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4th Quarter - 2015
Charts, Bullion News & Commentary

Date Posted: 3/08/2016 @ 2:14am  

When investing in any market, a good way to judge price movement in the future is to learn from the past. 

In this introduction section of these quarterly chart pages, I have used quotes from Peter Lynch, Benjamin Franklin, and Frederick Douglas to try to get my point across about why I began to put these pages together.

On this quarterly page, I am going to use a quote from an awesome realist and comedian who passed away (to early) from pancreatic cancer.  Here's his quote:

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly colored and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question: "Is this real, or is this just a ride?" And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey, don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride.
                                                     -   Bill Hicks  (1961 - 1994)

Each one of these quarterly pages is put together to help you understand the crazy financial world we find ourselves in and why owning some precious metals will help you make your ride through this insane market, a little more tolerable. 

The charts and bullion news links on this page are largely devoted to the precious metals markets during the 4th Quarter of 2015.

There are also articles about the general direction of the financial markets and current events that affected the market during the quarter.

Immediately below this summary, there are charts for the US Dollar, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium, with simple Technical Analysis.

The financial news, audio, and videos links posted below the Palladium Spot Price Charts, were originally posted on the homepage during the 4th quarter of 2015.

Bullion News

The charts below are provided by the courtesy of


Order of Analysis and Commentary

US Dollar Charts - 4th Qtr 2015
2) Gold Charts - 4th Qtr 2015
3) Silver Charts - 4th Qtr 2015

4) Platinum Charts - 4th Qtr 2015

5) Palladium Charts - 4th Qtr 2015

6) VIDEO : Bill Hicks - "It's Just a Ride"

7) 4th Quarter - 2015 Bullion News & Commentary

US Dollar Charts - 4th qtr. of 2015

In the 4th quarter of 2015, the Federal Reserve (the Fed) and European Central Bank (ECB) dictated the US Dollar's movement.

Just like last
quarter, I used dotted lines, in the chart below, to indicate when the Fed and ECB made their announcements to show you how it moved the US Dollar.

When you look at the US Dollar chart, you're not only looking at a currency chart, but you are also looking at tug-of-war game played by the World's Central Banks to weaken their currencies against the US Dollar.

This is also known as 'Currency Wars,' a currency war is also referred to 'the race to the bottom' for currencies and that is the current climate we find ourselves in.

Currency Wars happen when a country's central bank devalues their currency against other currencies of the world, making their exports more competitive by making them cheaper to foreigners.  But when one country sees its exports diminished due to a higher currency rate, they also devalue their currency.  This action of reducing one country's currency against another will continue until the whole system implodes.

Currently, it is "King Dollar" that other countries are devaluing their currencies against, but sooner or later the U.S.'s debt and deficits will get the better of "King Dollar," and that's when the system will implode.  


US Dollar Price Chart - 3rd Quarter - (Oct 1st, 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

usdx 2015 4th qtr chart

US Dollar

The quarterly chart (above) gives the impression that the US Dollar was falling in the beginning of the quarter, but actually the US Dollar had been moving in a choppy sideways trade since May of 2015.

The 1st dotted line on this quarterly chart indicates when the Federal Reserve failed to raise rates at its October meeting, they stated that they did not want to raise rates because of volatility in the Global Markets.

After the Fed didn't raise rates in October, the heat was on them from Wall Street to raise rates in December.

Bullion News

US Dollar Price Chart -  (Oct. 1st, 2014 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

usdx 2015 4th qtr 1year chart

The pressure on the Fed from Wall Street caused the US Dollar to rise after the Fed's October meeting until the ECB announced that they were not going to extend their own version of QE (Quantitative Easing) as long as economists and investors had predicted.

See Article: ECB Day: Markets tumble as Draghi disappoints investors - as it happened

Before the ECB's announcement, the Dollar broke above its $99.00 resistance level, but after the ECB's decision, the US Dollar lost a lot of strength, falling back below $99.00.

US Dollar Price Chart - (Oct 1st, 2012  -  Dec. 31st, 2015)

usdx 2015 4th qtr 3year chart

After the Fed failed to raise rates in October, the Market expected two things to happen in December.

  1. For the ECB to weaken the Euro more than they did in December
  2. The inevitable Interest Rate rise in December by the Fed.

After the US Dollar fell in response to the ECB's announcement, it stayed above the $97.00 support level for the rest of the year.

The Fed did raise rates, at its December meeting, by 25 basis points (.25%), this pushed the US Dollar briefly above $99.00, but it fell back below it and stayed below it for the last two weeks of the year.

US Dollar Price Chart - (Jan 1st, 2006  -  Dec. 31st, 2015)

usdx 2015 4th qtr 10year chart

The US Dollar's long-term resistance level currently sits at $101.00 and its support levels currently sit at $93.00 and $90.00.

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The Fed's New Confidence Zone

fed's old confidence chart

Since October of 2014, after the Fed ended QE (quantitative easing), the U.S. Dollar has moved up creating what I call a 'Confidence Zone' in the U.S. Dollar price and chart.

When the U.S. Dollar breaks above or below one of these price levels, it will be a sign of more or less Confidence in the Federal Reserve. 

In addition, if the U.S. dollar goes up it will hurt precious metals and foreign currencies and when the U.S. dollar falls, precious metals and foreign currencies will move in a positive direction

I think I was a little too liberal on last quarter's 'Confidence Zone' section.

From what I've seen in the US Dollar's movement, it looks like the 'Confidence Zone' starts to affect precious metals and the foreign currency markets after the U.S. dollar falls under $93.00.

If the U.S. dollar index falls to $93.00, I think we should see gold about to break above the $1350 level.  If and when this happens, gold's new bull market will be confirmed.

After the Fed raised interest rates in December of 2015 by 0.25%, I watched Janet Yellen's press conference, and what struck me the most is how oblivious the FOMC is about how their actions affect the U.S. Dollar.

While the rest of the world is involved in Currency Wars, the Fed is only paying attention to their own set of indicators, and these indicators are reactive indicators and not proactive, which is a good explanation as to why they are often behind the curve.

I have indicated, in the chart below, a NEW "Low Confidence" Zone in the Dollar Chart.

I think the support level for the Confidence Zone at $90.00 was too low, $93.00 has been tested and has held since the U.S. dollar broke above this price level in January of 2015.

However, after the Dollar falls below $93.00, it will only be the first step down in the Fed's Confidence Zone, after the $93.00 support level is broken a New 'Confidence Zone' for the Fed and the USDX will be drawn.

fed's new confidence chart

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The Dollar's Eiffel Tower Pattern

On the last three quarterly pages, I have posted the chart below, a pattern is forming in the U.S. Dollar chart.

The pattern is a technical pattern made popular by Chris Kimble of Kimble Charting, called the Eiffel Tower pattern.

eiffel tower pattern

I haven't changed anything in the charts about the USDX's Eiffel Tower pattern because it is still playing itself out.

However, below, I've indicated how long the other major peaks in the U.S. Dollar's index have taken.

Time will be the final judge as to how this pattern plays out.

usdx eiffel tower pattern

                                              44 year US Dollar Chart courtesy of: Trading Economics

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Bullion News

The Federal Funds Rate
& Gold

Below is a comparison chart I put together last quarter

When observing the movement between the Federal Funds and Gold, you can see that the only time when the Federal Funds rate really affects gold's price was in the early 80's, when the Fed rate was raised above the level of inflation.

Furthermore, the Federal Funds rate has had only a minimal impact on the gold market.

For instance, the reasons why gold hit lows in the mid-80's and late 90's, was caused by low inflation, economic growth and debt reduction, not higher interest rates.

gold and federal funds rate historic chart

shaded areas on chart above indicate periods of recession

The most glaring observation is the lack of influence that the Federal Funds rate has made on Gold, which ultimately may make one wonder, given the natural business cycle, how much strength is left in the current bear market in gold?

Below, is the Gold Chart used to make the comparison chart, above.

gold historical chart

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Bullion News

Gold Price Charts - 4th qtr. of 2015

Gold Price

Gold hit new lows in the 4th quarter of 2015, but, before we get to the charts, I wanted to show you that gold's movement in 2015 was no different from what it has done for the last two years.

(see the 2013 & 2014 gold charts below)

gold 4th qtr 2013/2014 chart

Bullion News

For the last two years, gold's price has been dictated by the Fed's
decision or lack thereof, to raise interest rates.

Since the Federal Reserve ended QE in October of 2014, Wall Street
has been expecting an Interest rate hike, but the Fed has failed to act.

The dovish talk from the Federal Reserve caused gold to rise in the
first few weeks of the quarter.

The price of gold rose so much that it briefly broke above the $1180 price resistance level.

But, shortly after the Fed failed to raise rates in October, the Fed
changed its tune and started to speak hawkishly for a rate hike in December.

In addition, the markets expected the ECB to increase its own form of QE at its December 3rd meeting.

Gold Price Chart - (Oct 1st, 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

gold 2015 4th qtr chart

After the ECB's announcement disappointed the markets, it caused a small spike in the price of gold, then after the Fed announced that they were raising rates by 25 basis points (0.25%) gold traded sideways for the rest of the year.

On last quarter's page, I indicated 4 different support levels, on Gold's 10year chart.

Those price support levels were $1080, $1060, $1025 and $1000, the first two didn't stop gold from falling through them, but gold didn't fall as low as the other two.

Instead, gold's price stopped falling a little above the $1045 price level.

Gold  Price Chart - (Oct 1st, 2014 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

gold 2015 4th qtr 1year chart

Gold's price support levels currently sit at $1045 and $1000 and its price resistance levels sit at $1180 and $1350.

Gold Price Chart -  10year - (Jan 1st, 2006 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

gold 2015 4th qtr 10year chart

Bullion News

Gold's Future...

The Federal Reserve raised rates at its meeting on December 16th-17th, 2016.  

I did state more than once that I did not think it would be a wise choice for the Federal Reserve (the Fed) to raise interest rates, even though it was for a minuscule .25%.

In a normal market, the only reason to raise the Federal Funds rate is to pull liquidity out of the market.

The problem for the Federal Reserve is that liquidity is almost non-existent in this not-so-normal market and raising rates now doesn't make sense.

I honestly did not think they would do it and I know I said more than once that they wouldn't raise rates, I was wrong about that, but I also stated, on the quarterly pages since the 4th quarter of 2014, as to what would happen if they did raise rates and we're currently in the middle of that mess.

How it all unravels is still unknown, but Confidence in the Fed is waning, and Gold will be the ultimate winner.

Below I have included my own commentary as to why I think the Fed raised rates in December and what to expect in the future...

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Why the Fed Raised Interest Rates  & What to Expect in the Future

In this commentary, I wanted to share my comments in a response to an article that Jim Rickards wrote and released on the Darien Times.

Jim Rickards is a well-known author and economist who has recently written many articles on why he believes 'the Fed' (Federal Reserve) raised rates in December and he offers his views on what the Fed will do in the future.

Before I continue, I want to say that I respect Mr. Rickards and his views, I just disagree him on these issues;

  • Why the Fed raised rates in December
  • What the Fed will do in 2016

My Comments about a Article
Mr. Rickards Wrote

The following is from a comment I posted under a Darien Times article that Jim Rickards wrote, titled "Rickards: Fed Mirage" <- click the link to see the article.

Mr. Rickards,

I respect your point of view, however, I have to disagree with almost all of your points in the article above, Titled: "Rickards: Fed’s Mirage"

A week or two ago you wrote an article on The Daily Reckoning titled: "Three and Done" in it - you made the point that the Fed would raise rates three times then reverse direction and ease.

In this article, you state that the Fed is going to raise the Fed Funds Rate "two times" then back off.

What happened to "Three & Done?"

The points you make in both articles are reasonable, but the Fed did not raise rates for the reasons you state.

They raised rates because of peer pressure from their peers in the Banking System and WallStreet.

For all of 2015, Wall Street kept predicting the Fed was going to raise rates and when the Fed kept balking after each meeting, to raise interest rates, their peers in the markets and academia were tapping them on the shoulder and telling them to stop stalling and raise rates, or they will lose confidence in them.

This has nothing to do with Data, it is all a Confidence Game

In October of 2015, the Fed balked again, claiming Global Markets for the reason.

Before October, Wall Street had been telling their clients, 'rates are going up, rates are going up, and after the Fed failed to raise rates, again and again, Wall Street's clients were losing faith in them.

So when the Fed didn't raise rates in October, Wall Street was pissed because now they were looking like fools.

So they started to shout at the Fed to raise rates or they would lose Confidence in them.

But the writing was on the wall for the Fed, Low Inflation and Turbulent Global Markets. Unemployment may be reduced, but Part-Time employment is growing at an alarming rate and so is the age of those employed.

The only reason the Fed raised rates was to keep confidence in them high on Wall Street and in the Global Markets.

And now that they raised rates, everyone is saying they should not have done it.

Nothing in the data says they should have raised rates. The only thing that has kept this economy afloat is the Fed and now that they raised rates - nothing is holding it up.

They can't raise rates more because it will influence the Dollar and hurt Global currencies. In addition, multinational companies will continue to get hurt by the rise in the dollar, dropping earnings.

Plus, Oil will get pummeled if they raise rates again, I don't know if you've been watching the markets (Mr. Rickards) but the last thing the Fed or Wall Street needs is for Oil to fall further in price.

The Fed has no reason to raise rates, I just hope they will figure that out as well as you .(Mr. Rickards)

I'd like to add; 

I do not think that the Fed will raise interest rates again, as I noted on this page's 'The Fed's New Confidence Chart' section, the Fed's data is reactive, not proactive.

Meaning, the Federal Reserve doesn't see things until they have already happened, ex: the Tech Bubble & Crash of 2000, the Housing Bubble & Crash of 2008 and now the Credit Bubble & Crash we are in the beginning of today.

In my point of view, the data isn't what rules the Fed's future actions, what the Federal Reserves actions are based on has everything to do with what happens in the Stock Market.

If liquidity is as tight as I think it is, we'll probably see a rate cut before the end of the year, which will be the Fed's reactions to this Credit Bubble and Crash. 

Overtime, their reactions will lead to a total 'Loss of Confidence' in the Fed.

Here is Mr. Rickard's article originally titled "Three and Done"
01/08/16: The Daily Reckoning - Three Rate Hikes and Done in 2016

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Silver Price Charts - 4th qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Silver Price

Silver's price chart for the 4th quarter of 2015 looks almost identical to gold's price chart and the rest of the precious metals sector.

Like gold, silver's movement was mostly dictated by the actions of central banks.

Silver Price Chart - 3rd Quarter -  (Oct 1st, 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

silver 2015 4th qtr quarterly chart

In the quarterly chart above, you can see that in mid-November, the price of silver fell to its support level of $14.00 a troy ounce.

The $14.00 price support level for silver was identified in last quarter's silver charts here: Silver Charts - 3rd Qtr 2015

Then on Dec. 14th, a few days before the Federal Reserve's decided to raise rates a quarter of a percent, silver fell through the $14.00 support level and hit a low of $13.65.

Highlighted in the 1year chart below are the old and new support and resistance levels for silver.

Bullion News

Silver Price Chart - (Oct 1st, 2015 - Dec 31st, 2015)

silver 2015 4th qtr 1year chart

Bullion News

In addition, in the chart above, the RSI and MACD are giving an indication of price direction for the next quarter.

In addition, I have highlighted in the 10year chart below, Silver's long and short-term support and resistance levels.

Silver Price Chart - (Jan 1st, 2006 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

silver 2015 4th qtr 10year chart

Silver's Future

Silver trades in the general same movement as gold, however, silver also trades as an industrial metal, due to the fact that over 50% of silver supply is used for industrial means.

Expect Silver to continue its volatile movement, but in the silver market, volatility is the norm.

At this time, it's better to be a silver observer than forecaster, after the 1st quarter of 2015 is over, it should be a little easier to contemplate on Silver's Future.

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Bullion News

Platinum Price Charts -
4th qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Platinum Price

Although Platinum and Palladium are affected more by industrial market forces than gold and silver, all of the quarterly charts for the precious metals look very similar.

The reason for this has everything to do with the Federal Reserve and ECB (European Central Bank). 

Supply and demand factors usually affect the movement in the Platinum market, monetary factors don't usually move platinum as much as they have this quarter.

Platinum Price Chart - 4t Quarter  -  (Oct. 1st, 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

platinum 2015 4th qtr chart

Bullion News

Although the price of Platinum moved to a high of $1020 and fell briefly below $840, it started and ended the 4th quarter of 2015 in the low $890's.

Platinum's resistance level sits at $1040 a troy ounce.

But in the 1year chart (below), we see that the price of Platinum continues to make lower lows and has not found a bottom yet.

So, we need to look at a longer term chart to find a solid support price for the price of platinum.

Platinum Price Chart - (Oct 1st, 2014 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

platinum 2015 4th qtr 1year chart

Bullion News

Platinum's support level sits at its 2008 low of $750 a troy ounce

Platinum Price Chart - (January 1st, 2006 - December 31st, 2015)

platinum 2015 4th qtr 10year chart

Bullion News

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Palladium Price Charts -
4th qtr. of 2015

Bullion News

Palladium Price

The Federal Reserve and the ECB's actions have dictated this quarters palladium price chart which was also pointed out on all the previous precious metals quarterly charts.

Like Platinum, this movement in Palladium is rare, because supply and demand factors usually affect these metals more-so than monetary factors.

Palladium Price Chart - 4th Quarter - (Oct. 1st, 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015)

palladium 2015 2nd qtr chart

Last quarter, I pointed out palladium's support and resistance levels, this quarter those price levels were confirmed because the price of palladium did not close above or below those levels, in a trading day.

Palladium Price Chart -  (October 1st, 2012 - December 31st, 2015)

palladium 2015 2nd qtr 1year chart

These levels will stand until Palladium either breaks above or falls below its support and resistance levels.

The charts above are provided by the courtesy of StockCharts.com.

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Bullion News

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Bill Hicks : It's Just a Ride...

4th Quarter - 2015
Bullion News & Commentary

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

The Headlines without links, had the link removed from its original source; the Headlines was kept on the page due to relevancy.

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RIP-OFF ALERT : 3News (Las Vegas) - New con artists find wealth in old coins

Money Metal Exchange - Silly Myths about Gold during Rising Interest Rates

Market Watch - Why Fed interest-rate hike may not melt gold

Sovereign Man - In a free country, Martin Shkreli Should be Free to Act Like a Complete Asshole.

12/17/2015 - Bullion News

The Daily Reckoning - The Market's Gamblers Are Pumping Air

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Fed make a mistake yesterday? This might answer that question!

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: The spill out from the Fed rate hike still to come

Bloomberg - The Accidental Distressed Debt Fund

The New York Sun - Rube Goldberg’s Fed?

VIDEO : ERCI - Interview on Implications of Fed Rate Hike

Wall Street on Parade - What Caused the Stock Market to Rally on a Rate Hike

The Deviant Investor - Gold Thrives, Paper Dies

SRSrocco Report - U.S. Silver Production Plunges

Casey Research - Is the “Easy Money Era” Over?

AUDIO : BullionStar - Interview Koos Jansen By Lars Schall, November 2015

GoldReporter.de - The Russian VTB Bank has agreed with the China Construction Bank co-operation, which should boost the gold trade between the countries.

CoinWeek - Bullion Sales Tax Series, State by State: Pt. 1

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12/16/2015 - Bullion News


Alhambra Investment Partners - Same Institution, Different Worlds: Fed Set To Declare Full Recovery On Same Day It Declares Recession Through IP

Market Watch - Bernanke says Fed Likely to Add Negative Interest Rates to Recession-Fighting Tool Kit

Market Watch - Bernanke says Fed likely to add negative interest rates to recession-fighting tool kit

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Properties of Money

Reuters - Gold rises more than 1 percent ahead of Fed rate hike decision

CHARTS : NIA - We Are at End of Dollar Rally – Not the Beginning!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Chasing Mavericks

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Rates Rise, Who Dies? Complements of Yellen

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Brace Yourself: Our Latest Look at Student Debt

VIDEO : SAXO Group - Outrageous Predictions 2016: Hansen - Gold Fades in the Glare from Silver

Bloomberg - This Junk Bond Derivative Index Is Saying Something Scary About Defaults

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Grant Williams: The End Of The Road

CoinWeek - NGC Signs Coin Designer and Ex US Mint Chief Engraver John M. Mercanti to Exclusive Signature Label Deal

12/15/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Silver Lowest Since July 2009; Silver Eagle Record Tops 46.6M

Alhambra Investment Partners - Inventory Out of Control Everywhere

AUDIO : FSN - John Rubino – Look Out Below: The Junk Bond Market is Imploding

Daily Reckoning - Tomorrow Will Be a Watershed Moment for Financial Markets

The Technical Traders - The Crash of Junk Bonds is Indicating Something that Has Yet to Happen in the Stock Market!

GoldBroker - Gold: “The Canary of the Currency Markets”

CoinWeek - Oh, Canada: Canadian Coins “Natural” Alternative to U.S. Coins, Pt. 2

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - The Government’s Financial Watchdog Just Warned Us That Another Third Avenue-Style Bond Fund Run Is Likely

Juggling Dynamite - Canada’s New Mortgage Rules Offer Teachable Moment

Zero Hedge - Foreigners Sell A Record $55.2 Billion In US Treasuries In October

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset?

VIDEO : MoneyBeat (WSJ) - The Risks Facing the Fed

The Deviant Investor - Silver: Until Paper Currencies Stop Losing Value

The Speculative Investor - Unintended Consequences

International Man - Should You Think Like an Indian?

12/14/2015 - Bullion News

Hussman Funds - Deja Vu: The Fed's Real "Policy Error" Was To Encourage Years of Speculation

The Felder Report - Owning Stocks Today Is Risking Dollars To Make Pennies

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - Get High Or Else!

VIDEO : Hedgeye - Why Raising Rates (Even One Basis Point) Right Now Is a Really Bad Idea

Sure Money - Who’s Ready for the Fed to Chicken Out Tomorrow?

CHARTS : twitter - Gold Shorts hit Extremes

Money Metals Exchange - Why Are Gold/Silver Prices Falling Despite Demand?

The Cobden Centre - Paper Money versus the Gold Standard

Reuters - India's Gold Jewelers Delay Purchases, Waiting on Fed Move

12/13/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : BAWERK - How Peak Debt Constrain the Fed from Moving Rates Higher


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Eiffel Tower pattern, could impact stocks big time, says Joe

CHARTS : GoldSeek - The Effect of a Fed Rate Hike on Precious Metals

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: One and Shut Up

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Mella - twitter : Gold - When Will You Get Out of Bed?

Mises Institute - Why Gold-Backed Money Doesn’t Bring Booms and Busts

The Speculative Investor - The Ridiculous and Relentless Fuss Over the COMEX Gold Inventory

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Global Supply Deficit Widens Dangerously; David Smith Says Soon “Could Be Too Late to Take Advantage”

Value Walk - The Misunderstanding Of Peter Lynch’s Investment Style

12/11/2015 - Bullion News

"The Fed is Completely Screwed and in a Box it Cannot get Out of." - Peter Boockvar of The Lindsey Group

Bloomberg - Yum's Bonds Cut to Junk at Standard & Poor's on Buyback Plan

Market Watch - Why the junk bond selloff is getting very scary


McClellan Financial - Is this 2012, or 2008?

Sunshine Profits - Does Employment Situation Report Move the Gold Price?

GoldReporter.de - Austria's Central Bank Announces Closing: 1,200 gold bars arrived

CoinWorld - China modifies weights for Panda bullion coins beginning in 2016

12/10/2015 - Bullion News

Daily Reckoning - The Fed’s Painted Itself Into The Most Dangerous Corner In History - Why There Will Soon Be A Riot In The Casino by David Stockman

Alhambra Investment Partners - A Very Disturbed Global ‘Dollar’

PDF : Leuthold Weeden - DJ Transports: Still Sounding Broad Market Warning

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Over The Cliff?

Bloomberg - JPMorgan: The Fed Could Trigger a 'Massive Stop Loss Order' in the S&P 500 if Liftoff Goes Awry

CoinNews - US Mint Sales: Saratoga Quarter and Coin Products Debut

Diamond World - India - IBJA to launch first physical gold exchange by next year

GoldMoney - The Indian government made headlines recently with its attempts to obtain possession of the gold held by its citizens

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - What Would It Take for the Prime U.S. Workforce to Fully Recover?

12/09/2015 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - An Illustrated Timeline of the Gold Standard in the U.S.

Gold-Eagle - Rising Interest Rates? Watch for Higher Gold Prices

Sunshine Profits - U.S. Senate Agrees on Highway Bill. Will It Affect Gold?

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Carnage In Currency-Land - Dollar Dump Sparks Stock Slump

Dana Lyons - Good News: Gold Speculators Haven’t Been This Gloomy In 13 Years

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Credit Worries: The Divergence Between Stocks, High Yield

CoinNews - Gold Edges Up; 2015 Silver Eagles Pad Record Atop 45.7M

CHARTS : Perth Mint Research - China Accelerates Gold Reserves Accumulation

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Street - One Chart Reveals a Possible Positive Future for Gold

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Marc Faber: Precious Metals represent the Best Value Today

Deviant Investor - Dishonest Money Will Die – I Hope

Mises Institute - Government Debt Is Not Like Private Debt

Zero Hedge - The IMF Just Entered The Cold War, Forgives Ukraine's Debt To Russia

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12/08/2015 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - U.S. Mint May Now Change Coin Silver Composition Thanks to New Law

CoinNews - US Mint to Stop Making 90% Silver Coins

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Double Top in the S&P 500 in play, repeating 2000 & 2007 pattern?

GOLD~NANO : dvids - Camouflaged Nano-Sniper Targets Deadly Toxins

GoldReporter.de - Perth Mint Gets Competition

Reuters - Indian industry group to launch first physical gold exchange

NewsMax - US Mint Silver Bullion Coin Sales Sets New Record

Peak Prosperity - The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Numismaster - Avoid Scams, Know Options

CoinWeek - United States Wins 2016 Coin of the Year Award

12/07/2015 - Bullion News

Market Watch - The Fed’s Argument for Higher Interest Rates Doesn’t Add Up

CHARTS : Hambone's Stuff - Federal Deficit Spending, Fed Funds Rates + QE, & Recessions

Hussman Funds - From Risk to Guarded Expectation of Recession

Kitco - For The Second Consecutive Week, Hedge Funds Hold Record Short Bets In Gold – CFTC

Zero Hedge - BIS Warns of ‘Uneasy Calm’ in Markets Before Possible Debt Storm

GOLD~NANO : Imperial College - Scientists are investigating whether microscopic gold beads could make chemotherapy more effective, and reduce side effects for patients.

Notes from Underground - Unemployment Report Spot-On and Meaningless; Draghi Doesn’t Disappoint

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: China's bleeding FX reserves

GoldReporter.de - China increased gold reserves in November on strong

BullionStar - China’s Gold Army

International Man - Weimar Greece - The Effects of a Currency Collapse

COOL : Controlled Environments - GOLD NANO~PARTICLES : Stained Glass Could Change Colors at Flip of a Switch

12/06/2015 - Bullion News

Thoughtful Cynic - The Central Bankers are Doubling Down, either on Stupid or on Malicious

CHART : twitter - Eric Pomboy : Gold - Largest Short Covering Episode on Record

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - Is Gold Starting New Rally...?

Wall Street on Parade - Junk Bonds Having Worst Year Since 2008 Crisis: Three Red Flags

CHART : NIA - U.S. Corporate Debt Crisis

Zero Hedge - "Hollow Markets"

CARTOON : Hedgeye - The Little Engine that Should'nt

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - Gold …The Why Behind the Pop .

Global Financial Intelligence - Interview with Jim Rogers - I'll buy gold before the bubble bursts Dollar - Google Translation Link

Reuters - Uneasy calm in markets about upcoming U.S. rate increase, BIS says

The Guardian - Holy Grail of Shipwrecks Caught in Three-Way Court Battle

12/04/2015 - Bullion News

Gold-Eagle - Cash & Gold: The Next Best Investments

CHARTS : Juggling Dynamite - Friday Funnies

The Telegraph - Gold has lost its lustre over the past couple of years, but some professional investors are hanging on – here they explain why

CoinWorld - Demand drives silver American Eagle to new heights, new record

Liberty BlitzKrieg - Indian Government Fails to Get Citizens’ Gold, So it Shifts Focus to Temple Stash

Profit Confidential - Interview with SilverGoldBull Managing Partner - Mihali Belandis

GoldReporter.de - Representatives of Islam are planning jointly with the World Gold Council, a new legal framework for the Sharia-compliant use of gold as part of investments and financial transactions

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 12/4/15

BullionStar - Renminbi Internationalization And China’s Gold Strategy

VIDEO : Kitco - Adding Chinese Yuan To SDR Basket Is A ‘Mistake’ By IMF Says Professor

Wealth Daily - China Hits the Big Time

12/03/2015 - Bullion News

Money and Markets - ECB’s Draghi Fails to Deliver Enough Monetary Drugs; What Next for Markets?

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - How are Silver and Gold Bullion Premiums Calculated?

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Positive Signs in Gold's Dreary Charts

BUSTED : Santa Monica Mirror - Santa Monica Company (Merit Gold and Silver/ Merit Financial) Busted For Tricking Customers Into Buying Overpriced Coins

CoinNews - Gold and Silver Bounce from Multi-Year Lows

VIDEO : ABCnews (Australia) - Extended interview with Jim Rickards about China, SDRs and Gold

Market Watch - Bill Gross thinks Fed, ECB are ‘casinos’ printing money

GOLD~NANO : Light 2015 Blog - Radiation and Gold Nanoparticles Working Together for the Image-Guided Radiotherapy

The Deviant Investor - Silver: We NEED it!

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Your Questions Answered 2015 – Part 2

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and the U.S. dollar after the ECB's announcement on QE and interest rates.

CHART : Perth Mint - November 2015 - Monthly Sales

Numismatic News - Big Changes for Mint bullion coin sales

China - A Woman Accused of Trying to Smuggle Thousands of Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins from Hong Kong into Shanghai

12/02/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Will It Be a Volatile Week for Gold?

VIDEO : Hedgeye - The Astonishing Audacity of Central Planners

Market Watch - Yellen moves Fed to brink of December rate hike - She said Fed officials would review all of the data released up until the meeting starts. But she nonetheless left little room for doubt that she will support an interest-rate increase.

ECRI - Macroeconomic Sightings

GoldCore - Gold Is Real Money That Protects The Wealth of Nations

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Clive Maund - Latest Gold COTs MOST BULLISH FOR 14 YEARS, and call for a sizeable tradable rally soon...

The Sovereign Investor - Prepare for Negative Interest Rates With Gold

CANCER RESEARCH : Science Newsline - Liquid Metal 'Nano-terminators' Target Cancer Cells

Bloomberg - Dollar Risks Grow as Hedge Funds Make Greenback Most Favored Bet

CNBC - Companies' mad dash for debt hitting record levels

BullionStar - Silver Maple Leaf Sales Surge 76 % Y/Y

Perth Mint Research - Gold and silver coin sale diverge

Reuters - Indian Government official floats idea of national gold exchange

Mirror - 'Murder' mystery of mother and son found dead just weeks after inheriting a $500,000 gold bar

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12/01/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Dips, Saratoga 5 Oz Bullion Coin Sells Out

CoinWorld - Mint sells last of 2015 American Eagle 1-ounce gold bullion coins

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: How raising rates is like melting ice cream

BullionVault - Western Gold & Silver Investment Turns Asian

Kitco - CFTC Data Show Funds Still Adding Short Positions; Analysts See Short-Covering Potential

GOLD~NANO : NanoScale Research Letters - Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates as Potential Therapeutic Agents for the Treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

The Deviant Investor - NEW Fiction: Who Killed Doctor Silver Cartwheel?

CHARTS : NIA - Warning Signs are Showing Up on Some Economic Charts

News Moving Markets - Puerto Rico Avoids Defaulting On Guaranteed Debt, But "Claws Back Revenues Pledged To Specific Bonds"

Bloomberg - Five China Bond Deadlines to Watch

Brookings - China's Gold Star - in this essay by Ben Bernanke he reveals some weaknesses that could arise in the U.S. Dollar, if things don't go as he thinks

Finance Magnates - Chinese Yuan a Few Steps Closer to Global Reserve Currency Status

BullionStar - What Happened To The Shanghai International Gold Exchange?

11/30/2015 - Bullion News

SAXO Group - Read Your History – The Dollar Will Fall After the Hike

munKNEE - Once Gold & Silver Bottom Which Will Be the Better Investment?

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Plunge in November; US Mint Coin Sales Surge

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli explains what Today's Chicago PMI by the Numbers Mean

The Felder Report - Margin Debt-to-GDP Rises Back To The Level Of Prior Bull Market Peaks

CHARTS : Doug Short - NYSE Margin Debt Rose in October

Notes from Underground - All My Words Come Back To Me

The Speculative Investor - The Fed’s Massive and Unprecedented Shift

CEO.CA - Gold Futures Speculators Capitulate

The Economist - CHINA’S Domestic Bond Market has Never Been Riskier

Bloomberg - U.S. Junk Bonds See Highest Distressed Ratio Since '09, S&P Says

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: The American Silver Eagle Turns 30

Money Metals Exchange - Treasury Secretary Makes Sad Admission about Coinage Devaluation

Reuters - IMF gives China's currency prized reserve asset status

The New York Times - With Shipwreck Treasure Easier to Reach, a Duel Is On

11/29/2015 - Bullion News

BAWERK - Unintended Consequences of Lift-Off in a World of Excess Reserves

AUDIO : ValueWalk - How Paul Volcker Beat Inflation Of The 1970s - Includes a Interview with Volcker

CHARTS : Alhambra Investment Partners - Bond Complacency

CHARTS : NIA - Record Low Bond Market Liquidity

CHART : The Short Side of Long - Next Move For US Treasury Rates


The Buffalo News - Ellicottville Artist’s Image for 'America the Beautiful' Coin chosen by U.S. Mint

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Felix Zulauf and Marc Chandler Weigh in on Currency Wars and the Chinese Devaluation

CNBC - IMF expected to include yuan in SDR currency basket

Perth Mint Research - The Beer Economy

Casey Research - The World’s First Cashless Society Is Here - A Totalitarian’s Dream Come True

Market Watch - Should I convert my traditional IRA to a Roth?

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11/27/2015 - Bullion News

The Speculative Investor - Stealing Deflation

Zero Hedge - Gold Plunges Below "Crucial Level", Lowest Since Oct 2009 On $2 Billion Notional Flush

What Investment - Why we have bought 'a little bit of' gold for our portfolios, by veteran investor

CHARTS : Doug Short - Market Cap to GDP: A Fractional Decline in the Buffett Valuation Indicator

Market Watch - A tribute to Richard Russell, who edited Dow Theory Letters for 57 years

GoldReporter - India: record gold imports expected from 1,000 tons

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Special David Morgan Interview on Manipulation, Fiat Money Unraveling, and Silver

11/26/2015 - Bullion News

Zero Hedge - Giving "Thanks" To The Fed - Holiday Dinner Has Never Been More Expensive

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Debt vs. Equity

MoneyBeat - Why 2015 Might Be Like 1937 for Stocks

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : COMMERZBANK - PDF : Bullion Market Technical Analysis

Cobden Centre - Money supply versus money demand

GOLD-NANO : Medical Daily - Using Enzymes Attached To Nanoparticles, New Technology Could Diagnose Stroke In 10 Minutes

CHARD - 19 Ways to Identify a Fake Coin

FXEmpire - Gold, Silver & Platinum Fundamental Analysis – November 26

SRSrocco Report - Silver Eagle Sales To Hit Record… U.S. Mint 2015 Production To Halt Dec 11th

Royal Canadian Mint - Royal Canadian Mint Bullion and Numismatic Sales Continue to Drive Business Line Profits in the Third Quarter

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Your Questions Answered 2015 – Part 1

Reuters - Indian gold demand seen falling to eight-year low in festive quarter

MINING - Platinum, palladium prices break fall

11/25/2015 - Bullion News

Library of Economics & Liberty - The Fed is Above the Law

EconMatters - The Federal Researve - A Break-down of its Current Situation

VIDEO : Hedgeye - McCullough: What QE Actually Did Was Pay The Few And Crush The Many

VIDEO : The Daily Bell - Dysfunction at the Fed

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli says "Fed Policy Needs an Upgrade"

Zero Hedge - Atlanta Fed Slashes Q4 GDP Forecast

GOLD~NANO : HNGN - Researchers Develop Breakthrough Sensors For Artificial Skin That Can Heal Itself

CoinWorld - 1996 American Eagle silver coin popular, now: Making Moderns

CoinNews - 2015 Proof Platinum Eagles on Dec. 3, No Bullion Edition

PHYS.org - A New Form of Real Gold, Almost as Light as Air

Money Morning - The Best Way to Buy Gold Coins

Action News Now - Scammers trying to sell fake gold in San Francisco Bay Area

11/24/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - 2016 American Silver Eagle Release, Last 2015’s for Record

Bullion Vault - The Myth of Gold Standard 'Deflation'

AUDIO : CoinWeek - CoinWeek Podcast : Mexican Libertad Gold and Silver Bullion Coins of 2015

CHARTS : NIA - Fed vs. ECB Shadow Rate

Cobden Centre - Zero Hedge: What Will Happen To Corporate Profits If The Fed Hikes In December

The Deviant Investor - You Can’t Eat Gold or a Debt Sandwich


Bullion Star - Switzerland Gold Export China October 29t, +34% m/m

MINING - Most copper producers in Chile barely breaking even

Bloomberg - R.I.P. - Richard Russell, Publisher of Dow Theory Letters, Dies at 91

Real Time Economics (WSJ) - Should Treasury Ditch the Penny? It’s Under Review

The Daily Mail - A very decadent treat! Gold leaf Kit Kats to go on sale, costing $16 PER FINGER (but you have to live in Japan to taste one)

11/23/2015 - Bullion News

Dana Lyons' Tumblr - Global Shipping Rates Run Aground

Sunshine Profits - Baltic Dry Index and Gold

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Housing Starts - Lumber’s Message

VIDEO : Juggling Dynamite - Commodities Slump as Greenback Ramps

Zero Hedge - Swiss Bank "Goes There", Applies Negative Rates To Retail Deposits

CoinNews - Gold, Silver at Multi-Year Lows; US Mint Coin Sales Robust

CHNGC - Analysis Edition Panda gold and silver commemorative coins 2016 outlook - Google Translation Link

New York Post - Fed’s ‘expedited meeting’ sends shivers through Wall Street

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli discusses the impact normalization could have on private and public markets.

Hussman Funds - Dispersion Dynamics

Adam H Grimes - Don't be This Guy...Pissing in the Wind

Bloomberg - Hedge Funds Are Back to Bearish on Gold as Price Slump Deepens

GoldReporter - Russia 18 tonnes of gold only treat in October - Google Translation Link

BullionStar - Reuters Spreads False Information Regarding The Chinese Gold Lease Market

The Daily Mail - Cops Search Property for Dead Body, Instead Discover $220,000 Fortune in Silver Bullion Bars and Coins

11/22/2015 - Bullion News

TribuneLive - Sketchy Bullion Retailers Pray on Un-Knowlegable Buyers

PDF : The Gold Standard Institute - Journal - November 2015

The New York Times - Eastern Gold Investing and The Glow of 24-Karat Gold Jewelry

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - November 20, 2015

Yahoo Finance - Earnings haven't done this since the financial crisis

Zero Hedge - Here Is The Complete Scenario In Which The Fed Hikes Rates, Starts A Recession, And Launches QE4

BAWERK - What a Negative SWAP Spread Really Means

CoinNews - Gold Falls for 5th Week; US Mint Gold Sales Hit 12-Week High

Wealth Daily - Inflation and the Fed

Sunshine Profits - Is the Yield Curve a Driver of Gold Prices?

dna India - At paltry Rs 150 crore, gold bonds scheme fails to glitter

Numismatic News - Quarter, Tenth Bullion Gold Eagles Gone

VIDEO : Yahoo Finance - Gold and silver mines drowning: Silver Wheaton CEO

11/20/2015 - Bullion News

Reuters - Euro (and Gold) Weakens vs Dollar as Comments from ECB's Draghi Weigh

The Sovereign Investor - Prepare for the Bear

CHARTS : The Short Side of Long - Charts Gundlach Thinks Fed Should Worry About

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli Discusses the Impact of Jobs on the Bond Market with the Lindsey Group Chief Market Analyst Peter Boockvar

ECRI - Flashback to “Simple Math: ½% + ½% = 1%”

The Felder Report - Leveraged Loans Betray The Rally In Stocks

The Daily Bell - Egon von Greyerz on The Great Hiking Debate

VIDEO : RT - Interview with James Rickards on China, SDR and the End of the Business Cycle

Zero Hedge - Subprime Auto Lending Soars As Fed Report Shows Spike In Loans To Underqualified Borrowers

Sovereign Man - It’s happening: more US allies join the anti-dollar alliance

India RealTime - Modi’s Drive to Monetize Gold Doesn’t Shine

The Speculative Investor - Gold’s “commercial” traders are different because gold is different

U.S. Global Investors - 5 World Currencies That Are Closely Tied to Commodities

11/19/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Posts Gains; US Mint Gold Sales Continue Rally

MineWeb - Silver is Finding it Impossible to Decouple From the Pressure Experienced by Gold and Industrial Metals

VIDEO : Fox Business - Recon Capital CIO Kevin Kelly, Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough and FBN’s Dagen McDowell on the economy, markets and Federal Reserve policy.

Bloomberg - Money Managers Now Have a Record Proportion of Their Portfolio Dedicated to Corporate Bonds

Zero Hedge - "This Isn't Going To End Well" - Junk Bonds Under Pressure

Reuters - Modi's gold deposit scheme attracts only 400 grams so far

GOLD~NANO : News Medical - Simple MicroRNA Sensor Holds Promise for Prognosis, Treatment of Pancreatic and Other Cancers

GRAPHIC : ValueWalk - Most Americans Hit “Peak Income” More Than 15 Years Ago

Bloomberg - Chinese Savers Turn to Gold as Rest of the World Exits Holdings

McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Tragedy in Paris & Our Crucial Response

The Deviant Investor - Gold and the Reverse Goldfinger Effect

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

VIDEO : Sprott Global - Tekoa Da Silva Interviews GoldMoney's James Turk

Coin Update - Behind the Scenes at the U.S. Mint: “You Are There!”

11/18/2015 - Bullion News

CoinWorld - 2015 American Eagle Tenth-Ounce Gold Bullion Coin Sells Out

CoinNews - Gold Little Changed; US Mint Gold Sales Soaring

CHART : ECRI - Multiple Jobholders Boost “Full-time” Employment

VIDEO : Hedgeye - McCullough: Fed Needs An Economic Reality Check

Zero Hedge - FOMC Minutes Show Fed Is All-In For December Rate Hike (But Depends On Data)

CHART : Business Insider - GUNDLACH: This Could Be 'The Beginning of Something Big'

GOLD~NANO : AZO NANO - Gold Nanoprisms Based Sensor Can Detect Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

GoldReporter.de - Largest Gold Fund: These Big Banks Bought Vigorously

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli & James Grant : Rate Hike & Your Savings

The Deviant Investor - A Half-Century of Gold, War, and Costs

The Daily Reckoning - The Fed Will Not Kill Gold

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - A Seasonal Trade In Silver

The Fiscal Times - Americans Now Owe $1 Trillion in Car Loans

Vanguard - Gold Coins and Golden Hoofs Found in 2,000-yr-old Tomb

BBC - Hoard of precious clippings shaved from silver coins by 16th century crook found in Gloucestershire

11/17/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - David Stockman tells CNBC what He thinks about the Markets

The New York Sun - The Yellen Letter Her letter is whiny, inaccurate, and threatening all at once, evincing an “it’s my ball and you can’t play with it” attitude.

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Hit Lows After Inflation Data

NIA - Stocks vs. Gold During Fed Rate Hike Cycles

ValueWalk - The Poisonous Cocktail Of Main Street Woes And Federal Reserve Liftoff

The Felder Report - History Rhymes: A Look At A Pair Of Popular Stock Market Analogs

11/16/2015 - Bullion News

The Daily Reckoning - The Shadow Rate Casts Gloom

VIDEO : CNBC - Jim Steel, Chief Commodities Analyst, HSBC : Gives His Analysis on Gold

FAKE BULLION ALERT : CoinWeek - Australia 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver Dollar

CoinNews - US Mint Limits Weekly Silver Eagle Sales to 900,000

Juggling Dynamite - Executives using buybacks to ‘exit stage left’

Bloomberg - Debt Market Distortions Go Global as Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Zero Hedge - The Last Time Bond Bears Were This Short, Treasury Yields Collapsed

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Bounce from Lows; US Mint Bullion Sales Climb

BullionStar - SGE Withdrawals Break Yearly Record. World Gold Council Continues To Hide Insatiable Chinese Gold Demand.

Money Metals Exchange - Undeniable Truths about Precious Metals (Don't Forget These...)

GoldReporter.de - Discussed gold standard on Fed Meeting

The Guardian - How and Why we're flushing £13m of Gold Down the Plughole Each Year

Visual Capitalist - The Psychology of Prices

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11/15/2015 - Bullion News

BAWERK - How the Fed gave away its independence – Interest Rate Sensitivity at ZLB

Hussman Funds - The Bubble Right In Front Of Our Faces

CoinWorld - Saratoga 5-ounce silver quarter dollar bullion coins next up

ECRI - 2008 Flashback: The Risk of Redefining Recession

Sunshine Profits - Do Credit Spreads Move the Gold Price?

Zero Hedge - What Hath The Fed Wrought?


The Non-Dollar Report - U.S. Dollar - Undeniably Strong… but for How Long?

The Telegraph - Gold Remains the Best Insurance for a Crisis

Reuters - China's yuan takes leap toward joining IMF currency basket

Bloomberg - What the Rise of the Yuan Means for the Global Economy

The New York Post - Raising minimum wage would cost a million people their jobs

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

11/13/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - 2015 $10 American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin Sells Out

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - ECRI Weekly Leading Index: "The Case of the Wage Inflation Deception"

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli speaks to Chip Dickson, Discern Investment Analytics, about global growth, central bank policy around the globe and consumer spending

VIDEO : CNBC - Cashin: Fed may have missed window mightily

CARTOON : Hedgeye - (Blind) Eye of the Storm

GOLD~NANO : Bentham Science - VIDEO : Nuclear Targeting of Gold Nanoparticles for Improved Therapeutics

Perth Mint Blog - WGC Reports Surge In Gold Demand During Q3 2015

VIDEO : CoinWorld - Here's what 1.7 million ounces of gold looks like

VIDEO : Gordon T Long - WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE FED w/ Charles Hugh Smith & Rick Ackerman

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli : The Fed's Quandary

The Economist - The world is entering a third stage of a rolling debt crisis

11/12/2015 - Bullion News

Silver Coins Today - 2015 American Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Continue at Record Pace

Business Insider - Gold coin sales haven't been this high since the financial crisis

Zero Hedge - The Amazing Chart Showing What All The Debt Issued This Century Has Been Used For

Daily Reckoning - Four Market Signals That the Crack-Up’s Begun

GoldSilverWorlds - Jim Rickards: What Will The Fed Decide in 2016?

The Deviant Investor - Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

VIDEO : CNBC - THIS indicator is signaling a recession

GoldReporter.de - Jim Rogers: The next crash will be worse than ever

The Telegraph - Gold price fall and market panic sparks bullion 'buying spree' in China

BullionStar - Record UK Gold Export To China In September, Chinese Gold Import Reaches 156t

CEO.CA - Second in a series: Currency printing and why a flash default is the way to go

Numismaster - Deceptive fake coin, holder identified

Daily Mail - Anyone need change? TWO MILLION copper coins weighing a whopping 10 tonnes found inside 2,000-year-old tomb

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11/11/2015 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Gold Ends at 5-3/4-Year Low, Silver Marks 11-Week Low

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Fed’s Next Interest Rate Move, Deadly Decoy?

Market Watch - Sheep-like thinking over a Fed move could send investors over a cliff

South China Morning Post - SDR Inclusion Far from Enough to Increase Yuan’s Allure to Investors

CoinWorld - How does the bullion market work?: Precious metals basics

GOLD~NANO : LUND University - The Effect of Protein Corona on Gold Nanoparticles Aggregation

BullionStar - Largest Ever Chinese Gold Deposit Has Been Found 2,000m Undersea In Shandong

CoinWorld - Positive case being made for gold in current precious metals market

The Sovereign Investor - Has Gold Hit a Bottom?

The Corner - Now comes the really hard part for Greece

The Telegraph - End QE now or risk a new financial crisis, warn Germany's 'Wise Men"

WolfStreet - We’re in the Early Stages of Largest Debt Default in US History

11/10/2015 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Goldman Sachs Says Corporate America Has Quietly Re-levered more than Double Pre-Crisis Levels.

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli shares his view of Federal Reserve monetary policy based on current economic data

Wealth Daily - Chinese Exports and Gold Reserves

twitter - Magic Words for Metal Longs
(Hint: Do the Opposite of what this Man says...)

CoinWorld - Mint sells most of American Eagle silver coin allocation Nov. 9

CNSnews - $944,143,000,000: Social Security Administration Spending Hit Record in FY2015; $6,345 For Every American With a Job

GOLD~NANO : AL.com - Big demand for UAH undergraduate paper about disease detection device

Bloomberg - Goldman Contrarian Joins Chorus Warning on Bond-Market Liquidity

Casey Research - Why Higher Rates Could Kill the Bull Market in Stocks

The Deviant Investor - Silly Season and Silly Fiscal Policy

Monetary Metals - Gold Price Drop of 6 Nov: Drilling Down

The Speculative Investor - Martin Armstrong botches a critique of Austrian Economics

The Guardian - The Long Read : Inside the Bank of England

11/09/2015 - Bullion News

Hussman Funds - Psychological Whiplash

Wall Street Examiner - Debt Star! US Debt Is Over 3 Times What You THINK It is!

CoinNews - US Mint Limits Weekly Silver Eagle Sales to 1.1 Million

Bloomberg - China to Allow Direct Conversion Between Yuan and Swiss Franc

VIDEO : Bloomberg - James Grant "The Federal Reserve is a Relic"

BullionStar - COMEX Deliveries vs SGE Withdrawals

Perth Mint Research - Indian Gold Monetisation Schemes

Money Metals Exchange - Key Indicator of Future Commodity Demand Turns Up

Sovereign Man - Astonishing report from the Fed says US banks are not “sound”

CHARTS : Visual Capitalist - Japan Officially Gets Leapfrogged by the Four Asian Tigers

11/08/2015 - Bullion News

Dr. Ed's Blog - The Grand Delusion

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Investing - Bull Box In The Gold Market

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - Gold Breaches Support After Positive U.S. Monthly Employment Report

The Telegraph - UN Wants New Global Currency to Replace Dollar

BullionStar - The LBMA Conference And The ‘Confusion’ About Gold Round Tripping

Zero Hedge - China Buys Another 14 Tons Of Gold In October As FX Reserves Unexpectedly Rebound

Reuters - Chinese trade disappoints, clouding economic outlook

Business Standard - India : All that glitters is paper gold

11/06/2015 - Bullion News

Sunshine Profits - Does Bond Market Drive the Gold Price?

Reuters - Gold's medium-term outlook brightens on China, India

SafeHaven - Strong Payroll Bounce +271,000; December Rate Hike Likely

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Ready For Liftoff?

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Exclusive Interview with Frank Holmes on Forces Moving Gold Market, Global Economy

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Are Markets Leading the Federal Reserve?

Casey Research - The Fed Says Negative Interest Rates are “On the Table”

Perth Mint Blog - LBMA Grants The Perth Mint A Full Member

World Mint Blog - UK Launches 2016 Range of Britannia Bullion Coins

Wealth Daily - National Debt Disgrace

Market Watch - Fed's Brainard: 'Greater caution than normal' needed on interest-rate policy

CNBC - Transcript: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans Speaks with CNBC

Reuters - Treasury's Lew, China's Wang discuss yuan joining IMF currency basket

11/05/2015 - Bullion News

Reuters - Yellen and the Fed are Playing Fire a.k.a Confidence

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Market Falls In Line With Yellen, But Now Fed Credibility at Stake

Kitco - Gold Market To Eye U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls For Next Clue On Fed Monetary Policy

JM Bullion - JM Bullion tops Dallas 100 ranking of fastest-growing companies

Market Watch - The Real Impact of a Decade of Low Interest Rates

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Rate Shock Ahead?

TECHNICAL CHARTS : Northman Trader - Charts Indicate a Change is Coming...

CHART : Perth Mint Blog - Perth Mint - October 2015 - Gold & Silver Sales Chart

The Deviant Investor - The Discipline of Silver

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Yen/Nikkei : Gold/Yen : Silver to Gold Ratio

Business Insider - This is how a central bank could kill off cash and bring in negative interest rates on your savings

Reuters - Modi calls on Indians to mobilize idle gold, cut imports


Zero Hedge - There Are Now 293 Ounces Of Paper Gold For Every Ounce Of Physical As Comex Registered Gold Hits New Low

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The World’s Most Famous Diamonds

11/04/2015 - Bullion News

CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Fed Supervision

Notes from Underground - ECB = Every Corrupt Banker

Zero Hedge - Yellen Says Negative Rates On The Table "If Outlook Worsened"

Money Metals Exchange - Rock, Paper, Scissors: Why Gold and Silver Will Always Prevail

CoinWeek - The Coin Analyst: 2016 Panda Coins and the Switch to Metric Weights

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - On this Week: Druckenmiller and his “modest” $300 million dollar gold purchase, Italian bonds pay negative interest rates & Paper gold ratio to real gold hits 231:1 in October!

First Post - India's New Gold Scheme has A Lot of Obstacles to Overcome...

Casey Research - Why the U.S. Debt Ceiling is a Farce

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Rate Hike Off the Table?

AUDIO : Library of Economics & Liberty - Michael Matheson Miller on Poverty, Inc

11/03/2015 - Bullion News

Interview with Stan Druckenmiller

Perth Mint Blog - 1oz Australian Kookaburra Bullion Coin Available From Today

Newswire - United States Mint to Launch America the Beautiful Quarters® Program Coin Honoring Saratoga National Historical Park Nov. 17

Notes from Underground - The King of Hearts Syndrome Dominates the Markets

BARRON's - How Low Can Gold Go?

Bullion Star - Why Austria Is Repatriating Gold From London

The Deviant Investor - The Circle of Gold

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11/02/2015 - Bullion News

The Felder Report - Bond Market To Stocks: “Last Call!”

Hussman Funds - Last Gasp Saloon

Bloomberg - These Charts Suggest the Market May Have Had Enough of Share Buybacks

The Daily Reckoning - Ignorance is Far less Dangerous than False Knowledge

CoinNews - American Silver Eagle Sales Limit Rises for Second Week

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - Will Gold Retest Its Uptrend? Odds Favor It

AUDIO : FSN - John Rubino – Can the Us Raise Rates When Everyone Else is Cutting Them?

Bloomberg - Here's How Much QE Helped Wall Street Steamroll Main Street

CEO.CA - The big print: 18 trillion reasons to fire up the presses

The Gold Report - Four Reasons Investment Strategist Joe McAlinden Likes Hard Assets, Especially Gold

SilverSeek - Is Martin Armstrong Both Right and Wrong About Gold & Silver Manipulation?

11/01/2015 - Bullion News

StarTribune - Interest rates: There's a Looming Problem with the Fed's Way of Thinking - Good Read

FXEMPIRE - Precious Metals Fundamental Analysis – November 2 – November 6, 2015 Forecast – Gold, Silver & Platinum

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Soar in October; US Mint Bullion Sales Weaken

What Investment - Why I am buying gold for portfolio right now, by manager of £1 billion of assets

GOLD~NANO : Dovepress - Tumor-Targeted and pH-Controlled Delivery of Doxorubicin Using Gold Nanorods for Lung Cancer Therapy

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - October 30, 2015

CHART : McClellan Financial - COT Data For Gold At Topworthy Level

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - Silver COTs Downright Scary…Trick or Treat?

GoldMoney - Fiat Money Quantity Update

Bloomberg - Bonds Send Same Ominous Signs No Matter Where in World You Look


Myhighplains - Firms Vying to Help Texas Build Gold Depository

10/30/2015 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - The Fed Really, Really Means It This Time!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kitco - A Longer-Term Examination of Gold from a Fibonacci Perspective

NewsMax - United States Mint Silver Bullion Sales Headed for New Record

CHARTS : BAWERK - The Yield Curve and GDP – a Causal Relationship?

CHART : Hedgeye - Disappointing U.S. Data Eerily Reminiscent Of 2006-2007

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Congress Gives Obama Unlimited Debt, Author Tom Woods Discusses War on Savers and Gold Standard

GOLD~NANO : Science Alert - New electronic sensor can detect ovarian cancer in your breath

The New York Sun - Santelli Wins the Debate

Market Watch - Opinion: A bottoming of gold prices might be closer than you think

CoinWorld - U.S. Mint's American Eagle bullion coins: Precious metals basics

Times of India - Gold bonds on sale from Nov 26

BullionStar - Russia’s VTB Bank Joins As SGE Member. Chinese Direct Gold Imports Increase

Nikkei Asian Review - Chinese demand propping up soft gold prices

The Union - Plea agreement accepted in counterfeit gold case

10/29/2015 - Bullion News

Investment Week - US Rate Hike in Doubt as GDP Growth Slows to 1.5%

CHARTS : dshort - Visualizing GDP: A Closer Look Inside the Q3 Advance Estimate

CHARTS : dshort - Market Cap to GDP: The Buffett Valuation Indicator Eases a Bit

Dana Lyons' Tumblr - No Silver Lining As Smart Money Heavily Short This Precious Metal

Silver Phoenix 500 - Higher Silver Prices: The Fundamental Case

Perth Mint Blog - GFMS Gold Survey Q3 2015

The National - India gold monetisation move to be launched ahead of Diwali

The Deviant Investor - Gold Analogue: Then and Now

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Yahoo Finance - USD Struggles to Hold Fed-Driven Rally as GDP, Home Sales Disappoint

VIDEO : Kitco - Austrian Mint Tour: Inside Look At The Vienna Philharmonic Coin

CEO.CA - Interview: Jim Rogers on gold, Wall Street and the “backwater” of finance

Mish Shedlock - Courage to Act; Reflections on Fed Hubris; What if Whatever it Takes is Not Enough? Fed Troika?

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Zimbabwe Hyperinflation: “How We Survived”

Market Watch - Man reportedly saves half a million pennies over 40 years

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10/28/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Hedgeye - Replay : Fed Day Live with Keith McCullough

CNBC - Comparing Fed Statements - What Changed in the New Fed Statement

MINING - Gold price drops $30 after Fed

Wall Street Examiner - Why Are We Speculating About When The Fed Will Raise Rates When The Real Issue Is How – Revisited

CHARTS : The New York Times - The Fed's Economic Projections

Midas Letter - Fed Holds Steady – No Date Given for Rate Rise

Sunshine Profits - Is U.S. Heading for Recession?

GOLD~NANO : NATURE - RESEARCH : Finding Tumors with Florescent Gold Nano-Particles

VIDEO : Modern Wall Street - Jim Rickards: Recession will force Fed to ease in 2016

SNL Conference Chatter - Gold Demand Robust and Rising

Investing - Russia And China Increase Gold Holdings

VIDEO : BullionStar - Torgny Persson, CEO, on Gold Trends & The New Gold Rush

MINING - These Countries are Winning at Gold Mining

Financial Review - Venezuela selling gold to cover bond payments

PHYS.org - Cleaning up the Precious Metals Industry

10/27/2015 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - China Gold Demand 'Not So Bleak', US Fed 'More Important'

Bonner & Partners - The Latest (and Dumbest) Central Bank Fraud

AUDIO : The Korelin Economics Report - Rick Ackerman commenting on today’s stock markets: “Even the rubes can smell the hoax!”

The New York Times - Ex-Goldman Banker and Fed Employee Will Plead Guilty in Document Leak

Reuters - Gold demand rises in Q3 on surge in coin, bar buying - GFMS

Acting Man - Can the Fed Print Money?

TIME - Ireland Is Doing Away With the Penny

Sputnik News - Iran Planning to the Abolish Cash, Introduce Electronic Payment Systems

The Deviant Investor - Green Light Silver – Part 2

GoldReporter.de - Saving behavior of the Germans: 15 percent rely on precious metals

The Telegraph - Buying motorbikes, art, gold and fossils - loopholes used by the wealthy to avoid tax

Western Daily Press - US 1794 'penny' coin found in plastic bag in Dorset sells for 1.7 MILLION times more than a cent

VIDEO : Daily Reckoning - Ron Paul : The Benefits of Buying Gold

10/26/2015 - Bullion News

Money Metals Exchange - Big News This Week on the Fed, Debt Ceiling, and Physical Silver Premiums

CoinWorld - Counterfeit Detection Advances

CoinWeek - Chinese Panda Coins- A Weighty Decision

CHARTS : Acting Man - Where Is All The Gold Going?

SAXO Group - COT: Bulls bet on precious metals, energy slumps

Kitco - Large Speculators Raise Gold Net Long To Highest Level Since February—CFTC Data

twitter - James Rickard's Thoughts on the Capital Markets

GOLD~NANO : Nature - Three dimensional imaging of gold-nanoparticles tagged samples using phase retrieval with two focus planes

VIDEO : GoldBroker - Bill Holter: The Fed, The Dollar and Gold

MineWeb - Gold – a better investment than cash?

McKinsey & Company - Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth?

Mauldin Economics - Someone Is Spending Your Pension Money

NewsMax - Marc Faber: China Has Credit Bubble of 'Epic Proportions'

RED MEAT : News Medical - Scientific Evidence Does Not Support Causal Relationship Between Red Meat and Cancer Risk

10/25/2015 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Fed set to remain on pause as GDP data expected to show slowdown

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

Monetary Metals - Little Change to Supply and Demand Report 25 Oct, 2015

CoinWorld - Check your 1998 American Eagles; they might be on wrong planchet - The Only American Silver Eagle Bullion Error Coin Sells for $50,000

NDTV - PM Modi on Mann ki Baat: Gold Monetisation Scheme to be Ready in Coming Weeks

VIDEO : Zero Hedge - Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : zentrader - Euro Weakness = Dollar Strength

VIDEO : U.S. Global Investors - The “Oprah Effect” and Gold

The New York Times - The Central Bank Skeptic Who Helped Give Birth to the Fed

10/24/2015 - Bullion News

Wealth Daily - The CPI vs. Real Inflation

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Inside Futures - The Silver Chart Looks Interesting

Bloomberg - What Will It Mean If the Yuan Gets Reserve-Currency Status?

The New York Sun - Whitewashing the Fed

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Bull Markets – It’s All About Liquidity

BAWERK - The Great Unwind

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Analyst John Rubino: Explosive Demand Factors Setting up Possible "Perfect Storm" in Silver

GoldSilverWorlds - How Much Paper Gold Is Being Traded Daily?

Zero Hedge - You Know It's Bad When...

Free Market Cafe - Pity Goldman Sachs

Profit Confidential - U.S. National Debt: As It Rises, This Investment Will Soar

Sovereign Man - What your high school chemistry teacher never taught you about gold

10/23/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Money Show - A Perspective on Gold vs. Gold Mining Shares

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Live Trading News - Technical Look A Gold Pattern: A Bullish Flag Breakout Targets 1200+

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - US Dollar -- Breakout or Fakeout?

Armstrong Economics - Quantitative Easing & the Nightmare It Has Created

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - "Funny isn’t it how we have Seen Our Entire Global Financial System Reduced to a Barrage of Words Coming Out of the Mouths of Central Bankers" “PATHETIC” is more like it.

VIDEO : CNBC - Rick Santelli speaks to Peter Eliades, Stock Market Cycles Management, about his bearish technical view on the market.

Notes from Underground - Mario Draghi Declares War On German Economic Policy

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The U.S. Debt Ceiling has Risen No Matter Who is in Office

Bloomberg - IMF Said to Give China Strong Signs of Reserve-Currency Nod

NewsMax - US Mint's Gold-Bullion Coin Sales Rebound

Market Watch - Silver bullion coins are scarce, but prices don’t show it

The Daily Reckoning - Don't Follow the Crowd, Lead the Way

10/22/2015 - Bullion News

Mish's Blog - As Draghi Hints at More QE, German Bond Yields Hit Record Low Negative Yields; Economic Madness

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Video of Mario Draghi's Remarks

GoldReporter.de - Goldman Sachs sees "risks" that the price of gold continues to rise

MINING - Venezuela ready to dump 80 tonnes of gold

Money Metals Exchange - The Seven Biggest Lies Told (and Believed) about Gold

GOLD~NANO : NanoTechnology Now - New Step towards Smart Treatment of Breast Cancer by Gold Nanoparticles

CoinNews - Gold Dips, Silver and US Mint Silver Eagles Gain

Zero Hedge - Auto Loan Market "Reminds Me Of What Happened Right Before The Crisis", Top Regulator Warns

NIA - IS - Putin Preparing for Russian Gold Standard?

SRSrocco Report - 2015 RECORD SILVER INVESTMENT RATIO: 1% = 30%

The Bullion Desk - China Construction Bank joins London gold price auction

Zero Hedge - Finance Professor "Invests" In Jim Cramer's "Buy Right Now" Portfolio, Loses Money On 72% Of Stock Picks

10/21/2015 - Bullion News

Market Realist - LBMA Conference Projections... Part 1 thru 5

SAXO Group - Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter Third Quarter 2015

SAXO Group - Markets jittery before Draghi tomorrow, Poloz first

Bloomberg - These Are the Fed's Three Weapons If the Economy Falters

Mint News Blog - A Look at Cumulative U.S. Mint Bullion Sales

GoldReporter.de - First Indian gold bullion coin: Here are the details

VIDEO : Kitco - HSBC Remains ‘Cautiously Bullish’ On Gold, Calling For $1,205 Year-End Price

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Deviant Investor - Dollar Decline Cycle


Reuters - Platinum fails to fill breach left by gold in South Africa

Sputnik News - Russia is on Course to Global Platinum Domination

EconoTimes - Russian Central bank increases its gold reserves by 34 tons in September

VIDEO : USA Watchdog - Negative Rates for Next 10 Years-Buy Gold-Axel Merk

CoinWorld - Patriotic printers: Paul Revere, silversmith and 'Midnight Rider'

10/20/2015 - Bullion News

The Felder Report - The Latest Margin Debt Figures Send An Ominous Signal For Stocks

AUDIO : Sovereign Man - Dr Ron Paul on why the Fed's days are numbered

The Telegraph - One of the causes of the financial crisis is finally being tackled

Plata - The Fundamental Flaw of 'Mainstream Economics' by Hugo Salinas Price

GOLD~NANO : dvids - Fantastic Journey: Transporting Life Saving Drugs by Micromotors

VIDEO : Kitco - Austrian Central Bank Addresses Gold Repatriation

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Acting Man - Gold – A Rally No-One Really Believes in

Bloomberg - LBMA Considers Handling All Precious Metals on Regulatory Change

iStockAnalyst - The Return Of The Debt-Ceiling Follies In Washington

Sprott Money - Confusing Inevitable with Imminent - Jeff Thomas

CoinNews - 2015 US Mint Coin Production Highest Since 2007

MOTHERBOARD - How an Obsessed Billionaire Finally Bought Gold.co.uk After Seven Years

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10/19/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : dshort - NYSE Margin Debt Is Now 11% Off Its April Record High

CHART : GoldSilverWorlds - Gold: Third Time’s The Charm? Amazing Chart

CoinNews - US Mint Sets Silver Eagle Allocation Lower to 970,000

Money Metals Exchange - Gold Shows Strength as Debt Ceiling Showdown Approaches

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Dow Jones – Not a good place for it to run out of gas!

VIDEO : CNBC - Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: Raise the debt limit

Zero Hedge - Traders Are Panic-Selling T-Bills After Jack Lew Warns Of "Terrible" Debt Limit Accident

Bloomberg - London Gold Market Under Scrutiny as Bullion World Gathers

Reuters - China mounts gold liquidity grab as London market reforms

Sputnik News - Self-Indebted: US-Based Investors Buyout Treasury Bonds Dumped by China

International Man - The Next “Greece”

Gold-Eagle - Bullion Billionaires Who Like GOLD

Casey Research - Find Out What Doug Casey Is Buying Today

AUDIO : Midas Letter - Quantum Funds Co-Founder Jim Rogers on Gold, Russia-U.S. Proxy War, U.S. Dollar

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

10/18/2015 - Bullion News

The Daily Bell - Why Most Gold Stocks Are Bad Investments

ValueWalk - Will Gold Finish 2015 With A Gain? by Frank Holmes

Calculated Risk - For Confidence Sake : Goldman Sachs (Hopes) Expects "Fed Liftoff" in December

CHARTS : BAWERK - US Dollar – the modern day Bancor

CHARTS : Visual Capitalist - Gold: Off to the Races, or Just Another False Start?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : ZenTrader - Welcome To Bear Market Stage 6

International Man - How to Survive the “Deep State” by Doug Casey

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report

Market Watch - Lack of economic muscle? U.S. at mercy of China, strong dollar

Mises Institute - Sanders, Trump, and John Maynard Keynes

AUDIO : Money Metals Exchange - Negative Interest Rates Signal Escalation in War on Cash

CARTOON : Zero Hedge - "We're Out Of Yellow Bricks"

10/17/2015 - Bullion News

MoneyBeat (WSJ) - Will Treasury Ever Go Negative?

Mish's Blog - Can the Fed Really Print Money? What Would Negative Interest Rates Do?

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - Bombs Away in US Dollar Index -- Up Goes Gold!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Pulse - Gold – Bullishness Grows as Fed Hike Priced Out

Coin Update - Tips for Selling Coins and Paper Money on eBay

BDlive - Fed rate delay adds to bullion price puzzle

The Peoples Bank of China - 2016 Gold & Silver Pandas - Change in Weight from Ounces to Grams - Google Translation Link

BullionStar - SGE Withdrawals At Record High 1,958t YTD

Xinhua - News Analysis: China's push to add renminbi to SDR basket nearing finish line

VIDEO : BNN - BitGold transforms into GoldMoney

GoldMoney - Silver as Money

Zero Hedge - "Its Not The Economy Stupid, It's The Dollar"

The Telegraph - Britain's biggest banks to be forced to separate retail banks from investment arms

10/16/2015 - Bullion News

SAXO Group - The Monetary Policy Dead End

PDF : Gold Standard Inst. - Gold Standard Institute - October Journal

Numismaster - Silver Eagle shortage eases a bit

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : FXStreet - Gold Analysis : Weakness to persist, eyes 1170 on upbeat US data

Reuters - China adds more gold to reserves in September

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PuppyUp - Gold Nano-Particles used to Fight Prostate Cancer in Dogs

CHARTS : dshort - Deconstructing the Consumer Price Index

Daily Reckoning - Inflation Headlines vs. Reality Reveals Outright Government Fraud

AUDIO : Notes from Underground - "Gold's Inflection Point and Asset Allocation with John Butler"

Notes from Underground - The Stock Market Says, “I Think Icahn, I Think Icahn”

Alhambra Investment Partners - Gold(man) Simplicity

Perth Mint Research - China will save us

CoinWeek - FRAUD ALERT : Counterfeit Cashier’s Checks being used to by Gold

USNews - Appeals court again considering fate of rare seized Double Eagle gold coins worth $80M or more

10/15/2015 - Bullion News

CoinWeek - The Silver Shortage Hits, U.S. Mint Blank Supplier, Sunshine Minting

CoinNews - Gold Notches 4-Month High; 2015 Silver Eagles Top 38M

VIDEO : CNBC - Surprising Fed paper drops a dovish bombshell

CHARTS : StreetTalkLive - 3 Things: The Fed Is Screwed

Casey Research - The One Asset to Own When Things “Go to Hell”

Midas Letter - All Hail the Return of the Bull Market for Gold and Precious Metals

VIDEO : USA Watchdog - Financial Collapse to Wipe Away All the Lies-Rick Ackerman

Bullion Vault - Gold's Hottest Rumour at LBMA Conference 2015

VIDEO : CNBC - Commodities have found bottom: Expert

Reuters - Platinum price forecasts for 2016 lowered after third quarter plunge: poll

Bloomberg - Charting the Markets: Burberry and Bonds Not as Good as Gold

AUDIO : Sovereign Man - Yes, the US government really is bankrupt. Here’s proof...

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - China vs. United States: A Tale of Two Economies

GOLD RUSH : Inquisitr - When Does Discovery's "Gold Rush" Return? and What to Expect When it Does...?

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10/14/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli & Art Cashin get real on the Fed

The Sovereign Investor - Good News for Gold

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - When Bad News is Called Good News: Think for Yourself

Bloomberg - Dollar Can't Get a Break as Economic Reports Lead to 3-Month Low

Reuters - Gold hits 3-1/2 month high on talk of delay in Fed rate rise

Free Market Cafe - The Golden Hour Is Here

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli: Retail Sales Numbers 'Not Kind'

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Gold Soars Into Green Year-To-Date, Breaks Above Key Technical Level

Kitco - More Market Turmoil As Fed Experiment Ends Badly Will Drive Gold Higher - Tocqueville

VIDEO : MINING - Gold Fever: 5 Surprising Uses for Gold

10/13/2015 - Bullion News

The Silver Institute - Silver Bullion Coins on Allocation at Major National Mints

Bloomberg - Silver Advances a Third Day Amid Signs of Increasing Coin Demand

CoinNews - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Soar in September

Money Morning - Why You Need to Buy hard Assets

Notes from Underground - A Few Things Before the Financial Ship Sails

Bullion Desk - Gold reverses higher as dollar weakness persists

AUDIO : PhysicalGoldFund- Interview with Jim Rickards

OfTwoMinds - Where Is the First Helicopter Drop of Money Likely to Land?

CHARTS : biiwii - Gold vs...

The Deviant Investor - Gold Prices Will Rise Because...

Reuters - Shanghai Gold Exchange to name new chairman ahead of benchmark launch

dshort - Household Incomes: The Decline of the "Middle Class"

Kimble Charting - What’s It Mean When Everyone Expects A Black Swan Event?

The Washington Post - A high-society soccer dad lived a luxurious life. Now he’s going to prison.

10/12/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : SAXO Group - The Increasing Tyranny of King Dollar

MarketWatch - Chinese Finance Minister says U.S. Shouldn't Raise Rates

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Short Side of Long - US Dollar & Emerging Markets

AUDIO : Daily Reckoning - Fed Governor's Comments Are Causing Market Mayhem

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold-Eagle - Update On The Gold Silver Ratio

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSilverWorlds - Green Light For Silver

Money Metals Exchange - Move over ZIRP... Here Comes NIRP!

Bloomberg View - Growing Government Debt Will Test Euro-Zone Solidarity

Sovereign Man - Three obvious signs the entire system is changing

BullionStar - How Much Gold Is China Importing And Does It Still Correlates to SGE Withdrawals?

Economic Times - Why bad economic news is good for precious metals like gold, silver

The Star - Huge haul of gold bars still missing in bank-fraud case

Reuters - Mitsui to shut precious metals business in London, New York-sources

10/11/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Ahead of the Herd - 2015 - The Year of Peak Gold..."Color Outside the Line"

The Telegraph - World Cannot Spend Its Way Out of a Slump, Warns OECD Chief

MarketWatch - Fed officials seem ready to deploy negative rates in next crisis

CARTOON : The Mess That Greenspan Made - Financial Markets and the Fed

Yahoo Finance - About liquidity ...

AUDIO : MoneyWeb - US growth is weak, Fed will ease rates – Currency Wars author James Rickards

Zero Hedge - We Are All (Almost) Japanese Now

MENA FN - India's Gold Imports Plunge 52%

Deviant Investor - Global Players at the Financial Poker Table

ProActiveInvestors - Platinum group metal production falls in South Africa

Bullion Vault - Why a Gold Standard?

10/09/2015 - Bullion News

VIDEO : CNBC - The Economic Implications of Negative Rates

IMAGES : Mint News Blog - 2017 America the Beautiful Program Design Candidates

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - WCU: Commodities Soaring with Fed Doves

Reuters - LBMA asks for bids to provide gold trading, clearing services

Alhambra Partners - The New Greater Fool

GATA - Bron Suchecki: Bundesbank's gold bar list would fail an audit

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - "It's Not A Risk-On Rally, This Is The Biggest Short Squeeze In Years" Says Bank Of America

Acting Man - Why a Gold Standard?

10/08/2015 - Bullion News

Vimeo - Larry Parks Show - Keith Weiner Interview

Silver Coins Today - American Silver Eagle Coin Sales Loosen Up

CHARTS : The Short Side of Long - Bond Markets Message: More Stimulus?

CHARTS : BAWERK - Why NIRP may trump QE4

First Rebuttal - Who’s Profited Most from 7 Years of Fed Policy…. Well the Fed of Course!

Perth Mint Research - OCC precious metal derivatives fat finger

Sovereign Man - The US government just crossed the Rubicon

Bloomberg - VW Scandal's Boost for Palladium Seen Sustained, Top Miner Says

Marc to Market - Great Graphic: Keeping Contributors to World Growth in Perspective

10/07/2015 - Bullion News

GoldSeek - Gold Money Versus Central Banks Paper Ponzi

VIDEO : Fox Business - James Rickards: Fed is lousy at seeing bubbles, they never see them

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - Gold has trended higher after NFP

KIRO TV - To Bullion Or Not

INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The World Map of Debt

Reuters - RPT-China FX reserves fall in September to $3.51 trillion

The Sidney Morning Herald - Germany's Bundesbank reveals where the gold is buried

PDF : Bundesbank - The Deutsche Bundesbank’s Gold Holdings

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : FSN - This 12-year-old came up with a way to stop allergies before they start

AUDIO : FSN - David Morgan – Silver Has Likely Bottomed

Bloomberg - Platinum Futures Rise to Two-Week High as Supply Concerns Mount

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Speculative Investor - Market Stuff

CoinNews - 2015 $20 Gingerbread Man Silver Coin for $20

AL ARABIYA - Turkey arrests six over ‘minting coins for ISIS’

10/06/2015 - Bullion News

CheatSheet - Northwest Territorial Mint : The Worst Way to Buy Silver

GlassDoor - Employee Reviews : Northwest Territorial Mint

Project Syndicate - Debt Déjà Vu

CNBC - Homes as ATMs: It's starting again

MarketWatch - Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

TheGoldandOilGuy - Financial Repression – Governments boost their coffers and hold down interest rates

Bullion Vault - Panic into Bullion? Not Outside Coin Mark-Ups

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Money Metals Exchange - Key Chart Shows Silver at Critical Crossroads

Perth Mint Research - Sucking silver through a straw

Bloomberg - Yuan Overtakes Yen as World's Fourth Most-Used Payments Currency

The Deviant Investor - Gold, Silver and Choices – Good and Bad

MarketWatch - Gold may be on verge of ‘breakout’ higher as ETF holdings rise

MINING - Gold Price Momentum Builds

Kitco - Silver Market No Longer Looks Awful As Prices Push To 200-DMA

10/04/2015 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - What Will the Next 'Lehmans' Crash Do to Gold Prices?

Notes from Underground - Weak Unemployment Report Creates A Cacophony of Market Reactions

Bloomberg - Kocherlakota Says Low Inflation Warrants Further Fed Stimulus

Clive Maund - FIAT ENDGAME - more QE, NIRP, bails-ins and Pensions Plunder...

GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Kaleo - How Gold and Titanium Could Treat Kidney Cancer

SAXO Group - Steen's Chronicle: Meet Mr and Mrs Consensus

BullionStar - Chinese And Russian Central Bank Continue To Add Gold To Official Reserves: 16 & 31 Tonnes In August

Solidus - Fed-Engineered Jobs Failure

INO - Former Fed chief Bernanke says Wall Street executives should have gone to jail for crisis role

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10/02/2015 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - India Issues Its First Sovereign Gold Coin… to Curb Gold Imports

Zero Hedge - Payrolls Disaster: Only 142K Jobs Added In September With Zero Wage Growth; August Revised Much Lower

VIDEO : CNBC - Fed policy complete failure

Bloomberg - Perth Mint Silver Sales Jump As Prices Fall to Six-Year Low

Perth Mint Bullion - The Perth Mint's Monthly Sales - September 2015

Daily Reckoning - How Inflation Could Be Caused in 15 Minutes

Platts - Going for gold: London bullion market finds no clear path to increasing liquidity - On the Latest Bullion Investigation "None of the banks mentioned actually vault gold in London, the source said, noting the absence of the likes of HSBC, Scotiamocatta, JP Morgan and UBS."

Perth Mint Research - Yet Another Precious Metal Manipulation Investigation

CoinWorld - Third-quarter sales of American Eagle gold bullion coins rise

The Deviant Investor - The Great Illinois Gold Rush!

CNBC - Moon Express, a start-up that plans to mine the lunar surface for rare and precious metals, took one step closer to making its moonshot a reality on Thursday

10/01/2015 - Bullion News

CHARTS : NIA - The World’s Strongest Fiat Currency Since 1971, 2000, and in 2015

CHARTS : McClellan Financial - Spending Our Grandchildren’s Money

Free Market Cafe - The Sun Shines on Silver

CoinWeek - Another Bullion Sell Out for U.S. Mint: Bombay Hook 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coin

Kitco - U.S. Mint Posts 181% Jump In Gold Coin Sales, Silver Sales Hit 29-Year Record High In Q3

VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli: A recovery that has jobs but no productivity

Cobden Centre - From ZIRP to NIRP

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 9/29/15

Bloomberg - China Boosts Gold Reserves 1% in August, Diversifying Assets

Perth Mint Blog - Bullion Buying: No ID Required For Telephone Orders Up To $5,000

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