday - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

IN DEPTH: Silver, Explained - Global X

GRAPHIC: How Big is the Market for Crude Oil? - Visual Capitalist

A BRICS currency is unlikely to dislodge dollar any time soon – but it signifies growing challenge to established economic order - The Conversation

06/29/2023 - Bullion News

CHART: Tweet: Another Leg up in Gold should happen at any time - BullionGuide

Gold’s Intriguing Reversal: Testing Support, Setting the Stage for a Possible Rally - FX Empire

Gold faces challenges amidst the backdrop of rising real yields - SAXO

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD slides as US economic optimism hurts precious metals - FX Street

AUDIO: Who’s Gonna Bail Out Bundesbank? - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Gold’s Price Outlook: Testing Support Levels and Watching for Signs of Potential Reversal - FX Empire

Gold Is Seasonally Weak, Its Time To Pick up Bargains - Invest Macro

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Leviathan - Jesse's Cafe' Americain


Gold, Silver and Other Metals Rise on Monday, June 26 - Coin News

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD recovers but stalls below the 200-day EMA, as RSI remains bearish - FX Street

Copper Speculators raise their bets into first bullish position in 9 weeks - Invest Macro

Precious Metals Do Not Like Higher Interest Rates - Advancing Time


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bears approach $1,900 on hawkish central banks, PMI data eyed - FX Street

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Oathbreakers and Faithless Shepherds - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

Can You Still Spend Gold Coins? - Numismatic News

AUDIO: WHAT DO 2000, 2008, & 2023 HAVE IN COMMON? - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Gold’s Falling Wedge: Testing Support and Eyeing Bullish Signals - FX Empire

NGC Counterfeit Detection: 2023 American Silver Eagle - Coin Week

Gold revaluation & the hidden motive behind central banks’ gold buying - Mining.com


Strong US Housing Report and Restrictive Monetary Policy by Fed Pressure Gold Lower - FX Empire


Gold ETFs holdings and flows - Gold Hub


Gold and Silver See First Weekly Losses in Three Weeks - Coin News

Silver Shows Signs of Strength Towards Continuation of Uptrend - FX Empire


Gold Price Analysis: Testing Support Levels Amidst Consolidation and Breakout Attempts - FX Empire

U.S. Mint Reports Increase in American Eagle Silver Bullion Sales for May - Coin News

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - The Desolate Delusion of Evil - Three Day Weekend - Jesse's Cafe' Americain

Nasdaq Triggers A New Volatility Correlation Sell Signal - The Felder Report

Why You Should Learn to Grade for Yourself - Numismatic News

06/15/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Breaks Below Its 100-day Moving Average but Recovers as the Dollar Tanks - FX Empire

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD recovery falters despite falling bond yields, sellers in charge - FX Street

CHARTS: Inflation is under control - Calafia Beach Pundit


The Core Message of the Federal Reserve: More Rate Hikes, Elevated for Longer - FX Empire

Trade Of The Week: XAUUSD Gearing Up For Breakout? - Invest Macro


Fed Expected to Pause, but the “dot Plot” Will Garner the Most Attention - Jesse's Cafe Americain

Fed Expected to Pause, but the “dot Plot” Will Garner the Most Attention - FX Empire

Silver Price Analysis: XAG/USD downward pressured as US bond yields rise - FX Street

Inflation in May: The Components - Advisor Perspectives


Gold stays defensive near $1,965 hurdle ahead of US inflation - FX Street


COT: Widespread commodity gains ignite fresh hedge fund demand - SAXO

Fundamentals for Gold and Silver Keep Improving - Money Metals Exchange


Gold looks set to cross $1,985 hurdle as softer US data weighs on US Dollar, yields - FX Street

Numismatics and Sports - Numismatic News


Mixed Signals in Gold: Bulls Face Resistance, Bears Eye Breakdown - FX Empire

Who are Behind the Gold and Silver Buying : Part II by Richard Mills - Ahead of the Heard

Big-Tech, Bonds, & Bullion Battered As Billionaire Druckenmiller Warns "More Shoes To Drop" - Zero Hedge


Gold grinds higher past $1,950 amid downbeat United States data - FX Street

Silver’s Recovery: Rallying Off Support and Bullish Patterns Point to Higher Prices - FX Empire

Copper Speculators added to their bearish positions for 167-week low - Invest Macro

Public debt of the United States from 1990 to 2022 - Statista

05/25/2023 - Bullion News

Gold’s Current Correction: Implications for Future Trends and Support Levels - FX Empire

Here’s What Silver Investors Need to Know - Invest Macro


Gold bears eye $1,925 as US Dollar, yields rise amid debt ceiling woes - FX Street

Interest on the Debt on Track to Exceed Military Expenditures: Richard Mills - Ahead of the Herd

pdf: In Gold We Trust: Showdown - incrementum


Gold Consolidates Near Support: Key Levels and Potential Breakouts - FX Empire

Gold: A Safe Haven without Parallel? - Sprott Insights

Banks Win Dismissal of U.S. Silver Price-Fixing Litigation - U.S. News


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD holds ground above $1,970, awaits fresh catalyst - FX Street

In-Depth COT Report: Palladium Speculators trim bearish bets for 2nd week as sentiment & prices improve - Invest Macro

There Are No Debt-Based Solutions to the Debt Problem - Money Metals Exchange

Home Prices Drop the Most in Eleven Years, New Listings Plunge - Mish Talk

05/19/2023 - Bullion News

Gold’s Intraday Bounce and Bearish Signals: Key Levels and Outlook - FX Empire

Week Ahead: 4 Reasons To Closely Watch Gold - Invest Macro

Three reasons to buy gold now - UBS

The Perth Mint Sees Strong Silver Demand in April - Coin News

World's Top Polishing Diamond Hub Warns "Difficult Year" Ahead On Weak US, China Demand - Zero Hedge


Gold and Silver Mark Lowest Prices Since March - Coin News

What is Legal Tender in the U.S.? - Numismatic News

The Looming Debt Ceiling Crisis: What It Means For The U.S. Economy And Global Markets - U.S. Global Investors

Charting the Rise of America’s Debt Ceiling - Visual Capitalist


Gold Remains in a Correction with Lower Prices Likely Near-term - FX Empire

Gold Marks Fifth Loss in Six Sessions and Hits Seven-Week Low - Coin News

Gold suffers loss of momentum amid dollar and yield strength - SAXO


Gold Breaks Key Support Levels, Setting Stage for Further Declines - FX Empire

Our Economic Arrogance Will Be Our Undoing - Zero Hedge

Federal reserve governor tells hard truth on green nonsense - New York Post


Precious Metals Rise on Monday, May 15 - Coin News

Debt Ceiling Negotiations Will Resume on Tuesday Which Supports Gold Prices - FX Empire

Copper Speculator bets slide to 32-week low as prices touch lowest since November - Invest Macro

Americans have more of a hankering for gold than stocks for the first time in a decade - msn (Quartz)

Platinum demand predicted to surge this year, leaving a near 1-million-ounce deficit - CNBC


pdf: BANKS AND GOLD - Degussa

Gold eyes weekly loss as sour sentiment favors US Dollar rebound - FX Street

PacWest shares tumble 20% after regional bank says deposits fell 9.5% last week - CNBC

Get Physical with Precious Metal Ownership - Numismatic News


Gold and Silver Prices Dip After US Inflation Data - Coin News

Banking On Gold: The Silver Lining In The U.S. Regional Banking Storm - U.S. Global Investors

AUDIO: NOT A BANKRUN, JUST A RAPID WALK - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Gold Investors Wait for Tomorrow’s CPI Report for April - FX Empire

The Budget Deficit Is Nearly $2 Trillion and Rising Fast - Mish Talk

05/08/2023 - Bullion News

Silver Price Forecast: Consolidation Phase or Bullish Uptrend Continuation? - FX Empire

Gold Price Weekly Forecast: $2,100 on the radar but not risk-free - FX Street

Banks Report Tighter Lending Standards and Weaker Demand for Loans - Mish Talk

Central Bank Gold Buying Off To A Record-Breaking Start In 2023, Led By Singapore - Zero Hedge


Traders Take Profits (in Gold) After Report Reveals Strong US Job Growth - FX Empire

US Bank-Run Escalates: Deposit Outflows Top $360 Billion In Last 3 Weeks - Zero Hedge

The Trouble With ‘The New Safety Trade’ - The Felder Report


Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD bulls eye a break towards all time highs, riding support - FX Street

Regional Bank Crisis Spreads To Big Banks As PacWest, US Bancorp Tumble, Stocks Dump Amid Widespread Liquidations - Zero Hedge

Gold hits record high despite the Fed's attempted hawkish pause signal - SAXO


Gold Gains Traction as Fed Hints at a Pause After Raising Rates ¼% - FX Empire

Silver hit a 1-year high. Here's why it can keep climbing - Morningstar


Gold Surges as Concerns of Banking Crisis and the Debt-ceiling Crisis Re-emerge - FX Empire

S**t Just Hit The Fan Across Markets, Regional Banks Crashing - Zero Hedge

Malta to issue an annual Golden Eagle silver bullion coin - Coin World

AUDIO: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE GOLD - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Will Silver Continue Higher Despite Short-Term Vulnerability? - FX Empire

Gold Price Weekly Forecast: $2,000 stays intact as focus shifts to Fed and US data - FX Street

Metals Speculators raise Platinum bullish bets to 20-week high - Invest Macro

MILESTONE: Chinese Yuan Surpasses U.S Dollar in Chinese Cross-Border Transactions for the First Time - BitKE

Economist Predicts Shift to Tripolar Reserve Currency World — Yuan, Euro to Disrupt US Dollar's Dominance - Bitcoin.com


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD holds steady around $1990s after data shows persistent inflation - FX Street

Commodity Weekly: April losses led by grains and industrial metals - SAXO

GRAPHIC: 200 Years of Global Gold Production, by Country - Visual Capitalist

Changes Coming to Our Change? - Numismatic News


Largest Commercial Bank Run in Half Century Underway Right Now - Financial Sense

Gold Price Forecast: Demand for safety maintains XAU/USD near $2,000 - FX Street

COT: Commodity demand remains strong despite growing uncertainty - SAXO

Central Bank Gold Buying At Highest Since 1950s, As 30% Of World Economies Are Now Sanctioned By The G7 - Financial Sense

04/24/2023 - Bullion News

Reversals in Precious Metals on Monday, April 24 - Coin News

COT Report: Copper Speculator bets go bullish for first time since February - Invest Macro

Special Report: A Bullion "Moat" for Your Portfolio - Sprott Insights

Why Gold May Be On The Cusp Of Another Major Bull Market - The Felder Report

Thieves reportedly steal £84million of gold bullion in Canadian airport heist - sky news


Gold, Silver and Platinum Gain on Thursday, April 20 - Coin News

The Hawkish Fed Narrative Continues to Underscore the Need for Further Rate Hikes - FX Empire

Gold and silver consolidate with focus on US rates - SAXO


Gold oscillates below $2,000 after a V-shape recovery inspired by Fed Beige Book - FX Street

Is Saudi Arabia Selling Oil to China for Gold? - Gainesville Coins

Do YOU have a fortune stuffed in your couch? These stray coins could net you a combined $4,750 - Daily Mail

Ranked: The U.S. Banks With the Most Uninsured Deposits - Visual Capitalist


Gold’s Near-Term Outlook: Will It Correct Before Moving Higher? - FX Empire

Margin Debt Up 3.4% in March - Advisor Perspectives

Is This The Start Of A New Golden Age Of Gold Mining Deals? - U.S. Global Investors


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD recovers above $1,990 as USD Index corrects gradually, Fed’s Beige Book eyed - FX Street

SPECIAL REPORT: Is My Money Safe? - Sprott Insights

U.S. Mint Gold Bullion Coins See Explosive Sales in March - Coin News


Gold’s Expanding Triangle Points to New Highs - FX Empire

Silver Price Analysis: Multiple hurdles to prod XAG/USD bulls at 2023 peak near $26.00 - FX Street

Bullion Price Comparison More Important Today - Numismatic News

04/12/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bulls cheer downbeat US Treasury bond yields, US Dollar - FX Street

Services Inflation Rages, Durable Goods Prices Rise Again after 6 Months of Declines. Food Inflation Backs Off, Energy Plunges - Wolf Street

Deficit Tops $1 Trillion in First Six Months of FY2023 - cns news

Japan, A Record Trade Deficit In 2022 Added To Its Woes - Advancing Time


Silver Prices End Tuesday, April 11, Near 1-Year High - Coin News

Silver Price Analysis: Toppish formation around $25.15 prods XAG/USD bulls - FX Street

US Bank Lending Slumps by Most on Record in Final Weeks of March - Yahoo Finance (Bloomberg)

Central Banks’ Gold-Buying Spree: Implications For The Global Economy And Investors - U.S. Global Investors


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bulls retreat amid recession woes ahead of United States Nonfarm Payrolls - FX Street


ChatGPT Recommends Massive Allocations In Gold In Its “Recession-Proof” Portfolio - Value Walk


Gold Futures Consolidate Forming a Base at Recent Highs Above $2030 - FX Empire

ACEF: Coin Counterfeiters Using Same Cert Numbers Multiple Times - Coin News

Gold prices inch near highest in history - msn (Washington Examiner)


Gold Futures Approach All-Time High as Dollar Weakens and Job Openings Decrease - FX Empire

Gold Hits New, Over One-Year High While Silver Tops $25 - Coin News

'Absolutely gobsmacking' gold nugget worth $160,000 unearthed by metal detectorist in Australia - Live Science


Gold futures close above $2000 for the first time since March 2022 - FX Empire


COT: OPEC throws remaining oil short sellers under the bus - SAXO

The Top Three Catalysts For Higher Gold Prices In 2023 - U.S. Global Investors

04/02/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD slips to near $1,960 on hopes that fresh oil cut to keep Fed rates higher - FX Street

CHART: Demand is Soaring, but Global Mining is Not Expanding - Mining.com

COT REPORT: Gold Speculator’s bullish bets continued to climb to 44-week high - Invest Macro

1st Quarter of 2023
Bullion News

(January 1st - March 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

03/30/2023 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver, Platinum – Precious Metals Rally As Dollar Remains Under Pressure - FX Empire

Market Report (pdf): NOT OVER YET. HOLD GOLD AND SILVER - Degussa

A Coin to Stand the Test of Time - Numismatic News


Gold Remains Solidly Bullish Even With Today’s Modest Price Decline - FX Empire

NGC and NCIC Aid in the Arrest of Coin Theft Suspects - Coin News

Shift away from US dollar is happening in real time – why investors need to be vigilant - Invest Macro


Gold Futures Rise $20 Despite a Possible Easing of the Banking Crisis - FX Empire

Silver Shines Bright with Near 2-Month High as Gold Rebounds - Coin News

"Economic Headwinds Are Building" - Jeff Gundlach Warns Of Imminent Recession - Zero Hedge

From Gods to Commoners - the Faces on Coins - Numismatic News


Gold Prices Soften as Concern Subsides Over Banking Meltdown - FX Empire

Market Spotlight (pdf) : The Great Financial Crisis 2.0? Will history repeat itself for gold? - Heraeus

Petrodollar Dusk, Petroyuan Dawn: What Investors Need To Know - U.S. Global Investors

Gold Shines Brighter Even in Difficult Times: What is the Reason for the Price Increase - Invest Macro

03/26/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Fluctuate Amidst Bank Fears and Fed Rate Pause Bets - FX Empire

COT Metals Speculators pushed their Gold bullish bets to 7-week high - Invest Macro

"It's Getting Real": Unease Over Banking Sector Turmoil Spurs Huge Demand For Physical Precious Metals - Zero Hedge

Credit Suisse, A Canary In A Special Type Of Coal Mine - Advancing Time

Markets To Yellen: 'F**k Off' - Zero Hedge


“Read My Lips”, Rate Cuts Are Not in Our Base Case – Chairman Powell - FX Empire

iShares Gold Trust Experiences Big Inflow - Nasdaq

The Fed Proposes a 4th Function of Money: Means of Social Control - Mish Talk


Gold Futures Surge $32 Higher After the Fed Signals a Pause in Hikes is Imminent - FX Empire

Preview Chartbook of the In Gold We Trust Report 2023 - incrementum

Fed Hikes by 25 Basis Points, to 5.0% at Top of Range, Pencils in One More Rate Hike, No Rate Cut in 2023, QT Continues: New Regime of Tightening while Providing Liquidity for Banks - Wolf Street


Gold Prices Decline After Reaching $2000 Yesterday as Banking Fears Ease - FX Empire

Gold tests $2,000 as focus turns to FOMC - SAXO

CHARTS: Margin Debt Down 2.6% in February - Advisor Perspectives

German Company Acquires Commonwealth Mint - Numismatic News


Gold Futures Surge to $2014.90 Only to Retreat Below $2000, A Clear Indication of Uncertainty - FX Empire

Trade Of The Week: Gold Prices Top $2000…What Next? - Invest Macro

The US Banking System Was Destroyed By QE... And Negative Rates Killed It - Zero Hedge

Mints to Hold Conference in Canada - Numismatic News


Gold Surges to $1982.8 as Investors Rethink the Banking Crisis and Accommodative Fed - FX Empire

Gold Price Weekly Forecast: $2,000 back in crosshairs amid market turmoil - FX Street

Market Report (pdf) : Why Not Higher? - Degussa

Federal Reserve’s dilemma as mistakes from past come back to haunt - Invest Macro

Why Own Gold at All? - Bullion Vault

03/15/2023 - Bullion News

A Global Rush to Safe-haven Moves Gold Higher - FX Empire

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bulls eye 2023 top as Credit Suisse turmoil drowns yields - FX Street

Perth Mint — Australia: Latest wedge-tailed eagle silver coins designed by John Mercanti released - Mint News Blog


Gold Prices Ease After U.S. Inflation Data - Coin News

Headline CPI Fractionally Lower as Gold Futures Hold Key $1900 Level - FX Empire

03/13/2023 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver and Other Metals Soar on Monday, March 13 - Coin News

Wild swings in Fed expectations can trigger $2k gold price, but washout could be 'vicious' - analysts - Kitco

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD scales above $1,910 as SVB fallout limits Fed’s tightening pace - FX Street


COT Metals Charts: February 21st data showed Speculator bets led by Copper & Gold - Invest Macro

Bonds, Bitcoin, & Bullion Surge After Fed Bailout, Rate-Hike Odds Plummet - Zero Hedge

PNC decides not to bid on Silicon Valley Bank as regulators struggle to find rescue buyers, source says - CNBC

Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus warns Americans to 'wake up' after 'woke' Silicon Valley Bank goes bust - because it was 'more concerned about global warming than shareholder returns' - Daily Mail (UK)


Gold Ends Week at 1-Month High; Other Metals Post Sharp Weekly Losses - Coin News

The Jobs Report Revealed an Unexpected Outcome, but It’s Not What You Think - FX Empire

Walmart.com Host to Fraudulent Coin Ads - Numismatic News


Tomorrow’s Jobs Report Might Reveal an Unexpected Outcome - FX Empire

How Pure Are Pure Metals? - Numismatic News

Trade Of The Week: Are Gold Bulls Back In Town? - Invest Macro

03/08/2023 - Bullion News

Gold near key support as market mulls Fed hiking into recession - SAXO

VIDEO: Lunatic discusses his 30 year Treasury bond yield Continuum chart - Notes from the Rabbit Hole

Precious Metals Report: First Gold Dip Since Central Bank Buying Spree - Sprott / Insights


Gold Drops 1.9%; Palladium Logs Over 3.5-Year Low - Coin News

Gold, Silver Demand Strong Despite Downturn - Numismatic News

Perth Mint Sold Billions In Diluted Gold To China, Tried To Cover It Up; Report - Zero Hedge

03/05/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bulls focus on Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, United States jobs report - FX Street

Commodity Weekly: China growth and inflation remain key drivers - SAXO

03/02/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD bulls and bears battle it out between key hourly levels - FX Street

Avoid Leverage When Buying Precious Metals - Numismatic News

Highly Anticipated 2023-W Proof American Silver Eagle Release - Coin News


China’s Manufacturing Growth Pressures the U.s. Dollar Taking Gold Higher - FX Empire

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD validates a Falling Wedge formation, more upside likely? - FX Street

Two Banks, One Small Town - Numismatic News


Gold Trades Higher for a Second Consecutive Day Overcoming Dollar Strength - FX Empire

Are Safety Deposit Boxes Really Safe? - Numismatic News

Gold Price to New Heights ? - Gold Broker


Gold Trades Lower Until You Factor in Dollar Weakness - FX Empire

Commodity Weekly: Commodities hurt by a crisis of confidence - SAXO

Gold: What “Colossal” Central Bank Buying May Mean - Invest Macro

Subprime Auto Lender And Used Car Retailer Collapses As Distress Cycle Finally Arrives - Zero Hedge


COT Metals Update: January 31st data shows Speculator Bets led by Gold & Silver - Invest Macro

China's Central Bank Likely Owns 4,309 Tonnes Of Gold, More Than Double What Is Officially Disclosed - Zero Hedge


Gold ends at a nearly 2-month low after Fed minutes feed higher-for-longer rate expectations - Market Watch (msn)

Does Gold Really Preserve Purchasing Power? The Case Of The High-End Suit - Zero Hedge

Traveler buried his gold and never returned — then volunteer found it 800 years later - The Kansas City Star


Gold At Its Most Oversold Level Since October - U.S. Global Investors

ACEF: Counterfeit Coins On Hundreds Of Websites - Coin News

Gold Investors Are Betting on the Fed - Real Investment Advice

What Designs Should Be on U.S. Coins? - Numismatic News

02/20/2023 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD approaches $1850 as investors digest a rebound in US Inflation projections - FX Street

COT Data Releases are delayed for 3rd Week due to Cybersecurity event - Invest Macro

Gold subdued, investors await FOMC minutes - investomania

Penny Costs 2.72 Cents to Make in 2022, Nickel Costs 10.41 Cents; US Mint Realizes $310.2M in Seigniorage - Coin News


Gold, Silver, Platinum – Precious Metals Rebound After Sell-Off - FX Empire

Gold prices to push back above $1,900; its only a matter of time before a recession hits - Haywood Securities - Kitco

VIDEO: Barrick Aims to Mine More Gold After Output Hits 22-Year Low - Yahoo Finance


Hawkish Fed forward guidance pressure gold lower - Kitco

AUDIO: Tom McClellan: End of Bear Market Rally; Mike McGlone on Commodities, Gold, and Bonds - Financial Sense

China Is The World’s Biggest Gold Buyer - Oil Price


Gold, Silver Rise as U.S. Inflation Data for January Released - Coin News

Electrified Excitement - Invest Macro

Central Bank Gold Buying Spikes By 152% - Oil Price


Commodity Weekly: Russian production cut lifts crude oil - SAXO

COT Data Releases delayed for the second straight week due to cybersecurity event - Invest Macro

John Paulson: Now Is an Opportune Time to Buy Gold - Newsmax

State by State Demographics, Populations, Housing Units, Home Prices (Rhode Island through Wyoming) - Econimica

02/10/2023 - Bullion News

Gold's Continued Rally Hinges on Fed Policy, U.S. Dollar - CME Group

RBA warns of at least 2 more interest rate rises in coming months, as the economic outlook worsens - Invest Macro

INFOGRAPHIC: Visualizing Gold’s Return Across Currencies - Visual Capitalist


Uncertainty Wanes as Investors Accept the Resolve of the Fed - FX Empire

Gold and Silver Market Differences - Numismatic News

Legislation aims to prevent production of $1 trillion coin - Coin World


Investor Uncertainty Defines Price Action This Week - FX Empire

U.S. Mint Prices Increase for 2023 Coin Products - Coin News

Gallup: 50% of Americans Say They Are Financially 'Worse Off' Than One Year Ago - cnsnews


Powell’s Partial Truths “A big part of inflation is related to the pandemic” - FX Empire

Gold/Silver Ratio Hits Pre-Covid Highs as Palladium Bounce Outpaces Platinum - Bullion Vault

U.S. Mint To Increase Prices on Silver Medals - Coin News


Trade Of The Week: Gold Down, But Not Out As February Kicks Off - Invest Macro

Considering Dollar Strength Gold’s Fractional Gains Were More Than Respectable - FX Empire


Fed Hikes by 1/4 Point as Expected, Commits to More Rate Hikes - Mish Talk

Sales Tax Exemption Prospects in 2023 - Numismatic News

Recommended reading: Steve Moore's Hotline - Califia Beach Pundit

02/01/2023 - Bullion News

COT: Brent preferred over WTI; Gold length at nine month high - SAXO

Trendline Obsession - Invest Macro


Gold Declines After a Solid 4th Quarter GDP Report Is Released by the BEA - FX Empire

Royal Mint unveils King Charles III 2023 Britannia bullion coins - Coin World

2022 Gold Demand Strong in Several Asian Nations - Numismatic News


Economists, Experts, and Market Participants Await Friday’s Core PCE Report - FX Empire

Gold Extends Gains to Five Straight Sessions - Coin News


Questions Arise About Next FOMC Meeting; Will Their Decisions Remain Data-dependent? - FX Empire

MKS PAMP GROUP - Precious Metals Outlook 2023 - MKS PAMP

Perth Mint 2022 Australian Bullion Sales Set Records - Coin News

Subprime Auto-Loan Delinquencies Rise to 2019 Levels: a Dive into Subprime Lending and Securitizations - Wolf Street


COT: Crude oil long jumps the most since 2020 - SAXO

Metals Speculators boosted their Gold Bullish Bets higher for 7th week - Macro Invest

01/20/2023 - Bullion News

Fed Members Speak Before the Blackout Period Begins Prior to the Next FOMC Meeting - FX Empire

Commodity Weekly: Fuel products join the rally in gold and copper - SAXO


Tough Talk by Fed Officials and the U.S. Debt Ceiling Hit Both Reasons for Safe-haven Plays - FX Empire



Gold Trades Lower as Fed’s Bullard Advocates Front-loading Rate Hikes - FX Empire

The Royal Mint Reveals First Coins of 2023 Bearing His Majesty The King’s Official Coinage Portrait - Numismatic News


Large Metals Speculators boost their Copper bets into bullish territory - Invest Macro

COT: Funds switch exposure from agriculture to metals - SAXO

Claims Of A Lower CPI Cannot Inflate Away Reality - Advancing Time

Visualizing $65 Trillion in Hidden Dollar Debt - Visual Capitalist


That Major Revaluation of Gold Is Coming - Invest Macro

Gold and Silver End Week Near 9-Month and High - Coin News

Zoltan Pozsar, the Four Prices of Money, and the Coming Gold Bull Market - The Gold Observer

IRS Imposes More Paperwork on Dealers - Numismatic News


Trade Of The Week: Gold Eyes Key US Inflation Data - Invest Macro

Gold's New Golden Year - Bullion Vault

Numismatics and Nanotechnology - Numismatic News

What if the "Black Swan" of 2023 Is the Fed Succeeds? - of two minds

01/06/2023 - Bullion News

The Jobs Report Outdoes Estimates Sparking a Rally in the Precious Metals - FX Empire

The inflation tide continues to recede - Calafia Beach Pundit

Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part I - International Man

Fed’s Balance Sheet Drops by $458 Billion from Peak: January Update on QT and the Fed’s Losses - Wolf Street


Gold jumps out of the gate to kick off 2023 - SAXO Bank

Major recession fears rise on Fed minutes - Invest Macro

Market Analysis: Earliest holders from first days of PCGS - Coin World

The Global Financial System Is A Rube Goldberg Machine - Advancing Time


COT: Funds loaded up on commodities ahead of yearend - SAXO

Inflation, unemployment, the housing crisis and a possible recession: Two economists forecast what’s ahead in 2023 - The Conversation

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