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1oz. Australian Silver Kookaburra Bullion Coin

1990 - Present

The Australian Silver Kookaburra bullion coin was first produced in 1990 and is minted at Australia’s Perth Mint.

Kookaburras are terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea and they grow from 11in. to 17in. in length. 

Their name originates from the Wiradjuri people of Australia.

The kookaburra has a very loud call and it is known for sounding like echoing human laughter.

You can hear the Kookaburra's unique call in the video below.

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Design of the
1oz. Australian Silver Kookaburra Bullion Coin


The obverse side of the Australian Silver Kookaburra displays the profile of Queen Elizabeth II struck in proof-like quality.

The profile of the Queen was designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, the initials of the designer "IRB" are found directly under the Queen's neck.

The Queen's name "ELIZABETH II" and "AUSTRALIA" are inscribed along the upper perimeter of the silver bullion coin.

The 1 oz. Silver Kookaburra's Face Value is "1 DOLLAR" which is inscribed along the bottom of the investment coin.

Note: For the first two years the 1 oz. Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coins were minted, it had a face value of "5 DOLLARS." From 1992 to present day, the face value of the coin has been "1 DOLLAR."

Obverse side photo provided courtesy of The Perth Mint


The reverse side of the Silver Kookaburra bullion coin unveils a new design of the Kookaburra each year, 2018's reverse side portrays a flying kookaburra against the backdrop of a full moon.

1oz. silver kookaburra - reverse side

The coin's name, "AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA" is inscribed along the top of the Silver coin.

Inscribed along the bottom of the bullion coin is its Year of Issue, weight of "1oz" and the purity of the coin "9999 SILVER."

The edge on the silver bullion coin is Reeded.

The silver bullion coin has the Mint Mark of "P" it is shown inside the same field as the Kookaburra design.

Lastly, at the end of the bottom tail feather of the 2018 Silver Kookaburra is the initials 'NH,' representing the initials of the reverse side's designer Neil Hollis.

Note: From 1990 - 2007 the Silver Kookaburra bullion coin did not have a Mint Mark.

Reverse side photo provided courtesy of The Perth Mint

1oz. Australian Silver Kookaburra
Coin Information:


IRA Approved:......Yes


Face Value:.........$5 AUD - 1990 - 1991

Face Value:.........$1 AUD - 1992 to Present Day

Silver Content:....1 Troy oz. (ozt.)

Total Weight:......31.10 grams

Purity:................99.90% / .999 (1990 - 2017)

Purity:................99.99% / .9999 (2018 - Present)

Diameter:...........40.60 mm

Thickness:..........3.21 mm

Designer:...........Ian Rank-Broadley (obverse)

Mint Mark:..........No - 1990 - 2007

Mint Mark:..........Yes - 2008 to Present Day


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1 oz. Australian Silver Kookaburra
Bullion Coin
Mintage Figures































Mintage figures were last updated on 03/20/17, by the Perth Mint

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