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3rd Quarter - 2013
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

When investing in any market, a good way to judge price movement in the future is to learn from the past. 

On this quarterly page, I am going to use a quote from a realist and comedian who passed away (to early) from pancreatic cancer.  Here's his quote:

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question: "Is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey, don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.
                                                     -   Bill Hicks    (1961 - 1994)

Each one of these quarterly pages is put together to help you understand the crazy financial world we find ourselves in and why owning some precious metals will help you make your ride through this insane market, a little more tolerable. 

The charts and bullion news links on this page are largely devoted to the precious metals markets during the 3rd Quarter of 2013.

There are also articles about the general direction of the financial markets and current events that affected the market during the quarter.

Below the precious metals spot price charts, there is also, Commentary from the Professionals in the Precious Metals and Currency Markets.

The financial news, audio, and videos links posted below the Palladium Spot Price Charts, were originally posted on the homepage during the 3rd Quarter of 2013.

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The charts above are provided courtesy of


Gold Price Chart - 3rd qtr. 2013

Gold Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

gold 2013 3 year chart

Bullion News

Gold Prices

During the 3rd quarter of 2013, Gold and the other precious metals found themselves in an up and down market, after hitting year to date lows in June.

The Price of Gold hit the multi-year low of $1179 (a troy ounce) late in the 2nd Qtr of 2013, then the price of gold rebounded during the 3rd Quarter of 2013 to the price of $1434.  

However, the MACD - Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (lower chart indicator) turned negative after hitting the high, and the RSI - Relative Strength Index (lower indicator) was in neutral territory, giving gold buyers no clear sign that the gold's bear market was over.

Gold Price Chart (July. 1st, 2013 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

gold 2013

Gold Price Chart (July. 1st, 2012 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

gold 2013 fullyear chart

Bullion News

Silver Price Chart - 3rd qtr. 2013

Silver Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Sept, 30th, 2013)

silver 2013 3year qtr 3 chart

Bullion News

Silver Prices

Silver's price usually follows in the same direction of Gold's and the 3rd Quarter of 2013 was no different. 

After Silver's price hit a multi-year low in the last quarter, it rebounded in the 3rd quarter, only to turn negative again.

The pink bar in the 3-year chart (below) represents Silver's resistance price indicating it needs to overcome this resistance line before it can break out of its bear market.

Before, the price of silver fell through this level in April of 2013, the price region of the pink bar had been considered as a technical support level for the price of silver.

Silver Price Chart (July. 1st, 2013 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

silver 2013 qtr 3 chart

Bullion News

Note: A Death Cross or a Golden Cross,  are Technical Tools, they can be useful tools in forecasting price direction.  A Death Cross indicates a down market, whereas a Golden Cross indicates the price will be turning positive.

Silver Price Chart (July 1st, 2012 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

silver 2013 fullyear qtr 3 chart

Bullion News

Platinum Price Chart - 3rd qtr. 2013

Platinum Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

platinum 2013 3year qtr 3 chart

Bullion News

Platinum Prices

In the previous quarter, platinum hit a multi-year low of $1296 (a troy ounce). 

Like Gold and Silver, Platinum rebounded only to return to a negative direction late in the 3rd Quarter.

In addition, its technical indicators the RSI & MACD were indicating a more negative direction in price, than the gold and silver's charts showed.

Platinum Price Chart (July 1st, 2013 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

platinum 2013 qtr 3

Platinum Price Chart (July. 1st, 2012 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

platinum 2013 chart

Bullion News

Palladium Price - 3rd qtr. 2013

Palladium Price Chart (Oct. 1st, 2011 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

palladium 2013 3year chart

Bullion News

Palladium Prices

Unlike the other precious metals, palladium's price chart was the only chart that moved in a positive direction.

Even though the price was up and down (like the other precious metals) palladium's 1year & 3year charts give investors an indication that palladium price will continue to move up.

Palladium is a precious metal and industrial metal, the majority of its uses are in the manufacturing of catalytic converters to lower the emissions of vehicles equipped with gasoline engines.

In addition, palladium supply has been a major concern considering the strikes in South Africa and mixed supply details coming out of Russia.
(Russia & South Africa are the two largest suppliers of PGMs - Platinum Group Metals)

Palladium Price Chart (July 1st, 2013 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

palladium 2013 qtr 3

Bullion News

Palladium Price Chart (July 1st, 2012 - Sept. 30th, 2013)

palladium 2013 chart

The charts above are provided courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

Bullion News

Bill Hicks : It's Just a Ride...

3rd Quarter - 2013
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

09/30/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Fed Balance Sheet Liquefaction And The Race For Precious Metals

PLATA - The Coming New Barbarism by Hugo Salinas Price

VIDEO : MoneyNews - David McAlvany: Gold Is the Most Valuable Form of Cash

Profit Confidential - The Phenomenon That Will Force Central Banks to Buy Gold

CoinWeek - eBay Best Practices: Part II – Counterfeit Coins

The Gold Report - Why Don Coxe Expects Gold to Soar on Good Economic News

Numismaster - Gold, Silver Bullion Premiums Close to Normal

Wall Street Pit - The Fed’s $700 Billion Magic Trick

The Real Asset - How China is taking over the world, one gold bar at a time

Scrap Monster - Chinese central bank to ease gold import/export restrictions

VIDEO : Kitco - Chinese Gold Demand On Track To Hit 1,000T: WGC

09/29/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Wizzen Trading - PDF : Confined In Wedges

Investing - The Evolution Of The Precious Metals IRA

GoldSilverWorlds - Russia Adds 12.7 Tonnes To Gold Reserves In August, Totals 1,015 Tonnes

Business Insider - China's Renminbi Is Well On Its Way To Becoming A Global Reserve Currency by John Mauldin

Digital Journal - Norway:Half a billion reichsmarks found in organ in cathedral with a Note Warning Future Generations about Inflation

The Guardian - Silver bullion from sunken WWII ship makes it to the Mint at last

MINING - Don't wear your gold – smoke it

09/28/13 - Bullion News

Gold Made Simple - People are now so desperate to avoid the gold tax in India they are actually swallowing the gold to smuggle it

Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Central Bank Death Dance

Inside Futures - 2 Important Trading Indicators

ZeroHedge - How Marc Faber Prepares For "When The Shit Hits The Fan"

Project Syndicate - Don’t Cry for Me, Ben Bernanke

AUDIO : Wall St. for Main St. - David McAlvany- The dollar is a Ponzi Scheme

SRSrocco Report - THE FED QE MACHINE: Inflationary Valuations for Gold & Silver

ABC News - Abandoned Gold Bars Baffle German Police

CoinUpdate - SAVE II Act Would Prohibit “Non-Cost Effective” Coins and Currency

09/27/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - How the Philadelphia Mint Makes ATB 5 Oz Silver Coins

Gold Switzerland - THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW Special: Jesse of Jesse’s Café Américain - “We Are Seeing An All-out Defense of the Status Quo”

ZeroHedge - Traders Are Greatly Rotating From USD To Gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Elliot Wave Gold - Silver Elliott Wave Technical Analysis

In Gold We Trust - Change in total central bank gold holdings

MINING - How one man took China's gold

South China Morning Post - Britain and Beijing in talks about yuan quotas "Push to Globalize its Currency"

CATO Institute - Syria’s Other Problem: Inflation

The Star - Jeweller applies 24kt gold, platinum treatment to new iPhone models

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

09/26/13 - Bullion News

Inside Futures - Where Are Silver & Gold Prices Headed

VIDEO : CNBC - Marc Faber; Thinks Gold and Silver are Inexpensive

Digital Journal - Op-Ed: Why Peter Schiff was right on no Federal Reserve QE taper

Advisor Perspectives - The Fed Balance Sheet: What is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset?

The Sovereign Investor - Here Comes Bernanke on Steroids...

AUDIO : CATO Institute - Next Fed Chair Will Be Another Insider

Proactive Investors - Palladium has best fundamental outlook – Deutsche Bank

VIDEO : CoinWeek - Austrian Mint Director Talks About the Silver Philharmonic Bullion Coin

In Gold We Trust - Gold Held In China

King One Eye - 11 Charts on China -- See If You Can Spot the Trend

Balkins - Turkey tops the list of countries that bought more gold bullion

RT - Smugglers probe: Internal search reveals $100k in hidden gold nuggets

09/25/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold-Eagle - Gold and Silver Update

Inside Futures - What Should You Buy In A Weak Dollar Environment

The Gold Report - An Investing Opportunity of a Lifetime: Lessons from the Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Funny Money Redefines Reality…Temporarily

Wall Street Pit - Is the Fed an Enabler?

VIDEO : ZeroHedge - Peter Boockvar: "There Is 0% Chance That This Ends Smoothly"

The Big Picture - Why Do We Pay Attention to Fed Forecasts?
"They have the Worst Forecasting Track-Record"

ZeroHedge - CFTC Concludes Long-Running Silver Manipulation Investigation, Finds Nothing Wrong

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

09/24/13 - Bullion News

International Man - Bitcoin: As Good as Gold?

VIDEO : GoldSilver - Silver & Gold - Hidden Secrets Of Money 3 - Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity - Mike Maloney

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Extend Losses; $25 Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Rises

IBTimes - Platinum And Palladium Appear Strong Amid Uncertain Commodities Market

AUDIO : Ellis Martin Report - David Morgan, QE Me to the Moon!

Gold-Eagle - Gold Fundamentals

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - 1800 or Bust

VIDEO : Talking Numbers - Fleckenstein: Why there’s not much risk in gold

Market Watch - Gold in recovery?

MineWeb - Gold, China and manipulation - Eric Sprott
Speaking just ahead of a round table discussion on where the global market is headed, Eric Sprott discusses the current state of the gold market and the shift from west to east.

MoneyNews - Four Counties around DC are the Nation's Wealthiest

Money Watch - Fed concerned about suspicious gold trading

Daily Mail - Thieves steal £1m of gold bars from Air France flight weeks after airline was used to smuggle £170m worth of pure cocaine

09/23/13 - Bullion News

Resource Investor - The Value of Gold and Silver

MoneyWeek - Europe’s recovery drives the platinum bounce

VIDEO(s) : MoneyBeat (WJS) - How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

VIDEO : Kitco - Jim Rickards: Fed Knows Gold Has To Go Higher

Daily Reckoning - A Cure for the Paper Money Disease

VIDEO : SGT Report - From DOLLAR CRISIS To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney

GoldSilverWorlds - The Relationship Between Financial Assets, Time And Gold

Fox Business - Fed Members Out In Force, Explaining Tapering Delay

09/22/13 - Bullion News

Wall Street Pit - Fifty Shades of Gold by Frank Holmes
Unlike many commodities, there are many shades to gold, such as the Love Trade’s buying gold for loved ones and the Fear Trade’s purchasing gold as a store of value. An additional “shade” investors need to be aware of is how the Fed interprets the recovery of the U.S. economy.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Wizzen Trading - Wild Week Gives No Trend

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Edge Trader Plus - Silver – Not Ready For Prime Time

Coin Update- The Life and Work of James Earle Fraser

BullionVault - India's Gold Bullion Imports to Restart "Immediately"

RT - We are on a gold standard now, even though it is not recognized

VIDEO : ZeroHedge - What Bernanke Did

Consumerist - On 5-Year Anniversary Of Mortgage Meltdown, Those Responsible Are Doing Just Fine

09/21/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Fed Taper? Never! Never, Never, Ever

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Platinum Series: Platinum as an Investment (Part 3)

CoinNews - Gold Jumps 1.8% on Week, Silver Adds 1%; US Bullion Sales Mixed

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Jim Rickards: We're Witnessing One of the Greatest Failed Experiments in Economic History - It all ends in the collapse of the dollar

ZeroHedge - The Case For Investing In Gold

Profit Confidential - Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme Looks Like a Joke Compared to This

Silver Investing News - Silver Finds New Niche in Memory Storage Market

Perth Mint Bullion - Order Limits Removed at the Perth Mint

VIDEO : YouTube - Ron Paul Defines Libertarianism - Charlie Rose Interview (Full)

09/20/13 - Bullion News

Dollar Collapse - Terrible Technicals

Inside Futures - Precious Metals Sharply Lower On Tapering In December

SHTF Plan - Too Big To Fail Is Now Bigger Than Ever Before

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Sunshine Profits - Recent Rally in Gold - A Sign of Strength?

ZEAL - Fed Unleashes Gold

The Wall Street Journal - Texas Coin Maker for Fed-Estranged Files for Bankruptcy

Sharps Pixley - The Gold Bears Went Ahead of Themselves - the Fed Stayed Put

Market Watch - Gold’s big moves are here to stay

McClellan Financial - A Cooling Planet Means Price Inflation

VIDEO : Sprott Money - Ask the Expert - Ted Butler - Sprott Money News

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Debt Ceiling, Act III: Will the Market Notice at All This Time?

09/19/13 - Bullion News

Scrap Monster - Gold Demand Trends Q2 2013 Report Summary - The demand for jewellery, bars and coins has increased by 53%

VIDEO : cnsnews - Obama: 'Raising the Debt Ceiling...Does Not Increase Our Debt,' Though It Has 'Over 100 Times'

Deviant Investor - The Smell of Collapse is in the Air

AUDIO : Silver-Investor - "The Fed Decides To Keep Printing, Gold & Silver Jump Big" - Interview with Silver Guru - David Morgan

CNBC - Why Bernanke may have ended gold's bear market

In Gold We Trust - Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Delivery Equals Chinese Demand

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Bullion Silver Eagles Notch Second Highest Year

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Chris Martenson: What’s Next? - This Week: What’s next for the economy? What’s next for the markets? Why silver is so intriguing.

09/18/13 - Bullion News

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Gold Rallies Like it’s 2009

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Tinker Tailor Taper

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold Made Simple - Bullish reverse head and shoulders nearly formed on gold – target is $1700 if it is confirmed

VIDEO : CNBC - Bernanke's News Conference

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Marc Faber: We Are in `QE Unlimited'

Profit Confidential - Hundred-Thousand Investors Told “Sorry, We Can’t Pay You” Just the Beginning?

Cyniconomics - The Surest Way to Spot Trouble: When Even the CBO Says There’s a Problem

VIDEO : GoldSilver - Silver & Gold Vs Stocks & Real Estate - Where Are We In The Cycle? Mike Maloney Q & A

Euro Pacific - The Taper That Wasn't by Peter Schiff

Numismaster - Counterfeiting Currency - An Age Old Practice

VIDEO : CNBC - Ron Paul on who he wants to be the New Fed Chair

Don't Tread on Me - Mulligan Mint Files For Bankruptcy

09/17/13 - Bullion News

Numismaster - Fake Engelhard 10-Ounce Silver Bars Recently Reported

CoinNews - Gold Down on Tamer Inflation, US Gold Bullion Coins Rise

VIDEO : CNBC - Futures Now: Hold Gold into the Fed?

Counting Pips - The Other Reason Why Gold Bullion Prices Could Skyrocket

GoldCore - Gold Is Not A Safe Haven? Tell That To People In Indonesia

VIDEO : Kitco - Chart This! with Gary Wagner ...Gold Traders Await FOMC

Sunshine Profits - Gold and the Fed - What If...

VIDEO : Fox Business - Rogers Holding Chairman Jim Rogers on gold, silver and why he is investing in sugar

MoneyNews - Default Could Start at End of October Without Debt Limit Hike, CBO Chief Warns

RCP - Minimum Wage Madness: Part I By Thomas Sowell

RCP - Minimum Wage Madness: Part II By Thomas Sowell

09/16/13 - Bullion News

Money and Markets - A Few Things Need to Happen Before Gold Rallies by Larry Edelson - Offers 3 Possible Scenarios

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kitco - Gold Is Looking For Support

VIDEO : Bloomberg - The Bubble Continues to Grow: Horwitz

Gold Made Simple - Indian temples to Indian central bank on gold inventory information request: “POKE-IT”

AUDIO : In Gold We Trust - Interview Alex Stanczyk: More Gold Going Into China Than Reported

FOFOA - What about Sprott's 4,500 tonne export 'gap'?

VIDEO : Silver-Investor - Interview with David Morgan about the Silver Market's Future

Profit Confidential - Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Fiasco to Force Our Next Debt Crisis?

CMI Gold and Silver - Larry Summers bows out; inflation a shoo-in?

Rick Ackerman - “Dear Ms. Yellin…”

POLL : The Washington Post - Americans say Washington, Wall Street haven’t done enough to thwart financial crises

Liberty Blitz Krieg - Watch David Gregory Scramble to Avoid Answering Hard Questions on Banker Bailouts and Bonuses

09/15/13 - Bullion News

Wall St. Cheat Sheet - Is There a Bull Within the Gold Bear?

VIDEO : Silverfish - Silver and Gold, make sure that your buy and sell strategies are aligned

VIDEO : FORA.tv - Book Conversation: James Rickards - Bernanke and the Fed

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - GOLD Target for the breakdown


Fox Business - Summers Withdraws Name for Fed Chief

BullionVault - Hope Against Hope in Gold Prices

The Hindu - India's Govt further cuts import tariff value of gold, silver

AUDIO : FSN - Rick Ackerman – Gold’s Rally Going Over $1400

09/14/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Sink on Week; US Mint Bullion Coins Split

VIDEO : MINING - A (very) Brief History of Gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Wizzen Trading - Broken Pattern, Lows Near

VIDEO : CNBC - Jim Grant: No Fed taper next week

Money and Markets - Bernanke’s Day of Reckoning

VIDEO : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: Deja Fraud - In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Oil n' Gold - Silver Weekly Technical Outlook

VIDEO : Cambridge House - We may have already seen the bottom! - Mickey Fulp Interview

MoneyNews - Money For Nothing: Documentary Points to Fed as an Agent of Financial Crisis

PJ Media - Federal Court Rules ‘In God We Trust’ Will Remain on Coins and Currency

09/13/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Prometheus Market Insight - Gold Breaks Below Short-term Uptrend Support "As always, it is important to remember that a long-term bottom is a process, not an event."

VIDEO : Cambridge House - Billionaire Eric Sprott: Gold is going to $2400 by next summer

ZEAL - Fed QE3-Tapering Impact by Adam Hamilton

Gainesville Coins - Check Your Change! You Might Strike Silver!

Gold-Eagle - COMEX Gold Inventories, 5 Years (Bloomberg) "As long as gold remains in backwardation and COMEX inventories continue to fall the possibility of a COMEX default cannot be ruled out"

ZeroHedge - The Best And Worst Performing Assets Since Lehman Are...

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Wall Street Needs a Good Shrink

AUDIO : FSN - Rick Rule – Precious Metals Are The Place To Be

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - What's Up With Gold?

CoinNews - How the Philadelphia Mint Makes Hubs and Dies to Produce Coins

Seeking Alpha - Precious Metals: Is It Time To Exit?

MineWeb - Gold knocked down again...and again

09/12/13 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - The Changing Relationship Between U.S. Stocks And Gold Is Good For Gold

VIDEO : Silver-Investor - Gold & Silver Hard Money Watch In-Depth Interview with David Morgan You may need to raise the volume on your speakers to hear this: Recorded at a low volume

Market Watch - Walter White should have put meth money in gold - Investing advice for the ‘Breaking Bad’ antihero

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : FXStreet - SILVER breaks below the bottom of the trend channel

CEO.CA - Overnight Bear Raid in Gold


VIDEO : Kitco - Gold hits 3-Week Low, Will FOMC Be Game Changer?

ZeroHedge - Two Centuries Of Inflation

VIDEO : Max Keiser - Keiser Report: America’s Curse

ThinkAdvisor - The Retirement Time Bomb No One’s Talking About ... Yet

09/11/13 - Bullion News

The Washington Post - What if a Typical Family Spent Like the Federal Government? It’d be a very weird family

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Platinum Series: Supply and Demand (Part 2)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - Updated Charts on Gold and Miners: Targets Dead Ahead

Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold looks hesitant

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - John Williams: Govt. Statistics 12 yrs after 9/11

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Fast Markets - Gold/Silver Ratio – Weaker ratio bodes well for bullion

Perth Mint Bullion - Total Ounces of Gold and Silver Sold by The Perth Mint in August 2013 as Coins and Minted Bars

Deviant Investor - TANSTAAFL, Butter and Silver

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price finding support at the 100 day moving average… for now

MineWeb - Gold, Syria and a receding sense of crisis

Liberty Blitz Krieg - How I Remember September 11, 2001

09/10/13 - Bullion News

UnCommon Wisdom - Why is ‘Asia’s Warren Buffett’ Loading Up on Gold?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price drifts back towards the 100 day moving average as a ‘golden cross’ approaches

Market Watch - Get ready for stagflation - Investment lessons of the 1966-81 period - The reason to worry about our future rhyming in this way is that interest rates and inflation over the next decade will almost certainly be higher than they have been over the last decade.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : BullionVault - Will the Gold Price Retest Its June Low?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - GOLD testing support zone

In Gold We Trust - Alex Stanczyk: There Is Way More Gold Going Into China Than Is Reported

JDSupra Law News - A bull rush for bullion in Asia (Singapore)

The Gold Report - David Franklin: Is Platinum the New Gold?

Money and Markets - Here’s the One Thing Gold Investors Should Avoid Doing

AUDIO : Ellis Martin Report - Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan--Who Are The Puppeteers?

CNBC - Fed will get its inflation; here's who will pay

DG Standard - Gold panners turn up rare silver Canadian coin

09/09/13 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Kitco - Chart This! with Gary Wagner: Fibonacci the Real Star in Gold Forecasting

Gold Made Simple - Gold price has its second best July to August period… EVER

Inside Futures - Precious Metals Uncertain About Syria Attack

Trefis - Supply and Demand Metrics Suggest a Bright Future for Gold Ahead

SRSrocco Report - The Energy Factor to Push Gold to New Highs

Profit Confidential - These Two Charts Tell a Golden Story for Investors

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SafeHaven - Gold and Silver Forecast

Proactive Investors - Will Gold Follow Its Seasonal Pattern This Year?

Money Morning (Australia) - The One Goal of the US Federal Reserve…Low Interest Rates

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 09/09/2013

INFO~GRAPHIC : MINING - How to tell if that silver jewelry is genuine or fake

SafeHaven - Hitting A 'BRIC' Wall

Miles Franklin - If the August NFP Report Doesn’t Inspire You to Buy Precious Metals – What Will?

Mish's Blog - Just How Distorted is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Number?

VIDEO : CNBC - Marc Faber's call on gold

09/07/13 - Bullion News

Inside Futures - How To Invest In A Weak Dollar Environment

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - Gold Bull Flag and support zone

The Telegraph - Should you join the buyers as the gold price rises?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Edge Trader Plus - Silver – Can $23 Hold? $26 Should.

INFO~GRAPHIC : MINING - Gold losses by region in 2013

gulfnews - Nepal’s smugglers cash in on India’s love of gold

AUDIO : FSN - Dr. Jeffrey Lewis – AntiFragile, and The Economy and Your Life

The Daily Mail (UK) - Cast-strapped motorists turn to payday loans to counter soaring fuel price increases

09/06/13 - Bullion News

GRLTTM - Hope / Fear / Greed - Where do your tendencies lie within the realm of hope, fear and greed?

VIDEO (09:34) : Kitco - Bank Forecasts For Gold: Should They Be Ignored?

In Gold We Trust - Did The Chinese Know The Price Of Gold Was About To Drop In April?

ZEAL - India Gold Soars

Market Watch - Why investors like silver more than gold

Scrap Monster - Some South African gold miners end strike

Mish's Blog - Establishment Survey: +169K Jobs, June and July Revised Lower; Household Survey: Employment -115,000, Not in Labor Force +516,000; BLS in Wonderland

VIDEO (02:20) : Bloomberg - What’s Next for Fed After Weak Jobs Report?

Gold Made Simple - Gold price perfectly bounces of its 100 day moving average and back towards $1400

Market Anthropology - Quick & Dirty

PerthNow - Yuan joins world's most traded currencies

CoinNews - US Mint Artists at Philadelphia Sculpt Digitally and in Clay

09/05/13 - Bullion News

MineWeb - Summer doldrums fail to slow U.S. silver bullion coins’ upward trajectory

GoldSilverWorlds - Ted Butler: I Own Silver Because Of The Coming Silver Shortage

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kimble Charting - King Dollar…The End is near!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Nifty - Gold Support Levels

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Platinum Series: The History of Platinum

Reuters - South Africa's gold talks sway platinum price

Daily Reckoning - Near the Debt Ceiling, No One Can Hear You Scream

Digital Journal - Jim Rogers: Gold to jump due to U.S. desperation to have a war

Armstrong Economics - Lack of a Rule of Law Destroys Businesses

EVENT REGISTRATION : Sprott Roundtable - Join a WebCast on September 24, 2013 for a round table discussion with Eric Sprott, Marc Faber, Rick Rule and John Embry.

09/04/13 - Bullion News

Futures Mag - Ben Davies: Turning adversity into gold

Co.Exist - 4 Ways That Quantum Technology Could Transform Health Care

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - The Buying Opportunity in Gold

VIDEO (02:29) : CNBC - Futures Now: Gold drops below $1,400

Deviant Investor - The Reality of Gold and the Nightmare of Paper

AUDIO (43:59) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Debt ceiling debate a bottomless pit, Big government means slow growth, Gold bottom in, with rise to come

ThinkAdvisor - Friedman: ‘Twin Threats’ of Government Shutdown, Debt Default Could Roil Markets

SafeHaven - Fear the Inflation

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Who Cares About Syria? The Fed Is Buying Fewer Bonds!

Dollar Collapse - Confluence

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - India Scrambles For Plan D As Stocks, Currency Resume Collapse

BusinessWeek - Scrap Gold Sales Jumping in India as Price Advances to Record

VIDEO (36:20) : FSN - David Morgan Speaks to Attendees the Night Before the Liberty MasterMind Symposium in Dallas – Friday, June 28th 2013

09/03/13 - Bullion News

Gold-Eagle - The Upward Momentum In Gold Prices Looks Set To Continue

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - Gold Surges Over $40 As COMEX Shorts Collapse To 7-Month Low

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 09/02/2013

MineWeb - James Rickards, author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, We’re in a new currency war, it started in 2010

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Gold and Silver have fresh buy signals today

Silver Coins Today - US Mint Bullion Silver Coins Surge with Silver Prices in August

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - Has Gold Really Bottomed?

VIDEO (21:03) : YouTube - Interview between Cheviot's Ned Naylor Leyland and James Turk

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SolarCycles - State Of The Markets

Summary & VIDEO (05:09) : Got Gold Report - Biderman - BLS to Report 'as few as 25,000 August Jobs

The Daily Mail - Treasure hunter family finds $300,000 worth of 300-year-old Spanish gold off Florida coast

09/02/13 - Bullion News

The Herald - Prostate Cancer Gold Treatment

Bloomberg - Gold Borrowing Costs Drop as Forward Rates Turn Positive

GoldSilverWorlds - Gold Bull & Debt Bear Market In 50 Amazing Charts by Incrementum

VIDEO(s) : Perth Mint Bullion - 2014 Australian Kookaburra And Lunar Horse Bullion Coins On Sale From Today

VIDEO (04:50) : Bloomberg - Is Gold Headed for a Bull Market?

VIDEO (11:35) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kitco - Gold Broke Through $1,400; What's Next?

ShareChat - Mints across the World are experiencing Strong Demand

CNBC - Billions exit bank accounts after years of inflows

VIDEO (15:04) : The Blaze - Jim Rogers - US Economy & Growth, Economic Outlook & President Obama

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Inside Futures - Commodity Technical Outlook On GOLD

The Telegraph - India pushes 'shock and awe’ currency plan to save BRICS

VIDEO (03:42) : Silver-Investor - September 2013 Morgan Report

09/01/13 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Gold Bulls Increase Wagers to Highest Since January

Edge Trader Plus - One Of The Most Important Gold Charts That You Should Remember

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : King One Eye - Gold Hits Resistance -- What Next? Chart

AUDIO : FSN - Dennis Miller – The Government Is Going To Break Its Promises… And That’s a Promise They Will Actually Keep

The Malay Mail - Gold output in Australia increases in second quarter

India Today - Banks approving loans on condition borrowers don't buy gold

08/31/13 - Bullion News

King One Eye - The Great Gold Caper

GoldSilverWorlds - It’s Official – Goldman Sachs Was Buying GLD While Advicing To Sell

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Can’t Fight The Resistance

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Soar in August; US Mint Silver Bullion Sales Strong

IVC Post - India won't convert idle gold to bullion- central bank

Silver Doctors - Gold’s Strongest Months Since 1975 Are September And November

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/30/13 - Bullion News

eCommerce Bytes - eBay Helps Single Retailer Corner the Precious Metals Market

Business Standard - India's Govt considering bullion bank to mobilize idle gold

CMI Gold and Silver - Black Swans to stir interest in gold and silver?

VIDEO (14:43) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : TheGoldandOilGuy - Gold, Silver & Market Updates

Profit Confidential - Why the Conflict in Syria Is Hitting the Markets So Hard

PDF : 321gold - Chinese gold purchases, in preparation for the adoption of the gold standard, are starting to have a dramatic impact on the gold price

Ahead of the Herd - China Loves West’s 99 Fine

Daily Resource Hunter - A Huge Gold Prediction… From Reality TV

ZEAL S&I - Gold Production Decline Imminent

Reuters - South Africa's waning gold industry braces for more strikes

CoinNews - Public Tour of US Mint at Philadelphia, Photos and Tips

i focus - In first 7 months of 2013, National Bank of Ukraine sells more bullion coins than in 2012

Sovereign Man - As Syria distracts, here’s what else is happening while no one is looking...

BusinessWeek - BullionVault Offers Storage at Toronto Vault on Demand From U.S.

08/29/13 - Bullion News

Trailer - Money for Nothing - The Movie

08/29: VIDEO : Money For Nothing the Movie - Link to Trailer Above
- Book a Screening

Digital Journal - Op-Ed: Interest rates should be determined by market, not central banks

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Nifty Charts - GOLD Chart analysis

VIDEO (15:57) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Technical Traders - A Must Watch Trading Video on SP500, Oil and Precious Metals Video Forwarded to the beginning of Precious Metals Segment (@11:30min.)

MineWeb - Physical vs. paper gold and the untenable debt situation - Embry

Silver Coins Today - 2013 American Silver Eagle Coin Sales Continue to Impress

GoldSeek - Citigroup Sees Gold at $3,500/oz; Silver Jumping to $100/oz

VIDEO (00:48) : CNBC - Schiff: Gold to skyrocket when people 'wake up to reality'

08/29: Market Watch - Jim Rogers expects higher gold prices, and Marc Faber does too!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Hubert Moolman - Silver Price Forecast: Massive Debt Levels Will Push Silver To $150 And Beyond

Gold Made Simple - Indians saving in Rupees lose nearly 30% in 2013 – Indians saving in gold are UP 7% in 2013

BullionStreet - Smuggling continues to rise on hike in Gold import duty in India

IBTimes - Gold Is Again A Central Bank Darling Amid Renewed Market Optimism

VIDEO (01:59) & Article : Wonderopolis - Can Coins Bring Good Fortune?

08/28/13 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Austrian Mint Increases Gold Sales as Price Slump Spurs Demand "Mints from the U.S. to the U.K. reported a surge in sales after gold’s plunge into a bear market lured buyers."

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SRSrocco Report - Canadian Maple Leaf Sales Beat All Records


ScrapRegister - ‘Silver could easily get to $25/Oz in September’

AUDIO (28:11) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - John Embry on Gold

CoinNews - 2014 Australian Bullion Coins – Designs, Mintages and Release Dates

Deviant Investor - Gold, Silver, and the Status Quo

VIDEO (04:29) : CNBC - Long-term gold won't go below $1500 per ounce: CEO

Gordon Gekko's Blog - Updated Version Released for RealPriceofGold.com

VIDEO (04:29) : Fox Business - No Safe Haven in Currencies? - Merk Investments CIO Axel Merk gives tips for investing in currencies

South China Morning Post - Indian rupee drops to record low as foreign investors flee

GoldSilverWorlds - Gold’s Protective Power In Action: India’s Ongoing Currency Destruction

Proactive Investors - Morgan Stanley points to brighter future for platinum

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - The Case For Platinum

The New York Times - 3-D Printing, giving a new generation of jewelry makers the opportunity to turn their ideas into reality

VIDEO (18:51) : TED - Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

08/27/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Tops $1400, Silver at 4 1/2-Month High, Ft. McHenry Coin Up

VIDEO (09:29) : GoldSilver - Mike Maloney explains 140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes

Silver Lunar - PAMP Lunar Horse Gold & Silver Bars (2014) - Lunar Calendar Series

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Hubert Moolman - Silver Price Forecast: Gold/Silver Ratio Signals Much Higher Silver Prices

Summary & VIDEO (12:27) : USA Watchdog - Financial Calamity- It’s Coming, Be Worried, Be Careful-Jim Rogers

Profit Confidential - The Biggest Race to Print Paper Money in History?

AUDIO (30:13) : Sprott Money - Ask the Expert – Eric Sprott

VIDEO (02:42) : Bloomberg - Gold Shines as Markets Decline

Max Keiser - Russia, Turkey And France Among 15 Central Banks Buy Gold In July

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Caught in a Trap

Silver Coins Today - 2013 Fort McHenry ATB 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Sales Begin

VIDEO (01:24) : CFA Institute - James Rickards discusses Currency Wars

The Japan Times - Japan budget requests likely to top ¥100 TRILLION for second year in fiscal 2014

08/26/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Silver Hits 4-Month High, Fort McHenry 5 Oz Bullion Coins Debut

Money and Markets - I, for One, Can’t Wait for Interest Rates to Soar Even Higher by Larry Edelson


VIDEO (05:03) : CoinWeek - Hot, Molten Silver Minted Into Pure Silver Rounds with The Coin Explorer from Gainesville Coins

VIDEO (02:31) : The Street - Stocks Shaky - Go For Gold

Sunshine Profits - Physical Gold and the Financial Market

AUDIO (17:24) : Ellis Martin Report - David Morgan Interprets Martin Armstrong & Gold Silver Timeline

Profit Confidential - Why Silver Prices Will Double from Here

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold-Eagle - Gold Has Begun 3rd Phase of The Long-Term Bull Market

In Gold We Trust - Swiss gold and silver trade data from 2002 - Q2 2013

VIDEO (01:15) : CNBC - Gold briefly tops $1,400

Market Watch - Gold to the Fed: You are bluffing

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - 95' > 04'?

ETF Strategy - ETF Securities partners with The Royal Mint

The Circle Bastiat - Have You Heard the One About the Fiat Money Printing Central Banker?

08/25/13 - Bullion News

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Perfect Timing And Action For The Metals

Money and Markets - The Chart of the Century

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Nifty Charts - SILVER Weekend update

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Those Heeding Market Activity Are Being Rewarded

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - I'm A Geologist at Heart

Article & VIDEO (11:19) : International Forcaster - India on the Brink

MarionStar - Keep your eyes open for blessings

08/23/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold-Eagle - The Bullhorn

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Boom-Bust

In Gold We Trust - Week 32 SGE Chart - Weekly chart physical gold delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange vs world mining production.

ZeroHedge - Gold Breaks Above $1,400

MINING - Friday rally sets up gold price breakout

VIDEO (00:35) : CNBC - Silver settles at 3-month highs

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PDF : U.S. Global Investors - Europe is Rallying

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - NYSE Margin Debt Rises Again, But Is Slightly Off Its April High

Central Bank News - Fed should specify QE exit conditions-Jackson Hole paper

Cato Institute - Why Get off Welfare?

Mish's Blog - Outlook for Jobs and Confidence in Economy Sink

VIDEO (03:09) : Fox Business - How the Government Spends Your Money

CoinNews - Public and Private Tours of Philadelphia Mint by CoinNews.net

08/22/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Prices Inch Higher; US Gold Coins Gain

ANALYSIS : CHART : McClellan Financial - Gold’s 13-1/2 Month Cycle

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Wavaholic - Gold's Support Price

VIDEO (03:20) : Got Gold Report - Bianco – Fed Doesn’t Know What to Do

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SafeHaven - Is Gold Leading The Path for Other Assets?

LiveMint - Jim Rogers: Why I’m shorting India

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Dr. Copper’s Recovery Suggests Rosier Picture for Global Economy

Armstrong Economics - No SIngle Investment will Ever be Perpetual – It all changes

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

Inflation Data - Inflation Definitions

Money Morning - Brace Yourself: This is What the Fed’s QE Has Done for Our Economy

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/21/13 - Bullion News

The Wall Street Journal - Steve H. Hanke: To Make Sense of the Coins Act, Follow the Money

Forbes - Solving A Serious Mystery: Why Don't Gold And Silver Coins Circulate?

Silver Lunar - Images of Perth Mint Lunar (Year of the Horse) Gold & Silver Coins Released

The Gold Report - Why Is Anti-Goldbug Dennis Gartman Getting into Gold?

VIDEO (02:59) Fox Business - U.S. Global Investors CEO Frank Holmes gives his outlook for gold.

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Acting Man - Don’t Trade Last Week’s Silver Story!

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AUDIO (47:46) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Gold,Stocks,Treasuries: Strange Valuations

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Market Watch - Highlights from the Fed’s release of FOMC minutes

247 Bull - Taper Talk, Act 2 by Axel Merk

CNBC - Ron Paul's Portfolio...CNBC calls "Craziest we've ever seen"

American Thinker - Krugman Accused of Plagiarism "Who in their right mind would attach themselves to any part of such failed economic ideas?"

ZeroHedge - Matt Taibbi On "The Dirty Little Secret" Inside The Student Loan Bubble

08/20/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold prices firm as dollar weakens ahead of Fed minutes, data support

Silver Lunar - Australian Perth Mint 2014 Lunar Horse Coins - Release Dates & Image Embargo

VIDEO (03:00) : Bloomberg - What Are the Biggest Factors in the Gold Market? / Interview Includes Good Explanation of the GOFO Rate

VIDEO (1:47:20) & Article : CSInvesting - Creature from Jekyll Island (The Fed’s History)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Hubert Moolman - Silver and Gold Price Forecast: Gold and Silver Update

Reuters - Gold flows from Britain to Switzerland surge in H1-Macquarie

VIDEO (12:14) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kitco - Gold In A Bullish Impulse Phase - "Chart This!" w/Gary Wagner

Kitco - U.S. Mint: On Track To Set New Sales Record For American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

cnsnews - $2,001,093,000,000: Fed’s Ownership of U.S. Debt Breaks $2T for First Time

VIDEO (12:04) : Silver-Investor - Charles Goyette Interviews David Morgan about the Silver Market

Bull Market Thinking - Doug Casey: “We’re Still In The Midst Of The Biggest Bubble In World History”

CHART : CEO.CA - Peak Gold

Business Insider - Dylan Grice Articulates How Gold Is Money Even Though It's Not Legally Money

08/19/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Dips, US Mint Silver Bullion Coins Jump

Peak Prosperity - Why We All Lose If the Fed Wins by Chris Martenson

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Profit Confidential - Yes, We’re Bullish on Gold, But Here’s One Bear’s Case Worth Reading

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Random Thoughts

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Kimble Charting - Silver: Two rallies of 200%+ have taken place off this line!

In Gold We Trust - A First Look At The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange

Reuters - Indian gold imports set to resume after 4-week halt as export rule clarified

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold Price in India: Gold's Relationship with the Indian Rupee

China.org - Jewelry buyers cast golden glow on bullion in Q2

Summary & VIDEO (09:41) : USA Watchdog - Everything Wrong in 2008 is Worse Today-James Rickards

Market Watch - Who’s the bigger fool when it comes to gold? Commentary: A gold bear makes the bull case

examiner - The role of precious metals in these precarious times

cnsnews - It’s Official: 2012 Deficit Was $1.087T; $1T+ All 4 Yrs of Obama’s 1st Term

TODAY - Savers are sexy: Why thriftiness is attractive

The Telegraph - Apple rumored to be releasing a gold iPhone at September launch

08/18/13 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold / Silver / Copper futures - Weekly outlook: August 19 - 23

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Super Silver Leads

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Money and Markets - Gold Is Vulnerable to a Short Squeeze, Wall Street Analysts Say

Article & VIDEO (06:38) : MoneyNews - Joel Naroff to Moneynews: Fed Has 'Lost Control' of Long-Term Interest Rates

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : MoneyWeek - Is it time to sell stocks and buy gold?

My Budget 360 - Let us count the ways of inflation: While the CPI understates inflation Americans are living out the days of a contracting standard of living

The Economist - India’s financial crisis - Through the keyhole

ZeroHedge - JPMorgan Is Selling The Building That Houses Its Gold Vault

VIDEO (02:05) : Bloomberg - What the Fake Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) Learned From the Real One

08/17/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Fundamentals Never Say “When.” Charts Do, And It Pays To “Listen.”

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Nifty Charts - SILVER Weekend update

VIDEO(s) : CoinWeek - What is Money? – A Three-part Congressional Lecture series, sponsored by Ron Paul

AUDIO : FSN - Rick Ackerman – Gold’s Rally Going Over $1400

ZeroHedge - Gold Or Tungsten? Here's How To Know

MINING - Top 10 gold experts on Twitter

VIDEO (13:26) : Venture Capital (RT) - Jim Rogers - US Debt is MUCH bigger than declared! (Interview spans the first 2:22min)

08/16/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - The Silver Linings Playbook

DarienTimes - The Macro View: Will Fed tapering start a new gold rush? by James Rickards

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Prometheus Market Insight - Violent Oversold Reaction Continues in Gold Market

Got Gold Report - Hathaway – ‘Paper Gold’ Short Squeeze Underway

VIDEO (5:16) : BNN - Marcus Grubb, Managing Director of Investment for the World Gold Council, tells BNN that the tide is turning on gold, and will continue

VIDEO (1:56) : CNBC - JP Morgan: Buy gold now?

In Gold We Trust - Week 31 chart SGE

Kitco - INTERVIEW: UK Royal Mint Seeks To Increase Bullion Business; Partners With ETF Securities

VIDEO (13:42) : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : TheGoldandOilGuy - SellOff in Stocks Gives Us Some High Probability Setups

Mish's Blog - Losing Faith in Gold at the Wrong Time; Did Paulson's Sale Mark the Bottom? Who's Left to Sell?

Scrap Monster - Asian solar energy push may remarkably boost global silver demand

PLATA - Bitcoins for the Kiddies by Hugo Salinas Price

VIDEO (06:42) : Future Money Trends - Your Future

Sun-Sentinel - Man accused of selling gold bars, coins stolen from girlfriend's father

08/15/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Elliot Wave Technology - Gold & Silver Bulls: It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

Kitco - INTERVIEW: Perth Mint Prepares For New Product Launch

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold Breaks Free From its Range Trade

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - What the Silver to Gold Ratio Tell Us About Silver’s Future Moves?

VIDEO (02:01) : CNBC - Gold back above $1,350, Interview with Frank Holmes

The Globe and Mail - Q&A: Eric Sprott on gold and why it’s heading to $2,400 in a year

VIDEO (04:40) : RT - Gold Gone? Germany baffled as Fed bars access to bullion

Money and Markets - International Investors Dump $40.8 Billion in Treasuries, the Most Ever

MineWeb - Marcus Grubb: The latest figures from the World Gold Council show that while global gold demand fell by 12%, consumer demand, especially in China and India remains strong

GATA - China publicized Western gold market rigging just hours after April smash

ZeroHedge - India Bans All Gold Coin Imports, Increases Capital Controls

South China Morning Post - Tax rise to spur gold smuggling in India, says trade group

Perth Mint Bullion - Consumer Demand For Gold Leaps 53% In Q2

MINING - The sweat of the sun, the breath of god: Gold through the centuries

AUDIO (35:18) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Gold is Pouring from the West to East

THIS DAY IN HISTORY : The Motley Fool - The Day Nixon Broke the Link Between Gold and the Dollar

08/14/13 - Bullion News

PDF : ANALYSIS : CHARTS : The Globe and Mail - SPECIAL REPORT : From Inflation To Deflation... And Back! (Gluskin/Sheff)

CNBC - Fed's Bullard: Inflation low for now, but could be excessive in the future

Project Syndicate - When Inflation Doves Cry

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Three "Precious" Questions

CHART : In Gold We Trust - July chart SGE vs COMEX - Monthly Chart Physical Gold Delivered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange vs COMEX.

CHARTS : Business Insider - 46 Charts That Every Gold Bull Will Love

Profit Confidential - Ponzi Scheme of the Fed Printing and Government Spending; How Long It Will Go On

cnsnews - Treasury Ran $98 Billion Deficit in July--But Debt Stayed Exactly $16,699,396,000,000

ZeroHedge - Is The Gold Market Manipulated?

VIDEO (03:20) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Gold: Wait for Further Pullback, Says Najarian

Futures Magazine - CFTC charges Florida company in multi-million dollar metals case

INFO~GRAPHIC : MINING - The Basics of Buying Jewellery

Kitco - Gold, Silver Product Demand Is 'Very Strong:' Royal Canadian Mint

Deviant Investor - Silver: The GSR Bottom Finder

Scrap Monster - Indian gold import tax hike to bell CAD may backfire in the long run

Daily Pfennig - Markets worry about a September taper...

VIDEO (03:14) : Yahoo - Early Cancer Signs Men May Be Ignoring

08/13/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Declines, Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Top 31M

CoinWeek - SILVER 101: Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin Design Turns 25

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Trader Dan's Market Views - Gold sets back from $1340 once again

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 08/13/2013

Laissez Faire Today - So Where’s the Hyperinflation Already?

Money and Markets - What Will Happen When the Fed Ends the ‘Steroid Era’?

VIDEO (40:03) : SGT Report - A Conversation With MIKE MALONEY: The Hidden Secrets of Money and the 7 Stages of Empire

VIDEO (30:18) : GoldSilver - Hidden Secrets Of Money 2 - Seven Stages Of Empire

Reuters - CFTC subpoenas Glencore, others as metals inquiry heats up

GoldSilverWorlds - How Is Physical Gold Protecting Your Wealth?

VIDEO (03:02) : Bloomberg - Trying to Make Sense of the Gold Market

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - The Recent Price Action in Silver: Breakout or Fakeout?

Scrap Monster - India's ravenous gold appetite clouts next-door gold imports

Shanghai Metals Market - India's silver imports exploded during H1 2013

ZeroHedge - G20 Showdown On Dollar Hegemony

Forbes - Rumors Of A Chinese Gold Standard Are Overblown: CPM's Christian And Author Jim Rickards

08/12/13 - Bullion News

Seeking Alpha - The Biggest Story In The Gold Market Today

SafeHaven - Gold as an Anti-Inflation Hedge?

Reuters - Exclusive: CFTC subpoenas metals warehousing firm as inquiry heats up

VIDEO 09:13) : Silver-Investor - Gold & Silver Psychological Warfare Consolidation While India & China Buy!

The Telegraph - Gold consumption jumps more than 50pc in China

ZeroHedge - Gold Shorts Cover At Fastest Pace In 13 Years

MINING - Astronomers identify 12 asteroids close enough for mining

Money and Markets - 15% Surge in GDXJ Indicates Potential Major Bottom

VIDEO 10:40) : Hard Asset Investor - Charles Nenner Research Says Stocks Are Near The Top, Downturn Will Drive Everyone Crazy

INFO~GRAPHIC : Accounting Degree - A brief History of U.S. Government's Misadventures, Mishandling, Misuse of Your Tax Dollars

Live Science - Byzantine Treasure Found in Ancient Trash Pit

08/11/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : MineWeb - Waterfall declines point to possible bottom in precious metals

Market Watch - 3% inflation fallacy hurts retirement savers

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Moving on Up

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold-Eagle - Warning from Broad Range of Indicators

Daily Mail - Nasa launch mission to investigate whether it is possible to mine asteroids for precious metals - and add TRILLIONS to the economy

Bullion Street - Red alert sounded on fake Gold, Silver coins

08/10/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Prometheus Market Insight - Gold Begins Important Short-term Cycle

Wealth Cycles - Can Bitcoin Deemed ‘Real Money’ Offer Alternative to Fiat Currency?

Project Syndicate - The Ghost of Inflation Future

Investors - Gold Rebound Boosts Precious Metals Mutual Funds

Value Walk - Gold Registered on Comex Declines to Record Times

MINING - World's top 10 gold deposits

VIDEO (08:05) : Plan B Economics - Louis CK: “Everything is amazing and nobody is happy”

08/09/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - A Change in Character

VIDEO (09:45) : Kitco - Gold Bottoms In July, Peaks In February: Frank Holmes

Daily Pfennig - Dollar ends the week drifting even lower...

VIDEO (06:02) : FoxBusiness - Markets Addicted to Money Printing?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Scrap Monster - If not foreign buyers, then Fed QE

VIDEO (02:44) : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: 1,000 trillion yen

Casey Research - A Monetary Master Explains Inflation

ZeroHedge - Peter Schiff On The Half Full Economy

PDF : Merk Investments - What’s next for the Dollar and Currencies?

SilverSeek - Cornering the Gold Market

VIDEO (27:55) : RT - GATA's Chris Powell on Suspicious Activity at the BoE and JP Morgan's Commodity Exit

AUDIO (08:34) : Cato Institute - Robert A. Levy discusses the promotion of liberty on The Bob Harden Show

Perth Mint Bullion - Gold And Silver Refining Explained

Dollar Collapse - Are Banks Finally Ready To Start Lending?

08/08/13 - Bullion News

FXStreet - Gold allays bearishness, sails over 1300.00, silver shatters resistance at 20.15

AUDIO (04:53) : Korelin Report - Rick Ackerman and Technicals – Thu 8 Aug, 2013

Investment U - Three Forces That Will Send Gold Soaring

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price edging back towards $1300 – the 55 day moving average still holds the key for higher prices

Proactive Investors - Palladium is a metal for our times

PLATA - Some thoughts on 'international reserves' by Hugo Salinas Price

VIDEO (04:08) : Yahoo Finance (BreakOut) - Easy Money Policy Will Lead to World’s Greatest Credit Collapse

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Roll Over $ & Make Room for the €

Seeking Alpha - Silver: The Latest India Data Appears Incorrect

Shanghai Metals Market - Gold replaces narcotics as the biggest smuggled item in India

Mining - South Africa’s top gold miners ask unions to mend relations

Acting Man - What Do Declining COMEX Inventories Signify?

MineWeb - Thomson Reuters GFMS' Rhona O'Connell discusses the current state of the gold market and why it looks as though the secular bear market has hit sooner than expected.

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/07/13 - Bullion News

Of Two Minds - Real Personal Income Points to Recession

Seeking Alpha - 5 Potential Catalysts For A Sharply Higher Gold Price This Year

AUDIO (43:31) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - This week’s show: Contentious monetary policies, Shocking Shanghai gold demand, Silver’s road ahead, currency or commodity?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Buy the Rumor - Sell the News

Casey Research - The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model

The New York Times - Bank of England Ties Interest Rate to Employment

Inflation Data - Syria in the Throes of Hyperinflation

Deviant Investor - Silver: The Noise is Deafening!

GoldSilverWorlds - Advice on Buying Gold

VIDEO (03:31) : GoldBroker - Gold, the Titanic & Lifeboats - Why it's Important to Own Physical Gold

08/06/13 - Bullion News

GoldSeek - Are Gold & Silver Really Protecting Value?

CoinNews - Gold Drops Below $1,300, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 30M

Street Insider - What Doesn't Kill Gold Makes It Stronger by Peter Schiff

Profit Confidential - Gold's Fundamentals are Still Intact

Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint's Monthly Sales - July 2013

BusinessWeek - Palladium Shortages Spur Bullish Hedge-Fund Wagers: Commodities

Money and Markets - The Global Economy Gets a Checkup from Dr. Copper

Prometheus Market Insight - The Stock Market Bubble Cycle

CNBC - Bullion's speculative trade near its end: World Gold Council

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - Challenging a Long Held Assumption about Commodities

VIDEO (01:36) : Bloomberg - Fed Boxed In, Won’t Taper: Horwitz

ZeroHedge - Spot The Next Credit Crisis

GoldSilverWorlds - China’s Central Bank Official Calls For New Monetary System

CHARTS : In Gold We Trust - June Chinese gold trade charts

MineWeb - Fed should reverse commodity policy for banks - Chilton

08/05/13 - Bullion News

Money and Markets - Your Most Important Gold and Silver Questions — Answered by Larry Edelson

AUDIO : FSN - Rick Ackerman – He Sees Weakness In Stocks And Not Much Strength In Gold

Seeking Alpha - It Could Be A Long, Not-So-Hot August For Gold

The Telegraph - 43pc bought more gold after price plunge

SilverSeek - Market Dominance by Ted Butler

08/05: Libertarian Christians - The Significance of the Austrian School and Ludwig von Mises

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - Dallas Fed's Fisher: "We Own A Significant Slice Of Critical Markets. This Is Something Of A Gordian Knot"

MoneyNews - Fed Survey: Banks Loosen Up on Lending for Homes, Businesses

VIDEO (03:12) : CNBC - 'All roads lead to the Fed': Santelli

MineWeb - In decline: the changing face of the world's highest grade gold mines

CoinWeek - Where’s The Gold?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : SRSrocco Reports - Mexico Silver Production Down a Stunning 10%

Market Watch - You think you know about the U.S. dollar?

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/04/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : GoldSilverWorlds - Watch Copper Prices For Silver’s Short Term Outlook

Shanghai Metals Market - Jewellers locked on supply constraints; Scrap Gold Sale Zooms in India

Summary & VIDEO (75:22) : ZeroHedge - Kyle Bass Warns "There Is No Real Way Out"

Bloomberg - Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - 10 Year Yields & Gold

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Arabian Money - Diversification is the best protection, go for gold, silver, oil and property

FoxNews - Militant union's rise reshapes S.African platinum industry

08/03/13 - Bullion News

CPI Financial - Precious Metals Report: Gold rallies on short covering

The New York Times - QE: What the Nation Got for $800 Billion?

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School of Engineering - Using Gold and Light to Study Molecules in Water

The Record - Miami is a magnet for gold

PHOTOS : UPI - Lingerie Fashion Week: 24k Gold lingerie

08/02/13 - Bullion News

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - Commodities 2013 Halftime Report: A Time to Mine Opportunity?

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VIDEO (04:17) : Fox Business - When Will Gold Hit a Bottom? - Jim Rogers gives his outlook for gold

Mish's Blog - Establishment Survey: +162K Jobs, May and June Revised Lower; Household Survey: +227K; Part-Time Jobs +103,000

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : McClellan Financial - U.S. Nearly Alone In Making New Price Highs

AUDIO (08:00) : Cato Institute - End the Fed, But in the Meantime...

Bullion Street - India Silver imports surge on bearish market, tight restrictions on Gold

MineWeb - Gold imports jump 102% in Pakistan; ban imposed

VIDEO (04:32) : The Street - Strong Gold Buying on eBay

Miles Franklin - Ignorance

GATA - Dennis Gartman is 'willing to give GATA its due'

National Geographic - Shipwreck Yields Most Silver Ever

msn - Platinum found in old ice suggests we were hit by a giant space rock

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08/01/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Decline Slightly As Dollar Gains

Perth Mint Bullion - Great Savings On Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coins For A Limited Time

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Dollar Collapse - Why QE Can Never End

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IBTimes - The Fed has no problem in keeping the QE at 85$b monthly

VIDEO (06:30) & Article : The International Forecaster - China Credit Crisis Continues

msn - Luckiest guy ever loses his keys, finds rare 600-year-old silver coins

07/31/13 - Bullion News

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Bloomberg - India to Curtail Gold Imports to Ease Deficit Pressure on Rupee

Business Standard - Gold imports virtually on halt

Science Daily - Printing Silver Onto Fibers Could Pave the Way for Flexible, Wearable Electronics

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/30/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price set to break either up-trend or down-trend in the next few trading days

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The Telegraph - Bank of England helped the Nazis to sell plundered gold

07/29/13 - Bullion News

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The Telegraph - Gold price recovery: New golden era or false dawn?

Forbes - Analysts Expect Central Banks To Add To Gold Reserves Despite Turkey's Decline

Reuters - Singapore silver vault set to meet strong Asian demand

Consumerist - Minnesota Hopes New Background Checks Will Deter Scammy Coin Dealers

USNews - House Weighs Bill to Crack Down on Coin Counterfeits

VIDEO (08:28) : CNBC - Honing in on Gold and Energy - First 5 minutes of Video Discusses the Dynamics of the Gold Market

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MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Bank of Italy Quietly Scouring Top Banks’ Balance Sheets

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07/28/13 - Bullion News

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07/27/13 - Bullion News

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MINING - Russia increased gold holdings in June, ninth consecutive month

Citifm Online - Asap Vasa to make Ghana’s first Bullion Gold Coins

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07/25/13 - Bullion News

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Fox News - India imposes new gold import curbs to ease deficit

Bloomberg - Boehner Signals Clash With White House on U.S. Debt Limit

The Salt Lake Tribune - 61 tons of silver recovered from WWII shipwreck off Irish coast

07/22/13 - Bullion News

VIDEO (06:14) : ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - Gold: Physical Demand Vs Paper Supply

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07/21/13 - Bullion News

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Ready To Run, A Bit

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Liberty Blitz Krieg - Gold Backwardation (GOFO) Goes Mainstream

Bloomberg - Fed Reviews Rule on Big Banks’ Commodity Trades After Complaints

Business Insider - A Bizarre Goldman Sachs Aluminum Moving Scheme Has Allegedly Cost US Consumers $5 Billion In The Past 3 Years

The New York Times - A Shuffle of Aluminum, but to Banks, Pure Gold

CHART : In Gold We Trust - Hong Kong and China combined NET gold inflow

Central Bank News - Monetary Policy Week in Review – Jul 15-19, 2013: 2 banks hold rates as Fed’s QE policy dominates global markets

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MINING - US Fed to review Wall Street banks metals business

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Reuters - Gold futures hiccup indicates demand outpacing supply

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Ahead of the Herd - Central Banksters Make the Best Terrorists

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation - Doctors Geller and Kim give Summer 2013 Research Update Using Gold Nano-Particles (GNP)

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Mish's Blog - Avalanche of City Debt Downgrades and Eventual Bankruptcies Coming Up; Numerous Cities Bankrupt Over Pension Promises

07/18/13 - Bullion News

Gold Made Simple - Is China considering backing its currency with gold? (Analysis of Article Above)

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AUDIO (09:41) : Cato Institute - Robert A. Levy discusses economic liberties on The Bob Harden Show

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MineWeb - Ben Hunt discusses why the narrative of gold as money is no longer considered common knowledge and what that implies

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BloggingItWell - FOMC - Federal Reserve Bernanke Admission of Printing

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CNBC - Detroit becomes largest US city to file for bankruptcy

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07/15/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Reflationary Road

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Palladium and Platinum Shine Amid Focus on Supply

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple- Gold price nears $1300 overnight as Vietnam joins the list of countries trying to end gold buying

VIDEO (02:57) : The Street - Gold Grabs Momentum

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iafrica - South Africa's Gold Sector is Dying

VIDEO (03:50) : CNBC - Interview with Marcus Grubbs, World Gold Council's Managing Director and Head of Investment Research says everyone should have a 2% to 10% exposure to Gold

The Royal Mint - The History of Britannia!

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Article & VIDEO (01:23) : WPTV (Florida) - Treasure hunters find 300-year-old gold coins off Treasure Coast

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07/13/13 - Bullion News

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Bullion Street - Now Iraqi's follow Iranians in Gold rush

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The Salt Lake Tribune - Gold and silver still hot commodities in Utah

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ANALYSIS : CHARTS : GoldSilverWorlds - Silver Fundamentals Are Strongest Ever

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MineWeb - South African gold output continues to fall – how much further?

Street Talk Live - What Is A "Liquidity Trap" And Why Is Bernanke Caught In It?

Article & VIDEO(s) : Cato Institute - Can You Spell L-A-F-F-E-R C-U-R-V-E?

CHART : Perth Mint Bullion - Monthly Sales - June 2013

VIDEO (04:15) : The Street - Fed 'Fracking' Up the Economy

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sharps Pixley - Gold & Silver; Temporary Short Squeeze

07/11/13 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Investment U - Palladium: The Rodney Dangerfield of Metals, Gets the Last Laugh

The Telegraph - Dovish Bernanke drives pound and gold higher

VIDEO (28:00) : The Prime Interest - Jim Rickards: Fed Will Taper in September or Never, and the Looming Monetary System Collapse

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Daily Reckoning - Your Personal Gold Standard by Jim Rickards

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The Washington Post - Fed leaders knew they were blowing it at their last meeting, and other tidbits from the FOMC minutes

VIDEO (03:49) : CNBC - The Fed's 'Burning All the Wood' Says Santelli

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Investors Can Run, but They Can’t Hide

Armstrong Economics - US Government Paper Will Be Safe At Least until 2016

CARTOON : Cato Institute - Math Is Hard

My Budget 360 - The debt reckoning has arrived: Total debt owed now approaches $60 trillion while Fed wrestles with interest rate confidence game.

CountingPips - Sprott Money Managers Share the Secret for Surviving the ‘Bernanke Put’ - "Ultimately, we always come back to what we believe—that food, energy and other base and precious metals will do better in the long run."

Prime Values - Could the 1976 Gold Crash Scenario Happen Again? Or Has it Already Past?

Perth Mint Bullion - Gold’s Role As Portfolio Insurance

In Gold We Trust - Hong Kong net gold inflow 715t YTD (5-2013)

The Australian - Bullion demand from China will fuel gold price rebound, says Invictus MD

07/10/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Gold Made Simple - Gold price looking to break two-week overhead resistance

CoinWeek - Industry Insider: IRS Reporting Rules for Cash Transactions and Precious Metals

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : The Automatic Earth - QE, The Velocity of Money And Dislocated Gold

AUDIO : Turning Hard Times into Good Times - Hours I & II: Jay Taylor Interviews James Rickards and Andy Hoffman about Fraudulent Fiat Money, Currency Wars and Gold.

Silver Coins Today - 2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Log 2nd Best June Sales

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London loves Business - BullionVault’s Paul Tustain on turning over £500m with only 35 staff

CNBC - Fed Officials Showed Worry About Easing Policy

The Circle Bastiat - Debunking Governments’ “Lying Statistics” About Inflation

AUDIO (48:25) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - States Need Gold Reserves: Senator Kent Lambert

Times of India - Jewellers to stop selling gold bars, coins to consumers

PDF : U.S. Global Investors - The Asian Giant Stampeding into Gold

MoneyControl - Supply tightens; gold borrowing rates hit 2009 highs

MailTribune (Oregon) - Traffic stop yields meth, gold coins

07/09/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Gains on China Inflation, US Mint Silver Bullion Coins Jump

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Seeking Alpha - The Curious Case Of Physical Demand For Silver Versus Gold

ZeroHedge - A Historic Inversion: Gold GOFO Rates Turn Negative For The First Time Since Lehman

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : GoldSilverWorlds - Telegraphing the Turnaround in Gold

TECHNICIAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Fractal$

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Sprott Asset Mgmnt - Silver… Light at the End of the Tunnel?

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South China Morning Post - China stuck in inflation policy bind as CPI jumps

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MINING - Physical demand helps gold price consolidate gains

07/08/13 - Bullion News

The Week - Has the price of gold hit bottom?

GRAPHIC : The Reformed Broker - The World According to Investors

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AUDIO (28:09) : Mcalvany Financial- Why disconnect between paper (Futures) gold & physical markets?

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Dollar Collapse - European Gold Buying “Remarkable”

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07/07/13 - Bullion News

PDF : TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wizzen Trading - Home In The Range

The Telegraph - Eurozone crisis over? Not by a long, long way

MINING - South Africa's devastating gold industry outlook

Arabian Money - Jim Rogers blames India for the falling price of gold

AUDIO (43:01) : Peak Prosperity - Dan Ariely: Why Humans Are Hard-Wired To Make Irrational Decisions Around Money

Laissez Faire Today - Are We Rome? Not yet, but We’re Getting There

ZeroHedge - The Most Expensive Gas In The World

07/06/13 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – It Is Silver Sending A Message

MineWeb - Silver market shifts: demand and consequence, Part 3

ZeroHedge - Bundesbank Warns China's Currency "On Its Way To Becoming Global Reserve Currency"

Daily Finance - What Gold's Saying About Where the Dow's Headed

CountingPips - The 3 Essential Parts of an Elliott Wave Trade

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Acting Man - Gold & Silver Elliott Wave Count

Mish's Blog - Establishment Survey Jobs +195K; Household Survey +160K; Part-Time Jobs +486,000; 326,000 Full-Time Jobs Lost

Ahead of the Herd - Refutation of Economic Illusion

The Telegraph - The smart money is quietly buying more gold

Numismaster - Skip ‘Postcard’ in Design - "Designing America the Beautiful Quarters"

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZEAL - Long Rates Threaten Gold?

07/05/13 - Bullion News

ANALYSIS : CHART : Gold Made Simple - Pub quiz time: Guess the date of publication for this gold article from the New York Times

VIDEO (06:44) : Arabian Money - Global debt crisis still getting worse and sovereign bond crisis inevitable

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold's Price Moves from the European Perspective

Money Morning - Will the Price of Silver Go Up in 2013?

The Austrian Insider - American Silver Eagle Sales on Pace for a Record July and Year

CoinNews - US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Soar in First Half of 2013

CoinWeek - West Point Silver Eagle Sets Shipping with Delays; Silver Coins May Be Repriced

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Investor Hub - GoldBugs Forum : The Case for $1000 Gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Prometheus Market Insight - Stock Market Investment Risk Remains Near Historic High

Investment U - In Defense of Gold… and “Gold Bugs”

Bloomberg - Gold Holds Luster in China as Imports From Hong Kong Rise

ANALYSIS : CHART : GoldSilverWorlds - Chinese Gold Rush Underway

SilverSeek - The New Law of Supply and Demand by Ted Butler

VIDEO (03:52) : CNBC - Santelli Tunnels Through Jobs Data

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : ZeroHedge - No Manufacturing Jobs But More Waiters And Bartenders Than Ever

VIDEO (04:04) : Fox Business - ManpowerGroup CEO Jeff Joerres on the State of the Job Market

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : VIDEO (21:20) : ZeroHedge - Opportunity Squandered: We Blew It

07/04/13 - Bullion News

Bullion Street - Real Gold of East Vs Paper Gold of West

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Hubert Moolman - Silver Price Forecast: The Dow and Gold Silver Ratio Signals Coming Silver Rally

The Circle Bastiat - Keynesian Economics in a Nutshell

AUDIO : FSN - Mickey Fulp – Mickey’s Monthly Major Market Review

FX Empire - Safe Haven Buying Pushed Gold In The Asian Session

ZeroHedge - Kyle Bass Hunkers Down: "We Dramatically Reduce Portfolio Risk"

Reuters - Perth Mint's June gold sales drop as buyers cautiously watch gold's price direction

VIDEO (46:07) : GoldCore - Has Gold's 'Bubble' Burst Or Is This Another Golden Opportunity?

07/03/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Prices Firm as US Dollar Weakens

Money Morning - Gold Is Monetary Insurance

Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint Scotches Horse Coin Rumour

Summary & VIDEO (20:05) : USA Watchdog - People Want Physical Gold and Silver in Their Hands-Tom Cloud

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : Rick Ackerman - Gold Pulls Back but Still Looks Feisty

Numismaster - Prices Drop but Demand Goes Up

GoldSeek - Rick Rule: “The Precious Metals Could Sell Off Again”

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Wealth Manager - Gold fair value: are we there yet?

AUDIO (45:03) : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Turning of the Tide in Gold Sentiment

Deviant Investor - Silver Market Buy Signal – AGAIN!

Commodity Online - Gold: Those who smell the rat also smell the bull

MineWeb - Gold imports to India's diamond nerve centre dive 90% in June

The Real Asset - What percentage allocation to gold bullion is best?

Hard Assets Investor - Changes In Silver, Part 2: Photovoltaic Demand

Hurriyet Daily News - First Ottoman mint to be renovated

07/02/13 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Fall for First Decline in Three Sessions as Dollar Gains

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : 321gold - Gold Technicals Turn Bullish

The Liberty Crier - Jim Rickards: Gold Is Money, Look At Currencies That No Longer Exist

Mish's Blog - Ritholz on Gold and on Making Predictions; How Secular Bull Markets End; Winning vs. Investing

ANALYSIS : CHART : Advisor Perspectives - Gold: How Much Lower Will it Go?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHARTS : Sunshine Profits - Gold’s Price Moves from the Stocks and Bonds Perspective

U.S. Global Investors - Stay the Course as Mixed Signals Move Markets

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : GoldSeek - Inflation’s shot across the bow

The Circle Bastiat - Is Hayek’s Road to Serfdom Still Relevant Today?

CSInvesting - People are Losing Touch with the Real World

MineWeb - Platinum mining industry in turmoil

Yahoo Finance - Bullion ETF Outflows Continue Despite Gold Price Rebound

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CHART : CountingPips - They Just Rang A Bell On Gold – The Lows Are In!

GoldSilverWorlds - Lower Gold Prices Continue to Spur Demand for the Physical Metal

Bloomberg - India Urges Resisting Gold as Curbs Fail to Stem Currency Slump

Summary & VIDEO (12:59) : Got Gold Report - Drop in gold, silver spot drives demand up

07/01/13 - Bullion News

CSInvesting - Perpetual Wealth

VIDEO (20:53) : Ellis Martin - Ellis Martin Report with David Morgan on Production Slowdowns in Mining

Seeking Alpha - Is India About To Set The Silver Market On Fire?

Ludwig von Mises Institute - Can Bernanke Brake Without Derailing?

ANALYSIS : CHARTS : VIDEO (32:19) : SafeHaven - Velocity of Money and the Coming cRaCK-uP BOOM! w/ Gordon T Long

Cato Institute - 6.8 Day Is Here!

International Man - How to Survive When Prices Double Every Day and a Half

Military - Despite Cuts Fort Knoxs Iconic Status Endures

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