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3rd Quarter - 2020
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) and the U.S. Dollar  moved during this quarter.

On this page, you'll find 5-year, 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly charts for each of the precious metals and the U.S. Dollar.

Below the charts, is a list of blog posts made by this guide during the quarter.

Under the Blog posts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 3rd Quarter of 2020.

Every news headline was originally posted on this guide's homepage.

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U.S. Dollar

3rd Quarter of 2020 - U.S. Dollar

Quarterly Chart

usdx quarterly chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - U.S. Dollar

1-Year + Chart

usdx price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - U.S. Dollar

3-Year + Chart

usdx price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - U.S. Dollar

5-Year + Chart

usdx price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

Price Charts

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Gold Price

Quarterly Chart

gold quarterly chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Gold Price

1-Year + Chart

gold price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Gold Price

3-Year + Chart

gold price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Gold Price

5-Year + Chart

gold price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

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Price Charts

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Silver Price

Quarterly Chart

silver quarterly chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Silver Price

1-Year + Chart

silver price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Silver Price

3-Year + Chart

silver price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Silver Price

5-Year + Chart

silver price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

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Price Charts

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Platinum Price

Quarterly Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Platinum Price

1-Year + Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Platinum Price

3-Year + Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Platinum Price

5-Year + Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

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Price Charts

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Palladium Price

Quarterly Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Palladium Price

1-Year + Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Palladium Price

3-Year + Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

3rd Quarter of 2020 - Palladium Price

5-Year + Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News and Commentary

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3rd Quarter - 2020
Bullion News & Commentary

 July 1st   -   September 30th

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

Note: My Dad passed away on 9/16/2020, which is why there are no other posted articles until October 2020.

09/13/2020 - Bullion News

CANCER RESEARCH: Gold Nanoparticles Produced in Cancer Cells with Novel Technique - GEN

In gold we trust: why bullion is still a safe haven in times of crisis - The Conversation

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Fed May Not Deliver What Gold Bulls Want to Hear - FXEmpire

Federal Spending Tops $6 Trillion for First Time; Deficit Tops $3 Trillion for First Time - cnsnews

How Close Should Your Wealth Be? - International Man

09/11/2020 - Bullion News

Gold slips from one-week peak as stronger dollar weighs - Reuters

U.S. Mint Silver & Gold Eagle Sales Explode In August - SRSrocco Report

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - September 11, 2020 - GoldSeek

WCU: Platinum on top as gold consolidates; Crude remains under pressure - SAXO BANK

Perth Mint Gold Bullion Sales Hit 4-Month High in August - Coin News

09/10/2020 - Bullion News


Gold and Silver Gain For Third Day - Coin News

US budget deficit hits record $3 trillion: CBO - The Hill

The Fed Now Owns Nearly One Third of All US Mortgages - Mish Talk

European Markets Close Lower After ECB Policy Announcement - Nasdaq

09/08/2020 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver and Platinum Rise Tuesday, Sept. 8 - Coin News

U.S. Gold Imports Skyrocketed Until July - Scrap Monster

We're Headed toward Stagnation—Unless the Fed Reins In Its Money Printing - Mises Institute

09/07/2020 - Bullion News

Gold's rally may have paused, but the world's biggest wealth manager still thinks a 10% allocation to bullion is 'not a bad move right now' - Business Insider

Gold Price Gains in UK Pounds as Brexit Talks Hit New Crisis, Euro Rates Decision Weighs - Bullion Vault

When Canada Minted a Homegrown Gold Coin - CBC

Murphy's Law Is Fed's Law, and Everything Is Wrong - Real Clear Markets

09/06/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Speculators Added To Bullish Bets After 3 Down Weeks - Investing.com

Silver’s Brilliant Year Validates Longtime Bugs’ Enthusiasm - BNN Bloomberg

China To "Gradually" Sell 20% Of Its US Treasury Holdings, May Dump It All In Case Of "Military Conflict": State Media - Zero Hedge

INFOGRAPHIC: How to Avoid Common Mistakes With Mining Stocks - Visual Capitalist

Aussie treasure hunters strike jackpot with two large gold nuggets - Coin World

09/03/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Is the Most Stable Currency in the Long-Term - Voima Gold

Gold, Silver and Platinum Decline Thursday, Sept. 3 - Coin News

U.S. Debt Is Set to Exceed Size of the Economy Next Year, a First Since World War II - The Wall Street Journal

Fed's Evans calls for more fiscal aid, signals further monetary easing - Reuters

Record Demand to Invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum Nears Half-Billion Dollars Amid Covid Crisis - Bullion Vault

09/01/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast – Gold Markets Slam Into Major Level - FXEmpire

The Link Between Low Rates And A Vibrant Economy - Advancing Time

Monthly Sales – August 2020 - Perth Mint Blog

A Perspective on Secular Bull and Bear Markets - Advisor Perspectives

For Sale: One of the First and Most Valuable Dollars in U.S. History - Atlas Obscura

08/31/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Logs 1.4% Weekly Gain - Coin News

Excellent Deals on Mercury Dimes - Numismatic News

Australia’s happiest animal smiles on new silver bullion coin - Perth Mint Blog

Venezuela Moves From Oil To Gold - Fox Business

Low unemployment doesn't warrant higher interest rates, Fed's Clarida says - Fox Business

08/30/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD buyers attack $1,970 to avoid monthly losses - FX Street

Gold Prices May Rise as Federal Reserve Adopts Average Inflation Targeting - DailyFX

Ohio Pension Fund Adds a 5% Gold Allocation to Hedge Risk, Inflation - Gold Seek

Why do humans turn to gold in times of crisis? It's just metal - USA TODAY

More Proof that ‘Progressive’ Wealth Taxes Hurt Average Americans - National Review

08/28/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE MEDICAL RESEARCH: Israel's COVID-19 breathalyzer test prototype promises results in 30 seconds - THE WEEK

Gold surges on waning dollar, Fed policy shift - CNBC

Are Uou More Interested in Gold or Silver? - Numismatic News

COVID-19 Might Soon Have Gold Mines Booming - Casey Research

The Fed's Circular Firing-Squad... Got Gold? - Zero Hedge

08/27/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Erased Wednesday’s Gain as Investors Wait for Powell’s Speech, Expecting the Fed to Loosen 2% Inflation Targets - Bullion Vault

Why Americans Are Looking For A Safe Haven From The Dollar - Zero Hedge

Fed’s Total Assets Fall Again, Week 11 Since Peak-QE: Crazy Charts for Crazy Times - Wolf Street

PRECIOUS METALS BETTER INVESTMENTS: Uncle Sam Cuts Interest Payments To Bondholders - SRSrocco Report

Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves - U.S. Global Investors

08/26/2020 - Bullion News

Gold gains on stimulus bets ahead of speech by Fed's Powell - Nasdaq

08/24/2020 - Bullion News

Gold eases as equities hit record on optimism over virus treatment - Financial Post

CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market: Up Another 5% in July - Advisor Perspectives

Gold Miners Will Piggyback Off Gold’s Rise - Casey Research

AUDIO: We're in a Bubble, Says Danielle DiMartino Booth - Financial Sense

VIDEO: Teenagers find 'treasure' trove of 1,100-year-old coins in Israel - CNN-style

08/23/2020 - Bullion News

VIDEO: SILVER and GOLD Price Analysis - 08/17 thru 08/28/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

ETF boom fuels gold's sharp rise - Fox Business

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - August 21, 2020 - Gold Seek

Lombard Odier CIO Viewpoint: The case for holding gold - World Gold Council

A Love Letter to the Fed From the Adoring Stock Market - Bloomberg

08/20/2020 - Bullion News

Gold, Silver and Platinum Decline Thursday, Aug. 20 - Coin News

GOLD SCAM: Gold scam resurfacing in our area - WNEP (Pennsylvania)

Precious Metals’ Soaring Prices Drives Buyers - Numismatic News

And Just Like That, Buffett Likes Gold - U.S. Global Investors

With cameras rolling, prospectors find $250,000 of gold - Kitco

08/19/2020 - Bullion News

Gold prices end lower, decline more than 2% as dollar’s skid abates; copper books highest settlement since 2018s - Market Watch

How Fear and Uncertainty Drives Demand for Gold - Mises

Scotiabank to pay $127M in fines for traders' price fixing of precious metals - CBC

VIDEO: Gold in focus, and USD weakness through the Covid-19 pandemic - SAXO BANK

08/18/2020 - Bullion News

Selling Gold and Silver While It’s Hot - Numismatic News

Gold Returns to Above $2,000; Silver Rises 1.5% - Coin News

China’s gold market in July: demand relatively steady, yet the local gold price discount widened - World Gold Council

OPINION: Warren Buffett undergoes a conversion on gold — should you follow him? - Market Watch

08/17/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Rally Monday, Aug. 17 - Coin News

U.S. is closing in on doing something it hasn’t done since World War II — borrowing more money than it raises - Market Watch

CARTOON: Dig Deeper - Hedgeye

AUDIO: The Blueprint for Inflation; And, Tech Companies Now Bigger Than Most Countries - Financial Sense

08/16/2020 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 08/10 thru 08/21/2020Gold - Free Bullion Investment Guide

Warren Buffett Sours on Banks and Likes (Gulp!) Gold - BNN Bloomberg

False Bizarre Economy Renders GDP Useless (Part 1) - Advancing Time

The Debt-Inflation Spiral Is Driving up the Demand for Gold - Mises Institute

Breakingviews - Chancellor: Wall Street is firmly in Wonderland - Reuters

08/14/2020 - Bullion News

Weak Demand Sends China Gold Price to Record Discount as Bridgewater Goes 17% Gold ETFs - Bullion Vault

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - August 14, 2020 - Gold Seek

Berkshire slashes Wells Fargo, JPMorgan stakes; adds Barrick Gold - Reuters

U.S. Gold Exports Recorded Notable Surge in H1 2020 - Scrap Monster

Gold rush at Turkish bazaar a test of trust for lowly lira - Reuters

08/13/2020 - Bullion News

Gold notches back-to-back gain after brief dip in the wake of a fall in weekly U.S. jobless claims - Market News

$5,630,859,000,000: Federal Spending Has Already Set Annual Record; Deficit at Record $2,807,295,000,000 - cnsnews

Going for Gold - World Gold Council

Risks of Having ‘Unallocated Storage’ in IRAs - Numismatic News

NUMISMATICS: US Mint Sales: Five Ounce Silver Coins See Uptick - Coin News

08/12/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Manchester academics use nanoparticles to wipe out cancer cells - MANCUNION

Gold Edges Higher Wed., Aug. 12 - Coin News

Record Gold and Silver Trading at World No.1 on Massive Price Swings - Bullion Vault

Gold Is Returning to Its Rightful Place - Casey Research

VIDEO: Precious Metal Mayhem with Ross Norman - Trader Merlin

08/11/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Sinks $130 from New Record High as Russia Claims 'Sputnik V' Vaccine for Covid-19 - Bullion Vault

Silver Crashes Most Since Lehman Bankruptcy - Zero Hedge

MARKET UPDATE: After The Large Silver Price Correction Today, What’s Next?? - SRSrocco Report

Bulletin: Last of the Enhanced American Eagle 2019 One Ounce Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof Coins on sale Aug. 12 - Coin World

08/10/2020 - Bullion News

Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 08/03 thru 08/14/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

Gold Gains; Silver Marks Best Finish Since February 2013 - CoinNews

Russia to Become the World’s Largest Gold Producer by 2029 - Scrap Monster

US Dollar Devalues by 99% vs Gold in 100 Years—Gold Price Crosses $2,067 - VoimaGold

Cost of Gold over the Last 100 years - KAKE.com

08/07/2020 - Bullion News

Gold prices snap 5-day record win streak, as dollar pops higher - Market Watch

VIDEO: El-Erian Says 'Gold Is Becoming Everything to Everybody' - Bloomberg

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - August 7, 2020 - GoldSeek

CHARTS: July Jobs Report: 1.8M Jobs Added, Unemployment Rate Drops to 10.2% - Advisor Perspectives

CHARTS: Is a 50% recovery in 3 months just chump change? - Calafia Beach Pundit

Judy Shelton is Right About the Gold Standard - American Institute for Economic Research (AIER)


If the "Market" Never Goes Down, The System Is Doomed - of two minds

08/06/2020 - Bullion News

Gold prices notch record close for fifth straight session as metal approaches $2,100 - Market Watch

How you can cash in after price for gold soars - Click 2 Houston

Is it ‘Too Late’ to Buy Gold, Silver? - Numismatic News

The Perth Mint's July 2020 Monthly Sales - Perth Mint Blog

Suffolk metal detectorist finds coin hoard in field behind pub - BBC

08/05/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Continue to Rally to New All-time Highs as the Dollar Slides - FXEmpire

Young investors have flooded into bitcoin during the pandemic, while the older generation can't get enough of gold, a team of JPMorgan analysts said - Markets Insider

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold and Silver Investing - Money Metals Exchange


Media Deems Cashless Society a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ After Admonishing Cash Use - Foundation for Economic Education

08/04/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Tops $2,000 For Another Record; Silver Notches Over 7-Year High - Coin News

US Mint Making Changes to Meet Exploding Demand for American Gold, Silver Eagles - Coin Week

July 2020: Market Valuation, Inflation and Treasury Yields - Advisor Perspectives

Who Bears the Burden of Dollars’ Falling Purchasing Power?! - American Institute for Economic Research

Welcome to Oz, Where MMT Enables the Government to Get Bigger! - Dr. Ed's Blog

08/03/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Prediction – Prices Consolidate Near All-time Highs as the Dollar Rebound - FXEmpire

U.S. Will Borrow Estimated $2 Trillion in Second Half of 2020, Treasury Says - The Wall Street Journal

Will Silver as the Devil's Metal Overtake the Gold Bugs for the Rest of 2020 - 24/7 Wall St.

A Perspective on Secular Bull and Bear Markets - Advisor Perspectives

The Spreading Feeling "This Is All Happening By Design" - Advancing Time

08/02/2020 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 07/20 thru 08/07/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

WEBINAR: Q2 and H1 Gold Demand Trends - World Gold Council

The stock market could be facing ‘multiple decades’ of ‘deleterious’ economic after-effects, analyst warns - Market Watch

INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the Disconnect Between Consumers and the Stock Market - Visual Capitalist

US Printed More Money in One Month Than in Two Centuries - Coin Telegraph

America's Coin Shortage Is Getting Worse - Zero Hedge


07/31/2020 - Bullion News

Silver: poor man’s gold no more? - Market Watch

3 Charts Show Smart Money Is Buying Gold - Wealth Wave

Dollar Decline Goes Decadal - Heisenberg Report

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - July 31, 2020 - Gold Seek

Gold Telegraph Conversation Series: Frank Giustra - Gold Telegraph

07/30/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Price Tests New $1980 Record as Stock Markets Fall Despite Fed's Anti-Covid Slump 'Yield Curve Control' - Bullion Vault

Planets align as gold races to all time high - Reaction

India Considers Amnesty for Citizens Hoarding Gold Illegally - BNN Bloomberg

Gold Demand Trends Q2 2020 - World Gold Council

07/29/2020 - Bullion News

U.S. Mint reduces silver, gold coin supply to purchasers - Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette

Gold logs record close, up a ninth straight session, then climbs after Fed’s policy statement - Market Watch

Gold Still Has a Long Way to Run - Casey Research

Surge in retail selling activity hits jewelers and dealers; shortages cause silver premiums to rise again - Kitco

Chinese Banks Bar Clients From Buying Precious Metals - Zero Hedge

07/28/2020 - Bullion News

Gold in Yen Breaks 40 Year Record Joining Major Currencies Starting Week with Record Highs as Diplomatic Ties Between China & US Worsen - Bullion Vault

Gold futures climb to another record finish; silver ends lower - Market Watch

CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market: Up 5.8% in June - Advisor Perspectives

INSANITY: Nancy Pelosi: ‘Why Can’t We Spend Trillions of Dollars to Bolster the Middle Class in Our Country?’ - cnsnews

07/27/2020 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Russian Scientists Discover Nanoparticle Properties to Help Fight Cancer - Sputniknews

Gold price hits record high as US dollar sinks - MINING.com

Gold Hits New Record; Silver Ends Near 7-Year High - Coin News

SCAM: Drivers beware: Roadside scammers offering ‘gold’ for cash. It’s fake. - WGN9 (Chicago)

07/26/2020 - Bullion News

Gold rides to a record, with prospects for $2,000 an ounce stronger than ever - Market Watch

A Record 170 Tons Of Physical Gold Were Just Delivered On The COMEX: Here's Why - Zero Hedge

Silver Is Soaring. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Profit - The Motley Fool

Predictions Of The Dollar's Demise Are Likely Premature - Advancing Time

Investing in precious metals - Fidelity

07/24/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Weekly Forecast: Lots of key events leading into next week could help the rally continue - FXStreet

Jim Grant "Confidently Bullish" Gold & Silver Amid "Unprecedented Monetary Moment" - Zero Hedge

Behind the Circulating Coin Shortage - Numismatic News

Let's Bring Rationality to the Monetary Discussion: Confirm Judy Shelton - Real Clear Markets

07/23/2020 - Bullion News

Gold nears $1,900/oz on weaker dollar, stimulus hopes - Reuters

There goes the dollar - The Reformed Broker

Fed's Main Street lending inches up as balance sheet holds above $7 trillion - Reuters

Media Continues to Misreport Unemployment: 31.8 Million People on State & Federal Unemployment Insurance. Week 18 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse - Wolf Street

Q&A: Who argued for the inclusion of a silver half dime among the early coinage denominations, and what was his argument? - Mint News Blog

07/22/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Nears Record; Silver Logs Best Finish Since 2013 - Coin News

Silver Futures Surge and Gold Nears Record in Flight to Havens - Yahoo (Bloomberg)

Inflation/Deflation: The Economy Is an Elephant - of two minds

Gold Supply Chains Crashed Due to Covid-19 - Scrap Monster

INFOGRAPHIC: Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Near Record Levels - Visual Capitalist

07/21/2020 - Bullion News

Gold settles at a nearly 9-year high and silver scores highest finish since 2014 on fiscal stimulus moves - Market Watch

Federal Reserve IR Policy - Longer, Lower, and ZIRP Until Something (or Everything) Breaks - Econimica

MReckless Money-Printing Will Trigger a Historic Gold Rally - Casey Research


Get Your Gold Before the Reset - Bullion Vault

07/20/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Rises; Silver Ends Near 4-Year High - Coin News

INFOGRAPHIC: The Impact of COVID-19 Shutdowns on the Gold Supply Chain - Visual Capitalist

Pan American Silver Suspends Operations Of Its Silver Mines In Peru - SRSrocco Report

07/19/2020 - Bullion News

Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 07/13 thru 07/24/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

Coin shortage prompts bank to pay you for spare change: ‘It has never happened before’ - FOX5 (New York)

10 Major Investment Implications Of A Weak US Dollar - Zero Hedge

07/17/2020 - Bullion News

Gold, silver futures settle higher to tally a sixth weekly gain in a row - Market Watch

Asia Gold-India, China retail markets reel from pandemic pain - Reuters

Do This Before Politicians Make You Pay Your “Fair Share” - International Man

JPMorgan: "Central Banks Have Created A Collective Hallucination Where Valuations Are Entirely Fabricated" - Zero Hedge

Underpriced silver begins to outperform gold - Market Sentiment & Lateral Thoughts

07/16/2020 - Bullion News

Trifecta of Drivers Supporting Silver - SAXO Bank

Palladium Gains As Gold, Silver and Platinum Decline Thursday, July 16 - Coin News

Europe Has Been Preparing a Global Gold Standard Since the 1970s - Voima Gold


Numismatic Crime – Mail Theft of Gold Coins, National Bank Note - CoinWeek

07/14/2020 - Bullion News

Gold mid-year outlook 2020 - World Gold Council

Gold Regains $1800, Silver Price Holds $19 as V, U or W-Shaped Covid Recovery Spooks TSLA and ChiNext - Bullion Vault

Federal Spending and Deficit Set Records Through June - cnsnews

Russia Sold More Gold than Gas For the First Time in Almost 3 Decades - The Moscow Times

The Fed’s Liquidity Confusion - AIER

07/13/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Gains; Silver Ends Near Four-Year High - CoinNews

Here’s What’s Driving Gold Higher—and What’s Next for the Gold Bull Market - International Man

Precious Metals Pulled Ahead Of The Pack In The First Half Of 2020 - SafeHaven

Fed Is Trapped In QE As Interest Rates Can’t Rise Again - Investing.com

The US budget deficit topped a record-breaking $864 billion in June as the US ramped up COVID-19 spending - Business Insider

07/12/2020 - Bullion News

Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 07/06 thru 07/17/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide


Gold Is the ‘Real Bitcoin' Says Long-Time BTC Bear After Precious Metal Hits Nine-Year High - Crypto Globe

07/10/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Headed Into Historic Test at 2011 High - Investopedia

Gold at $1800/oz: a short thread. - World Gold Council

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - July 10, 2020 - GoldSeek

What Can Be Gleaned From Comparing Japan and the US? - Econimica

07/08/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Investing Makes Record Run as Covid Catastrophe Continues - Bullion Vault

Synchronized breakouts in gold and silver - SAXO Bank

Fed policymakers worry growth plateauing, pledge more support - Reuters

American Exceptionalism Is Real - U.S. Global Investors

07/07/2020 - Bullion News

Gold Ends Near 9-Year High; Silver Marks 5-Week High - Coin News

OPINION: Robert Shiller explains the pandemic stock market and why it’s decoupled from the economy - Market Watch


VIDEO-REWIND: Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve a 'Cancer' - FORA.tv

07/06/2020 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Gold bulls risk delayed gratification in Q3 - SAXO BANK

Monthly central bank statistics - World Gold Council

The Market Economy Has Been Replaced by a "Fiat Economy" - Mises Institute

The #1 Question for Beginners in Precious Metals - Money Metals Exchange

AUDIO: Big Picture: The Long Road Ahead of Us - Financial Sense

07/05/2020 - Bullion News

VIDEO: Silver and Gold Price Analysis - 06/27 thru 07/10/2020 - Free Bullion Investment Guide

Stocks? Don't Think. Just Buy - Bullion Vault

Wall Street Soars While The Real Economy Slowly Dies - Advancing Time

The Broker Who Saved America - The Reformed Broker

07/02/2020 - Bullion News

Saxo Bank says gold will ‘reward the patient investor’ this quarter, sees record high on the horizon - CNBC

The Gold Breakout - The Reformed Broker

British judge rejects Venezuela's Maduro’s bid for gold in London bank - Fox Business

NBA Player Stuns with Controversial Statement—on Economics - FEE

07/01/2020 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Decline in July Start - Coin News

These Are the Times That Call for Gold - Money Metals Exchange

Central Banks Driving Gold - Daily Reckoning

CHART: Perth Mint June 2020 - Monthly Sales Chart - Perth Mint

CARTOON: Gravediggers - Hedgeye

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