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2nd Quarter - 2018
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) and the U.S. Dollar prices moved during this quarter.

On this page, you'll first find 3-year, 1-year, and quarterly charts for each of the precious metals and the U.S. Dollar.

Below the charts, is a list of blog posts made by this guide during the quarter.

Under the Blog posts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 2nd Quarter of 2018.

Every news headline was originally posted on this guide's homepage.

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The charts below are provided by the courtesy of


U.S. Dollar

2nd Quarter of 2018 - U.S. Dollar

Quarterly Chart

usdx quarterly chart

2nd Quarter of 2018 - U.S. Dollar

1-Year Chart

usdx price chart

2nd Quarter of 2018 - U.S. Dollar

3-Year Chart

usdx price chart

Bullion News

Price Charts

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Gold Price

Quarterly Chart

gold quarterly chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Gold Price

1-Year Chart

gold price chart

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Gold Price

3-Year Chart

gold price chart

Bullion News

Price Charts

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Silver Price

Quarterly Chart

silver quarterly chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Silver Price

1-Year Chart

silver price chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Silver Price

3-Year Chart

silver price chart

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Price Charts

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Platinum Price

Quarterly Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Platinum Price

1-Year Chart

platinum price chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Platinum Price

3-Year Chart

platinum price chart

Price Charts

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Palladium Price

Quarterly Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Palladium Price

1-Year Chart

palladium price chart

Bullion News

2nd Quarter of 2018 - Palladium Price

3-Year Chart

palladium price chart

The charts above are provided by the courtesy of www.stockcharts.com.

2nd Qtr of 2018
Blog Posts

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2nd Quarter - 2018
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page for relevancy.

6/29/2018 - Bullion News

Gold ends losing streak, but suffers 5.5% quarterly decline - Market Watch

Price drop spurs India gold demand, buyers eye bigger dips - Reuters

PDF: June - Silver News Journal - The Silver Institute

Russia and China Are Stockpiling Gold - The Gold Telegraph

Higher Rates, Looser Money - Bullion Vault

6/28/2018 - Bullion News

Gold prices mark fourth decline for longest losing streak in nearly 5 months - Market Watch

Gold Prices Unmoved as US 10-2 Yield Spread Hits 2007 Low, China 'Ready for All-Out Trade War' - Financial Sense

Silver, Gold American Eagles Most Counterfeited Bullion Coins: ICTA - Coin Week

VIDEO: How Billionaire Investors Are Protecting Their Wealth - Visual Capitalist

Need help? Ask a coin dealer - Numismatic News

6/26/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Medical Research: CRISPR with a heart of gold helps ailing mice - nature

Video: Gold Bull Bill Baruch, president and founder at Blue Line Research, Sees Price Climbing Above $1,300 in Next 30-60 Days - Bloomberg

It Gets Spiky: The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America - WolfStreet

U.S. Gold Exports to London Surge - SRSrocco Report

InfoGraphic: How Long Do Investors Plan to Hold Onto Bitcoin? - Visual Capitalist

6/25/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Sees Modest Buying On Slightly Weaker Dollar - Kitco

Charts: Margin Debt and the Market - Advisor Perspectives

Charts: The Farce That is the US Treasury Market - Econimica

R.I.P. : Richard Harrison, Patriarch of “Pawn Stars” Reality TV Dynasty, Dead at 77 - Coin World

Gold Nano Technology: Milk spots on silver coins may be removable - Numismatic News

6/24/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Shining a Light on Gene Regulation - The University of Delaware

What’s behind the drop in gold and platinum? - Moneyweb

Banks May Be Using Lehman-Style Trick to Disguise Debt - Bloomberg

AUDIO: Ben Hunt On The Unparalleled Power Of Narrative In The Financial Markets - The Felder Report

The Mystery of John Williams at the New York Fed - Danielle DiMartino Booth

6/22/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Investing? Look Away Now - Bullion Vault

Trade War Noise vs Earnings Signal - Dr. Ed's Blog

Trade War Would Spark Inflation, Slow Economic Growth, Hinder Stock Prices - Forbes

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY: Scientists strike (nano)gold in search for bacteria detection methods - Royal Society of Chemistry

CHARTS: The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: Z.1 Update - Advisor Perspectives

US Mint Sales: Voyageurs Quarters and 5 Oz. Coin Debut - Coin News

GOLD SCAM: Fake Gold Scam Reaches Airdrie - Discover Airdrie (Canada)

6/21/2018 - Bullion News

GLD Investors Uninterested, Asian Demand 'Muted' as Gold Price Hits 6-Month Dollar Lows - Bullion Vault

Encourage hands-on activities for youth - Numismatic News

Automobile industry consumes nearly 80 percent of world’s mined palladium - Coin World

VIDEO: Confessions of a debt collector - Yahoo Finance

InfoGraphic: The Richest World Leaders - MoneyPod

6/19/2018 - Bullion News

'America the Beautiful' - 2020-2021 Quarter and 5 Oz Coin Design Candidates - CoinNews

Gold Is at a 5-Month Low: Here's Why Gold Stock Investors Shouldn't Worry - The Motley Fool

A hawkish Federal Reserve is here - THE HILL

It Is Too Early To Buy Gold - Forbes

GOLD SCAMS: 'It's definitely spiking now': More people in Ottawa getting targeted by gold scam - Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

6/18/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Novel Gold Nanocomplex for Cancer Drug Delivery - The Hindu

Gold notches modest bounce from lowest close of 2018 - Market Watch

5 Reasons The Drop In Gold Prices Shouldn't Worry Investors - Forbes

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Buy “Junk Silver” - Money Metals Exchange

The IMF - What Is It - And Is It Overrated? - Advancing Time

6/15/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Destroying Tumors with Gold Nanoparticles - The Conversation

Gold Testing Critical Support But Analysts Still See Potential Next Week - Kitco

Gold Market? Tumbleweed - Bullion Vault

Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Mixed in May - Coin News

Here are the top 10 gold-producing countries - Business Insider

6/14/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Gains, Silver Leaps as Fed Hikes, ECB Moves to End New QE - Bullion Vault

Info-Graphic: Visualizing the Longest Bull Markets of the Modern Era - Visual Capitalist

Coins merit national tax exemption - Numismatic News

In Hiking Interest Rates, Jerome Powell is Living Dangerously - Mises Institute

Gold Nano Technology: Researchers discover gold nanoparticles in natural plant tissues - nanowerk

6/13/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Russian Scientists Develop Express Test to Identify Cancer - Sputnik News

Asia Stocks Seen Mixed After Fed's Hawkish Note: Markets Wrap - Bloomberg

VIDEO: Fed Chair Jerome Powell Holds Press Conference - June 13, 2018 - CNBC

What Today's Fed Rate Hike Means For Your Debt - Forbes

CHARTS: What Inflation Means to You: Inside the Consumer Price Index - Advisor Perspectives

6/12/2018 - Bullion News

Gold is Boring. But Boring is Good - Energy & Capital

Consumer inflation rising at fastest pace in 6 years, CPI shows - Market Watch

Inflation: An X-Ray View of the Components - Advisor Perspectives

US Economy: Pedal to the Metal - Dr. Ed's Blog

India's Gold Industry 'Faces Transition' in 'Challenging' 2018 - Bullion Vault

6/11/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Slip, Silver at 7-Week High as Trump Follows G7 'Walkout' with Kim Summit - Bullion Vault

Here’s What You Need to Know Before This Week’s Federal Reserve Meeting - The Motley Fool

Texas Gold Investors Just Got Their Own Fort Knox - Forbes

"Will The Real Global Economy Please Stand Up" - Econimica

Venezuela annual inflation hits 24,600 percent in May: National Assembly - Reuters

6/10/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: Trade Tensions Limit Downside Potential - Investopedia

The History And Rising Power of Central Banks - The Gold Telegraph

Fix Recession? Don't Start Here - Bullion Vault

Gold regains sparkle in buyers’ eyes - Numismatic News

Pot of gold found in abandoned French house - The Local (France)

6/08/2018 - Bullion News

Silver Prices +2% for Week as Gold 'Struggles' at $1300, G7 Set for 'Trade War' Row - Bullion Vault

SOLD OUT Latest bullion coin sell outs at The Perth Mint - Perth Mint Blog

CHART: Investor Cash Allocations - TopDown Charts

Bond Market Stability Must Again Be Questioned - Advancing Time

Asia Gold-Demand quiet amid small price moves, India discounts widen - Reuters

6/07/2018 - Bullion News

Economic Reality Will Soon Be Knocking On The Gate - Advancing Time

Gold futures mark highest finish about a week - Market Watch

Don’t place short-term metal bets - Numismatic News

U.S. Mint sales of American Eagle half-ounce gold bullion coins stall - Coin World

5 things to expect from next week’s Fed meeting - Bank Rate

6/05/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Investing Goes AWOL As Google Searches To 'Buy Gold' Hit 11-Year Low - Forbes

Silver Price Volatility Hits 17-Year Low - Bullion Vault

Total U.S. Public Debt & Interest Expense Hit A New Record High - SRSrocco Report

FANGMAN Stocks Are Not a Bubble, Pleads Goldman Sachs - Wolf Street

Coin Finds: Supermarket visits deliver Wheat pennies, Mercury dimes - Numismatic News

6/04/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Ends Monday at Near Two-Week Low - CoinNews

Smart Money Is Moving Into Gold As Volatility Returns - Forbes

Gold Prices Are About to Get a Boost Thanks to the Trade War - Money Morning

CHART: Eurozone Credit Risk - TopDown Charts

4 debt-related words everyone should know - Yahoo Finance

6/03/2018 - Bullion News

AUDIO: The Bond Market: On the Precipice - Financial Sense

VIDEO: Why Silver Prices Have Over 30% Upside - HedgeEye

Visa Goes Down in the UK, Chaos Ensues, Cash is Suddenly King - Wolf Street

Gold Production On The Cusp of Peaking - The Gold Telegraph

What Patient Zero, Japan, Can Tell Us About China & The Developed World At Large - Econimica

Meghan Markle gives gold demand a boost - Business Insider

Formidable animals match up to impress on new silver bullion coin - Perth Mint Blog

6/01/2018 - Bullion News

Once Again, Gold Is Not Commodity - Sunshine Profits

OPINION: Gold continues to disappoint, so why are market-timers bullish? - Market Watch

AUDIO: Danielle DiMartino Booth on the Fed's Mission Impossible - Mises Institute

Spinning Italy's Distressed Debt into Gold - U.S. Global Investors

Why Gold Is The King Monetary Asset, Not Bitcoin - SRSrocco Report

5/31/2018 - Bullion News

Affluent Asia, U.S. & Other Factors Likely to Sustain Gold - Nasdaq

Italy, Who Wins? The Market, the Euro or Voters? - Bullion Vault

Hand them something strange - Numismatic News

3 debts you should watch as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates - CNBC

Visting Egyptian scholar finds gold coins in thrift store suitcase, tracks down rightful owner in Boulder - The Denver Post

5/30/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Edges Up 0.2%, Ending At More Than Two-Week High - Coin News

CHART: Gold in € has moved to a 2-yr high.... - Tom McClellan (twitter)

Silver Eagles repeat Morgan dollar history - Numismatic News

The Federal Reserve just rolled out major changes to a key post-financial crisis Wall Street regulation - Business Insider

NANOTECHNOLOGY: The BS and the Science of Nanotechnology - The Conversation

5/29/2018 - Bullion News

Gold ends lower as dollar gains, finds some support on Italy turmoil - Market Watch

FOREX-Euro falls to 10-month low after Italy debt selloff - Reuters

VIDEO: Danielle DiMartino Booth: How and Why Central Banks Need to Normalize Monetary Policy - Leergeld.EU

How Crypto Kills Cash - Bullion Vault

5/27/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: Contagion Fears Important; Small-Scale Losses Likely - Investopedia

Gold Investing: Dow Ratio vs. 50 Years' Data - Bullion Vault

AUDIO: The Factor – The Big Risk Nobody Is Talking About - Financial Sense

Liquidity Trap's Wild Potential To Unlease Inflation - Part 2 - Advancing Time

B.C. jewellers warn public about fake gold scam - Terrace Standard

Speculation on Hyperinflation - Deviant Investor

What Was the Real Purpose of QE? - Econimica

5/24/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: Lasering in on Retinoblastoma - Advanced Science News

Gold: Trump cancels meeting with Kim sends gold past $1,300/oz - FXStreet

Gold up, dollar down? Not quite - Numismatic News

The Gamble: If Gold Won’t Go Up, Push the Dollar Down - Dean Acheson thought Roosevelt’s plan in 1933 was a “sham.” Part three of “American Default.” - Bloomberg

Would-be thief foiled by fake gold at Wyoming business - WOODTV-8 (Wyoming, Mich)

5/22/2018 - Bullion News

Gold NanoParticle Cancer Research: Researcher develops nanoparticle-based tags to detect viruses and cancer with high sensitivity - News Medical

Gold: What the 'King Dollar Gives... - Bullion Vault

America doesn't have enough truckers, and it's starting to cause prices to rise - msn

AUDIO: Eric Cinnamond On ‘The Rapidly Increasing Inflationary Environment’ - The Felder Report

Winners and Losers of $100 Oil - Energy & Capital

EU Banks Remain Massive Problem - Advancing Time

'Holy grail' of shipwrecks laden with treasures worth £12.6 BILLION that sank to the bottom of the Caribbean 300 years ago was found using an autonomous robot - Daily Mail

5/20/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Price Forecast: Losses Limited by Contagion Fears - Investopedia

"Liquidity Trap" Differs from Standard Liquidity Problem - Advancing Time

Federal Reserve Nominee Wants To Take Your Cash And Track How You Spend - The Federalist

Children of the Revolution - Bullion Vault

Twenty-Four-Karat Chicken Wings and the Allure of Eating Gold - The New Yorker

5/17/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Ends at New 2018 Low - Coin News

Charts: Household Debt And Credit Report: Up $536B in Q1, Another Peak - Advisor Perspectives

Dollar pushes gold around - Numismatic News

3 reasons the gold rout may be over - Business Insider

Venezuela’s Misery Due to Socialist Principles, Not Oil Prices - The Gold Telegraph

5/16/2018 - Bullion News

John Paulson and Ray Dalio Stay Loyal to Gold - Bloomberg

Gold scores first gain in 4 sessions - Market Watch

Don’t confuse good investing with online entertainment - Numismatic News

Rising rates could have big implications for financial markets, including causing a bear market in gold - CNBC

Fear Now, Love Coming for Gold - Bullion Vault

5/15/2018 - Bullion News

Gold hits fresh 2018 low as rising yields lift dollar - Reuters

Consumers Skip More High-Rate Auto Payments Than During Crisis - Bloomberg

Platinum in 'Stark Contrast' with Palladium as Mining 'Hamstrung' - Bullion Vault

Something's Amiss in the U.S. Jobs Market - Danielle DiMartino-Booth (Linkedin)

New Bullion Coin: The Perth Mint unveils first 2oz ‘piedfort’ for silver bullion investors - The Perth Mint

A Cashless Society – It is Coming - The Gold Telegraph

Space mining could become a real thing — and it could be worth trillions - CNBC

5/14/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research: MU Med School Researcher Plumbs Potential of Herbs in Cancer Fight - ST. Louis Post-Dispatch

Gold’s Beauty Contest (Bull Market) Still Has Legs - Bloomberg

Money Managers Add To Bullish Positioning In Gold - Kitco

Incomplete silver COT analysis - SilverSeek

Palladium in Cars Set for Record on Demand From China - Bloomberg

5/11/2018 - Bullion News

Gold ends lower, but books a weekly climb as dollar’s run cools - Market Watch

St. Louis Fed's Bullard says rates already near neutral, no more raises needed - Reuters

The U.S. Yield Curve Is the Flattest Since August 2007 - Bloomberg

Gold and 90% Other Stuff - Bullion Vault

On the Loose: Thieves steal $35K worth of antique coins, silver - Fox5 (San Diego, CA)

5/10/2018 - Bullion News

Will interest on the debt exceed defense spending by 2022? - PolitiFact

Seniors, Students and the Middle Class are Buried in Debt… Consumer Debt up 50% Since 2008… - Gold Telegraph

Coin Finds: Halves discovered in old laundromat machine - Numismatic News

Gold Gets a Lifeline From a Surprising Source: Cheap Flights and Cars - Bloomberg

U.S. Mint reverses slide in gold bullion coin sales in April - Coin World

5/08/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Bullion Drops vs US Dollar But Tests 2-Year High for Australia's Miners - Bullion Vault

AUDIO: Simon Mikhailovich On The Ultimate Insurance Policy: Gold - The Felder Report

Gold seen at highest annual price for five years in 2018: GFMS - Reuters

Purchasing Power – In Silver - The Deviant Investor

Know Your Rights With Debt Collectors - two cents

5/07/2018 - Bullion News

Gold slips as dollar index climbs to 2018 peak - Reuters

How interest rate hikes and a lack of scarcity brought the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle gold coin sales to the lowest levels in a decade - Mint News Blog

CHARTS: Deep Thoughts... - Market Anthropology

Comex is a Side Show - FOFOA

CARTOON: The Fed Motto - Hedgeye

5/06/2018 - Bullion News

Gold And Silver: The Prozac Markets - Investing

Gold can get to 5 year highs if it can clear one technical hurdle: Bank of America - CNBC

Federal Reserve should give everyone checking accounts, new study says - Market Watch

Yale Peabody Displays 'California Gold' - Hartford Courant

New 2019 OFFICIAL BLUE BOOK™ expanded with full-color sections - Mint News Blog

5/04/2018 - Bullion News

Don't Be Afraid Of Fed, Gold Price To Touch $1,600 - Forbes

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - May 4, 2018 - Gold Seek

Fed will view April jobs report as signaling it does not have to rush to raise interest rates - Market Watch

In Birthplace of Junk, Investors See Risks After Decade of Debt - Bloomberg

Debt and Delusions – Part Two - The Deviant Investor

5/03/2018 - Bullion News

Gold bounces off two-month low to halt 3-session slide - Market Watch

Commodity Cycle Turns - Bullion Vault

Debt grip holds world economy - Numismatic News

Stupid To Hold Cash? I Think not! - Advancing Time

QUIZ: Wise Words About Money - MoneyPod

5/02/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE MEDICAL RESEARCH: A new point-of-need nanodiagnostic for better healthcare - PHYS.ORG

Gold, Silver Punished By Powerful Greenback Gains - Kitco

Gold: Still Nothing to See. Yet - Bullion Vault

CHART: The Perth Mint's Monthly Sales – April 2018 - Perth Mint Blog

Fed holds interest rates steady, says inflation is close to its target - Business Insider

Here's what changed in the new Fed statement - CNBC

Thank The Fed? The World’s Billionaire Investors Are Buying Gold - The Gold Telegraph

5/01/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Bubbles and Ultrasound to Fight Cancer - Advanced Science News

'Price Trumps Trump' as Gold Investing Hits Bear-Market Lows - Bullion Vault

Coin Finds: 1800s Seated Liberty makes appearance - Numismatic News

New bullion coins display exotic Australian bird of paradise design - Perth Mint Blog

This Billionaire Has Put Half His Net Worth Into Gold - Bloomberg

4/30/2018 - Bullion News

Gold challenged by rising dollar, reduced geo-risks for now - SAXO Group

Gold ends lower as dollar eyes best month since February 2017 - Market Watch

The Fed's preferred inflation measure nears its 2% target - Business Insider

If you want to preserve your wealth, buy physical gold – precious metals expert to RT - RT

CHARTS: Stockmarket Leverage - TopDown Charts

4/29/2018 - Bullion News

The market is brewing the perfect storm for a spike in gold prices - Business Insider

US Federal Reserve likely to hold interest rates amid market sensitivity - livemint

Bottom for prices might be forming - Numismatic News

St. Louis Federal Reserve says Bitcoin is 'Like Regular Currency' - Fortune

Venezuela: The Inflationary Nightmare - Gold Telegraph

4/27/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Has Explosive Potential - Gundlach - Kitco

Mint Statistics: I should have taken a week’s vacation - Numismatic News

VIDEO: Standard Chartered Precious Metals Analyst Suki Cooper discusses the on Platinum and Palladium markets - Bloomberg

Federal grand jury indicts top Northwest Territorial Mint officials - Coin World

Australian Swan bullion coins return with highly appealing new design - Perth Mint Blog

4/24/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Bullion 'On Back Foot' vs Rising US Dollar But GLD Holdings Near Brexit High - Bullion Vault

Safe-haven Demand Could Push Silver Prices Higher in 2018 - Silver Investing News

World Currency Will Be Part Of The Financial Endgame - Advancing Time

Royal Canadian Mint calls Royal Canadian Mounted Police after two kilos of gold worth $110K go missing - Ottawa Citizen

Debt and Delusions – Part One - The Deviant Investor

4/24/2018 - Bullion News

Gold snaps 3-day losing streak as stock-market selloff sparks haven demand - Market Watch

Silver price could increase in 2018 on safe-haven demand - CPM - Reuters

tweet: Global debt hit a new record high of $164 trillion in 2016, the equivalent of 225% of global GDP - Ken Rutkowski

Will Kim’s denuclearization dethronize gold? - Resource Investor

‘We Welcome Anonymous Cryptocurrencies’ : US Federal Reserve Breaks Down Bitcoin in New Study - CCN

4/23/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: New Method to Make Drugs Smarter Developed - MeD India

10-Year Treasury Yield is Around 3%: Should You Care? - Nasdaq

Palladium plunges as U.S. hints at Russia sanctions relief - Bullion Vault

Palladium plunges as U.S. hints at Russia sanctions relief - Reuters

Types of Gold Standards - BullionStar

4/22/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Price Drop May Continue, OPEC Mulls Extending Output Cuts - Daily FX

The Last 2 Times This Happened, Silver Surged Higher - The Motley Fool

Avoid Counterfeiters When Buying And Selling Precious Metals - Stock Investor

CHARTS: Russian and Turkey Lead Central Bank Gold Buying in 2018 - BGASC

Sliver of Germany's mighty gold stash goes on show for the first time - The Telegraph

VIDEO: How To Hide Gold From The Nazis In Plain Sight - The Blaze

4/20/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Remote-control shoots laser at nano-gold to turn on cancer-killing immune cells - Science Daily

Gold’s decline sends prices lower for the week - Market Watch

Russia Sanctions Spook Palladium Investors - Bloomberg

Electric Vehicles Will Cut into Platinum and Palladium Demand - Energy & Capital

Can Morgan silver dollar prices only go up? - Numismatic News

4/19/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: New cancer monitoring technology worth its weight in gold - PHYS.org

Precious Metals Futures Decline, Silver Slips From Near 3-Month High - CoinNews

VIDEO: Danielle DiMartino-Booth - IMF Issues Growth Forecast - Boom Bust (RT)

The Fed Has Forgotten The Lessons Of 2008 - Real Investment Advice

Does The "Normalization" of the Fed's Balance Sheet Signal the Next Asset Collapse Has Begun? - Econimica

4/18/2018 - Bullion News

Gold Hits 18-Month High vs 'Safe Haven' Franc But Silver Jumps Faster as Trump Slams TPP - Bullion Vault

Feds Taxed and Borrowed $4.47 Trillion Since Last Tax Day; $13,737 for Every Man, Woman, Child in USA - cnsnews

Ask for discount on older bullion coins - Numismatic News

The Federal Reserve Has Done a Great Job at Destroying The Middle Class - The Gold Telegraph

China's Gold Mining Output Shrinks Again - Bullion Vault

4/16/2018 - Bullion News

Gold inches up as dollar slides, even as risk premium fades - Reuters

Silver Trading 'Oversold' on Record High Short Position - Bullion Vault

The Fed Is Behind - Financial Sense

Quantitative Easing and the Debt Bubble - The Gold Telegraph

When did the U.S. Mint charge face value for proofs? - Numismastic News

4/15/2018 - Bullion News

Fascinating Week For Gold: Lots of Moving Parts - The Gold Telegraph

Physical gold sales jump 253% at London store as global geopolitical risk rises - Business Insider

Palladium's slide from record high hits solid floor - Reuters

MINING: Mexico still No. 1 for silver production - Mexico News Daily

Queen's 'Heart of Gold' stolen from French museum - The Telegraph

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin swears in David J. Ryder as Mint director - Coin World

FRAUD: Burnsville coin dealer accused of selling counterfeits - Twin Cities (Minnesota)

4/13/2018 - Bullion News

2018 Gold Price 'Could Hit $1450' - Bullion Vault

PDF: The Risk of a Currency Crisis - Degussa

Job Openings & Labor Turnover: Clues to the Business Cycle - Advisor Perspectives

Corporate America is Feeling the Pain: Debt Spiral - The Gold Telegraph


Who Gained from the Tax Cuts? - CATO Institute

Reading the yield curve's message - Calafia Beach Pundit

4/12/2018 - Bullion News


Amid Gold Rally Today, Coins May Provide Refuge from Stocks Volatility - Money Show

Americans Used To Be Savers - Real Investment Advice

Fed Inflation Gauge Continues to Pick Up Steam - Financial Sense

Venezuela inflation 454 percent in first quarter: National Assembly - Reuters

4/09/2018 - Bullion News

CBO Report: Spending Blasts Off - CATO Institute

If gold gets to this level, it’s going to be really bad for stocks: Piper Jaffray - CNBC

What happened to Kennedy half dollars? - Mint News Blog

There is No Escaping History: Fiat Currency Eventually Fails - The Gold Telegraph

The ultimate coin for silver investors in the Year of the Dog - Perth Mint Blog

4/08/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE MEDICINE: Simple Breath Test Can Detect Cancer and 16 Other Diseases - CORE SPIRIT

STOCK BUYBACKS: Corporate America Will Bring Next Wave of Pain, Money Managers Warn - Bloomberg

Sideways move in U.S. inflation keeps up guessing game over Fed’s next rate hike - Market Watch

Fed’s QE-Unwind Proceeds Despite Stock Market Sell-Offs - WolfStreet

Why Systems Fail - of two minds

Dallas Fed: High And Rising Public Debt Is Associated With Slower Growth - CATO Institute

INFOGRAPHIC: This Chart Shows How Different Generations Would Invest $10,000 - Visual Capitalist

4/06/2018 - Bullion News

21 Trillion Reasons to Own Gold - Sunshine Profits

Trade Wars Just Beginning...The War Is a Fight Over an Indefinitely Shrinking Pie - Econimica

JPMorgan’s Dimon: Investors underestimate threat of ‘drastic action’ by Fed, other central banks - Market Watch

Which State Will Be the First to Suffer Fiscal Collapse? - FEE

Why This “Too Big to Fail” Bank Is Stockpiling Silver - Casey Research

4/05/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Concordia Researchers Investigate Ancient Indian Treatment - The LINK

VIDEO: Bond King Gundlach sees an unusual trend in gold. Here’s why it could soon end - CNBC

Gold Production Peak - The Deviant Investor

American Houses Keep Getting Bigger — And so Does American Debt - Mises Institute

Californians Doing The Once-Unthinkable: Leaving California - Investor's Business Daily

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY: How do very small particles behave at very high temperatures? - Science Daily

4/03/2018 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH: Hybrid Magnetic Gold Nanoparticles Effective in Colorectal Cancer Treatment - RSNA

'Being cash-free puts us at risk of attack': Swedes turn against cashlessness - The Guardian

China Has a Devastating 'Debt Time Bomb' on Its Hands - The National Interest

Coin Finds: Bag of half dollars yields silver - Numismatic News

America's debt load is reaching a tipping point - NBCnews

Perth Mint's gold sales rise in March, m/m silver sales slip - Reuters

Gold Is Heading to $1,400 If Trade War Breaks Out, According to Sprott - Bloomberg

4/02/2018 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Advance in Start to New Week and Month - CoinNews

CHARTS: Is the Stock Market Cheap? - Advisor Perspectives

CHARTS: Margin Debt and the Market - Advisor Perspectives

Q1 2018 Was A Disaster For America - Econimica

Is The Ballooning Debt Really Inflationary? - Real Investment Advice

The Statism-Generated Misery of Venezuela, Captured in Four Videos - International Liberty

Sales of US Mint American Eagle gold, silver coins fall in March - CNBC

4/01/2018 - Bullion News

AUDIO: In India, More People Are Buying and Selling Gold Electronically - VOA

Dollar stalls, trade worries linger in the background - The Asahi Shimbun

China Slaps Tariffs On US Imports Including Pork, Nuts And Wine - Zero Hedge

Tale of two coin markets continues - Numismatic News

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail - Real Investment Advice

Platinum Mines in the World's Top Producer Are Shrinking - Bloomberg

Tulip Mania, Not a Myth - FEE

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Numismatic & Bullion Auctions page

Numismatic and Bullion Auctions


Silver is Going Higher

silver is going higher


U.S. Bullion Coin

Mintage Figures

Seal of the United States Mint - US Mint


March 2024

Volume 44


Blog Post

Gold is Going Higher

gold is going higher


Gold Sovereigns

2024 Full Gold Sovereign - King Charles
2024 Full Gold Sovereign - King Charles - reverse side


The Royal Canadian Mint &

Canadian Bullion

Royal Canadian Mint - east side view from Sussex Drive


Home Safe Buying Guide

Home Safe Buying Guide

New Page

Vault Storage Brokerages

Vault Storage Brokerages


Silver Libertad

Mintage Figures

silver libertad


Gold Libertad

Mintage Figures

Archangel Raphael
The Angel of Healing

ArchAngel Raphael - 05

Cancer Awareness Information & Resources

Cancer Awareness - April Esophageal Cancer - Nano
Cancer Awareness - April Testicular Cancer
Cancer Awareness - April Head and Neck Cancer

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Platinum per Troy Oz. (ozt.)

Palladium per Troy Oz. (ozt.)


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Price Charts

Home page


1oz. Silver



Price Charts

Johnson Matthey

Bullion Refiner


Bullion Refiner


1 oz. Silver

Maple Leaf

South African

Gold Krugerrand


5oz. Silver


Troy vs. Avoirdupois

Systems of Weight


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Gold Crosses

survival frog

sleeping bag

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