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3rd Quarter - 2015
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

Date Posted: 11/20/2015 @ 3:50am  

When investing in any market, a good way to judge price movement in the future is to learn from the past. 

Benjamin Franklin - (1706 - 1790) a brilliant philosopher, inventor and one of the founding fathers of the United States, once said  "An investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest."

The charts on the quarterly pages will help you understand the volatility of the precious metals markets and the news below the charts on these pages will help you understand the fundamentals that move these markets.

The combination of the charts, commentary and news on this page will help you in your "Investment in Knowledge" of these Markets. 

The charts and bullion news links on this page are devoted to the precious metals markets during the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

However, there are also articles about the general direction of the financial markets and current events that affected the market during the quarter.

Immediately below this summary, there are charts for the US Dollar, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, with easy to understand Technical Analysis.

The financial news, audio. and videos links posted below the Palladium Spot Price Charts, were originally posted on the homepage during the 3rd quarter of 2015.

Bullion News

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The charts below are provided by the courtesy of


Order of Analysis and Commentary

US Dollar Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015
2) Gold Price Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015
3) Silver Price Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015

4) Platinum Price Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015

5) Palladium Price Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015

6) 3rd Quarter - 2015 Bullion News & Commentary

US Dollar Charts - 3rd qtr. of 2015

The U.S. Dollar's 3rd Quarter of 2015 price chart was completely dictated by the Federal Reserve.

The dotted lines, on the U.S. Dollar's quarterly chart (below), indicate the release of Federal Reserve Statements.

In July, the Federal Reserve minutes from the June meeting were released, and the Fed stated that they were almost ready to raise rates which kept the price of the US Dollar up and trading sideways.       


US Dollar Price Chart - 3rd Quarter - (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

usdx 2015 3rd qtr chart

US Dollar

Then in mid-August, the Federal Reserve released their minutes for July, which stated that they were still unsure about the economy.

They also stated in the minutes release that they were worried about the lack of strength in China's markets, this sent the Dollar falling.

Bullion News

US Dollar Price Chart - 1 year - (July 1st, 2014 - September 30th, 2015)

usdx 2015 3rd qtr 1year chart

The one year chart of the US Dollar (above) displays the dollars closest price resistance and support levels. 

The U.S. Dollar will continue its current sideways movement until it breaks one of these two levels.

US Dollar Price Chart - 3 year -  (July 1st, 2012  -  September 30th, 2015)

usdx 2015 2nd qtr 3year chart

When the U.S. Dollar breaks either the $93.00 support level or the $99.00 resistance level, it will be the first sign of a possible change in movement, for the price of the U.S. Dollar.

However, the dollar will need to break the next levels in the chart to give investors a better idea of which way the U.S. Dollar will be moving.

The U.S. Dollar's support level of $90.00 and resistance level of $101.00 is what I call "the Fed's Confidence Zone."

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The Fed's Confidence Zone

Since July of 2014, after the Fed ended QE (quantitative easing), the U.S. Dollar has moved up creating the Confidence Zone.

When the U.S. Dollar breaks above or below one of these price levels it will either be a sign of more Confidence in the Fed or less.

Furthermore, if the dollar breaks above $101 it will be a sign that the Bear in the precious metals markets is still in effect.

Whereas, when the U.S. Dollar breaks below $90, this will show that the Bull market in precious metals has been (without a doubt) confirmed.

usdx 2015 3rd qtr Fed Confidence Chart

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The Dollar's Eiffel Tower Pattern...?

On the last two quarterly pages, I've posted the chart below, the chart is of a pattern that I think could form in the U.S. Dollar, it is a technical pattern by Chris Kimble of Kimble Charting Solutions, called the Eiffel Tower pattern.

eiffel tower pattern

                                              44 year US Dollar Chart courtesy of: Trading Economics

So far the pattern hasn't formed, but in the chart below, I've indicated how long earlier peaks in the U.S. Dollar have lasted before they played themselves out.

eiffel tower peak pattern

Time will be the final judge for what happens to the dollar and if this pattern plays out.

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Bullion News

The Federal Funds Rate
Relationship with
the U.S. Dollar & Gold

When I started to put together the next set of charts, I honestly expected a very different outcome.

The first chart is a Comparison Chart of the Federal Reserve's - Federal Funds Rate compared with the U.S. Dollar Index.

The U.S. Dollar Index came to be after August 15th, 1971 when Pres. Nixon removed the U.S. Dollar from the Gold Standard.  See the Guide's Bretton Woods page for further explanation.


dollar and federal funds rate historic chart

I used a faint dotted line to indicate the years 1980 and 2000.

shaded areas on chart above indicate periods of recession

The most glaring observation in the chart above is that the Dollar Index was often late to respond to the change in the Federal Funds rate.

The point being, today's US Dollar isn't acting like the US Dollar of the past.  Today, any speculation of a rate hike raises the value of the dollar, but the chart above shows that the value of the dollar didn't rise in value until well after the enactment of a rate hike.

Since mid-2008, after the Fed turned the business cycle on its head by taking full control of the business cycle, the relationship between the Dollar and the Federal Funds rate has completely decoupled and is no longer relevant.

Below, is the Dollar Chart I used to make the comparison chart, above.

us dollar historic

The next chart is a Comparison Chart of the Federal Funds rate and Gold.

When observing the Gold vs. Federal Funds chart below, I notice that the only time the Federal Funds rate really affected gold's price was in the early 80's, after the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate above the level of inflation.

Furthermore, the Federal Funds rate has had minimal impact on the gold market, for instance, the reason for gold's low prices from the mid-80's thru the late 90's,  was the result of low inflation, economic growth, and debt reduction.


gold price vs federal funds rate historic chart

shaded areas on chart above indicate periods of recession

Unfortunately, the factors behind gold's lower prices in the past have now been removed by the intervention of Federal Government Agencies and institutions.

Today's markets are dictated by inaccurate inflation indicators. (click the link to see how the government measures inflation in today's economy)

In addition, today's markets, are markets of debt and credit, not savings, earnings, and growth which are what causes 'real' economies to thrive. 

Today's economy is built on stock buy-backs fueled by the Federal Reserve that has supported today's economy with easy (unearned) money (credit).

The most glaring observation, in the chart above, is the lack of influence that the Federal Funds rate has made on gold, which ultimately may make one wonder; How much strength is left in gold's current bear market?

Below, is the Gold Chart used to make the comparison chart, above. (before 1971, gold was pegged at $35.00 a troy ounce.)

gold historical chart

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Bullion News

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Gold Price Charts - 3rd qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Gold Prices

Like the US Dollar, Gold's Price movement in the 3rd quarter of 2015 was mostly dictated by the Federal Reserve and its lack of decision making.

The Federal Reserve is caught between Reality and Wall Street.

Reality says don't raise interest Rates and the economists on Wall Street wonder why it hasn't happened yet.

The reason why they shouldn't raise rates has everything to do with Liquidity, it simply doesn't exist in the markets to justify a interest rate increase.

Gold Price Chart - 3rd Quarter -  (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

gold 2015 3rd qtr quarterly chart

Gold's price movement during the 3rd quarter of 2015, was very volatile.

Gold fell through its old support level of $1180, turning this price level into a new resistance level.

Gold  Price Chart - 1year - (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

gold 2015 3rd qtr 1year chart

Furthermore, Gold fell to new price support level, to close just above the $1080 price.

To get an idea of where Gold's support levels sit below the $1080 price level, we need to take a look at the 10 year chart below.

Gold has several support levels between $1080 and $1000.

These levels sit at $1060, $1025 and $1000.

Gold Price Chart -  10year - (Jan 1st, 2006 - September 30th, 2015)

gold 2015 2nd qtr 1year chart

Bullion News

Gold's Future...

The sad truth is that as long as Wall Street believes the Fed will raise rates, there will be selling pressure in the gold market.

It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve will raise the Federal Funds rate this December (FOMC meeting 12/15-12/16).

At the beginning of Gold's analysis, I mention that the only reason for the Fed to raise interest rates is to pull liquidity out of the market. 

The problem for the Federal Reserve is that liquidity is almost non-existent and raising rates now doesn't make sense.

I've heard the argument, that they need to raise rates so they have ammunition when the next recession hits, well maybe they should've never had fooled with the business cycle in the first place, then they wouldn't have this problem.

So if they raise rates, expect a contraction in the economy and a possible fall in gold as well, but gold is currently oversold, so I doubt gold will sell off.

But, this will also tell Wall Street that the Fed can't control the economy and a loss in confidence in the Fed will grip the markets and gold will rise, if this scenario plays out expect to see a "U" or "V" shaped bottom in gold.

Furthermore, if the Fed balks at raising rates in December, expect gold to jump and Confidence in the Fed to really start cratering.

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Gold & the US Dollar

The charts below of the US Dollar and Gold during the 3rd quarter of 2015 are a perfect example of the relationship that gold plays with the U.S. Dollar.

Gold is a safe-haven currency that is bought when the dollar is sold.

usdx and gold charts

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Silver Price Charts - 3rd qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Silver Prices

Silver's price chart for the 3rd quarter of 2015 has many of the same characteristics of last quarter; it was very volatile with choppy movements.

Silver Price Chart - 3rd Quarter -  (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

silver 2015 2nd qtr quarterly chart

Last quarter, silver's price started higher, and by the end of the quarter, it was lower, just like this quarter.

In the 2nd & 3rd Quarter charts below, you can see the volatile movement of Silver's price, along with its constant downward movement.

Silver's price is currently holding support at $14.00

Also, early in the quarter, silver fell through the $15.00 support level, however, instead of $15.00 becoming a new resistance level, the price of silver has repeatedly broken above it, which has made this new resistance level hard to label.

Bullion News

Silver Price Chart - 6 month - (April 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

silver 2015 3rd qtr 6month chart

Bullion News

This action has made the $16.00 price level, Silver's new resistance level.

This action in price resistance levels looks like an anomaly; we will have to see what this leads to in the future, but perhaps it is a signal for a bottom in silver.

Silver Price Chart - 1year - (July 1st, 2014 - September 30th, 2015)

silver 2015 2nd qtr  3year chart

The upper and lower indicators, MACD and RSI (Relative Strength Index) are both giving neutral readings, meaning either indicator is showing a clear view of which way the chart is going to move.

Silver Price Chart - 3year - (July 1st, 2012 - September 30th, 2015)

silver 2015 3rd qtr 3year chart

Silver's Future

Silver trades in the same general direction as gold, however, silver also trades as an industrial metal, because over 50% of silver supply is used for industry.

With this in mind, as long as the Fed remains unclear with its forward guidance and the markets remain volatile due to this business cycle coming to an end, expect Silver to continue its volatile movement.

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Bullion News

Platinum Price Charts - 3rd qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Platinum Prices

Platinum and Palladium are often more affected by the industrial market forces than gold and in some cases silver too.

During the 3rd quarter of 2015, the price of platinum found itself falling for most of the quarter.

Furthermore, on September 18th, Volkswagen the world's largest automobile maker was charged by the EPA for rigging software on their diesel powered cars so that the cars could pass emissions tests.

VW Notice of Violation of the Clean Air Act

Platinum is used in the catalytic converters of diesel-powered cars and platinum is the primary element that removes harmful gasses from diesel exhaust.

The announcement by Volkswagen is expected to hurt the sales of diesel vehicles which will hurt the demand for platinum and its price.

Platinum Price Chart - 3rd Quarter  -  (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

platinum 2015 2nd qtr chart

Bullion News

The EPA announced its charges against Volkswagen on September 18, and by the 22nd, Volkswagen admitted to wrongdoing. 

See article here Volkswagen Crashes Platinum Price

Platinum Price Chart - 1 year - (July 1st, 2014 - September 30th, 2015)

platinum 2015 3rd qtr 1year chart

Bullion News

Since the price of Platinum hasn't found a bottom yet, in the quarterly chart, we need to look at a longer term chart to find a solid support price for the price.

Last quarter, I mistakenly stated that the long term support level for Platinum sits at $800, but, support actually starts around $800 but stretches down to $750, for Platinum.

Support below $750, sits at $600.

Platinum Price Chart - 20 year -  (January 1st, 1995 - September 30th, 2015)

platinum 2015 3rd qtr 20year chart

Bullion News

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Palladium Price Charts - 3rd qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Palladium Prices

For the 3rd quarter of 2015, palladium's price basically ended the quarter at the same price it started it from.

During the first half of the quarter, palladium fell in price, then a big dip in price occurred in late August.

The falling price was caused by a supply glut and poor auto sales in China  - 08/25: Palladium Tumbles Most Since 2011.

Palladium Price Chart - 3rd Quarter - (July 1st, 2015 - September 30th, 2015)

palladium 2015 2nd qtr chart

Then after the Federal Reserve's minutes indicated that the Federal Reserve was thinking twice about raising rates, bargain hunters started to buy up Palladium.

Furthermore, the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke on September 18-22, which brought more bulls into the Palladium market.

(Note: Palladium is used in catalytic converters of gasoline powered vehicles, so when the news broke about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, investors figured there would be a higher demand for gasoline powered cars, over diesel, causing palladium to rise.)

Palladium Price Chart - 1 Year - (July 1st, 2014 - September 30th, 2015)

palladium 2015 2nd qtr 1year chart

Resistance for Palladium sits at its old Support level of $720, and its price support sits at the $530 level.

Palladium Price Chart - 10 Year - (July 1st, 2006 - September 30th, 2015)

palladium 2015 1st qtr 3year chart

The charts above are provided by the courtesy of StockCharts.com.

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Bullion News

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3rd Quarter - 2015
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

09/30/2015 - Bullion News

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09/29/2015 - Bullion News

International Man - These Are the Good Old Days for Gold : Confusing Inevitable with Imminent

News Observer - US Banishes teaching the Fundamentals Behind a "Gold Standard" in HighSchools

Financial Sense - Axel Merk : All Bad at 0%?

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Reuters - Platinum slides to 6-1/2 year low below $900/oz

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09/28/2015 - Bullion News

Philly - Fed Won't Hike Rates for a (Cough) While

CoinNews - US Mint Silver Eagle Allocation Climbs 33.3%

Notes from Underground - Yellen Announces Possible Decrease In Liquidity; Suffers Bout of Dehydration

Zero Hedge - FX Liquidity Is Tumbling To Dangerous Levels

The Telegraph - Switzerland probes banks over precious metals price fixing

Zero Hedge - UBS Is About To Blow The Cover On A Massive Gold-Rigging Scandal

Energy and Resources Digest - Making Money in Natural Resources

Sunshine Profits - Volkswagen Scandal and Gold

Money Metals Exchange - Scarce Silver to Get Even Tougher to Find in 4th Quarter

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Charles Eisenstein: What Is Wealth?

09/27/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : USA Watchdog - Fed Scared to Raise Rates-Nomi Prins

FINANZ und WIRTSCHAFT - The Next Thing Might Be Helicopter Money : an Interview with James Grant

Bloomberg - The Richest Americans Are Cutting Debt Before The Fed Hikes Interest Rates

Dana Lyons - Margin Debt Drops: Healthy Pullback, Or Budding Headwind?

The Aden Forecast - Countries Looking to Devalue Their Way to Growth Have a Big Problem, HSBC Says

The Daily Reckoning - Negative Interest Rates, Money Heroin and Helicopters

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Sunshine Profits - Is the Stock Market a Driver of Gold Prices?

Energy and Resources Digest - Buy Palladium, Sell Platinum

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - 9.4 Million More Americans Below Poverty Line Than Pre-Crisis

Times of India - MMTC to manufacture and market India Gold Coin from October

Daily Mail - Divers who were conducting a clean up of trash dumped in a New Zealand harbour are shocked to discover sunken treasure - including 868 Gold Coins

09/25/2015 - Bullion News

Economic Policy Journal - A Conversation with a Bartender

Gold-Eagle - Negative Interest Rates And Gold

GoldSilverWorlds - Gold Outlook: Bears Showing Signs Of Fatigue

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The Telegraph - Mystery buyer spends half a million pounds on gold bars... through his smartphone

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The Deviant Investor - Silver: Victim of Motive, Means, and Opportunity

Casey Research - Get Ready for QE4

Mint News Blog - Confirmed: 2014 American Eagle Silver Proof Close to Sell Out

09/24/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : McClellan Financial - Bund Spread Gives Permission for Bear Market

Investment U - R.I.P. Interest Rates

The Bullion Desk - Gold price surges to 1-mth high following Draghi comments


Silver Coins Today - US Mint Sales Show Variety, Silver Eagles More Limited

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09/23/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : NAI - "There Is No Inflation, There is No Inflation," if You Keep Saying it You'll Believe it - Just Don't Click this Link

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09/22/2015 - Bullion News

World Gold Council - China National Gold Group Corporation becomes a member of the World Gold Council

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09/21/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - After All the "BS" - Rick Santelli Tells the Fed what to Expect from its Policies

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09/20/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - Gold Rallies: Positioning Remains Constructive For Further Gains

Financial Press - Why silver could be a better investment than gold


CHARTS : Zero Hedge - "What Does The Fed Know That We Don't" - Bridgewater's Ray Dalio Answers

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09/18/2015 - Bullion News

International Man - Three Reasons Why the U.S. Government Should Default on Its Debt Today by Doug Casey

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09/17/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : dshort - NYSE Margin Debt Declines Again

Zero Hedge - FOMC Stunner: One FOMC Member Forecasts Negative Interest Rates Are Coming To The US

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- Good Debate in Comments Section about article

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09/16/2015 - Bullion News

CoinWorld - The United States Mint Lowered its Weekly Allocation Sept. 14 of American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins to Authorized Purchasers

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09/15/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : ValueWalk - Jim Rogers: Fed Has No Clue, Should Be Abolished

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BullionStar - Economic Times: India imported 138t Gold In August. YTD 998t

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AUDIO : FSN - John Rubino – Popular Delusions and the Madness of Central Bankers

The Two Sides of Bullion Market Manipulation

Jesse's Cafe' Americain - Bullion Bank Apologists and Physical Versus Paper Gold

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VIDEO : CNBC - Robert Shiller: THIS is the sign we're in a bubble

CHARTS : dshort - Debt, Taxes and Politics: A Perspective on Federal Tax History

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09/14/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Gains, Silver Falls; US Mint Gold Sales Jump

The Bullion Desk - Gold price steady, market nervous ahead of Fed meeting

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 9/14/15


Sputnik - US Gold Reserves Bottom Out as Europe's Banks Seek Financial Independence - Good Read

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - Gold, where is the Bottom? - Where will it go Next? - Gold: $1,089/oz is the halfway point of the rally between 2001 and 2011

VIDEO : ABC NEWS (Australia) - Extended interview with US economist and author Jim Rickards

Perth Mint Research - Who is the Player and Who is Being Played?

The Deviant Investor - Get Rich Quick – The Golden Fleece

Money Metals Exchange - Questions Our Readers Want Answered...

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09/13/2015 - Bullion News

Wealth Track : James Grant offers his Views on the Fed and Markets

VIDEO : Wealth Track - James Grant - Market Dangers - Link to Video Above

Fox Business - Fed to Dominate Week of Central Bank Meetings

The Telegraph - BIS Fears Emerging Market Naelstrom as Fed Tightens

Zero Hedge - Is Yellen About To Shock Everyone: Goldman Says The "Fed Should Think About Easing"

Sharps Pixley - LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Could Gold Drop Below $1,000? If there’s a Stock Market Crash - Yes.

CNBC - Why China's Not the Only One Selling FX Reserves

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Michael Pento Warns of “Chaos in the Markets and a Big Leg Down”

U.S. Global Investors - 8 Iconic American Companies that Have Been Hurt by the Strong Dollar

Bullion Vault - Morons, I Tells Ya, Morons!

VIDEO : CTV News - Five suspects arrested in $10M Montreal silver heist

09/12/2015 - Bullion News

Wealth Daily - The Consequences of Selling U.S. Treasuries...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - Gold Short Term Bottom?

Sunshine Profits - Does Public Debt Drive the Gold Price?

Bullion Vault - India's Gold Mobilisation Plans 'Likely to Flop'

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli: Key level in euro/dollar

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Mid-Ulster Mail - Cookstown Doctor’s Cancer Research Bringing ‘Golden’ Results

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - USD/JPY - You only see this once every few decades!

SAXO Group - WCU: Energy ebbs, coffee is bitter, bears stalk gold

VIDEO : GoldBroker - John Butler: The Gold Standard

Business Insider - Washington is freaking out over student debt, and this chart shows why

09/11/2015 - Bullion News

Casey Research - “It’s Ludicrous to Believe You Will Create Prosperity by Printing Money”

Silver Coins Today - American Silver Eagle Sales Continue to Soar

StreetTalkLive - 3 Things: Fed Hike, Now Or Never, Claims

Business Insider - The 2 things Puerto Rico needs to save itself aren’t going to happen

The Speculative Investor - Gold’s true fundamentals are mixed, at best

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Science Times - Nanotechnology: A New Regimen For Cancer

Dollar Collapse - The US Has Already Tightened — Which Explains A Lot

Kitco - Confessions of a Gold Analyst: Fear Mongering About Our Banking System – Part 1

Kitco - Confessions of a Gold Analyst: Fear Mongering About Our Banking System – Part 2

Bloomberg - "Gold is Wealth Insurance"
Note: Video may take a moment to Play

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Is Gold Still a Safe Haven Asset? - Link to Video Above

09/10/2015 - Bullion News

The Sovereign Investor - The Collapse of Cash

Notes from Underground - “You Say Why and I Say I Don’t Know” (Because Confusion Reigns)

BullionStar - It’s virtually impossible to get physical gold in London

CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - Global Bond Market Liquidity Crisis

VIDEO : CEO.CA - Eric Sprott: The powers that be won’t admit there’s a problem

MineWeb - South Africa’s gold mines are in big trouble

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - S&P in big trouble if it can’t knock this down?

CHARTS : BullionStar - India Precious Metals Import Explosive – August Gold 126t, Silver 1,400t

Perth Mint Research - Foreign currency denominated loans – what me worry?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Buy Gold, Sell the S&P

Numismatic News - Silver investment not so simple

Reuters - LME in talks on launch of precious metals derivatives: CEO

CoinWeek - The Gold of Daesh: “Coinage” of the “Caliphate”

09/09/2015 - Bullion News

CFA Institute - How Will Negative Interest Rates Change the Rules of the Game?

The Bullion Desk - SILVER TODAY – Correcting Higher But Making Hard Work of It

Schiff Gold - Comex Update: Plunge in Available Gold for Delivery

Zero Hedge - Something Just Snapped At The Comex (Updated)

CANCER RESEARCH : medical physics web - Smart Implants Tackle Metastatic Disease

CHARTS : dshort - What's Needed for the Prime U.S. Workforce to Fully Recover?

Reuters - India lures gold investors with govt bond, monetisation plan

Mining mx - Platinum deficit to be higher in 2015

Perth Mint Research - Buying Gold Is Not Spending

VIDEO : USA Watchdog - David Morgan: Silver Update Plus Debt at the Center of the Black Hole of Our Problems

CHART : Visual Capitalist - Market Snapshot: Most Assets Hurting, but One Stock Market Bucked the Trend

Business Insider - The 2 men who say they found a Nazi ghost train share 'irrefutable proof of its existence'

09/08/2015 - Bullion News

PDF : Incrementum - In GOLD We TRUST - 2015

SilverSeek - Silver and Deflation

VIDEO : CNBC - Marc Faber on the Fed

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Resource Investor - A Bottom for Gold?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : StreetTalkLive - Technically Speaking: A Sucker's Rally?

OPINION : MarketWatch - Junk Bond Market: Danger Ahead

The Deviant Investor - Crude Oil, Silver, Gold and Real Money

Reuters - Platinum upgrade to golden reserve status seen as monetary alchemy

CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - Silver Shortage Update: The End of US Bond Bubble

Money Metals Exchange - Silver Shortage Update: Reviewing Your Options for Fast Delivery and Low Premiums

RT - Treasure hunter says he has found 100 tons of Soviet gold hidden from Nazis during WWII

09/07/2015 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - Gold Price Slips as China Adds Another 16 Tonnes of Bullion, FX Reserves Plunge

Sunshine Profits - Does Money Supply Drive the Gold Price?


Business Insider - China is falling into a vicious circle as it burns through cash reserves faster than ever before

AUDIO : GoldBroker - Philippe Herlin: Owning Physical Gold Is A Necessity

NZZ - The Euro Will Gain Strength Again Soon

Reuters - S.Africa cbank says not aware of talks to make platinum reserve asset

Reuters - Palladium price slump flags abundant stocks, despite market deficit

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSeiten - "Weimar Effect" - The Monetary Illusion of Equities Bull Market

BullionStar - How many Good Delivery gold bars are in all the London Vaults?….including the Bank of England vaults

Peak Properity - The Margin Debt Time-Bomb

Zero Hedge - When "Virtuous Debt" Turns Ferociously Vicious: The Mother Of All Corporate Margin Calls On Deck

Star Telegram - Where will Texas have its Gold Depository?

Darien Times - Rickards: Conversation with a Spy

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Nature World News - Renewable Energy: Splitting Water Molecules from Sunlight

09/05/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Street Talk Live - Weekend Reading: View From The Edge

The New York Sun - How a Gold-Backed Bond Could Open an Avenue To Monetary Reform

CHART : The Perth Mint - August 2015 - Monthly Sales

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - September 4, 2015

The Detroit News - Armentano: Economic Ignorance, on the Left and Right

Money Metals Exchange - Dr. Richard Ebeling on the Bankers’ War on Your Money and Your Economic Liberty - Very Good Interview

The Telegraph - Commodities traders not heeding lessons of Libor warns FCA

Investment Week - Fed faces fresh pressure to delay rate rise as jobs data disappoints

Sprott Global - Jim Rickards: "The System Is Highly Unstable—If [Confidence] Is Lost, It Can Melt Down Very Quickly"

McClellan Financial - DJIA’s Proportional Price Oscillator

Bullion Vault - Gold, Beautiful Gold!

PHOTO : History Pics - twitter : Cost of Living, 1938.

09/04/2015 - Bullion News

Silver Doctors - Inside Look at Silver Shortage With CEO of US Mint's Silver Eagle Blank Provider (Sunshine Mint)- Excellent Interview

AUDIO : Silver Doctors - Inside Look at Silver Shortage With CEO of US Mint's Silver Eagle Blank Provider (Sunshine Mint)
- Link to Audio Above

Silver Coins Today - Best Ever August for Bullion Silver Eagles

SAXO Group - Macro Digest: The end of global recycling

CHARTS : dshort - August New Jobs Below Forecast but June and July Revised Upward

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Explosion Ahead?

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: Fed Crazy to Hike now

Zero Hedge - What Does It Mean If The Fed Hikes... And If It Doesn't

ANALYSIS : Perth Mint Research - Gold and Silver - Positive vs. Negative Trading

The Corner - The ECB eases further: yet another example of “infinitely short and not variable”

Sovereign Man - No Inflation Friday: The government admits its own statistics are phony

AUDIO : Mises.org - Jim Rickards: Will Currency Wars Reorder the World?

BullionStar - Record Monthly Gold Export UK to China

The Speculative Investor - The Right Way to Think About Gold Supply

CoinWorld - Royal Mint Museum Curator Kevin Clancy authors work about UK’s gold sovereign

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09/03/2015 - Bullion News

The Sovereign Investor - The Ultimate Threat to Your Wealth

CoinNews - Gold Falls, Silver Rises for 6th Session; US Coins Rise

Kitco - Gold Could Benefit After Weak Labor Data Friday – Analysts

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - Mario Draghi comments hit Euro - Guide Note: As Goes the Euro, Goes Gold

Investment Week - IMF Issues Fresh Warning to Central Banks Against Raising Rates

CHARTS : SAXO GROUP - Steen's Chronicle: The old and the new economic order

Of Two Minds - Will the Fed Have to Save Emerging Markets with QE4?

Profit Confidential - Has Gold put in a Bottom?...

Business Insider - Debt in America is Rising Again — and That's a Good Thing...?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Hubert Moolman - Silver Price Forecast 2015: Silver Set To Start 70s Style Rally?

CHARTS : The Deviant Investor - Silver and S.M.S.

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - 33 Fascinating Facts on U.S. Currency

Daily Reckoning - 20% of One Investing Icon’s Portfolio Now in Gold

OPINION : AFK Insider - BRICS Is Sinking Like One

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09/02/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Except for Gold, Central Banks are Selling Reserves - Welcome to Quantitative Tightening as $12 Trillion Reserves Fall

Bullion Vault - Bullion Horror! Gold Miner Hedging Returns

Casey Research - The Effects of Corporate Stock Buy-Backs

REWIND : Bloomberg - Ray Dalio: It’s A Depression, Not Recession

VIDEO : Fox Business - How much gold should you have in your portfolio?

U.S. Global Investors - The Many Uses of Gold

Perth Mint Research - Are Platinum & Palladium Worth Adding to Your PM Portfolio?

TECHNICAL TRADERS : Kimble Charting - Long-Term bull market still alive, trend support is where?

Talk Digital Network - Chris Vermeulen - Market Downturn Likely Not Temporary

TECHNICAL TRADERS : The Technical Traders - Round Two Of Global Melt Down – Watch This Unfold...

Money Metals Exchange - The Next Financial Crisis May Already Be Unfolding

BullionStar - The Concept Of Money And The Money Illusion

09/01/2015 - Bullion News

The New York Sun - ‘Crazy’?

Casey Research - Doug Casey : Money—How to Get It and Keep It

VIDEO : MoneyNews - Jim Rogers: Fed Will 'Save the Market' One Last Time

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : StreetTalkLive - Technically Speaking: The Mark Of A Bear

Market Watch - ‘Death cross’ patterns spread to all corners of the stock market

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Is Fear of China Selling Treasurys Overdone?

SRSrocco Report - U.S. Gold Production Finally Hit Hard Due To Low Price

VIDEO : Fox Business - Marc Faber: We Have Reached Some Kind of Tipping Point

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Nikkei (Japan) topped last 5 times it was here, its back again!

Cobden Centre - If The Fed Is Always Wrong How Can Its Policies Ever Be Right?

ValueWalk - Fed Intervention In Puerto Rico Debt Crisis A Possibility

CoinNews - US Mint’s American Eagle Bullion Sales Rally in August

CHARTS : GoldReporter.de - US Mint sold in August, more than 100,000 ounces of gold

FAKE BULLION : VIDEO : CBS-Sacramento - Grass Valley Jeweler Accused Of Selling Fake Gold, Silver Bars Could Face Tax Charges

AUDIO : Sprott Money - Ask The Expert - Ted Butler

08/31/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - Exclusive NIA Report: Assets Priced in Gold

The Japan Times - Japan is Looking to Overhaul ‘Abenomics’ a.k.a. QE

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: All roads lead to QE?

CoinNews - Gold Jumps 3.4% in August; US Mint Bullion Coins Impress

Daily Reckoning - How to Protect Your Money from Financial Warfare

GoldSeek - Is Gold Production Peaking?

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : SpectroscopyNow - Raman Spectroscopy Guides Cancer Therapy

Perth Mint Research - A rally that is not meant to be sold

Money Metals Exchange - Is the Retail Metals Market Headed for 2008-Style Shortages and Premium Spikes?

CHARTS : The Deviant Investor - Silver and Warnings From Exponential Markets

Reuters - Dubai Gold Retailer Defaults on $136 mln, Banks Consider Options

Bloomberg - U.S. Currency Probe Expands to Russia, Brazil Trades

08/30/2015 - Bullion News


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold Rally Marked by Short Covering

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - August 28, 2015

BRICS : Reuters - Exclusive: South Africa Mine Industry Job Plan Targets Platinum as Central Bank Reserve Asset

VIDEO : BNN - Personal Investor: How Margin Calls Paint Investors into a Corner

The Japan Times - China’s Journey From New Normal to Stock Market Crisis Epicenter

South China Morning Post - Falling Sales in Hong Kong and China Bank Concerns All Indicators of Darker Times to Come

Global Financial Intelligence - CHINA "Strikes" bulk liquid US TREASURY BONDS

The Daily Reckoning - When it Comes to Recession and Deflation, the Fed is the Last to Know

Bloomberg - A Currency Drop is Inflationary, Right?

The Mess That Greenspan Made - Capitulation? Smart Money? Dumb Money?

Sputnik News - Gold Standard Marks Its Unlikeliest Return With Islamic State

ETF Trends - In a Panic, Gold is a Store of Liquidity

Smithsonian - How a Single Wedding Ring Led to a $6 Billion Gold Hoax

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/29/2015 - Bullion News

James Rickards, discusses the Federal Reserve's Inability to Spark Inflation and the Cross-Influence of Markets and the Fed
Note :
Video may take a moment to load

Bloomberg - James Rickards, discusses the Federal Reserve's inability to spark inflation and the cross-influence of markets and the Fed
- Link to Video above

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Dangerous Place for the S&P 500 to Kiss Resistance

Sovereign Man - All of your hopes and dreams come down to 0.25%

Wealth Daily - There's No Escaping Austrian Economics

CoinNews - Gold Falls; US Mint Gold Sales Log Best Week of 2015

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Correctly Defining “Bear Market”

VIDEO : Stars and Stripes - Poland Afrenzy Over Latest Rumors of Legendary 'Nazi Gold Train'

08/28/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Is Gold a Portfolio Diversifier?

CHARTS : dshort - NYSE Margin Debt: Down 3.5% from the Previous Month

Bloomberg - Non-Voting Fed President Suggests We Should Have Another Round of QE

Zero Hedge - What China's Treasury Liquidation Means: $1 Trillion QE In Reverse

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Foreign Central Banks are Still Buying US Treasuries, as China is Selling them

VIDEO : CNBC - Interview with James Rickards : "Investors Should Play it Safe - Stay in Gold and Cash"

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Fed Up Investors Yank Cash From Almost Everything Just Like 2008

Market Watch - Where every Fed member stands on raising interest rates

The Sovereign Investor - The Fed Is Dead Wrong

NewsMax - NY Post's Crudele: 'Bonds Can Suddenly Go Kaboom'

CHARTS : SRSrocco Report - MUST SEE CHARTS : Investors Favor Physical Silver over ETF's

PLATINUM & PALLADIUM : Zero Hedge - US Automaker Panic Button Looms After China's Top Carmaker Warns Of "Grim" Outlook

BBC - Poland radar image 'almost certainly Nazi train'

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08/27/2015 - Bullion News

Investment Week - Gold is Financial Insurance - "How much gold does the People's Bank of China really own?"
- It is worth remembering that, although gold is no longer used to back currencies, nation states continue to hold gold as part of their reserves as long-term financial insurance – it does not seem unreasonable for savers to do the same.

LiveTradingNews -A Falling Wedge? (Bullish) or a Downtrend? (Bearish)

MineWeb - Gold Climbs as Bullion Funds See Assets Rise Most in 7 months

VIDEO : ReasonTV - Jim Grant: The Fed Turned the Stock Market Into a 'Hall of Mirrors'

Zero Hedge - It's Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - 30,000 Foot view after a wild 10-days

The Deviant Investor - Gold and Warnings From Exponential Markets

Global Financial Intelligence - The Real Culprit is the Fed, Not China

GoldSeiten.de - Russia's Gold and Currency Reserves Continue to Rise

Economic Times - How Shemitah, End of Jewish Calendar Cycle, Spooks Market

BBC - Viking coins found in Llandwrog declared treasure

08/26/2015 - Bullion News

The Sovereign Investor - Gold Is the Best Insurance for Your Portfolio

VIDEO : CNBC - Jim Cramer Actually Offers Some Good Advice - Look for More Downward Movement in the Chinese Markets - At Least Half of Chinese Stocks are Trading at 75-times Earnings, for a Comparison, The Dow is Currently Trading at 13-times Earnings

Zero Hedge - Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Global bull market still in play, supreme test at hand now!


Dollar Collapse - Why We Can’t Handle An Equities Bear Market, Part 1: State Budgets Will Implode

Bullion Vault - Extreme? This Is Historic

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : SPIE - Effective Photothermal Treatments for Cancer

Money Metals Exchange - Why Are "Bank Holidays" Always Announced on Sunday?

CoinNews - Gold Drops for Third Session, Silver for Fourth

AUDIO : FSN - Interview with "International Man" Doug Casey

Goldseiten.de - South Africa: Continued strong increase in PGM production

Bloomberg - Venezuela Is Adding More Zeroes to Its Currency to Deal With Hyperinflation

08/25/2015 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - Gold Glimmers as Global Market Fear Grips Investors

Business Insider - SURPRISE! The Founder of the World's Largest Hedge Fund (Ray Dalio) Thinks Everyone is Wrong on the Fed's Next Move

CoinNews - Gold Falls to 1-Week Low; US Mint Coin Sales Soar

VIDEO : Fox Business - ‘The Death of Money’ author Jim Rickards on the Chinese Markets and Economy

Bloomberg - Precious-Metals Trading Is Probed by EU After U.S. Inquiry

CHART : The Speculative Investor - By Viewing the Gold to CRB Ratio Chart "Gold Manipulators Should be Fired for Poor Performance"

National Inflation Assoc. - Gold/Oil Ratio Breaks 30 for First Time in 27 Years!

AUDIO : FSN - Chris Vermeulen – Market Update from the Gold and Oil Guy

Market Update - Switzerland Exported in July, More than 100 Tons of Gold to Asia

MINING - Chinese Gold Imports Rise 48%

The Deviant Investor - Gold Facts and Gold Speculations

Notes from Underground - When China Shakes, the West Rattles and Rolls

NumismaticNews - Everyone should own gold

Bloomberg - Palladium Tumbles Most Since 2011

08/24/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - James Grant, Grant's Interest Rate Observer, Says the Mis-Pricing of Asset Values Led by the Central Banks is the Essential Back Story to this Morning's Selloff.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - World is turning to Euro during global sell off!

TWEET : twitter - James Rickards thoughts on Gold

Zero Hedge - Forget Rate Hikes: Bridgewater Says QE4 Is Next; Warns World Is Approaching End Of Debt Supercycle

The Bullion Desk - Gold on Safe-Haven Bid While Global Markets Sputter

GoldReporter.de - Colombia Sold 64 Percent of its Gold Reserves

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Polymer Solutions - Scientists Fight Cancer at the Nanoscale

Money Metals Exchange - Should I Wait for Lower Prices before Buying?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - It's Different This Time... but it's Happened Before

Forbes - Three Things About The Gold Standard That Everyone Should Know

AUDIO : FSN - John Rubino – Is Worldwide QE Next?

Daily Reckoning - Why The Bear of 2015 Is Different From The Bear of 2008

The Washington Post - Virginia Man Charged in Theft of about $2 Million in Gold, Silver from Home - The Best Way to Keep Your Home Safe, is by NOT Telling Anyone What is in It.

International Man - Your Gold Is Only as Good as Where You Store It

The Speculative Investor - China’s Bubble has Burst

CoinWeek - Chinese Coins: The First Year Gold, Silver and Brass Panda Coins

08/23/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Is Gold a Safe Haven?

The Seattle Times - Gold Climbs on Fed Statements

The Telegraph - China Syndrome Threatens Markets Meltdown


South China Morning Post - Bumpy road for China stocks as pension fund gets investment go-ahead

Bloomberg - Qatar's Doha Bank Expects Record Gold Sales on Stock Market Volatility

VIDEO : Schiff Gold - Greenspan: Higher Interest Rates Are Inbred in Human Nature

Mises.org - Economics Is Dead, and It Is Being Killed Again

Kitco - Is Soros Bottom Picking In The Gold Sector?

Business Insider - These billionaires just made massive bets on gold and airlines

AUDIO : The Daily Gold - Greg Weldon Comments on Stocks, Bonds, Fed Policy & Gold

Profit Confidential - U.S. Economic Collapse: Growth in Share Buybacks Killing Job Numbers

Daily Mail - Mining profits gloom as prices of raw materials tumble to six-year low amid fears Chinese slowdown will hit global growth

08/22/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Technical Traders - Week of Aug 24th Forecast – Gold, Oil, Equities

Reuters - Gold industry analysts expect price boost from currency war fears

Money Metals Exchange - Demand for Government–Minted Coins Is a Barometer

Reuters - India's Imports of Gold-Silver Alloy May Almost Double - Refiner

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PHYS.org - Intractable Pain May Find Relief in Tiny Gold Rods

Bloomberg View - A Brutal Week in Markets, But What Comes Next? by Mohamed El-Erian

VIDEO : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CNBC - This Could Spell More Trouble

Zero Hedge - The Demands For Another Fed Bailout Have Begun

Thoughtful Cynic - Dow down 888 in 2 days! Is this the Big One?

VIDEO : ValueWalk - Wilbur Ross Weighs In On The U.S. Stock Selloff

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Funds Are Loving Gold Again!

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08/21/2015 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - The Ultimate Insurance Against Financial Disaster

IIFL - Golden Week for Precious Metals

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - The US Dollar ($USD) Resumes Its Downtrend

AUDIO : Silver-Investor - Silver Guru David Morgan on SmartWealth Radio - Diversify Your Investments - Use Safe Income Strategies

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Looks like 2000 again for this tech index, says Joe Friday

CHARTS : Doug Short - S&P 500 Snapshot: Three Quarters of the Way to a 10% Correction

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : ChemistryWorld - Cancer Biomarker Counted Up With The Naked Eye

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - August 21, 2015

GoldReporter.de - CME Group Cheapened Futures Trading Silver

Market Watch - Is the gold rally a dead-cat bounce or new bull market?

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Secretary of State Warns Forces “Bubbling Out There” to Supplant U.S. Dollar

SRSrocco Report - When The Global Silver Shortage Arrives… It Will Be Too Late

The Speculative Investor - The meaning of the 6-year low in GLD’s bullion inventory

TFMetals Report - "A Mathematical Certainty", by Thad Beversdorf

08/20/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Trading Floor - Hansen: Is This a Turning Point for Gold?

CoinWorld - American Eagle silver bullion coin sales cross 30-million mark from U.S. Mint

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold Bugs and S&P 500 about to change trend?

NORFED : CoinWorld - Federal government to return millions of dollars in Liberty Dollars seized by authorities in 2007

The Bullion Desk - Is gold’s steadiness now a warning about other markets?

CNN - No Big Fat Indian Wedding is Complete Without Lots of Gold

VIDEO : CNBC - Gold seeing record shorts: Sharps Pixley CEO

Daily Reckonging - The Dollar Will Not Be Overthrown in October (Part II)

Casey Research - Here’s What Happens When Central Banks Run Out of Ammo

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Silver – More Evidence of a Price Bottom

The Technical Traders - The Global Economy’s Health Is Not That Complicated

Zero Hedge - Draghi Failed: European Inflation Expectations Slide To Pre-QE Level

The Economic Times - Deutsche Bank to Resign as London Bullion Clearer: Sources

Atlas Obscura - Cheating Wonders: The $6,000,000,000 Gold Mine That Didn't Exist

08/19/2015 - Bullion News

Mises Institute - Keeping the Bubble-Boom Going

CoinNews - Gold Ends at 1-Month High; US Silver Eagles Rise

MarketWatch - Greenspan warns about bond-market bubble

Perth Mint - Calls Of A Silver Shortage Often Misleading

The Daily Reckoning - The Dollar Will Not Be Overthrown in October (Part I) by James Rickards

The New York Times - Fed Minutes Show Caution in Discussion on Rates

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli: No one knows where they wanna go!

Pragmatic Capitalist - The Fed Would be Nuts to Raise Rates

The Sovereign Investor - The Fed Needs to Stop Talking

VIDEO : CNBC - "The #Fed is the Poster Child for Mis-Management"

Notes from Underground - Notes From Underground: Let’s Deflate the Cult of Personality and Media-Inflated Infallibility

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - “Free Money for All”: QE for the people!

Zero Hedge - US Dollar Flash Crash Sparks Precious Metals Surge

Mirror - Lost Nazi ghost train loaded with looted gold and gems 'is found by treasure hunters'

08/18/2015 - Bullion News

Plata - The US Dollar is Worth "A Flyspeck of Gold"
by Hugo Salinas Price

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : FXStreet - XAU/USD: Picking-up pace for a retest of 3-week highs?

Kimble Charting - Dow in the Tightest Range Ever

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Macro's One-way Street
- I live on a one-way street that's also a dead end. I'm not sure how I got there. - Stephen Wright

Gold Republic - Gold and Real Interest Rates. Fact, Fiction, or a Half-truth?

CNN Money - Venezuela's currency is worth less than a napkin

Sovereign Man - This government printed so much money the mint workers went on strike

The Speculative Investor - Basic Gold Market Facts

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Silver Cycle Low – Now

VIDEO : Kitco - Gold Prices Lower Ahead of FOMC, Holmes Expects $1,000 - $1,350 Range

Numimaster - Bullion supports ANA show

ChinaDaily - China improves exchange rate formation system

BizJournal - Want to buy a Krugerrand or Rolex — at a Discount? - Over 800 unclaimed safe deposit boxes headed to auction

08/17/2015 - Bullion News

GoldSeiten.de - Why Gold Now More Than Ever to the Safe Harbor - Google Translation Link

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Advance; 2015 Silver Eagles Top 30M

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - SILVER Chart Update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Technical Traders - Global Markets and Dow Jones Fire Warning Shot Across Investors Bow!

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Silver Series: Making The Case For Silver

Market Watch - Market timer Tom McClellan sees stocks set up for ‘ugly decline’ as early as Thursday

Money Metals Exchange - Here’s Why Your Investment Advisor WON’T Tell You about Silver and Gold IRAs

Casey Research - This “Pig” Just Made a Massive Bet on Gold

GoldReporter.de - Banks Rise at a World's Largest Gold Fund - Google Translation Link

Monetary Metals - Why Is Gold Becoming Scarcer

VIDEO : CNBC - HSBC predicts a golden recovery for the end of 2015

Market Watch - Dallas Fed names former Goldman Sachs banker as president

VIDEO : CBSnews - MoneyMakers: Artist at the U.S. Mint

08/16/2015 - Bullion News

Business Insider - What gold is really worth — and why you shouldn't worry

The Sovereign Investor - Is the Economy Ready for Higher Interest Rates?

Financial Sense - Big Picture Special Edition: Felix Zulauf and Marc Chandler Weigh in on Currency Wars and the Chinese Devaluation

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - August 14, 2015

PDF : Gold Standard Institute - Monthly Journal Issue #56


NewsMax - Rosenberg: Junk Bonds Point to 9 Percent Stock-Market Slump

SRSrocco Report - SILVER DOCTORS: Wholesale Silver Shortage…. CONFIRMED

Perth Mint Research - Coin Shortage FAQs: telling a real shortage from a capacity shortage

Wealth Daily - Is it Just the Chinese Manipulating Currency?

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Bill King: Desperate China Escalates Currency War

GoldMoney - Market Report: China Acts Following SDR Rejection

Bloomberg - Paulson Cuts Gold ETP Holdings for First Time in Two Years

BARRON'S - Stanley Druckenmiller’s 13-F Shows Big, New Stake in Gold ETF

08/14/2015 - Bullion News

MarketWatch - Gold's Loud Message to Stock Bulls

VIDEO : CNBC - Money flees US stocks at highest level since 1993

Bullion Vault - China Doubles Rate of Gold Buying, Yuan Devaluation 'the Big Focus' for Bullion Gains

SilverCoins - Where to Sell Silver Coins for Cash (8 Options)

Daily Reckoning - China Destroys the “August Myth”

GoldReporter.de - Iran gets back gold from Switzerland

Forbes - Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy Gold

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VIDEO : The Blaze - John Kerry Warns of Dire Consequence for the Dollar if Congress Rejects Iran Deal

08/13/2015 - Bullion News

New Eastern Outlook - The Worth of Gold Growing by the Day

The Telegraph - Europe in crisis: everyone from Putin to ordinary savers is stockpiling gold

CoinNews - Blue Ridge Parkway Five Ounce Silver Coin Photos

Perth Mint - 2016 Australian Bullion Coin Program Unveiled Today

Perth Mint - Introducing Australia’s First ‘Four Nines’ Silver Bullion Coin

cnsnews - 150 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Science Times - Medical Nanotechnology Breakthrought Will Change Mankind Forever

VIDEO : CNBC - The junk bond market 'is having a coronary': David Rosenberg

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The Deviant Investor - Desolation Row: The Silver Market

Motley Fool - Could Gold Really Hit $5,000 or Even $25,000?

VIDEO : CNBC - Fed may have to go back to 0

Bullion Street - India's Q2 Gold demand drops 25% to 154.5 tons: WGC

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/12/2015 - Bullion News

Monetary Metals - The Economy is in Liquidation Mode By Keith Weiner

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Global Debt Crisis

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - A Closer Look at the Death Cross

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Technical Traders - Ugly Outlook – Global Economics, Quantitative Easing and Equities

VIDEO : Fox Business - ‘Currency Wars’ author Jim Rickards on China’s Economy and Currency Devaluation.

Goldreporter.de - China's Gold Reserves are Now Updated Monthly - Google Translation Link

Reuters - China Central Bank Under Pressure to Weaken Yuan Further

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Yuan falls after Chinese intervention

Sovereign Man - What China’s devaluation means for the future of the dollar

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Richest Zip Codes in America in One Map

Business Standard - With Valcambi, Rajesh Mehta strikes pure gold

Fusion - German teen finds a giant bar of possible Nazi gold (?) at the bottom of a lake

Daily Mail - 'Chemotherapy changed the way I viewed life' - Chemotherapy leaves physical and mental scars, the Cancer Research that this Guide supports offers a Better Way to Treat Cancer

08/11/2015 - Bullion News

Investing - Physical Gold In Big Demand

MarketWatch - Dow death cross is a bearish omen for the stock market

CoinNews - Gold Advances for Fourth Session; US Mint Coin Sales Rise

Daily Reckoning - Global Gain Means Global Pain by James Rickards

The Wall Street Journal - 5 Things to Know About China’s Currency Devaluation

Reuters - Gold at three-week high as investors assess China currency move

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: Currency Wars to Heat Up

Investment Week - Bond Managers 'Nervous' About Banks' Role in Liquidity Projects

Money Metals Exchange - You Worked to Have It... Now Work to Keep It

LiveMint - MMTC-PAMP India head says Modi’s plan to tap India’s gold hoard falls short

China Daily - China's Top 5 Gold Bar Sellers

CoinWeek - Technology Innovation Boosts Chinese Panda Coins – New Gold Coin Trading System

VIDEO : CNBC - Peter Schiff explains why America is winning the currency war, and why that's bad news for the country's economy.

Seeking Alpha - The 'Big Long' - Goldman Sachs And HSBC Buy 7.1 Tons Of Physical Gold

Business Insider - Criminals are manipulating the stock market and regulators can't seem to stop it

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08/10/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : BNN - “To say the U.S. economy is healthy is laughable”: Larry Berman

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Resource Investor - Chart of the day: Gold signal has been given

Money Metals Exchange - What You Need to Know about Silver Supply and Premiums

VIDEO : CNBC - Dollar in peaking mode: Paulsen

Perth Mint - Great Hammerhead Shark 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coin Available Now

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Greenspan: Be Afraid of Pending Bubble in Bond Market

Bullion Vault - India's Richest Temple Backs Gold 'Monetization' Scheme

08/08/2015 - Bullion News

MarketWatch - Extreme Pessimism Suggests a Rally in Gold Soon

Investment Research Dynamics - Provident Metals Defaults On Delivery Of RCM 10 oz. Bars

Mises.org - The Unseen Consequences of Zero-Interest-Rate Policy

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Wolf Street - The Great Unwind Has Begun, Bankruptcies Soar

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MarketWatch - Dow 7-day losing streak worst since debt-ceiling crisis

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - The NASDAQ's days are numbered too...

Marc to Market - Dollar Outlook and Currency Rotation

The New York Times - Pain of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis Is Weighing on the Little Guy, Too

Gold-Eagle - Avoid A Catastrophic Loss; How Gold Is Like Insurance For Your Portfolio

Bible MoneyMatters - The Repercussions Of A Temporary Income Drop And Ways To Minimize The Damage

08/07/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Gold Investment Demand 101


Mish's Blog - Establishment Survey +215K Jobs, Household Employment Survey +101K, Part-Time Employment -760K, Labor Force +69K

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Interview with John Rubino

MoneyWeek - Where is China hiding all of its gold?

Perth Mint Research - A very silly thing to think about Comex

The Deviant Investor - Gold, Golf, & Silver … are Similar

Schiff Gold - Just How Big Is the Gold Market?

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Is Gold Heading to $800 an Ounce?

GoldSeek - The myth of gold price manipulation

BDlive - MARKET WATCH: Platinum at six-year low

08/06/2015 - Bullion News

Monetary Metals - Yield Purchasing Power: $100M Today Matches $100K in 1979

The Bullion Desk - Precious metals tightly bound ahead of Friday’s US jobs report

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Crude Oil on its way to much lower prices? Impact S&P 500?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - The Wizard of Odds for the US $

VIDEO : CNBC - David Stockman's new warning

The Wall Street Journal - 5 Things to Watch in the July Jobs Report

dshort - Anticipating the Employment Report for July: ADP Number Disappoints

Zero Hedge - 3 Warnings For Market Bulls

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - $60 Trillion of World Debt in One Visualization

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CoinNews - Precious Metals Rise as Dollar Edges Lower

Perth Mint Research - Will gold miners hedge, like the 1990s, into a falling price?

GoldSeek - Gold Bullion Demand In ‘Chindia’ Heading Over 2,000 Tons Again

Money Metals Exchange - China’s Secret Gold Hoarding Strategy

Profit Confidential - Gold Price Decline: Mints Around the World Witnessing Exuberant Demand

08/05/2015 - Bullion News

MoneyBeat - Mom and Pop Buck Trend to Snap Up Physical Gold

Perth Mint Research - How much gold should you have in your portfolio?

Silver Coins Today - 2015 Koala Silver Coin in High Relief and 1/10 Oz Size

VIDEO : Schiff Gold - Paper vs. Physical Gold: Basic Supply & Demand

AUDIO : Howe Street - Chris Vermeulen; Gold to Make Major Plunge?

VIDEO : International Man - Doug Casey: Why the US Is the Next Greece

Of Two Minds - I Sure Am Glad There's No Inflation

Dollar Collapse - Faced With “Significant Deterioration,” Fed Begins Its Rate Hike Walk-Back

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - 40-Year support line in play again, should impact S&P 500!

The Speculative Investor - The amazing inability to see the Fed’s money creation

CoinNews - US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Again Soar in July

Goldreporter.de - Tenfold gold imports in Turkey in July - Google Translation Link

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Yellen Subpoenaed for Leak, Will not Comply!

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Perth Now - Man charged after fake gold Buddhas, ingots seized in Pyrmont hotel room

08/04/2015 - Bullion News

Sovereign Man - Some Clear Thinking About the Price of Gold

LiveTradingNews - Gold Short Positions At Record Highs, Which Way Is North?

Business Times - Platinum reaches 6-year low on China demand concern; gold steady


GRAPHIC : CoinWorld - Gold American Eagle bullion sales in July more than double June's total

GRAPHIC : CoinWorld - Silver American Eagle bullion sales climb for third straight month

Business Standard - India - Jewellery sales up on lower gold price

Plata - Hugo Salinas Price: Will China Play The 'Gold Card'?

Bullion Vault - Bullion Rallies as Shanghai's International Gold Market Hits Zero Volume, Silver ETF Sheds Metal

International Man - When a Train Wreck Is No Accident

The Street - 5 Extraordinary Things That Will Shake Up Precious Metals

CHART : CEO.CA - What are the Most Bullish Month of the Year for Gold

Reuters - Worried about China's Meltdown; South Koreans Pile into Gold

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Twitter - James Rickards Thoughts on Puerto Rico...

08/03/2015 - Bullion News

Sovereign Man - Sun Tzu on Value Investing

Bullion Vault - Bullion Avoids Base Metals' China PMI Sell-Off But 'Gold Bandwagon' More Bearish Amongst Money Managers

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin says: Crude spills over

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - SILVER Chart analysis

Metal Miner - Palladium and Platinum Nose-Dive as Precious Metal Weakness Continues

Business Insider - Puerto Rico's 'death spiral' has officially begun

Jeff Rubin - Falling crude prices put producers between a rock and a hard place

Juggling Dynamite - Trends that matter

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PHYS.org - Gold-Diamond Nanodevice for Hyperlocalised Cancer Therapy

Money Metals Exchange - Investment Silver Demand Draining COMEX Vaults

Kitco - U.S. Mint Reports Whopping 469% YoY Increase In Gold Bullion Sales

Reuters - U.S. Mint has 1.18 million oz of silver coins for sale this week

CoinNews - Gold Starts August with Decline; Silver Eagle Sales Top 28M

GoldSeek - The Reality of Available Gold & Silver Bullion

The Speculative Investor - Is the Fed privately owned? Does it matter?

08/02/2015 - Bullion News

Value Walk - Gold On Sale, Says The Rational Investor
Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, said it best: “If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.”

Paul Nathan - A Glaring Contradiction In Monetary Policy

Secular Investor - Gold – The More Hate, The More Bullish We Become

Bloomberg - Dollar Bulls Retreat as Slowing Pay Dents Fed Hike Speculation

Business Insider - IT'S A HUGE WEEK FOR THE US ECONOMY: Here's your complete preview

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Will Commodity Defaults Spread?

Sovereign Man - The latest government trust fund to go bankrupt

McClellan Financial - Debunking the Fed as the Controller of Inflation

Zero Hedge - Here's The Bad News That Nobody Is Telling You About The Record Lows In Initial Jobless Claims

Daily Mail - CEO who set his firm's minimum wage to $70K hits hard times: Highly-paid top employees quit in disgust and he faces lawsuit over his own 'excessive' $1m salary

CNBC - Fed's trillions haven't helped worker paychecks

Armstrong Economics - Puerto Rico Default – Welcome to Big Bang

Shore News - The Gold and Silver Mine: Mint’s need for silver may mean the time is right for buying

Zero Hedge - Gold And The Grave Dancers

07/31/2015 - Bullion News

GoldSeek - Perth Mint and U.S. Mint Cannot Meet Demand as Gold Bullion Demand Surges

SRSrocco Report - Fear Spreading In The Global Financial System Pushes Gold & Silver Eagle Sales To New Highs

The Deviant Investor - Silver – A Century of Prices

CEO.CA - Gold: Stunning Divergence Between Sentiment and Price

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Fund Manager Frank Holmes on Gold, the Dollar, and Collapsing Gold/Silver Production

sify - Silver a Better Long-Term Investment Bet than Gold

MoneyBeat - Gold Slump Invokes Predictions of Doom

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - July 31, 2015

Business Insider - If Puerto Rico is Going Down, it Could Start this Weekend

National Review - Did You Ever Notice the Asterisk on Your Social Security Statement?

BusinessReport - Yellen’s new problem is Chinese tapering

Bullion Vault - India 'Reclaims' No.1 Gold Demand from China

Perth Mint Research - Speculators, value investors and gold

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/30/2015 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Forget Whether $100 Silver is Possible, How About $1000?

VIDEO : CNBC - Technician Louise Yamada Offers Her Analysis of Gold and its Future

examiner - Demand for Physical Metal Skyrockets as Prices Drop

Bullion Vault - Gold? Dr.Copper's Diagnosis

South China Morning Post - Waiting on economic perfection by the US Fed

VIDEO : Gordon T Long - David Morgan talks SILVER

Numismatic News - July gold sales double previous best

Sunshine Profits - Has China Manipulated the Gold Market?

321gold - Gold and the Full Moon

BARRON's - Piling on Gold

VIDEO : Silver-Investor - Interview with David Morgan about the Gold to Silver Ratio and the Silver Market

Reuters - India's jewellery exports can quintuple to $40 billion if controls tightened

Schiff Gold - London Metal Exchange to Accept Yuan as Collateral

VIDEO : JCK - Watch a Florida Diver Discover $1 Million in Gold
- (Scroll Down for Video)

07/29/2015 - Bullion News

Business Insider - The Fed is Still Waiting

WallStreetExaminer - Fed Is Not Just Behind The Curve, It’s Driving The Bus Over The Cliff

The Daily Reckoning - Rope-a-Doping the Global Elites by James Rickards

Of Two Minds - Currency Devaluation: The Crushing Vice of Price

Perth Mint - SOLD OUT Funnel-Web Spider Coin Achieves Full 1 Million Mintage

Mint News Blog - 2015 ATB Blue Ridge Parkway 5 Ounce Silver Coin Sells Out

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PHYS.org - Probe Enables Tumor Investigation Using Complementary Imaging Techniques

Bullion Vault - Polka-Dots, Jeggings and $350 Gold

Perth Mint Research - Gold market liquidity and manipulation

Market Watch - Get Ready to Cash in on the Bottom for Commodities

VIDEO : CNBC - Alan Greenspan: This is 'extremely dangerous'

Casey Research - What You’ve Heard About Gold and Interest Rates is Dead Wrong

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Just Look at Who’s Shorting Gold, Now Do the Opposite

CEO.CA - A Scary Proposition for Gold Bulls

Goldreporter.de - Gold gets into the focus of anti-money laundering investigation - Google Translation Link

07/28/2015 - Bullion News

Notes from Underground - Enduring the Doldrums of a Central Bank-Controlled Market Structure

Market Watch - UPS Fires Warning Shot Across the Bow of the Stock Market and the Fed

Goldreporter.de - Gold Positioning Extreme - Google Translation Link

Daily Wealth - How Much Cash Should You Hold?

Bullion Vault - Gold Positioning Extreme

Perth Mint Research - How much gold does China really have?

Gold-Eagle - Is the Gold Price Manipulated?

CoinNews - Gold Little Changed; US Mint Coin Sales Surge

The Deviant Investor - Gold & Silver Money Has Devolved Into Debt and Plastic

Reuters - Gold demand weakest since 2009 in Q2 as Chinese turned to stocks-GFMS

Market Watch - Upticks in Silver Demand Seen in First Half of 2015

SafeHaven - Open Letter to Alexis Tsipras by Keith Weiner

Zero Hedge - US Middle Class Stays Dead: Homeownership Drops To 48 Year Low; Median Asking Rent Soars To All Time High

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07/27/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Bounces; American Silver Eagles Jump 1.3M in Return

Bullion Vault - Bullish on Gold & Silver Bears? A Fistful of Ratios

Market Watch - The carnage isn’t over in gold, other metals-mining stocks

Reuters - Jeweller Rajesh Exports buys refiner Valcambi for $400 million

Zero Hedge - UBS Exposes The "Scary Reality" Of High Yield Energy

CNBC - Art Cashin is Lookin' a Little Worried: It's a wacky year

Wall Street Examiner - The What’s Wrong With This Picture Chart of the Month – Durable Goods

StreetTalkLive - When Will We Ever Learn?

Monetary Metals - Monetary Metals Supply and Demand Report 26 July, 2015

Reuters - Speculators Show Global Commodities Rout is Still Not Over

Money Metals Exchange - Inflation Deniers Emboldened by Gold's Struggles

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Relative Value of $100 in Every American State and County

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Markets are tough to understand

WonkBlog - The remarkably high odds you’ll be poor at some point in your life

07/26/2015 - Bullion News

Gold-Eagle - Macroeconomics And Metals

Gurofocus - 3 Reasons Why Gold Isn't Behaving Like Gold Right Now - U.S. Global Investors

The Hindu - India must determine own gold price, feels IBJA

IMAGES : Mint News Blog - Designs Revealed for 2016 America the Beautiful Quarters Program

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Secular Investor - The Breakdown Of 2015 Is Now A Fact

Market Watch - Opinion: An open letter to investors who are bullish on gold

Thoughtful Cynic - The Truth About China’s Gold

Zero Hedge - How We Got Here - The 2008 Financial Crisis For Dummies

CoinWeek - Crazy Times — The Hunt Brothers Stir Things Up

07/24/2015 - Bullion News

The Sovereign Investor - The World Is Addicted to Debt

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Google & Dr. Copper Charts Show Similar Patterns to those of 2007; Will the Results be the Same?

Goldreporter.de - Gold Production: Up to Three Quarters of the Mines Make Losses Now - Google Translation Link

CHARTS : dshort - New Home Sales Decline to 482K

VIDEO : CNBC - CNBC's Rick Santelli reports the latest data and Fed projections

Zero Hedge - Fed "Accidentally" Released Dovish Confidential Market-Moving Forecasts, Blames "Glitch"

Casey Research - A New Round of Central Bank Easing Has Started… Here’s What to Do

Peak Prosperity - Deflation Is Winning – Beware!

VIDEO : Kitco - Interview with Jim Grant on Gold, the Fed and Interest Rates

SRSrocco Report - Financial Time Bombs Push Gold Eagles Sales To Record High

Reuters - Platinum set to fight back after slide to six-year lows

MineWeb - Palladium under siege but strong fundamentals may end carnage

The Street - 6 Coins Worth Their Weight in Gold -- And Then Some

4-traders - Royal Mint : announces positive results for 2014-15

07/23/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Gold, Silver, Equities: Megaphone Patterns

Monetary Metals - Why Are We Here?

GoldMoney - Gold and Gibson’s Paradox

CoinNews - Gold Snaps 10-Session Slump; US Mint Gold Coin Sales Gain

CoinWorld - More American Eagle gold bullion sales in July than any month since April 2013

Schiff Gold - Happy 50th Birthday to “Junk Silver”

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Gold is Dead, Long Live Gold

ANALYSIS : Perth Mint Research - Where to for Australian gold price

Money Metals Exchange - Timeless Tips from the "Richest Man in Babylon"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - Silver Tests Support, Waits on Gold's Signal

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Lowest jobless claims since 1973

Reuters - Bullion dealers trade blame in hunt for "bear raid" leader

07/22/2015 - Bullion News

Business Insider - Peter Schiff: Gold Doesn't Require a Leap of Faith

Market Watch - Here’s the real reason the Fed wants to raise rates

MINGIN GLOBAL - 15 Things You Didn't Know About Gold

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - This Is The 'Thinnest' New High In Stock Market History

VIDEO : CNBC - George Gero a precious metals strategist at RBC Capital Markets sees Anomalies in the Gold Market

Bullion Vault - Gold Bullion 'Liquidation' Below $1100 Hits Miners & Retailers

GoldSeek - Russians Buy Gold Again In June – Another 25 Tonnes

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Gold: Manipulation Tries to Force Capitulation

Cobden Centre - Doug Noland: Credit Bubble Bulletin

Reuters - Gold rout spurs buying spree of U.S. Mint coins

VIDEO : Fox Business - ‘The Death of Money’ author Jim Rickards discusses the falling prices of gold.

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Prague Post - Photos: Police Uncover Counterfeit Gold Scam

ABC (Australia) - US company takes first steps towards mining asteroids in space

The Speculative Investor - Beware of bogus “inflation” indices

07/21/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Is the U.S. Dollar Moving Gold Prices?

Profit Confidential - Jim Rogers: Gold Prices Could Plunge to $960

Perth Mint Research - What’s the spin on the gold smash

Monetary Metals - Lions, Tigers, and Gold Bears, Oh My!

KANZIUS RADIOWAVE CANCER RESEARCH : NewsWeek - Kanzius Cancer Machine Gets Its First Human Trial

CoinNews - Gold Falls for Ninth Session, Silver Edges Higher

This is Money - Why has gold plunged to five-year lows - and will a US rate hike send it spiralling below $1,000?

Bullion Vault - Extremis Setting In for Gold

Economic Times - China's gold buying spree to continue, say analysts and traders

Market Watch - What ‘peak hatred’ for gold may mean for stocks

AUDIO : PhysicalGoldFund - The Gold Chronicles: Interview with Jim Rickards

The Deviant Investor - Missing Gold, Unpayable Debts, Financial Crises, Bail-Outs and Bail-Ins… There Must Be a Better Way

Zero Hedge - What Happened The Last Time The Mainstream Media Unleashed The Anti-Gold Artillery

Jason Zweig - Jason Zweig's Article on GOLD from the Wall Street Journal titled: "Let’s Be Honest about Gold: It’s a Pet Rock" - written by someone who is biased against gold

07/20/2015 - Bullion News

Thoughtful Cynic - Gold’s Plunge- The Beginning of the End for the COMEX?

CHARTS : dshort - NYSE Margin Debt: Up 1.2% over the Previous Month

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - 4 Reasons A Buying Opportunity is Fast Approaching in Gold

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin says: Gold hit by 3-pronged attack

Money Metals Exchange - Are Safe-Haven Investors Now Shunning Futures Markets?

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Nanotechweb - Targeting Melanoma with Peptide-Conjugated Nanoparticles

VIDEO : Gordon T Long - David Morgan talks SILVER

Reuters - Gold's rapid slide came after surge in Chinese sales

Zero Hedge - Gold, Precious Metals Flash Crash Following $2.7 Billion Notional Dump

Casey Research - Our Take on Gold’s Horrible Day

The Telegraph - Why is the gold price falling and where is it going next?

Sprott Thoughts - Eric Sprott: "I Haven't Lost any Conviction" on Gold and Silver

SHTFplan - Dozens of Nations Deep in Debt: “Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates”

Market Watch - Asteroid passing by Earth may hold $5 trillion in precious metals

07/19/2015 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Opinion: Greed is Still Trumping Fear, and That’s Bad for Stocks

CHART : National Inflation Assoc. - Warning for S&P 500

CoinNews - US Mint to Resume Silver Eagle Sales on July 27

CHARTS : Hambone's Stuff - 2015 Is Truly Unbelievable in the US Treasury "Market"

Free Market Cafe - The Dollar Heads to Debasement

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSilverWorlds - Gold, Silver, Equities: Secular Megaphone Patterns


Zero Hedge - Which Is A Bigger "Act Of Faith" - Owning Gold Or Stocks?

Bullion Star - Analyzing PBOC Official Gold Reserves Increment

Twitter - James Rickard's thoughts on China's Gold Reserves

Daily Sabah - Germany should leave euro instead of Greece, says former IMF official

Peak Prosperity - All Hail Our Banking Overlords!

CoinWorld - America's gold rushes: California finds dwarf earlier Appalachian gold finds

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/17/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Are the Production or Consumption Drivers of the Gold Price?

The Sovereign Investor - Why Gold Is Your Best Protection in a Crumbling Economy

GoldMoney - Market Report: Extremes become more extreme

Market Watch - Opinion: Top Money Managers are Turning to Gold — Should You?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : McClellan Financial - Gold Priced In Euros Has Gone Quiet

Daily Reckoning - Why Most Gold Bugs and Bloggers are Dead Wrong About China’s Gold

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : medGadget - Gold Nanoparticles Market Anticipated To Grow To $4.86 Billion by 2020: Grand View Research, Inc.

Market Watch - Forget QE, Wall Street’s new drug is the stock buyback

Bloomberg - China Ends Mystery of Gold Hoard to Top Russia’s Holdings

Perth Mint Research - Where did 110 tonnes of CME Hong Kong gold go?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Deviant Investor - Take the Low Risk Road

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Michael Rivero Speaks on Fake Gold, War in Europe, War on Cash

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli: Buzz about Fed decisions

Dollar Collapse - Why Pensions Are A (Big) Black Swan

Futures Magazine - 4 Emotions Every Trader Needs to Overcome

Deccan Herald (India) - Cops catch 3 men tunnelling into jewellery shop in JP Nagar

07/16/2015 - Bullion News

Daily Pfennig - Another “IF” The Economy Evolves...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Daily Gold - Video : Precious Metals Video Update: Gold & Silver Prognosis - Recorded on Tuesday (7/14); the Analysis is still Relevant Today

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Silver Chart : Worlds largest bullish “Cup & Handle” pattern in play?

Market Watch - Gold settles lower, at a ‘technical tipping point’

Bloomberg - Puerto Rico Closer to Default After Missed Funds Transfer

Sovereign Man - Debt is the barbarous relic. Not gold.

Zero Hedge - BofA Confused "Why People Would Wake Up One Morning And Decide To Panic"

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PHYS.org - New system changes the shape of things to come in biomolecular delivery

GoldMoney - Credit deflation and gold

CHART : Visual Capitalist - The Historical Returns by Asset Class Over the Last Decade

The Armchair Theologian - The Biblical History of Silver Bullion

VIDEO : Perth Mint - Kangaroo Minted Gold Bars for Investors in New Packaging

ZeeNews - India Cuts Gold, Silver Import Tariff Value

Money Metals Exchange - Buying Gold On a Small Budget... Also, Could the Deflationists Be Right?

07/15/2015 - Bullion News

Alhambra Partners - The ‘Dollar’s’ Grand Masterpiece Almost In Full View

Inside Futures - The main trend for the U.S. dollar is lower.

Market Watch - The Tax Implications of Owning Gold

TWITTER : James Rickards - What did Ben Bernanke tell Mr. Rickards about every Action the Fed has done since 2008...

PDF : Gold Standard Institute - Journal Issue #55 - July 2015

mrt - Online precious metal dealer receives over 100 complaints

Perth Mint Research - Perth Mint sales surge on back of US Mint shortage

GoldReporter.de - Bank of America: Gold "undervalued" for the first time since 2009
- Google Translation Link

Perth Mint Research - Perth Mint sales surge on back of US Mint shortage

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Janet Yellen’s Latest Call: Commercial Real Estate Looks Pricey

SmartMoneyGuides - Money And Freedom

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - The Power of the Word

Deviant Investor - Silver Pretty, Silver Ugly

Resource Investing News - Palladium Price Forecasts Keep Falling

07/14/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - Gold Chart Analysis

Perth Mint Research - China to control the gold price, but with physical or paper?

The Speculative Investor - Gold Commitments of Traders (COT) Nonsense

Kitco - Analysts: Gold/Silver Ratio May Remain At Elevated Levels

Reuters - Gold falls as the dollar pares losses ahead of Yellen's testimony

MINING - Last time hedge funds were this bearish gold price was $600

AUDIO : Sovereign Man - Banking, as we know it, will not exist in 10 years

Modern Coin Blog - Jack and Ike: The 40 Percent Club Short Set

VIDEO : CNBC - Foiled again! Economy not cooperating with the Fed

CHARTS : dshort - NFIB: "Small Business Takes Significant Hit in June"

CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - America’s Health Care Inflation Crisis

CHARTS : My Budget 360 - The oncoming disaster in public pensions: The $4 trillion retirement savings deficit and the bill of payouts for pensioners

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - 3 Strikes You’re Out! Greece, China & Puerto Rico

07/13/2015 - Bullion News

Numismatic News - Silver Demand Soars

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Silver Phoenix 500 - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Jump in June

CoinNews - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Jump in June

Numismatic News - Take Delivery of Your Gold

Money Metals Exchange - How to Obtain Silver Coins and Rounds in Short Supply

Perth Mint Research - The Texas bullion depository is not a joke

GoldSeek - SWOT Analysis: Short Gold Speculative Positions at Extreme Level

SRSrocco Report - Gold Eagle Sales Surge Due To Financial Turmoil

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: The Fed's Quandary

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - The Fed’s Journey into Neverland

Wolf Street - Despite Wall Street Conniptions, Another Fed Dove Caves

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Dollar is Slowly Losing its Status as the Primary Reserve Currency

Reuters - Greek PM Tspiras faces party revolt over bailout deal

Zero Hedge - Why GM Is Back Below Its IPO Price, Part 2 - Chinese Auto Sales Collapse At Fastest Rate In 3 Years

International Man - Cashtration

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07/12/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Is Gold a Commodity or Currency?

The Sovereign Investor - How to Prepare For a Global Financial Crisis With Gold

Gold-Eagle - Shanghai-Hong Kong gold link launches

OA online - BBB: Precious metal dealer racks up complaints

Reuters - For Indians, paper gold can't beat the real thing

SRSrocco Report - Major Buyers Continue To Stockpile Silver As U.S. Silver Imports Surge In April

Business Recorder - Platinum, palladium set for rebound before falling again

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : zentrader - The Ultimate S&P 500 Support Level

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - Gold Futures Positioning Reaches “Buy Zone”

News Moving Markets - Bank Of Canada Doesn't Have Much Breathing Room When It Comes To Rates

Keith Weiner Economics - The Great FreedomFest Debate Was Like Watching Tom and Jerry

KFVS12 - FBI: Victims of AZ gold-fraud suspect sought nationwide

07/10/2015 - Bullion News

The Cobden Centre - There's Your Hyperinflation!
- I compared two archetypal retirees. Clarence retired with $100,000 in 1979, and Larry retired with $1,000,000 in 2014. Clarence was able to earn 2/3 of the median income in interest on his savings. Larry was nowhere near that...

Reuters - London's domination of precious metal benchmarks at risk

Notes from Underground - The Only Good Commie Is the One That Hates the RED of a Down Market

Perth Mint Research - Silver coin shortages, again

CANCER RESEARCH : Daily Mail - Golden Chance to Save Prostate Cancer Victims

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Dan Norcini Exclusive: China Crash Is the Sleeper Issue

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - CHINA CRISIS - hyperoversold condition calls for bounce - target...

Bloomberg - This Is Why So Many Chinese Companies Are Suspended

Wonk Blog - What China’s nerve-wracking stock market looks like from inside the country

The Speculative Investor - Currency devaluation, the most destructive policy of all

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli Rants about Price Discovery

The Deviant Investor - Train Wrecks Past and Future

07/09/2015 - Bullion News

Perth Mint Research - Is Confidence More Precious than Gold: Impact of China Crisis on Gold

GoldReporter.de - Gold Producers are Waiting for Gold Price Increase - Google Translation Link

CHART : Zero Hedge - Trouble A'brewing; This Time It Is Different

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Silver Series: World’s Growing Demand For Silver

CNNMoney - America's Stock Market is Shrinking

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli asks whether investor returns are becoming an entitlement

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Street Talk Live - 3 Things: Correction, Interest Rates & Oil Prices

Bullion Vault - Gold Bullion 'Caught in China Storm', Rallies with Equities as Eurozone Splits Over Cutting Greek Debt

Market Watch - China wants to steal gold-market ‘reins’ from New York, London

Money Metals Exchange - U.S. Economy Slouches toward Recession as Eurozone Crisis Widens

Market Watch - Here’s how much Greece owes Germany, others

REWIND : VIDEO : LeakSource - How Greece Got

The New York Times - Consumer Borrowing Hits a Record $3.4 Trillion

CHARTS : dshort - The Median Household Income Rose Again in May

TIME - Why the Average American May Be Worse Off Than Greece

CATO Institute - Yet More Empirical Evidence That Yes, Federal Student Aid Fuels College Price Inflation

07/08/2015 - Bullion News

miningmx - What Happened to Gold's Safe-Haven Status?

VIDEO : Notes From Underground - Santelli Exchange — Debt & Global Bond Markets

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Perth Mint - Another Fake Minted Bar To Beware of...

Money Metals Exchange - MARKET ALERT: U.S. Mint Suspends Silver Eagles Sales

AUDIO : The Goddard Report - Interview with Chris Vermeulen : Crude Prices Likely to Crash? | US Dollar Set to Soar Again?

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : AZO NANO - Magnetic Nanoparticles Increase Body Temperature to Combat Cancer

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Double Top, back at 2007 levels? Risk off time again?

Dollar Collapse - Can You Imagine The Fed Raising Rates In This World?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Gold Up & S&P Down?

Bullion Star - China Rapidly Changing International Gold Market

CHARTS : Perth Mint Research - Gold’s strength in face of market sell off, is the bottom in?

INFO~GRAPHIC : BNN - Canadian Recession Chatter Gets Louder

GRAPHIC : Business Insider - This map shows what $100 is actually worth in your state

07/06/2015 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Gold: It’s Groundhog Day All Over Again

Daily Reckoning - A Tale of Two Crises by James Rickards

GoldSeek - SWOT Analysis: Shanghai Gold Exchange Will Allow Foreign Currency and Bonds as Collateral for Gold Transactions

Thoughtful Cynic - Greek Suffering – Just a TV Show in the US - A View of What is Happening Inside Greece from a Blogger

The New York Times - Germany Sticks to a Hard Line as Greece Changes Finance Chief

Numismatic News - Gold Coin Demand Rises

CHARTS : Street Talk Live - The Fed's Window For Hiking Rates Continues To Close

The Sovereign Investor - What Happened to the Interest Rate Hike?

CHARTS : Hambone's Stuff - Global & US Population Growth and Fertility Rates Slow...Debt, Leverage, and Derivatives Skyrocket

CHARTS : dshort - The Labor Market Conditions Index for June Shows Weak Expansion

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - July 6, 2015

BullionStar - How Much Are Chinese Gold Reserves?

SilverSeek - New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances

Sovereign Man - Introducing the latest country that PAYS you to BORROW money

07/05/2015 - Bullion News

ALERT : About.Ag - Bullion Direct/Nucleo - Out of Business, Insolvent!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - How Low Will $SILVER Go?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSilverWorlds - Gold And Silver At Make Or Break Level

Daily Mail - Meltdown threatens EU as Greece delivers resounding 'No' to crippling cuts and heads for euro exit

CoinWorld - U.S. standard .900 silver alloy in coins may change under legislation - if it becomes law, would render moot a congressionally mandated study under the American Eagle Palladium Bullion Coin Act of 2010, Public Law 111-103

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Herald Courier - Veterinary cancer trials may help with human treatments

Free Market Cafe - Cash Is Still King

Zero Hedge - Gold Bullion Dealer Unexpectedly "Suspends Operations" Due To "Significant Transactional Delays"

Reuters - RBI, govt in talks to scrap import curbs on gold-silver alloy

Economic Times - Gold prices at deep discounts on sluggish demand

BullionStar - Global Financial Turmoil, Gold Price Doesn’t Move

07/03/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - The Complex Nature of Gold

Kitco - Currency Wars: Which Currency Played Out Best For Gold?

Market Watch - Opinion: The real reason gold has been falling

Gold-Eagle - Is Gold Really Manipulated? Or, Are You Being Manipulated?

SRSrocco Report - World’s Largest Silver Producer Down A Stunning 12%

VIDEO : Reuters - CME to shutter trading pits after 167 years - The way it used to be...told from a Man in the Trading Pit

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : EuropeonCEO - Midatech: on track to become a leading profitable biopharmaceutical company

The New York Times - Despair and Anger as Puerto Ricans Cope With Debt Crisis

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Greece’s Debt - The Numbers

The Independent - Greece crisis: This is what will happen if Greece runs out of money and has to reinstate the drachma

The Deviant Investor - It Takes A Village

The Sovereign Investor - Paying For Our Freedom

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/02/2015 - Bullion News

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - What Jobs Data Say About U.S. Power, and Other Lessons of 18 Years

Kitco - 100% Surge In Gold & Silver Coin Sales – U.S. Mint

MineWeb - Platinum sector faces crunch time

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Forbes - Why You Should Watch This Giant Chart Pattern In Gold And Silver

Sputnik News - Puerto Rico, Chicago, Detroit: Is the US Set to Be the Next Greece?

The BRICS POST - $100bn BRICS monetary fund to be operational in 30 days

Finance Magnates - China Wants Gold Price Fixed to Shanghai Yuan Rate, Dethroning London

Mauldin Economics - “It Could Never Happen Here”

The Sovereign Investor - What Happens in a Dollar Collapse?

JasonZweig - The Risk Is Not in Our Funds, But in Ourselves
- Investing is not a battle against the markets; it’s a battle against yourself.

Money Morning - Is Silver a Good Investment Today?

CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - Central Bank Balance Sheet Assets Hit Record High!


Perth Mint Research - Mea culpa on OCC derivatives

07/01/2015 - Bullion News

SAXO TV - What's Wrong with Gold?
- A Breakdown of Gold's Past, Present and Future...

The Globe and Mail - World’s best gold forecaster is solidly bearish on bullion

CHARTS : dshort - The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: June Update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - Futures Speculators are Still Too Bullish on Gold

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Merkel-Tsipras Sparring Leaves Greece in Limbo Until Sunday Vote

Wealth Daily - Why the "Smart" Money is Stupid

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Paper Castles and 21st Century Feudalism

CHARTS : GoldReporter.de - US coins: gold and silver sales in June rose sharply

CoinNews - US Mint Bullion Sales Soar in June; Mixed in First Half of 2015

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