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1st Quarter - 2016
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) and the U.S. Dollar prices moved during this quarter.

On this page, you'll first find 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly charts for each of the precious metals and the U.S. Dollar.

Below the charts, is a list of blog posts made by this guide during the quarter.

Under the Blog posts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 1st Quarter of 2016.

Every news headline was originally posted on this guide's homepage.

The charts below are provided by the courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

U.S. Dollar

1st Quarter of 2016 - U.S. Dollar

Quarterly Chart

usdx 1st quarter 2016 - quarterly chart

1st Quarter of 2016 - U.S. Dollar

1-Year Chart

usdx 1st quarter 2016 - 1year chart

1st Quarter of 2016 - U.S. Dollar

3-Year Chart

usdx 1st quarter 2016 - 3year chart

Bullion News

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Price Charts

1st Quarter of 2016 - Gold Price

Quarterly Chart

gold 1st quarter 2016 - quarterly chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Gold Price

1-Year Chart

gold 1st quarter 2016 - 1 year chart

1st Quarter of 2016 - Gold Price

3-Year Chart

gold 1st quarter 2016 - 3year chart

Bullion News

Price Charts

1st Quarter of 2016 - Silver Price

Quarterly Chart

silver 1st quarter 2016 - quarterly chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Silver Price

1-Year Chart

silver 1st quarter 2016 - 1year chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Silver Price

3-Year Chart

silver 1st quarter 2016 - 3year chart

Price Charts

1st Quarter of 2016 - Platinum Price

Quarterly Chart

platinum 1st quarter 2016 - quarterly chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Platinum Price

1-Year Chart

platinum 1st quarter 2016 - 1year chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Platinum Price

3-Year Chart

platinum 1st quarter 2016 - 3year chart

Price Charts

1st Quarter of 2016 - Palladium Price

Quarterly Chart

palladium 1st quarter 2016 - quarterly chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Palladium Price

1-Year Chart

palladium 1st quarter 2016 - 1year chart

Bullion News

1st Quarter of 2016 - Palladium Price

3-Year Chart

palladium 1st quarter 2016 - 3year chart

The charts above are provided by the courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

The Free Bullion Investment Guide's

1st Qtr of 2016
Blog Posts

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

1st Quarter - 2016
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

03/31/2016 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt Falls Again: More Confirmation of a Major Market Turning Point Last Year?

The Felder Report - This Indicator Suggests A Bear Market Is Now Underway And It’s Likely To Be A Painful One

Tactical Investor - Share Buybacks Wall Street Scam

Casey Research - Is the Fed Getting Ready to Print More Dollars?

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Dysfunction

Bloomberg - This Is the ONLY PLACE Where Bad Bankers Go to Prison

Trading Floor - US junk bond defaults seen billowing to $90bn in 2016

Financial Sense - Credit Card Debt Levels Reaching Unsustainable Levels, Says CardHub CEO

CoinWorld - Sales stall for Shawnee National Forest 5-ounce silver bullion coins

Bloomberg - Even Bulls Get Stampeded by Gold's Best Quarter in Three Decades

CHARTS : Real Investment Advice - 3 Things: Fed Levitation, Employment, Savings Rate

The Deviant Investor - Silver Lows – Silver Ratios

PHOTOS : GoldSeek - One of Largest, Purest and Rarest Gold Coins Worth Nearly €5 Million Goes On Sale In Ireland

NEWS BTC - JMBullion – Use Your Bitcoins to Buy Gold

PHOTOS : The Telegraph - Saudi tourist brings four gold cars worth more than £1m to London

03/30/2016 - Bullion News

Yellen: Deciphering the Dove
VIDEO : CNBC - Yellen: Deciphering the dove - Link to Video above

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investor Haven - Silver’s Bullish Cup And Handle Pattern

Sputnik - Russia Becomes Globe's Top Buyer of Gold Bullion, Boosting Reserves

Every Investor - Expand Your Bullion Portfolio with The Royal Mint's Latest Addition >> "The Queen’s Beasts"

The Sovereign Investor - Monetary Disaster Insurance

FGMR - What’s Really Worrying Janet Yellen? by James Turk

OtterWood Capital - Are Buybacks The Only Thing Holding Up Markets Anymore?

NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : MED DEVICE ONLINE - Microneedle Patch Delivers Targeted Immunotherapy For Melanoma

03/29/2016 - Bullion News

OPINION : Market Watch - Negative Interest Rates Put the Global Economy on a Razor’s Edge

Bloomberg - Yellen Says Caution in Raising Rates Is ‘Especially Warranted’

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: No more hikes this year

Federal Reserve - (Speech Transcript) Chair Janet L. Yellen - March 29, 2016 - The Outlook, Uncertainty, and Monetary Policy

CHARTS : SRSrocco Report - SILVER vs. GOLD: 2 Must See Charts

twitter : Steen Jakobsen - tweet - Yellen: Bottom line: VERY dovish....

GoldReporter - BlackRock fears inflation and advises Gold

GOLD NANO : AZO NANO - Gold Nanorods Allow Real-Time, 3D Imaging of Cells and Tissues in Living Animal

The Gold Report - Marc Faber: Gold Still Most Desirable Currency in Wake of Brussels Attack

Gold-Eagle - War And Gold (Part 1)

GOVERNING - Feds Resume Controversial Program That Lets Cops Confiscate Peoples' Money and Property - Asset forfeiture is fast growing -- in 2014, for instance, federal authorities seized over $5 billion in assets. That's more than the amount of money lost in every single burglary that year.

WFMJ (Ohio) - Boardman Pawnbroker Thwarts Attempt to Sell Fake Gold

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

03/28/2016 - Bullion News

Gold-Eagle - The Only Safe Haven Left In The World Is Gold

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Silver’s Biggest Winning and Losing Streaks

Hedgeye - Small Caps Flirt With Full-Blown Crash Mode ('Guide Hint': Small Cap Movement is a Early Market Indicator)

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Inflation Numbers Don’t Change the Math for the Fed

The Guardian - Weak US consumer spending expected to delay interest rate rise

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - Market: Overbought and Topping

GOLD NANO : examiner - Cancer Cure?

CoinNews - Gold Dips to 5-Week Low, Silver Marks 3-Week Low

VIDEO : Libertatem Media - Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share?

The Deviant Investor - Gold, the Misery Index, and Insanity

Coin Update - Isle of Man Issues Silver Angel Bullion Coins

Bloomberg - The Next Perfect Banking Storm

CoinWorld - Monopoly swaps dollars for credit cards: Coin World Buzz

CoinWeek - Bullion, Coins & Taxes – Indiana Gov. Signs Sales Tax Exemption Bill

03/27/2016 - Bullion News

Happy Easter

AUDIO : Financial Sense - OECD's William White: Monetary Policy Has Failed and Economists Are Making a "Profound Ontological Error"

Seeking Alpha - Silver Is Now A Golden Investment Opportunity

CoinWeek - How The Royal Mint is Attempting to Redefine “Legal Tender” for Collector Coins

The New York Times - In Yahoo, Another Example of the Buyback Mirage

CNN Money - Junk territory: U.S. corporate debt ratings near 15-year low

Bloomberg - Behind U.S. GDP Data Is Reason for Recession Worry: Weak Profits

AUDIO : MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Mervyn King on the Limits of Central Banks

True Sinews - I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Market

AUDIO : Financial Post (Midas Letter) - Scotiabank portfolio manager Jaime Carrasco on why gold ‘is going a lot higher’

The Speculative Investor - The Missing Link

SRSrocco Report - How Much & Where Did The U.S. Export Most Of Its Gold Since 2011??

VIDEO : Financial Repression Authority - "PRICE DISCOVERY IS ESSENTIAL, IT IS THE NUCLEUS OF CAPITALISM!" - Gordon T. Long Interview w/ Michael Pento

Deccan Chronicle - Jewellers stay adamant, will not end stir

03/25/2016 - Bullion News

The Non-Dollar Report - A Conversation with James Grant: Part 2

Bullion Vault - Fed's Borderline Magic Fades

CHARTS : Financial Sense - Too Fast of a Sentiment Swing

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - March 25, 2016

dnaIndia - Jewellers to Continue Indefinite Strike Over Excise Duty

Good Friday story set to Pink Floyd music,
narrated by Glenn Beck

03/24/2016 - Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange - Bagfuls of Pocket Change... Handfuls of Heritage

CoinWeek - Bullion Coins – U.S. Mint Confirms New American Gold Eagle Die Variety


Seeking Alpha - Gold And Negative Interest Rates

PIMCO - Has Monetary Policy Become Hazardous Groupthink?

REWIND : VIDEO : Mises Institute - Friedrich Hayek en Masters of Money
Friedrich Hayek (May 8, 1899 – March 23, 1992)

GOLD NANO : R&D - Innovative Device Studies Gold Nanoparticles In-Depth

NewsMax - Marc Faber: 'Most Desirable Currency Will Be Gold, Silver'

CHARTS : SRSrocco Report - Record Breaking Silver Factors In 2015 Can Make 2016 Quite Interesting

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - The Markets "Graduate" to Commodities

The Sovereign Investor - The Real Value of Gold

Bloomberg - Japan's Bond Market Is Close to Breaking Point

Bloomberg - This Is What's Going On Beneath the Subprime Auto-Loan Turmoil

Notes from Underground - Bored of the Fed

03/23/2016 - Bullion News

Market Watch - ‘Rich Dad’ author Kiyosaki Sticks to His Prediction for 2016...

AUDIO : The Perth Mint - Perth Mint branded gold in great demand in China

GoldMoney - The Reserve Currency Curse

CoinWorld - Silver Price Gets Support From Drop in Base Metals Mining

Real Investment Advice - The NIRP Hail Mary

Reuters - World's richest Hindu temple wants gold rather than cash under scheme

GOLD NANO : NovusLight - Nano-Biosensor Detects Influenza

The Speculative Investor - The great inflation-unemployment trade-off stupidity

Market Watch - Gold-to-Silver Ratio May Favor Silver

Perth Mint Research - Bron Suchecki departs The Perth Mint

Forbes - Put Some Gold In Your Portfolio, It's A Great Way To Diversify

PLATA - It's 1790 All Over Again

GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Richest and Poorest Countries in the World

BullionStar - Venezuela Exported Another 12t Of its Official Gold Reserves To Switzerland In February

CNBC - 8 over-the-top ways the super rich use gold

03/22/2016 - Bullion News

Non-Dollar Report - Jim Grant - Sell Short the “Ph.D. Standard,” Buy Gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Real Investment Advice - Technically Speaking: Only 4% From The Highs


Bloomberg - Risks for a Further Squeeze Lower for the Greenback, says Bank of America

FAKE BULLION ALERT : CoinWorld - Counterfeit Modern U.S. Gold Issues in Fake NGC Holders with Fake Labels

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Futures Edge Higher

GOLD NANO : MNT - Diabetes Management with Graphene Skin Patch Steps Closer

CHART : McClellan Financial - Bad News: People Are Saving More

Silver Phoenix - Silver Fundamentals: The Numbers Don’t Lie

tweet : Jesse Felder - Central bankers behaving like lab rats....

CARTOON : Hedgeye - American Gothic II

Reuters - CME Group, Thomson Reuters to implement changes to silver benchmark in May

The West Australian - Perth Mint's profit soars on Chinese demand

03/21/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CFD Trading - VIDEO : Gold prices – Broad picture remains solid, change in character on display

Notes from the Rabbit Hole - NFTRH Gold CoT Analysis Affirmed

The Bullion Desk - Profit-taking extends gold selloff, dollar recovers

SRSrocco Report - DOW JONES vs SILVER: Trading Volume Says It All - (see my comments below the article)

Sunshine Profits - Recent U.S. Economic Data and Gold

CoinNews - Gold Falls for Second Session, Silver Gains; US Coin Sales Rise

GOLD NANO : Medical Physics Web - Personalize Nano Particles to Target Tumours

Real Investment Advice - 7-Deadly Investing Sins

The Deviant Investor - Silver – A Long-Term Perspective

SilverSeek - Silver Gone Wild

Contra Corner - China Has a $590 Billion Problem With Unpaid Bills

Energy & Capital - Palladium Investing and the Lithium Revolution

Sputnik - Germany Continues Repatriation of Gold Reserves From Abroad

Coin Update - London Hosts Exhibition of Rare 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

Smithsonian - Blokes with Metal Detectors Uncover Pieces of British History

03/20/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold-Eagle - Precious Metals Ignore Correction Calls

Casey Research - Doug Casey: Why Debt Is Not Money

SAXO Group - The Macro Take: USD melts down as EM and Commodities Melt Up

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - Fork in the Road

Fait-Religieux - India - Jewellers end 18-day strike

Dimartino Booth - An Embarrassment of Stitches

The Telegraph - Is QE a Savior, Necessary Evil or the Road to Perdition?

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - March 18, 2016

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Gold Market Update

BullionStar - SGE Gold Trading Volume 2015 Up 84 % Y/Y

FRAUD : Peak Prosperity - New report shows Arcadia digital currency company was set up to ‘defraud investors’

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Ed Butowsky: Calculating The True Cost of Living

CARTOONS : Hedgeye - This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

03/19/2016 - Bullion News

Casey Research - Doug Casey: Why Gold Is Money

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CFD Trading - US dollar ‘Head-and-shoulders’ trade in full-swing

Marc to Market - The Greenback Remains Technically Vulnerable

tweet : Fred Hickey - Another 12Tons into GLD today adding to ...

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The Fed: Fragility and Limitations – The Glass Economy

03/19: Perth Mint Blog - Bullion Coin Sales And Mintage Update For 2015

Gold-Eagle - Central Banks Are Attempting To Ward Off The Stock Market Crashes

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Brace Yourself: Our Latest Look at Student Debt

ZeeNews - India - Jewellers Won't call off strike, but ready for alternate tax

Non-Dollar Report - China’s Silver Grab

Dana Lyon's Tumblr - Another Major Index At A Crossroads

GoldSilverWorlds - Fiscal and Monetary Madness

03/18/2016 - Bullion News

The Speculative Investor - Have Economists Learned Nothing Since the 1970s?

The New York Sun - The Fed’s Politics

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Real Investment Advice - Weekend Reading: Did The Fed Just Cage The Bear?

CHARTS : SRSrocco Report - Silver Eagle Sales To Jump 25% Due To Deteriorating Market Conditions

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - The Fed Calls its Bluff & Blesses Gold

PDF : DoubleLine - The U.S. Dollar in 2016

VIDEO : Bloomberg - R.I.P. Dollar Rally as Dovish Fed Spurs Worst Slump Since 2011

NANO TECH : CANCER RESEARCH : Medical News Today - Injectable Nanoparticles Show 'Astounding' Prowess Against Cancer

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold- Dual resistance could be heavy, says Joe Friday

The Felder Report - How The ‘Wealth Effect’ Could Now Shift Into Reverse

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Deaths of Roman Emperors vs. Coinage Debasement

GoldBroker - Your Money In The Bank Will Be Gone or Worthless

Yahoo - California man gives $2 million aluminum penny back to U.S. Mint

03/17/2016 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Gold Still Crushing It in 2016 - Link to Video above

Reuters - Gold Consolidates after rallying on Fed's Rate Outlook

Value Walk - The Two Worlds Of Gold And Silver: East And West

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - How the World’s Currencies Got Their Names

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Recession Alert Weekly Leading Index: A New Recession Indicator

Business Insider - How the World’s Currencies Got Their Names

GOLD NANO : Dispatch Tribunal - New technique uses tiny gold nanodisks and light to kill bacteria in seconds

03/16/2016 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - Jim Grant on Fed's move

CNBC - Here's what changed in the new Fed statement - See Statement Under Video

CoinNews - Gold Soars 2.7% After Fed Statement; 2016 Silver Eagles Hit 13M

The Telegraph - US inflation rears its ugly head as global cycle nears danger zone

Reuters - Munich Re stashes gold and cash to counter negative rates

CHART : Sober Look - twitter : This must be really frustrating for Draghi

Money Beat (WSJ) - The Euro’s Doves Cry

CNN Money - Foreign Governments Dump U.S. Debt at Record Rate

Value Walk - Non-Bank Lending Conditions Dangerously Easy: UBS

Casey Research - How You Could Make 10, 20, Even 50 Times Your Money in the Coming Gold Mania

Money Metals Exchange - A Coin Has How Many Sides?

SRSrocco Report - SILVER INVESTMENT: Switching From A Commodity To High Quality Store Of Value

BullionStar - Kazakhstan & China Join Forces In Gold Market

03/15/2016 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - Exactly Why Gold Is Up and Will Keep Going Up

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Real Investment Advice - Technically Speaking: The Fed Cometh

VIDEO : CNBC - Strong demand from emerging markets, limited supply keeping gold prices up

CoinWeek - American Silver Eagle – One Million More Ounces Allocated

PDF : Gold Standard Inst. - Issue #63 of the Journal for The Gold Standard Institute

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold- Dangerous reversal pattern at channel resistance last week?

Kitco - Time To Buy Silver With Gold/Silver Ratio Near 10-year High?

REWIND : VIDEO : LibertyInOurTime - Friedrich von Hayek: His Life and Thought

Sovereign Man - US recession data shows it’s a very short road to capital controls

ALMONITOR - Why Turks are skipping banks and keeping their gold at home

The Non-Dollar Report - Protecting Your Savings From the War on Cash

VIDEO : Hedgeye - Interview with James Rickards about his New Book "The New Case for Gold"

Bloomberg - More Trouble in Bonds Backed by Peer-to-Peer Loans

Global News - Could using gold as cash help save you from costly currency conversions on your next trip?

CANCER SUCKS : Fiscal Times - The Surprisingly High Cost of Beating Cancer

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

03/14/2016 - Bullion News

BARRON'S (Asia) - Gold Is Pension Funds’ Best Bet, Says CLSA’s Wood

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Japan's Biggest Gold Retailer Says Negative Rates Boost Demand

CoinNews - Gold Logs Fifth Loss in Sixth Lesson; US Mint Coin Sales Rise

PIMCO - Why Gold Looks Rich

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Ignored for Years, a Radical Economic Theory Is Gaining Converts

Hussman Funds - Bearishness Is Strictly For Informed Optimists

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Life and Times During the Great Depression

The Deviant Investor - Zika, ZIRP, and NIRP Viruses

Zero Hedge - From "Ugly-Stepchild" To "Beauty Queen" - Gold ETF Holdings Surge To 18-Month Highs

Sharps Pixley - LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Goldman could be caught short on gold

Kitco - Hedge Funds Buy 481 Tonnes Of Paper Gold Since Start Of 2016 - Commerzbank

NPR - That's No Bottlecap! Hiker In Israel Finds Rare Gold Coin

03/13/2016 - Bullion News

The Fiscal Times - Banks Got Bailed Out, Homeowners Got Sold Out — and the Feds Made a Killing

Pretoria East Rekord - The Impeccable Value of Gold

CHART : StockCats - twitter : Pet Rocks at the Top? Who Would Have Guessed?

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Louise Yamada: This Is a Bear Market Rally – Until Proven Otherwise - She also Gives Her Thoughts on the Gold Market's Future

CoinWorld - Mint Probing Cause of American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Variant


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - Gold to Silver Ratio is Set to Retrace

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Daily Gold - Can Gold Climb to $1400/oz?

Business Insider - FED ON DECK: Your complete preview of the week's big economic events

CHART : Jesse Felder - twitter : One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Bloomberg - Gold Believers Scoff at Goldman Warning as Wagers on Rally Rise

NPR - Seeking Adventure And Gold? Crack This Poem And Head Outdoors

03/11/2016 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - The Correction in Gold Is Here

SafeHaven - US Mint Experiences Strongest Silver Eagles Sales Ever in February

CHARTS : Investing Haven - Will This Be A Major And Famous Gold Bottom?

CoinWorld - Fake gold bars found in tricky fake packaging, 1 of 5 bronze 1943-S cents sells: Week's Most Read

MoneyBeat - The ECB and the End of Central-Bank Stimulus

AUDIO : Hedgeye - McCullough: The Beginning of the End

The Felder Report - This Is STILL The Worst Possible Environment For Stock Market Investors

Business Insider - Jeff Gundlach on the global economy, the Fed's next move, and negative interest rates

Dimartino Booth - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt!

CHARTS : Doug Short - The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset?

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - David Morgan: Silver under $16 Is Limited, Serious Backlash If Futures Market Breaks

Bilbaoya - Bullion strike spills onto Day 9 as jewellers press demand

03/10/2016 - Bullion News

Chicago Tribune - Why Poor Man's Gold May Be About to Get More Investor Love

The Felder Report - Is Gold Going To $8,000?

CHART : Financial Sense - Global Liquidity Falls to 2008 Crisis Levels

Bloomberg - Super Mario's Corporate Bond Adventure

Business Insider - China just made a move to tackle the biggest threat to its economy, and it reeks of desperation

CNBC - US credit card debt balloons to $917B: What it means

The Deviant Investor - Keep The Money Game Churning

GoldSilverWorlds - Gold and Paper 1951 – 2016

CoinNews - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales in February

The Daily Mail - Inside the $4.8M gold bar heist: How thieves used GPS tracker and remote-controlled pepper-spray launcher to subdue driver and steal 275lbs of gold in Hollywood-like heist

CoinWorld - Counterfeit Proof 2015-W American Eagle silver dollar surfaces at show

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

03/09/2016 - Bullion News

ABC News (Australia) - Silver Polishes Up as Alternative Safe Haven to Gold

GoudStandaard - Demand for gold coins ballooned since 2008
- Google Translation Link

Zero Hedge - Former Fed President: "We Injected Cocaine And Heroin Into The System To Create A Wealth Effect"

WolfStreet - NIRP Kills Off All Money Market Funds in Japan

Market Watch - Share buybacks may trigger the next leg down for U.S. stocks

BloombergView - Falling Earnings, Recession Warning

CBSnews - What's Next for Gold?

Bloomberg - Gold's Best Start Since 1974 Shows Not Just Inflation Hedge

GOLD NANO : Dove Press - Effects of nanoparticle size on antitumor activity of 10-hydroxycamptothecin-conjugated gold nanoparticles: in vitro and in vivo studies

Financial Sense - Negative Rates Attempt to Inflate Away Government Debt

ValueWalk - After Calling 2016 Stock Market, UBS Technical Analysts Think Stocks Overbought

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Out Of Ammo

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - $4.47 in Debt Gets Us Only $1.00 in Growth?!

Sputnik News - US National Debt: Why Russia Plays in the Largest Ponzi Scheme in the World

Zero Hedge - Helicopter Money Comes To Canada: Ontario Pledges "Basic Income Experiment"

03/08/2016 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - Why Gold Could Climb Nearly 20% in the Next 12 Months

Financial Sense - $20 Trillion in Debt, Financial Repression, and Gold's Blast-off

The Telegraph - Debtor Days are Over as BIS Calls Time on World Credit Binge

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: 'March Madness'

The Bullion Desk - Alarm Bells Ring as Gold, Base Metals Move in Tandem

CoinWorld - 2016 Shawnee National Forest 5-ounce silver bullion coin nears initial maximum

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - S&P 500- Dangerous if weakness takes place at this level!

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli reports on Traders Shorting Treasurys

Zero Hedge - Are Treasury Shorts About To Scream: 10s, 30s Plunge In Repo, "Fails" Galore

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthroplogy - Connecting the Dots - 3/8/16

BullionStar - SGE Confirms To Continue Publish Withdraw Data!

The Times of India - Strike of bullion traders enters 5th day, business bleeds

CoinWeek - US Coins – The Morgan Dollar vs. the American Silver Eagle: A Primer

NewsBTC - JM Bullion Announces Discounted Precious Metals for Bitcoin Users

Bullion Vault - Retirement Savings: The Cold Truth

03/07/2016 - Bullion News

PLATA - Remember 'The Greening of America'? by Hugo Salinas Price

Reuters - China February FX reserves fall to $3.20 trillion, lowest since late 2011

NewsMax - Fed's Fischer Warns That US Inflation Could Be Accelerating

Money Metals Exchange - New Gold Bull Market Now Official; Breaking Point in Paper Gold?

BullionStar - Precious Metals Import India 2015 Strong, Government Hopelessly Continues To Obstruct Demand

The Deviant Investor - Future Gold Prices

TheMerkle - Precious Metals Dealer JM Bullion Starts Accepting Bitcoin

CoinWeek - Australia 2016 Kookaburra 1 oz Silver Coin

CoinWorld - Royal Canadian Mint confirms only 55 error coins entered marketplace

Perth Now - Solomons police seize gold bullion believed salvaged from Japanese war wreck

Business Insider - 10 countries hoarding enormous piles of gold

03/06/2016 - Bullion News

CHARTS : The Felder Report - Margin Debt’s Message For Investors Couldn’t Be More Clear

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Understanding Interest on our National Debt

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - GOLD: Correction Coming?

VIDEO : CoinWeek - The Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin: From Planchets to Monster Boxes

Motley Fool - How Do Gold Prices Affect the Economy?

CoinNews - Gold Ends Week at 13-Month High; US Mint Coin Sales Steady

SRSrocco Report- The Death of the paper gold market picked up speed as Blackrock announced that issuance of new Gold IAU ETF shares was Suspended.

The Economist - CHINA : Red Ink Rising

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Gold Preps For New Trending Move

BAWERK - Greenspan, the Sheepherder

CoinWorld - Silver American Eagle sales still restricted by weekly allocations

Travel & Leisure - Here’s What Happens to the Coins You Throw in Fountains

03/04/2016 - Bullion News

FAKE BULLION ALERT : CoinWorld - Counterfeiters Target 1-ounce Gold PAMP Bars, Packaging

The National - Negative Interest Rates Make for Positive Outlook on Bullion

Bloomberg - Gold No Longer Glitters in Canada’s Official Treasure Chest

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Steve Forbes Speaks on the Fed, Markets, and a Return of the Gold Standard

CHART : Visual Capitalist - Investors Buy Gold ETFs at Record Pace

CoinWeek - Silver Coins – Low Budget Silver Coin Investing and Collecting

Perth Mint Blog - WGC reports flat demand for gold in full year 2015

Business Insider - FUND MANAGER: Investors are unprepared for the future of the market

SafeHaven - Fed Stuck Between Hard Place and a Grenade

Daily Reckoning - The Fed’s Desperate Battle Against Stagnation: A New Era Begins

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Silver Buy Signal – 2016

Business World - India's Jewellers To Continue Strike; Minister Says Will Look Into Demands

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli's Rant Heard Round the World - On February 19, 2009, a frustrated Rick Santelli calls for the launch of a Chicago Tea Party.

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03/03/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Resource Investor - What is Copper Telling Us?

Bloomberg - Gold Snaps Back to Bull Market as Prices Surge on Haven Demand

FAKE ASE ALERT : Numismatic News - Fake 2015-W Proof Silver Eagles reported

BloombergGadfly - Where to Hide In Brutal Markets

GOLD NANO : Controlled Environments - Gold Nanoparticle Mystery Unraveled

The Gold Report - Behold the New Golden Bandwagon. . .

Bullion Vault - Gold Prices 'Consolidating' vs Rising Dollar as US Jobs Surprise, Scrap Sales Grow

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: Zero before 1%

INFOGRAPHIC : CoinWorld - American Eagle silver, gold bullion coin sales have another big month

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Thomas Sedlacek: The Economics of Good and Evil

Daily Mail - Plumber finds $50,000 gold bar hidden under the tub while renovating a bathroom and RETURNS it to the owners

03/01/2016 - Bullion News

The Non-Dollar Report - Gold: The Everlasting Currency

The Speculative Investor - Gold and Confidence

FAKE BULLION ALERT : CoinWorld - Counterfeiters Target Silver Bullion Products of Multiple Manufacturers

What Investment - Why 'it makes sense' for investors to own gold now

Bullion Vault - Gold Selling Jumps on Best Price Move Since 2012

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Action Forex - GOLD - Targets Additional Upside With Caution

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing Haven - 4 Gold Charts That Will Confuse Bulls And Bears

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Notes from the Rabbit Hole - Gold, Silver, Their Ratio and the Stock Market

Kitco - February Demand For U.S. Gold Coins Up 236% From 2015

Market Watch - Japanese Government Sells Bonds with a Negative Yield for the First Time

VIDEO : Zero Hedge - "We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning

Bloomberg - Golub Shutting Credit Fund as It Blames `Market Illiquidity'

Capital Ideas - Does Your Financial Adviser 'Specialize in Misconduct'?

02/29/2016 - Bullion News

Hard Asset Alliance - 5 Positive Charts for Buying Gold

CoinNews - 2016 American Silver Eagle Sales Mark Best February at 4.78M


VIDEO : Hedgeye - McCullough: Listen Closely to the Bond Market’s Message

CHARTS : Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt Falls Further: Confirmation of a Major Market Turning Point Last Year?

Bloomberg - Citi: There's Been a Worrisome Change in the Market for New Corporate Debt

BAWERK - Increasing Price Inflation is Not a Sign of Healthy Recovery, but the Last Stage Before Recession

Cobden Centre - Negative Rates, Negative Outcomes

Sovereign Man - “There’s never been a change this big, nor so many people unprepared.”

Scott Fearon - How Bad is it Out There? Real Bad.

VIDEO : CNBC - 'G-20 still living on Fantasy Island'

Reuters - India's Jewellers to strike in protest over gold tax

AUDIO : Sprott Money - Rick Rule: Why I Own Precious Metals - Proven & Probable

The Deviant Investor - Silver Prices in Five Years?

02/28/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - Long-Term Stock Charts Show the Bear Market is Far From Over

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - Bull Rallies In Bear Markets

FUTURES : GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

VIDEO : CoinWeek - How Gold Coins Are Made: The Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

IMAGES : Numismatic News - The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) Selects 2017 America the Beautiful Quarter Designs

Bloomberg - Dreams of Living Well in Retirement Dim for Americans

First Rebuttal - A Blended Fundamental and Technical Perspective on Where We Go From Here

Notes from Underground - He Goes Running For the Shelter of His Mother’s Little Helper

Zero Hedge - HSBC Looks At "Life Below Zero," Says "Helicopter Money" May Be The Only Savior

Marc to Market - Baker's Dozen: 13 Items that Should be on Your Radar Screen

Morningstar - Brexit Uncertainty Pushes Up Gold Price

02/26/2016 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Where Can Investors Hide From Punishing Negative Rates?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 2/24/16

NFTRH - Gold & Silver CoT Worsen Yet Again

Daily Reckoning - The Golden Chameleon

Sovereign Man - BREAKING: US government releases its 2015 financial statements

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Trapped! Central Bankers Propose a Wall to Keep You In

CoinNews - US Banknote Production Climbs to 518.4 Million in January

CNN Money - Venezuela is shipping gold to pay debt

Libertatem Media - You’re Being Taxed and you Don’t Know It

The Deviant Investor - Gold Will Overwhelm Dent

Sunshine Profits - Is the Gold Price Manipulated? Part IV

BullionStar - COMEX Gold Futures Can Be Settled Directly With Eligible Inventory

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

02/25/2016 - Bullion News

Rick Santelli : One "SAFE" Issue about Japan's Negative Rates
VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: One "safe" issue about Japan's negative rates - Link to Video above

Silver Coins Today - US Mint Sales: Bullion Silver Coins Surging; Silver Eagles at 10M

The Bullion Desk - China plans to launch yuan-denominated gold fix on April 19

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold & King Dollar face multi-year breakout test now!

GOLD NANO : Scicasts - Researchers Create New Way to Manufacture Nanoparticles

Profit Confidential - Peter Schiff: Fed’s “Worst Possible Nightmare” Becoming Reality

AUDIO : FSN - Frank Holmes – Monopoly Is Going Cashless, Kiss Your Greenbacks Goodbye?

Money Metals Exchange - U.S. Gold & Silver Buyers Have Some Big Advantages!

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Oscar: How It’s Made, and What It’s Worth

02/24/2016 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Gold the 'Superhero' May Shoot Up to $1,400: Top Forecaster

CoinUpdate - Shawnee 5-Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Sales Top 100,000

FT - Helicopter Drops May Not Be Far Away

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli speaks to Charles Biderman, TrimTabs Investment Research, shares his view of the impact of zero interest rates, and what he thinks about the economic outlook

CATO Institute - Cowen on Central Banks and Liquidity Traps

NumismaticNews - Premium never low enough?

BAWERK - How Italy will fail and drag down the European Project

CASHLESS : CryptoCoinNews - Australian Reserve Bank Sees a Digital Dollar Future

02/23/2016 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Futures Bounce

Bloomberg - More Subprime Borrowers Are Falling Behind on Their Auto Loans

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Fed capital resources to pay for infrastructure

Profit Confidential - Marc Faber: This Is Why Everyone Needs to Own Gold and Silver

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Gold: C Wave Rally Intensifies

VIDEO : BNN - Never mind nasty, brutish base metals. Stick to gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Get "Real" on Gold Fever

Business Insider - It is worse than anyone thought on Wall Street

CARTOON : Hedgeye - The Herd Mentality

02/22/2016 - Bullion News

The Washington Post - Janet Yellen is Wrong. Expansions Do Die of Old Age.

CHARTS : Lance Roberts - Debt vs Growth: Correlation or Causation

The Daily Bell - As Central Banks Dim, Gold Brightens

AUDIO : Hedgeye - From The Vault | 5 Must See Interviews With Rickards, Roach, Stockman, Alpert & Grant

CoinNews - Gold Logs First Loss in Four Sessions; US Mint Bullion Coins Rise

First Rebuttal - CNBC Market Pros vs The 5 Year Olds

GoldSeek - SWOT Analysis: Gold Holds On as Investors Lose Faith in Central Banks

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Steen Jakobsen: The End Of The Debt Cycle

Kitco - Short Covering Pushed Gold Prices To One-Year Higher - CFTC

SilverSeek - Where is the Silver Coming From?

Reuters - U.S. to push for greater fiscal spending at G20: Treasury official

02/21/2016 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - $85 Billion Says the Fed's Wrong

Inside Futures - Silver; Due to Catch Up on Gold?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - GOLD: So Far, So Good

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Gold Market Update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Silver Market Update

Business Insider - Basketball Legend Coach K Perfectly Summed What Separates Great Players — and Investors — From the Rest

SRSrocco Report - ANALYST MISTAKEN: World Silver Production Did Not Rise In 2015, It Declined

Bloomberg - China's Yuan Bears Predict More Trouble Ahead

Zero Hedge - This Is What Happens To Gold When Citizens Lose Faith In Fiat Currency

BullionStar - Venezuela Exported 36t Of Its Official Gold Reserves To Switzerland In January

Financial Sense - The Silver Age of the Central Banker

02/20/2016 - Bullion News

CBCnews - Gold Price Over $1,200 has Bullion Buyers Sure Rally Will Continue

The Telegraph - World faces wave of epic debt defaults, fears central bank veteran

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Stock Charts - Currencies Are Ripe For Showing Trend Changes In Commodities

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire

CoinWorld - Perth Mint's Wedge-Tailed Eagle bullion and collector coins soar

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Log First Weekly Loss in Five Weeks

Market Watch - Some say China is behind the dollar’s weakness

Business Insider - 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' are creating havoc in financial markets

Alhambra Investment Partners - NIRP Backlash…In Japan

02/19/2016 - Bullion News

LETTER TO EDITOR : Berkshire Eagle - Protect Yourselves Against Debt Collapse

NewsMax - The Keynesians Are Failing, Bring Back the Free Market

Dollar Collapse - Rising Interest Rates? Never Mind

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold-Eagle - A Wild Week

GOLD NANO : medGadget - Shape-shifting Nanoparticles Turn Cellular Targeting On and Off

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: 'Thumbs...down on Main Street'

The Telegraph - I am looking for a safe haven – should I buy silver instead of gold?

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Trader Dan Norcini Turns Bullish, Says “You’re Nuts” If You Don’t Own Gold

The New York Post - The Dastardly Drive to Ban the Benjamin

The Deviant Investor - Q&A with Mr. Silver Market

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

02/18/2016 - Bullion News

Central Banks are Killing Trust and Boosting Gold

CNBC - Quantitative easing is killing trust in capital and boosting gold, says investor - Link to Video above

CHARTS : Hedgeye - Recessionary Gales Are Billowing Over The U.S.

SRSrocco Report - Two Gold Charts Western Central Banks Are Worried About

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Edge Higher; US Mint Gold Sales Rise

The New York Times - China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Dwindling Rapidly

STRENGTH : The Daily Mail - Terminally-ill Joey Feek celebrates daughter Indiana's second birthday achieving her dream of fighting off cancer long enough to be there for the big day

02/17/2016 - Bullion News

CoinWorld - U.S. Mint Continues to Allocate as American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Sales Climb

The Telegraph - Negative interest rates are a 'gigantic fiscal failure'

The Street - Goldman Sachs Is Wrong; Gold Is a Buy Here, Not a Sell (my comments are below the article)

Bloomberg - Fed Frets Corporate Credit Crunch Will Crimp Economic Growth

International Man - Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar

GOLD NANO : PHYS.org - New Hydrogel Nanoplatform that Identifies and Shrinks Tumors in Mice

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Why Investors Should Short Today's Market "Bounce"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Bonds in trouble, after creating this bearish pattern?

Acting Man - Gold Gets a Paulson Boost

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - V for Volatility

Reuters - Japan Economy Minister: need more data to measure impact of negative rates

The Speculative Investor - Changes in gold location say nothing about the gold price

02/16/2016 - Bullion News

The New York Times - Fed’s Neel Kashkari Says Banks Are ‘Still Too Big to Fail’

CoinNews - Precious Metals Fall; US Mint Coin Sales Rise

The Japan Times - Years after crisis, global economy weakening and central banks seen running out of ammo

The Sovereign Investor - Japan Is Our Future: Is Gold the Solution?

IMAGES : Mint News Blog - 2017 Design Candidates for the Effigy Mounds and Ellis Island - America the Beautiful Quarters

Market Watch - Even Monopoly is going cashless in new edition

Zero Hedge - The Most Hated Dead Cat Bounce Ever? Wall Street Is Throwing Up All Over This Rebound

VIDEO : Investopedia - DEFINITION of a 'Dead Cat Bounce'

CNA Finance - “The 2016 Market Meltdown” and “The Golden Age”

Daily Reckoning - Here's Where NIRP Leads...

02/15/2016 - Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange - What Would George Washington Do?

VIDEO : CNN Money - Central bankers 'don't have a clue' - Jim Rogers

The Corner - As always, the Fed is just an innocent bystander!

VIDEO : CNBC - If Gold Breaks $1350, A Bull Market in Gold will be Confirmed.

GOLD NANO : Chemistry World - Popping Nanobubbles Let Surgeons Sound Out Micro-Tumours

The Felder Report - Art And Shipping Bellwethers Send An Ominous Signal For Markets And The Economy

Hussman Funds - Warning with a Capital "W"

Business Insider - Here are the similarities between 2016 and the 2008 financial crisis

CHART : King One Eye - Gold is on the Cusp of a New Bull Market

PDF : The Gold Standard Institute - The Gold Standard Inst. February Journal - Issue #62

The Deviant Investor - Silver, Gold, the Argentina Peso, and Exponentially Increasing Prices

The Sovereign Investor - Say Goodbye to Cash

Sunshine Profits - Is the Gold Price Manipulated? Part II

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

02/14/2016 - Bullion News

Daily Pfennig - The Real Reason Why You Should Buy Gold

Safe Haven - What Markets Are Telling Us by Ron Paul

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - 5 From Last Week in Markets

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

CHART : Visual Capitalist - The World is Turning Japanese

INFO~GRAPHIC : Value Walk - Global Gold Demand Trend In 2015

Forbes - The Black Hole Of Debt

GOLD NANO : Digital Journal - Global Gold Nanoparticles Market to Derive Growth Opportunities from Increasing R&D Activities in Gold Nanotechnology

The New York Times - Chinese Start to Lose Confidence in Their Currency

Zero Hedge - Why NIRP (Negative Interest Rates) Will Fail Miserably

The Deviant Investor - Gold, Gold Stocks, and the End Game

Reuters - Shunned for years, gold stages comeback as equities melt down

The Gold Report - Did Mark Cuban and the Dow Just Prove Goldbugs Right?

TheBull (Australia) - Gold bullion or gold equities?

MineWeb - Examining the Fate of Platinum Producers

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02/12/2016 - Bullion News

How Big is the U.S. Debt?

Learn Liberty - Economics: How Big is the U.S. Debt?
- Link to Video Above

Mish Talk - Auto Loans, Student Debt Lead Household Re-Leveraging

The Economist - GOLD...A Hedge Against Ignorance

Bullion Vault - Racing to Buy Gold? Stop!...First Do Some Homework

Kitco - CME Group Hiking Margins On Comex Gold Futures As Of Friday Close

Dana Lyon's Tumblr - Euro PIIGS Starting To Squeal Again

CoinNews - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Surge in January

Money Metals Exchange - Why the Federal Reserve Always "Happens" to Be Wrong

CoinWeek - Bullion Coins – Silver Stacking Techniques

02/11/2016 - Bullion News

Reuters - DoubleLine's Gundlach: Gold to hit $1400 as investors lose faith in central banks

Kitco - Gold Rockets To 12-Month High On Safe-Haven Demand Amid Spooked World Marketplace

The Non-Dollar Report - Silver: How High Can It Go?

AUDIO : FSN - Danielle Park – Pity the Poor Bankers - Good Interview

Market Watch - Is this the week central banks lost their market credibility?

Resource Investor - Miss buying gold and you'll regret it

Bullion Vault - Platinum: The Perfect Trade?

Bloomberg - Bass Says China Bank Losses May Top 400% of Subprime Crisis

Dollar Collapse - Reversal Of Fortunes: Capital Pours Out Of Banks And Into Gold

The Cobden Centre - America’s National Debt Bomb Caused by the Welfare State

biiwii - Hear That Sucking Sound?

Zero Hedge - Janet Yellen Admits Fed Is Evaluating Possibility Of Negative Rates

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Four Legal Questions the Fed Would Face If it Decided to Go Negative

Commodity Online - Gold rises, beware of scams

BullionStar - London Was Bleeding 184t Of Gold In December While China Imported At Least 217t

02/10/2016 - Bullion News

Yellen's Lost Control

VIDEO : CNBC - Yellen's Lost Control - Link to Video above

Money Beat - What Yellen Is Talking About When She Talks About Financial Conditions

Market Watch - Yellen says Fed isn’t sure whether it’s legal to adopt negative rates

Value Walk - Kyle Bass – China’s $34 Trillion Experiment Is Exploding – Full Letter

CoinNews - Gold Dips from 8-Month High, Bullion 2016 Silver Eagles Hit 8M

PDF : Sprott Money - What is the Gold Standard?

What Investment - Investors belatedly 'starting to realise' the potential of gold as a safe haven, says top analyst

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Gold Awakens from a Three Year Coma

Zero Hedge - BP's Stunning Warning: "Every Oil Storage Tank Will Be Full In A Few Months"

The New York Times - Stung by Low Oil Prices, Companies Face a Reckoning on Debts

The Cobden Centre - They Broke the Silver Fix

CoinWorld - Individual 5-ounce silver bullion coin sales highest since 2011

02/09/2016 - Bullion News

PDF : GoldMoney - The Iron Law of Money

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Prospects for Precious Metals

MoneyBeat - Study: The ‘Yellen Put’ Is Real

Investment U - Why Gold Will Go From Safe Haven to Highflier in 2016

CoinWorld - American Eagle silver bullion coin sales pass 7-million mark

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli discusses bond prices and how global economies have impacted the dollar index.

Fleckenstein Capital - Gold Kills?

CHART : Dana Lyons' Tumblr - Intraday Trading Indicator Showing Shades of 2000, 2007 Tops

The Deviant Investor - WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction

Reuters - Gold eyes longest winning run since 2011 as safe havens rule

iStock Analyst - The Return Of Crisis

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Is the Nasdaq Forming a Double Top Like Silver Did 5 years ago...?

Bloomberg - LBMA Said to Invite LME, ICE to Propose Gold Trading Platform

02/08/2016 - Bullion News

SoberLook - The Golden Age

CoinWeek - Austrian Mint Issues 1st Platinum Coin, Part of Vienna Philharmonic Range

Bloomberg - The Probability of Negative U.S. Rates Is on the Rise

Kitco - China Continues To Buy More Gold As it Sells Other Foreign Reserves

The Guardian - Scrap high-denomination banknotes, urges ex-bank boss

Yahoo Finance - What you need to know about investing in gold and other precious metals

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Nasdaq closes below 5-year support line, DAX doing the same!

Dollar Collapse - 2007 All Over Again, Part 3: Banks Starting To Implode

Hussman Funds - When Stocks Crash and Easy Money Doesn't Help

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Gold Tops $1200 For First Time Since June

Money Metals Exchange - FEAR TRADE: Metals Up, Stocks and Jobs Down

MineWeb - Anglo Platinum sees supply cliff as mines investment dries up

Commodities Now - The Royal Mint announces it has sold-out of the Lunar Year of the Monkey 2016 1oz bullion coins

BullionStar - SGE Continues To Publish Withdrawals Figures?

02/07/2016 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Pension Partners - Investor Cage Match: Gold Bugs vs. Equity Bulls

Energy and Research Digest - Silver’s Secret Countdown

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - February 5, 2016

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - Weekend Reading: The Awakening

SUPERBOWL TRIBUTE : NFL (YouTube) - Walter Payton (1953 - 1999) - Taken Way Too Soon from Bile Duct Cancer - One of the Greatest to Ever Play the Game - "Sweetness"

Project Syndicate - The Global Economy’s New Abnormal

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - 2 Charts -- Testing Support

CHARTS : The Felder Report - Mind The Gaps

BAWERK - China’s 3 trillion dollar mistake

Leahy Wealth Mgmt - 10 Financial Steps to Success While in Your 20′s

02/06/2016 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Gundlach Says Dollar Will Drop in 2016

The Telegraph - Debt, defaults, and devaluations: why this market crash is like nothing we've seen before

Visual Capitalist - The World’s Most Famous Case of Deflation

Moneyness - Does the Fed lack the technical means to dive into negative rate waters?

Market Watch - Share buyback machine remains in overdrive and experts warn it will end badly

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Putting the Recent Market Volatility in Context

The Deviant Investor - Crude Oil Bottoms and Blues

Review Journal - Nevada's biggest exports continue to be gold, precious metals

The New York Times - Puerto Rican Officials Warn Congress of Major Defaults Without Restructuring

02/05/2016 - Bullion News

Numismaster - US Mint raises the Maximum Mintage for the 5oz. Silver America the Beautiful bullion coin

CoinNews - “Predator” and “Call of the Wild” Canadian 2016 Bullion Coins Launch

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Gold Market Update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Silver Market Update

The Perth Mint - Massive Year of the Monkey 10 Kilo Silver Coin

Market Monetarist - The Fed Made a Grave Policy Error by Talking Tough and Pushing Up the Dollar

Mises Institute - The Cozy Relationship between the Treasury and the Fed

Wealth Daily - The Bank of Japan Goes Negative

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Legends of the Fall

Sunshine Profits - Is the Gold Price Manipulated? Part I

Sovereign Man - Thirteen Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

YOUR HEALTH : Daily Mail - 10 'Red Flag' Symptoms that Mean YOU Could Have Cancer

02/04/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - 3 Things: Fed Late, Rate Review, Pricing In “R”

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - 5 Things to Watch in the January Jobs Report

VIDEO : CNBC - Negative rates in US? Here's why it could happen

VIDEO : Peter Schiff - Great Recession of '09 Will Need New Name After This Greater Recession

Reuters - Thomson Reuters, CME Group to develop silver benchmark

CNN Money - Royal Canadian Mint offers innovative anti-counterfeiting device to european bullion dealers and distributors

GOLD & SILVER NANO : The John Hopkins News-Letter - Quantum Dots Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Market Watch - Here’s why your paycheck isn’t going up much

Market Monetarist - ‘Googlenomics’ predicts sharp rise in US unemployment

FiveThirtyEight - The Unemployment System Isn’t Ready For The Next Recession

PHOTOS : The New York Times - Going Cashless in Sweden

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - The Coming Cashless Society

Perth Mint - 2016 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Lands In Australia

02/03/2016 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Log 3-Month Highs; US Mint Bullion Sales Rise

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold/Silver attempting to break 3-year falling resistance

CHART : Peter L. Brandt - Gold/Silver ratio near historic lows

Bloomberg - Dollar Suffers Worst Day in 7 Years as Traders Face Fed Reality

Business Insider - A hedge fund has laid out why it is closing — and it is enough to set alarm bells ringing everywhere

Kitco - Gold Has Room To Move Higher But Analysts Warn To Be Careful Around $1,180 Level

Perth Mint Research - LBMA 2016 Precious Metal Forecast

The New York Times - Toxic Loans Around the World Weigh on Global Growth

Reuters - China 2015 gold output dips 0.4 pct, consumption rises

CoinWorld - Isle of Man begins selling 2016 Angel gold bullion coins

Money Metals Exchange - The Dethroning of Cash: Discouraged, Penalized, Even Banned?

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Volcker To Yellen

Daily Mail - From solid gold to trash overnight: A lottery ticket worth $63million is set to expire TOMORROW if owner doesn't claim it

02/02/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing Haven - Red Flag: Bonds Breaking Out To All-Time Highs, Warning To Markets

INFO~GRAPHIC : Sovereign Man - Visualizing America’s New $19 Trillion Debt

Silver Coins Today - 2016 Shawnee 5 Oz Silver Bullion Coins Debut at 41,800

Bullion Vault - Gold Investing 2016: This Time for Real?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : FX Empire - Gold Takes A Significant Step Up On Weaker Economic Data

Perth Mint Research - Would You Risk Going to Jail to Fix the Fix?

The Money Savvy Blog - Perceived Wealth vs. Actual Wealth

Advisor Perspectives - Market Remains Overvalued, Down from Last Month

The Felder Report - Don’t Dismiss The Systemic Risk Of A Corporate Credit Bust

Hedgeye - HEAD SCRATCHER | San Fran Fed Head John Williams Walks Back Hawkish Rate Hike Talk In Just 25 Days

Reuters - More central bank rate cuts coming before any hike

Alhambra Investment Partners - Personal Savings Up Meaning No Energy ‘Tax Cut’ Reaches Consumers

Clive Maund - FIAT ENDGAME update...

The New York Sun - Hello, Ben . . . ?

02/01/2016 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - The Fed’s Normalization and Gold

The Bullion Desk - World’s Largest Silver Producer Slams Silver Bench Marking Controversy

Washington Examiner - National debt hits $19 trillion

Business Insider - Capital flight from China is so intense people are trying to sneak money out without authorities noticing

Bloomberg - Silver Investors' Faith in Benchmark Threatened by Market Misses

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Harris says 'Fed Models are Flawed'

Perth Mint Research - Mystery Federal Reserve Bank NY Gold Depositor

The Deviant Investor - Central Bank Created Silver Rally

GoldReporter.de - IS Barclays Exiting the Precious Metals Market or IS it Just Speculation???

CoinUpdate - U.S. Mint Issues New Silver Eagle Allocation and Shawnee Bullion Coins

CEO.CA - Living Like You Are About to Die

01/31/2016 - Bullion News

The Dollar Report - A “Silver Rush” in China

The Felder Report - The Greatest Money Manager Alive Attributes The Majority His Success To Just This One Thing

Market Watch - Fed’s December hike was a major mistake, former Bank of England official says

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Safe Haven - Clive Maund : Elites Set to Wipe Out Shorts Before Next Downwave...

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Moving Averages: January Month-End Update

VIDEO : CNBC - JPMorgan slashes outlook for stocks, citing Fed's 'diverging pressures'

Perth Mint Research - LBMA Silver “Price”: A Perfect Storm of Stupidity

Reuters - U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales surge 53 pct January, yr/yr

Platts - Barclays to exit precious metals: sources

CHARTS : ValueWalk - Oil Is Cheaper Than...

01/29/2016 - Bullion News

Zeal Essays - US Mint Bullion - Coin Sales 4

CHARTS : The Felder Report - If History Rhymes This Indicator Suggests Stocks Still Have A Long Way To Fall

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing Haven - Gold’s Downtrend Is Slowing Down But Will Take Time Before A New Bull Market Starts

The Silver Institute - 2016 Silver Market Trends

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Jim Grant : "The Fed Will Return to Zero"

VIDEO : CNBC - Art Cashin addresses the strength of the latest market rally.

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Economic Growth Cools as U.S. Consumers Temper Spending

SRSrocco Report - It Begins...Primary Silver Mining Company To Cut Production 25% In 2016

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Forbes Pulls No Punches in Exclusive Interview with Money Metals Exchange

The Japan Times - In Shocking Move, Japan Adopts Negative Interest Rate as Deflation Fight Falters

Reuters - Negative Rates in Europe Offer Little Hope for Japan

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Over a Fifth of Global GDP is Now Covered by a Central Bank With Negative Rates

FAKE GOLD : South China Morning Post - Chinese Authorities Seize Fake ‘Gold’ Yuan Banknotes from Jewellery Stores that were being Sold as Gifts for Lunar New Year

01/28/2016 - Bullion News

The Bullion Desk - LBMA Silver Benchmark Disparity Worries Market Participants

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - You Won't "Buy The Dip" After Seeing These 2 Charts

CHARTS : Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt Renews Its Decline

CHART : Alhambra Investment Partners - FOMC Meeting In One Chart

CHART : The Felder Report - Corporate Bonds Pass An Ominous Milestone

Bloomberg - The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Canadian Technician - Is The $USD Stalling?

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Gold’s Biggest Winning and Losing Streaks

Bullion Vault - Collapse of the Petro-Dollar

Market Watch - Here’s one argument why China will lose its currency war

BullionStar - Presentation Koos Jansen At Scotiabank

The Deviant Investor - Gold Deficits, Fort Knox, and a Reset

Sunshine Profits - Gold in a Non-Zero Interest Rate World

Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint Enters Manufacturing Deal For eBay Branded Gold Bars

01/27/2016 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Gains After Fed Statement; US Mint Coin Sales Rise

CHARTS : MoneyBeat (WSJ) - See Markets React to the Fed in 8 Charts

CNBC - Here's what the Fed Added & Deleted in the New Fed Statement

Business Insider - The Fed just put global financial markets on notice

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Peter L. Brandt - twitter : 'Cup in Handle' in Gold Chart

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Gold Stock Champagne

The Felder Report - What Follows The Most Epic “Reach For Yield” Episode In History?

Bloomberg - Goldman's Former Head of Junk Bond Trading Has Some Choice Words About the Credit Market

Alhambra Investment Partners - Blatant Warning, Not Casual Dismissal

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - China Buys All the Gold Produced in 2015 (and more)

PDF : GoldMoney Insights - This is Not 2008 – at Least Not for Gold

The Sovereign Investor - Silver’s Shrinking Supply

MINING - Germany brings more gold back home

CNN Money - It's war! China blasts Soros over currency comments

01/26/2016 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - Comparisons to 2008 Spark Gold’s Fear Trade

Reuters - Gold eyes 2016 rebound on slower rate hikes, Chinese demand - GFMS

GoldReporter.de - Gold market in Q4 2015: Demand exceeded supply

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Felder Report - Shanghai As A Leading Indicator For The S&P 500

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Don't Miss This Chart - Gold Starts To Shimmer

GOLD NANO : medGadget - Gold Nanoparticles: Emerging Future of Cancer Diagnosis

Bloomberg - China’s Gold Imports From Hong Kong Jump to Highest Since 2013

Market Watch - China warns Soros against ‘declaring war’ on its currency

VIDEO : Yahoo Finance - QE4 is Coming: analyst

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Gold Soars Above Key Technical Level Near 2-Month Highs

The Deviant Investor - A Short History of Paper Money

VIDEO : Bloomberg - The Trader Who Made 6,200% on China Stocks Has Some Advice For Investors

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - Three Major Reasons for Gold in 2016

BullionStar - China Stops Publishing SGE Withdrawal Figures

Mint News Blog - Comparative January U.S. Mint Bullion Sales

Money Metals Exchange - There's Something Worse than Having a "Losing Position"

01/25/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold Testing Multi-Year Breakout Level!

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook: Weakening Business Conditions

Bullion Vault - Small Planet, Finite Resources

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Start Week Higher; US Coin Sales Rise

The Felder Report - Is It Time To Buy Stocks? Not If You’re A Long-Term Investor

Hussman Funds - Wicked Skew: When Extreme Losses are Standard Outcomes

The New York Times - Failed Talks Raise Specter of Biggest Default in Puerto Rico Crisis

PDF : Sharps Pixley - Market Review for Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium

ETF Trends - Platinum ETF Breaks Above Short-Term Trend

Sovereign Man - Italian Officials Warn That The System is About to Erupt

GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns

CoinWorld - Sales Begin for eBay-Branded Precious Metals Bullion Products

01/22/2016 - Bullion News

Yahoo Finance - The Fed May Pull the Brakes in 2016, Buoying Precious Metals

Trading Floor - The World Needs a Weaker Dollar for Growth - The path of least resistance for investors, policy makers and world growth remains the same: We need a weaker US dollar.

Alhambra Investment Partners - Stimulus: ECB’s QE Goes Missing

The Telegraph - China's banking stress looms like Banquo's Ghost in Davos

CoinNews - Gold Logs Weekly Gain; US Mint Bullion Sales Strong

Kitco - Is Gold Part Of Your Retirement Plan? Maybe It Should Be

Numismaster - Collectors Should Own a Little Bullion

REWIND : Fleckenstein Capital - Ask Fleck - 01/21/2015

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The World’s Most Famous Case of Hyperinflation (Pt. 2)

AUDIO : FSN - David Morgan – the Silver Manifesto Has Arrived

Bloomberg - LME Said in Talks With Banks to List London Gold Contracts

Sunshine Profits - Will the Bursting of Auto Loan Bubble Affect Gold?

01/21/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - Recession Signs - 2008 & Now

Business Insider - George Soros : The World is Running into Something it Doesn't Know How to Handle

Money Metals Exchange - Peak Gold and Silver May Have Come and Gone

Fleckenstein Capital - Negative Deposit Rates Give Gold a Yield

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Laughing Bears

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - A Foothold for Gold

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Without Intervention the Markets Will Go Down

CHARTS : NIA - S&P 500 Market Cap Moves Below GDP!

GOLD NANO : EurekAlert - Research sheds new light on structure of gold nanoparticles in water

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Gold: Main Street Leads Wall Street

GoldReporter.de - Heraeus Expects Strong Silver Price Rise

Business Standard - Reserve Bank of India will Allow Banks to Sell Gold Coins Made by MMTC

SRSrocco Report - If You Are A Silver Investor, You Have To See These 3 Charts

BullionStar - In China Everyone Can Buy Gold At The SGE

The Speculative Investor - Swiss to Vote on Stopping Banks from Counterfeiting Money

01/20/2016 - Bullion News

3 'Good' Reasons Investors are Buying Gold
Amid Market Losses

VIDEO : Trading Floor - 3 reasons investors are buying gold amid market losses - Link to Video Above

VIDEO : CNBC - Bridgewater's Dalio: Fed's next move toward QE, not tightening

Business Insider - Ray Dalio says he buys this nasty narrative about China that's starting to get play again

Energy & Capital - The "Industro-Precious" Metal - The Most Important Metal in the World

Reuters - DoubleLine's Gundlach: Stock, Credit Declines Suggest Margin Calls

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli: There's a Margin Call Liquidation

CoinWorld - 2016 American Eagle silver bullion sales positioning for new record?

Economic Times (India) - Silver Demand Soars as Price 19% in 2015

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Felder Report - 5 Different Technical Tools For Traders In One Chart

CHART : Don't Miss This Chart - Gold Surges as Market Swoons, but Miners remain Weak

Mirror (UK) - Man Who Bought Fake 'Gold' Rings From Police Auction is Advised to Call the Cops

01/19/2016 - Bullion News

NewsMax Finance - Fed's $216 Billion Treasurys Rollover Recalls Crisis Era Buying - The Fed tightening gave us little worry, but the unwind of the balance sheet gives us major worries”

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - The Bear Awakens

Bloomberg - Hedge Fund That Called Subprime Crisis Says Yuan Should Fall 50%

CoinNews - Gold Dips, Silver Gains; US Mint Coin Sales Climb

CoinWeek - U.S. Mint Allocates 1 Million Silver Eagles Second Week of Release

PDF : The Gold Standard Institute - Journal Issue #61

Bullion Vault - Record Gold Mining Output 7 Years Running - but 2016 will now see a drop.

Hussman Funds - An Imminent Likelihood of Recession

The Felder Report - WTF Is Going On In The Stock Market This Year?!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold-Eagle - These Monthly Stock Charts Say It All

The Deviant Investor - Gold Deficits and T-Bond Fantasies

PHOTOS : KHQ-6 (Spokane Valley, WA) - Are These Stolen Coins Yours?

01/18/2016 - Bullion News

CNBC - Gold Miners Say Output has Peaked for this Commodities Cycle

VIDEO : FT - The 'Current' Gold Market in 90 seconds

Zero Hedge - Art Cashin: This Is "What You Get Before You Slip Into A Crisis"

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli - Does the buck stopped here? - Looks like the Dollar may have Formed a "Double Top"

Money Metals Exchange - Growing Support for Sound Money Rankles Fed Apologists

Numismaster - Gold Eagles hotter than silver

Numismaster - Silver Eagles start with bang

Reuters - Does ultra-gloomy start to 2016 signal peak bearishness?

Bloomberg - China's Hot Bond Market Seen at Risk of Default Chain Reaction

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01/17/2016 - Bullion News

The Guardian - Janet Yellen and Fed Left with Face Full of Egg After Interest Rate Rise Blunder

CHARTS : Economica - Federal Reserve Responsible for Oil Glut...China Responsible for Weakening Oil Demand

CHARTS : NIA - America’s Corporate Debt/Share Buyback Bubble is Bursting!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - A Yen Rally Here, Means Stocks in Big Trouble

Sputnik News - ‘Currency War Alive and Well’ as Yen, Euro Advance Against Dollar

Mint News Blog - 2016 Shawnee ATB Quarter Launch Event

The Jerusalem Post - Jerusalem of Gold Bullion Coins

Bullion Star - Are SGE Withdrawals Gone?

Business Insider - A lead developer just quit bitcoin, saying it 'failed'

Non-Dollar Report - Fed Rate Hikes Spell Strange Times for Bonds

Peak Prosperity - The Deflation Monster Has Arrived

01/15/2016 - Bullion News

Fleckenstein Capital - Even the Central Banks Aren't Bigger Than the Market

The Toronto Star - Goldcorp Closes Timmins Mine (one of the Oldest Operating Gold Mines in North America) Amid Metals Downturn - Gold price means costs are getting close to 'break even' point for many miners, analyst says

Profit Confidential - Anemic Silver Supply Bullish for Silver Prices

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - January 15, 2016

Financial Sense - Hyperinflation Yes, But Not Where We Expected

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Gold in 2016

GOLD NANO : Big News Network - Flexible Film Could Enable Phone-Sized Cancer Detector

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: How to rank 2015 and 2016

Perth Mint Research - German gold repatriation update

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Frank Holmes Exclusive: Oil, Gold, and Silver to Rally on Better-Than-Expected Nominal Growth

Wealth Daily - Why China is Still Buying Gold

Bloomberg - With Liftoff Done, the Fed Revisits Its $4.5 Trillion Quandary

VIDEO : GoldMoney - 2016 Outlook & Roundtable Discussion - James Turk, Alasdair Macleod, John Butler.

CHART : Don't Ignore This Chart - Gold, Dollar and Bonds Lead in 2016

GIF : twitter - Market Outlook

01/14/2016 - Bullion News

American Thinker - The Velocity of Money

Rick Santelli gets Passionate about How Screwed Up the Fed has Made this Market...

Zero Hedge - Subprime Auto Canary: Deutsche Bank Probes Employees For "Exaggerating ABS Demand"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing Haven - U.S. Stocks Sell Off Sharply. How Much Damage Was Created On Wednesday?

VIDEO : CNBC - The 'Wizards of Smart' in the Financial Media and at the Fed apparently don't understand what Higer Interest Rates do to Industrial Commodities

GOLD NANO : The Times of Israel - Israeli Study Uses Gold Particles to ‘Seek and Destroy’ Artery Blockages

Fleckenstein Capital - Dr. Copper Catches Pneumonia

Silver Coins Today - 2016 Bullion Silver Eagle Coin Sales Start Quick

Atlanta Business Chronicle - Ex-UPS driver sentenced in thefts of gold and silver bars

01/13/2016 - Bullion News

CNN Money - Jeff Gundlach: Gold Prices Will Spike 30%

The Felder Report - 3 Charts Every Investor Must See

CNBC - 'Now you know': Why the Fed feared a quarter-point hike

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Snap 3-Session Losing Streak; US Coin Sales Rise

GOLD NANO : Nano Werk - Gold Beads May Boost Cancer Treatment

Dollar Collapse - Huge Miner Bankruptcies Possible Soon; Great News For Gold And Silver, Bad News For Streaming Companies?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Don't Ignore This Chart - When The Banking Index $BKX Is Making 52 Week Lows And Testing The 2-Year Lows

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - Managing A Trend Change

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Ian McAvity: The Death of the Petrodollar

VIDEO : Bloomberg - What Does Liquidity Actually Mean and How Is It Measured?

01/12/2016 - Bullion News

Fleckenstein Capital - Memory Bulls Get Gored

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing Haven - Gold’s Last Chance: It’s Now Or Never

Forbes - DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach Says Stocks And Junk Bonds Face An "Ugly Situation" In 2016

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Commodities Countdown - $GOLD - More Of The Same? $NATGAS Resistance? $USO More Trouble Ahead?

Non-Dollar Report - The Chinese Bubble: ’Til Debt Do Us Part

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Corporate-Credit Outlook at Worst Since Crisis, S&P Says

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Bonds Signal Credit Turning Point

GOLD NANO : Spectrum - "Printing Press" Method Stamps Out Gold Nanoparticles With New Properties

CoinNews - Gold Falls for Third Session; US Mint Bullion Sales Rise

The Deviant Investor - Silver, Silliness, Gold, and Risk

CHART : Bloomberg - Investors on Gold ETF Buying Spree Amid Global Stock Rout

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Stagflation: Implications For Gold, Silver

Zero Hedge - You Know Negative Interest Rates are Bad When...

Bloomberg - Bank of America: Rail Traffic Is Saying Something Worrying About the U.S. Economy

The Money Savvy Blog - Debt Will Always Be Debt

01/11/2016 - Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange - Jobs Farce, Mining Collapse, and Stock Market Volatility

Reuters - U.S. Mint quadruples American Eagle silver coin allocation

CoinNews - US Mint Bullion Coins Jump in 2016 Sales Start; Metals Decline

Kitco - Large Speculators Slash Net-Short Position In Comex Gold--CFTC Data

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Forbes - 2 Reasons Gold Bulls Need To Take A Breather Now

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Stock Charts - Another Death Cross Looms for the S&P 500

Zero Hedge - "Nothing Is Moving," Baltic Dry Crashes As Insiders Warn "Commerce Has Come To A Halt"

CHARTS : Lance Roberts - The 2016 State Of The Union

Sputnik News - Living in Interesting Times: China's Stock Market Chaos Signals Global Risk

The New York Sun - A Gander at the Fed

Zero Hedge - Is the Auto Loan Bubble Ready to Pop?

The Speculative Investor - The Proverbial “Cash on the Sidelines”

International Man - The International War on Cash

NetworkWorld - Should the US change metal coins?

VIDEOs : Digg - REST IN PEACE, ZIGGY : Remembering David Bowie Through 44 Years Of His Music Videos

01/10/2016 - Bullion News

Dubai Chronicle - Advocating A Rally in Gold and Silver Prices

Economic Times - Measuring up: An ounce of gold buys 33 barrels of oil, most since 1988

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Financial Sense - Ralph Acampora: "We're Falling Apart Here and No One Seems That Worried"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Stock Charts - Last Two Key Industry Groups Break Support

Hussman Funds - Complex Systems, Feedback Loops, and the Bubble-Crash Cycle

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - MARKET CRASH - last week was the 2nd and FINAL WARNING...

VIDEO : Bloomberg - The End of the Monetary Illusion Magnifies Shocks for Markets

The Daily Mail - Why Children Should be Taught Finances in School

SRSrocco Report - IT’S TRUE…. The U.S. Peaked In Silver Production 100 Long Years Ago

Reuters - India gold prices back at discount; yuan slide supports Chinese buying

Forbes - The $100 Gold Doughnut and 7 Other Precious Metal Foods

01/08/2016 - Bullion News

McClellan Financial - Stock Market Committed to 2008 Scenario

Money and Markets - December Jobs Come in Hot; But the News Couldn’t Stop the Bleeding

CHART : GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - January 8, 2016

CHARTS : The Daily Gold - Gold to Equities Ratios Have Bottomed

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Auto Sales Are About To Choke: Increase In Non-Revolving Credit Is Smallest In 4 Years

GoldBroker - Will U.S. Banks Draw From Client Bank Accounts in a Crisis?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Silver and S&P Similarities – Tops and Bottoms

The Telegraph - China's largest bank buys huge 1,500-tonne gold vault in London

Bloomberg - The Sinful Winners: Where Americans Spend Their Gasoline Savings

CoinWeek - Coin Auction Results – Top 5 Silver Eagles sold in the Heritage FUN sale

01/07/2016 - Bullion News

Rick Santelli and Brian Wesbury of First Trust Advisors Discuss how the World's Central Banks and the Fed have Created a Economic "Fantasy Land"

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Economic 'fantasy land' - Link to Video Above

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - 3 Things: China, Margin, & Technicals

Business Insider - A Cold Chill is Blowing Through the Bond Market

Bloomberg - China Boosted Bullion Holdings in December as Prices Retreated

Reuters - U.S. gold jewelry imports reach seven-year high in October

GOLD NANO : PHYS.org - New Technique Could Facilitate Use of Gold Nanoparticles in Electronic, Medical Applications

SilverSeek - Perth Mint Silver Coins Sales Surge 56%, Gold Sales Drop 16% In 2015

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Chinese Markets Lose 590 Billion in 7 Minutes!

Casey Research - $2.5 Trillion in Wealth Has Vanished since Monday

CHART : The Speculative Investor - Gold Makes a New All-Time High!

01/06/2016 - Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange - My New Year's Resolution: Don't Confuse Debt with Wealth

The Felder Report - How The Stock Market Is Losing Its Single Greatest Source Of Demand

FINANZ und WIRTSCHAFT - Interview with Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital has been Published on the Website of Finanz und Wirtschaft, Switzerland’s Leading Business Newspaper - "The Risks Today Are Substantial"

The Globe and Mail - The stagflation spectre: Why gold's time may have come

INFO~GRAPHIC : CoinWorld - How many more gold and silver American Eagles were sold in 2015 versus 2014?

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Treasury Snapshot After Rate Hike Decision Last Month

Reuters - Gold holds gains from two-day rally on safe-haven demand

Sunshine Profits - Will Middle East Boost Gold?

Perth Mint Research - Issuers can make deliveries using eligible

The Daily Mail - Gold bullion worth MILLIONS is dug up in a Bavarian back garden sending neighbours into battle over who owns it

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

01/05/2016 - Bullion News

The Cobden Centre - Janet Yellen Fights the Tide of Falling Interest

Speculative Investor - Gold Investing: Why It’s an Indispensable Insurance

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - Gold finding bids despite resurgent USD

Reuters - China Warns Foreign Banks in Bullion Market of Action

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Yen, US Stagflation Push Gold Higher

The Felder Report - If You’ve Been Wondering What’s Driven The Recent Bull Market In Stocks…

CARTOON : Hedgeye - The Scream

GOLD NANO : Royal Society of Chemistry - Inulin Coated Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles as a Tumor-Selective Tool for Cancer Therapy

Mint News Blog - End of 2015 Cumulative Bullion Sales Update

The Deviant Investor - Silver Rides a Runaway Expense Train

Profit Confidential - Peter Schiff’s Response to CNBC Hit Piece Is Simply Awesome

GRAPHS : GoldBroker - What Will Replace the US Dollar: SDRs or Gold?

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Puerto Rico's debt crisis

01/04/2016 - Bullion News

Money Beat (WSJ) - Investors Go for Gold as Market Tumbles

Zero Hedge - US Government Discovers 10 Years Of "Processing Errors" In Construction Spending Data Slamming GDP

Mish's Blog - Government "Processing Error" Sinks Housing Reports for Entire Year; Where to From Here?

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli speaks to Yra Harris about the global market drop, and Fed speak.

MineWeb - China halts stock trading after 7% rout in worst start to year

Sunshine Profits - Will Swiss Vote On Ending Fractional Reserve Banking Affect Gold?

Hussman Funds - The Next Big Short: The Third Crest of a Rolling Tsunami

Perth Mint Research - Ratio trading gold and silver

Numismaster - Zimbabwe makes yuan legal tender

First Rebuttal - A New Fed Mandate? The Labour, The Demand and The Holy Profits

Money Metals Exchange - Betting on Deflation May Be a Huge Mistake. Here's Why...

VIDEO : Perth Mint - Close-Up Look At The 2016 Australian Koala

REWIND : INFO~GRAPHIC : Demon - ocracy - Silver - Visualized in Bullion Bars

01/03/2016 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - 2016 Technical Outlook - Two Points of View of the Current Market in One Report

CHARTS : Value Walk - Institutional Investors Pump Brakes On Dollar Trade, Diverge on Interest Rates

BullionVault - The Looming Dollar Collapse

CHARTS : Pension Partners - 2015: The Year in Charts

Zero Hedge - Derailed? What Rail Traffic Tells Us About The U.S. Economy

The Hindu - Gold and silver in 2016...a Prediction - Better to Bet on Silver

CoinWorld - Demand for American Buffalo gold $50 coins in 2015 strong

Reuters - U.S. Mint's silver coin sales hit record in 2015, gold sales up 53 pct

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