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1st Quarter - 2012
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

When you are investing in any market, a good way to forecast the price movement, in that investment, is to learn from the past. 

Peter Lynch, who was one of the most regarded investors of the 20th Century,  once stated, "Investing without research is like playing stud poker and never looking at the cards."

The price charts and financial news links on this page are largely devoted to the precious metals market, during the 1st Quarter of 2012.

However, there are other articles about the general direction of the financial markets and the current events that affected the market during the quarter.

Below the precious metals spot price charts, you will find links Bullion News &  Commentary articles from the Professionals in the Precious Metals and Currency Markets.

The financial news links and videos posted below the Palladium Spot Price Charts, were posted on the homepage, during the 1st quarter of 2012.

The charts below are provided by the courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

Gold Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2012

Gold Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

2012 qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Gold Prices

In the last week of the Q4 of 2011, Gold's price found a bottom at $1523.90 a troy ounce.

Looking at the yearly chart (above), gold's price seems to be starting a new uptrend, however, the quarterly chart tells a different story.

In the first month of the quarter, the chart shows us two golden crosses, which is very bullish technical signal at any time and proved to be for gold's price.

The first Golden Cross happened when the 10day Moving Average (MA) crossed above the 200day MA then a few days the 10day MA crossed the 50day MA.

After the price of gold tested the $1800 price resistance level, in late February, the priced dropped, then a Death Cross Signal appeared on Gold's quarterly charts.

The first "death cross" happened when the 10day MA fell below the 50day MA then a few days later the 10day MA dropped below 200day MA, forming the second "death cross."

Gold Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

gold chart

Bullion News

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Silver Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2012

Silver Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

2012 qtr 1 chart

Bullion News

Silver Prices

Like Gold, Silver's spot price found a bottom at $26.30 in the last week of the 4th quarter of 2011.

Silver's spot price started a new uptrend in the 1st quarter of 2012, the Golden cross that happened early in the quarter was a positive sign for silver's price direction.

After the silver bulls enjoyed more than a month of positive movement, the bears came back with a death cross (10MA moved below the 50MA) in mid-March. A telling sign that lower prices in silver were coming.

Silver Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

quarter silver chart

Bullion News

Platinum Price Chart - 1st qtr. 2012

Platinum Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

platinum chart

Bullion News

Platinum Prices

Like Gold and Silver, Platinum's spot price hit bottom in the last week of the last quarter (q4 2011) at $1347.60.

In addition, much like the Gold and Silver charts, Platinum developed a golden cross in January of 2012 (seen in the chart below), when the 10MA crossed above the 50MA.

However, unlike gold and silver, platinum's golden cross gave platinum's price solid support for the first two months of the quarter.

In addition, the second golden cross in the quarter occurred when the 10MA crossed above the 200MA. This gave platinum's spot price support for the rest of the quarter. But Volume was showing more sellers were coming back into the market and MACD was breaking down.

Platinum Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

platinum chart

Bullion News

Palladium Price - 1st qtr. 2012

Palladium Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2011 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

palladium 2011 2012

Bullion News

Palladium Prices

Palladium's spot price was mostly positive for the first half of the quarter.

However, sellers started to out number the buyers in mid-February and by March sellers clearly outnumbered the buyers in the Palladium market.

This trend continued for the rest of the quarter.

Palladium Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2012 - Mar. 31st, 2012)

quarter palladium chart

Bullion News

The charts above are provided by the courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

1st Quarter - 2012
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

03/31/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews – Gold Prices Advance 6.7% on Quarter as Silver Soars 16.4%

VIDEO(s) (34:42) : Silver Doctors – David Morgan with The Doc: Cartel Wearing Out All But the Most Diehard Silver Investors

Mish's Blog – Spiegel Says "Even a 1-Trillion Euro Firewall Wouldn't Be Enough"; Mish Says "The Bigger the Bazooka, the More Money Will be Lost"

Article & VIDEO (36:11) : Chris Martenson - Charles Biderman: The Problem with Rigged Markets

ZeroHedge – Will India Stop Buying Gold?

Total Investor – Fantastic op-ed: These four numbers will bankrupt America

Commodity Online – China wastes 1500Kg of Gold, 30000Kg Silver every year

VIDEO (28:03) : Capital Account – Reflections on Post-Capitalism, Political Entrepreneurialism, and the Bernanke Contrarian Index

Miles Franklin – Gold is Manipulated… and It’s Not Okay

Summary & VIDEO (01:07) : arabian money – No escape from the next crisis says Obama’s fiscal commission chair former Senator Alan Simpson

03/30/12 - Bullion News

CNN – Canada getting rid of the penny to save costs

Reuters – Gold climbs as dollar index plumbs one-month low

Resource Investor – Bullion: Is it Part of Your Currency Reserve?

Minyanville – Observations on Quarter-End and the Forward Path of Gold

Perth Mint Bullion Blog – Uncertain Times Require Certain Diversifications

AUDIO (13:28) : FSN – Kerry Lutz interviews Peter Grandich Takes On The Gold Perma-Bears

Wall Street Pit – Possible Opportunity in Gold Bullion Due to Indian Strike

American Thinker – General Strike in Spain over government austerity measures

Acting Man - LTRO Fail – Euro Area Credit and Money Supply Shrinks

Business Insider - 8 Investment Lessons From Bruce Berkowitz

VIDEO (01:54) : TGIF : Batman gets pulled over in Washington, D.C. driving a Lamborghini

03/29/12 - Bullion News

Whiskey and Gunpowder - Ben Bernanke Considers Your Happiness and Security Expendable

Summary & Video (03:51) : Business Insider - CHARLES NENNER: Investors Who Miss This Gold Rally Need To Be 'Educated Better'

Financial Sense - Martin Armstrong on the Sovereign Debt Crisis

Silver Coins Today - US Mint Silver Coin Sales Slow, Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Leads

MoneyNews - U.S. Corporate Pensions See Record $326.8 Billion Funding Shortfall

ZeroHedge - Paul Mylchreest Presents Various Visual Case Studies Of Gold Price Manipulation

321gold - What Causes Interest Rates to Rise

CoinWeek - Persistent Investment Needed to Support Gold as Indian Duty Hike “Kills Imports”

Business Week - Palladium Seen Beating Gold With Record Car Sales: Commodities

Chris Martenson - Gold is Manipulated (But That's Okay)

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Mises on the Basics of Money

VIDEO (03:16) & Article : CTV - Ontario highway cleared after millions in coins spill

Casey Research - ETFs: Do You Really Know What You're Buying?

03/28/12 - Bullion News

Market Watch - The next leg of gold’s bull run

arabian money - US declares electronic war on Iran with Swift action says gold bug Jim Sinclair

ZeroHedge - Turkey Once Again Proves That Gold Is First And Foremost Money

Zee News - India's Bullion Strike enters 11th day

Business Insider - GOLDMAN: BUY GOLD

CoinNews - Coins and Engraver Collection Return to Historic U.S. Mint Building at Community College of Philadelphia

Forbes - Peter Schiff: Market-Crushing Treasury Collapse To Hit Around 2013

MoneyWeek - How to spot fake gold Ready Nutrition - Testing Precious Metals for Long-Term Preparations

Bullion Bulls Canada - Sideways Precious Metals Prices Mean It’s Not Too Late

03/27/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Dips 70 Cents, American Silver Eagles Top 10 Million

The Source (WSJ) - Bernanke Leads the Dollar in a Merry Dance

VIDEO & Summary (17:17) : Mish's Blog - Mish vs. Jo Weisenthal: Debate on Capital Account Regarding Gold

Summary & VIDEO (05:31) : arabian money - Emirates NBD’s gold chief Gerhard Schubert explains how Iran and other factors are driving precious metal prices

Seeking Alpha - Death Of The Gold Bull Market?

Mish's Blog - Obama vs. Ryan: Budget Showdown - Deficit and Total Debt Projections Through 2021 - Interactive map; Path to Prosperity or Path to Ruin?

The Golden Truth - Got Gold?

Numismaster - With Coins, Learn or Get Burned?

VIDEO (02:37) : Perth Mint Bullion Blog - Simple Rule For Buying Gold

Total Investor - BRICs’ move to unseat US dollar as trade currency

Merk Funds - Bernanke's Problem with the Gold Standard

ZeroHedge - Confidence Drops As Consumers Brace For Surge In Inflation

AUDIO (15:10) : FSN - “Ranting” Andy–When Ben Bernank Speaks, Gold Listens

Investment Rarities - Remember Silver by Jim Cook

03/26/12 - Bullion News

Casey Research - What Inflation Could Look Like in 2014

Reuters - Gold rises 1.5 pct on renewed US easing hopes

Paper Money Collapse - Does the ‘recovery’ matter?

Perth Mint Bullion Blog - Fake Bars - The Facts

VIDEO (06:13) : Got Gold Report - Gene Arensberg - Silver Best Way to Buy Gold

Wyatt Research - My Crazy Gold Investment Strategy

arabian money - Will silver prices rise as stocks fall as in 2007-8 or also take a plunge?

Seeking Alpha - Marc Faber: Continuing Financial Crisis Must Be Endured

Mile Franklin - The Seven Characteristics of Money

Howe Street - The Evolution of Money from a THING (e.g. silver) to a UNIT of ‘Consciousness’ (No THING)

03/25/12 - Bullion News

Commodity Online - Gold: Where are the buyers?

ZeroHedge - Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK


VIDEO (03:34) : Max Keiser - “Everyone should own a little Silver.” Is this even possible given today’s tight supplies?

Fox Business - The Other Debt Time Bomb

ZeroHedge - The Fed Is Losing The "Race To Debase"

VIDEO (19:42) : Real Assets - Interview with the Adam Smith Institute

03/24/12 - Bullion News

Coin Update - 2012 Proof Silver Eagle Release Date and Pricing

RollingStone - Gangster Banks Keep Winning Public Business. Why?

VIDEO (27:59) : Capital Account w/ Lauren Lyster - Interview with Jim Rogers

Business Insider - Check Out The Positively Absurd Assumption That Bullish Analysts Are Making...

arabian money - 9.4% Apple ‘flash crash’ is the stock market trend turning down?

Daily Finance - Currency Intervention and the Leap-Year Gold Massacre

Gold Made Simple - UK consumer confidence falls to 44 – Bank of England to respond by printing?

VIDEO (05:08) : SHTF plan - Do You Trust This Man With Your Future?

03/23/12 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - Why Are Bullion Bankers Lying To The Media And Public?

Business Insider - REPORT: Jon Corzine Ordered $200 Million Of MF Global Customer Funds To Be Moved Before Bankruptcy

AUDIO (15:04) : Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan - Part 1

AUDIO (15:04) : Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan - Part 2

Spot gold rebounds on stronger euro ahead of Bernanke speech

Ed Steer's Gold & Silver Daily - GFMS Global Head: "Buy This Gold Dip" as $2,000/oz Possible

USA Today - 30,000 Roman silver coins found at work site in Bath

Perth Mint Bullion Blog - 10 Kilo Dragon Gold Coins In The Making

Wealth Cycles - Cashless Society Is Totalitarian Dream

VIDEO (09:06) : James Turk - Hyperinflation On Our Way

US Funds - Why Gold Can Go the Distance by Frank Holmes

VIDEO (05:30) : Gas Prices Explained

03/22/12 - Bullion News

The Golden Truth - How Much Treasury Debt?

GoldSeek - Gunning for Gold

The Big Picture - Peak Imbalances Are Falling

Bloomberg - Golds Declines to Two-Month Low on Manufacturing, Dollar

Investment U - Investing in Mexican Silver Libertad Bullion Coins

Bankrate - 5 tips to shine in investing in gold coins

Silver Coins Today - American Silver Eagles Bullion Coins Highlight of US Mint Sales, Followed by Proof Coins

Reuters - UK Treasury says no plans to add to gold holdings

Mish's Blog - Ben Bernanke: Inflationist Jackass, Devoid of Common Sense, and Clueless About Trade, Debt, History, and Gold

Seeking Alpha - Palladium: The Not-So-Precious Precious Metal

Gold and Silver Blog - What Precious Metal Has Performed Best In 2012 And Where Do We Go From Here?

Ludwig von Mises Inst. - Saving India from the Keynesians

Silver Investing News - Talking Metals with David Morgan

03/21/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (10:26) : David Morgan - SILVER is The Achilles' Heel to the ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM!

VIDEO (04:26) : Fox Business - David Tice on why Federal Reserve policies are having a negative impact on the markets

Kitco - Technical Trading; Gold Holding Key Fibonacci Support For Now

VIDEO (29:51) : 2012 California Resource Investment Conference - Precious Metals, A Risk On Trade Or A Safe Haven?

Market Watch - Slow-cooking inflation as a global problem

GoldSeek - Have Gold, Silver Entered a Bear Market?

Summary & VIDEO (03:08) : ZeroHedge - The Simple Problems Of Too Much US Debt

Business Insider - ART CASHIN: A Mountain Of Cash Is Piling Up With Treasury Bonds Selling Off And Nobody Knows Where It Is Going

Article & VIDEO (13:31) : CNBC - Long-Term Bond Bubble Getting Ready to Burst

AUDIO (10:42) : MineWeb - Johnson Matthey's Publications manager looks at the reasons for Platinum's strong run and its relationship to gold

Investment Rarities - Free Stuff by Jim Cook

03/20/12 - Bullion News

Wyatt Research - Why You Should Be Rooting for Lower Priced Gold

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: China Strives to Make Silver Pandas as Popular as American Silver Eagles

Total Investor - One of the Market's Most Reliable Indicators Says "Sell"

AUDIO (15:54) : Mike Maloney & Jim Rogers - Is Gold Money?

IBTimes - How to Avoid Being Caught in a Common Gold Scam

AUDIO (19:48) : Ellis Martin Report with Jim Sinclair and the Nuclear Economic Trigger

arabian money - Silver prices holding up better than gold

Market Watch - Don’t be fooled by the money illusion

Forbes - The Rising Price Of the Falling Dollar

The Real Asset - The top five gold commentators

Townhall - Gold to Silver Ratio; Widening

03/19/12 - Bullion News

Casey Research - What's Really Happening with Gold and Silver in India

CBS News - Sweden moving towards cashless economy

Mish's Blog - Is There a Bubble in Treasuries? Both Sides of the Case; Explaining the 2011 Treasury Rally (It's Not What You Think); Where to From Here?

CoinWeek : Wanted! Bearish Gold Bulls

AUDIO (08:20) : Jim Rogers is the special guest on Goldseek radio

SafeHaven - Is Gold Getting a Tad Seductive at Recent Levels?

VIDEO (17:17) : Greg Hunter Interviews Karl Denninger on the EU Debt Crisis and Coming Financial Crash

Gold Made Simple - Indian government doubles gold import tax: a warning for us all

The Hindu - Indian Bullion markets close for third day to protest gold duty hike

The Real Asset - Is gold too simple for your savings?

VIDEO (02:27) : CNBC - Credibility Issue At the Fed?

Market Anthropology - Gold and Silver's ups and downs precedes overall market movement

03/18/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Weekly Losses Bullish for US Mint Coin Sales

AUDIO (14:26) : Jim Rogers on Everything Financial Radio

SafeHaven - Money Supply Booming, Seeds of the Next Greater Recession

Wyatt Research - Danger Ahead for Stock Investors

03/17/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Gold Report - When to Acquire Silver, the Metal of Emperors?

AUDIO (40:16) : Chris Martenson Interviews Marc Faber - The Perils of Money Printing's Unintended Consequences

Seeking Alpha - Stay Away From The Big Banks

Reuters - Central banks snap up gold after price pressure

MineWeb - Is gold now the contrarian play?

Mish's Blog - Gallup Struggles to Explain BLS Jobs Data

VIDEO & Summary (06:12) : Yahoo Finance - PIMCO’s Bill Gross: QE3, Inflation, Muted Growth on the Way

03/16/12 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Blog - U.S. Mint Sales of Gold and Silver Bullion Coins Jumps 100%

Article & VIDEO (07:38) : Road to Roota (Bix Weir) - The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill!

Silver Investing News - Silver Weak as Bull and Bear Battle

CMI Gold and Silver (Blog) - The fiat dollar and the de-industrialization of America

321gold - The relationship between gold and interest rates

ZeroHedge - Dylan Grice Explains When To Sell Gold

Gold Made Simple - FTSE:Gold ratio: Gold still undervalued by about 360%

The Daily Caller - Federal Reserve joins Twitter, prompting 140-character insults

Business Insider - This Is The Chart That Makes ECRI Scream Recession

Bloomberg - Consumer Prices in U.S. Rose in February as Gasoline Jumped

Real Assets - Do gold investors need the luck of the Irish?

American Thinker - Unleashing the government parasite

Business Insider - 3 Great Charts On The Dow Vs. Gold

Wealth Wire - Gold's Stairway to Heaven

The Gold Standard Now - Gold or the Glacier

Ahead of the Herd - A Nations Metallurgical Achilles Heel

03/15/12 - Bullion News

Fox Business - No Shift Yet in Fed Policy That Punishes Savers

VIDEO (18:53) : "Trading Talk" investigates the Growing Federal Deficit Crisis

Market Anthropology - Kumbaya

CoinWeek - Gold “Vulnerable” as Treasury Bond Sell-Off Worsens, Indian Demand Revives

Total Investor - How Commodities Predict Market Movement

VIDEO (01:17) : WSPA (South Carolina) - Investor "Devastated" To Learn Former Upstate Councilman Accused In Precious Metals Ponzi Scheme

VIDEO (03:56) : CNBC - Gold Falls After Fed Meeting

Rick Ackerman - How High Can the Fed Pile Manure?

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Prices Tumble as Bullion Silver Eagles Top 9M

AUDIO (16:32) : FSN - According to Barry Stuppler Platinum has a Golden Future

321gold - The Government's New Plan for Retirees Includes Pink Slime, Horse Meat, and Horse Hockey Investments

VIDEO (05:53) : Yahoo (Breakout) - 3 Signs a Market Sell-Off Is Coming Soon

Bullion Bulls of Canada - The Virtues of the Humble Investor

MineWeb - Yesterday's Top Story: Some central banks showing concerns about their gold holdings

03/14/12 - Bullion News

Total Investor - Pensions All Over America Are Being Savagely Cut Or Are Vanishing Completely

Article & VIDEO (01:58) : Gold Made Simple - Turning a new PAGE – new physical backed precious metal exchange in the offing?

Reuters - Dollar, Fed push gold to lowest since mid-Jan

VIDEO (05:24) : arabian money - BGC Financial predicts new silver all-time high this year

VIDEO (35:21) : Wealth Wire - "Unmasking the Federal Reserve"

Financial Sense - M2 Money Velocity Plunges Most Since 1959


Numismaster - More Private Gold and Silver Coins?

Bloomberg - Gold Seen Heading for 12th Annual Advance on Investor Hoarding

03/13/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (12:36) : Keiser Report guest David Morgan on gold/silver market manipulation

Technical Analysis - Silver - Is that a H&S on the chart?

Commodity Online - COMEX Gold extends decline after retail sales data

ZeroHedge - Presenting Bridgewater's Weimar Hyper-inflationary Case Study

Financial Sense - The Silver Catalyst: An Exclusive Interview with Hugo Salinas Price

Silver Investing News - Silver As Currency

VIDEO (03:20) : CNBC - Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital explains why he's so Bullish on Gold

Market Watch - To ease or not to ease?

The Sovereign Investor - Why the Government’s Fears Mean a Gold and Silver Opportunity for You

Jesse's Café Américain - Monetary Deflation - Not Visible Yet

MineWeb - South African gold production continues to plunge

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Is Inflation about General Increases in Prices?

Business Insider - Buy Gold Because a Currency Crisis is Coming

03/12/12 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - A Gold Trade with Dramatic Upside That Can't Go to Zero

The Daily Caller - Debt hawk to US: You may soon ‘have your creditors basically controlling you’

Reuters - Eurozone okays Greek aid, demands deeper Spanish deficit cut

Washington Times - Germany proposes a Drudge Tax

AUDIO : Korelin Report - Monday Gold Commentary from Big Al and Trader Rog

VIDEO & Summary (09:29) : SafeHaven - Barclays co-CEO to Bloomberg TV: 'Challenges for Continental Banks'

Whiskey and Gunpowder - Analysts Predict Gold Will Plunge Below $1000

AUDIO (12:19) : Interview with Silver Guru; David Morgan about the Silver Sell-Off, Naked Shorting & Paper vs. Physical

Daily Wealth - New Proof the U.S. Dollar is No Longer "King"

Bloomberg - Gold Declines as Commodities Retreat, Hedge Funds Cut Holdings of Bullion

Business Insider - We Are Entering The Cataclysmic Stage Of The Fake Wealth Era

MoneyNews - Report: Wealthy Say Gold Best Investment

MineWeb - Does gold rise with inflation or is it just rising anyway?

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Crony Capitalism Revisited (Is Keynesianism What We Think It Is?)

VIDEO (58:29) : Nicolai Foss; The Continuing Relevance of Austrian Capital Theory

ZeroHedge - Why China Is Dumping The Dollar - And Why You Should Read Up on the Weimar Republic

The Daily Caller - Why former Reagan Budget Director; David Stockman isn't buying the hype on the economy

03/11/12 - Bullion News

Business Insider - GOLD, OIL, CHINA, LIES, BIKE LANES: Jim Rogers Tells All To Business Insider

ZeroHedge - Europe's Scariest Chart Just Got Scarier

CoinNews - Gold Ekes Out Weekly Gain as Silver Dips, 1 Oz Gold Bullion Coins Hot

Nevada Appeal - Doomsday cash

Summary & VIDEO (04:28) : Jesse's Café Américain - Biderman: Fed Helping Wall Street and Corporate America Rig the Stock Market

Silver Doctors - Local Coin Shop Open Thread- The Doc Visits A Local Dealer

Silver Seek - Long-term Silver Chart Analysis

AUDIO (21:52) : FSN - Julian D.W. Phillips Has A Long Golden Memory

03/10/12 - Bullion News

AUDIO (18:25) : Die MetallWoche - Interview with “Mr. Gold” – Jim Sinclair – exclusive on Metallwoche

Wealth Wire - Gold "Trigger" Could Make Prices Explode

MineWeb - Gold goes up with inflation. Except when it goes up anyway..

Future Money Trends - You Can’t Beat Silver as an Investment

The Dismal Optimist - Enjoy the Central Bank Party While It Lasts

VIDEO (26:20) : Chris Martenson - Intereview with Robert Mish: Front-Line Evidence That We are Nowhere Near a Gold Bubble

03/09/12 - Bullion News

Financial Sense - Gold Not Automatic Crisis Winner

Casey Research - Time to Accumulate Gold and Silver

GoldSeek (Golden Jackass)- Handicapping the Collapse

ZeroHedge - US Budget Deficit Hits All Time High In February

VIDEO (01:12) : CNBC - Art Cashin: A 'Ton of Money, But No Velocity'

Market Watch - Silver’s fresh swings heighten need for strategy

VIDEO (01:12) : Perth Mint Bullion Blog - Koala Coin Video A Beauty!

Resource Investor - Bullion Remains in Consolidation

MineWeb - Texas AG halts AGT American Silver and Gold bullion, coins sales

Silver Lunar - Counterfeit Silver Lunar Dragons - Don't Get Stung!

Numismaster - Mint Stats: 2012 Gold Buffalo Sales Begin

SFTF plan - 15 Potentially Massive Threats To The U.S. Economy Over The Next 12 Months

The Market Oracle - Gold, Silver and the Crisis of the Fractional Banking System

VIDEO (28:05) : Capital Account - Super Mario Draghi says "ball is now in the banks' court," as he prints over 1 Trillion Euros

03/08/12 - Bullion News

Perth Mint Bullion Blog - An Idea Of Premiums On 1oz Lunar Gold Series I Coins

Silver Lunar - An Early Look at the Perth Mint's 2013 Year of the Snake Lunar Coins

VIDEO (17:38) : Future Money Trends - David Morgan; Silver, Gold, Mining, and How to be a Wise Investor

Bloomberg - Gold Futures Advance as Greek Rescue Spurs Demand for Dollar Alternative

321gold - Bernanke Spooks Gold

arabian money - Markets on the cusp of a major fall with Greece about to default

CMI Gold & Silver (blog) - Buy the dips; it’s a long-term bull market

Silver Coins Today - US Infantry Soldier Dollar Sales Surge as 5 Ounce Silver Coins Retreat

VIDEO (02:23) : WAFB - 5 arrested in gold coins triple murder in Gonzales

MineWeb - Can gold confiscation happen again? Part 2

Daily Reckoning - Unintended Consequences by Eric Sprott

VIDEO (08:52) : CNBC - James Grant; Smaller Government, Lower Taxes?

03/07/12 - Bullion News

Wall St Cheat Sheet - Gold and Silver Rise on New Fed Bond-Buying Chatter

MineWeb - People always look for the most stable kind of money - usually gold or silver


Silver Coins Today - US Silver Coins Return Following Suspensions

Business Insider - The 10 Countries With The Biggest Gold Reserves In The World

Market Anthropology - Is the Market Vulnerable? Silver says - Yes.

03/06/12 - Bullion News

Silver Doctors - Nearly Entire Open Interest in COMEX Silver Trades Hands in Single Hour

American Thinker - The Fed: Oops, we're doing it again!

Gold Standard NOW - Statement by Alan Greenspan Before the Federal Gold Commission (1981)

Numismaster - Judging Silver or Something Else? (the Norfed Case)

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Seventeen Years of Boom and Bust

Miles Franklin - Greatest Threat to Precious Metals Purchasers Will Be Supply Shortages

ZeroHedge - Silver Catching Gold's Cold?

Mish's Blog - Greek 1-Year Bond Yield Hits 1,006%

Paper Money Collapse - Thinking inside the box – Chatham House on gold

Resource Investing News - Buying Physical Silver: a Guide for Investors

Market Watch - IIF warns of massive Greek default fallout: report

Article & VIDEO (51:57) : Chris Martenson - Erik Townsend: Expect a US Price Shock as Black Swans Come Home to Roost

03/05/12 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: How the U.S. and World Mints Are Dealing with Increased Precious Metal Price Volatility

Casey Research - This Is What Volatility Looks Like

MineWeb - Sentiment hit hard by big gold sell-off - could be more falls to come

03/04/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Mark Weekly Losses, US Mint Coin Demand Improves

ZeroHedge - David Rosenberg: "The Best Currency May Be Physical Gold"

The Atlantic - How Much Gold Do You Need to Pay Yale's Tuition? The Same as in 1900

The Street - Kass: Constant Craving for Equities Misguided

SafeHaven - How to Put Yourself on the Gold Standard

The Advocate - Home invasions for rare coins on rise, collectors say

The Market Oracle - Where is Greece’s Gold?

Reuters - Insight: Wall Street, Fed face off over physical commodities

Total Investor - Elliot Wave chartist's; Nick Laird - Forecasts his Gold Price High

03/03/12 - Bullion News

The Gold Report - Gold Far From Bubble Phase: Marc Faber

AUDIO (25:50) : FSN - Ty Andros Says Fed Interventions Are Going Up, Up and Away

Gold-Speculator - The Broken Pension Promise

IBTimes Gold - Gold-Platinum Gap Narrows

VIDEO (27:56) : Capital Account - Is the ECB choking on its own liquidity as Spain's economy grinds to a halt?

dailycamera - Gold, silver currency bill fails in Colorado Senate

ZeroHedge - Art Cashin On Why The "Economy Is Weaker Than It Has Been In 21 Months"

VIDEO (14:17) : arabian money - How Warren Buffett got forced out of silver in 2006

03/02/12 - Bullion News

MineWeb - Gold poised for take-off again or dead cat bounce?

VIDEO (13:07) : Silver Doctors - JS Kim Discusses Gold, Silver Manipulation with Max Keiser

VIDEO (12:16) : Liberty Coin & Precious Metals interviews Silver Guru David Morgan

VIDEO (05:11) : Koreline Report - Roger Wiegand Explains What Global Turmoil Means for Gold and Silver

AUDIO (11:47) : FSN - David Morgan–Aliens Are Trying To Confiscate Your Silver

The Telegraph - UK's top gold fund manager: 'I see gold's strong trend continuing'

iol - Platinum becoming jewellers’ new gold standard


03/01/12 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: Outlook for Precious Metals Still Strong Despite Big Drop on February 29

VIDEO (03:51) : David Morgan on Fox Business (Gold & Silver MOVEMENTS)

VIDEO (28:02) : Capital Account - Central Bank Bubble Blowers and the Rehypothecation Inflation-Nation!!

Seeking Alpha - Sales of American Eagle gold and silver coins from the U.S. Mint slowed significantly in February

Rick Ackerman - Bullion Shakedown Stampedes the Ignorant

Casey Research - Is Gold Backwardation Now Permanent?

Reuters - Gold rebounds after price rout draws buyers

AUDIO (18:04) : FSN - Bob Chapman Leap Day Panic Metals Report

VIDEO (05:14) : Jim Rogers Speaks at the University of Alabama

Investment Rarities - BAD DEAL by Jim Cook

Wealth Wire - Gold to $2,000 This Year Despite 'Manic' Crash

Mish's Blog - Gold Plunges Over $100; Some Blame Bernanke; What Did He Say? Nothing

02/29/12 - Bullion News

the guardian - British bank chief warns quantitative easing is 'laying seeds for next crisis'

Reuters - Iran's gold-for-oil offer won't shake bullion world

InvestorPlace - Gold, Silver Down Sharply Early Wednesday

The Economist - The role of gold

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02/22/12 -

'Gold Bullion Or Cash'

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Daily Reckoning - Gentlemen, Start Your Printing Presses!

CNBC - Gold Soars After Fed Decision

Casey Research - Doug Casey on the Collapse of the Euro and the EU

Commodity Online - US silver imports jump 16.2%, exports climb 25.7% in 2011

Commodity Online - US gold production gains 2.6%, silver declines 8.7% in 2011

The Independent - UK's Royal Mint accused of making a mint from overpriced souvenir coins

Jesse's Cafe Americain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Sharp Metals Rally Off the FOMC Policy Statement

AUDIO (14:05) : MineWeb - Sprott Asset Management's John Embry discusses Gold, China and Quantative easing to infinity

Rick Ackerman - Yellow Flag Out for Stock and Gold Bulls

CMI Gold and Silver - Inflation is good for you

SHTF plan - Spread the Wealth Around: 48.5% of American Households Receive Government Benefits; $6,640 For Every Member Of the Population

The Telegraph and Argus (UK) - Take care of your gold, Bradford police warn

American Thinker - The debt iceberg ahead

Gold and Silver Blog - A Rush For Gold In Iran – Currency Collapse Sends Gold Prices Soaring

VIDEO (27:06) : YouTube - Capital Account - The American Debt Imperium and the Mother of all Bubbles

01/24/12 - Bullion News

Wall St Cheat Sheet - Fed Expected to Set Inflation Target, Hold Interest Rates Near Zero Into 2014

Wealth Wire - Silver's 2011 Big Move: The End or the Beginning?

Mish's Blog - Premature Dollar Obituaries and Mainstream Economists' Monetary Insanity; Keynes-Inspired Great Depression; Lessons Not Learned

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VIDEO & Article (02:26) : The Street - Gold Prices Gain on Greek Debt, Middle East Tensions

MoneyWeek - Look what's happening to silver

MineWeb - Governments will support much higher gold prices, but beware windfall tax

01/23/12 - Bullion News


Casey Research - The Industrial Man's Gold

Wall St Cheat Sheet - Currency Wars Are Driving Gold and Silver Higher

MineWeb - In gold, inflation we trust - Sprott's CEO David Franklin argues

VIDEO (26:48) : YouTube - David Morgan Silver Vancouver Canada January 22 2012

Fast Markets - Gold extends multi-week highs on stronger euro ahead of key eurozone meeting

Rick Ackerman - Talk of Economic Recovery Not Rooted in Reality

Paper Money Collapse - Deceits and delusions – Some thoughts on the euro-crisis and democracy


VIDEO (23:36) : YouTube - Future Money Trends; CURRENCY WARS! Exclusive Interview with James Rickards

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Arabian Money - $58-60 silver price by September says Dubai silver trader

Bullion Bulls Canada - Exposing Silver Mythology, Part I

Silver Seek - US mint better stocked to supply silver coins in 2012: refiner

01/22/12 - Bullion News

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VIDEO (05:40) : Mish's Blog - Irish Journalist Hounds ECB Official Regarding Irish Taxpayer Bailout of French and German Banks

Resource Investor - Using Vaults to Store Gold & Silver

VIDEO (05:14) : Market Watch - Inflation or Deflation? - Pimco's founder Bill Gross Explains

Spiegal - 'I Don't Believe the Euro Should be Rescued at All Costs'

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VIDEO (28:00) : YouTube - Capital Account - Interview with GoldSilver's Mike Maloney on Credit-Based Money, Feudalism, and Financial Enslavement

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MineWeb - How realistic are the chances of a return to a gold standard?

Wealth Wire - The Real Risks to Gold Prices

Coin Update - Misused Numismatic Grades

VIDEO (08:14) : YouTube - Rich Dad / Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki talks about GOLD & SILVER

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VIDEO (10:04) : arabian money - Chartist; Hubert Moolman explains his forecasts for a possible explosive silver price rise coming within months

Casey Research - When Will Gold Reach a New High?

AUDIO (37:56) : FSN - Kerry Lutz Interview's G. Edward Griffin author of the book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" about the Federal Reserve

VIDEO (06:09) : YouTube - Max Keiser -- World is Witnessing Financial World War III. Gold Is Your Shield

The Huffington Post - Price Manipulation: Look for Motive

VIDEO (03:34) : YouTube - The Great Silver Market Myth!

01/18/12 - Bullion News

CNBC - Is Bullion Back? 'Gold Is Still In a Super Bull Market'

Commodity Online - Why silver is better than gold?

Wyatt Research - Plan For an Economic Meltdown

AUDIO (25:54) : FSN - John Butler is Predicting a Golden Revolution

SafeHaven - The Intrinsic Value of the Dollar and Gold

VIDEO (03:42) : Fox Business - The Grandich Letter’s Peter Grandich argues that gold will continue to rise based on lower value of global currencies

U.S. Global Investors - What the Next Decade Holds for Commodities by Frank Holmes

AUDIO (14:53) : MineWeb - Geoff Candy Interview's Thomson Reuters GFMS's Philip Newman

01/17/12 - Bullion News

AUDIO (23:33) : FSN - Peter Grandich Sees Where The Markets Are Headed And He’s Going For The Gold

AUDIO (10:08) : Jim Sinclair's MindSet - Ellis Martin Report With Jim Sinclair – QE3 and Hyperinflation

SafeHaven - A Short-lived Pause in the Silver Rally is More Than Likely


ZeroHedge - $10 TRILLION Liquidity Injection Coming? Credit Suisse Hunkers Down Ahead Of The European Endgame

VIDEO (02:32) : YouTube - Capital Account - Word of the Day: LTRO

AUDIO(s) - Part(s) I-III : Silver Doctors - Interview with Golden Jackass's Jim Willie; Large Physical Gold Orders Are Clearing at $230 OVER Paper Markets

Mish's - Graphical Representations of Bernanke's Effort to Stimulate Bank Lending

Total Investor - An Even Better Deal than Gold

Wealth Daily - Gold Coins and Freedom

01/16/12 - Bullion News

Casey Research - When Will Silver Make a New High?

SafeHaven - Gold Trend Forecast for 1st Quarter of 2012

AUDIO (14:57) : YouTube - RedChip Interview with Silver Guru David Morgan

Seeking Alpha - All The Gold Bugs In China

Cypress Creek Mirror - BBB warns: Don’t rush to sell your gold

Coin Update - Would It Really Be So Bad If the US Dollar Failed?

01/15/12 - Bullion News

American Thinker - The Tale of the Swine

01/14/12 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - Considering a “Gold” IRA? – Choose Wisely

VIDEO (28:00) : YouTube - Capital Account - Pimco's Mohamed El-Erian tells us that he believes QE3 is coming and that the Age of Credit is at Risk

MSN Money - Ahead: Inflation and a gold rally

The Atlantic Wire - Federal Reserve Officials Look Extra Dumb in 2006 Transcripts

VIDEO (25:44) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta!

Commodity Online - 'Six reasons why still to buy gold bullion or gold'

Casey Research - The US Government Is Bankrupt; A In-Depth Breakdown by Doug Casey

Coin Update - American Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins May Return in 2012

MoneyNews - Jim Rogers: US Govt to ‘Juice Up’ Economy in Election Year

IBTimes Gold - Gold Falls 1 pct on Euro Zone Downgrade Talk

VIDEO (12:18) : CNBC - Before the European Downgrades - Marc Faber's point of view

01/13/12 - Bullion News

Wealth Wire - Gold Bugs, Stop Laughing!

Perth Mint Bullion - Dollar Cost Averaging - A Strategy For Making The Most Out Of Fluctuating Gold Prices

VIDEO (27:53) : YouTube - Capital Account - Reggie Middleton on what the Economic Crisis has in Common with Education in America

Money Morning - Prepare Your Portfolio for Eurozone Money Printing

CHARTS : Kitco - Friday's Analytical Charts for Gold, Silver and Platinum and Palladium

Total Investor - “Please move into gold,” urges Richard Russell

ZeroHedge - Silver Guru Eric Sprott: "The Financial System Is A Farce"

Wealth Wire - China's Gold Imports Alarmingly High

01/12/12 - Bullion News

Jim Sinclair's MindSet - Gold Correction Is Over

Financial Sense - Deadly Dow 36,000 & The Secret History Of A 70% Market Loss

CNBC - US Fund's Frank Holmes on Gold and the Markets (link to video below)

Fast Markets - BULLION MORNING - Gold rises on safe-haven concerns ahead of ECB meeting, bond auctions

Reuters - Gold hits 1-month high, breaks ranks with euro

VIDEO (03:47) : CoinWeek - Gold expert and writer Patrick Heller shares his perspectives on Gold

Article & VIDEO (05:45) - Central Banks 'Printing Money Like Gangbusters': Gross

arabian money - Cracks are already showing in global financial markets

01/11/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Numismatic Products Cool as Bullion Coins Take Limelight

VIDEO (01:24) : CNBC - Rick Santelli: 'Nero is Fiddling and Fiddling and Fiddling'

CHARTS : Kitco - Wednesday's Analytical Charts for Gold, Silver and Platinum and Palladium

AUDIO (20:12) : MineWeb - Copper demand, Chinese growth and the platinum:gold ratio

IBTimes Gold - India's Central Bank OKs More Banks to Import Gold

The Street - Gold Prices Gain on China's Buying Binge

MoneyNews - Fitch: Europe Must Do More to Prevent 'Cataclysmic' Euro Collapse

PDF : US Funds - The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns

01/10/12 - Bullion News

The Source (WSJ) - Gold Tipped to Keep on Shining

Whiskey and GunPowder - Why Federal Deficits May Not Be the Ones That Matter Most to You

David Morgan's Blog - Gold, Silver Buying Service Newest Voluntary Benefit

Bullion Bulls Canada - Gold/Silver Price Ratio Getting Silly Again

ZeroHedge - A Glimpse into Hyperinflation as it Comes To Iran

SafeHaven - The Dollar's Lucky Streak by Peter Schiff

AUDIO (08:47) : YouTube - Ellis Martin Report with Jim Sinclair: A Big Surprise is Coming

Miles Franklin - Again, gold is money. Not an investment.

Real Clear Politics - Kodak and the Post Office by Thomas Sowell

Perth Mint Bullion - Reasons For Gold’s Weakness

Market Watch - 'Vital' that Fed use all its tools, San Francisco Fed President says

VIDEO (03:50) : ArabianMoney visits Sharjah Gold Souk to discuss gold and silver prices

Numismaster - Expect to Find Damage to Coins Used for Jewelry

01/09/12 - Bullion News

Investment Rarities - THE THREE ELEMENTS OF MANIPULATION by Ted Butler

The Gold Report - Copper Reflects World Economy

Silver Doctors - Is Silver Making a Head & Shoulders Top, or A Massive Flag Formation?

CHARTS : Kitco - Monday's Analytical Charts for Gold, Silver and Platinum and Palladium

SafeHaven - Why the Wealthy Own Gold

INFO-GRAPHIC : Numbersleuth - All The World's GOLD

VIDEO (04:38) : The Market Oracle - Warning Fake High Quality Gold, Silver Coins and Ingots

MineWeb - Forecasts for gold still very positive for 2012, but volatility seen too

Summary & VIDEO (05:01) : CMI Gold & Silver - The Fed continues to secretly bail out Europe

Forbes - Why Gold is the Only Real Asset

Daily Wealth - The Top Piece of Advice from a 30-Year Precious Metals Veteran

CoinNews - US Bullion Coins Robust in 2012 Start

Minyanville - Precious Metals Parabola Likely to Begin Later This Year

01/08/12 - Bullion News

arabian money - For how long will Cash be King?

Whiskey and GunPowder - The Monetary Metal That Won’t Die

CoinWeek - Silver's Volatility Makes it's Future price is Hard to Predict

Wyatt Research - The Final Stage of the Commodity Bull Market

Wealth Daily - The Gold/Platinum Ratio

Gold-Eagle - Silver Confirms The Bullish Outlook For Precious Metals

Gold Made Simple News - There have been 3 great gold buying opportunities in the past 3 years… is/was that the 4th?

MINING - Are investors getting physical with gold and silver?

01/07/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - The Keiser Report plus Max Keiser Interviews Silver Guru - David Morgan

Paper Money Collapse - “When they stop buying bonds, the game is over.” by Detlev Schlichter

Casey Research - Was 2011 a Dud or a Springboard for Gold?

VIDEO (07:52) : YouTube - Capital Account; James Turk, "We could easily go over $2000 per ounce" for gold in 2012

01/06/12 - Bullion News

IBTimes – Palladium Likely to Outperform PGM in 2012

AUDIO (34:31) : Corporate Interviews – A Few Minutes with Peter Grandich

ZeroHedge – Physical Silver Surges To Record 30% Premium Over Spot, In Backwardation

SilverSeek – Silver Value Investing With A Financial System Off the Rails

Bullion Street – US Mint silver eagle coins sale get early 2012 boost

01/05/12 - Bullion News

Inside Futures – Precious Metals Ready to Soar

CNBC – Fed Will Be Forced to Ease Again Soon: Morgan Stanley

Casey Research – Why Has Gold Been Down?

VIDEO (03:40) : CoinWeek – The Psychology of Gold

Mish's – Hungary Marches Down Hyperinflation Path; What About the US?

Smart Money – Gold Vs. Platinum: How to Play Heavy Metals

Money Morning – Special Report: How to Buy Silver

The Silver Institute – Silver’s Average Annual Price for 2011 a Record High

01/04/12 - Bullion News

Silver Doctors - Official Mint Silver Sales Surpass Domestic Silver Production in US & Canada in 2011

VIDEO (28:04) : YouTube - Capital Account - Interview with James Turk on Fat Tails, LTRO and Banking on Gold Money

Money Morning - Gold Price Conspiracy: What Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You To Know

ZeroHedge - Gold Jumps As Citi Says Gold Sell Off Over, Reiterates $2400 Target

Seeking Alpha - Silver Over $50 Coming Sooner Than You Think

VIDEO (05:41) : BNN - What to Expect from the Gold & Silver Markets in 2012

Perth Mint Bullion - Gold The Most Explored Mineral Commodity

CoinNews - 2012 American Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Released, Sales Robust

ABC News (Australia) - Top 10 charts of 2011

01/03/12 - Bullion News

Coin Update - US Mint Bullion Sales: New Record for American Silver Eagles

Ludwig von Mises Institute - The Austrian Theory of Money

AUDIO (17:59) : FSN - Interview with Bill Murphy of the Gold Anti-Trust Action

Jesse's Cafe Americain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Big Relief Rally From the End of Year Mark-To-Market Boogie Woogie

The Street - Jim Cramer believes gold is a currency not a commodity and it is going to see it's old High's

ZeroHedge - US Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP, $14 Billion From Breaching Debt Ceiling

Acting Man - Keynes Was Not Right

Pragmatic Capitalism - HEDGEFUND - BRIDGEWATER: CAUTIOUS ON 2012

Global Investments - The Possibility of $1,000 Silver before Hyperinflation

Business Insider - There's A BOMBSHELL Story Out Of Greece Today, And Nobody Seems To Care

Perth Mint Bullion - Australian Koala Silver Bullion Coins Released Today

CHARTS : Kitco - Tuesday's Analytical Charts for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

Commodity Online - Who holds the world's biggest gold reserves?

MineWeb - Dr. Copper heading back to school

01/02/12 - Bullion News

Coin Update - United States Mint 2011 Financial Results

SafeHaven - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Calculated Risk - Europe Update

Market Watch - Gold bugs’ unmerry Christmas

The Globe and Mail - What the pros say is in store for markets

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