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1st Quarter - 2022
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) moved during this quarter.

On this page, for each of the precious metals you'll find Interactive >  Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium precious metal charts.

Below the charts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 1st Quarter of 2022.

Every news LINK was originally posted on this guide's homepage, on that date.

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary


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Bullion News and Commentary

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1st Quarter - 2022
Bullion News & Commentary

 January 1st   -   March 31st

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

03/31/2022 - Bullion News

Gold up as traders buy the early dip; U.S. jobs data looms - Kitco

Let's Look at Four Measures of Inflation Plus a Spotlight on Food - Mish Talk

Some gold refineries are refusing to remelt Russian bars - MINING


Soaring crude prices make the cost of pretty much everything else go up too because we almost literally eat oil - Invest Macro

Inflation Blows Out in Germany, Spain. Started a Year Ago on Money Printing, NIRP, Supply Chain Chaos. War Threw Fuel on Already Raging Fire - Wolf Street

Gold, Inflation and Geopolitical Tensions - Franklin Templeton Investments (Advisor Perspectives)


Gold dives through 1900 on breakthroughs in Russia/Ukraine negotiations - ActionForex

Silver Markets Plunge Towards 200 Day EMA - FX Empire

Gold and Silver End Tuesday, March 29, Near 2-Week Lows - Coin News


Gold and Silver Settle Near Two-Week Highs - Coin News

When it Comes to Buying Silver, Mint’s Hands are Tied - Numismastic News


Price Action Suggests June Gold Buyers May Have Found Value - FX Empire

CHARTS: In Gold We Trust Report 2022 - Incrementum

03/22/2022 - Bullion News

June Gold Held in Range by $1897.70 and $1958.70 - FX Empire

Q&A: APMEX CEO discusses gold price spike - 405 Business

M2 growth slows, but it's still too fast - Calafia Beach Pundit


Concerns About the Ukraine War and Global Inflation Increase Bullish Sentiment for Gold - FX Empire


Gold Speculators reduce bullish bets after surge to 61-week high - Invest Macro


Week Ahead: Will gold get another chance to shine above $2000? - Invest Macro

FOMC Meeting and Gold - FX Empire

WCU: It’s too soon to price out a war premium in commodities - SAXO


Fed Rate Hike Does Little to Change Investors’ Focus on Inflation and Ukraine - FX Empire


Morgan, Peace Dollars Suspended - Numismatic News


April Gold Nearing Potential Support at $1899.80 – $1880.60 - FX Empire

February Producer Price Index: Final Demand Up 10% YoY - Advisor Perspective


Precious Metals Tumble Monday, March 14 - Coin News

Carnage: China Breaks, Apple Cracks Key Support, Yields Soar As Rate Hike Odds Surge - Zero Hedge

Inflation, Net Worth, and Federal debt burden updates - Calafia Beach Pundit

03/13/2022 - Bullion News

Gold Does The Bop and Drop - FX Empire

Gold Dealers Swamped by Demand as War Creates Inflation Scare - Yahoo Finance (Bloomberg)


Gold Slumps, Indices Jump on Tweet of ‘Certain Positive Shifts’ in Ukraine Talks - Daily FX

Turning The Wealth Pyramid Upside Down - Advancing Time

Jim Rogers: "None Of This Should Be Happening, It's Absolute Madness" - Zero Hedge


Silver Prices Slump on Profit Taking - FX Empire

Trade Of The Week: Is All That Glitters Gold? - Invest Macro

Supply shortages and margin calls drive latest surge - SAXO Markets


Silver Prices Break Out Testing Key Resistance - FX Empire

Currencies & Commodities in Perspective - Calafia Beach Pundit

‘Approve Our Permits’: US Oil Industry Responds After Biden Cuts Imports From Russia - PATRIOT AMERICAN

The Failure Of MMT Is Now Evident - Zero Hedge


Gold Flirts With $2000 as U.S. Equities Continue to Encounter a Dramatic Selloff - FX Empire

Gold Is Still More Attractive Than Bitcoin In Risk-Off Scenarios - Invest Macro

Now Nickel Goes Bananas, Spikes 73% in One Day, on Russia Sanctions, Shipping Chaos, Massive Short Squeeze - Wolf Street

03/06/2022 - Bullion News

Gold Gaining Awareness Or Just Further Geo-Political Bid? Maybe Both? - FX Empire

Silver Speculator’s bullish bets climb to 15-week high as prices rise above $25 - Invest Macro


Inflation and the Crisis in Ukraine Cause Gold to Surge Now Only $27 Away From $2000 - FX Empire

WCU: War and sanctions upend global commodity markets - SAXO Bank

Palladium eyes record prices as Russia-Ukraine war looks to deepen supply deficit - MORNINGSTAR

Interesting charts - Calafia Beach Pundit


Silver Prices Dip as Focus Remains on Fed Testimony and Russia-Ukraine Conflict - FX Empire

VIDEO: What will happen to silver price when there isn’t enough metal to meet demand? Interview with Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver - Kitco


Russian Invasion Intensifies Targeting Civilians Increasing Bullish Sentiment for Gold - FX Empire

The Russia-Ukraine crisis and other Key factors affecting the palladium price outlook - IG

Beware extraordinary headline risks in commodities - SAXO Bank


Market Spotlight: Powell vs. Putin: Whose influence is stronger for gold? - Heraeus

Safe-haven Assets Continue to Gain Value Because of Increased Geopolitical Tensions - FX Empire

Is Tunnel Vision Hiding How Bad Things Are? - Advancing Time

Russian central bank restarts gold buying - Fox Business

02/25/2022 - Bullion News

Gold Logs First Weekly Loss in Four Weeks; Falls from Over 1-Year High - Coin News

Silver Prices Fall Following Gold Prices Lower - FX Empire

Ukraine, Russia, gold and geopolitics - World Gold Council

AUDIO: Is your broker still managing as if there is no inflation? | Can we really blame the Russians for $100 oil? | James Grant: “Inflation is kryptonite to the financial markets” - McAlvany Weekly Commentary


Russian Invasion Creates Extreme Volatility Across Asset Classes Including Gold - FX Empire

Can gold mount charge on $2,000+ - SAXO Bank

What’s the Best Buy in Bullion-Priced Gold? - Numismatic News


Gold Closes Above $1900 as the Geopolitical Tensions Escalate - FX Empire

Silver Institute predicts strong demand for metal in 2022 - Coin World

Weekly Gasoline Prices: Regular and Premium Up Another 4 Cents - Advisor Perspectives

Saudi Arabia Slams Shortsighted Campaign Against Oil - Oil Price


Gold Encounters Resistance at $1918 but Remains Above $1900 - FX Empire

M2 growth continues at a rapid pace - Calafia Beach Pundit

Perth Mint Silver Bullion Sales Rank Second All-Time in January - Coin News


Gold’s Gain on Russia/Ukraine - FX Empire

Ukraine Crisis: What it could mean for oil, gold, the Swiss Franc, the DAX, and the Russian Ruble? - Invest Macro

02/17/2022 - Bullion News

The One-two Punch of Inflation and Russia-Ukraine Tensions Move Gold Above $1900 - FX Empire

A 'Head-and-Shoulders Top' in the Stock Market could lead to Big Downside as the Bond Market flashes a Warning, Bank of America says - Business Insider

Is the Bond Bear Market Over? - Pragmatic Capitalism

VIDEO: SOLD EVERYTHING & Left - Michael Invests & tries to make money (YouTube)


Ukraine – Russia Conflict and Inflationary Levels Continue to Move Gold to Higher Ground - FX Empire

Margin Debt: Down 8.8% in January - Advisor Perspectives

GRAPHIC: Visualizing the State of Global Debt, by Country - Visual Capitalist


Silver Prices Move Higher as Yields Surge - FX Empire

Elon Musk warns of skyrocketing national debt: 'Something has got to give' - Fox Business


Gold Logs Sixth Gain in a Row and Second Straight Weekly Win - Coin News

PNG: Coin Market Soaring, Use Caution - Numismatic News

Spiraling Inflation and Geopolitical Concerns Result in a Strong Breakout in Gold - FX Empire


Inflation Spikes Higher With the CPI Index Soaring to 7.5% - FX Empire

Here Is The Heatmap From Today's Blowout CPI Report - Zero Hedge

AUDIO: Here's How the IRS Is Stepping Up Efforts Against Small Businesses - Financial Sense

02/08/2022 - Bullion News

April Gold Buyers Trying to Trigger Breakout Over $1833.90 - FX Empire

AUDIO: US Debt Crosses $30 Trillion, Credit Markets Signal More Pain Ahead - Financial Sense

MMT Failed Its First Big Inflation Test - Pragmatic Capitalism

Spain’s Second Largest Lender, BBVA, Escalates Its War on Cash in Mexico - naked capitalism


Gold Price Advances as Inflation Fears Grow Even With Hawkish Fed - FX Empire

Mint Statistics: Bullion Sales Finish Month on High Note - Numismatic News

An Artist Dropped An $11.7 Million, 410lb Gold Cube In Central Park For A Day This Week - Zero Hedge


Gold Gains 1.2% on Week while Palladium Drops 3.6% - Coin News

Silver Prices Consolidate After Strong Gains in Payrolls - FX Empire

$12 Million for America's First Silver Dollar - Numismatic News


A Volatile Day for Gold, but Tomorrow’s Jobs Report Could Cause That to Continue - FX Empire

Market Report: The Bigger Gold Picture - Degussa

Controlling The Gold Narrative: The Immoral Trinity Of Weak Governance, Big Business, And Mainstream Media - Zero Hedge

02/02/2022 - Bullion News

Dollar Weakness, Dovish Fed Speak, and Russian – Ukraine Tensions Support Gold - FX Empire

US national debt exceeds $30 trillion - Washington Examiner

Terms Overbought And Oversold Are Often "Overused" - Advancing Time


Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD going sideways in $1790 area ahead of US data/central bank packed week - FX Street

Who pulled 21 tons of gold out of New York? - Gold Reporter


Gold’s Technicals Look Terrible - FX Empire

Silver’s Price Performance – Better Than You Think - FX Empire

Coin Q & A : Old Silver Coinage, etc. - Numismatic News


A Strong 4th Quarter GDP is the Driving Force That Took Gold Sharply Lower Today - FX Empire

Gold shines as investors turn more defensive - SAXO

Gold Ends at 3-Week Low; Palladium Scores Near 5-Month High - Coin News


Gold Is Hit Hard Even Though the Fed’s Updated Monetary Policy Came in as Expected - FX Empire

Mainstream Suddenly Realizes Raising Interest Rates In A World Buried In Debt Might Be A Problem - Zero Hedge


Gold Garners No Fear but Silver Gets into Gear - FX Empire

Rickards: Bad News, I’m Afraid - Daily Reckoning


Precious Metals Defying Rising Real Yields - FX Empire

Oil Is "Out Of OPEC's Hands" And "Going Higher" - Zero Hedge

01/19/2022 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Log 2-Month Highs on Wednesday, Jan. 19 - CoinNews

Inflation at a 40-year High, Risk-off Market Sentiment, and Geopolitical Uncertainty Create a Perfect Storm Scenario for the Precious Metals - FX Empire

Silver bulls running into a wall of daily resistance towards 24.00 - FX Street

Lacy Hunt: Negative Real Rates Are a Strong Recession Warning - Mish Talk


GOLD: Investors Focus on the Next FOMC Meeting, 10-year Treasuries and Dollar Strength - FX Empire

Gold Outlook 2022 - World Gold Council

The New Version of CPI for New Vehicles Will Blow Your Doors Off: Spikes Even More. WHOOSH! - Wolf Street


Here Comes the Stagflation; (Got Gold?) - FX Empire

Gold 'Has Already Priced In' 2022 Fed Rate Hikes as Bond Yields Rise Again with Crude-Oil Inflation - Bullion Vault



Gold Has Gained Value During 4 of the Last 5 Weeks - FX Empire

Global Economy Heading For "Mother Of All" Supply Chain Shocks As China Locks Down Ports - Zero Hedge

The bond market is wrong about inflation - Calafia Beach Pundit

What Drives the Price of Gold? Part 2 - The Gold Observer


Gold Unfurls All of Its Sails to Capture Strong Tailwinds From Dollar Weakness - FX Empire

Purchasing Power of the Dollar Goes WHOOSH! - Wolf Street

01/11/2022 - Bullion News

Precious Metals Gain on Tuesday, Jan. 11 - Coin News

Chairman Powell Admits, “Inflation is running very far above target” - FX Empire

Peter Schiff: The Fed Can't Do What It's Saying It Will Do - Zero Hedge

DON'T MISS -> Ivermectin 'Works Throughout All Phases' Of COVID According To Leaked Military Documents - Zero Hedge


Gold Reamed, Silver Creamed, Now Lower Still, It would Seem - FX Empire

Gold Struggles To Attract Investors As Interest Rates Rise - Swift Headline

Gold and the Fed - Calafia Beach Pundit


Gold, Silver and Platinum Drop in First Week of 2022; U.S. Mint Bullion Sales Surge - Coin News

U.S. Mint releases 2021 bullion coin mintages - Coin World

One Bank Braces For Catastrophic "Rate Shock" As Liquidity Supernova Turns Negative - Zero Hedge

Precious Metals Prices Poised to Rise in 2022 - Numismatic News


Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Rapidly Approaching Major Support Zone at $1781.00 – $1757.10 - FX Empire

U.S. Mint sees strongest gold coin sales in 12 years, sells 1.25 million ounces in 2021 - Kitco

The Savings Glut Thesis: What is the True Net Savings? - Mish Talk

01/04/2022 - Bullion News

Gold and silver may spring a 2022 surprise - SAXO Bank

Gold Finds Support at $1798 and Moves Higher as Omicron Variant Surges - FX Empire

Treasury Yields: A Long-Term Perspective - Advisor Perspectives


The First Trading Day of 2022 Results in Strong Declines in Both Gold and Silver - FX Empire

Gold and Silver Prices Drop in 2021; U.S. Mint Gold Bullion Sales Soar - Coin News

INFLATIONARY: Fossil Fuel Financing Under Pressure As Wall Street Caves To ESG Demands - Oil Price

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