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4th Quarter - 2022
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

This page was created to help you better understand how the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) moved during this quarter.

On this page, for each of the precious metals you'll find Interactive >  Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium precious metal charts.

Below the charts, you will find Bullion News Headlines from the 4th Quarter of 2022.

Every news LINK was originally posted on this guide's homepage, on that date.

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Bullion News and Commentary

Price Charts

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Bullion News and Commentary

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Bullion News and Commentary


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Bullion News and Commentary

4th Quarter - 2022
Bullion News & Commentary

 October 1st   -   December 31st

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

Last 2-Weeks of News for the Quarter are not Included.

12/12/2022 - Bullion News

Events Over the Next Two Days Will Dramatically Impact Gold Prices - FX Empire

COT Metals Speculators boosted their Silver bullish bets to 30-week high - Invest Macro

Visualizing (and Understanding) an Inverted Yield Curve - Visual Capitalist

Coin Re-Writes Canadian History - Numismatic News

A New “Family” of Draped Bust Half Dollar Counterfeits - Coin Week


Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold prices likely to consolidate ahead of potential rally next year - invezz

Could Gold’s 200-day Moving Average Become a Technical Level of Support? - FX Empire

PPI inflation plunges - Calafia Beach Pundit


Gold Trades Sideways as Investors Wait For Next Week’s FOMC and CPI Report - FX Empire

U.S. Dollar was Hot, Now It’s Not - Numismatic News

How Much Free Taxpayer Money is the Fed Giving to Banks? - Mish Talk


Gold Breaks Above Its 200-day Moving Average Then Moves Back Below It - FX Empire

About that yield curve inversion ... - Calafia Beach Pundit

Mapped: Which Countries Have the Highest Inflation? - Visual Capitalist


Welcome to the New Golden Bull - Invest Macro

Precious Metals Forcast - 2023 - Heraeus

We Are All In The Same Boat And It Has A Massive Leak - Advancing Time

The Coin Analyst: NGCX – What NGC’s New Grading Scale Does and Doesn’t Do - CoinWeek


Silver: is the shine coming back for traders? - The Armchair Trader

Gold Rises 3.2% on Week; Silver Scores 8.5% Weekly Gain - Coin News

Solid Performances From Gold & Silver and a Jobs Report Above Expectations - FX Empire

West Point Mint begins striking 2023 gold, silver American Eagles - Coin World

12/01/2022 - Bullion News

Is Silver a good buy in December 2022? - invezz

Back to the Futures, Gold and Silver Futures! - FX Empire

Mike McGlone: Gold price to break through $2000 and “never looks back” - invezz

Crypto Mania Takes Its Toll - Numismatic News


Phillip Newman foresees considerable headwinds for silver prices in 2023 - invezz

Commodities Outlook 2023: Gold to rebound as Fed easing starts - ING

Gold Scores First Monthly Gain in Eight Months - Coin News


Gold & Silver Gain Traction as Inflation Dominates Market Sentiment - FX Empire

Gold Ends Near 2-Week High, Snapping 3-Session Losing Streak - Coin News

Treasury Bills - You Can Now Get At Least A Little Interest! - Advancing Time


Trade of the week: Gold Waits For Fresh Fundamental Spark - Invest Macro

Monday Morning Brief for Nov. 28, 2022: Grading service changes - Coin World


COT Metals Speculators boost their Gold bullish bets to 13-week high - Invest Macro

Federal Reserve May Be Adopting a New ‘speed Vs. Destination’ Paradigm - FX Empire

The CPI Inflation Number Is A Lie, And That's A Fact - Advancing Time

11/18/2022 - Bullion News

2022 INTERIM SILVER MARKET REVIEW - The Silver Institute

Market Sentiment for Gold Adjusts to Recent Fed Officials’ Comments - FX Empire

Week's Most Read: Mint releases 2023 products schedule - Coin World


Are We Seeing the First Indications of a Correction in Gold? - FX Empire

In Depth - Dennis Tucker on the new Guide Book of American Silver Eagles - Mint News Blog

The mysterious case of the disappearing shipping container with $10 million worth of silver inside - CBC


Gold’s Recent Short-term Trend Is In a Defined Cycle – Rally, Consolidate, Repeat - FX Empire

Precious Metals Steady on Wednesday, Nov. 16 - Coin News

Rick Rule says gold is the play in 2023. Here are 3 of his favourite ASX stocks - Stock Head


Gold price moves closer to $1,800 as U.S. Producer Price Index slows more than expected in October - Kitco

COT Metals Speculators raised their Gold, Silver & Copper bets last week - Invest Macro

US Law Enforcement Directs Paxos to Freeze More Than 11,000 PAXG Tokenized Gold Coins - Bitcoin.com


U.S. Dollar Has the Largest Single-week Drop This Year Propping Gold Higher - FX Empire

Gold Jumps 5.5% on Week; Silver Advances 4.3% - Coin World

2022 Gold Price Higher for Most of the World - Numismatic News

Week's Most Read: 2023 Mint product schedule - Coin World

11/10/2022 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Jump After Inflation Data for October - Coin News

CPI Reveals Inflation Came In Under Expectation Causing Gold to Gain $45 - FX Empire


Upside confirmation for gold requires break above $1735 - SAXO

U.S. Midterms: Vote for Gold - Investing.com

Technical Studies Suggest Gold Prices Could Hit New Record Highs by Q4 2023 - FX Empire

Royal Mint strikes 2022 Charles III coins for release - Coin World


Gold Opened Below the 50-day Moving Average and Broke Strongly to the Upside - FX Empire

Seniors Feel Cheated As Inflation Dims Their Golden Years - Zero Hedge

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 8, 2022 - Numismatic News


Gold Market Participants Are Bracing for Thursday’s CPI Inflation Data for October - FX Empire

Copper Speculators trim their Bearish bets to 21-week low - Invest Macro

Central Bank Gold Demand Highest in 55 Years - Numismatic News


Gold Began November Like a Lamb but May End Like a Lion - FX Empire

Hawkish Powell hammers gold and silver - SAXO

Something Has Snapped: Unexplained 2.3 Million Jobs Gap Emerges In Broken Payrolls Report - Zero Hedge

Fed faces twin threats of recession and financial crisis as its inflation fight raises risks of both - Invest Macro

11/03/2022 - Bullion News

Gold Market Roiled As Mystery Buyer Waves In 300 Tonnes - Zero Hedge

In Gold We Trust - Monthly Gold Compass - November 2022 - incrementum


Gold Settles Up but then Drops after Fed Rate News - Coin News

Fed approves 0.75-point hike to take rates to highest since 2008 and hints at change in policy ahead - CNBC

Can The Dollar Once Again Be Anchored By Gold? One Congressman Believes It Can - Zero Hedge

10/31/2022 - Bullion News

COT Metals Speculators drop Silver bets into small bearish position - Invest Macro

Market Spotlight - Precious Metals Review - Heraeus

Horror-Show Inflation in Euro Countries: Overall 10.7%, Germany 11.6%, Without Energy 6.9% - Wolf Street



Gold Dips on Week while Silver Rises Slightly - Coin News

Core Inflation Remains Persistent Which Pressures Fed to Continue Large Rate Hikes - FX Empire

Copper: The Most Important Metal We’re Running Short Of - Invest Macro


As Physical Silver Demand Soars, Bullion Dealers Offer Huge Buy-Back Premiums - Zero Hedge

Friday’s Inflation Report Has Investors Bracing for Volatility - FX Empire

Rare Coins, Bullion Continue to Thrive - Numismatic News


COT Metals Speculators push Platinum bullish bets to 28-week high - InvestMacro

Market Participants Continue to Be Headlined Driven as Seen in Gold on Friday - FX Empire

Doug Casey on Why Gold Has Stagnated… and What Investors Can Expect Next - International Man

NGC Counterfeit Coin Detection: Walking Liberty Half Dollars - Coin Week

10/21/2022 - Bullion News

When Gold and Silver Saved the United States - Numismatic News

Gold has strong gains as mixed signals emerge about future rate hikes - Kitco

Gold and Other Metals Log Weekly Gains - Coin News


Gold Continues to Trade Lower Absorbing Small Gains in New York Trading - FX Empire

Gold as Natural Money - Mises Institute

Diesel Crisis Deepens As Inventories Fall To Dangerous Levels - Oil Price

Margin Debt Down 3.5% in September - Advisor Perspectives


Gold Logs Over 3-Week Settlement Low - Coin News

Federal Reserve Presidents Bullard & Kashkari Confirm Fed Can’t Pause Hikes - FX Empire


Real Year-Over-Year Wages Decline for 18 Consecutive Months - Mish Talk

Major Problem, US Treasury Market Is Becoming Illiquid - Advancing Time

LBMA delegates predict gold price will rise to $1,830.50 in a year - Yahoo Finance


A gold recovery needs drivers to align - SAXO

Bank of England Bought Only Small Amounts of Bonds even Today, Warns Pension Funds They Have “Only Three Days Left” to Unwind Derivatives with BOE Support - Wolf Street

You Should Know: VIDEO: Pfizer Exec Admits Under Oath: 'We Never Tested COVID Vaccine Against Transmission' - Zero Hedge

10/11/2022 - Bullion News

Inflation visualized - Calafia Beach Pundit

Gold and Platinum Bounce from Over 1-Week Lows - Coin News

Fed is Locked Into Raising Rates Without Pushing the Economy Into a Recession - FX Empire


Trade Of The Week: Are Gold Bears Back In Town? - FX Empire

Silver Speculator bets rise for 4th week, climb to highest since June - invest macro

Numismatic News: 70 Years in the Making - Numismatic News


How to Interpret Today’s Jobs Report, and What Does It Mean for Gold Prices? - FX Empire

The Fed Will Soon Face Its First True Volcker Test: Continuing To Hike Into A Full-Blown Recession - Zero Hedge

Mapped: The 10 Largest Gold Mines in the World, by Production - Visual Capitalist


The Short-term Future of Gold’s Price is Tied to Two Upcoming Reports - FX Empire

Gold Ends Flat on Thursday, Oct. 6 - Includes U.S. Bullion Coin mintage figures - Coin News

Physical Gold Demand Soars - Numismatic News


Is it the right time to buy gold? MMTC-PAMP CEO reveals - Business Today

US national debt surpasses $31 trillion for first time - Washington Examiner

“When Will They Learn?” - International Man

Whitman set to release American Eagle reference book - Coin World

10/04/2022 - Bullion News

COT Speculator Extremes: Bitcoin, Soybean Meal, Gold & WTI Crude lead Bullish & Bearish Positions - Invest Macro

Mint Shortages Further Pressure Supply Amid High Demand - Advisor Perspectives (Monetary Metals)

Gold & Silver October 2022 - Report - incrementum

First Official King Charles III Coins Launched - Numismatic News

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