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2nd Quarter - 2021
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) moved during this quarter.

On this page, for each of the precious metals you'll find Interactive > U.S. Dollar, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium precious metal charts.

Below the charts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 2nd Quarter of 2021.

Every news LINK was originally posted on this guide's homepage, on that date.

U.S. Dollar

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary

2nd Quarter - 2021
Bullion News & Commentary

 April 1st   -   June 30th

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

06/30/2021 - Bullion News

The Last Trading Day of the First Half of 2021 Concludes, and Gold Incurs Losses - FX Empire

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD to stop its decline at the $1735 mark – Commerzbank - FX Street

By 2030 You’ll Own Nothing And You’ll Be Happy - Advancing Time

06/29/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Gold nanoparticles injected into tumors could improve radiation treatment for cancer - PHYS.org

Gold Ends Tuesday, June 29, at 2.5-Month Low - Coin News

Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD dives to $1,750 region, lowest since mid-April - FX Street

Basel III Regulations Finally Kick In: What This Means For Gold - Zero Hedge

Fool's gold not completely worthless. There's real gold inside - Scientists figure out how to squeeze real gold out of pyrite - LiveScience


Gold Finds Footing; FedSpeak Stewing - FX Empire

COT Futures Metals Charts: Gold, Comex Silver, Copper Grade #1, Platinum and Palladium - countingpips

Why Gold? - Zero Hedge


PCE Inflation Gauge Rising to 2008 Levels Takes Gold Higher - FX Empire

Why Basel III regulations are poised to shake up the gold market - Market Watch

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Steady in May - Coin News

Key inflation indicator posts biggest year-over-year gain in nearly three decades - CNBC

BofA Crashes The "Transitory" Party: Sees Up To 4 Years Of "Hyperinflation" - Zero Hedge


Precious Metals Split Thursday, June 24 - Coin News

One of the most common questions that a coin dealer hears is, “How much is my coin or bank note worth?...." - Numismatic News

Top Federal Reserve officials ADMIT that soaring consumer prices may last longer than anticipated - despite Fed Chair Jerome Powell insisting inflation surge is 'transitory' - Daily Mail


Chairman Powell Speaks but it Seems Gold Traders Continue to not Listen - FX Empire

BREAKING: U.S. Mint Announces New Morgan, Peace Pre-Order Dates - Numismatic News

Household Debt And Credit Report: Up $85B in Q1 2021 - Advisor Perspectives

Doug Casey on How You Can Think and Act Like a Professional Speculator - International Man



Precious Metals Rise Monday, June 21 - Coin News

Economic Evolution Turns Many Comparisons Obsolete - Advancing Times

Powell Just Launched $2 Trillion In "Heat-Seeking Missiles": Zoltan Explains How The Fed Started The Next Repo Crisis - Zero Hedge

The housing market is on fire. The Fed keeps adding gasoline - CNN Business

Timeline: 150 Years of U.S. National Debt - Visual Capitalist

06/20/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Drops Exceedingly; Fed Ducks Reality - FX Empire

The long history of money - GnS Ecomonimcs

“Cash Grab” – Feds Seize $85 Million From Hundreds of Safe Deposit Boxes without ‘Any Legal Basis’ - The Gateway Pundit


WCU: Commodities drop as FOMC deflates the reflation trade by Ole Hansen - SAXO BANK

The Great American Pension Crisis - Daily Wealth

USA 2021: Capitalism for the Powerless, Crony-Socialism for the Powerful - of two minds

Is Another IMF Gold Sale Fiasco in the Works? - Numismatic News


Largest One-Day Drop This Year, Where Could Gold Trade to From Here? - FX Empire

Platinum's Industrial Use: Interactive Chart - Bullion Vault

Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979 in Philly Fed Survey - BREITBART

Is Inflation "Transitory"? Here's Your Simple Test - Zero Hedge

06/15/2021 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Researchers have turned transparent calcite into artificial gold - PHYS.org

Gold Extends 1-Month Settlement Low - CoinNews

Producer prices climb 6.6% in May on annual basis, largest 12-month increase on record - CNBC


Gold Marks 1-Month Low in Week’s Start - Coin News

Transitory or Not, Inflation Is Here. It Could Be Much Higher Than You Realize - U.S. Global Investors

The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Are Uncle Sam's Largest Assets? - Advisor Perspectives


Gold Goin’ Red Ahead of the Fed - FX Empire

"The Transitory Scam" - Ten Companies Warn About Passing Along Rising Costs To Consumers - Zero Hedge

Real Interest Rates Suggest It's a Good Time to Buy and Hold Gold - Mish Talk


Gold Rises Slightly as U.S. Inflation Marks Near 13-Year High - Coin News

BofA Just Threw Up All Over The Fed's "Transitory" Argument: Here's Why - Zero Hedge

“Transitory” Inflation? — Sublime Yet Ridiculous - Gold Switzerland

Gold Price Could Hit Five Digits by 2030 - Nasdaq


Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Strengthens Over $1899.20, Weakens Under $1886.80 - FX Empire

2021 Central Bank Gold Reserves Survey - Gold Hub (WGC)

The Fed Says Inflation Is Transitory, It Has a Vested Interest to Lie - Mish Talk

Yellen Is Wrong: Economist Who 'Wrote The Book' On No-Flation Sounds Alarm Over Policymaker Complacency - Zero Hedge

Stuart Weitzman’s 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin Sells for a Record US$18.9 Million at Sotheby’s - BARRON'S

06/07/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD testing key resistance ahead of Super Thursday - FX Street

U.S. Mint Offers Point of Clarification Regarding Shortage of Silver - Coin News

Deutsche Bank warns of global ‘time bomb’ coming due to rising inflation - CNBC

Yellen Admits Inflation Is About To Surge, Says It Will Be A "Plus For Society" - Zero Hedge


Gold’s June Swoon - FX Empire

The Geopolitics of Gold - Gold Money

The Fed and our politicians are playing with fire - CBP


Gold futures end higher, pare weekly loss after U.S. employment data misses estimates - msn (Market Watch)

Mint officials postpone offerings of 2021 Morgan, Peace dollars - Coin World

CNBC’s Santelli: Extra Government Benefits to Blame for Disappointing Jobs Numbers - BREITBART

Is the Market Still Overvalued? - Advisor Perspectives

UN "Worried" As Global Food Prices Soar To Ten Year High - Zero Hedge


Selling Pressure in Gold Following the Release of ADP’s Private-Sector Jobs Report - FX Empire

Investors starting to favor gold and dollars - Korea JoongAng Daily

Federal Reserve Sees Widespread Supply-Chain Disruptions, Labor Shortages, and Rising Prices - BREITBART

Tennessee Will Explore The Possibility Of A State Gold Depository - Zero Hedge

05/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Great? Or Sedate? - FX Empire

The Fed’s Argument That It’s Not Directly Financing Government Debt Finally Fails - Zero Hedge


Both Gold and Copper Have Dad Two Months of Stellar Performance - FX Empire

And Now Prices Are Really Soaring: May Rent Jump Is Biggest On Record - Zero Hedge

Bitcoin vs Gold - Sprott Money

05/27/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Slip Below $1,900/oz - Coin News

Why silver prices lag behind copper’s gains, but outperform gold - msn


Gold Breaks Above $1900, Before Breaking Back Below $1900 After The NYC Close - FX Empire

Gold Registers 9th Gain in 10 Sessions - Coin News

The CPI Revisited And Its Failure To Reflect True Inflation - Advancing Time


Gold in Top Gear - FX Empire

Opinion: More investors than ever are borrowing to buy stocks. Here’s what this really means for the market - Market Watch

Apples-to-Apples, Consumer Price Inflation Is Nearing 1970-Type Numbers - Zero Hedge

Meat Eaters Hit Hardest as Inflation Sweeps U.S. Grocery Aisles - Yahoo Finance

Feds signal crackdown on cryptocurrency after volatile week - NewYork Post


Gold prices settle lower, but tally 3rd straight weekly gain - Market Watch

Keep Your Eyes On Silver Prices Heading Into June - FX Empire

Fed Drains $351 Billion in Liquidity from Market via Reverse Repos, as Banking System Creaks under Mountain of Reserves - Wolf Street

Is Institutional Investment Warming to Gold Once More? - ETF Trends

SocGen says bitcoin’s place in a portfolio ‘remains highly contested,’ gold is a better stabilizer - CNBC

05/19/2021 - Bullion News

Buy The Rumor And Sell The Fact? Or Buy The Fact And Sell The Rumor? - FX Empire

What To Expect – A Critical Breakout Warning For Gold, Silver & Miners Explained (Video) - countingpips

Platinum Industrial Demand Set to Rebound, But Analysts Split Over Market Balance - Bullion Vault

Margin Debt and the Market: Up Another 3% in April, Continues Record Trend - Advisor Perspectives


Gold and Silver Log Multi-Month Highs Tuesday, May 18 - CoinNews

Million-ounce palladium deficit will drive record prices, says Metals Focus - Mining(DOT)com

No Inflation If You Don't Eat, Sleep or Travel - Bullion Vault

Housing Starts Crash as Rising Costs Crimp Construction - Breitbart

Rare silver coin portraying King Charles I discovered in a field in Maryland - msn


Gold Logs Best Close in Over Four Months - Coin News

COT: Speculators sell into overheated commodity market - SAXO Bank

United States Mint offering 2021 Morgan and Peace dollars in three pre-order windows - Mint News Blog

Market Analysis: MS-70 1999 silver bullion coin brings $14,400 - Coin World


Gold price: Here’s what to expect in the week ahead - invezz

Gold Works Whilst Stagflation Lurks - FX Empire

CFTC Commitments of Traders – Net Length in Gold Futures Increased as Price Strengthened to 3-Month High - ActionForex

Dollar's Demise And Doom Predictions Are "Over Hyped" - Advancing Time

05/14/2021 - Bullion News

Gold’s Recent Headwind Shifts To A Tailwind - The Felder Report

Does inflation signal lift-off for gold? - Fidelity

Will Precious Metals Investors Get the Last Laugh? - Money Metals Exchange

Law Enforcement Coin Recreated with LEGOs® - Numismatic News

Gold's Top 10 Central Banks - Bullion Vault


Gold prices log first back-to-back decline in May after jump in U.S. inflation pushes up bond yields and dollar - Market Watch

Inflation speeds up in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008 - CNBC

Arkansas has joined the 38 other states that offer a sales and use tax exemption on coins, currency and bullion - Coin World


Gold Continues to Rally, Moving Above Former Resistance - FX Empire

The Inflation Monster Has Been Unleashed - Advancing Time

$50k in lumber built just over 10 homes in 2020, today only 2.1 homes - Zero Hedge

Visualizing the Recent Explosion in Lumber Prices - Visual Capitalist


Commodities Remain the Hot Property of 2021 - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Comex Gold, Silver, Copper Grade #1, Platinum & Palladium - countingpips

Gold Price Pattern Cup And Handle…To The Moon? - Investing.com

April American Eagle silver and gold bullion coins sales down - Coin World


Gold settles at a nearly 3-month high after a weaker-than-expected U.S. April jobs report - Market Watch

Gold and Silver Log Highest Settlements Since February - Coin News

Mint Statistics: April Sales Wrap for Gold, Silver Bullion - Numismatic News

Gold is Turning - International Man

05/06/2021 - Bullion News

Gold prices top $1,800, settle at highest since February - Market Watch

Sam Zell Buys Gold With Inflation 'Reminiscent of the 1970s' - Financial Post

Gundlach Warns America's "Unfunded Liabilities" Are $163 Trillion, More Than 5x National Debt - Zero Hedge

United Kingdom: Royal Mint’s tribute to popular “Queen’s Beasts” series features all designs on one coin — including their largest-ever 10-kilo gold “masterwork” - Coin Update


Yesterday’s Advance in Metals Met Strong Resistance Today - FX Empire

Silver Could Continue to Outshine Gold - Nasdaq


Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Higher U.S. Real Rates Will Keep the Pressure on Prices - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Copper, Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium - countingpips

"The Costs Are Up, Up, Up. We're Seeing Substantial Inflation" Admits A Surprised Warren Buffett As Powell, Yellen See Nothing - Zero Hedge

Trade Deficit Again Growing, Now It's Bigger Than Ever - Advancing Time

04/30/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Weekly Forecast: XAU/USD snaps three-week winning streak, looks to test $1,760 - FX Street

Silver Market Squeeze Not Coming Soon - Numismatic News

Gold Is Money (Or Should Be) - Bullion Vault

Now THAT'S a big chunk of change! 22lb Royal Mint coin made from £10,000 of gold sells for a 'six figure sum' estimated to be as much £700,000 - This is Money

Gold Demand Trends Q1 2021 - World Gold Council


Top commodities to trade during 2021 amid global reflation: Silver and copper to outshine gold price - FX Street

Strong U.S. Equities, Bond Yields, and GDP Put Pressure on Gold - FX Empire

"We're On An Economic Cliff!" - Zero Hedge

Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves - U.S. Global Investors


Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD struggles for direction, flat-lined above $1,780 level - FX Street

Stock Buybacks A Piece Of "Financial Engineering Game" - Advancing Time

Forget 2% Inflation. With Margins Forcefully Squeezed, Big Companies Raise Prices, Point at Massive Inflation Overshoot - Wolf Street


Gold Triple Top Suggests Upside Pop - FX Empire

Attention shoppers: Price hikes are ahead, but consumer companies hope you won’t notice - CNBC

Gold Gets Boost on Multiple Fronts - Numismatic News

Mint tightens household limits for 2021 silver dollars - Coin World


Gold Gives Up One-Half Percent Of Recent Gains - FX Empire

Dollar Slumps to 6-Week Low; Bitcoin Steadies After Weekend Drop - The Epoch Times

pdf: GOLD OUTLOOK TO Q1 2022: DOWN BUT NOT OUT - Wisdom Tree

pdf: WORLD SILVER SURVEY 2021 - Silver Institute


Gold And Silver Continue To Gain Value As Multiple Events Support Safe-Haven Assets - FX Empire

Keep 10-15% of assets in physical gold, avoid Bitcoin: Mark Mobius - Economic Times

Strategic Edge Video Series: James Steel of HSBC Bank - World Gold Council

The Next Economic Crisis - Will Your Wealth Survive? - Advancing Time


Goldbug Macro Mirth and How Drunks Go Bankrupt - Bullion Vault

Gold and silver look for momentum on fresh dollar weakness - SAXO Bank

Gold and Silver Surge As Yields Drop And Geopolitical Tensions Rise - FX Empire

Ever Fewer People Need Ever More Money...Said Nobody, Ever (Except the Federal Reserve) - Econimica

04/13/2021 - Bullion News

The Consumer Price Index Indicates Growing Inflation - FX Empire

US Mint Gold Coin Sales Hit New Peak in March - Scrap Monster

The Gold Investment Thesis Revisited - Sprott


Gold Declines Monday, April 12 - Coin News

Inflation Concerns To Keep Supporting Gold Price - Investing

Fed Chair Jerome Powell Goes on 60 Minutes to Present a False Narrative on Mega Banks He Supervises Loaning Out their Balance Sheets to Hedge Funds - Wall Street on Parade

Macro Risks To The Stock Market Are Mounting - The Felder Report

Hordes Of Demoralized Cops Are Quitting Their Jobs, And America's Streets Are Less Safe As A Result - Zero Hedge


We’ll Soon Behold 1800 Gold - FX Empire

Producer Prices Blow Out - Wolf Street


Gold slips from one-month high as dollar, yields stage rebound - Nasdaq

Why gold’s biggest quarterly drop in 4 years doesn’t mark the end of its bull cycle - Market Watch

American financial markets and the specter of inflation - Austrian Economics Center


Gold Cracks $1,750; Watch on Whether Yields, Dollar Will Disrupt Party - investing

AUDIO: Know When to Hold ‘em – APMEX CEO Ken Lewis - Coin World

VIDEO: Does National Debt Still Matter? America's Greatest Gamble - Reason

04/06/2021 - Bullion News

Gold and Platinum Post Fourth Straight Gains - Coin News

Gold Price Analysis: XAU/USD set to average $1800 in 2021 – Citibank - FX Street

Why Not Remove Nominal Value From SAE (Silver American Eagle)? - Numismatic News

Legislation again seeks rule change for coin compositions - Coin World

India’s March gold imports surge 471pc to a record 160 tonnes - Business Recorder


Gold Edges Higher Monday, April 5 - Coin News

US National Debt Passes $28 Trillion, +$4.7 Trillion in 13 Months. General Treasury Account Down by $480 Billion in 2 Months, $620 Billion to Go - Wolf Street

Biden's $2.2 Trillion Trojan Horse - GoldSeek

04/04/2021 - Bullion News

Gold Buyers Own the Trading Volume - FX Empire

COT Metals Futures Charts: Palladium, Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum - countingpips

Where's the Inflation? Someone Just Paid $660,000 For An Unopened 1986 Copy Of Super Mario Bros. - Zero Hedge

Inflation Scare? Gold Kaufen! - Bullion Vault

Gold Miners Recorded Record High Margins in 2020 - U.S. Global Investors


Precious Metals Gain in April Start - Coin News

Bullion Delivery Problems at World Mints - Numismatic News

US Dollar's Status As Dominant "Global Reserve Currency" Drops To 25-Year Low - Zero Hedge

The Doom Is Impending, From Lockdowns but Not the Virus - AIER

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