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1st Quarter - 2013
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

When investing in any market, a good way to judge price movement in the future is to learn from the past. 

Investing Guru - Peter Lynch once said, "Investing without research is like playing stud poker and never looking at the cards."

The charts and bullion news links on this page are largely devoted to the precious metals market during the 1st Quarter of 2013.

However, there are also articles about the general direction of the financial markets and current events that affected the market during the quarter.

Below the precious metals spot price charts, there is also, Commentary from the Professionals in the Precious Metals and Currency Markets.

The financial news links and videos posted below the Palladium Spot Price Charts, were posted on the homepage, during the 1st quarter of 2013.

The charts below are provided courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

Gold Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2013

Gold Price Chart (Apr. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

gold 2013 3year qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Gold Prices

The current events of this quarter had a major effect on the gold market.  The word in the news during this quarter was "Sequester" a.k.a. Budget Cuts, the deadline on the Sequester vote was March 1st.

There were mixed feelings about the how the Sequester would affect the precious metals markets if enacted.

The gold chart's "Death Cross" formed before a deal was made to enact the Sequester.

Enacting the Sequester (Budget Cuts) was negative for gold; Why?  Because even though this Budget Cut is less than 1% of the annual budget, and the US Government is hugely in debt, and the Fed is printing money (QE) on a daily basis, ANY U.S. budget cut will help lift the dollar.  Which will ultimately be a negative for gold.

Furthermore, even though the enactment of the Budget cuts were negative on the price of gold, the price was able to stay above its support levels for the quarter

Silver and Platinum's price charts, mirror Gold's price chart.  The sequester was the talk of the quarter and once it seemed to look like it was a done deal, it turned all the precious metals in a negative direction.  

However on each chart, you will see that like Gold, the other precious metals all kept their prices above their key support levels.

Gold Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2013 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

gold 2013 qtr 1 chart

Gold Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

Bullion News

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Silver Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2013

Silver Price Chart (Apr. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

silver 2013 3year qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Silver Prices

Silver Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2013 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

silver 2013 qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Silver Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

silver 2013 fullyear qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

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Platinum Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2013

Platinum Price Chart (Apr. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

platinum 2013 3year qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Platinum Prices

Platinum Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2013 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

platinum 2013 qtr 1

Bullion News

Platinum Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

platinum 2013 chart

Bullion News

Palladium Price - 1st qtr. 2013

Palladium Price Chart (Apr. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

palladium 2011 2012

Bullion News

Palladium Prices

Palladium's spot price was mostly positive for the quarter. Even though the sequester did cause a dip in the price of palladium, at the end of February, it did not affect its overall positive uptrend.

Palladium Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2013 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

palladium 2013 qtr 1

Bullion News

Palladium Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2013)

Bullion News

The charts above are provided courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

1st Quarter - 2013
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

03/30/13 - Bullion News

321gold - Gold, a Hedge Against Financial Repression?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO (11:09) : The Technical Traders - Easter Trading Week - What To Expect In Silver, Miners & Indexes

GoldandSilverWorlds - Q1 2013 US Silver Eagle Sales Beats All Records

Investment U - Golfers Make This Tragic Mistake… And So Do Investors

Edge Trader Plus - Viet Nam, Gold, And Central Bankers

AUDIO (56:33) : Peak Prosperity - David Stockman: We've Been Lied To, Robbed, And Misled

U~T Sandiego - 'I love mysteries,' says man claiming hidden gold

VIDEO (02:35) : Clarke and Dawe - Clarke and Dawe - Slight problem with the Cypriot Banking System

VIDEO (00:43) : The Daily Bail - What Exactly Is Inside The Bank Of Cyprus?

AdvisorOne - Best and Worst States for Savings Accounts

03/29/13 - Bullion News

Futures Magazine - Gold vs. S&P 500: Where is the value?

Dollar Collapse - The Other Currency War

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : MoneyShow - Is Gold at Technical Bottom?

Bloomberg - Copper Analysts Join Hedge Funds in Bet on Decline

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold Flops

CoinNews - Under the U.S. Mint at San Francisco

Coin Update - 2013 Half Gram “Mini Roo” Gold Coin Available from the Perth Mint

Money Morning - Does Investing in Gold Top Your List of "Best Investments"?

Casey Research - Preparing for Inflationary Times

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Real Disposable Income Per Capita: Up Only 0.2% Since February 2012

Mish's Blog - Arizona Lawmakers Advance Bill Allowing Gold and Silver as Money; Bureaucratic Nightmare?

American Thinker - Student loan crisis getting worse

siliconindia - 10 Most Rarest and Expensive Coins in the World

International Man - Reporting Requirements for Americans with Foreign Financial Accounts

The Globe and Mail - Turkey gold exports to Iran resume despite tough U.S. sanctions

03/28/13 - Bullion News


Daily Resource Hunter - My Platinum Chat With Rick Rule

VIDEO (04:52) : CNBC - Jim Rogers; "I know it's going to End Badly" (Full Interview)

Nasdaq - Silver plunges lower below support, falls to $28.26

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Prometheus Market Insight - Gold Consolidation Formation Faces Important Test

Deviant Investor - It’s head for “the mattresses” time for savers worldwide

Sun News - Ontario man charged with selling fake gold bars and coins he might have created at home, police say

China Daily - BRICS 'set to be global force'

VIDEO (08:03) : Bloomberg - El-Erian: Now is a Very Artificial Time for Markets

U.S. Mint - U.S. Mint To Hold Public Design Competition For Baseball Themed Coins

Arabian Money - Is the correction in gold and silver behind us or still to come? Is Jim Sinclair, Marc Faber or George Soros right?

China Gold Coin Inc. - 1 oz panda silver coins Investment Value Analysis

Bullion Vault - Gold Proves "Safe Haven After All" as Cyprus Banks Re-Open with Eurozone's First-Ever Exchange Controls

kirotv - Is There A Treasure In Rare Coins Hidden In Your Basement?

Daily Wealth - If You Own Gold for "Disaster Insurance," Read This

Uncommon Wisdom - Digging for a Silver Rebound

03/27/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold gains on safe-haven demand amid Italian political woes

CHART : 247 Bull - Money velocity plunges to lowest level in more than 50 years

VIDEO (01:27) : The Globe and Mail - How society benefits from money-savvy kids

Casey Research - Whom to Believe on Gold: Central Banks or Bloomberg?

VIDEO (05:12) : Arabian Money - Steve Forbes sees Cyprus deal as a recipe for future disaster and thinks the EU has wasted three years

Seeking Alpha - Silver Eagle And Junk Bag Shortages Show Underlying Strength Of Silver Market Demand

The Telegraph - Cypriot bank crisis boosts demand for gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wyatt Research - Dollar Surge May End Soon

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Stopping the Keynesian Death March

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Currency Wars

CNBC - Americans Start New Gold Rush: CNBC Survey

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Money Morning - Silver ‘$100 Within Two Years’

VIDEO (04:53) : Bloomberg - Faber on U.S. Markets, Europe's Woes, Outlook

The Gold Report - Precious Metals the Antidote to Fiat Currency Threat: International Resource Specialist Peter Krauth

03/26/13 - Bullion News

Market Watch - The Case for Staying in Gold

Real Clear Politics - Can It Happen Here? by Thomas Sowell

MoneyNews - Zuckerman: ‘Great Recession’ Gives Way to ‘Grand Illusion’

Kitco - Gold Fabrication Demand Rises 1.4% In 2012 To 70.8 Million Ounces –CPM Group

Deviant Investor - 10 Lessons Cyprus Is Teaching The World About Money & Gold – Part Two

VIDEO (06:15) : Bloomberg - A Bank for the BRICs?

AdvisorOne - Currency Manager Merk Tackles Cyprus, PIMCO’s El-Erian

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Does ‘Higher Gold’ Need a New Story?

Yahoo Finance - The Best Way To Buy Silver

MineWeb - The practicalities of gold and silver as legal tender

Money Morning - Do We Really Need the Federal Reserve?

Laissez Faire Today - Invest in Gold or Your Bank Account Could Be ‘Cyprused’

03/25/13 - Bullion News

Business World - Currency Wars: ‘Race to Debase’ spurs central banks’ gold-buying spree

Numismaster - Starting April 1st, Dutch Bank will no longer allow customers to take physical delivery of the precious metals that they own and are stored at the bank

VIDEO (04:27) : Bloomberg - Death of Gold Market Greatly Exaggerated: Mark O'Byrne, Executive Director at Goldcore

SilverSeek - The Good, Bad and Ugly by Ted Butler

Money Morning - Hi Ho Silver: Making the Case for This Precious Metal

Peak Prosperity - Say Goodbye to the Purchasing Power of the Dollar

World of Wall Street- Attendee's In-depth View of Jim Sinclair's Meeting Report

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03/24/13 - Bullion News

MINING - In Gold We Trust by Frank Holmes

Bloomberg - Cyprus Teeters on Brink as Euro Chiefs Battle Crisis

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Do Not Buy At Your Own Peril

VIDEO (03:29) : YouTube - Detecting Fake Silver Eagles

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - Trend Change In Platinum-Gold Relationship?

VIDEO (03:57) : CoinWeek - Patrick Heller Talks about Gold Price Investigation Probe

03/23/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : FirstPost Investing - Copper gives bearish signal; other commodities not supporting rally

PDF : Mauldin Economics - Is The Government Lying To Us About Inflation? Yes!


AdvisorOne - Peter Schiff: The Dollar’s Collapse Is (Still) Coming

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

03/22/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Kitco - Gold Is A Hedge Against Many Things

VIDEO (09:31) : CNBC - Fed Critic James Grant on QE Policy

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : The Wall Street Examiner - If You Believe These Indications, Then Gold Is Headed for $3000 by 2014

Deviant Investor - What You Think Is True Might Be False and Costly!


The Blaze - Wake Up America! The Debt Is Hurting You Today

Elliot Wave - The Biggest Part of the Economy Could Be Headed for a Cool Down...

AdvisorOne - 5 Reasons to Watch for Deflation: Gary Shilling

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - The Fed Is Printing Money, But Where Is It Going? They Know But Will Not Say

247 Bull - Keynesianism, inflation & euthanasia of the rentier: A survival guide

azizonomics - Whose Insured Deposits Will Be Plundered Next?

KCRA - Finders keepers? City workers find gold in sewer; sell for cash

SilverSeek - Silver's Investment Demand Conundrum

Commodity Online - 'Palladium shipments to Switzerland swell 6% y/y to 46koz'

VIDEO (04:38) : Opposing Views - Texas Governor Rick Perry Wants Texas to Hoard Gold

03/21/13 - Bullion News

Stock Market News - Gold Prices Hit One-Month High; Silver Prices also Rise Sharply

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Silver Coins and 2013-Dated Products Lead

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kitco - Silver Prices Capped by US Dollar

Bloomberg - How Franklin Roosevelt Secretly Ended the Gold Standard

VIDEO (04:51) : Yahoo (The Daily Ticker) - Interview with Jim Rickards: Forget Cyprus, Nobody Is Stealing from Depositors More than Bernanke

Wyatt Research - Why Cyprus Just Sparked a Gold Rally

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - 50% Favor Breaking Up Nation’s Largest Banks

GoldMoney - Germans openly debating euro exit on TV

VIDEO (11:47) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kitco News - Is The Bull Market in Gold Over? - Chart This! w/ Gary Wagner

Money Management - Why gold still makes sense for long-term investors

MINING - Indian gold imports have surged 41%

VIDEO (06:56) : The Daily Bail - SCHIFF: 'Banks Are Just A Few Rate Hikes From Insolvency'

03/20/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold falls on waning Cyprus fears, takes Fed decision in stride

Seeking Alpha - For The First Time In 6 Weeks, Gold Bullion Is Added To The GLD Trust

Bloomberg - Newcrest Mining Confident on Gold Price on Supply, Haven Appeal

VIDEO (08:26) : CNBC - Bernanke's Commentary on the Latest Fed Meeting

Financial Sense - How I Became a Trillionaire (and Some Thoughts on Inflation)

VIDEO (01:50:07) : FORA.tv - Does America Need a Strong Dollar Policy? (FULL DEBATE; featuring Steve Forbes and James Grant)

China Daily - BRICS to mull development bank, forex reserve pool

Daily Resource Hunter - The End Of An Era, Look To Gold

Charleston Voice - Sold gold?: Swiss to vote on central bank gold reserves

Examiner - Argentines protecting savings by turning to gold amid 26% inflation rate

Sprott Assets - Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left??? Part II

Economic Collapse News - Dollar collapse may be imminent as states look to use gold, silver as currency

03/19/13 - Bullion News

Numismaster - Fake Silver Bullion Bars Top New Scam

Investing - Gold gains as Cyprus mulls taxes on bank deposits, eyes Fed meet

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS: Gold Made Simple - Gold at one month highs as UK flies cash to Cyprus “in the event that cash machines and debit cards stop working completely”

VIDEO (33:28) : Silver-Investor - David Morgan Answers your Gold & Silver Questions

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS: Juggling Dynamite - Dr Copper: now testing 2009 expansion support

Kitco News - Proposed Van Eck Gold, Silver ETFs Would Allow Redemptions Of Metal

Deviant Investor - Silver and Gold Purchases: Domestic and Offshore Storage

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - How Appealing Is Gold Priced In Other Currencies?

South China Morning Post - New arguments for gold sound like the old story warmed up

Bullion Vault - How BullionVault Got Started

CMI Gold and Silver - Industrial demand for silver increases but still not the best reason for buying silver

MINING - Judge clears JP Morgan of silver price conspiracy

03/18/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price back over $1600 as Cypriots learn a tough lesson in not owning assets outside the banking system

Futures Magazine - Stock market topping action during key time window ominous

ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Gold (March 18)

Perth Mint Bullion - Why Is A Bullion Coin’s Face Value Far Less Than Its Intrinsic Value?

FMT (Malaysia) - Gold as a currency in Islamic finance?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Current Trends and the Influence of Central Banks

The Telegraph - Gold price jumps on Cyprus worries

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

NBC News - Earthquakes turn Water into Gold

Wealth Wire - The Outsider Club: More Precious than Silver and Gold

New Statesman - When the speculators flee, what will be left of Bitcoin?

The Leader - NY men get prison time for $191K gold theft

The Guardian - Bullion firm reveals that British holdings increased tenfold in five years

03/17/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS: Investing - Why We're Still Cautious On Silver

AUDIO (38:38) : Peak Prosperity - Bob Fitzwilson: Charting a Safe Course Through A Market Gone Insane

The Golden Truth - Will The Cyprus Bailout Trigger The Next Financial Crisis?

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Financial Pearl-Harbor with Jim Rickards

Arabian Money - Why gold is the only money safe from government confiscation

AUDIO : FSN - Harvey Organ – Huge Volume Of Precious Metals Deliveries On The Comex

Midas Letter - Don’t Get Too Excited about the U.S. Probe of Gold Price Manipulation

VIDEO(s) : The Daily Bail - Dr. Nassim Taleb, professor of risk engineering at New York University, explains how he would have avoided the 2008 financial crisis

CNBC - Why the Gold Trade Is Not Over

03/16/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold gains as dollar falls as E.U. eases austerity stance

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Where Is The Rally? What Is Missing?

VIDEO (07:15) Liberty Blitz Krieg - GATA Meets CNBC: Host Calls Gold Market a “Matrix”

DailyFX - Gold Advance at Risk Amid FOMC Policy-$1600 Remains in Focus

CoinNews - Gold Up on Inflation, Logs Weekly Gain; US Silver Coins Strongest

The New York Times - "Detroit is a microcosm of what’s going on in America, except America can still print money and borrow”

The Telegraph - Buy gold, they say – but how do you sell it?

MineWeb - Gold still an important diversifier for central banks - WGC

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03/15/13 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Ahead of the Herd - Central Banque Royales

Sovereign Man - “What in the world is a Bitcoin?”

Wyatt Research - Why Gold Might be the Best Asset in Today's Market

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Could Stocks and Currencies Push Gold Higher?

INFO~GRAPHIC : MINING - How to become rich by digging gold from landfills

Azom - Industrial Demand for Silver to Reach New Record Level in the Coming Year

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - A Few Thoughts From the Top

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - 54% Say U.S. Is In A Recession

The Gaurdian - Could gold be the next Libor scandal?

biiwii - Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the A$$ the Way Out Goldilocks

03/14/13 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kitco - Special Report: A Longer-Term Technical Perspective on Gold, Silver

CoinNews - Little Demand for American Palladium Coins, Study Concludes

ANALYSIS : CHART : Edge Trader Plus - Gold/Silver Buy Attempts

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Why gold is the best asset for reserve diversification amongst central banks

Seeking Alpha - What, If Anything, Do Rising Silver Coin Premiums Foretell?

Ludwig von Mises Institute - President Coolidge and the Laffer Curve

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 247 Bull - How gold investors can cure their cognitive dissonance

Deviant Investor - It’s Going To End Badly

Armstrong Economics - What About Central Banks & Gold?

Wealth Wire - The Outsider Club: Silver Enters Twilight Zone

Article & INFO~GRAPHIC : U.S. Global Investors - Dow...Then and Now

NDTV - Why it makes sense to invest in gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - A River Ran Threw It

VIDEO (03:45) : Bloomberg - Obama Began Currency Wars in 2010: Jim Rickards

ZeroHedge - Guest Post: What Will Become Of Chavez's Gold Hoard?

03/13/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold falls as U.S. retail sales beat expectations, eurozone data weighs

CoinWeek - Why I Do Not Want Gold And Silver Prices To Soar!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Acting Man - Gold – Has the Bear Case Merit?

TIME - If There’s No Inflation, Why Are Prices Up So Much?

The Gold Report - Will We See a Silver Breakout in 2013?

VIDEO (07:52) : Kitco - Move By Turkish Central Bank; Pure Genius: CPM's Jeff Christian

CoinWeek - SILVER 101 Series: Don’t Get Fixated On The Spot Price

MineWeb - Where’s the gold – or the silver?

VIDEO (00:44) : USA Today - Street magician turns homeless man's coffee to coins

Silver Coins Today - 2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle Coins Sell Out

03/12/13 - Bullion News

Investor Place - Gold Jumps on German Bank Head Comments

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price at top of its two week range – at two week highs in terms of pounds

CNBC - 'Dr. Copper' Has Raised Doubts About Recovery

Money Morning - A Beginner's Guide to Buying Physical Silver

Advisor Perspectives - Some Stunning Demographic Trends in Employment

Profit Confidential - Interest Rate Hikes Might Come Sooner Than You Think

Merk Investments - Dollar-Crash Proofing a Portfolio: Interview with Axel Merk

The Telegraph - UK on track for triple dip

03/11/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Edges Up, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 12M Milestone

Business Record - Berko: New York Mint’s coins are trashy baubles

SilverSeek - A Moment of Clarity by Ted Butler

Dollar Collapse - Is the Bubble Back?

Investment U - American Silver Eagles: Demand So High the Mint Ran Out

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Ignorant - Until Proven Guilty

Profit Confidential - As Investors Flee Gold ETFs, Central Banks Jump in as Bigger Gold Buyers

MINING - Asteroid mining to dominate the industry: experts

Western Free Press - Surviving Inflation with Silver & Gold Bullion and Debit Cards

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold Still Appears To Be the Ultimate Currency

Inside Investing - The Party is Going to End Badly

03/10/13 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - Among Other Factors, A Surging U.S. Dollar Is Keeping Precious Metals Down

AUDIO (18:54) : Peak Prosperity - Jim Rogers: We're Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence

Bullion Street - Platinum turns more investor friendly in India

azizonomics - Is Inflation Always And Everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS: My Budget 360 - Inflation eats away the new peak in stock market: Dow is down 11 percent since 2000 adjusting for inflation. Looking at the stock market and the impact of inflation

Article & VIDEO (07:54) : MoneyNews - Peck: Fed's Money Printing Sends Stock Market to Record High

GoldSilverWorlds - QE Is Canceling Market Signals & Results In Malinvestments

Marc to Market - Currency Positioning and Technical Outlook: Dollar Frustrates QE Bears

INFO-GRAPHIC : MINING - A history of gold confiscation

The Week - 10 lesser-known U.S. coins

03/09/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Up on Week, Palladium Soars, Coins Firm

Daily Wealth - Here's What Poor People Don't Know About Gold

Market Watch - That Dow record is nice, but $3,000 gold is nicer: Rosenberg

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Do Stress Tests Prove U.S. Banks Are Back on Track?

American Thinker - Part time work and second jobs increasing while full time work disappearing

This is South Devon - Dartmouth father and son find gold coins on Slapton Sands

03/08/13 - Bullion News

METALS OUTLOOK : Kitco - Watch Retail Sales Data, Technical Chart Levels For Gold Next Week

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - God's Mills Grind Slowly

Investing - Gold erases losses on solid data in whipsaw trading session

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - Gold Double Bottom & Dow Warning

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Ahead of the Herd - Joe and Suzie on Gold’s Terms

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - A Test of Strength for Gold

Market Watch - Can you buy gold in your IRA?

CHART : ZeroHedge - Palladium Bucks Precious Metal Trend - Hits 18-Month High

VIDEO (01:17) : Bloomberg - Breaking Down the Jobs Report: Bad News Amid Good

Bullion Street - Silver to recover faster than Gold from present slump

Numismaster - Store Silver Right, Sleep Tight

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - The Fed Balance Sheet: What is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset?

Wealth Wire - 7 Commodity Terms Traders Must Know

Canton Rep - $50,000 in gold, silver stolen from Hartville parking lot

Buy Gold and Silver - Money Metals Exchange
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03/07/13 - Bullion News

Casey Research - Hi Ho Silver: Making the Case for This Precious Metal

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Girl Scouts Dollars Lead, 5 Oz Silver Coins Surge

Deviant Investor - Silver & Gold: You Have to LIE!

AUDIO : FSN - Ned Schmidt – When Gold Is Ready To Go Up, It Will!

MineWeb - Gold bar sales in China jump twofold during Spring Festival

ZeroHedge - Buy-Or-Sell - The Only Chart You Need

VIDEO (07:12) : CNBC - Gold Bears, Beware! Don't Take On Central Banks

Sense on Cents - Comparing 35 Year Rates of Inflation

Seeking Alpha - Money Is Debt, Gold Is Money

VIDEO (11:33) : Bloomberg - Lakshman Achuthan, co-founder of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, talks about the U.S. economy

Financial Sense - Pivot Points for Gold and the Dow’s Future

Perth Mint Bullion - Hot Money Is Distorting The Precious Metals Markets - Bron Suchecki

03/06/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Ends Flat, Silver Rises for Fourth Session

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Acting Man - Gold Stocks and Gold, Technical and Sentiment Update

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - Why Current Fed Money Printing Will Lead To Higher Gold And Silver Prices

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Business Insider - ACHUTHAN: Look At These Charts And Tell Me We're Not In Recession


Sovereign Man - The #1 problem when owning gold

Profit Confidential - What the Dow Jones Industrial Average Reaching a New High Really Means

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - All That Glitters - Is Not Gold

Bullion Street - Russia to beat US as 3rd largest Gold producer in 2013

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Copper Inching Toward Confirmation of Bearish Scenario

Businessweek - Perth Mint Says Its Gold Coin, Bar Sales Declined 17% Last Year

Advisor Perspectives - Savings Lost: Update on the True Cost of ZIRP

The Gold Report - Leonard Melman: Are You Prepared for Hyperinflation?

03/05/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Tip Higher; US Bullion Coins Gain

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Despite the recent pull-back in gold its parabolic move remains firmly intact

Bloomberg - Copper Advances on Bets Demand in China Will Increase

VIDEO (01:18) : CNBC - Druckenmiller: Don't Know When, But It Will End

Money Morning - Gold Prices Are Being Manipulated and Here's What To Do About It

MoneyNews - Private Gold Investors Less Bearish Than Funds

Money Morning - Buy Gold When They’re Crying…Sell Gold When They’re Yelling

Silver Coins Today - 2013 Silver Eagles Notch February Record, 5 Oz Silver Coins Solid

03/04/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - 2013 American Eagle Bullion Coins Log Strong February Sales

Investing - Gold gains as weak data sparks talk of continued monetary easing

Canadian Mining Journal - Finland the No.1 spot for mining, Fraser Institute says

Deviant Investor - Silver Prices Defy the “Law of Supply and Demand”

The Gold Report - Eric Sprott: Central Bankers Are Gaming Gold

Casey Research - Gold Is Over – Just Like in 1976

Sovereign Man - This is what happens when you don’t have reserve currency status

arabian money - Gold flows into Dubai as a safe haven and low-cost location for storage

03/03/13 - Bullion News

INFO~GRAPHIC : DEMON-OCRACY - Silver - Visualized in Bullion Bars

VIDEO (49:35) : Peak Prosperity - Alasdair Macleod: Europe is in Worse Shape Than Everyone Thinks

03/02/13 - Bullion News

Kitco News - METALS OUTLOOK: Uncertain Outlook For Gold Next Week

Sovereign Man - What’s happening with gold & silver?

VIDEO (03:43) : CNBC - Talking Numbers: Gold Lost Its Luster?

AUDIO : FSN - Mickey Fulp – Major Market Monthly Review for February


AUDIO : FSN - Silver Guru; David Morgan – Keynesianism Always Fails

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : The Golden Truth - Sit Tight And Be Right

Weekly Standard - Obama's Now Added $6 Trillion to the National Debt

The Wall Street Journal - Detroit Will Be Run by Financial Manager

USA Today - Is the penny going away? Not yet

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03/01/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - American Palladium Eagle Study Ready for Congress

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Forbes - The Wild World of Gold & Silver

VIDEO (32:11) : Bloomberg - Full Interview: Duquesne Capital Founder Stanley Druckenmiller discusses the economy, "I See Storm Coming, Bigger Than 2008"

SafeHaven - Bullish Gold Supply

Market Watch - Gold’s bull run not over, it’s just taking a break

VIDEO (05:02) : Royal Mint - About the Royal Mint’s 2013 bullion offering

Profit Confidential - What Happens When a Stock Market Rises on Hopes, Not Fundamentals

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Could the Confirmation of the Breakdown in Silver be Consequential?

U.S. Global Investors - One Chart May Explain Why Gold Stocks Are Lagging Bullion

Caffeinated Thoughts - New Push in Iowa to Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Ahead of the Herd - All You Need To Know About Copper Is In These Three Charts

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Mish's Blog - Reflections on the "Wage Recession"

VIDEO (25:46) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Slime Mold For President!



Seeking Alpha - Gold: The Pawnshop Revolution

02/28/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Gold Made Simple - As the 700 day moving average is tested only of the second time in gold’s bull run are we seeing the second best buying opportunity in the past 12 years?

VIDEO (08:46) : SNN - Sprott's Rick Rule - Bullish on Bullion with Focus on Platinum and Palladium

SafeHaven - Currency Wars: Part II - Bushfire Battles Blazing by Gordon T Long

Deviant Investor - Volatility In Silver and GDX

Ludwig von Mises Institutes - Addicted to Asset Bubbles

NumberSleuth - Getting Value for Your Money — And Why It Matters

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Median Household Incomes: A Weak Start for 2013

Daily Reckoning - In Bernanke We Trust

My Budget 360 - New model of retirement, aka working forever. Americans woefully underprepared to face retirement and half of households have zero retirement plan

CHARTS : Business Insider - How Student Debt Tripled In 8 Years, And Why It's Becoming A Growing Economic Problem

VIDEO (06:20) : Wall Street Examiner - House Fin Services Committee Republicans Roast Bernanke

Peak Prosperity - Warning: Stocks Likely to Crater from Here

Leader & Times - Buffalo Nickel is 100 years old

02/27/13 - Bullion News

AUDIO : FSN - Peter Grandich – Patience Precious Metals Investors Time Is On Your Side

Money Morning - This Is a Recipe for Massive Hyperinflation or Bankruptcy

VIDEO (03:31) : CoinWeek - CoinWeek’s David Lisot on Fox Business News Varney & Company

International Man - Jeff Thomas Responds: Questions on Gold Ownership

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli; ETFs and the Creation of 'Gold Paper'

Investing - Gold drops after market prices in Bernanke comments

Mines and Money - Q&A with Eric Sprott, Sprott Asset Management

KomoNews - How People Are Finding Buried Treasure

The Golden Truth - This Is A Must Read And It's Why You Must Own Gold/Silver

02/26/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Logs Biggest Gain of 2013, US Bullion Coins Jump

VIDEO (25:55) : GoldSilver - Gold & Silver Ep1: Mike Maloney - Hidden Secrets of Money - Currency Vs Money

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Will Lower Dollar Finally Take Gold Higher?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - February's Strange Divergence In Precious Metals

VIDEO (03:17) : CNBC - As Fed Defends QE, Traders Get Bullish On Gold

Seeking Alpha - Palladium May Outshine Gold And Silver In 2013

AUDIO : FSN - David Morgan – Keynesianism Always Fails

Sovereign Man - Trust me, this time is different…

Market Watch - Gold’s death cross is no reason to feel grim

Profit Confidential - What’s with Russia Buying Even More Gold?

02/25/13 - Bullion News

Investing - A Test Of Strength For Gold by Frank Holmes

VIDEO (21:18) : Kitco - No Way Fed Will Stop Easing: Jim Rickards

Gold Made Simple - Gold priced in pounds move 2% higher after ratings downgrade in the UK

VIDEO (03:03) : ZeroHedge - Santelli: "What If The Fed Did Less?"

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: Mexico’s Silver Libertad Coins Offer Great Opportunity for Collectors

TECHNCIAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Deviant Investor - Gold – REVISITED Weekly Buy Signal

TECHNCIAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Profit Confidential - The Fed Crashes Wall Street’s Party

Acting Man - What Drives the Price of Gold and Silver?

VIDEO (03:54) : Bloomberg - Fed Action to Prompt Return to Gold Standard: James Grant

Gold and Silver Blog - APMEX Reports Sales Spike on eBay Bullion Center

Casey Research - Seriously, Casey Research, What's Happening to the Gold Market?

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Next Frontier in Mining

02/24/13 - Bullion News

examiner- Studying the Price History of Gold and Silver...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Seeking Alpha - Will Silver Drop To $26?

Bullion Street - CFTC says hedge funds cut net longs in Gold by 40% last week

The Daily Bail - National Debt Goes From $16.5 To $16.6 Trillion In JUST 8 Days

East Valley Tribune - Proposed Arizona legislation could make silver, gold coins legal currency

02/23/13 - Bullion News

Kitco News - METALS OUTLOOK: Gold Market To Eye Italian Elections, Bernanke, Data, Sequestration

CoinNews - Gold Ends Week at 7-Month Low, Silver Dives, US Bullion Coins Improve

TECHNCIAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Investing - Gold Should Be Completing A Cyclical Low

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Copper – Huge Sell-Off. Who Is Doing The Buying?

AUDIO (34:39) : Peak Prosperity - Eric Sprott: Is the West Dishoarding Its Sovereign Treasure?

The Golden Truth - Extreme Capitulation

Business Standard - Indians' appetite for gold hasn't gone down despite higher tax on gold imports this year

VIDEO (03:29) : Fox Business - Americans Face Rising Prices for Food, Gas

My Budget 360 - Part-time America: How we increased our part-time for economic reasons workforce by 4 million people since the recession began. Healthcare costs encourage low wage employers to hire more part-time employees

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02/22/13 - Bullion News

Edge Trader Plus - Measuring Market Activity

Resource Investor - Gold finds record shorts among managed money

Trader Dan - Copper Woes

CoinNews - 2014 America the Beautiful Quarter and 5 Oz Coin Design Candidates

The Gold Report - BMO Advisor Coxe: "This Is the Worst Trading Situation I Have Ever Seen"

VIDEO (02:33) : Bloomberg - How Yen Weakness Affects Gold Prices - Interview with Frank Holmes

Metals Miner - Daily Silver Prices Drop in India, China and US

Commodity Online - Russia ships zero Palladium to Switzerland in January: Barclays

ZeroHedge - World's Biggest Gold Storage Company Dumps US Citizens

Market Watch - For silver, being cheap is a good thing

Ahead of the Herd - Beggaring Thy Neighbor – Robbing Joe To Pay Chan

Casey Research - Gold Overreacts to the Fed Minutes

02/21/13 - Bullion News

Deviant Investor - GOLD – In Your Self-Interest

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Acting Man - Gold – A Brief Remark on Sentiment

Inside Futures - Crush the Gold Bugs

Profit Confidential - Gold’s Price Correction: Separating the Men from the Boys

Seeking Alpha - Why You Should Hold Onto Your Gold And Silver

MoneyNews - Jobs, Inflation, Factory Data Favor Easy Fed Policy

VIDEO (02:54) : CNBC - Santelli: Cat on a Cold Growth Roof

Daily Reckoning - Why Would You Ever Want to Own Gold?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Dominoes

Daily Wealth - What Our 47%-a-Year Gold System Says Now

INFO~GRAPHIC : ZeroHedge - Currency Wars - Who are the Winners and Losers?

Business Insider - 15 Life Lessons From Top Hedge Fund Managers

02/20/13 - Bullion News

VIDEO (05:25) : CNBC - Rick Rule from Sprott Global Resource Investments Explains Whats Happening in the Precious Metals Markets

Money Morning - Are You About to Lose Your Savings in the Currency War?

SHTF plan - Gold and Silver Update: “Have the Courage of Your Convictions and Hold Fast”

CNBC - Gold's 'Death Cross' Isn't All Investors Are Worried About

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : U.S. Global Investors - When It Comes to Gold, Stick to the Facts by Frank Holmes

Market Watch - Fed, uneasy over ‘QE,’ plans bond-buy debate

Investing - Gold tanks ahead of Federal Reserve minutes, data weighs

SafeHaven - Why Interest Rates Are Rising by Michael Pento

VIDEO (03:50) : The Daily Bail - Cramer: 'Why Every Portfolio Should Own Gold'

The Golden Truth - Is the Fed Serious?


My Budget 360 - Crossing the debt Rubicon - Does debt even matter? Over $5 trillion in Federal debt now held by international and foreign investors

Bloomberg - Minting Coins Cost U.S. Taxpayers $436 Million: Chart of the Day

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02/19/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : International Business Times - Silver Prices Remain in a Consolidation Mode

Dollar Collapse - “The More Silver You Want, The More You Have To Pay”

Armstrong Economics - No Government Has Ever Survived a Debt Crisis !!!!!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - The Implications of Fundamentals and the Dollar for the Price of Gold

Casey Research - Embrace Silver's Volatility All the Way to the Bank

Seeking Alpha - Physical Vs. Paper: Is The Gold/Silver Price Correction Over?

Numismaster - Is Borrowing on Bullion Dangerous?

VIDEO (02:46) : The Daily Bail - CNBC: Pension Timebomb On The Horizon

RCP - Guns and Pensions by Thomas Sowell

Futures Mag - G-20 fails to halt currency wars Sovereign Man - This new law will ensure you pay more for online purchases…

VIDEO (04:50) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Retirees Are the Casualties of the Currency War: Peter Schiff

Silver Vigalante - Consumers Unknowingly Sit On 29,750,000 Ounces of Silver In Old iPhones

Forbes - The Weak Dollar Is Getting Caught In a Currency War Pincer

The Prospector Site - THE BUSINESS OF GOLD

VIDEO (03:58) : U.S. Global Investors - Adding Facts to Gold’s Correction - Interview with Frank Holmes

02/18/13 - Bullion News

MineWeb - Gold: Short term appearance versus long term reality

Los Angeles Times - Gold at N.Y. Fed is intact, some purer than thought, audit finds

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - What Will Happen To The PM Sector If The Braod Market Tanks...

Edge Trader Plus - Why Don’t People See?

Bloomberg - Shanghai Gold Exchange Benchmark Contract Volume Jumps to Record

Armstrong Economics - How All Markets Move – Gold is NO Exception

arabian money - Death cross in the silver chart looks ominous for immediate silver price

Deviant Investor - How To Solve Our Unemployment, Economic, and Mortgage Problems

PostNoon - The Underestimated Sheen

Casey Research - "Bloomberg" Gold Report Misses the Mark

CoinUpdate - Historic Return of Gold Sovereign Production to India

Midas Letter - Danish Bank Head Says “Euro is Doomed”

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02/17/13 - Bullion News

Trader Dan Market Views - Gold Backwardation Chatter

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - Physical Gold And Silver Tightness To Continue

Bullion Street - Sanctions finally caught up with Turkey-Iran Gold trade

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Jesse's Café Américain - Intermediate Gold Chart - 1550 to 1570 For a Range Trade, If It Gets There

Daily Reckoning - Gold Is Money: Central Bank Actions Send Clear Message

XinhuaNet - G20 agrees to curb competitive currency devaluation

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - A few thoughts on Silver, Gold & the US$

The Daily Mail - Are you middle class? Map reveals how you need to take home $67k in Maryland but just $39k in Mississippi

Business Insider - The 17 Cities With The Highest Foreclosure Rates In America

MINING - China’s gold demand to beat supply by 2015

02/16/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Current Decline Not Over. Watch Market Activity For Turnaround

Financial Sense - Jim Rickards: Currency War 3 Has Just Begun - Last two ran for 15 to 20 years

Investor's Business Daily - Flurry Of Global Events Slams Gold, Silver Prices

Sovereign Man - Five tools to protect your privacy online

MoneyNews - Dick Bove: US Dollar Will Be ‘Overthrown’ as World’s Reserve Currency

Washington Times - Central bankers take on activist role to quell global economies

INFO~GRAPHIC : ZeroHedge - How The Super-Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

The Royal Mint - The Romance of coins – bring a romantic tradition to your Valentine’s Day

02/15/13 - Bullion News

Market Watch - How gold will benefit from a currency war

VIDEO (01:43) : CNBC - Santelli Rants on Debt's Threat to Young People

ANALYSIS : CHART : SafeHaven - Gold Leaps Into Backwardation!

CNBC - Gold Ends At Six Month Lows After Scare Below $1,600

VIDEO (04:35) : Yahoo (The Daily Ticker) - Big Tax Cuts Could Lead to ‘Strong Prosperity’: Amity Shlaes

Bloomberg - Bernanke Says Economy Far From Recovering Full Strength

Index Universe - GLD Falls 1.5% On Big Soros Sale

CoinUpdate - Life and Coins of George T. Morgan

VIDEO (00:16) : Bloomberg - Krugman: We're Worse Than Japan Ever Was

VIDEO (05:28) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Abolish the Minimum Wage! Says Peter Schiff

02/14/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Inside Futures - Gold & Silver have sell signals on daily and weekly charts

Investing - Gold softens on poor European economic growth data

CoinNews - Gold Drops to 6-Month Low, Silver Falls 1.7%

Gold Made Simple - Gold price in pounds now up 3% for the year as German and French economies contract

ANALYSIS : VIDEO (04:04) : MSN Money - Investing in silver makes more sense than gold now

VIDEO (07:09) : The Daily Bail - Why The Dallas Fed President Wants To Break Up The Big Banks

ANALYSIS : Wealth Wire - Why Silver is "The Best Asset in the World"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Deviant Investor - Gold Volatility – Are You Worried?

GoldMoney - American ‘cash 4 gold’ stores to face new regulations?

Profit Confidential - Corporate Revenue the Victim of Too Much Money Printing?

Sprott Physical Bullion - Platinum & Palladium’s Breakout Year

VIDEO (00:51) : GoldSilver - Mike Maloney, "What is Inflation?" in 38 seconds

02/13/13 - Bullion News

Article & VIDEO (02:31) : ZeroHedge - "When You Have Fiat Currency, What Level Of Value Is Real", Santelli Asks

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Trader Dan Market Views - Gold Chart and Comments

VIDEO (09:03) : CNBC - Larry Kudlow Interviews Jim Rogers asks about his thoughts on the Market - a look into WallStreet's point of view (Kudlow) and an Austrian's point of view (Rogers)

Reuters - Bank of England sees slow recovery and high inflation

Forbes - Inflation Fears and Facts

Business Insider - ART CASHIN : "People need to begin watching the money supply, particularly the M2, and see if that starts to accelerate"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - Market Conditions For Gold

ETF Daily News - Why Are Russia And China Hoarding So Much Gold?

VIDEO (04:13) : Yahoo (The Daily Ticker) - Laura Lyster Interviews Jim Grant

VIDEO (18:24) : Silver-Investor - Interview with David Morgan about the Silver Market

Daily Reckoning - The Silver Shortage Of 2013

VIDEO (02:17) : Bloomberg - Pimco's CEO Mohamed El-Erian : Central Banks Behind Currency Confusion

02/12/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Inch Up; US Bullion Coins Gain

The Daily Sheeple - Buyer Beware: Fake Silver Eagles Surface Amid Rising Precious Metals Values

Casey Research - Bipolar Silver: How to Profit

VIDEO (05:39) : CNBC - A Bright Future for Precious Metals

Investing - Forex - Dollar declines as G7 tells nations not to devalue currencies

The Sovereign Investor - Gold in Yen Terms Hits 52-Week High

VIDEO (06:31) : Bloomberg - Would Returning to Gold Standard End Currency Wars?

Daily Reckoning - The Housing Recovery Producing A Nation of Serfs

SafeHaven - Currency Wars Are Evil

Seeking Alpha - Reasons Not To Buy Gold?

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Debt Junkie Nation

Minyanville - Why Jim Rogers Is Hoarding Gold and Silver

Forbes - Asian Currencies Tumble. Yes, This Is A Global Currency War.

Numismaster - When it Comes to Coins, Taxes Shouldn't be a Surprise

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02/11/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Prices Drop to 5-Week Low, US Silver Coins Rise

The NY Sun - The State of the Dollar

CoinNews - Gold Prices Drop to 5-Week Low, US Silver Coins Rise

VIDEO (21:50) : Silver-Investor - Keep your Sights on Platinum and Palladium

Gold Newswire - Are Newsletters Flashing Warning Signs?

VIDEO (07:35) : CNBC - Currency Wars Not Priced into Gold: Expert

The Washington Times - STANEK: Suspension may be sign of the end for debt ceiling - No more limit to government borrowing?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : BullionBullsCanada - The Currency War, Part I

Wealth Wire - Fed Is Buying Debt Faster Than We Can Create It

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Deviant Investor - Gold – Weekly Buy Signal

VIDEO (01:00) : Bloomberg - The World's Most Gold-Hungry Country? Not the U.S.

The Real Asset - The parallels between love and gold

02/10/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Gold and Silver

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Buy! $1600 And $28 Targets?

GoldSilverWorlds - James Rickards: World Currency System Moving Towards Catastrophe

VIDEO (08:11) : Ticker Talk - Ted Ohashi - Ticker Talk - David Morgan Interview

02/09/13 - Bullion News

New York Post - The Dow at 14,000: not as good as gold

ZeroHedge - The Fed's Bailout Of Europe Continues With Record $237 Billion Injected Into Foreign Banks In Past Month

Jutia Group - Candlestick Charts: Quickly Spot Patterns With This Popular Charting Style

CoinNews - Gold Dips on Week, Silver Falls 1.6%, US Gold Coins Stronger

Palm Beach Post - Gold vending machine in Boca Raton may be first of many

Trend - Turkey says won't halt gold flow to Iran

Wealth Wire - Some Questions about Deflation

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Wicked Debt Web

02/08/13 - Bullion News

VIDEO (07:42) : Bloomberg - Ron Paul Warns Currency Devaluation Is `Dangerous'

Business Insider - This Looks Like The Beginning Of A Long-Term Commodities Bull Market

Casey Research - When Beating Inflation Isn't Enough

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Validity of Head and Shoulder Pattern - as illustrated by Miners (HUI)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold, Bonds and the Dollar – Short- and Long-Term Implications

Money Morning - As Insiders Head For the Exits, Do They Know Something "We" Don't Know?

Total Investor - Some Trader Has Made A Very Big Bet That Something Very Bad Will Happen Within The Next 60 Days ANALYSIS : CHART : Financial Sense - Very Overbought Market

ZeroHedge - Venezuela Launches First Nuke In Currency Wars, Devalues Currency By 46%

VIDEO (05:46) : Wealth Wire - How Clueless are Americans about Gold...Free Gold Coin offered to first Person who can Guess its Value

Daily Resource Hunter - How Much Gold Does China Really Have?…

The Gold Report - John Williams: How to Survive the Illusion of Recovery

VIDEO (03:57) & Article : Yahoo (Daily Ticker) - Secrets of the Jewelry Industry: What Your Jeweler Won’t Tell You

CoinUpdate - Final Design of Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Series Features Wood Bison

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Acting Man - Gold – A Brief Technical Update - Putting Everyone to Sleep

AUDIO : FSN - Peter Schiff – Speaking Off The Cuff About Real Estate And Investing

SWNS - Boy, 12, handed 22ct GOLD SOVEREIGN in his change from a shop

ZeroHedge - CME Cuts Gold, Silver Margins

02/07/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Dollar hits session highs vs. euro after ECB

VIDEO (10:23) : CNBC - Where Gold's Going: Silver Wheaton CEO

Deviant Investor - Silver Prices – The Big Picture

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : Advisor Perspectives - The Long Term Market Trend: What If We Ignore Inflation/Deflation?

MineWeb - Chinese buyers keep gold market alive and kicking - According to Willem Middelkoop anyone who thinks the gold bull market is over is dead wrong

Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - CFTC Finally Does Something About Market Manipulation

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : Street Talk Live - Chart Of The Day: Productivity Not Pointing Towards Recovery

MoneyNews - Platinum’s Premium Over Gold Biggest Since ’11 on Supply Concern

VIDEO (02:09) : CNN Money - 300 tons of Fed gold on the move

VIDEO (02:51) : The Daily Bail - David Stockman: 'The United States Of Insolvency'

CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Copper; Market Manipulation? You Make The Call

POLL : CNBC - Are You Buying Gold?

VIDEO (28:37) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: The Birth of a Scandal

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02/06/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Edge Higher, Platinum Hits 16-Month High

CHARTS : ZeroHedge - What The US Government Spent Its Money On Last Quarter

The Golden Truth - The Next Big Move Higher In Gold

Minyanville - Is Silver Price Manipulated? Maybe, but That's the Wrong Question

Market Watch - So God made a banker...

Jutia Group - Crisis Investing 101: 5 Assets That Could Save Your Portfolio

VIDEO (08:06) : CNBC - Gross: 'Don't Own Long Bonds'

Wealth Wire - Platinum Surges 12% as Supply Falls

02/05/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Snaps Two-Session Winning Streak, US Silver Bullion Coins Rise

Business Insider - Gold and Silver Outlook for February 5

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : The Daily Bail - Fed's Balance Sheet Hits NEW RECORD $3 Trillion

Peak Prosperity - QE for Dummies; Understanding the most outlandish monetary experiment ever conducted by Chris Martension (Good Read)

Real Clear Politics - Prophets and Losses by Thomas Sowell

Real Clear Politics - Prophets and Losses: Part II by Thomas Sowell

VIDEO (01:48) : The Street - Bad News in Europe is Good News for Gold

VIDEO (05:58) : Yahoo (The Daily Ticker) - Don’t Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins: Jim Rogers

My Budget 360 - The United States of Debt Addiction: Our reliance on debt has created an entire economy fortified in the fires of moral hazard and fiscally dangerous leverage

VIDEO (04:29) : Bloomberg - Platinum Supply Falls to a 13 Year Low

VIDEO (07:03) : The Silver Institute - SILVER - The Element of Change

CoinWeek - SILVER 101: Why Every American Should Own Silver

Ludwig von Mises Institute - The Austrians Were Right

Advisor - Coins : Not an Investment for Flippers

CoinNews - US 2012 Annual Coin Production Tops 9.3 Billion, Jumps 13.9%

newser - Virginia Wants to Mint Its Own Gold and Silver Coins

02/04/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Chart of The Week - Gold (Feb 4)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Do Silver and Platinum Have Higher Growth Potential Than Gold?

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

Mint News Blog - 2013 Wood Bison Silver Bullion Coin Released

Deviant Investor - Why Buy Silver?

Bullion Street - Iranians shun own currency for Gold

VIDEO (26:51) : SafeHaven - Doug Casey Interviews Peter Schiff on Gold, Inflation, and Interest Rates

Ahead of the Herd - No Security of Supply

International Business Times - What’s behind moving Swiss Bank clients from unallocated to ‘allocated’ gold accounts?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - FTSE:Gold price ratio hits 16 month high – but still below its rebound highs

VIDEO (04:28) : WSJ Video - Opinion: You Call This a Recovery?


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02/03/13 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - Yes - Something Did Change Last Week In Precious Metals Markets

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Copper – Upside Breakout. Gold/Silver To Follow?

Adelaide Now - Pocket money not keeping up with inflation, new study says

Science Mag -ScienceShot: Rumpelstiltskin Molecule Spins Toxic Ions Into Gold Nuggets

ZEAL - Global Silver-Mining Trends

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02/02/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Pushing On A String Amidst A Shaky Environment

CoinNews - 2013 American Eagle Bullion Coins Notch Records in January Sales

VIDEO (04:38) : Fox Business - Low Interest Rates Driving the Market’s Rally?

Investment U - Why This Opportunity Trumps Your Biggest Risk

VIDEO (08:27) : FSN - Eric Sprott Speaks to CNBC’s Gary Kaminsky About Gold & Silver

CHARTS : Business Insider - 12 Charts That Will Make Gold Bulls Furious

02/01/13 - Bullion News

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Gold and Silver Climb Higher, Fed Receives More Excuses for Easing

METALS OUTLOOK : Kitco - Gold Likely To Remain Range-Bound Next Week; Watching ECB

VIDEO (10:31) : U.S. Global Investors - Frank Holmes’ Conversation with Al Korelin

CoinNews - 2013 Australian Koala Silver Coin in 1/10 Oz Size

KHOU - Tens of thousands of dollars worth of gold coins stolen from elderly woman’s Sante Fe home

Canada Newswire - Royal Canadian Mint Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series comes to a close with a tribute to the Wood bison - Newswire Release
(Link to Original News Release and Photo of Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

Casey Research - US data push the dollar lower...

Profit Confidential - The Truth Behind Today’s Dismal U.S. Jobs Report

AUDIO : FSN - Dennis Miller – You Need To Reboot Your Retirement - "We Are All Money Managers Now"

CHARTS : ZeroHedge - Two Thirds Of Americans Aged 45-60 Plan To Delay Retirement

Coin Update - US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Coin Sales Surge in January

Article & VIDEO (06:32) : CNBC - Why Inflation Could Eat Into Stock Gains: Kyle Bass

Detlev Schlichter - Incredible confusions Part 1: ‘Positive Money’ and the fallacy of the need for a state money producer

01/31/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - PDF : Silver: Buy, Hold or Sell?

VIDEO (09:55) : CNBC - Investment Legend Byron Wien on Why He Owns Gold and the Market's Next Move

ETF Daily News - What A Poor Debt Ceiling Deal Would Do For Gold and Silver Prices

Deviant Investor - Why Buy Gold?

CoinWeek - US Dollar Experiencing A Terrible Ten Days

Wealth Wire - Billions in Gold and Valuables Left Unclaimed

VIDEO (05:47) : CNBC - Interview with Marc Faber; The U.S. Economy's Pivot Point

Dollar Collapse - “Everybody in the Industry Knows the US Doesn’t Have the Gold”

Forbes - The 10 Minute Gold Standard: It's Much Easier Than You Think br>

01/30/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Rally on Weak GDP Data; US Coins Gain

TECHNICIAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Future Money Trends - Parallel Dimensions: An Update for the Precious Metals

The Source (WSJ) - Platinum and Gold Near Parity In Anticipation of FOMC Statement

Article & VIDEO : Gold Made Simple - Finally MP’s get told that money printing (QE) is a ‘monstrous mistake’

VIDEO (31:56) : Cambridge House - Peter Schiff: Why Canada Will Divorce The US And Marry China

VIDEO (01:52) : CNBC - Santelli: 'Let's See You Spin This One Into Gold!''We have Become Europe'

MineWeb - U.S. gold, silver production down in 2012—USGS

VIDEO (01:00) : Bloomberg - Gold Heads for Biggest Week in Gains

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - Stocks Catch-Down To Credit As Silver Surges

CHARTS : Wealth Daily - The Yen's Loss is Gold's Gain

VIDEO (37:33) : Cambridge House- Outlook For 2013 - Presentation by Frank Holmes (slide show presentation)

DNAinfo - A Treasure Hunter's Day At The Beach

The Washington Post - The only chart you need on the GDP report

International Business Times - Don’t Expect Tightening from the Federal Reserve

Bullion Vault - Why Is There So Little Inflation?

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01/29/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Rebound; US Bullion Coins Hit Milestones

Investing - Gold shrugs off data, rises on talk Fed may leave policies unchanged

INFO~GRAPHIC : Gold Made Simple - A history of gold: The Royal Mint and Gold Made Simple infographic

Bloomberg - U.S. Mint Silver-Coin Sales Surge After Temporary Suspension

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : My Budget 360 - Inflation unchained: US dollar down 23 percent from 2000, Tuition up 72 percent, and home values up 44 percent. Incomes adjusting for inflation are back to 1990s levels

Money Morning - Buy Silver – the War Against the China Bears Begins

VIDEO (02:29) : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: An Exit 'Far, Far Away' - says the Fed's exit is most likely going to be "very messy"

Wall Street Pit - Easy Money, Slow Growth

Profit Confidential - Why Are Yields on U.S. Treasuries Rising All of a Sudden?

MoneyNews - WSJ: Fed’s Low-Rate Tactics Create Ticking Time Bomb for Investors

Jesse's Café Américain - Kitco Corrects Their Gold Lease Rates Error

Reuters - China tells U.S. to slow money printing presses

The Golden Truth - Are The Currency Wars For Real?

ZeroHedge - The Complete World Currency War Heatmap

01/28/13 - Bullion News

CNBC - Gold Ends Below $1,653 an Ounce

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price bounces off $1655 at the start of the week as UK borrowing costs drift higher

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Gold - Chart of The Week - Gold (Jan 28)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Bullish Implications for Precious Metals from the U.S. Dollar

Profit Confidential - Approved; Unlimited Credit Line for the Most Debt-Infested Country

Casey Research - Two Chess Moves Away from Capital Controls

Deviant Investor - Past & Future Speculative Bubbles – What They Indicate for Gold and Silver!

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: Silver Maple Leaf Supplies Dwindling and Other World Bullion Coin News

POPSCI - Gray Matter: How To Make Cheap Fake Gold

Eric De Groot - The Euro and Gold Trend Together

The International Man - The Disappearing Gold

The Gold Report - The World According to Doug Casey

The Telegraph - France 'totally bankrupt', says labour minister Michel Sapin

moneycontrol - Why it makes sense to buy gold

Edge Trader Plus - Let The Banks Go Bankrupt!

albawaba - Dollar is still the currency of choice

The Washington Post - In case of emergency, Pr. William delegate wants to study a separate Virginia currency

The Economy News - Looking for a Cushion? Invest in Gold

GoldMoney - Platinum/gold spread widening

01/27/13 - Bullion News

Summary & VIDEO (10:42) : ZeroHedge - Daniel Hannan Destroys The 3 Unquestionable Myths Of Our Crisis

PDF : CHARTS : ANALYSIS : U.S. Global Investors - More Sunshine, Less Stormy Weather - 2013 Outlook by Frank Holmes

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Gold And Silver - All Fundamentals/Opinions Are Useless

Bangor Daily News - The Dodgy World of Commemorative Coins

Investing - Gold Continues To Exasperate


INFO~GRAPHIC : Business Insider - This USA Today Infographic Will Make Every Investor Cringe

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Retreat on Week, US Gold Bullion Coins Steady

01/26/13 - Bullion News

VIDEO (17:08) : CNBC - Dalio's Perspective on Deleveraging

The Columbus Dispatch - Palladium, platinum up after supply report

VIDEO (05:40) : Bloomberg - Marc Faber: Keynesian's Will Be Punished

Wealth Cycles - Food Price Inflation May Be Gold Rush Trigger

AUDIO (34:37) : Peak Prosperity - James Turk: Central Banks are Losing the War to Suppress Gold & Silver Prices

Sprott Global - Ignoring The Obvious

Financial Sense - Technician Louise Yamada: All Systems Go - We May Be Seeing Early Signs of New Secular Bull Market

VIDEO (03:37) & Article : The Prospector Site - THE WORLD AWAKENING TO GOLD

WGNtv - Illinois’ credit rating downgraded; state drops to worst in the nation

01/25/13 - Bullion News

CNBC - Gold Slides as ECB Boosts Appetite for Euro, Stocks

CHART : TECHNICAL ANAYLSIS : Inside Futures - Could Silver Head Lower?

AUDIO (11:41) : Cambridge House Live - Why can't Germany get its gold back?! Interview with David Morgan

Financial Sense - The Road to Debt-Serfdom

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Market Watch - If China likes silver, maybe we should too

Armstrong Economics - Wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them

VIDEO (04:56) : Max Keiser - Max Keiser’s unpleasant facts on UK economy

The Himalayan Times - India: Cabinet increases import duty on gold

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Median Household Incomes: Down 0.5% in 2012

Silver Coin Investor - Silver Investing and the Sanctity of Savings

VIDEO (10:16) : CNBC - IMF's Lagarde: Central Bank Action Is Still Needed

Daily Reckoning - Palladium: Platinum’s Neglected Cousin

Silver Shield collection
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01/24/13 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Gold Declines for Second Day as China Survey Curbs Haven Demand

AUDIO (09:39) : Silver Investor - The Buzz about Silver at the (VRIC) Cambridge House Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Gold Made Simple - Gold price slips as gold smuggling becomes the next big thing

MineWeb - Now Royal Canadian Mint rationing silver coin sales

247 Bull - Britain’s Coming Financial Collapse: Part I

VIDEO (03:41) : Keith Weiner - Trading the Gold / Silver Ratio to Produce a Gold Yield

ETF Daily News - How Will The Debt Ceiling Debate Affect Gold Prices?

Deviant Investor - What Could Go Wrong? And How Gold Will Benefit!

AUDIO : FSN - David Morgan – Silver Appears Ready To Go Higher

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - What To Expect From Silver Going Forward?

MoneyNews - HSBC Likes Palladium, But (Secretly) Is Piling into Silver

Money Morning - Bill Gross: Beware the Central Banks Bond Playing Game

Profit Confidential - The Municipal Bond Threat: Another Reason Money Printing Can’t Stop Anytime Soon

Armstrong Economics - Gold Refiners Required to Report All Gold Movement

Money Morning - Is There Any Truth to Rumors of a Physical Silver Shortage?

VIDEO (15:46) : USA WatchDog - German Gold-Not Last One Holding the Bag-Tom Cloud

WatchDog - 9/11 commemorative coin seller accused of deception

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Eurodollars Update From the Dec 2012 BIS Report

Azorobotics - Discovery Channel to Feature Odyssey’s Gairsoppa Silver Bullion Recovery Using Advanced Robotics

01/23/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Eases as Silver Prices Hit Six-Week High

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Inside Futures - Commodities: Crude Oil, Gold Look to US House Vote for Direction

VIDEO (00:44) : CNBC - Gold Eases as Debt Talks Progress

Plata - Thoughts on gold and humanity by Hugo Salinas Price

Seeking Alpha - If You Own Silver, Do You Really Need Mining Stocks?

VIDEO (02:39) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Central Banks Will Fuel Gold Back to Record Highs: Kilburg

CHARTS : My Budget 360 - Are we missing critical inflation data with the CPI? How the government over time has altered the CPI to under report inflation

Sovereign Man - Do I have to report my offshore gold…?

AUDIO (59:20) : Voice America - The Fiscal Cliff. How to Spot the Ledge; Includes Good Speech by Peter Schiff he gave at the Mises Circle in New York City last September and an Interview with Chris Powell of GATA

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - Only!? - 45% Say Bailouts of Financial Industry Bad for U.S.

Peak Prosperity - The Tangled Relationship Between Wealth & Money

MineWeb - South African govt. not threatening mining firms - President Zuma

Dollar Collapse - Has The Debt Jubilee Already Started?

Bloomberg - Standard Bank Says Physical Gold Purchases Unusually High

Wealth Wire - HSBC Buys $876 Million Worth of Silver

Street Talk Live - 5 Risks Facing The Global Economy

Project Syndicate - Beggar Thy Currency Or Thy Self? (by Mohamed A. El-Erian is CEO and co-Chief Investment Officer of the global investment company PIMCO)

Buy American Silver Eagle Coins
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01/22/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Gold Made Simple - Gold price holding steady around $1690 level as the Bank of Japan officially adopts a 2% CPI rate of inflation

Investing - Forex - Dollar dips as stocks move higher, BoJ move disappoints

Money Morning - Investors are Feeling Cheerful – Time to Batten Down the Hatches

MineWeb - The CPM Group's Erica Rannestad looks at the supply and demand dynamics at play within the global platinum market post the Amplats review announcement

CHARTS : Dollar Collapse - Are Higher Interest Rates the End of the World?

INFO~GRAPHIC : Sprott Physical Bullion - The Story: Platinum & Palladium

MoneyMorning - Middle Class Decline Under Obama Shown in 5 Charts

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : ZeroHedge - US Macro Turns Negative - Worst In Almost 5 Months

Wyatt Research - One Law that Explains Nearly Everything

VIDEO (08:13) : CNBC - Market Technician Louise Yamada Discusses the Market's Next Move

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation - New Publication Further Validates the Concept of John Kanzius using Gold Nano-Particle Solutions

Bloomberg - Pacific Group to Convert 1/3 of Hedge-Fund Assets to Gold

BusinessWeek - Buying Gold Is Best Bet in Worst-Case Scenario, Faber Says

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - How Far Up Could Silver Go?

AUDIO (04:18) : JB Investment Strategies - Interview with John Embry - Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management

Wealth Daily - More Precious than Gold

POLL : Enterprising Investor - How Will Financial Markets React If the United States Defaults on Its Debt?

Romania Insider - Romania : Man Finds 16th Century Ottoman Silver Coins in Using Metal Detector

01/21/13 - Bullion News

Casey Research - "Wrong Way Corrigan" Analysts

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Chart of The Week (Gold) - January 21

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - These Two Financial Giants Differ on Gold

Arabian Money - Last time the US Mint ran out of American eagles the silver price jumped from $34 to $49 an ounce

Stockhouse - Western banking: money for nothing -- literally

Inside Investing Daily - Could this Cause an Explosion in Gold?


ZeroHedge - Ron Paul: "The Coming Debt Limit Drama: Government Wins, We Lose"

Deviant Investor - Why Owning Gold is Absolutely Essential – Charles Ponzi Meets Cassandra

VIDEO (11:53) : USA Watchdog - USA Going to Get Downgraded-Karl Denninger

INFO-GRAPHIC : Business Insider - The 'Best' Countries In The World Have Changed A Lot Since 1988

XinhuaNet - China : Inflation rise "on the horizon"

Advisor One - Why Monetary Easing Won’t Help Japan

Perth Mint Bullion - Would You Prefer Your Dividends In Gold?

01/20/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Ayn Rand, Sir Walter Scott, And Nearing “Crunch Time”

Plata - Ambrose Evans–Pritchard Beats About the Bush by Hugo Salinas Price

ZeroHedge - High Margin Requirements Are Killing The Silver Market

Irish Times - Golden opportunity as bullion on the move

Seeking Alpha - Gold Is Not Money - It's Something Better

Wealth Daily - Legislatures Attacking Your Gold and Silver Rights!

SD Bullion
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01/19/13 - Bullion News

Wall Street Pit - 4 Sensational Facts About Gold Investing That You Might Not Know by Frank Holmes

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Notch Second Straight Weekly Gain; US Coins Bullish

DailyFX - Forex: Gold Advances as Stocks Hit 5-Year Highs- Still at Risk Sub $1693

Bloomberg - U.S. Mint Gold-Coin Sales Rise to 127,000 Ounces This Month

Forbes - Gold Stages Key Bullish Technical Reversal

FTM Daily - Will the Price of Platinum Outperform Gold in 2013?

The Hindu - India: Fake gold coins seized, five held

VIDEO (28:11) : Keiser Report - Welcome Home German Gold

01/18/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Investing - Gold's Setting Up For Massive Breakout

Article & VIDEO(s) : The Guardian- GOLD - Things You May or May Not have Known about the Precious Metal

Consumerist - National Collector’s Mint - Sellers Of Imitation “Exclusively Authorized” 9/11 Commemorative Coins To Pay $750,000

Erie TV News - Kanzius Foundation Message to Air Nationwide

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Gold and Silver Bullion Are On the Move

GoldMoney - Doug Casey: ‘We are living in the middle of the biggest bubble in history’

Financial Sense - Gold Demand: East vs. West

ZeroHedge - 2008 Again?

Picture of the Day : Liberty Blitz Krieg - Obama Supporters Gather for the Inauguration!

The Golden Truth - Germany Pays A Visit To The United States

Wealth Daily - Buy a Gun, Buy Silver

The Wall Street Journal - Poland Prepares to Ditch Pennies

Caffeinated Thoughts - Legal Tender – States’ Best Tool for Restoring Market Confidence

VIDEO (03:30) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Bond Market Entering Shift Not Seen Since 1946: Louise Yamada

01/17/13 - Bullion News

Live Science - Amateur Gold Digger Strikes 12-Pound Jackpot (includes a short video showing the 177 oz. Gold Nugget)

Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

VIDEO (22:14) : Ellis Martin Report - Interview with Silver Guru - with David Morgan

The Telegraph - A new Gold Standard is being born

GoldSilverWorlds - Peter Schiff Reveals CPI Propaganda By Calculating Real Price Inflation

VIDEO (10:57) : USA Watchdog - Bernanke Playing With Fire-Laurence Kotlikoff

Deviant Investor - Shelter from The Coming Storm – Gold, Silver, and Real Assets

AUDIO (09:26) : Silver Investor - Interview with David Morgan; You CAN'T Solve a Massive DEBT Problem by Adding to the DEBT!

Daily Reckoning - Gold…Buy the Dips!

The Telegraph - The Germans don't trust Obama with their gold – and can you blame them?

Reuters - India: Gold imports could fall 25 percent on duty hike

Daily Wealth - Germany Is Bringing Gold Back Home... You Should, Too

Business Insider - 10 Countries Hoarding Enormous Stockpiles Of Gold

01/16/13 - Bullion News

The Telegraph - Gold price on the rise: How to invest in bullion

The Golden Truth - Global Gold Demand: Fact vs. Fiction

VIDEO (04:01) : CNBC - ‘Santelli's Currency War Strategies

MoneyNews - Oppenheimer’s de Longis: Currency Wars Have Begun

Reuters - Platinum up for 7th day as South Africa crisis stirs supply fears

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Where Is the Inflation?

VIDEO (01:51) : Bloomberg - Fed's Rosengren: Premature to Talk About Fed Exit

The Globe and Mail - Gold stock ETFs Biggest Losers in 2012

ZeroHedge - World War Is Coming, Currency War That Is - Russia Warns

MineWeb - Thomson Reuters GFMS’s global head of metals analytics looks at the reasons it believes gold is going to average $1,847 in 2013

Daily Mail - What is Germany scared of? Bundesbank to retrieve $200bn of gold reserves from central banks in Paris and New York

Resource Investor - Gold’s changing status under Basel III

Summary & AUDIO : arabian money - Jim Rogers publishes his memoirs reviewing a lifetime of investment and tips gold and silver

Buy Gold and Silver - Money Metals Exchange
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01/15/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Platinum Tops Gold, US Gold and Silver Coins Rise

Seeking Alpha - Are Gold And Silver Price Forecasts Of Any Value?

INFO-GRAPHIC : DEMON~OCRACY - Gold - Visualized in Bullion Bars

ZeroHedge - Why Americans Are Broke, And Getting Further In Debt

Gold Made Simple - Gold price rips higher as Germany confirms it will start repatriating its gold

MineWeb - Platinum price back up above gold, but will it last?

INFO-GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Silver Series: Silver as an Investment

VIDEO (05:13) : CNBC - What Hedge Funds Are Doing With Gold Now

The Wall Street Journal - Jon Stewart to Krugman: Coin Still Dumb Idea

Silver Investing News - Silver Manipulation Case Against JPMorgan Dismissed

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns

Dollar Collapse - The GAAP In The Debt Debate

Wealth Wire - JPMorgan's New Metal Scheme

Summary & VIDEO (35:17) : ZeroHedge - Jim Grant: Heads Bankers Win, Tails Taxpayers Lose

01/14/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Gains, Silver Tops $31, US Bullion Coins Advance

Wyatt Research - Ben Bernanke is a Commodity Investor’s Best Friend

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Kitco - Gold Traders Eyes Bernanke Speech, Platinum Rockets Higher

VIDEO (02:53) : CNBC - Santelli's Take on Moral High Ground

Perth Mint Bullion - Surge In Australian Kangaroo Demand

BDlive - Platinum rallies to three-month high on supply concerns

VIDEO (01:56) & Article : The Street - Gold Prices Climb as Fed's Evans Backs Easing Efforts

Deviant Investor - Non-Predictions for 2013 & 2014

MineWeb - LBMA forecasts: gold up, silver, platinum up more, palladium most of all

Commodity Trade Mantra - Large Hikes in Gold Holdings expected from China

Bullion Street - People fights for Gold in Iran

Business Insider - Obama Really Wishes He Never Gave This Speech About The Debt Ceiling

Sovereign Man - US bank rejects silver quarter as ‘bad money’…

ETF Daily - Why Marc Faber Will Never Stop Buying Gold

Midas Letter - Copper End Users Urge Reversal of Approval for JP Morgan Copper ETF

CHARTS : Street Talk Live - Signs Of A Fed Driven Rally

01/13/13 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - Why Gold Is Not In A Bubble: Interview With Egon Von Greyerz

ANALYSIS : CHART : Gold Scents - January 12 Weekend report

Business Insider - The True Story Of The Time JP Morgan Saved America From Default By Using An Obscure Coin Loophole

Silver Vigilante - 500% Silver Gains Last Decade: What Could This Decade Hold?

Pocono Record - Precious metals are best used as hedges

01/12/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Inside Futures - Gold May Bounce From This Targeted Support Level

biiwii - Gold Bears Out of the Woodwork and Into Your Head?

Commodity Trade Mantra - SILVER Demand set for Dramatic climb to Historic High in 2013

VIDEO (28:06) : Keiser Report - Max Keiser talks to Reggie Middleton about the education debt bubble

Commodity Online - Platinum, Palladium in 2013 to average $1690/oz and $736/oz: Barclays

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Snap Six-Week Losing Streak; US Coin Sales Soar

MINING - Gold audit of US Treasury gathers steams

azizonomics - Economists vs the Public


Business Insider - Treasury Rules Out The Trillion Dollar Coin Option To Break The Debt Ceiling

01/11/13 - Bullion News

Fox Business - U-Turn: Gold Slumps After Rally

Summary & VIDEO (07:09) : ZeroHedge - Jim Grant Exposes "The Bureau Of Money Materialization" And A Submerging America

Perth Mint Bullion - Kookaburra Mintage Policy Update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kitco - 2013 Gold & Silver Outlook


VIDEO (01:11) : CNBC - Marc Faber: Why I'll 'Never' Sell Gold

CoinWeek - Campaign Against Gold Has Failed Says Central Bank Think-Tank

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - What do Silver to Gold and Platinum to Gold Ratios Tell Us?

MineWeb - Public U.S. gold audit petition hits White House website

The Globe and Mail - World's Largest Gold Dealers Lower Price Target 2013

Wealth Wire - Investing in Gold: Full Ownership or Mutualized Ownership?

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Jump, US Bullion Coins at Monthly Highs

Bloomberg - JPMorgan Sells Largest Structured Note Tied to Gold Since 2010

01/10/13 - Bullion News

The Street - Gold Prices Climb on Optimism From ECB's Draghi

Kitco - Ten Rules for Trading and Investing in Gold and Silver

VIDEO (02:29) : CNBC - Santelli Hot on the Trail of 'Precious Metal Purchasing Act'

Liberty Blitzkrieg - Is Gold and Silver Registration Coming to Illinois?

CoinUpdate - Increased Fineness for 2013 Britannia Gold and Silver Bullion Coins Drives Higher Sales

Summary & VIDEO (09:57) : ZeroHedge - $10,000 Gold And 'Monetary' Roots: From Kunta Kinte To Keynes

Gold Made Simple - Gold price moves higher as the Bank of England decides to keep rates at historic lows

VIDEO (05:17) : Fox Business - Government Encouraging Handouts?

The Economist - India’s lust for gold - Love of gold becomes a macroeconomic problem

VIDEO (06:23) : Bloomberg - The State Pension Time Bomb

Profit Confidential - Student Loan Default Rate Hits a Scary 11%

Deviant Investor - The Madness of Men

AUDIO (59:48) : Voice America - Interview with David Stockman: Congress & the FED are Killing Capitalism

Jesse's Café Américain - It's Official. Krugman Does Not Understand the Value of Money

01/09/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold Stymied at the 200 Day Moving Average

VIDEO (01:54) : BBC - Silver gains popularity among investors amid economy fears

Business Insider - According To The Bretton Woods Calculation, Gold Is Worth $20,000 Per Ounce

VIDEO (05:51) : Kitco - For Pete's Sake: Next 60 Days Key for Gold

Investment News - 9 most valuable U.S. coins

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - One Way - or Another

Real Clear Politics - The Role of 'Educators' by Thomas Sowell

The Globe and Mail - Is it Time to Take Advantage of the Lull in Gold Prices?

247Bull - 2013 forecast: Where next for the price of gold?

01/08/13 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - A Reminder of U.S. Strength... From My Visit to The Dominican Republic

CoinNews - 2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 3.9M in Opening Day Sales

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Is The U.S. Debt Ceiling Really A Debt Target?

AUDIO (28:13) : Money Talks - Michael Campbell Interviews David Morgan

Seeking Alpha - A Brief History Of U.S. Dollar Debasement

The Gold Report - CPM Platinum Market Analysis and Forecast for 2013

CHART : Business Insider - How The Clinton Surpluses Turned Into More Than $6 Trillion Worth Of Deficits

CNBC - Former U.S. Mint Director: The $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Ain't Worth a Plugged Nickel

Mish's Blog - Krugman Supports the $1 Trillion Coin; Why Stop There? I Support the $1 Quadrillion Coin

VIDEO (03:20) : CNBC - These Are Gold's Key Levels

My Budget 360 - Inflation by any other name – Central banks around the world increase balance sheets from $2 trillion in 2008 to $6 trillion in 2013. The slow erosion of purchasing power in the US

MoneyNews - Marc Faber Is Holding Gold as an ‘Insurance Policy’

Money Morning - Why a U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade is On the Way

Political Metals - Gold 2012 – 2013 New year outlook & review

Profit Confidential - U.S. Economy Past the Point of No Return?

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01/07/13 - Bullion News

Reuters - Gold falls, Fed asset purchases in focus

Business Insider - The Next Two Weeks Will Be Huge For Fed Watchers

Casey Research - Dear 2013, What Will Gold Do This Year?

Article & VIDEO(s) : CNBC - Why Divisions at the Fed Have Markets So Puzzled

Article & VIDEO (04:24) : CNN Money - Debt Ceiling: 'Chaotic' choices on 100 million payments

Seeking Alpha - Palladium: Gold's Grittier Cousin

Deviant Investor - Ten Steps to Safety

GoldSeek - 'Gold Rush' Bubble? US Gold Coin Sales Fall 25% In 2012

Summary & VIDEO (06:23) : USA Watchdog - Peter Schiff: Get Real Money, Gold and Silver – as the Fed Will Not Stop Printing Money

The Washington Post - This is what would happen if we breach the debt ceiling

AdvisorOne - U.S. Fiscal Policy and the Debt Ceiling: A Troubling Scenario

Middle East Online - Ancient gold coins discovered in Iraq

CoinNews - Ron Paul’s Free Competition in Currency Act Reintroduced

VIDEO (02:36) : Bloomberg - U.S. Avoids Fiscal Cliff, Bumps Into Debt Ceiling

SD Bullion
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01/06/13 - Bullion News

Inside Futures - Gold And Silver - Who [What] Do You Trust? You Have A Choice.

VIDEO (07:07) : The Golden Truth - Any Questions About Why This Country Is Collapsing?

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO (13:51) : Inside Futures - Elliott Wave Video: Where USD Is Headed In 2013 And Why?

Market Oracle - Major Gold Move You're Not Hearing About

Pimco - Money for Nothin’ Writing Checks for Free

01/05/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Versus Paper - 2013 - The Year of the Gold Bull?

VIDEO (32:13) : Gordon T Long - Macro Analytics RECAPPING 2012 - John Rubino

GoldSeek - US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 3

The Source (WSJ) - Gold Price Plunges…For Now

Spiegel - Japan's Growing Sovereign Debt Time Bomb

Daily Mail - American bounty hunters submit plans to raise gold coins worth hundreds of millions from the wreck of HMS Victory

Summary & VIDEO (08:41) : ZeroHedge - Sprott And Biderman On Paper Vs. Physical Gold

Wealth Cycles - Mexico’s Gold May Be Only Paper

CoinWeek - Despite Strong Track Record, Gold And Silver Are Not “Investments”

01/04/13 - Bullion News

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSilverWorlds - Gold Is Trapping Bulls In Daily Cycle

VIDEO (15:28) : Interview with David Morgan - 2013 Outlook - Will Fed QE3 and QE4 Cause 2013 Price Explosion?

Dollar Collapse - Tom Cloud: The Pieces Are In Place For A Gold Rally

Profit Confidential - You’ll Think Differently about Today’s Job Report after You Read This

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold Price in January 2013

Summary & VIDEO (10:49) : ZeroHedge - Liesman: "The Fed Gets To Print Dollars"; Bullard: "Indeed We Do"

Tea Party Economist - Are Most Americans Utterly Blind About Gold? Yes.

Wyatt Research - Three Overlooked Commodities That Outperformed Gold and Silver in 2012

Daily Reckoning - A Fed Divided

CNN Money - 10 things you'll pay more for in 2013

Financial Sense - What’s the “Big Money” Doing?

Forbes - The 1870-1914 Gold Standard: The Most Perfect One Ever Created

Ahead of the Herd - 14 Carrots

The Chippewa Herald - Putting Americans to the gold test

VIDEO (03:22) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Gold Is at the Fed’s Mercy

Wealth Wire - Gold in Manipulative Sell Off?

Coin Supply Express Coin Collecting Supplies
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01/03/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Fall, US Gold Bullion Coins Rise

CoinWeek - SILVER 101 – DON’T PANIC!

Trader Dan's Market View - Just how Bad is it?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price rises at the start of 2013 after finishing 2012 up 7% – now 12 consecutive years of positive gains

CNBC - End of Stimulus? What's Behind Fed's Surprise Statement

CHART : Business Insider - Gold Instantly Tanks After Fed Minutes

Gold and Silver Blog - Gold Bullion Coin Sales Drop For Fourth Straight Year, 2013 Sales Off To Strong Start

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Is Gold Becoming More Convenient?

SafeHaven - Gold as Unit-of-Account

01/02/13 - Bullion News

Reuters - Oil, metals start year strongly after US fiscal deal

Money Morning - Seven Ways to Tell If Your Gold is Counterfeit

CoinNews - 2012 Annual Sales of American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins

GoldMoney - Gold rises for the 12th consecutive year

ZeroHedge - Total Debt: $16,432,730,050,569.12; Debt To GDP: 103%

CNN Money - CBO: Fiscal cliff deal adds $4 trillion to deficits

The New York Times - "Debt in a Time of Zero" (Paul Krugman's Main-Stream thoughts on the Debt)

VIDEO (03:08) : Fox Business - Gold to Hit $2,000/Ounce in 2013? - U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes gives his outlook for gold prices

CNBC - Here's How the Fed May Finally Lose Its Power

POLL : Market Watch - Make your market predictions for 2013

Sunshine Profits - Credibility of the U.S. Bullion Depository and the Possible Price of Gold

Bloomberg - India Considers Higher Gold Taxes

Wealth Wire - Gold Outlook: 2013 and Beyond

Elliot's Blog - Silver.com Acquired by JM Bullion for $875,000

The Globe and Mail - With the Penny on Death Row, will the Nickel be Next?

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Home Safe Buying Guide

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Vault Storage Brokerages

Vault Storage Brokerages


Silver Libertad

Mintage Figures

silver libertad


Gold Libertad

Mintage Figures

Archangel Raphael
The Angel of Healing

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Cancer Awareness Information & Resources

Cancer Awareness - April Esophageal Cancer - Nano
Cancer Awareness - April Testicular Cancer
Cancer Awareness - April Head and Neck Cancer

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Platinum per Troy Oz. (ozt.)

Palladium per Troy Oz. (ozt.)

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1oz. Silver



Price Charts

Johnson Matthey

Bullion Refiner


Bullion Refiner


1 oz. Silver

Maple Leaf

South African

Gold Krugerrand


5oz. Silver


Troy vs. Avoirdupois

Systems of Weight


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