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4th Quarter - 2012
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

When investing in any market, a good way to judge price movement in the future is to learn from the past.

Below the precious metals price charts is Bullion News and Commentary from Professionals in the Market from the 4th Quarter of 2012.

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Gold Price Charts - 4th qtr. 2012

Gold Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2010 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

gold chart

Bullion News

Gold Prices

During the previous quarter, Gold's price had risen from the $1500's to above $1700.00 a troy ounce. 

The Golden Cross late in the last quarter was a bullish signal. However, other things were going on in the world that were affecting the price of gold.

Two of those events were the U.S. Presidential Elections, and in the mainstream media, there was the constant talk about the dreaded "Fiscal Cliff."

These two current events left gold, silver, and platinum searching for a positive or negative direction; ultimately, all three precious metals ended the year negatively. Palladium, on the other hand, ended 2012 on a positive uptrend.

In addition, at the end of every year, many investors cash in on their gains.

Plus, 2012 was a special year for this reason; the Bush Tax Cuts expired on December 31st, 2012, which raised the Capital Gains taxes after 2012, so before the end of the year was over, investors sold their gold and silver because they had gained the most capital gains.

Gold Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2012 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

gold chart

Gold Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Sept. 30th, 2012)

Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange
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Silver Price Chart - 4th qtr. 2012

Silver Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2010 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

silver chart

Bullion News

Silver Prices

Silver was also affected by the current events in the United States, namely the Presidential election and Fiscal Cliff debate. 

For more than a year, Silver's price support level has been above $26.00 a troy ounce; its low for the 4th quarter of 2012 was $29.64, well above its support level.

Silver Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2012 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

silver chart

Silver Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

silver chart

Bullion News

My Patriot Supply

Platinum Price Chart - 4th qtr. 2012

Platinum Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2010 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

platinum chart

Bullion News

Platinum Prices

Platinum's spot price tested the $1300's a troy ounce price level more than once in 2011 and 2012. However, platinum miners striking in South Africa created a price spike in the previous quarter.

Platinum stayed above $1500 a troy ounce during the last quarter of 2012.

More than 50% of the World's Platinum supply comes from South Africa, and with supply constraints continuing in the nation, Platinum's spot price should stay above the lows it hit in 2012.

Platinum Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2012 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

platinum chart

Platinum Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

Bullion News

Palladium Price Chart - 4th qtr. 2012

Palladium Price Chart (Jan. 1st, 2010 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

Bullion News

Palladium Price

Like Platinum, Palladium also tested its support levels in 2011 and 2012. But unlike the other precious metals, Palladium's price hit a quarterly high of $710.80 a troy ounce.

Platinum and Palladium are both mined in South Africa and Russia. 

Platinum's Price summary stated that more than 50% of PMGs (Platinum Metals Group) come from South Africa. Russia fills the rest of supply along with a few other mines found in Canada (i.e: North America Palladium).

South Africa saw supply restraints due to striking miners, and Russia reported lower stockpiles.

Both of these issues caused Palladium's price to increase due to higher industrial demand by the automotive industry. 

Palladium Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2012 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

Palladium Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Dec. 31st, 2012)

Bullion News

The charts above are provided courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

4th Quarter - 2012
Bullion News & Commentary

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12/31/12 - Bullion News

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12/30/12 - Bullion News

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12/29/12 - Bullion News

AdvisorOne - Interest-Rate Risk's Ticking Time Bomb: News Analysis

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Fall for Fifth Week; US Bullion Coins Weaken

Sunshine Profits - Rising Euro, Falling Dollar and… Correlations Turned Upside Down

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12/28/12 - Bullion News

International Man - Ben Bernanke – Revisiting The Helicopter Speech

VIDEO (04:58) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - The Bull, the Bear & the Base Case for 2013

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My Budget 360 - The three legged fiscal cliff: US middle and working class already facing their own fiscal cliff – 2 million Americans will lose unemployment insurance by January 1 and the debt ceiling limit being hit on December 31

China Gold Coin Inc. - Standard Bank bullish on gold next year trend to $ 2,000 (Google Translation Link)

CBS Atlanta - Good Samaritan nabs thief with $250,000 worth of rare coins

Gold and Silver Blog - Gold Has Outperformed Housing By 600% Since 2001

ZeroHedge - Friday Humor: Top Ten Reasons Why Fiat Currency Is Superior To Gold

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12/27/12 - Bullion News

CNBC - Gold Ends Above $1,663, 'Cliff' Caps Gains

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12/26/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Climb in Post-Christmas Trade, US Gold Coins Rise

VIDEO (18:53) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kitco - Gold Outlook 2013: Gary Wagner

VIDEO (18:53) : CNBC - Currency Wars Are Back!

Business Standard - Silver outshines gold in '12

PDF : Sprott Asset Mgmt - Why are (Smart) Investors Buying 50 Times More Physical Silver than Gold?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Silver...Connecting the Dots

BBC - Gold refineries - another Swiss money-spinner (includes VIDEO "A rare look inside a Swiss gold refinery")

Summary & VIDEO (04:40) : Arabian Money - Why silver is still the top commodity tip again for 2013

Rick Ackerman - A Grim Reality Lies Beyond Fiscal Cliff

CBS Philly - U.S. Mint Says Pennies and Nickels, Already Too Expensive, Won’t Get Cheaper

Bloomberg - Gold Advances as Japan’s Abe Pressures BOJ on Inflation Target

12/24/12 - Bullion News


The Washington Times - QE4: Monetizing the debt, with no possible exit

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12/23/12 - Bullion News

Financial Sense - Congressional Spending Problem in Easy to Understand Format

Seeking Alpha - David Morgan: Silver Bull Market Is Not Over

VIDEO (03:51) : Kitco - Jim Rogers' Gold Outlook for 2013

Commodity Online - Continued deregulation set to boost China’s interest in Gold in 2013

VIDEO (10:36) & Article : CNBC - Why One Gold Bull Thinks the Selloff Won't Last

12/22/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Drop for Fourth Week; US Gold Bullion Coins Rally

VIDEO (01:00) : "CombiBars"

Taipei Times - US fiscal woes depress commodities ahead of holidays

VIDEO (29:11) : Keiser Report - Keiser Report: Crazyflation (ft. Peter Schiff)

Gold Made Simple - Gold price trying to retake 200 daily moving average at the end of the week as talk of gold suppression rears its ugly head again

12/21/12 - Bullion News

Investing - Forex - Dollar gains on fears U.S. budget talks may collapse

AUDIO (18:11) : Trading Talk - Interview with Eric Sprott about Gold and Silver

The Globe and Mail - "CombiBar" - The Tiny Gold Bars that are the Latest Rage for Jittery Investors

Summary & VIDEO (08:24) : USA Watchdog - Weekly News Wrap-Up 12.21.12


Bloomberg - Brazil Doubles Gold Reserves as Central Banks Buy Bullion

The Gold Report - Rohit Savant - Senior Analyst for the CPM Group Expects the Gold Bull Market to Pause in 2013

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VIDEO (03:42) : CNBC - 'Are You Guys (Congress) Just Incompetent, Or What?'

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12/20/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Fast Markets - Silver - Waiting for a paradigm shift but until then...

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biiwii - Q: What’s Wrong With Gold?!?!

VIDEO (04:32) : CNBC - 12%-15% Return For Gold in 2013: David Mcalvany, CEO, McAlvany Financial Group

12/19/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Slides Modestly, Silver Drops 1.7%, US Gold Coins Gain

Investing - Gold Watch: How The Next Upswing Will Play Out

MineWeb - Gold has had a fairly tumultuous year - Adrian Ash

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U.S. Global Investors - The Ghosts of Fiat Currencies Past

Moneda De Plata Para Mexico - Pensions and Personal Savings - Hugo Salinas Price

Bullion Street - Palladium provided best returns in 2012: PMBG

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GoldSeek - Q: What’s Wrong With Gold?!?!

The Golden Truth - The Gold/Silver Hit Is A Trap - This Too Shall Pass

Silver Coins Today - US Mint Silver Coin Releases in 2013 Product Schedule

12/18/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Hits 3.5-Month Low, Silver Under $32, US Gold Coins Jump

CHART : Wyatt Research - Gold Breaks To Three-Month Low

MineWeb - What on earth’s going on in the gold market?

Profit Confidential - What’s Next for Gold?

CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price falls back to pre-election lows on more ‘curious’ selling

TownHall - Markets Off To Weak Start

Investor's Business Daily - Gold, Silver Prices Melt As Stocks Rise; Time To Buy?

My Budget 360 - The Erosion of Purchasing Power via Inflation – Federal Reserve and the Permanent Portfolio

VIDEO (02:31) : CNBC - Searching for a $22 Trillion Band Aid

Stockhouse - Paper-gold fraud now out in the open

MINING - Gold prices dive

GoldSeek - Why Japan’s new Prime Minister is a gold bug

Merk Funds - Hidden Treasury Risks?

AUDIO : FSN - Axel Merk – The Fed’s Printing Press Is A Dangerous Weapon

ZeroHedge - Chart Of The Day: The Death Of America's Middle Class

Financial Advisor - Amount Of Money Invested In Commodities Up 92%

China Daily - China claims biggest global silver market

Sovereign Man - Inflation vs. Deflation: Cui Bono?

Financial Sense - Silver Deceptions: Large Surpluses and Low Production Cost

12/17/12 - Bullion News

Investing - Forex - Dollar dips on cautious hopes for U.S. budget deal

CoinNews - Gold Rises Modestly, Silver Dips 1.9 Cents, US Coins Gain

VIDEO (02:52) : CNBC - Highlights of an Interview with the Richmond Fed President Jeff Laquer (the only consistent descending Fed vote)

Deviant Investor - GOLD – The Road Less Traveled

CoinUpdate - US Mint Sold Out of Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Until January 7, 2013

MoneyWeek - The central banking revolution will end in disaster

Casey Research - The 12 Gold Bugs of Christmas

Bullion Street - Platinum to avg $1690, Palladium $736 in 2013 : Barclays

Uncommon Wisdom - Palladium: Time for This ‘Now’ Metal to Shine

VIDEO (01:59) : The Street - Gold a Long Term Winner as Currencies Collapse

Ottawa Business Journal - What will happen to all those pennies?

Market Watch - Copper to gold: Risk on?

examiner - Sterling silver flatware prices on eBay trend lower than scrap value

VIDEO (03:07) : CNBC - Rick Santelli on Debt & Rating Agencies

12/16/12 - Bullion News

Business Line - Gold to Test Support

CHARTS : SafeHaven - Gold Update

Armstrong Economics - US Is killing The Global Economy

VIDEO (39:34) : Gordon T. Long - Macro Analytics - Misery Spread Widely

The Financial Express - Vietnam battles 'gold fever' as price soars

CoinUpdate - US Mint Reports Findings of Alternative Coin Materials Research

VIDEO (12:50) : Kitco - CPM's Jeff Christian Looks at Gold for 2013

CoinWorld - Accuracy of precious metals coins chief goal of Mint's assayer

MINING - Gold fever strikes German retail investors

ZeroHedge - Chart Of The "New Normal": Ben Bernanke Doubles Down - Literally

12/15/12 - Bullion News

CNBC - Investors Fret US Losing Investment Cachet

Uncommon Wisdom - All That Glitters Isn’t (Just) Gold …

INFO-GRAPHIC : addogram - Market Cycles : 1871 - 2012

Forbes - U.S. Secret Service Bans Certain Gold and Silver Coins On eBay

Money Morning - The Federal Reserve's Magic Act is Destroying America

12/14/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO : (28:01) : Capital Account - Jim Grant: Honey, I Shrunk the Yield Curve!!

VIDEO : (03:40) : Fox Business - Gold Coin Sales up 130% Year-Over-Year - Coinweek.com’s David Lisot on Continued Growth in Gold-Coin Sales (link to video below)

ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - The Dollar Index is Giving a Fresh Sell Signal on the Daily Chart

Uncommon Wisdom - How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Financial Sense - QE 4: Folks, This Ain't Normal - What you need to know about the Fed's latest move, by Chris Martenson PhD


MoneyNews - Fisher: Fed's QE May Become ‘Hotel California’ Trap

DailyMail - Queen gives Bank chiefs a ticking orf over the crash as she visits vaults

fundweb - S&W's Markova stays bullish on gold bullion prices

CNN Money - Fed extends aid to foreign banks

COMMENTARY : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Zeal, Speculation & Investment - Silver’s Young Upleg

Daily Mail - California woman inherits $7million in gold coins found in garage of dead cousin... whom she hadn't spoken to for a YEAR

CoinUpdate - Production Levels for 2012 America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins

Deviant Investor - We Can Ignore Reality!

Summary & VIDEO (44:36) : Moneda De Plata Para Mexico - Hugo Salinas Price proposes the silver dirham for Malaysia

12/13/12 - Bullion News

Summary & VIDEO (44:36) : Moneda De Plata Para Mexico - Hugo Salinas Price proposes the silver dirham for Malaysia

CoinNews - Gold Drops Under $1700, Silver Dives 4.2%, US Eagle Coins Rise

ANALYSIS : VIDEO (02:36) : Bloomberg - How to Play Gold ...

CHARTS : World of Wall Street - QE And The Price Of Gold

U.S. Global Investors - How Gold Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold by Frank Holmes

VIDEO (27:57) : Capital Account - Jim Rickards: the Fed is Racing to Create Inflation Before the US Economy Implodes...

arabianmoney - Federal Reserve ups its money printing for 2013, good for oil, gold and silver prices

VIDEO (11:40) : CNBC - Top BofA Strategist: Gold Going to $5,000

DailyMail - Exclusive: Google crackdown on payday lenders - websites must follow new rules or see their ads banned

VIDEO (02:46) : Bloomberg - Gold Digging in Gold Field's Golden, Robotic Mine

Mercury News - The Best Way to be Prepared for the Worst is to Remain Grounded ("6 tips on how to weather a financial apocalypse")

MoneyWeek - The best way to profit from never-ending money-printing

12/12/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Rise on Fed Rate Pledge; US Gold Coins Gain

Wall Street Examiner - Fed Creates Nightmare Scenario, Closes Eyes, Sings Trololo

Commodity Online - US Federal Reserve boosts QE with $45 bn in monthly treasury purchases

The Gold Report - Porter Stansberry: Gold and Real Estate Are My Hedges for the Fiscal Cliff

Profit Confidential - Why U.S. Dollar’s Continued Fall Is Written in Stone

Sunshine Profits - Can Gold Make Sense If the Dollar Does Not Collapse?

GoldMoney - Bond bubble warning from BIS

Numismaster - Japan Wants to Mint Foreign Coins

INTERACTIVE : prezi - The Past. The Present. The Future of Kanzius Radiofrequency Treatment by John Yang

CT Post - Paper gold presents problems for investors

The Telegraph - Fed boosts QE and ties rates to unemployment level

azizonomics - There’s a Problem With Kicking the Can Down the Road

VIDEO (03:45) : Learn Liberty - Why Is Higher Education So Expensive?

MineWeb - BofA picks copper, gold, silver and pgms as beneficiaries of more QE

Financial Mail (South Africa) - Money's worth

12/11/12 - Bullion News

RCP - Inflation - "Taxing the Poor" by Thomas Sowell

Commodity Online - Why the incredible $5000/oz Gold could really be credible

AUDIO : FSN - Jeffrey Christian – The Most Misunderstood Man In Precious Metals?

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SafeHaven - Platinum and Palladium Shed Bullish Light on the Whole Precious Metals Market

VIDEO (06:00) : Bloomberg - How Big Can the Fed's Balance Sheet Get?

Daily Wealth - Why U.S. Unemployment Could Triple from Here

VIDEO (28:39) : Gordon T. Long - Macro Analytics - CURRENCY WARS: Gold Now in Play! (Gordon T Long and John Rubino discussion)

ZeroHedge - We Built It - But They Did Not Come

GoldSeek - The Gold Market Seen Through a Glass Darkly

Profit Confidential - The Fate of America in the Hands of Printing Presses?

VIDEO (00:22) : Bloomberg - How Much Does the U.S. Spend Every Hour?

Daily Mail - Is a gold cliff looming? Will US fiscal cliff crisis send gold to new record high or will it take a tumble?

MoneyNews - Barron’s Conway: Gold Isn’t Linked to Inflation as Much as Most Think

VIDEO (28:05) : Capital Account - Eric Sprott: Silver to Outshine Gold as the Investment of this Decade!

Arabian Money - When is the silver price going to get its mojo back?

Bullion Street - Major banks eager to join Gold trade in Vietnam

CoinNews - 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters and 5 Oz Silver Coin Designs

12/10/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Rises for Third Session, American Eagle Coins Gain

Wealth Daily - Is Goldman Sachs Lying About Gold?

Wealth Wire - The Case Against Treasury Bonds

Acting Man - A Brief Comment On Satyajit Das and Gold

Perth Mint Bullion - World’s Largest Silver Lunar Coin Marks 2013 Year Of The Snake

Wealth Manager - Silver tipped to soar 500% but can it beat bullion in 2013?

Commodity Online - QE4 and Fiscal Cliff: Possible scenarios and impact on Bullion

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Bloomberg - Central Banks Ponder Going Beyond Inflation Mandates

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MineWeb - Silver surplus – what silver surplus?

GoldMoney - Ronald Stöferle: ‘gold is a soft metal, but a hard currency’

Casey Research - Platinum: Fear vs. Fundamentals

MINING - Gold bug spreads through Latin America

12/09/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – “The Market Is Always Right,” [or "Never Wrong"], And It Leaves Footprints.

VIDEO (02:39) : Bloomberg - Why Are Investors Stepping Back Into Gold?

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Dip 0.4% on Week, US Bullion Coins Strong

azizonomics - The Icelandic Success Story

Wealth Daily - Secret Silver Stockpiles and Gold's Black Market

12/08/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO (29:28) : The Daily Gold - Gary Wagner’s Gold & Silver Outlook for 2013

Money Morning - The Federal Reserve Is Socialism's Insidious Tool

Yahoo - $700,000 in gold dust missing from Pfizer lab

VIDEO (06:48) : GoldSilverWorlds - A Look Inside The Gold Vault Of The Bank Of England

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - 49% Support Dropping the Penny

AUDIO (08:46) : Butler on Business - Silver Guru David Morgan & Alan Butler talk SILVER

Market Watch - Silver gains favor as an investment asset

Acting Man - A Few Thoughts on Gold, Part 1 – Gold as an Investment

12/07/12 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Fed Exit Plan May Be Redrawn as Assets Near $3 Trillion

Inside Futures - Gold And The Fiscal Cliff

Political Metals - Gold Eagle sale up 150% since QE3 announcement - DITCHING BEFORE THE FISCAL CLIFF by Peter Schiff

VIDEO (01:21) & Summary : 10TV - Federal Judge Ruling Allows Coin Shop Operator To Stay Open

Canton Rep - State's gold, silver dealers’ law blocked by judge

BullionVault - When Governments Steal Gold

Financial Sense - The Fed Balance Sheet - What is Uncle Sam’s Largest Asset?

Casey Research - Continuum

247 Bull - Why gold is money

ANALYSIS : Zeal - Speculations and Investments - US Debt Crisis by Adam Hamilton

Gresham's Law - The Evolution of Central Banking in England & America: 1640 – 2012

CHARTS : Financial Sense - Fed Lowers Mortgage Rates Without “Printing Money”

Perth Mint Bullion - RESPONSE TO DAVE IN DENVER - (TF Metals Report has posted some comments from blogger Dave in Denver in responding to ETF Price Suppression Mechanics post last week)

BBC - Antwerp bullion theft gang from Essex and Kent jailed

Bullion Street - World's largest Gold refinery to build plant in China

Arabian Money - China plans to double gold consumption in three years, how high will gold prices go now?

12/06/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (02:43) : CNBC - Gold Market and Price Predictions by Todd Hoffman of "Gold Rush"

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts

ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold Pops above $1700; Silver above $33

VIDEO (02:11) : DEMON-OCRACY - US Debt - Visualized in physical $100 bills

VIDEO (3:01) : Bloomberg - Rickards: Fed Is Trying to Import Inflation

Deviant Investor - How Will I Know When To Sell My Gold?

Bullion Street - Investors can buy Gold, Silver free of sales tax in Oklahoma

CNBC - Gold Rebounds Back Above $1,700

12/05/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Dips for Day Two, Silver Rises, US Coins Gain

The Washington Times - Gold, Silver Bullion Manipulation Now Obvious

Gold is Money (Forum) - Secret Service Demands ebay Remove all Norfed Liberty dollars as Counterfeits

Profit Confidential - “What a Bargain Gold Was at Two Grand”

GoldMoney - Alasdair Macleod on safety issues with GLD and SLV

MerkFunds - Dollar Cliff?


FXPros - Silver Demand Surging In Japan?

AUDIO : FSN - David Morgan – Riding The Silver Channel To Huge Profits

Digital Journal - Famed investor Jim Rogers: 'I’d Rather Buy Silver than Gold'

Financial Sense - The Failure of Mechanistic Economics by Hugo Salinas

Money Morning - Why Gold Prices Will Soar After the Dec. 12 FOMC Meeting

The Gold Report - Pent-Up Potential for Precious Metals in 2013: Jason Hamlin

Business Insider - Infamous 'Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin' Solution

12/04/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Drops Below $1700, US Bullion Coins on December Sales Board

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price dips under $1700 after more ‘sudden’ sell orders hit the tape

Numismaster - Gold Buyers Push Up Premiums

VIDEO (02:16) : Bloomberg - Deflationary Pressures???

Trader Dan - Gold Bulls Attempting to Hold the Line at the 100 Day Moving Average

Real Clear Politics - Fiscal Cliff Notes by Thomas Sowell

Sunshine Profits - What Can Happen with Gold If the Dollar Collapses?

AUDIO : FSN - Gordon T. Long – Reservations About The Dollar’s Reserve Status


The Golden Truth - The Economy Is Weaker Than Government Reports Show

VIDEO (03:04) : CNBC - Dennis Gartman - Be Careful of the Mark-Up / Premiums on Gold Coins.

Digital Journal - $11.5 Million in Gold Bullion Bars Stolen from Southern Caribbean Boat, Reports Gold Price

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - "Only" 48% Recognize Need to Cut Entitlements, Defense to Reduce Federal Deficit

CoinWeek - Weakness in Gold Not Sustainable: China, Investors and Central Banks Buy on Dips

VIDEO (01:03) : Bloomberg - Student Debt Surpasses Credit Card Delinquencies

12/03/12 - Bullion News

Goondiwindi Argus - Better U.S. Data Helps Gold Hold the Line

CoinNews - American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins Race in November Sales

news.au - Flipping a Coin May Not be an Even Bet After All

VIDEO (11:21) : Future Money Trends - Gold/Silver Update with Successful Mining CEO Bradford Cooke

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Inflation...

VIDEO (05:49) : Kitco - Gold's Bubble? Think About it in 5 Years - Analyst

Bloomberg - Fed’s Rosengren Sees ‘Strong Case’ for More Asset Buying

CoinWorld - 'Demise' of 1c, 5c premature

VIDEO (14:48) : Silver-Investor - David Morgan Interviews Bix Weir & EXCLUSIVE Silver Summit footage

Silver Coins Today - American Eagle Silver Coins Log Second Strongest November Sales

Deviant Investor - The No-Thanks-Giving Parade


Casey Research - Gold Supply Crunch Coming?

INFO-GRAPHIC : feminerds.tumblr - The Elemental Chart According to Relative Abundance

Wealth Daily - More Gold - Electorate Zombies and Panic on the Other Side

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Possibility for Gold to Regain Its Medium-term Glitter

12/02/12 - Bullion News

Article & VIDEO (05:57) : MoneyNews - Euro Pacific's Andrew Schiff to Moneynews: Fiscal Follies Imperil Dollar

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Commodity Online - Gold, Silver, Platinum could be on the verge of a major breakout

Inside Futures - There Are No More Good Arguments Against Gold

Big News Portugal - Ghostly galleon gives up its treasure

VIDEO (04:24) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Don’t Be Fooled by the Fed: Stimulus Is a Sign of Dysfunction, Not Opportunity

Bullion Street - CME Gold Futures hits new daily trade volume record on Comex

12/01/12 - Bullion News

CHART : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : DailyFX - Gold Sheds 2% But Holds Monthly Range Ahead of Major Event Risk

AUDIO (12:17) : Ellis Martin - Ellis Martin Report with Silver Guru David Morgan - The Eventual Rush to Silver

Silver Coins Today - Silver Prices Advance in November Despite Final Weekly Loss

PDF : Mauldin Economics - Popular Delusions: The Bull Case for Safe Havens

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSeek - Possibility for Gold to Regain Its Medium-term Glitter

INFO_GRAPHIC : DEMON-OCRACY - Fiscal Cliff Explained

Sprott Asset Mgmt - Gold: Solution to the Banking Crisis

The Wall Street Journal - China Moves Forward in Opening Gold Market

Sunshine Profits - Gold as Insurance. Why? How?

11/30/12 - Bullion News

Reuters - US Gold Coins Set for Strongest November Sales in 14 years

Asia Times - America's Relative Importance is Fading - (15 Asian nations, comprising half the world's population, would form a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership excluding the United States)

CNBC - Gold Falls 1% on 'Fiscal Cliff' Anxiety

CHART : ANALYSIS : Inside Futures - Gold, Silver, Copper

VIDEO (03:27) : Bloomberg - How Will the Fiscal Cliff Affect Gold, Metals?

GoldSeek - Precious Metals — As the Smart Money Exits Too Soon

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Fast Markets - Dollar Index - Looking vulnerable

CoinWorld - Four men await trial in theft of mining museum gold, gems

Ricochet - U.S. Small Biz Owners Pessimistic Post-Election

Perth Mint Bullion - ETF Price Suppression Mechanics

Inflation Data - In 1929, Deflation Started in Europe Before Overtaking the U.S.

CoinNews - US Mint Updates Website, Customer Access Improved

11/29/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Rebounds, Silver Settles to 7-Week High, US Coins Bullish Still

VIDEO (06:04) : Bloomberg - Fed Policy at War With Market Mechanism, James Grant Says

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Silver Outperforming Gold May Signal Inflationary Rally

Money Morning - 2013 Silver Price Forecast: Silver Will Perform Like Gold on Steroids

Kitco - Gold Ends Up on Bargain Hunting, Short Covering; Traders Still Abuzz Over Wednesday's Price Action

Market Watch - Any fiscal cliff deal will do for oil, gold

CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price rises after yesterday’s 24 ton sale in a matter of moments

Inside Futures - Silver Futures Positive Technical Action

VIDEO (06:41) : CNBC - Futures Now - Top Analyst: Gold Going to $2,000?

MINING - Cost inflation to eat miners' results in 2013

Deviant Investor - Back to Basics: A Planned Crisis?

Seeking Alpha - Rarer Than Gold And Silver, Why Platinum May Be The Better Investment

Gold Made Simple - The curse of the reserve currency

Dollar Collapse - Tom Cloud: Wholesale Gold Inventories Evaporating

VIDEO (01:38) & Article : CBS Boston - Thief Steals Rare Coins From Lexington Coin Shop

Upper Michigans Source - Poll: Dollar Coin Instead of Bill?

Bullion Street - Vietnam extends Gold deadline for banks to June next year

examiner - How the Powerball lottery is really a tax on the poor

11/28/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Down for Third Day as US Eagle Gold Coins Spike

VIDEO (03:11) : CNBC - Despite Sell-Off, Trader Remains Bullish On Gold

Nasdaq - The Coming Rally in Gold Prices

Money Morning - Why to Keep Betting on Higher Silver Prices

Wealth Wire - A Giant Currency Super-Storm is Coming to America

Investor Place - Gold Drops on Deflation Concerns, Flood of Stop-Loss Orders

PDF : Merk Investments - Case For Gold: Portfolio Benefits of the Ultimate Currency

Financial Post - GATA’s Bill Murphy on the Real Conspiracy of Gold and Silver Suppression

Silver Vigilante - Should Student Debtors Buy Silver?

Seeking Alpha - The Gold Price Tumbles But Don't Worry

INFO-GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Silver Series: Supply and Demand (Part 2)

TownHall - Gold Run Pauses On Stronger Dollar

ABC News - Govt. Watchdog: Dollar Coin Makes More Cents for US

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: Perth Mint Responds to Collector Concerns with New Mintage Policies

VIDEO(s) (37:86) : Future Money Trends - Interview with John Williams of ShadowStats.com to discuss What's Coming in the Financial Markets

azizonomics - We’re All Currency Manipulators Now

Commodity Online - The 'secret' tunnel to vaults of US Bullion Depository aka Fort Knox

Wyatt Research - The Anatomy of a Lost Decade in One Simple Chart

11/27/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CNBC - If Gold Fails to Cross $1,800 Soon, Expect a Steep Fall

Market Watch - Stocks dead, bonds deader till 2022: Pimco

MINING - Japanese to invest in gold en masse

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - 3 Events Worth Watching by Frank Holmes

Real Clear Politics - An Overdue Book by Thomas Sowell

Numismaster - John Law's 'Mississippi Bubble'

History Channel - 8 Things You May Not Know About Money

History Channel - Why do coins have ridges?

Financial Sense - Immutable Golden Laws by Jim Willie

MineWeb - South Africa’s gold industry on edge - Gold Fields

Gold Silver Worlds - Diversify Some Of Your Fiat Money Into Gold...

The Wall Street Journal - Cox and Archer: Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt

American Thinker - A Tax on Carbon is a Tax on Life

11/26/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Dip Slightly in Week’s Start, US Coins Bullish

Wyatt Research - A Shocking Truth that Gold Can Tell Us about Stocks

Wealth Wire - Bid Farewell to Pennies and Nickels!

Kitco - Gold Signals Strong, Dip Buying Mentality Seen

VIDEO (04:06) : Bloomberg - Is Gold Still a Bullish Bet?

Daily Mail - MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Gold quintuples in ten years and it's still rising - is it time to buy?

SilverSeek - A Manipulation Timeline by Ted Butler

Deviant Investor - Your Personal Bailout – a G.I.F.T.

PDF : Investor's Digest (Sprott) - John Embry - "Fed's Move will only Fuel Inflation"

11/25/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (08:34) : MoneyNews - Korelin to Moneynews: Cheap Money Is Here to Stay, So Buy Gold

ZeroHedge - The Four Debt Ceiling Possibilities For 2013

Political Metals - Reserve Bank of India’s latest trick to reduce gold demand – Dematerialize Gold

VIDEO (14:04) : Sons of Liberty Academy - Ponzi Politics and IOU's

Bullion Street - Turkey again confirms Iran Gold deal

11/24/12 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - Basel III And Gold - (Basel III rules are set to go into effect January 1, 2013, moving gold from its tier 3 status to tier 1 capital as 100% loan-backing reserves, the same as cash and bonds. For the first time in 42 years...)

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Surge on Week, US Bullion Sales Take Holiday Break


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO (13:56) : Inside Futures - FX Analysis: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USD Index, GOLD, and S&P500 - "GOLD: Long-term Bullish"

Financial Sense - Technician Alan Newman: I’m As Bearish As I’ve Ever Been

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO (01:09) : FX Empire - Silver Forecast November 26, 2012

Jim Sinclair's MindSet - Gold Confiscation Not A Possibility

VIDEO (14:04) : Sons of Liberty Academy - Inflation Trickery

Munknee - Finally! Someone With the Balls to Face Reality and Outline the Probable Outcome & Utter Hopelessness of America’s Debt Problems

11/23/12 - Bullion News

Investor's Business Daily - Gold, Silver Confirm Bull Run - How You Can Tell

VIDEO (13:34) : Sons of Liberty Academy - Inflation Deception - Includes a Good Speech About Inflation by President Ronald Reagan at (10:03)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : ZeroHedge - Marc Faber's Chart Porn

TownHall - Gold Trends Higher On Light Volume

VIDEO (05:21) : Bloomberg - BNP Favors Gold, Underweight on Emerging Markets

Casey Research - Even if You Hate Gold, You Should Buy It

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Zeal - Real Rates and Gold 11

Arabian Money - What are the silver charts telling us about price movements now?

Trader Dan - Gold Clears Chart Resistance in Light Volume Holiday Trade (First Comment has an Good Alternative Point of View - at bottom of article)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Kitco News - The Most Important Chart for an Investor in Gold, and it Remains Bullish

Sovereign Man - The thriving Black Market for gold

The Hindu - BusinessLine - For India's Banks, all that Glitters is Coins

VIDEO (08:20) : Financial Sense - A Currency War Simulation

The Royal Mint - Hidden features on The Royal Mint website

Fast Markets - Spot gold edges higher on a stronger euro after positive Greece talks

Bullion Street - China is now the world's biggest Gold producer and consumer

11/21/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : The Daily Gold - Monthly Charts Clarify Prognosis for Gold & Silver

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Rise in Pre-Holiday Trading, US Bullion Coins Up

Jim Sinclair's MindSet - In The News Today 11/21

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Gold Made Simple - Gold price trying to break overhead resistance

TownHall - Gold - Waiting For The Correction

The Golden Truth - Got Gold? Central Banks are Getting Large Quantities

Summary & VIDEO (07:34) : ZeroHedge - Hedge Fund Mgr - Kyle Bass On The End Of The Debt Super-Cycle

Profit Condidential - Two-thirds of Americans Sit with Less Than $25K in Savings, Investments

VIDEO (32:33) : McAlvany Commentary - The Transformation of War

Bullion Street - Silver gains 20% to Gold's 10% so far this year

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : GoldSeek - Platinum & Palladium – A Nice Addition to Your Precious Metals Portfolio

VIDEO (17:15) : USA Watchdog - Hyperinflation and Complete Collapse – Nick Barisheff

Inflation Data - Inflation’s Effect on Retirement Savings

International Business Times - Industrial Demand For Silver Forecast To Hit Record In 2014

Wyatt Research - The Terrible Debt Tide is Still Rising

MoneyWeek - How demand from China could send the gold price soaring

TF Metals Report - Price Suppression Mechanics of GLD and SLV, by Andrew Maguire

Silver Vigilante - Coinage Act, 1964: Doublespeak

Vietnam.net - Not allowed to make bullion gold, Vietnam bullion dealers make gold bullion rings

11/20/12 - Bullion News

Wealth Daily - The Secret Gold Sell Signal: RIR - What this Little-Known Signal is Telling Us Now

MineWeb - Silver Investment Demand Growing in Tight Market - David Morgan

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Gold and Silver

Times of India - Reserve Bank of India (RBI) bans loans to buy gold

Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint Announces New Mintage Policy

247 Bull - Rising production costs put a $1,300 floor under the gold price

VIDEO (50:12) : Bloomberg - Ben Bernanke's Full Speech & Comments at the Economic Club of New York

Profit Confidential - Why Investors Are Still Running to U.S. Treasuries; Why It Could Be a Big Mistake

MoneyNews - Greenspan: Repeal the Debt Ceiling

VIDEO (02:45) : CNBC - Santelli: Statistics That 'Compromise' Reality

Bullion Street - China desperate to extend operating lives of Gold mines

RCP - Killing the Goose by Thomas Sowell

ZeroHedge - The World Wide Web Of Debt

Science News - Mexican silver made it into English coins

Arabian Money - Hedge fund kings Soros and Paulson again increase their gold holdings

11/19/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Prices Surge Nearly $20, Silver Rallies, US Coins Up


VIDEO(s) : Political Metals - Spot The Difference: Eric Sprott Questions Central Banks’ Gold on MSM & Alternative Media

MoneyNews - Steve Forbes: Volatility to Roil Markets as Fed ‘Trashes’ Dollar

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Future Money Trends - Silver and Palladium, Partners in CRIMEX

Profit Confidential - The Failed Economic Policy of Money Printing

Rick Ackerman - The Looters Are in Control

Numismaster - Chinese Mintages Create 'Phantom Pandas'

Free Gold Money Report - ‘Falling’ gold demand

Street Talk Live - Motley Fool's "50 Truths About Investing"

MineWeb - Tingling fingers keep silver investors cautious in Q4 - GFMS

VIDEO (01:15) : ZeroHedge - Keynes On Worker Utopia Through Perpetual Threat Of War

Street Authority - How To Retire Without Worrying About Social Security

11/18/12 - Bullion News

Inside Futures - Gold And Silver - Market Says Wait

Ravalli Republic - History Shows us that a Nation’s Financial Failure Leads to Social Failure - "Society: System dissolves without work ethic"

VIDEO (03:47) : Arabian Money - Gold may be well supported next week despite dollar strength predicts Forex.com

Seeking Alpha - Gold Demand Is Stronger Than You May Have Heard

AUDIO : FSN - Belinda Mays – Becoming Self-Sufficient In The Greater Depression

Mish's Blog - Nightmare Scenarios for Obama's 2nd Term

Zero Hedge - Fool's Gold Miners: A Story Of What Can, And Will, Go Wrong With "Miners" In Ten Pictures

11/17/12 - Bullion News

Article & VIDEO (46:02) : Zero Hedge - So How Many Ounces Of Gold (Or Silver) Should You Own?

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Drop on Week but US Coin Sales Surge in November

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: ‘Crash JP Morgan’ – 2nd Anniversary Special - Includes Interview with James Turk of GoldMoney

10TV - Delaware Coin Collector Taking State To Court Over Scrap Metal License Law

CoinWeek - Consider “Gifting” Your Precious Metals Investments To Heirs Says Dillon Gage Metals

11/16/12 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Trading Places, Gilded Rage

The Gold Report - John Mauldin's Roadmap to Surviving the Fiscal Cliff

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - Bullish PM Technicals

The Golden Truth - Look Out Above?

Gold Made Simple - Gold price dips at the end of the week

VIDEO (04:56) : Arabian Money - Middle classes just beginning to discover gold as an asset class says World Gold Council

Bullion Bulls Canada - Silver’s Smoking Guns, Part I: Mining Paradox

Kitco News - CME Group Cutting Margin Requirements For Comex Gold, Silver And Copper

Trader Dan's Market Views - Big Jump in Federal Reserve MBS Debt Purchases

Charleston Voice - Dow Jones Ind./Gold Ratio - 200 Years: Where to from Here?

ABC News - Gold May Pass $2,000, But Consumers Warned Against Scams

KARE11 - Coin dealer federally indicted in $2.7M scheme

Bullion Street - Germany may repatriate 10% of Gold stored in the US

GoldMoney - Soros and Rogers adding to precious metal positions

Market Watch - Banks told by Fed to test for 12% unemployment

VIDEO (28:03) : The Daily Reckoning - Bart Chilton on Silver Manipulation

11/15/12 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : The Market Oracle - Gold Bullion Up, Gold Stocks Get Pummeled

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Sharp Gains Across Numismatic and Bullion Coins

AUDIO : FSN - Interview with Bill Cobb – Turning Your Ideas Into Gold


VIDEO (03:55) : Fox Business - Lou Dobbs - The Numbers Behind Obama’s Tax Hikes

Deviant Investor - Gold, Paper, and a Train Wreck

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : dshort - What Inflation Means to You: Inside the Consumer Price Index

AUDIO (33:20) : McAlvany Commentary - Post Election: Gold likes Obama, Stocks Don't

Liberty Blitz Krieg - The FHA is Blowing Up: Bad News for the Housing Market

Link to Report : World Gold Council - Latest Issue: Gold Demand Trends Q3 2012

Perth Mint Bullion - New Volume Discounts Make Buying Bullion Cheaper

VIDEO (43:15) : YOUTUBE : David Morgan covering everything SILVER on Hard Money Watch

11/14/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Continue Higher, US Gold Coins Rise

VIDEO (05:26) : Bloomberg - Ron Paul: We're Creating New Money Out of Thin Air

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : The Daily Gold - Are We Already In A Recession?

Rick Ackerman - $1803 Is Where Gold Would Come Alive

Political Metals - Turkish prime minister says gold should replace dollar

Wealth Daily - Over the Edge in a Fiscal Cliff Free Fall

Numismaster - New Gold Coin for Fiji Last to Show Queen

VIDEO (07:16) : Bloomberg - Ron Paul: No Chance for Big Fiscal Cliff Bargain

BusinessWeek - Gold May Hit $2,000 on Money Printing: Deutsche Bank

Business Insider - Silver and Gold: The Superheroes of Wealth Preservation

GoldMoney - ‘King Dollar’ hard to dethrone

The New York Times - How About a Fort Knox of Your Own?

Summary & VIDEO (04:34) : David Morgan's Blog - Special Master Mind on Precious Metals Storage

The Golden Truth - It's Getting Ugly

Bullion Street - Switzerland's Metalor to build Gold refinery in Singapore

mlive (Michigan) - Cargo of gold and whiskey fuels legend of the Westmoreland, famous shipwreck discovered by diver from Grand Rapids

11/13/12 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - EXACTLY Which Investments Do Well During Inflation

VIDEO (02:43) : The Street - Physical Gold Better Than Mining Stocks & ETFs

MineWeb - Platinum 2012 Interim Review - Johnson Matthey

Wealth Daily - China Buys More Gold

Article & VIDEO (07:49) : CNBC - Marc Faber: Prepare for a Massive Market Meltdown

MoneyWeek - Britain has taken another step down the road to hyperinflation

Gold Made Simple - Gold price holding around $1725 level

VIDEO (02:09) & Article : KLTV - Man's $100,000 rare coin collection stolen; Police search for suspects

ZeroHedge - US Budget Deficit Soars In October As Government Spends Over $300 Billion In One Month

CoinNews - US Mint Coin Production Tops 1 Billion in October 2012

CHARTS : Profit Confidential - Why I Believe the S&P 500 Rally Since March of 2009 Has Been a Fake

VIDEO (01:58) : Bloomberg - Marc Faber: Math Doesn't Work; Fiscal Cliff Drop Coming

The Gold Report - Why Copper Is a Critical Metal: Mickey Fulp

Fox40 - Why you should not tell people what you own..."Home Invasion Targeted a Couple’s Coin Collection"

Al Arabiya News - Syrians convert gold into cash to survive

11/12/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (15:04) : Bloomberg - Eric Sprott on Gold Market Outlook, Investment Strategy

Profit Confidential - The Society We Are Becoming; the Increasing Dependence on Government Handouts

International Man - Equality - The Great Socialist Ideal

Deviant Investor - Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and PREPARE!

Bloomberg - China Lags U.S. in Gold Holdings, May Raise Total, LBMA Says

VIDEO (16:00) : Ellis Martin Report - Interview with Silver Guru - David Morgan regarding the last leg of the bull market for precious metals.

Numismaster - Eagle Sales Remain Behind

VIDEO (04:26) : Bloomberg - Gold Broker: The Only Way for Gold is Up

Silver Vigilante - Innovation Spurs Need For More, Not Less Silver

Business Insider - The Top 20 Currency Manipulators In The World

Article & VIDEO (05:14) : Arabian Money - Is gold and silver or treasuries the riskiest safe haven asset?

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Captialism

Bullion Street - Iran also stockpiles Silver to bypass sanctions

11/11/12 - Bullion News

AUDIO : FSN - Michael Harris – Failing Your Way To Success Is The Only Way

ZeroHedge - Spot The Start Of The End Of The Keynesian Dream

TownHall - Illegal gold mining in South Africa brings hope

equities - 4 things you need to know about platinum

MINING - Tiny family business sells $4 billion gold to US mint, jewellers and hedge funds each year

11/10/12 - Bullion News

Globalia Magazine - Is Europe Scared of Alternative Currencies? Why Should Silver be at a Disadvantage? “The Small Man’s Gold”

VIDEO (28:08) : Capital Account - Mike Maloney on the Fiscal Cliff and the "Holy Sh*t" Demographic Bankrupting America!

VIDEO (02:59) : CNBC - Back-Up the Truck for Bullion?

Bullion Street - Some Germans want to see gold stored in U.S.

Wealth Daily - Pressure On Obama, Off Gold

The Hindu - India's Jewellery buyers shift their gaze towards Bars and Coins

International Business Times - Gold is Real Money

Kitco - Solid Majority See Higher Gold Prices Next Week – Survey Participants

Jesse's Café Américain - Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Sprott Silver Does Follow On Offering

NPR - To Combat Sanctions, Iran Buys Up Gold

11/09/12 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - Chart of the Week: Gold and an Ever - Growing Balance Sheet by Frank Holmes

321gold - When is a Good Time for Austerity? by Michael Pento

VIDEO (05:01) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Bernanke’s Job Is Safe, But Your Money Isn’t Says Schiff

Market Watch - What Obama’s re-election means for gold - ‘Patience and fortitude’ is a good mantra for gold, says analyst

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Stockhouse - Gold and Silver will Rally from this Point Through to the Early Part of Next Year

The Royal Mint - New bullion options from The Royal Mint – the home of UK coins

CoinNews - Gold Gains for 4th Day, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 30 Million

Daily Wealth - A Scheme Even the Biggest Gold Miners Are Running

Munknee - U.S. Currency Control Comes Into Effect Jan. 1, 2013! Will It Affect You?

Ludwig von Mises Institute - "Fool's Gold" Standards

American Thinker - The Mass Firings Begin

Acting Man - Something Wicked This Way Comes?

AUDIO : FSN - Turd Ferguson On Precious Metals & More

CNBC - Levels to Watch on Gold

The Telegraph - Italian police smash gang 'that made own gold ingots'

11/08/12 - Bullion News

Mint News Blog - RCM to Add Laser Etching to Gold Maple Leaf Coins

VIDEO (25:03) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Triple-Dip Recession Nightmare

Deviant Investor - $100 Silver! Yes, But When?

CoinNews - 2012-W Proof Silver Eagle Coins Hit 800K Sales Milestone

INFO-GRAPHIC : Demon-OCracy - Federal Reserve's Money Printing Failure

Article & VIDEO (03:07) : Arabian Money - US stocks will fall 20-50% after Obama re-election warns Dr Marc Faber

FX Street - Obama Victory: Increased Gold And Silver Storage In Zurich And Asian Capitals

Detlev Schlichter - Contra Richard Koo and the Keynesians: It is not about ‘aggregate demand’ but about real prices

VIDEO (06:32) : Bloomberg - Ron Paul: We're Broke and Already Over Fiscal Cliff

MINING - S. African strikes hit annual mining production, drops 8.3%

VIDEO (28:03) : Capital Account - James Turk on the Overestimated Gold Stock, the German Repatriation, and an EU Crisis!

INTERACTIVE-GRAPHIC : The Guardian - Eurozone slashes growth forecasts

Bullion Street - South Africa, Russia report drops in Gold reserves

VIDEO (31:21) : Comprehensive SILVER Interview with David Morgan (The Silver Guru)

11/07/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Rises as Other Precious Metals Fall, US Silver Coins Up

247 Bull - Gold Re-Elected

VIDEO (32:12) : Casey Research - Karl Denninger: Watch for Market Dislocations

Seeking Alpha - Gold Or Silver: Which Is Better For Investors?

VIDEO (03:48) : CNBC - Art Cashin on What's Driving Down the Dow

Acting Man - ‘No Undue Fallout’ from Money Printing

Merk Funds - U.S. Dollar, Gold Implications of Election

MineWeb - Gold, the election and the importance of physical demand

Trader Dan - America Votes for National Suicide

Wealth Daily - The Fed's Gold Problem Is Now International

Gold Made Simple - Gold price hits $1730 after Obama wins presidential election

VIDEO (02:40) : The Golden Truth - A Little Post-Election Humor

Arabian Money - Four more years of precious metals as the top performing asset class?

ZeroHedge - Charting The Great Stagnation Of American's Real Productivity

Sovereign Man - One very simple piece of advice

11/06/12 - Bullion News

Wealth Daily - What Gold Will Do After the Election - Seven Reasons Gold Will Go Up

Silver Doctors - UK Royal Mint Plans To Change Britannias From 92% Gold to 99.99%

VIDEO (00:55) : Perth Mint Bullion - 2013 Silver Koala Coins Released Today!

ETF Daily - Be Prepared For Gold and Silver Prices To Rally After U.S. Election

Bloomberg - Fed’s Williams Says Bond Buying May Exceed $600 Billion

ZeroHedge - Gold Gone Wild

VIDEO (09:57) : David Morgan chats about manipulation in the silver market

MINING - China transforming into gold bullion superpower on the sly

VIDEO (03:44) : The Bullion Boy - British "Junk" Silver Coins aka "Pre Decimal"

Bullion Street - India Gold demand seen at 800 tons this year

Silver Investing News - Royal Canadian Mint Buying 3 Million Ounces of Silver

11/05/12 - Bullion News

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : 247 Bull - All four precious metals issue sell signals, as do soybeans


Financial Sense - Is the Yuan About to Replace the Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency?

VIDEO (33:10) : Practical Bull - Interview with Silver Guru - David Morgan - "Battles Precious Metal Bears"

CoinWeek - John Mercanti Dishes on His Career, America’s Silver Bullion Program, and the Digital Age of Coining

Daily Reckoning - Gold and That Election Thing

Charleston Voice - Gold Seasonality Chart Shows November as Strongest Month

AUDIO : FSN - Peter Grandich – The Election’s Impact Upon The Economy And Precious Metals

321gold - Moving Averages and the Wave Principle

Deviant Investor - $4,000 Gold! Yes, But When?

Business Insider - Good Money Is Real Money

MINING - Rescuers think they've found missing Russian gold ship

Wealth Daily - Did Gold Just Pick the Next President?

11/04/12 - Bullion News

Business Standard - Make your portfolio inflation-proof

Forex Pros - Updating My Guess About When To Buy Silver

Seeking Alpha - Have We Seen The Top In Gold And Bottom In The U.S. Dollar?

CHARTS : The Globe and Mail - QE3, We Hardly Knew Ye

The Globe and Mail - Fed Medicine May Cause Side Effects, Including Anxiety

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Future Money Trends - “Silver & Co: An Opportunity in the Making!”

Bullion Bulls Canada - Renminbi Relentlessly Replacing Dollar As Reserve Currency

11/03/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Falls $40 in 4th Weekly Loss, Silver Plunges, US Coins Surge

Charleston Voice - What makes Gold Glitter

Silver Coins Today - US Silver Bullion Coins Log Best Ever October Sales

Forex Pros - Gold drops as investors go long on dollars before U.S. elections

The Hindu Business Line - India's Consumers are back to Buying Gold, say Jewellers

rediff - Why yuan cannot replace dollar for int'l trade

CoinWorld - Low mintage platinum - Poor sales create bullion rarities

POLL : Business Insider - Who Will Be Better For The US Dollar: Romney Or Obama?

MPR News - AG sues coin dealer over undelivered coins

Before It's News - Jim Willie: Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to take Gold to $5000 OZ

11/02/12 - Bullion News

ETF Daily News - Is A Central Bank Gold Run At Hand? by Charles Goyette

AUDIO : FSN - Jan Skoyles – Three Things Are True In Life: Death, Taxes & Inflation

Mint News Blog - Revisiting American Palladium Eagle Bullion and Collector Coins

AUDIO (10:17) : Interview with David Morgan about SILVER, GOLD & THE ELECTION

Casey Research - Hard Assets Alliance: The New Trend in Gold

MoneyWeek - What to do as the Germans secretly prepare to print euros

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - USD - Analog Update

AUDIO (21:26) : TF Metals Report - Interview with Jeff Nielson of BullionBullsCanada

Miles Franklin - An Apology to the Perth Mint (from Miles Franklin)

VIDEO (03:14) : CNBC - Futures Now: Get in Gold?

Financial Sense - Why Gold will Benefit from the Global Debt Crisis

VIDEO (20:57) : 20 Silver Summit Panel with David Morgan

Business Insider - 20 Ways Central Banks Move The Markets

Bullion Street - Acute Gold shortage grips Nepal

11/01/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Minus Gold Coins, Buying Activity Down

Sprott Asset Mgmt - Weakness Begets More Weakness

CoinUpdate - Year over Year Sales...American Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Break Losing Streak

VIDEO (25:45) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Fraud by Day, Fraud by Night

Arabian Money - Technical charts point to $130-an-ounce silver in the coming Golden Cross upswing

Oregon Live - Gold and silver scam sends Portland businessman to prison

AUDIO : FSN - Bron Suchecki – The Perth Mint Really Does Have The Metal

Stockhouse - How to identify a major gold top

Silver Vigilante - The False Ego & the Silver Market

Deviant Investor - Will The Inflation Monster Devour Your Savings?

VIDEO (04:47) : SILVER vs. CURRENCY "SILVER is rarer than GOLD in Bullion form"

Detlev Schlichter - All power to the state! – Money madness at the IMF

INFO-GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Silver Series: The History of Silver

10/31/12 - Bullion News

Fast Markets - Gold gains technical support from short-covering, weaker dollar

AUDIO (32:36) : McAlvany Commentary - David McAlvany Interviews John Embry about Gold's Supply & Demand and the U.S. Public's Gold Market Participation

CHARTS : ANALYSIS : 247 Bull - What will gold do next?

CoinWeek - “Experts” Shy Away From Short-Term Gold And Silver Price Forecasts

Profit Confidential - Currency Wars; Who Will Win the Race to the Bottom?

MineWeb - The balance between physical and investment demand for gold

The Telegraph - Gold price to rally regardless of who is elected President

Market Watch - Why do the Germans want their gold back? - There’s Something Reassuring about Physical Money

ZeroHedge - The Financial Super-Storm of 2013

CBS 5 AZ - Police Dept: Bullion bars, coins targeted by Flagstaff burglars

PDF : Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint's Response to Miles Franklin's - Andy Hoffman's Hit Piece about their Depository Facility...

Money Morning - The Fiscal Cliff's Biggest Surprise Could Be a Rising U.S. Dollar

My Budget 360 - European Union reaches highest unemployment rate since crisis started ...

Financial Sense - Is Silver Money?

Bullion Vault - Iran Bans Gold Bullion Exports

VIDEO (08:20) : Kitco News - Doug Casey's thoughts on the Future of the Financial System and Gold

Merk Funds - U.S. of A(sia) - United to Weaken the Dollar?!

10/29/12 - Bullion News

Future Money Trends - “Strange Bedfellows: Dow Jones and the Precious Metals”

Zero Hedge - Savings Rate Plunges To Lowest In One Year As US Consumer Once Again Tapped Out

VIDEO (03:42) : Arabian Money - Dollar rising across the board, gold heading down to $1,630 forecasts Forex.com

Total Investor - Gold Cycle “Following The Script”

Inflation Data - Why Gold is a Good Investment for Inflationary Times

VIDEO (15:18) : USA Watchdog - Real Fiscal Cliff-Currency and Bond Collapse-Michael Pento

Profit Confidential - Why the Rush to Buy? China, Japan, Russia, and India All Need More Gold

Deviant Investor - We Have Been Warned! – Part 3

Gold and Silver Blog - Big Money Is Bullish On Gold

SafeHaven - Let the Markets Clear! by Ron Paul

U.S. Global Investors - Don’t Fear a Normal Gold Correction

AUDIO : FSN - Ron Hera – The Contrarian’s Contrarian

Bullion Street - Russia extends search for missing Gold ship

10/28/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (11:41) : MoneyNews - David McAlvany to Moneynews: US Stocks Poised for Hefty Correction

ZeroHedge - The Warning Signs From Exports

Forex Pros - 5 Things Repatriating Gold Bullion Says About The Country

INFO-GRAPHIC : MINING - All the decisions that lead up to the eurozone crisis

POLL : Rasmussen Reports - 60% Say Federal Government Does Not Have the Consent of the Governed

Daily Mail - Euro crisis sparks a gold rush as investors flock to buy bullion

NBC News - Drinking silver will turn you blue - and here's why

Bullion Street - Eastern Congo remains epicenter of conflict Gold

10/27/12 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Blog - Why Are Americans Under-Invested In Gold and Silver?

VIDEO (07:09) : Silver - Investment of the Decade says Eric Sprott who prefers Silver over Gold...

Wyatt Research - How the Election Will Affect Gold

ForexPros - Dollar turns broadly lower after mixed U.S. data

VIDEO (02:30) : CNBC - Gold's Next Move...

Seeking Alpha - Why Platinum Could Outperform Gold And Silver

AUDIO : FSN - Jeff Clark – Casey Research’s Unabashed Silver Bull

Wealth Daily - Build Your Fortune with Gold

VIDEO (28:03) : Capital Account - Interview with Commodities Guru - Jim Rogers goes Short US Treasuries, talks JP Morgan Silver and ...

10/26/12 - Bullion News

Perth Mint Bullion - SOLD OUT: 1oz Year Of The Snake Bullion Coins

Gold Made Simple - Gold price looking to close the week flat a UK Royal Mint runs out of sovereigns

Wealth Daily - Investing on Your Own - Beating the System with Gold

MineWeb - TD Securities sees platinum shortfall in 2012

Zero Hedge - Why Did The Bundesbank Secretly Withdraw Two-Thirds Of Its London Gold?

Ahead of the Herd - Voluntary Servitude Begins With A Debt

Gold and Silver Blog - “How To Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Without Getting Ripped Off” – Free Kindle Book For Gold and Silver Blog Readers

Bullion Street - Brazil, Ukraine accumulate, Venezuela trims Gold holdings

247 Bull - Has the magic of QE finally faded & should investors take defensive action?

Coin Update - US Mint Will Not Issue 2012 Platinum Eagle Bullion Coins

Financial Sense - Big Jump in London Gold Trading

10/25/12 - Bullion News

International Man - Buying the Dip: Finding the Best Entry Price for Gold

Silver Coins Today - Sales Mixed for U.S. Collector Silver Coins, Higher for Bullion Coins

VIDEO (07:38) : CNBC - Peter Schiff: Gold to $5,000 in Two Years

Wealth Daily - Gold Will Become Dearer

VIDEO (25:46) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Goodbye, German Gold?

Dollar Collapse - Welcome to the Currency War, Part 4: Corporate Revenues Plunge

Reuters - Analysis: Americans to face tougher 2013 on rising prices, taxes

Profit Confidential - Food Prices Through the Roof; But Government Says No Inflation

Arabian Money - Try not to be too worried by the volatility of silver it’s the price of outperformance

New York Times - What's Happened to the Man behind the "Liberty Dollar?"

VIDEO (03:49) : Bloomberg - How Does India's Festival Season Affect Gold?

dshort - 100th Median Household Incomes: The "Real" Story

10/24/12 - Bullion News

Political Metals - Relooking At Man’s Addiction To Gold

Gold Seek - Buying Bullion: What to Ask and What to Own

The Independent - How long can the US hold the world to ransom with the dollar?

VIDEO (04:16) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Gold Slumps to 6-Week Low, But Should Hold at $1,700: Purves

Merk Funds - Monetary Cliff?

Article & VIDEO (02:16) : Wall Street Examiner - How Can QE3 Be Working? It Hasn’t Started Yet

Gold Seek - Triple Top in Gold?

Casey Research - One Chart Explains Why Government Debt Is Dragging on the Economy

Wealth Wire - Silver Sales 50 Times Higher Than Gold

321gold - Gold: Stage Three - Up Down Up Down Up

Enterprising Investor - James Grant Interest Rates have Fallen and They Can't Get Up

MoneyWeek - Could gold hit £10,000 in the long run?

iol news - Gold Necklace theft all the rage in Paris

Bloomberg - AngloGold, Gold Fields Start Firing 20,000 as Deadlines Pass

10/23/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - 2012 Denali National Park 5 Oz Silver Bullion Coin Sales Begin

Moneda De Plata Para Mexico - On the use of Gold Coins as Money by Hugo Salinas Price

Forex Pros - Dollar broadly higher as Spain concerns punish euro

VIDEO (01:16) : CNBC - Top Analyst: Buy the Dip, Gold to $2,000

Daily Mail - Do they know something we don't? Germany insists on regular checks on gold held in foreign vaults

Deviant Investor - We Have Been Warned! – Part 2

The Big Picture - All The Money The Government Is Printing This Year, In One Graphic

ZeroHedge - Guest Post: Debt - Driving The Economy Since 1980

MineWeb - Has QE3 fatigue set in to the gold market?

Casey Research - The New Trend in Gold

247 Bull - Is Financial Crime A Systemic Risk?

The Voice of Russia - Automated Teller Machines to sell gold and silver in New York


Seeking Alpha - The Case For Platinum: How And Why To Invest

10/22/12 - Bullion News

Article & VIDEO (02:21) : 7News - Counterfeit Aussie gold sold in China - "Exclusive behind the Scene View of Chinese Counterfeiters"

VIDEO (15:01) : CNBC - Full Interview - Marc Faber: 'Reduce Government by 50 Percent'

CoinWorld - Mercanti co-authors American Eagle dollar book; Whitman publishes comprehensive guide to silver bullion coin

Wall Street Journal - Vote: How, If At All, Should You Invest In Gold?

Forex Pros - How To Buy Bullion (What To Ask And What To Own)

Detlev Schlichter - “But there is no inflation!” – Misconceptions about the debasement of money

China Daily - Chinese adding Solar Power to National Grid - "Govt to support solar power industry"

Perth Mint Bullion - Use Wealth Tracker To Get An Instant Valuation Of Your Bullion

Profit Confidential - Why I Expect the Price of Gold Bullion to Continue Rising for Years to Come

10/21/12 - Bullion News

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Inside Futures - Gold And Silver - Interestinger And Interestinger

ForexPros - Platinum Price May Outperform Gold, Silver Based OnSouth African Risk

Pocono Record - Hard Assets Beat Out the Dollar

ZeroHedge - We Don't Want Your Steenkin' $1, $5, And $10 Dollar Bills

Stockhouse - London Trader - The LBMA Is A Massive Ponzi Scheme

MoneyNews - Billionaire Investor Giustra Stays Positive on Gold

10/20/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Drop Sharply on Week, US Gold Coins Rebound

Yahoo Finance - Gold Correction Gathers Pace- $1693 in Focus Ahead of FOMC

CNBC - How Cramer's Playing Gold

MINING - Saudi women banned from working in gold industry

Market Watch - 10 nations that control the world’s gold

MINING - 60kg gold nugget gives Australian prospectors fever

321gold - Bernanke's Bigger Bubble: QE-3 and the Coming Economic Crash

Silver Doctors - Western World Spends More on Dog Food & Manicures Than on Silver!

10/19/12 - Bullion News

Kitco - METALS OUTLOOK: Gold's Weakness Could Continue Next Week; there are a few events next week that could influence gold

Wealth Wire - Buy the Ultimate Bubble: Gold!

Trader Dan's Market Views - Silver Fails at 32.50 Support, Attempting to Hold at $32

Bullion Street - How Gold can solve Europe's debt crisis

AUDIO (26:17) - Rick Rule Exclusive Interview with Patrick Montes DeOca

GoldMoney - Investors seeking allocated gold

Wyatt Research - Don’t Wait. Don’t Guess. Buy Gold and Silver Soon

MineWeb - Will silver see a major supply squeeze and massive price increase?

Gold Made Simple - Charting the UK stock market against gold since 1935

Market Watch - Countdown to change at the Fed; Bernanke seen leaving at end of his term regardless of election, many Fed watchers now believe

Liberty Blitz Krieg - Australian Gold Sales to China Soar 900% Year to Date

Bloomberg - Gold Imports by India Seen Climbing First Time in Six Quarters

azizonomics - The Latest Bubble?

The Guardian - Why monetary policy is the only game in town

Twin Cities - St. Paul coin dealer target of complaints

Arabian Money - What are the economic consequences of all this money printing by central banks?

Activist Post - Derivative Meltdown and Dollar Collapse

10/18/12 - Bullion News


VIDEO (03:27) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Dow to Gold Ratio Says Own Gold Now

International Man - Can You Spend Your Paper Gold?

Nasdaq - Gold and Silver Decline As Greenback Rises Ahead of EU Leaders Summit

CHARTS : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : 247 Bull - What will gold do next?

VIDEO (25:46) : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: High on Delusions; 2nd half of show includes Interview with "Currency Wars" author Jim Rickards

Business Insider - CHART OF THE DAY: How Gold Moves With The Global Financial Markets

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: U.S. and Perth Mints Respond to Requests for Information

Liberty Blitz Krieg - Mexico Bans Large Cash Transactions…Oh and They Store Their Gold in London!

VIDEO (03:39) : CNBC - Students Face Their Own Debt Bubble

CoinWorld - American Eagle gold sales rise in September

GoldMoney - Fed policy: good for gold but bad for the economy

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Why Estonia Is Beating the Eurozone

Alphaville - Gold up to $1,900 before year end, says HSBC

10/17/12 - Bullion News

247 Bull - The Forgotten Depression Of The 1920’s & What It Teaches Us

MineWeb - Sprott Asset Management, Chief Investment Strategist, John Embry says that gold will go significantly higher

MINING - When the price of gold is sold-off on Comex, use these dips to buy more physical

Summary & VIDEO (04:24) : Business Insider - Dylan Grice: Before You Know It, The Fed Is Going To Get What It Wished For — INFLATION

ZeroHedge - Three Scenarios For Gold

The Epoch Times - Silver, the Stepchild of Gold

Wealth Daily - The End of Gold's 40-Year Exile

VIDEO (11:33) : Financial Sense - CNBC Interview with David Walker

Merk Funds - Currency Wars: U.S. Attack

The Golden Truth - Look Out Below...

Huffington Post - Roman Gold Coins Found By Metal Detector On Display At Verulamium Museum In UK

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SafeHaven - Breakout!

VIDEO (12:53) : USA Watchdog - Bet Against Debt-Greg Mannarino

Silver Doctors - Kitco Receives 4th Bankruptcy Extension

Bloomberg - Fort Knox, an Impregnable Monument to Security Theater

10/16/12 - Bullion News

Money Morning - Understanding Hyper-Inflation - "Hyperinflation in America: When a Loaf of Bread is $3 Billion"

SafeHaven - Two Reasons Why the Gold Market is Under Pressure

AUDIO (21:23) : Ellis Martin Report-David Morgan--Funny Money for the World

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - How Bernanke Tries to Help Jobs Which Can Only Help Gold by Frank Holmes

Casey Research - What Will the Price of Gold Be in January 2014?

MoneyNews - Foreign Holdings of US Debt Hit Record $5.43 Trillion as China's Holdings Rise Slightly

dshort - What Inflation Means to You: Inside the Consumer Price Index

Wyatt Research - Follow Up: Why U.S. Treasury Bonds are in a Bubble

VIDEO (02:23) : Learn Liberty - What Can We Cut to Balance the Budget?

Washington Times - Coburn calls out Senate cohorts as biggest waste in government

Peak Prosperity - The Future of Gold, Oil & the Dollar

Dollar Collapse - How To Play a Comex Default

Profit Confidential - This Investment up 26% in Third Quarter; Why It’s Still Time to Jump in

AUDIO (11:12) : Kirsty Hogg interviews Silver Guru - David Morgan - Facebook Mailbag Questions

10/15/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (09:15) : USA Watchdog - Bonds Next Killing Field of Investments-Tom Cloud

The Deviant Investor - Your Golden Worth

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Knocking on Deflation's Door

CoinWorld - California museum's gold, gems target of $2 million robbery

VIDEO (06:57) : CNBC - How Fed Policy Impacts Inflation

Royal Mint - The Sovereign in the modern age

10/14/12 - Bullion News

Mish's Blog - Currency Wars: Bernanke Defends Fed Policy, Calls for Emerging Market Currency Appreciation

Seeking Alpha - The Financial Collapse Won't Come With A Warning Sticker

CNBC - Federal Reserve flirting with higher inflation

ZeroHedge - Guest Post: How To Spot A Keynesian

Swiss Info - Switzerland: the world’s gold hub

ForexPros - The Band-Aid Decision – Deflation Or Inflation?

VIDEO (24:09) : MINING - German engineer says trading patterns for gold prove systemic intervention

10/13/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Dips 0.6% on Week, Silver Falls 2.6%, US Coins Sluggish

Money Morning - Saving the World from Governments and Banks

AUDIO : FSN - Gary Wagner – Sideways Precious Metals Prices Are Your Friend

Wealth Daily - 2013: The Year of Lies, System Collapse, and Silver

PDF : Merk Investments - Worth its Weight - Six Reasons to Buy Gold Today - "He who has the Gold makes his own Rules"

VIDEO (06:13) : TFMetals Report - How the Current Financial System helps the few and Hurts the Many

Ahead of the Herd - Copper Shenanigans from Beijing

Charleston Voice - Are Americans Abolishing the US Cent on Their Own?

10/12/12 - Bullion News

Sovereign Man - Practical advice Friday: What form of Silver should you hold?

Inside Futures - The Value of the U.S. Dollar

Forbes - Market Participants Divided On Gold's Price Direction For Next Week

AUDIO (23:56) : Future Money Trends - Gold, Dow Manipulation, and Hyperinflation Discussed with Andy

Wealth Wire - World's Richest Man Doubles Down on Gold

1 Gold Made Simple - As the Bank of England’s balance sheet tops £400bn here’s why gold is ‘cheaper’ today than when it was £13 in 1967

MarketWatch - Gold’s primed for a breakout, but where to?

Bullion Street - Why Gold at the time of turmoil?

Daily Wealth - Two Simple Money Rules All "20-Somethings" Should Know

VIDEO (05:16) : SilverSeek - Wealth Strategies: Silver prices driven by QE, Euro buying

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Read between the lines

Gold Silver Worlds - Why Mainstream Media, Main Street And Institutions Fail To See The Benefits Of Gold

ForexLive - Another trillion dollars on the government tab

VIDEO (02:32) : CNBC - Next Major Crisis?

Commodity Online - 'Gold action could be erratic short term’

The Daily Caller - Gallup economist: Friday’s job numbers should be ‘discounted’

10/11/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Numismatic Silver Coins Stunted by Suspensions

FX Street - Forex: US dollar weakens as investors add risk

Inflation Data - What is the Difference Between Micro and Macro Economics?

ZeroHedge - Guggenheim On Gold And The 'Unsustainable' Return To Bretton Woods

International Man - 4 Facts Every GLD Investor Must Know

CHARTS : dshort - Trade Deficit - Recession Risks Increase

Perth Mint Bullion - Cost-Effective Ways To Invest In Silver

Wealth Daily - Gold Forecast: 2013; Gold Rerated as a Zero Risk Asset


ZeroHedge - Did COMEX Gold Futures 'Glitch' Hint At The Future Awaiting Us?

10/10/12 - Bullion News

Forex News - Bullion Investment is Still as Good as Gold

CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price back in its month long range

Dollar Collapse - Tom Cloud: When is a Kangaroo Better Than an Eagle?

VIDEO (12:57) : ZeroHedge - “The Fed’s sole purpose: keeping the banks afloat” – G. Edward Griffin

Profit Confidential - This Is What I Would Do Instead of Buying into the Housing Recovery

Seeking Alpha - More People Ask 'How Do You Buy Silver?'

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Qualifying the Quantitative

The Blaze - Holding the Fed Accountable

AUDIO : FSN - Rick Ackerman – As Goes Apple, So Goes The World

Silver Lunar - Fake/Counterfeit Silver Lunar Coins on eBay, BEWARE! (Perth Mint Replicas)

INFO-GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Gold Series: Gold as an Investment

The Deviant Investor - Silver Short Term Update

azizonomics - The Unstimulus

VIDEO (05:05) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - The Real Fiscal Cliff Is Much Bigger Than You Think, Warns Peter Schiff

Detlev Schlicter - We are on the road to serfdom

GoldMoney - South Africa: mine strikes escalate

Article & VIDEO (06:56) : MoneyNews - Author Terri Duhon to Moneynews: Big Banks Should Be Broken Up

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Slip for Third Session as Dollar Climbs

Perth Mint Bullion - How Is The Perth Mint Unique?

U.S. Global Investors - How Helicopter Ben Helps Jobs and, Inadvertently, Gold

10/09/12 - Bullion News

Financial Review - Putting the bull back into gold bullion "Three of the world’s four richest investors are batting for gold"

VIDEO (07:08) : CNBC - Silver Wheaton CEO: Silver to Spike 40% In Next Year

AUDIO : FSN - Ned Naylor-Leyland – Investing Is A Pie Chart, With A Big Slice Of Metals (Part 1)

INFO-GRAPHIC : SilverSeek - Is Silver the New Gold?

The Examiner - Firm Support for Gold

Daily Wealth - He Manages a Trillion Dollars. What's His Biggest Worry?

Perth Mint Bullion - What’s So Important About Gold?

dshort - Median Household Income Growth: Deflating the American Dream

VIDEO (09:51) : Future Money Trends - Rick Rule Interview "You are either a contrarian or a victim"

Casey Research - Is Hyperinflation About to Light a Middle Eastern Powder Keg?

10/08/12 - Bullion News

Political Metals - Potential sharp moves in gold & silver prices. Which direction?

GoldMoney - Stocks and commodities hurt by new bearish report

Forbes - Signs Of The Gold Standard Are Increasingly Emerging...Worldwide

Sense on Cents - What Do We Have to Show for Our Deficit?

Numismaster - Differentiating the U.S. Mint's Customers...(Viewpoint: What Advice Would You Give Mint?)

Profit Confidential - The Race to Devalue Currencies Means One Thing for Sure

Bullion Street - "Gold Rush" brings dramatic impact in Latin America

Seeking Alpha - Justifying Gold Prices From A Money Creation Perspective

Inside Futures - Chart of The Week - Gold (Oct. 8)

Wyatt Research - The State of the Gold Market

MineWeb - Gold is not a commodity but the strongest currency of all

10/07/12 - Bullion News

Summary & VIDEO (06:33) : MINING - Silver is screaming that it has to go up: Eric Sprott

UnCommon Wisdom - The Currency Crisis In Front of You — What History Tells Us

MeD India - Using Silver Nano Particles To Develop Low Cost, Pocket Friendly and Re-usable Water Purifier

Khaleej Times - Gold could flirt with $2,000 by year-end

10/06/12 - Bullion News

Daily Wealth - The Most Important Chart in All of Finance

Wealth Wire - The ONLY Safe Place for Your Silver

Bullion Street - South Africa holds $7.1 billion Gold reserves

VIDEO (28:02) : Capital Account - Chris Martenson on what Job Numbers, the Fed, and a Drop in Oil Prices are Hiding!

ZeroHedge - Can The Fed Ever Exit?

10/05/12 - Bullion News

Coin Update - Silver Bullion Coins from Around the World

The Telegraph - Gold outperforms London mansions - Knight Frank

VIDEO (63:39) : Practical Bull: Jim Willie on the real truth behind QE3!

Alphville - From Gresham to Giffen in Iran

The Guardian - World food prices near crisis levels

Market Anthropology - Waltzing Matilda

AUDIO (16:42) : Silver Guru David Morgan: "We're Just Getting Started on the Next Move Up"

moneycontrol - Technical Snapshot: Gold, silver at important price points

321gold - Gold Time Box, Dollar Time Bomb

CoinWorld - Secret Service investigating appearance of altered gold bars

VIDEO (01:18) : Perth Mint Bullion - The Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold!

SovereignMan - One very strange use for silver coins

VIDEO (06:57) : CNBC - Labor's Solis 'Insulted' By Conspiracy Suggestions

10/04/12 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Nears $1,800, Silver Tops $35, US Silver Coins Surge 1.2M in Oct. Start

VIDEO (28:01) : Capital Account - GoldCore's Mark O'Byrne on the Fake Gold Scandal, Macro Gold, and the Risk On Trade!

Financial Sense - The Only Way Out Is to Devalue

VIDEO (05:58) : Bloomberg - Fed `Flirting With Inflation Risk

MyBudget360 - Who controls the wealth in the US? Western countries expand balance sheets at the expense of their younger population

Silver Doctors - 2012 Alchemy? Scientists Claim Ability to Produce 24-karat Gold Using Bacteria

thePacket - 17,000 ounces of silver bullion landed at the docks

BreitBart - Inflation: Reports of Its Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

Perth Mint Bullion - Gold Is Not A Bubble

ETF Daily - 10 Signs You’re A Gold Bug

Bullion Street - Gold traders lead huge protest rally in Iran

Forbes - Gold Can Save Us From Disaster

VIDEO (01:15) : Bloomberg - Cha-Ching! Here Are the World's Biggest Gold Mines

Daily Wealth - The Fed Gave Us the Playbook... Now It's Up to You to Profit MineWeb - Platinum, gold, coal, diamonds, iron ore. No end in sight for SA mine strikes

10/03/12 - Bullion News

Summary & VIDEO (15:58) : MoneyNews - David McAlvany: Gold and Silver Poised for Explosive Gains

Money Morning - Gold Prices Will Soar Past $2,500 As Central Banks Buy it Up

GoldMoney - James Turk: 'Everyone should have a precious metals portfolio'

VIDEO (29:31) : Chris Martenson on Budget, Corruption, Economy, Investing, Energy (First 19.45 min. Chris Martenson discusses Corruption in the Markets and How to Protect Yourself)

Article & VIDEO (08:52) : CNBC - There's Too Much Debt, Here's What to Do: Kyle Bass

VIDEO (07:00) : CNBC - James Grant, Grant's Interest Rate Observer, explains why he is against the Fed's monetary policies

Silver Coins Today - American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Soar in September 2012 Sales

Wall Street Pit - Making Sense of the Skyrocketing Cost of Gasoline

247 Bull - Spain Denies Bailout Story, Gartman Says “Everyone Needs to Own Gold”

VIDEO (00:45) : Bloomberg - How Much Does It Cost to Make a Dollar Bill?

AUDIO : FSN - Mickey Fulp – Mickey’s Major Monthly Market Review

Seeking Alpha - Platinum: Consider Adding Some Luster To Your Portfolio With These Investment Options

The Daily Caller - Bernanke admits low interest rates hurt retirees, but blames recession

ZeroHedge - Chart Of The Day: America's Debt Crisis - Who Really Is Responsible?

Wealth Daily - Don't Sell Gold - You Have 92 Days Left Before Gold is Money

MineWeb - Copper market fundamentals and the likelihood of long term surpluses

10/02/12 - Bullion News

VIDEO (09:24) : CNBC - PIMCO's Bill Gross: US Addicted to Budgetary Crystal Meth - says America Owes 60 TRILLION DOLLARS

VIDEO (04:58) : Bloomberg - Fed QE3 Induces Market `Irrationality

AUDIO (14:48) : Ellis Martin Report with Silver Guru David Morgan - October 2, 2011

247 Bull - A brief history of money & banking: Part II

The Independent - Afghan gold fever heats up - The troubled country's untapped mineral resources could transform its future, if security can be improved

ZeroHedge - The Best And Worst Performers In Q3 And September

MINING - No end in sight for South African mining strikes

Investors Chronicle - Coin portfolio challenges common sense

MoneyNews - Sam Zell: Dow Should Be at 9,000, Market Is 'Artificial' as US Nears Recession

Fast Markets - Technical Analysis - Silver - Still encountering overhead resistance

Perth Mint Bullion - China A Big Swing Factor For Gold

Advisor Perspectives - Market Valuation, Inflation and Treasury Yields: Clues from the Past

Wealth Daily - Gold Standard Coming Back - The Case for $8,890 Gold

SafeHaven - Gold is Good Money

Enterprising Investor - In Aftermath of QE3 and Fed’s Easy Money Policies, It’s Savers Who Suffer

Casey Research - Look Out Silver, Here Comes Solar Demand

VIDEO (02:13) : CNBC - Santelli: Fiscal Policy vs. Fiscal Dominance

CoinNews - 2012 American Eagle Gold, Silver Coins Spike in September Sales

10/01/12 - Bullion News

Kitco - Gold Pushes Higher, at 7-Mo. High, on Bargain Hunting, Bullish Fed Official Comments

Gold Made Simple - Gold price jumps to highest level in a year rising to $1793

SilverSeek - The Arguments Against a Silver Manipulation by Ted Butler

Inside Futures - Chart of The Week - Gold Oct 1

VIDEO (05:01) : CNBC - UBS "MainStream" Economist point of view on Gold

Advisor One - QE3: 5 Things to Know

Summary & VIDEO (07:05) : ZeroHedge - Presenting Einstein's Definition Of Insanity In A Taxpayer Funded Suit

Gold and Silver Blog - Gold Bullion Coin Sales Soar 76% In September, Silver Sales Up 13%

Fast Markets - Gold steady on data-heavy day

Political Metals - Why Borrow When You Can Print?

VIDEO (18:41) : Charles Goyette- Bernanke is a Hardcore Keynesian

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CHARTS: Bitcoin Matching Gold's Footsteps - McClellan Financial

Gold Is on the Rise and Reaches All-Time High - Sprott

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Destination TEOTWAWKI - Economic Prism

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Nanoparticle Cancer Research
Drinking Tiny Gold Crystals May Help With MS Vision Problems - WebMD

Dentistry school receives $8M to study oral cancer treatments - Washington Square News

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