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4th Quarter - 2021
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) moved during this quarter.

On this page, for each of the precious metals you'll find Interactive > U.S. Dollar, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium precious metal charts.

Below the charts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 4th Quarter of 2021.

Every news LINK was originally posted on this guide's homepage, on that date.

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4th Quarter - 2021
Bullion News & Commentary

 October 1st   -   December 31st

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

12/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Ends Thursday, Dec. 30, at 6-Week High - Coin News

Will 2022 Be Better for Gold Than 2021? - FX Empire


The Perfect Storm For Gold - Gold Eagle

Inflation, rate hikes and Omicron: What’s next for gold? - Live Wire


Gold’s Annual Finale Rally - FX Empire

Inflation In 2021 Far Different From What We Had In 1979 - Advancing Time


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Gold Trades Under Pressure Back Below $1800 as Investors Focus on Fed - FX Empire

Precious Metals Slip on Monday, Dec. 20 - Coin News

Enough of this “Bond-Markets-Don’t-Buy-Hawkish-Fed’s-View” Nonsense: It’s the Fed’s Reckless Interest-Rate Repression - Wolf Street

12/19/2021 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Takeoff… uh, No… - FX Empire

Gold Technicals: Yet Another Battle At $1800 - Zero Hedge

Annual Price Patterns in Gold, Silver, Platinum - Bullion Vault

12/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold is Unable to Hold $1800 After Trading to a High of $1815 - FX Empire

The Fed Is Hawkish Now? I’ll Believe It When I See It - Mises Institute

Visualizing the Abundance of Elements in the Earth’s Crust - Visual Capitalist


FOMC Meeting Concludes Revealing an Increased Hawkish Demeanor - FX Empire

Precious Metals Decline Wednesday, Dec. 15 - CoinNews

Silver On Sale: Silver-Gold Ratio Back Above 80-1 - Zero Hedge

Federal Debt Equals About $287,859 Per Income-Tax-Paying Household - cnsnews


Gold Continues to Factor in a Hawkish Fed, Taking Gold Lower - FX Empire

Silver Outlook 2022: Supply/Demand Trends Could Catalyze Price - Investing News

China's Banking Assets Are $52 Trillion, Growing By $40 Trillion Since 2008: "This Is What Hyper MMT Looks Like" - Zero Hedge


Gold Stays Sedentary Whilst Silver (a Steal!) Skids Senselessly - FX Empire

Gold and Silver Coins Showing Weakness - Numismatic News

Record-setting gains in wealth threatened by rising inflation - Calafia Beach Pundit

Inflation Surges Near to a 40-Year High. Wages Aren't Keeping Up. - Mises Institute


Gold, Silver, Gold/Silver Ratio & HUI - Gold Seek

Evergrande can't pay its debts. China is scrambling to contain the fallout - msn (CNN)

'Rich Dad Poor Dad' author Robert Kiyosaki expects a market crash and economic crisis — and plans to buy gold, bitcoin, and real estate when prices tumble - msn money

Treasure hunter still in jail after 6 years for refusing to disclose whereabouts of 500 gold coins found in historic shipwreck - CBS news

12/08/2021 - Bullion News

CPI Inflation Index: Will Friday’s Report Show that Inflation Continues to Increase? - FX Empire

Gold has been 'shockingly stable': It's a long-term play as U.S. dollar rolls over, says Jeffrey Gundlach - Kitco


Dollar Strength Causes Gold to Drift Lower, and Friday’s CPI Will Reveal if Inflation Continues to Spike Higher - FX Empire

Mayhem Beneath the Surface of the Stock Market - Wolf Street

Evergrande Warns on Debt as Smaller Developer Sunshine Defaults - Real Money

Visualizing The Uneven Fallout Of The Inflation Surge - Zero Hedge

12/05/2021 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Daily Forecast – Rangebound Due to Rising Short-Term, Falling Long-Term Yields - FX Empire

Euro crisis as inflation soars up to 10 percent - countries facing crippling price hikes - Express (UK)


Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD climbs as the New York session winds down, steady at $1784 - FX Street

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - December 3, 2021 - GoldSeek

It's Show Time for the Fed - Advancing Time


It's Show Time for the Fed - Zero Hedge

12/01/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Move Back To The Upside Amid Volatility On Wall Street - Nasdaq

Gold Gains; Silver Ends at 2-Month Low - CoinNews

Mint Begins 2022 Bullion Eagle Production - Numismatic News

Bitcoin and Gold “complement each other,” European independent wealth fund reiterates - Finbold


Dollar Strength and a U.S. Stock Rally Results in Gold Closing Lower as Omicron Variant Fears Lessen - FX Empire

pdf: Precious Metals Review - Heraeus

We Are in the Biggest Global Equity Bubble Ever - The Global Observer

Are Governments Running Out of Candy? - International Man


Gold’s Gains Get Marred as Biden Bonks Brainard - FX Empire

Global bubble BURSTS: Evergrande set for collapse causing 'great reset' worse than 2008 - Express (UK)

Peeling The Economic Onion Will Bring On The Tears - Advancing Time

A-Mark and JM Bullion Unveil CyberMetals, an Online Platform to Enable Digital Transactions of Precious Metals and Optional Redemption into Physical Coins and Bars - A-Mark

Will Investor Lawsuits Flood Bullion Banks? - Numismatic News


Gold Price Futures – Buyers Could Step in at $1781.00 – $1757.10 - FX Empire

Silver Approaching Important Pivot Point - Stock News

UAE to launch gold refinery standard in February, publish gold trade data - Nasdaq

11/22/2021 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Sink Monday, Nov. 22 - Coin News

Dismissing Gold In The Past Led To Some Hard Lessons - U.S. Global Investors

Where Did the 14.6 Million Ounces of Gold Come From? - Numismatic News


With Gold and the Buck, as Told, You’re in Luck - FX Empire

Jim Grant: "The Fed Reminds Me Of A Speculator On The Wrong Side Of The Market" - Zero Hedge

Spain enters gold bullion market with new Lynx coin - CoinWorld

10 Ways to Become a Better Coin Collector - CoinWeek

What Drives the Price of Gold? Part 1 - The Gold Observer

11/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Continues to Attract Market Participants as a Primary Tool of Wealth Preservation - FX Empire

Gold Rebounds and Marks Highest Settlement Since June - Coin News

pdf: 2021 INTERIM SILVER MARKET REVIEW - The Silver Institute


Strong Retail Sales and Dollar Strength Take Gold Lower in Trading Today - FX Empire

Housing, Employment, Inflation, and 2022 - Econimica

Average new car price surges to $46,036 The average selling price reflects an increase of 12.9% - or $5,266 - AL


Gold ‘n Silver ‘n CPI Oh My! - FX Empire

Early 2022 Mint product calendar revealed - Coin World

11/11/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: New drug delivery could significantly improve treatment outcomes for localised prostate cancer - Queens University (Belfast)

If Inflationary Pressures Remain High where Could Gold Pricing Go to in 2022? - FX Empire

CHART: The annual inflation rate in the US surged to 6.2% in October of 2021, the highest since November of 1990 - Trading Economics


11/09/2021 - Bullion News

Could Gold Be Posed for a Breakout? Tomorrow’s CPI Numbers Will Be a Huge Component of the Answer to that Question - FX Empire

Inflation: Dr.Frankenstonk's Monster - Bullion Vault

Interest rate held at 0.1 percent but Brits urged to brace for 'rapid' cost of living rise - Express (UK)


MSNBC Goes Full Clowntard: Gaslights That Inflation Is A "Good Thing", Deletes Tweet After Angry Backlash - Zero Hedge

CHART: United States Consumer Inflation Expectations - Trading Economics

Precious Metals Rise for Third Session on Monday, Nov. 8 - CoinNews

Charting The Stock Market “Melt Up,” & The Fed’s Naivety - Real Investment Advice

Fed Issues Market Red Alert: Warns Stocks Vulnerable To "Significant Declines" - Zero Hedge


Gold FINALLY Breaks Free Amidst S&P INSANITY - FX Empire

Gold Market Commentary: Gold rallied despite higher rates and equity strength - World Gold Council

11/05/2021 - Bullion News

A Delayed Reaction to the Statements of the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England Takes Gold above $1800 - FX Empire

Gold Ends Week at 2-Month High - CoinNews

More 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars enter market - Coin World

Should You Invest in Gold? - U.S. News & World Report


Gold Price Prediction – Prices Fall on Fed Decision - FX Empire

The Fed's QE Taper Schedule and COMEX Gold - Sprott Money

China Facing "Downward Pressure", Premier Warns - Zero Hedge


Gold settles lower as traders await Fed policy decision - msn (Market Watch)

Saint-Gaudens’ Model - Numismatic News

China Will Not Be Able To Offset Its Property Bubble Easily - Zero Hedge


Gold Nonplussed by Scary and Crazy - FX Empire

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fed? Gold Shouldn’t Be - International Man

Billionaire Tax Is A Ploy To Take Eyes Off Bigger Problems - Advancing Time

10/29/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD dives to over one-week lows, below $1,780 level - FX Street

40% Of The Bull Market Is Due Solely To Buybacks - Real Investment Advice

Gold Demand Trends Q3 2021 - World Gold Council

The Coin Analyst: California Coin Dealer Discovers Major 2021 Gold Eagle Error Coin - Coin Week

More Signs of Stress on China's Economy: China's Energy Crisis Spreads As Gas Stations Run Out Of Diesel - Zero Hedge


Gold Reclaims $1,800; Silver Dips - CoinNews

Sound Money – The Moral and Economic Case - Numismatic News

Counterfeit Coin Detection – Fake 1885-CC Morgan Dollar in Fake GSA Holder - Coin Week

VIDEO: Gravitas: A $8 trillion debt time bomb that China hid - WION (YouTube)


Risk-On Market Sentiment and Dollar Strength Take Gold Below $1800 - FX Empire

Powell once again proved to be gold’s joy destroyer - FX Street

10/24/2021 - Bullion News

Finally Gold Goes… uhh wait… No It Doesn’t - FX Empire

The Evergrande crisis is spreading. Here are other Chinese property developers that are in default or wobbling. - Business Insider

China Housing Market Is On Life Support - Advancing Time

U.S. Mint Should Seek Student Input - Numismatic News

It's Show Time for the Fed - Sprott


Cross-Currents Continue to Have Positive and Negative Influences on Gold - FX Empire

The bond market is waking up - Califia Beach Pundit

Cargo Shipping Companies: Vaccine Mandate Will Increase Worker Shortage, Wreaking Havoc on Supply Chain - BreitBart


Inflation, Inflation, Inflation - FX Empire

Evergrande's $2.6 bln unit stake sale fails as Chinese officials seek to calm nerves - Reuters

China’s Evergrande crisis: clock ticking as crucial debt default deadline looms - The Guardian


VIDEO: Gravitas: China's hidden $4 trillion debt bomb | China's "State Run Companies are Doing Worse than the Private Sector" - WION

Precious Metals Rise; Silver Scores 5-Week High - Coin News

Billionaire Supermarket Owner Warns: Food Prices Will Go Up "Tremendously" - Zero Hedge

10/17/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Twice Yanked Twice Tanked - FX Empire

VIDEO: China Bond Market Collapses & Property Developers Drop like Fly's - YouTube (Michael Invests & tries to make Money)

INFO-GRAPHIC: Visualizing the Global Silver Supply Chain - Visual Capitalist

Just How Big Is China's Property Sector, And Two Key Questions On Policy And Tail Risks - Zero Hedge


Inflationary Data Suggests the Fed Is Now Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place - FX Empire

Inflation: The Components - Advisor Perspectives

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunges Further, as Housing CPI Begins to Climb, Food & Energy Soar, New Vehicle Prices Spike - Wolf Street


COT: Broad commodity buying; Dollar long jumps - SAXO Bank

"It's A Disastrous Day" - All Hell Breaks Loose In China's Bond Markets - Zero Hedge

China's bond markets slump again as new Evergrande deadline passes - Reuters


Wallflower Gold Remains Untowed - FX Empire

"Catastrophic" Property Sales Mean China's Worst Case Scenario Is Now In Play - Zero Hedge

Evergrande Contagion May Trigger Wave of Defaults for Developers - Yahoo Finance

Clown World: D.C. Elites Consider Minting ‘Trillion-Dollar Coin’ to Game Debt Limit - BREITBART


Ground control to Chairman Powell Ground control to Chairman Powell - FX Empire

Rep. Pete Sessions to Newsmax: McConnell's Deal Doesn't Give Dems Money - NewsMax

America’s supply chain truck wreck - Santa Barbara News Press

The Mechanics of the Global Gold Market - The Gold Observer

Poland Central Bank To Buy 100 Tons Of Gold In 2022 Poland Central Bank To Buy 100 Tons Of Gold In 2022 - Zero Hedge


Higher Yields/Dollar Strength Pressure Gold Lower but it’s all about the Jobs Report - FX Empire

Real yields a boon to tightening commodity markets - SAXO Bank

China's regulatory crackdown sends overseas stocks spiraling, plus a look at the Evergrande fallout - Yahoo Finance


Gold Forecast High Goes Bye-Bye - FX Empire

Gold Q4 Technical Forecast: Long-term Price Pattern Remains in Focus - Daily FX


10/01/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Recovers Breaking the Cycle of Lower Pricing Over the Last Three Weeks - FX Empire

Key inflation gauge watched by the Federal Reserve hits another 30-year high - CNBC

Doug Casey Reveals 3 Ways You Can Opt-Out of the Rising Insanity - International Man

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