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4th Quarter - 2014 - includes the Guide's first thoughts about the Federal Reserve and what would happen if they raised interest rates


1st Quarter - 2015 - includes in-depth analysis of why the Federal Reserve should not raise rates

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4th Quarter of 2017 - Bullion News

(October 1st - December 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

10/10/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Has Potential To Hit $1,400 By Next Year – Macquarie - Kitco

Precious Metals Rise; Gold Ends at 2-Week High - Coin News

VIDEO: Strategist Evans Sees Geopolitical Bid in Gold - Bloomberg

GOLD NANOPARTICLE - CANCER RESEARCH: Lung cancer being targeted by nano-drone delivered cannabinoids - lift news

Diamond bullion to be listed in Singapore - The Business Times

VIDEO: Nobel Economist Thaler Says He's Nervous About Low Volatility in the Stock Market - Bloomberg

VIDEO: Kookaburras flying high in 2018 - Perth Mint Blog

10/08/2017 - Bullion News

Gold as the Monetary Sun - Casey Research

Be Very Afraid Of Jerome Powell and His Printing Press - Notes from Underground

Why MarketWatch’s “Seven Reasons To Sell Gold Now” Aren’t Good Reasons At All - Hard Asset Alliance

We asked 6 big-money investors about their biggest fears — and they all had the same answer - Business Insider

Tale of Two America's - South - Econimica

Silver Bars Imports Jump to China + India, Gold Picture Mixed - Bullion Vault

VIDEO: Kyle Bass Says Cryptocurrencies to be viable asset class - Bloomberg

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10/05/2017 - Bullion News

CHART: Gold-Coin Sales Drop to Decade Low as Retail Buyers Flee - The Economist

Asset prices are high across the board. Is it time to worry? - The Economist

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Gold nanoparticles effectively deliver CRISPR to mouse models of DMD - Fierce Biotech

AUDIO: Danielle DiMartino Booth On Why The Fed Is Bad For America - The Felder Report

The Tale of Two America's...Urban Rise, Rural Demise, Rationale to Hyper-Monetize - Econimica


Catalonia Chaos Begins to Squeeze Spain’s Financial Markets - Wolf Street

10/04/2017 - Bullion News

Decades Of Economic Perspective Hold Great Value - Advancing Time

Gold holds on to modest gain after upbeat ISM services data - Market Watch

Palladium: The Year's Top Performer so far - International Banker

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Is a cure for cancer in sight? - TheBlankpage

CHARTs: Market Rips Past Historical Patterns—Will Q4 Expectations Be Satisfied? - Almanac Trader

CHART: tweet: Selling the S&P in price strength - Northman Trader

Paulson Says Sprott, Others Keen to Join Gold-Investors Group - Bloomberg

10/03/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Buying Rises with Price 1st Time in a Year - Bullion Vault

CHART: Historical perspective: DJIA monthly chart vs VXO volatility. - Northman Trader

Janet in Wonderland - Dr. Ed's Blog

Monthly Sales – September 2017 - Perth Mint Blog

GOLD NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH : CRISPR-Gold fixes Duchenne muscular dystrophy mutation in mice - Berkeley News

Czech Republic’s first bullion coin: Beautiful and unusual in more ways than one - World Mint News Blog

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10/02/2017 - Bullion News

Gold settles at a nearly 2-month low as dollar, equities strengthen - Market Watch

U.S. Mint’s Q3 Silver Coin Sales Hit 10-Year Low As Metal Struggles - Kitco

Inflation and Deflation - The Federal Reserve's Great Dilemma - Viable Opposition

The Pricing of Risk is Kaput - Wolf Street

CHART: tweet: Number of states with growing economy drops to 30 while ISM at decade high - D.V. Dend

China has 12,100 tonnes of proven gold reserves - XinHuaNet

Russia’s 10-Year Gold Itch Sends Its Hoard to Putin-Era Peak - Bloomberg

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10/01/2017 - Bullion News

Why you should add some glitter of gold to your portfolio now - Economic Times

CHART: tweet: US inflation edging higher according PriceStat's real-time web-scrapped data - Kensho Macro

CHARTS: What Happens When Inflation Walks In? - Market Anthropology

Trump Ramps Up Fed Chair Search With Decision Due Within Weeks - Bloomberg

Salvage firm hopes to net gold worth £125bn sunk by German U-boats - The Guardian

This woman paid off $20,000 in debt and started by making an extra payment of $20 - Market Watch

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3rd Quarter of 2017 - Bullion News

(July 1st  -  September 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

09/28/2017 - Bullion News

Gold and cash reign as U.S. fund investors pare stocks: Lipper - Reuters

Fed Can’t Reach ‘Normal’ - Numismaster

Wall Street analyst unleashes on Jamie Dimon and everyone else calling bitcoin a fraud - Business Insider

Palladium Eclipses Beaten-Down Platinum as Drivers Shun Diesel - Bloomberg

AUDIO: QE Still Alive and Well: Worldwide Central Banks Pumping in 300 Billion Per Month - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Fort Knox: “Glad Gold Is Safe!” - The Deviant Investor

CHARTS: Russian Gold Reserves Grow Again in August - BGASC

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09/27/2017 - Bullion News

Gold hits month low as Fed rate hike hint drives dollar - Business Standard

Gold Marks 6-Week Low, Palladium and Platinum End at Same Level - Coin News

CHARTS : A Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market - Financial Sense

How rich Americans got even richer in recent years as the top 1 percent now own almost 40 per cent of the country's wealth - The Daily Mail

Platinum, palladium hit price parity for first time in 16 years - Reuters

First Cash, Now Gold? Another Bitcoin Hard Fork Is on the Way - Coin Desk

Scottsdale Mint creates 1-ounce silver bullion coin for Barbados - Coin World

09/25/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: A Step Closer to Treating Oral Cancer Without Surgery - The Hindu

VIDEO: We're Reaching Peak Gold - Bloomberg

Authorized purchasers buy 15,000 American Eagle palladium bullion coins - Coin World

AUDIO: Trader Roy Friedman: “We Are About To See The Greatest Asset Re-allocation In World History” - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Guy with 2 pounds of gold in his butt was really easy to spot - The New York Post

09/24/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Scientists Develop Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment - The National University of Science and Technology MISIS

Cash Tight in Bullion Market - Numismatic News

RAY DALIO: There's one asset every portfolio must have - Business Insider

Secret Monetary Policy': Who Manipulates Gold Prices and Why - Sputnik News

VIDEO : Danielle DiMartino Booth on RT Boom Bust — The final day of the FOMC meetings - BoomBust

09/21/2017 - Bullion News

Fed Review: Balance sheet taper is good news for Gold - FX Street

The Impossible Math of the Federal Reserve - Knowledge Leader Capital

GOLD NANOPARTILCE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Researchers developing take home cancer test - TV6 (Upper Michigan Source)

How Bad Debt Is Resolved, Hint, It Is Not Good! - Advancing Time

New Thinking and Different Actions - The Deviant Investor

1 Million Ohio Public Employees Face Pension Cuts As Another Ponzi Teeters On The Brink - Zero Hedge

CCAC Approves 2019 ATB Quarter, OSS Gold Medal Designs - CoinWeek

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09/20/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Nanoparticle Drones To Target Lung Cancer with Radiosensitizers And Cannabinoids - MJ Headline News

Yellen defends Federal Reserve's bond buying as the central bank starts reducing its stockpile - The Los Angeles Times

How the ‘great central bank unwind’ could ignite the next financial crisis - Market Watch

Why this market ‘is headed for a brick wall’ - The Boock Report

It Will Take More Than Three Years To Reduce Fed’s Balance Back To USD 2.5 Tr - The Corner

Gold Investment 'Roars' in Japan on N.Korea Tension But Rate-Rise Talk Hits Price as Stocks Rise - Bullion Vault

The Precious Metal Heading For A Supply Squeeze - Oil Price

Scientists discover self-healing powers of pure gold - Design Engineering

09/18/2017 - Bullion News

American Palladium Eagle Bullion Coin Debuts on Sept. 25, 2017 - CoinNews

The Dollar Could Be Starting a Multiyear Bear Market - DailyWealth

Why you shouldn’t snooze through this week’s Federal Reserve meeting - Bankrate

What Jamie Dimon Got Wrong About Bitcoin & Tulips - Zero Hedge

Student debt is delaying millennial homeownership by seven years - Market Watch

Over 2000 gold coins recovered from ancient Portuguese shipwreck - Deccan Chronicle

09/17/2017 - Bullion News

Turbulent Fed Week To Keep Gold Prices On Their Toes - Kitco

The Fed is getting ready for its 'biggest meeting of the year' - Business Insider

The Secret Reason Why Gold Is a Buy - BanyanHill

BIS Hunts for 'Missing' Global Debt, Inflation - MorningStar

Big Trouble For The Silver Market If Mexico Monetizes Its Silver Libertad Coin - SRSrocco Report

Ashes, Darkness and Gold - Sunshine Profits

INFOGRAPHIC: From Richer to Poorer: Venezuela’s Economic Tragedy Visualized - Visual Capitalist

09/15/2017 - Bullion News

Consolidating after recent strength After the spectacular run from the lows of early July, gold and silver took a breather this week - GoldMoney

Louise Yamada's stock chart models show we are way overdue for a big correction - CNBC

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - September 15, 2017 - GoldSeek

ECRI Weekly Leading Index: Growth Index Lowest Since March 2016 - Advisor Perspectives

Canada’s household debt burden hits record - The Globe and Mail

$771 Trillion Worth Of Gold Lies Hidden In The Ocean: Good Luck Getting It - Forbes

The Mexican Congress Debates the Monetization of the 'Libertad' Silver Ounce - Plata

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09/14/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Edges Higher for First Gain in Four Days - Coin News

Record Incomes Mean Little in Debt Era - Bloomberg

A Long-Term Look at Inflation - Advisor Perspectives

Fed to take historic leap into the unknown - Market Watch

Harvey, Irma, Jeopardy, and Knox - The Deviant Investor

History of Krugerrand a thrilling tale - Numismatic News

As if the iPhone X wasn't pricey enough: Designers create £53,000 solid GOLD version of Apple's new device - Daily Mail

09/13/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE ~ CANCER RESEARCH: Test strips for cancer detection get upgraded with nanoparticle bling - PHYS.ORG

Gold suffers third straight daily decline - Market Watch

Monex: Will the CFTC End Retail Bullion Leverage? - CoinWeek

The National Debt Just Hit $20 Trillion. Here’s How Congress Can Restore Fiscal Sanity. - Daily Signal

What Does the QE Experience Say About Rates in a Shrinking Fed Balance Sheet World? - Knowledge Leaders Capital

Gold Demand Stifled in Top Buyer by Prices, Laundering Curbs - Bloomberg

Scottsdale Mint produces Deathstalker Scorpion silver bullion coin for Chad - CoinWorld

09/12/2017 - Bullion News

CFTC Files Complaint Against Monex Alleging $290 Million Fraud - CoinWeek

Ellis Island 5 oz Silver America the Beautiful Quarters Sell Out - Gainesville Coins

CHART : tweet: Persistent inflation is a modern phenomenon - The Long View

Irma and Gold - Sunshine Profits

The Allure Of Illusions - Five Favorite Financial Myths - Advancing Time

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09/11/2017 - Bullion News

It's Official! Gold is the Most Consensus Long Position in Macro - Hedgeye

CHART : Gold Price Prediction for September 12, 2017 - FXEmpire

VIDEO : Close up look at 2018 Year of the Dog Australian Lunar bullion coins - The Perth Mint

AUDIO : Autumn Storms: Watch for Signs and Prepare - Financial Sense

It's Official: US Debt Finally Tops $20 Trillion, Jumps By $318 Billion In One Day - Zero Hedge

The Sandcastle - International Man

09/07/2017 - Bullion News

Korean Researchers Develop Cancer Treatment
using Nano-Gold Particles

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : The Gold Standard in Cancer Treatment - link to video above - Labroots

Draghi / Euro / Gold - The Boock Report

Treasuries Rally, Euro Soars as S&P Treads Water: Markets Wrap - Bloomberg

Hurricane Harvey boosts U.S. jobless claims to more than two-year high - Reuters

Will fear drive gold even higher? Trader expects to see a further bullion bounce - CNBC

CARTOON : The Bird - Hedgeye

CHARTS : Market Remains Overvalued - Advisor Perspectives

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09/06/2017 - Bullion News

The ‘Sum of All Fears’ Fuels Gold Rally - Bloomberg

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Fake 2017 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins on eBay - Images of fake coins can be seen under the first comment - SilverBugs (Reddit)

Bitcoin's Golden Future - Bloomberg

PALLADIUM NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Killing Breast Cancer with Palladium Nanoparticles - Dove Press

Advancing metals takes coin prices higher - Numismatic News

Federal Reserve vice chairman to resign, opening another seat for Trump to fill - The Los Angeles Times

Companies Do More Buybacks When Their CEOs Are Cashing Out Options But Don’t You Dare Call It Insider Trading - DEALBREAKER

Irma Portends New Woes For Debt-Stricken Puerto Rico - NPR

09/05/2017 - Bullion News

Dollar slips further as havens pick up steam - Market Watch

Gold Marks 11-1/2-Month High, Silver Logs 4-1/2-Month High - Coin News

Object Lesson: War on Cash Backfires on India’s Economy - Money Metals Exchange

Perth Mint to Issue 1st Platinum Kangaroo Bullion Coin in 2018 - Coin Week

Traders are increasingly worried that the US government may soon run out of ways to pay its bills - Business Insider

INFOGRAPHIC : Visualizing the Real Value of the Minimum Wage - Visual Capitalist

Medical school debts run $180,000 on average per student - STAT News

09/03/2017 - Bullion News

Yen, bonds and gold all up after North Korea nuclear test - Reuters

VIDEO : Perth Mint unveils Australia’s official bullion coin program for 2018 - Perth Mint Blog

CHARTS : Something to worry about - Calafia Beach Pundit

Living paycheck to paycheck is the way of life: New Harris poll finds that 78 percent of US workers live paycheck to paycheck. - My Budget 360

Millennials say anxiety about money is literally making them sick - Market Watch

Federal Reserve finalizes rules to help unwind big banks - Reuters

A huge World War 2 bomb is going to be defused near $70 billion worth of Germany's gold - Business Insider (New York)

09/01/2017 - Bullion News

Gold at near 10-month high after U.S. jobs growth slows - Reuters

What a Strong Euro Means for the U.S. Debt Ceiling Debate - Bloomberg

CHART ~ tweet : Inflation-adjusted median household income in US falling in '17 & is now >$1k lower than start of the 21st century - 13D Research‏

CHARTS : Macro Winds Fill Gold's Sails - Market Anthropology

Indian Gov't may bring in new gold bourse rules in November - Economic Times

Q & A : Retrieving Gold, and More, From Wastewater - The New York Times

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08/31/2017 - Bullion News

"Safe-haven" euro could complicate ECB plan to roll back stimulus - Reuters

The Bitcoin Bubble Has Officially Reached the Stock Market - Motley Fool

Russia's Otkritie sub-debt, shares fall as bail-in fears return - Reuters

The Wacky World of Sovereign Bonds - Variable Opposition

CANCER THERAPY : US clears breakthrough gene therapy for childhood leukemia - ABC News

NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : ‘Hit-and-run’ gene therapy nanoparticles could enhance CAR-T treatments - Fierce Bio-Tech

08/30/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Sharks with frickin' lasers: Gold nanoparticles fry cancer on glowing mice - PHYS.ORG

Gold surrenders 11-month highs on stronger dollar, upbeat economic data - Market Watch

Gold Is Winning New Fans - Bloomberg

Eight Days to Destruction - The Deviant Investor

The Time to Buy Gold Is Now - Casey Research

Palladium Rally Is About More Than Just Autos - Bloomberg View

Dollar vs. Commodities - Bullion Vault

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/29/2017 - Bullion News

Gold tallies third-straight session gain to settle at 11-month high - Market Watch

COOL '360' VIDEO : The Battle for India's $45 Billion Gold Industry Has Begun - Bloomberg

Is It Time To Own Gold Or Bitcoin? - Forbes

The Bond Market Is Going Crazy, Sinking Bank Stocks - Investor's Business Daily

Market thinks Fed could hold off on rate hikes for another year — at least - CNBC

Report: Student Loan Debt Reaches $1.4 Trillion - Campus Technology

Is silver positioned to make traditional strong move up in September? - Coin World

CARTOON : Bullseye? - Hedgeye

08/28/2017 - Bullion News

Gold surges to finish above US$1,300/ounce for the first time since November - SCMP

Gold Logs 11-Month High, Ellis Island 5 oz Bullion Coin Launches - CoinNews

Pensions May Yank Up to $1 Trillion From Stocks to Trim Risk - Bloomberg

Have We Learned Nothing From The Financial Crisis? - The Felder Report

Gold idols, hidden treasures in vaults: Here are some of India’s richest temples - Hindustan Times

08/25/2017 - Bullion News

Dollar slides against the euro after Draghi’s Jackson Hole speech - Market Watch

Are Central Banks Nationalising the Economy? - Mises Institute

Palladium ETF Investors Cash Out Even as the Metal Continues to Soar - Bloomberg

Bitcoin Investors, Beware: The IRS Is Coming for Your Vast Riches - The Street

How students with school debt but no degree get stuck in ‘purgatory’ - PBS

How high for gold and silver? - Numismaster

BULLION SCAM : Seminole coin dealer accused of defrauding customers out of more than $200,000 - Tampa Bay Times

FAKE BULLION : Feds: Rochester man sold fake gold coins on Craigslist - WHAM 13 (New York)

08/24/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE | CANCER RESEARCH : Faster, More Accurate and Portable Test for Liver Cancer Developed - Scicasts

Gold Price Reverses Partially as Markets Refocusing on Jackson Hole - Bullion Vault

The Fed Just Admitted It No Longer Has a Clue What’s Going On - GoldSeek

VIDEO : Fed's George Sees Another 2017 Hike Despite Low Inflation - Bloomberg

Ellis Island 5-ounce silver quarter dollar bullion coin ready for market - Coin World

How Planned Fed Rate Increases Impact the National Debt & Deficits - Financial Sense

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck - CNBC

VIDEO : CoinWeek IQ: Collectors Should be Aware of Problem MS70 American Silver Eagles - CoinWeek

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08/23/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE | CANCER RESEARCH : Nanolaser can detect, kill circulating tumor cells to prevent cancer metastases - NanoWerk

Gold edges higher as focus shifts to central banker meeting - Reuters

Draghi: Trillions In QE Have Made Economies "More Resilient" - Zero Hedge

Federal and state politicians take tour of gold depository at Fort Knox - WDRB (Kentucky)

VIDEO : Perth Mint export triumph reflects Australian gold sector growth - Perth Mint Blog

Germany's central bank just shifted 50,000 gold bars held overseas due... - CNBC

08/21/2017 - Bullion News

SWOT Analysis: Comparing Bitcoin to Gold - GoldSeek

COT: Copper and gold in demand, grains hit - SAXO Group


The Great Recession, 10 Years Later - FEE

Total Eclipse of Sense - The Deviant Investor

What to Do When Government Money Goes Bad - Casey Research

Economic Growth Does Not Equal Economic Strength - Advancing Time

08/20/2017 - Bullion News

ECB July Meeting Minutes Show Caution Over Weak Inflation, Concern About Euro Strength - The Corner

AUDIO : When the Storm Arrives, What Will It Look Like? - Financial Sense

2017 $2 Canadian Silver Wolf Moon Bullion Coin Photos - Coin News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Can gold nanostars and lasers vaccinate against cancer? - Futurity

Will the Electric Car Revolution Sink Platinum and Palladium? - Sunshine Profits

Perth Mint CEO shines light on Australian gold exports in live business broadcast - Perth Mint Blog

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08/17/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE | CANCER RESEARCH : Gold nanostars and immunotherapy vaccinate mice against cancer - The new approach relies on a "photothermal immunotherapy" technology developed by an interdisciplinary group of Duke researchers that uses lasers and gold nanostars to heat up and destroy tumors in combination with an immunotherapeutic drug. - PHYS.ORG

Gold Prices Advance towards Resistance on Weak Dollar and Cautious FOMC Minutes, Palladium Hits 16-Year High - Bullion Vault

VIDEO : The Gold Standard : There’s not Enough Gold? Nonsense! - The Tenth Amendment Center

STOCKS GET CRUSHED: Here's what you need to know - Business Insider

June FOMC Minutes and Gold - Sunshine Profits

Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver and Shirts - The Deviant Investor

An Economic Issue That the Federal Reserve Can't Fix - Viable Opposition

Two Reasons Why This Billionaire Just Loaded Up on Gold - Casey Research

Cartoon Catch of the Day - Hedgeye

08/16/2017 - Bullion News

This 1 Chart Explains Why You Should Buy Gold Today - Banyan Hill

Gold Was Chemically Destined to Be Money All Along - U.S. Global Investors

Don't be Shocked if Consumers Run out of Spending Money - Bloomberg

‘Deep’ Subprime Car Loans Hit Crisis-Era Milestone - Bloomberg

Fed policymakers grow more worried about weak inflation - Reuters

Killed by the Fed - Bullion Vault

VIDEO : There is something else fundamental dragging down inflation - CNBC

China’s Economy Catches Chill In July As Headwinds Mount - The Corner

08/15/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Is a Bargain and Bitcoin Won't Keep It From Rallying - The Street

PDF : 2nd Quarter of 2017 Report on HouseHold Debt and Credit - The Federal Reserve of New York

Final design choices for the 2018 America the Beautiful quarters - Mint News Blog

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Gold Nanoparticles Increase Efficacy of Lung Cancer Treatments - Specialty Pharmacy Times

‘Bitcoin is no rival to gold’ - The Hindu

VIDEO : BullionStar Presentation on Real Vision TV – Bullion Banking, ETFs & Physical Gold - Bullion Star

A Long-Term Look at Inflation - Advisor Perspectives

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

08/14/2017 - Bullion News

Gold falls as N. Korea tensions ease, dollar gains - Nasdaq

Say Goodbye to Your Safe Deposit Box - International Man

When The Bankers Rob The Bank - Ron Paul Liberty Report

Broadening Internal Dispersion - Hussman Funds

India's gold imports to rebound in 2017 on restocking, good monsoon - top refiner - Reuters

Japan minting heftier fines on gold smuggling - Nikkei Asian Review

08/11/2017 - Bullion News

The Nork Wall of Worry - Calafia Beach Pundit

Opinion: North Korea may not be the biggest worry for this ailing stock market - Market Watch

CHARTS : Looking back at the current decade – in the shadow of the global financial crisis of the previous, one topic has overwhelmingly remained in focus by policy makers, pundits and participants alike...'Inflation' - Market Anthropology

Greenspan's Legacy Explains Current Conundrums - Bloomberg View

AUDIO : What’s up with Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Asian Gold Hoarding? - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

In Debt We Trust for U.S. Consumers With $12.7 Trillion Burden - Bloomberg

08/10/2017 - Bullion News

RAY DALIO: Risks are rising, and everybody should put 5% to 10% of their assets in gold - Business Insider

Gold continues higher as North Korea tensions linger - Yahoo Finance

Gold Bar Prices Jump as 'Safe Haven' Dollar Beats Euro + Sterling for Only 9th Week of 2017 So Far - Bullion Vault

CHEMOTHERAPY & CANCER : How a chemo drug can help cancer spread from the breast to the lungs - Science Daily

CHART : This could be ‘the scariest chart in the financial markets right now’ - Market Watch

Is the U.S. Workforce At Full Recovery? - Advisor Perspectives

This $5 Trillion Time Bomb Will Devastate Americans - Zero Hedge

VIDEO : Hamilton on Federal Overreach - Tenth Amendment Center

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08/09/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Jumps Amid Trump-N.Korea Threats as Stocks Fall Again from Record, Platinum Cuts Discount - Bullion Vault

Gold Demand Trends Q2 2017 - WGC

Volatility in Gold Declines - Sunshine Profits

VIDEO : Rick Santelli discusses what a weak dollar means for the economy. - CNBC

Dow’s New Record Raises Fear – NOT Optimism - The Deviant Investor

08/07/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Gold nanoparticles could be used to treat cancer, scientists say - The Independent

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold Prices Eye Fed Commentary After Sinking on US Jobs Data - Daily FX

Taking a look at the 95 million Americans not in the labor force: 1 private sector worker is supporting every 2 Americans. - My Budget 360

China's Gold Imports Seen Jumping 50% as Haven Demand Booms - Bloomberg

Platinum: Half Precious, Half Commodity - Bullion Vault

08/06/2017 - Bullion News

Is the Price of Gold Going Higher in 2017? - Money Morning

Special 2018 Somali Elephant designs available at the World’s Fair of Money - World Mint News Blog

VIDEO : Rick Santelli Interviews the Fmr. IMF Chief Economist, Kenneth Rogoff and Author of the "Curse of Cash" (A glimpse into a banker's point of view in monetary policy) - CNBC

The Impact Of The ECB’s Policy Of Zero Interest Rates - The Corner

Gold a star performer in Australian minerals exploration - Perth Mint Blog

Some Articles about Canada's Real Estate Bubble

I’ve Never Been So Sure of a Market Crash - Casey Research

Toronto Home Prices: Mean Reversion Alive and Well - Financial Sense

Renting in Toronto Is a Total Nightmare - Bloomberg

08/04/2017 - Bullion News

Gold ends day, week lower as dollar climbs on hiring strength - Market Watch

CHARTS : July Jobs Report: 209K New Jobs Added, UR 4.3% - Advisor Perspectives

The Fed Remains on Course – To Trouble - Cobden Centre

CHART : Are Investors Running Out Of Cash? - Dana Lyons(Las Vegas)

How to hunt for gold at flea markets - KTNV (Las Vegas)

This Is the First U.S. Coin, Says Numismatic Scholar - Gainesville Coins

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08/02/2017 - Bullion News

U.S. Mint will start selling palladium American Eagle bullion coins in September - Coin World

The Biggest Threat to Your Financial Well-Being - Casey Research

In A Better World - The Deviant Investor

Investors Hearing Call of the Wild - Dr. Ed's Blog

VIDEO : The Fed's about to try something that almost always has ended in recession - CNBC

Op-Ed : Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela? - The Los Angeles Times

CHARTS : The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: July Update - Advisor Perspectives

08/01/2017 - Bullion News

Researchers Look To Gold To Help Combat Prostate Cancer

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : Researchers Look To Gold To Help Combat Prostate Cancer - link to video above - CBS New York

Savvy Investors Buy Gold on Price Drop - Bullion Vault

VIDEO : National Alliance Securities' Andy Brenner & CNBC's Rick Santelli discuss central bank policy & European economic reform. - CNBC

China's Financial Missteps Continue - Advancing Time

Ready for Barter & Trade - The Deviant Investor

The First Pillar to Fall in the Coming Debt Crisis - Casey Research

PMANA requests House Committee on Ways and Means to bring fairness to the taxation of precious-metal coins and bullion - Mint News Blog

Bitcoin splits in 2 - Business Insider

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07/30/2017 - Bullion News

Gold hits 6-week high after U.S. data dampens rate hike expectations - Reuters

New Vehicle Retail Sales Pace to Decline for Fourth Consecutive Month - J.D. Power


INFO-GRAPHIC : Average Household Debt In America in 2017: How Do You Compare? - Investment Zen

AUDIO : Anatomy of a Bubble - Financial Sense

AUDIO : Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com: Why Cryptocurrencies Matter - Peak Prosperity

Estimated Chinese Gold Reserves Surpass 20,000t - Bullion Star

07/28/2017 - Bullion News

Silver Price Forecast: A New Wrinkle In Precious Metals Thickens The Plot - Gold-Eagle

A new gold rush is on, sparked by California’s post-drought snowmelt - The Los Angeles Times

FOUND: 100 Kilo Gold Maple Leaf Coin Stolen from Berlin Museum Melted Into Gold Bar - CoinWeek

The Fed's plan to start shrinking its balance sheet could have unforeseen consequences - Business Insider

The Greater Moderation - DiMartino Booth

Investment Potential of Platinum and Palladium - Sunshine Profits

The Royal Mint seeks freelance artists and illustrators - Coin Update

07/27/2017 - Bullion News

Tapering Sends Shivers Down The ECB’s Spine - The Corner

Gold Price Jumps Only in Dollars as 'Low-Rate Yellen' Gets Trump's Backing - Bullion Vault

A hidden driver could send gold soaring - CNBC

GOLD NANOPARTICLE : CANCER RESEARCH : New antibiotic delivery system could improve cancer treatment - APN Live

Perth Mint: Last Chance for 2017 Year of Rooster Bullion Coins - Coin News

INFOGRAPHIC : The Richest People in Human History (Part 1) - Visual Capitalist

5 ways to spot a fake diamond - Business Insider

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/26/2017 - Bullion News

The Fed has become the dollar's 'biggest problem' - Business Insider

Fed Rates: This is Now Normal - Bullion Vault

Text of the July FOMC statement - Market Watch

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough - Market Anthropology

Why The Treasury Market - And Everything Else - Is No Longer a Free Market - Econimica

“Mother of All Bubbles” Keeps Gold in Focus - U.S Global Investors

Canada continues Wolf silver $2 bullion coin series with a third issue - Coin World

07/25/2017 - Bullion News

Federal Reserve meeting tomorrow set to be non-eventful
- Gold Made Simple

These might be the 3 best asset classes for riding out the next financial crisis - Business Insider

GOLD NANOPARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH : Chennai firm to produce ayurvedic drugs for cancer thru nanotech - The Hindu - Business Line

VIDEO : Dr. Judy Shelton & CNBC's Rick Santelli discuss paying interest on reserves - CNBC

Exclusive: London Metal Exchange to publish gold, silver reference prices within weeks - Reuters

This Cannot Be The New Normal - Advancing Time

‘After All, Populism Is Inflationary’: The Case For A ‘Gold’en Tail Hedge - Heisenberg Report

07/23/2017 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Dovish Fed Should Should Underpin Prices - FX Empire

Federal Reserve now faces prospect of global monetary policy tightening - Reuters

An alarming number of Americans are worse off than their parents and we're not talking about it enough - Business Insider

GST impact on gold imports: Demand soars, many blame hoarding by jewellers due to rollout of new tax regime - Financial Express (India)

AUDIO : Show Me the Money - Financial Sense

Mexico: 35 is the new 25 - Mint News Blog

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/21/2017 - Bullion News

Dollar slide sets gold up for best week in two months - Reuters

CHARTS : 11 Must See Gold Price Charts - Silver Doctors

CHART : 500Y of inflation data reveals persistent inflation is a new phenomenon. - Hayek and Keynes (twitter)

This Recovery Isn't All That Resilient - Bloomberg

No More "Cash On The Sidelines": Private Client Cash Levels Drop To Record Low - Zero Hedge

US Mint Sales: Ozark Riverways 5 Oz Coin Debuts - Coin News

Is It Worth Investing in Palladium? - Sunshine Profits

07/20/2017 - Bullion News

Gold marks longest win streak in 2 months as U.S. dollar sinks - Market Watch

Palladium prices seen hitting record average high in 2017: Reuters poll - Reuters

QUIZ : How much do you know about gold investing? - Perth Mint Blog

GOLD NANO-PARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH : Novel Approach Can Immobilize Cancer Cells - Specialty Pharmacy Times

The Smell of Dry Paint in the Morning - DiMartino Booth

Another blow for heartland workers: Slashed pensions - CBS News

VIDEO : New U.S. Subprime Boom, Same Old Sins: Auto Defaults Are Soaring - Bloomberg

China: The Xi Dynasty’s Debt Extravaganza - Dr. Ed's Blog

Salvagers recover 1715 Fleet gold coin but say treasure hunting has been tough this summer - TCPalm

07/19/2017 - Bullion News

Thoughts On Gold - The Deviant Investor

One (more) Reason to Expect the USD to Continue to Fall - Knowledge Leaders Capital

Gold Bar Outflows from GLD Heaviest-Ever for a Week of Rising Prices - Bullion Vault

NANO-PARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH : Tumor-targeting drug shows potential for treating bone cancer patients - Science Daily

Ponzi Scheme 101- When It's Too Good To Be True - Advancing Time

The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture 'Laws' Nationwide - Zero Hedge

A $30 billion hedge fund identified a potential trigger for 'the next financial crisis' - Business Insider

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07/18/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Rise 3rd Day as US Debt Ceiling 'Blocks Fed Rate Hikes', Dollar Falls - Bullion Vault

U.S. banks pay up for big deposits as consumers get pennies - Reuters

Anecdotes on wages / China / ECB / Gold - PETER BOOCKVAR

Wrecking Ball - Hussman Funds

Venezuela’s National Oil Company On Its Last Legs - Oil Price

Chinese money is 'sorely needed' in Manhattan's ailing commercial-property market - Business Insider

A look at why Indians just can't get enough of gold - The Economic Times

07/16/2017 - Bullion News

COT Report Gets Even More Favorable For Gold And Silver - Dollar Collapse

The Fed just edged a step closer to recognizing a major policy misstep - Business Insider

Unwinding QE will be “More Disruptive than People Think” - Wolf Street

NANO-PARTICLE CANCER RESEARCH : Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment by Nanotechnology - Artipot

AUDIO : Dancing Close to the Exit Door - Financial Sense

The Part-Time Critics of Central Banks - Mises Institute

ICYMI : In Case You Missed It... - Danielle DiMartino Booth

07/14/2017 - Bullion News

Gold and Silver Are Down 8% and 21% Over the Trailing Year. Blame Bitcoin? - The Motley Fool

Silver: Rough Week or Finally a Bottom? - The Street

Why is the Dime Smaller than other Coins? - Philly Voice

National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low - The Deviant Investor

VIDEO : Mark Thornton Explains Our Fake Economy - Mises Institute

Birth of the nickel: New coins were immediately popular - Numismaster

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07/13/2017 - Bullion News

Silver Eagles Starting to take Wing - Numismatic News

Platinum demand faces massive impact from electric car growth: IPMI - Reuters

Palladium Prices Steady as Yellen Says US Economy Has Improved, Future Rate Hikes “Gradual” - Economic Calendar

Whopping 10 kilo 2017 lunar rooster coin has officially sold out - Perth Mint Blog

VIDEO : Yellen backtracks: 'We can never be confident there won't be another financial crisis' - CNBC

Is It Time For A 5% Pullback? - LPL Financial

Illinois' Strategy for Digging Out of Debt: Taking on More - U.S. News & World Report

07/12/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Rallies As Yellen Prepared Remarks Deemed Dovish - Forbes

Gold Futures Jump After Yellen's Remarks - Bloomberg

VIDEO : Janet Yellen's House Testimony in Two Minutes - Bloomberg

What's Next for the Dollar, Stocks, Bonds and Gold? - Financial Sense


This Giant Metals Exchange Is Taking on the Gold Elite - Bloomberg

German police are searching for a stolen gold coin. It’s the size of a manhole cover and worth $3.9 million. - The Washington Post

07/10/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Using Light to Activate Genes and Kill Cancer - medGadget

Gold Buyers Flee a Month After Their Most Bullish Bet of '17 - Bloomberg

Traders are the most confident since the early days of the financial crisis — and that's a huge red flag - Business Insider

Stock Market Tsunami Siren Goes Off - WOLF STREET

Is gold tarnished by taxes? - Business Management Daily

New book by collector-journalist explores world of silver bullion coins - Coin World

An Easy Way to Tell if Your Gold Jewelry Is Fake - NBC news

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07/09/2017 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Look for Volatile Reaction to BOC Decision on Wednesday - FX Empire

The CPI Understates Inflation And Skews Expectations - Advancing Time

One Hundred Years of Federal Reserve Interest Rate Policy Explained - Econimica

CME Stays Silent on Cause of COMEX Silver Price Glitch - Bullion Star

Modern Legal Tender Silver Bullion Coins – The Big Three - CoinWeek

VIDEO : Dr. Richard Ebeling on the State of the Austrian School - Mises Institute

Krugerrand: Right idea at right time - Numismatic News

VIDEO : The Edible $100 Golden Doughnut - Business Insider

07/07/2017 - Bullion News

A Tale of Two Gold Markets - Daily Reckoning

'Fat Finger' Hits Comex Silver Price as London OTC Hits 18-Year High, LME Tries Gold Futures Again - Bullion Vault

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Experts develop cancer cure that spares normal cells - Deccan Chronicle

2017 American Eagle silver bullion coin sales experiencing sales doldrums - Coin World

Full restitution ordered in Bend teens' fake gold bars scam - KTVZ (Oregon)

07/06/2017 - Bullion News

Massive Buy Signal: Goldman Bails on Commodities - Daily Wealth

VIDEO : National Alliance Securities' Andy Brenner & CNBC's Rick Santelli discuss rising global sovereign yields - CNBC

CHARTS : A 16-chart Review of the Outlook - Calafia Beach Pundit

Central Banks to Investors: “I Know Nothing!” - Danielle DiMartino Booth

Borrowed Time - The Cobden Centre

Time It Was and What a Time It Was - Notes from Underground

Owning Gold Is the First Step to “Freedom Insurance” - Casey Research

CBO and OMB Agree: Federal Spending Will Top $4T for First Time This Year - cnsnews

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/05/2017 - Bullion News

6 Things Precious Metals Naysayers Get Dead Wrong - Money Metals Exchange

Gold settles higher, then pulls back after U.S. Fed meeting minutes - Market Watch

Credit, Finance and Market Stability - Advisor Perspectives

BAD MEDICINE : Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists - The Telegraph

Fine Gold versus F.I.N.E. Central Banks - Deviant Investor

Gold is more a necessity than a luxury in India - live mint

Metals Trading Has a Paper Fraud Problem - Bloomberg

The Fed is divided over when to start unwinding its massive balance sheet - Business Insider

Beware the Predictions of "Experts" Like Janet Yellen - Mises Institute

07/02/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Higher Rates, Stronger Dollar Could Pressure Gold this Week - FX Empire

Why Investors Buy Gold in a Recession - The Motley Fool

United States Mint releases updated details on 2015 silver American Eagle production - Coin World

U.S. Gold Exports Surge As Its Gold Trade Deficit Continues - GoldSeek

Markets Dancing to the QE Two-Step...Is the Music About to Stop? - Econimica

CHARTS : A Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market - Advisor Perspectives

AUDIO : Gary Shilling and Ed Easterling - Financial Sense

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

07/01/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Higher Rates, Stronger Dollar Could Pressure Gold this Week - FX Empire

Why Investors Buy Gold in a Recession - The Motley Fool

United States Mint releases updated details on 2015 silver American Eagle production - Coin World

U.S. Gold Exports Surge As Its Gold Trade Deficit Continues - GoldSeek

Markets Dancing to the QE Two-Step...Is the Music About to Stop? - Econimica

CHARTS : A Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market - Advisor Perspectives

AUDIO : Gary Shilling and Ed Easterling - Financial Sense

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2nd Quarter of 2017 - Bullion News

(April 1st  -  June 30th)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

06/29/2017 - Bullion News

'Sell Rallies in Gold' Says SocGen as Price Drops vs Falling Dollar, China + India Premiums Rise - Bullion Vault

Yellen's Hubris: Is She Repeating Bernanke's Big Mistake? - Hedgeye

Dollar's Battle Gets Harder With Fed No Longer Only Hawk in Town - Bloomberg

Is This Why the Fed is Raising Rates??? - Econimica

America’s Secret Pension Problem That’s Poisoning the Market - Banyan Hill

China’s debt surpasses 300 percent of GDP, IIF says, raising doubts over Yellen’s crisis remarks - CNBC

Shrinkflation – Real Inflation Much Higher Than Reported - Zero Hedge

06/27/2017 - Bullion News

The BIS and the Global Debt Bubble - The BIS’s principal concern is that global debt to GDP levels today are some 40 percent higher than they were on the eve of the 2008-2009 global market meltdown. - AEIdeas

"Foolish Pride" - Yellen: Banks 'very much stronger'; another financial crisis not likely 'in our lifetime' - CNBC

Gold aims for fourth gain in five sessions as dollar drops, equities weaken - Market Watch

AUDIO : Jim Grant Interviews Jim Bianco - ValueWalk

Doug Casey on 100-Year Bonds - Casey Research

INFOGRAPHIC : 38 Incredible Facts on the Modern U.S. Dollar - Visual Capitalist

Signed by the Governor: Louisiana Law Helps Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

North Carolina Committees Pass Bill to Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

Scottsdale Mint issues 2017 100-gram silver bullion coin for the Democratic Republic of Congo - Coin World

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06/26/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Thwarting metastasis by breaking cancer's legs with gold rods - The experimental treatment also spared healthy cells, in these and in prior experiments, making the method potentially much less taxing on patients than commonly used chemotherapy. - Medical Press

Gold Plunges After 1.8 Million Ounces Were Traded in One Minute - Bloomberg

Gold Flash Crashes As "Someone" Dumps $2 Billion, "Fat Finger" Blamed - Zero Hedge

Will Gold's Tumble Continue? Here Is Citi's Answer - Zero Hedge

Great recession fears as bankers warn next global crash could arrive 'with a vengeance' - The Independent

The End of a Growing Consumer Base...And the Beginning of the Decline - Econimica

06/25/2017 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Falling Treasury Yields Will Be Bullish - FXEmpire

Is sovereign risk mispriced in the Eurobond market? - Khaleej Times

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : How to train your drugs: from nanotherapeutics to nanobots - KnowRidge Science Report

Palladium price nears 16-year high - NIKKEI Asian Review

AUDIO : Big Picture: The Reflation Trade; Oil Is Not Well - Financial Sense

A budget by June 30, or Illinois faces unprecedented ‘junk’ status - Chicago Sun-Times

After Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis, Worries Shift to Virgin Islands - Deal B%k

Metal billed as ‘Uncounterfeitable’ - Numismatic News

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06/23/2017 - Bullion News

9.5 Trillion Reasons Gold and Silver Are Looking More Lustrous Than Ever - The Motley Fool

The Fed Needs to Acknowledge Slowing Economy - Bloomberg View

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - June 23, 2017 - GoldSeek

5 facts that prove Americans are terrible at managing money - Money-ish

The ECB Blames Inflation on Everything but Itself - Mises Institute

The Dow’s tumultuous 120-year history, in one chart - Market Watch

A hotel in Milan is providing guests with 24-carat gold bed sheets worth more than £176,000 - Business Insider

06/22/2017 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Bull or Bear, Four Gold Charts That Offer Something for Everyone - Bloomberg

Op-Ed: How much gold do Americans own? - Los Angeles Times

Some Thoughts for Tuesday, June 20th - Econimica

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Tracking Therapeutic Cells - Advanced Science News

UPDATE 1-Russian gold reserves up at 54.9 million ounces as of June 1 - Reuters

'End the nonsense and insanity': Cops urge author to cancel $2million treasure hunt after a SECOND man dies in the desert searching for the gold - Daily Mail

The Illegal Ban on Gold Certificates - CoinWeek

GRAPHIC : How big is bitcoin, really? This chart puts it all in perspective - Market Watch

Sprott Money General Banner (728x90)
Affiliate Ad

06/20/2017 - Bullion News

The problematic way to make our national debt disappear - New York Post

Rickards: The Real Reason for the Fed Hikes - Daily Reckoning

New York Fed President Bill Dudley is pushing a dangerous economic idea - Business Insider

VIDEO : Is the Fed bad for America? - Interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth - BNN

Fed's Evans says worth waiting until year-end to assess next rate hike - Reuters

State Of Illinois On Its Last Legs - Value Walk

Treasury probe confirms Mint oversold gold Baseball commems - Coin World

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens To Trading During a Market Crash? - Visual Capitalist

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06/19/2017 - Bullion News

Fed Rate Hike Hits Gold Prices - Forbes

Time to go Bullish on Gold? - Khaleej Times

The US economy looks a lot like the period before the tech bubble - Business Insider

Gold ends lower as Fed seen adopting hawkish stance - Market Watch

Why invest in gold? - Perth Mint Blog

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : The Effect of shape on Cellular Uptake of Gold Nanoparticles in the forms of Stars, Rods, and Triangles - Scientific Reports

06/18/2017 - Bullion News

Price of Gold Fundamental Weekly Forecast – Traders Watching Treasury Yields, Economic Data - FXEmpire

India may revamp US$19bil gold sector - The Star

Relax, Gold and Silver Investors. So the Fed Raised Rates -- No Big Deal! - The Motley Fool

'Question the Messenger' Think Twice Before Opening A Gold Or Silver IRA - Forbes

AUDIO : Big Picture: Fed Removing the Punchbowl - Financial Sense


Texas taps private vendor to manage first state-run gold depository in U.S. - Texas Tribune

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06/16/2017 - Bullion News

Hope for Best, Plan for Worst by Frank Holmes - Bullion Vault

Kashkari Criticizes Fed Decision to Tighten Amid Low Inflation - Bloomberg

WCU: Oil seeks support in mid-40s, hawks spook gold - SAXO Group

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - June 16, 2017 - GoldSeek

The Fed Is Bedeviled by Keynes's Paradox - Bloomberg View

VIDEO : Peter Klein on How Not to Reform the Fed - Mises Institute

Could Illinois be the first state to file for bankruptcy? - CBS News

Negative-yielding public debt jumps by $1tn - Public Finance International

Can We See a Bubble If We're Inside the Bubble? - Financial Sense

06/15/2017 - Bullion News

Do Gold Bugs Secretly Love Bitcoin? - Energy and Capital

CHART : tweet: 'Pet Rocks' - Rudolf E. Havenstein

Gold Logs 3-Week Low, Silver Hits 5-Week Low - Coin News

$240,418,000,000: Feds Collect Record Taxes in May; Still Run $88,246,000,000 Deficit - cnsnews

European creditors give Greece $9.5B bailout cash, promise of future debt relief - CBS News

Falling Rocks in the Promised Land - The Deviant Investor

The Fed wants to go on 'autopilot': Look out for storm clouds ahead - CNBC

VIDEO : Rights are not Gifts from Government - Tenth Amendment Center

Gangsters, Grandmothers and Gold: Japan’s New Crime Wave - The New York Times

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06/14/2017 - Bullion News

Does This Look Like A Good Time To Hike Rates? - Zero Hedge

Fed raises rates, unveils balance sheet cuts in sign of confidence - Reuters

Text of June FOMC statement - Market Watch

The Fed’s New Dot Plot - Bloomberg

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Chemists Perform Surgery On Nanoparticles To Modify Its Property - Science Times

The Next Leg of the Great Gold Rally - Daily Reckoning

Prospects for platinum bullion Krugerrand quickly fading - Coin World

06/13/2017 - Bullion News

Why Gold Buyers are So Susceptible to Fraud - Market Watch

Federal Reserve Set To Raise Interest Rates This Week, Just Like Everyone Expects - Forbes

Physical ETFs Load Up on Gold and Silver - King One Eye

Jeff Gundlach sees trouble, says traders should raise cash 'literally today' - CNBC

AUDIO : Bill Fleckenstein On Central Bankers, Financial Bubbles And White Burgundy - The Felder Report

Fair Value and Bubbles: 2017 Edition - Hussman Funds

Subprime Auto Bonds From 2015 May End Up Worst Ever, Fitch Says - Bloomberg

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06/12/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Slips, Palladium Ends at Highest Price Since 2014 - Coin News

The Price of Gold Could Rally Past $1,300 After the June FOMC Meeting - Money Morning

Fed Officials Can't See What's Right In Front Of Them - Mises Institute

CHARTS : The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset? - Advisor Perspectives

Connecting the Dots - Market Anthropology

06/11/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Can this Nano-Particle Turn into Gold Standard Big C Treatment? - Business Line

DEBT : Your Debts are Hurting You, Finance Counselor says - The Wichita Eagle

AUDIO : Big Picture With Gary Shilling; Also, the Scary Truth of Interest Rates and the Banking System - Financial Sense

A Half Century of Bubbles... Perhaps this is Why - Econimica

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Bizarre Fake Gold Scam In Fairfax County (Virginia): Police - Reston Patch

Bullion rise outpaces coin prices - Numismatic News

Ozark Riverways 5 Oz Bullion Coin Sales Start - Silver Coins Today

Bringing Gold Back to Germany - HandelsBlatt

Unique hoard of Roman gold coins discovered in Netherlands - Outlook India

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06/09/2017 - Bullion News

Gold retraces ahead of FOMC, oil torn between supply and tensions - SAXO Group

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - GoldSeek

Debate: Will Shrinking the Fed's Balance Sheet Crash the Markets? - Financial Sense

VIDEO : JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming - Business Insider

Inflation: Is It the Disease or the Symptom? - Mises Institute

CANCER RESEARCH : GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Could SPACE hold the key to beating cancer? NASA to grow infected human lung cells aboard the ISS in bid to find a cure - The Daily Mail

Russian, Chinese Gold Reserves to Cut Global Economy's Addiction to Dollar - Sputnik News

INFOGRAPHIC : Why the World’s Billionaire Investors Buy Precious Metals - The Deviant Investor

98% Of Greeks Consider Their Economic Situation As "Bad", Survey Says - Zero Hedge

Recent appreciation for 1965 Kennedy half - Numismaster

06/07/2017 - Bullion News

06/07: Elliott's Singer Warns
System May Be More Leveraged Than 2008

Elliott's Singer Warns System May Be More Leveraged Than 2008 - link to video above - Bloomberg

America Is Still Trapped In The Box Bernanke Built - Advancing Time

The Fed's Dangerous View of History - Mises Institute

CHARTS : Is the U.S. Workforce At Full Recovery? - Advisor Perspectives

America's Uneven Economic Health - Viable Opposition

CHARTS : Gold Breaks 6-Year Downtrend On Safe Haven And 50% Surge In Chinese Demand - Talk Markets

Gold, Precious Metals & Bullion News – Minnesota Sales Tax Exemption Enacted - CoinWeek

To the Governor: Louisiana Bill Would Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

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06/06/2017 - Bullion News

Gold Prices Aim to Extend Gains as Risk Appetite Fizzles - DailyFX

'Bear Market Low' in New Gold Investors - Bullion Vault

Great Debt Unwind: Bankruptcies by Consumers and Businesses Jump - Wolf Street

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Dual-Action Cancer Nano-Medicine Therapy - Nano Werk

Will the Crazy Global Debt Bubble Ever End? - Mises Institute

China's Gold Imports Seen Jumping 50% as Haven Demand Booms - Bloomberg

Will Platinum Doom Hydrogen Cars? - The Motley Fool

06/05/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Market Facts & Surprises - Northman Trader

Gold Hits 6-1/2-Week High; Ozark Riverways 5 Oz Bullion Coin Released - CoinNews

Draghi Seen Taking Slowest Possible Path Out of ECB Stimulus - Bloomberg

Three Factors - Hussman Funds

Illinois Charges to Lead in Race to Failed State Status - Financial Sense

Surprise CFTC Announcement - SilverSeek

Palladium's Rally May Run Out of Steam - Bloomberg

China just went full-on Big Brother on its credit card system - Business Insider

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06/04/2017 - Bullion News

Stock market bracing for potentially the most explosive stretch of trading this year - Market Watch

CHART : Following on from the biggest week of #gold buying since 2007 funds increased bullish bets again in the wk to May 30. This time by 14k lots - Ole Hanseen (tweet)

Silver Eagle mintages still a mystery - Numismatic News

MP3 : AUDIO : Managing Risk in Vulnerable Markets - Financial Sense

Less Than Zero: How The Fed Killed Saving - Peak Prosperity

CHART : 'Valuations are stretched but equity markets continue to enjoy a continuous flood of liquidity from the world’s central banks.' - Jesse Felder (tweet)

Paying Off Student Debt Isn't a Priority Among Graduates -- and That's a Problem - The Motley Fool

Haunting Photos of #Carmageddon: Hyundai Gets Crushed, as GM, Ford, Others Struggle - Wolf Street

Realism is the new Pessimism (or Why 4% GDP Targets are Ludicrous) - Econimica

06/02/2017 - Bullion News

Numismatic hobby awaits full disclosure on 2015 silver American Eagle output - Coin World

Weak May jobs growth raises doubts about how much Fed can raise interest rates this year - CNBC

Harry Was Right To Destroy the Elder Wand - Foundation for Economic Education

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH Spherical Shape of New Drug Holds Promise for Bypassing the Blood Brain Barrier and Treating Aggressive Brain Cancer - Oncology Nurse Advisor

Silver and NASDAQ Strength Will Reverse - The Deviant Investor

Trump reportedly will make 2 huge additions to the Federal Reserve - Business Insider

Monthly Sales – May 2017 - Perth Mint Blog

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

06/01/2017 - Bullion News

What does the Strong Demand for Gold and Silver Bullion Coins tell us? - Commodity Trade Mantra

PDF : REPORT : In Gold We Trust - incrementum

Buy gold, they say – but how do you sell it? - The Telegraph

As Americans Take on More Debt, Some Pockets of Concern - The Sentinel

The Demographic Divide: A Police State of Mind - DiMartino Booth

VIDEO : Are There Credit Bubbles in Hiding? - Bloomberg

AUDIO : Stocks Mega Overpriced: Dead Canary Indicator Screams Vacate The Area! - McAlvany Weekly Commentary

Treasures On Trial The Art And Science of Detecting Fakes - Antiques and the Arts

05/31/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : WSU researchers developing new method of cancer treatment - The Daily Evergreen

Forget about Fake News... Let’s Talk about Fake Markets - Money Metals Exchange

Platinum: Today's Top Contrarian Investment? - Bullion Vault

Ozark National Scenic Riverways America The Beautiful Coin Now Available - BGASC Blog

VIDEO : Art Cashin: Tech stocks' dominance in the market makes me 'wary' - CNBC

US gold output rises in March - MINING WEEKLY

Silver mine output drops for first time in 14 years - Coin World

VIDEO : The Chamber of Mines of South Africa looks forward to years when platinum Mandela coin gains pre-eminence - MINING WEEKLY

Mint Errors Look Appealing to Some - Numismatic News

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05/30/2017 - Bullion News

Fed Policymakers Don’t Understand the Money Supply Process - Hedgeye

AUDIO : Lance Roberts: This Market Is Like A Tanker Of Gasoline - Peak Prosperity

REWIND : Why Fund Managers May Be Right About the Fed - Deal B%k

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Nanoparticles that chat back and forth could dispense medication - New Scientist

Commodity Cycle and Precious Metals - The Deviant Investor


American Eagle silver bullion coins sales from U.S. Mint pick up in May - CoinWorld

Platinum market in deficit for fifth consecutive year - MINING GLOBAL

Inflation, income, spending and the savings rate - The Boock Report

May consumer confidence at 117.9 vs.119.0 (est.) - Rick Santelli

05/28/2017 - Bullion News

AUDIO : Richard Dickson on Market Technicals; Frank Holmes on Trump, Gold - Financial Sense

VIDEO : Gold $10,000: The Full Report - Gary Christensen - Wealth Research Group

tweet : CHART : Mick Mulvaney just told congress: "receipts are coming a little slower than expected". This has been true for 15 months - John Alexander

VIDEO : Fed balance sheet unwind 'absolutely' reduces chance of more rate hikes: Former Dallas Fed advisor - Danielle DiMartino Booth

Why one hedge-fund titan is bracing for ‘all hell to break loose’ in the stock market - Market Watch

Mexico’s Economy Reels from a Blast from the Past - Wolf Street

Police: Men Posing As Construction Workers Take Off With $750,000 In Jewels, Gold And Cash From Brooklyn Store - CBS New York

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05/25/2017 - Bullion News

Mint walks back some 2015 American Eagle information, says it got info wrong - Released mintages are accurate but way of identifying coins may not be - Coin World

Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin - The Deviant Investor

Gold Price 'Boring Like Summer' as LBMA Launches Code, Benchmark 'Loses Liquidity' - Bullion Vault

Ballooning Chinese dollar borrowing a dilemma for index trackers - Reuters

Itronics starts silver bullion production - Northern Nevada Business Weekly

U.S. stocks scale new peaks on retailer results; oil falls - Reuters

05/24/2017 - Bullion News

Exclusive: London's gold benchmark hit by volatility after banks exit - Reuters

NANOMEDICINE : CANCER RESEARCH : What is nanomedicine, and how can it improve childhood cancer treatment? - Phys.org

Beware of Central Bankers Bearing Gifts - DiMartino Booth

China hit with first credit rating downgrade in over 25 years - Public Finance International

STOCKS CLIMB AFTER FED MINUTES: Here's what you need to know - Business Insider

Arizona Ends Income Taxation On Gold & Silver Coins - ValueWalk

Panning for Gold in Oklahoma - KTUL-8

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

05/23/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Is the Federal Reserve Good for America? - McCuistion

Gold, Silver Slip from 3-1/2-Week High - CoinNews

Greek creditors seek to thrash out new deal as economists warn fourth bail-out looms - The Telegraph

Can palladium remain strong despite a disruptive auto sector? - mining-technology

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Nano Fiber Feels Forces and Hears Sounds Made by Cells - BioPhotonics

The Fed is about to reveal how it could wind down its biggest policy experiment ever - CNBC

Dollar off 6-1/2-month lows; Fed minutes in focus - Reuters

Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs Tax Cut on Gold Bullion Coin Sales - U.S. News & World Report

North Carolina House Passes Bill to Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

05/22/2017 - Bullion News

Value of gold remains the same, it is all assets Around it that change - Value Walk

US Market Wrap: Merkel greases dollar's slide - SAXO Group

Gold, Silver Settle at 3-1/2-Week High - Coin News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Researchers Use Nanotherapy to Fight Cancer - R&D Magazine

Catalyst Of Our Economic Demise Yet To Be Determined - Advancing Time

Moves to boost value of platinum under way - Business Report

American Exceptionalism - Decelerating Population Growth, Accelerating Money Growth - Econimica

Arrests near in gold heist by fake cops netting 600 million yen - The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

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05/21/2017 - Bullion News

You Shouldn't Be 'Super Excited' About This Record - Daily Wealth

Demand for inflation protection literally off the charts - PETER BOOCKVAR

GOLD & SILVER NANOTECHNOLOGY : Nanophysics: Saving Energy with A Spot of Silver - Science Daily

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said in St. Louis that U.S. macroeconomic data have been relatively weak - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

AUDIO : Jim Puplava Answers Your Questions on Peak Oil, Gold, and More - Financial Sense

Silver Superman coins prove to be kryptonite to Royal Canadian Mint's bottom line - CBCnews

New law: No capital gains on gold coins - White Mountain Independent (Arizona)

05/19/2017 - Bullion News

Bullion keeps its glitter as gold jewellery loses shine in China - Slowing economy and property curbs are making the yellow metal attractive as a safe-haven investment - South China Morning Post

Royal Mint bullion coin sales surge on wave of political turmoil - Reuters

Market moves for 2015 (P) American Eagle silver bullion coins - Coin World

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Nanoparticles Offer Radiosensitization Options - Medical Physics Web

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - May 19, 2017 - GoldSeek

The Housing Moment Investors Dread Is Here - Bloomberg

Investors Better Hope This Time Really Is Different - The Felder Report


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05/18/2017 - Bullion News

Trump 'Witchhunt' Sees Gold Price Pop $30 Below 'Game Changing Level' - Bullion Vault

CHARTS : Silver: Train Leaving Station Soon! - The Deviant Investor

Americans have more debt than ever before — here's what it looks like - Business Insider

ECB Tapering May Trigger “Disorderly Restructuring” of Italian Debt, Return to National Currency - Wolf Street

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : MU Researcher Explores Cancer Treatments Inspired By Traditional Indian Medicine - KCUR

The Running of the Bulls’ Mouths - DiMartino Booth

Commerzbank to close physical precious metals business - Reuters

Louisiana Committee Passes Bill to Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

2017 Australian 1oz Silver Swan Coins Realizing Strong Prices (Photos) - CoinNews

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05/17/2017 - Bullion News

Advancing Time - "It Will All End Badly" - A Tribute To The Late Allen Meltzer (Meltzer originated the aphorism "Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin. It doesn't work")

FAKE GOLD BULLION : KSLA-12 - Louisiana - Pawn shop taken by gold bar scam; four people arrested

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Position Investor Jim Deeds: “I’m Now Positioning in Silver”

FN - London Metal Exchange wants to put a new shine on gold trading

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : New Atlas - Golden hitchhikers avoid cancer's defences by riding on white blood cells

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - 31 Fascinating Facts on the Early History of the U.S. Dollar

Reuters - Fed's Kashkari says don't use rate hikes to fight bubbles

CNBC - 6 of the craziest things the filthy rich have covered in gold

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05/15/2017 - Bullion News

BGASC Blog - Indian Gold Demand Soars While U.S. Mint Sales Fall

Bloomberg - Photographer: Junko Kimura/Bloomberg India's Working With World Gold Council to Create a Spot Exchange

SRSrocco Report - PAPER vs. PHYSICAL: The Amazing Amount Of Leverage In The Silver Market

Tenth Amendment Center - Texas House Passes Legislation to Facilitate Use of Bullion Depository

CoinWorld - Third edition of Panda coin buyer’s guide now available

VIDEO : REWIND : Learn Liberty - Why Did the United States Leave the Gold Standard & What is the Gold Standard?

City A.M. - The Royal Mint launches its first platinum bullion products

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05/14/2017 - Bullion News

Motley Fool - The Gold-to-Silver Ratio Just Topped 75: Here Are 3 Silver Stocks to Consider Buying Right Now

Wolf Street - It’s Really Crazy What This ECB Has Wrought

South China Morning Post - Many financial institutions should go bust, China central bank researcher says

Business Insider - Banks are failing again in America

Market Watch - Bridgewater’s Dalio says the ‘magnitude’ of the next downturn will be epic

AUDIO : Financial Sense - What We Know and What We Don’t Know

The Epoch Times - The Economic School You’ve Never Heard Of

05/12/2017 - Bullion News

The Silver Institute - Global Silver Mine Production Drops in 2016 for First Time in 14 Years

Numismatic News - Premiums Up as Metals Drop

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - May 12, 2017

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : UVa - VIDEO : Gold Nanoparticles in Treatment of Prostate Cancert

AUDIO : DiMartino Booth - In Case You Missed it... - Audio file is located at the bottom of the post

CHARTS : RIA - The Drudging Report

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - U.S. Federal Government Spending is Now a Single, Unified Data Set

05/11/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Gold scores first back-to-back gains in nearly 2 weeks as dollar steadies

SRSrocco Report - Something Big Changed In The U.S. Gold Market In 2017

Business Standard - (India) - April gold import at 75 tonnes
- This Akshaya Tritiya day, 35-40 tonne of gold and jewellery is estimated to have been sold

VIDEO : Santelli Exchange - Sound Money Project Co-Director & Atlas Network Senior Fellow Judy Shelton and CNBC's Rick Santelli discuss reconnecting monetary policy to the real economy

NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER THERAPY : WCVB5 - (Boston) - Promising treatment offers new hope to eye cancer patients

DiMartino Booth - Pension Tension, Part 2: Don’t California My Texas!

Visual Capitalist - Visualizing Who Holds U.S. Debt Internationally

The New York Times - Profits From Store-Branded Credit Cards Hide Depth of Retailers’ Troubles

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google Priced To Break Even in 92 Years!

05/09/2017 - Bullion News

Honest Value Never Fails - Silver Sale - Now is the time to buy!

Wolf Street - Consumers Slash Spending Growth Expectations to Lowest Level in Fed’s Data

Bullion Vault - Silver Bar & Coin Demand Sinks in 'Saturated' US

Market Watch - Gold settles at 2-month low on firmer dollar, rate-hike expectations

tweet : CHART : Dan Popescu - Gold Price in Euro vs Euro/USDollar Exchange today (May 9, 2017)

Bloomberg - Meltzer, Fed Historian Who Criticized Bailouts, Dies at 89

Econimica - Misconceptions of "Normal"

Mises Institute - California, Illinois, and New York Keep Losing People to Other States

05/08/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Hard Asset Alliance - Could Breakthrough Cancer Treatments Raise Industrial Gold Demand?

Coin News - Gold Edges Higher, Silver Logs 10th Session Decline

Economic Calendar - Silver Prices Gain Traction After French Election

VIDEO : Kitco - Is Gold Just A Dollar Play Right Now? - Rick Rule

Bloomberg View - How the Fed Misinterprets Wage Growth

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Fed's Mester Warns Against Falling Behind With Rate-Hike Pace

tweet : CHART : David Ingles - China goes one way. The rest of the world pretty much going in the opposite direction

Dana Lyons - Is This The Black Sheep Among Global Equity Markets?

05/07/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - America’s middle class is slowly fading away — here’s why

FAKE BULLION ALERT : CoinWeek - Counterfeit Detection: 2017 One Kilo Chinese Silver Panda 300 Yuan


Chronicle - Global Gold Demand Down 18% - WGC

Credit Bubble Bulletin - Weekly Commentary: Belly of the Beast

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Art Hill on Summer Correction, Kathy Derbes on Metals

Bullion Vault - Warning Signs in the Stock Market

05/05/2017 - Bullion News

Reuters - Lower gold prices bolster gold demand; premiums rise in India, China

Business Insider - Here's your full preview of the jobs report

VIDEO : Santelli Exchange - 'Fuzzy' Markets & the Fed

NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : University Herald - Tumor-Shrinking Nanoparticle May Be The Cure For Cancer, Mayo Clinic Researchers Find

DiMartino Booth - Pension Tension: Uncle Sam Walking Tightrope into the Unknown

WRIC (Virginia) - Drowning in Debt: A student loan crisis

Peak Prosperity - Sympathy For The Devil?

Daily Reckoning - This Bubble Could Burst Any Day

05/04/2017 - Bullion News

Coin News - Gold Logs 7-Week Low, Silver Ends at 2017 Low

Market Watch - Why now may be a good time to buy gold and silver

VIDEO : CNBC - This is a ‘Seinfeld’ market: Ed Yardeni

Numismatic News - Silver Eagle demand falls

Deviant Investor - Debt is Financial Life – Nonsense!

05/03/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg View - The 'Bernanke Doctrine' Is Played Out

Business Insider - The Fed looks shaky on its most important reason for raising interest rates

Bullion Vault - Gold Prices at 'Important' 200-Day Moving Average as US Fed Meets on Rates

Mises Institute - The Fed Will Likely Chicken Out on Planned Rate Hikes

Wolf Street - Puerto Rico Triggers Largest Ever US Muni Bankruptcy Process

My Budget 360 - Canada Housing Bubble Pops and Looks Similar to US Housing Bubble: Canada’s Largest Alternative Mortgage Lender Crashes in Dramatic Fashion.

Perth Mint Blog - Monthly Sales – April 2017

CoinWorld - American Eagle silver dollar attracts more collectors than Morgan silver dollar

Honest Value Never Fails - Silver and Gold - Your hedge against inflation and the destruction of fiat currency

Golden Isles - Tokyo jeweler offers gold Darth Vader mask for $1.4 million

05/01/2017 - Bullion News

Ron Paul on the Fed, Stocks and Gold

VIDEO : CNBC - Ron Paul on the Fed, stocks and gold - link to Video above

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Two Measures of Inflation and Fed Policy

Reuters - U.S. small business borrowing stalls in March

Hussman Funds - Exhaustion Gaps and the Fear of Missing Out

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : The New York Times - One Day, a Machine Will Smell Whether You’re Sick

Zero Hedge - Doug Casey On Why Gold Is Money

Perth Mint Blog - Bullion coin update – sold out and new

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04/30/2017 - Bullion News

Viable Opposition - The New Economic Normal and the Impact on the Federal Reserve

CHART : King One Eye - Real Interest Rates at a Tipping Point for Gold

VIDEO : SAXO Group - Ole Hansen - What Trump’s first 100 days means for Gold

Reuters - Wall Street slips on weak GDP data, but indexes rise in April

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Visualizing GDP: An Inside Look at the Q1 Advance Estimate

Advancing Time - China Still Adding Liquidity To System At Record Pace

Bullion Vault - Bad, Bad News. With Emphasis!

The Deviant Investor - Improvised Explosives in Markets

The Felder Report - Why Have Bankers Become So Bearish?


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04/27/2017 - Bullion News

Mish Talk - Don’t Worry: “It’s Only 1997” Besides “It’s Different This Time”

Bloomberg - Consumers Show Signs of Frailty

First Post (India) - Gold sales expected to rise 30% this Akshaya Tritiya pent-up demand

CNN Money - This app will let Indians buy and sell gold on their smartphones

UnCommon Wisdom Daily - The Golden Tidal Wave is Rising in Asia

SRSrocco Report - WHO REALLY CONTROLS THE GOLD PRICE?? The Answer is Quite Surprising

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04/26/2017 - Bullion News

Knowledge Leaders Capital - Is the USD Bull Market Over and What That Would Mean for Your Portfolio

Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

SAXO Group - Mid-session Europe: Gold regains ground above $1,264/oz

DiMartino Booth - Ode to Investors: Super Size Me!

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Vive la France, Vive la Euro, Vive la Draghi Debt Nannie

CoinWorld - Low-mintage translates to high prices when graded

Perth Mint Bullion - Ultimate 'rooster' coin weighs in at 10 kilos

04/25/2017 - Bullion News

Numismatic News - Playing the Long Gold and Silver Game

Market Watch - Gold’s tempered climb makes gains more ‘Sustainable’, says Milling-Stanley

SAXO Group - ECB 'Sources' Sink US Dollar

FAKE BULLION : U.S. News - Victims Sought in Oregon Teens' Fake Gold Bar, Rolex Scam

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - The Final Wave

Perth Mint Blog - New Saltwater Crocodile coins suit those with a taste for gold and silver bullion

Bloomberg - China's Hidden Debt Stirs Investor Angst as Defaults Rise

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04/24/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Hedge Funds Jump on Gold for Life Raft as Dollar Ship Sinks

Reuters - French election spurs equity market, euro rally

Wolf Street - Stock Markets Sit Blithely on a Powerful Time Bomb


Advancing Time - Central Banks Massive Incursion Into Buying Stocks

Coin News - Gold Futures Decline as Stocks Rally; US Mint Bullion Sales Rise

AUDIO : Financial Sense - When Things Get Crazy, Don’t Get Lazy – Focus on Risk!

The Deviant Investor - 17 Reasons Why You Should Own Gold

Menger Center - Oh, The Irony

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04/21/2017 - Bullion News

SAXO Group - WCU: Gold on French election alert, oil remains fragile

Financial Sense - Rising Rates and Shrinking Balance Sheets Pose Risks Ahead

Gold Made Simple - Gold steady ahead of French election first round

Bullion Vault - India's Gold Buying 'Strong' for Akshaya Tritiya

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Vox - Science is why my cancer diagnosis isn't a death sentence. It's why I'm marching tomorrow.

Econimica - Misconceptions​ of Normal

Business Insider - Stanley Fischer defends the revolving door between Wall Street and the Fed —without mentioning he's part of it

Bloomberg - Ignore China's Credit Risks at Your Peril, Says Top Manager

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04/19/2017 - Bullion News

TruNews - Analysts - Gold Could Soon Reach $1,350 Amid Global Tensions

GOLDSEITEN.de - The Euro - an Uncertain Currency - google translation link

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : AZO NANO - The Biological Mechanisms of Gold Nanoparticle Radiosensitization

DiMartino Booth - America’s Gilded Age 2: On the Rocks

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - The Most Under-Appreciated Way to Compound the Amount of Gold Ounces You Own

King One Eye - Trump Keeps Talking the Dollar Downward

Business Insider - The Fed's only possible reason to raise rates is vanishing

The Asahi Shimbun - Back to Salt Mines for Thief who Lacked Golden Touch

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04/18/2017 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : MINING - Gold price on verge of breaking 6-year downtrend


Wolf Street - So Who Are the Debt Slaves in this Rich Nation?

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Science Daily - Scientists Combine a Peptide with a Nano Cancer Drug Formulation to Improve Treatment Effectiveness and Prevent Metastasis in Pancreatic Cancer - "Utilizing the nanoparticle carrier with a core made of gold nanoparticles also made it possible to obtain evidence for the entry of nanoparticles into the tumor"

BGASC - Perth Mint First Quarter 2017 Gold and Silver Sales

The Deviant Investor - When Will They Ever Learn?

FEE - Taxes Are Worse than You Thought

04/16/2017 - Bullion News

Value Walk - Gold And Lumber Surge

Econimica - Federal Reserve Is Communicating A Recession is Imminent

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Are the Credit Markets Signaling Trouble Ahead? - weekend postcast is free

AMEinfo - Q2 Gold price set for more upside moves

Business Standard (India) - Gold imports up since demonetisation: Black money turned white, then yellow

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : SPIE - Light-Actuated Microrobots for Biomedical Science

International Man - Fake News From the Fed

Coin World - Authorized purchasers buying 2017 Frederick Douglass 5-ounce silver bullion coins

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04/14/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Science Daily - Nanoparticle Research Tested in Locusts Focuses on New Drug-Delivery Method

Bloomberg - Gold Rally Gets Feverish as Trader Survey Flashes Extreme Level

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Bend Bulletin (Oregon) - Bend Teen Masterminded Alleged Fake Gold Scam

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - April 14, 2017

The Deviant Investor - Titanic Parallel to the Federal Reserve

cnsnews - Feds Collect Record Income and Payroll Taxes Through March--Still Run $526,855,000,000 Deficit

The Telegraph - Royal Mint's gold sales jump as investors seek safe havens

Kitco - European Appetite For Gold Has Room To Grow - World Gold Council

Coin World - June 5 set for Ozark National Scenic Riverways quarter dollar launch

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04/13/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Medical News Today - Nanoparticle Nasal Spray May Offer Rapid and Safe Delivery of Drugs to the Brain - gold nanoparticles have emerged as the material of choice for drug delivery. They are relatively easy to synthesize and customize, and they have good biocompatibility.

VIDEO : Mises Institute Media - Interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth: Inside the Fed

Money Metals Exchange - CRITICAL SHORT-TERM SILVER PRICE TREND: Put into Perspective

Bullion Vault - Gold: Disbelief Everywhere But Price

The Felder Report - Gold on the Verge of Greatness

Market Watch - Gold, silver prices notch third straight session climb

Uncommon Wisdom Daily - India’s Gold Demand Surges!

CoinWorld - Grading services certifying American Eagle silver bullion coins from multiple Mints

Schiff Gold - Gold: Reflecting the Light of the Universe

04/11/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - CME Group is Going to Launch a Gold-Trading Platform Inspired by Bitcoin

Fast Markets - Gold price edges higher on rising geopolitical tensions

NANO TECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News - Method for Capturing Secreted Cancer Markers Developed

PYMNTS - Credit Card Debt Tops $1 Trillion

Business Insider - Fed officials haven't stopped holding private meetings even after a criminal probe into leaks

Mish Talk - Yellen’s Self-Serving Assessment: Fed is “Doing Pretty Well”


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04/10/2017 - Bullion News

Mining Journal - Gold to Fly on Inflation

St. Louis Post Dispatch - An economy badly out of balance: Consumer debt growth can't outpace wages forever

Coin News - Precious Metals Decline to Start Week

GoldReporter.de - US banks with high short bets on gold and silver - google translation link

Reuters - Fed's Yellen aims to let 'healthy' U.S. economy coast along

Bloomberg - Yellen Says Fed's Focus Has Shifted to Holding Growth Gains

tweet : CHART : Holger Zschaepitz - US is one of the biggest beneficiaries of ECB's QE

The Deviant Investor - Gold Selling for $10,000? Yes!


The Corner (Europe) - How Much Gold Is There In The World? It’s Almost Impossible To Estimate

04/09/2017 - Bullion News

Advancing Time - Show Me The Money! I Want Proof Not More Promises

Forbes - How Investors Can Buy Gold At A 6% Discount Today... Before The Reflation Trade Reverses

Sunshine Profits - GFMS Gold Survey 2017

VIDEO : Follow the Money - A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing w/Jim Rogers

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Banks Are Making Money – Why Aren’t You?
(on weekends their audio is free)

Numismatic News - Church Building Gets Gold Foundation

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04/07/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : PHYS.ORG - Researchers Develop a Lab-Scale Prototype for the Treatment of Skin Tumors

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - April 7, 2017

Advisor Perspectives - March Jobs Report: 98K New Jobs Added, Worst in Almost a Year

Public Finance International - International shocks can derail domestic monetary policy, IMF says

The Hindu - Gold recoups on positive global cues, jewellers’ buying

GoldReporter.de - Gold reserves: China does not report any gold purchases again - google translation link

RIA - The Forgotten Path to Prosperity

04/06/2017 - Bullion News

OPINION : Market Watch - The Smart Money is Record ‘Short’ in Stocks, and the Dumb Money is Record ‘Long’

Econimica - If The Fed Sells Treasury's...Who Will Be Buying? Answer: "Other" (Seriously)!

Bloomberg - Cohn Backs Wall Street Split of Lending, Investment Banks

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - True or False: Central Bankers Can Now Guarantee Perpetual Growth

Mises Institute - Fannie and Freddie’s New Bubble

Perth Mint Bullion - Perth Mint's Monthly Sales – March 2017

RIA - The Unavoidable Pension Crisis

Yahoo Finance - JM Bullion Wins 2017 Gold Stevie® Award

04/05/2017 - Bullion News

DiMartino Booth - Is the Fed’s Balance Sheet Headed for the Crapper?

Reuters - Most Fed policymakers see change to balance sheet policy 'later this year': minutes

CHARTS : Knowledge Leaders Capital - Stocks, Bonds, USD all Reverse Course Following Fed Minutes

Value Walk - Auto Subprime Trend Worsens, UBS and Morgan Stanley Warn

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : PHYS.ORG - Using Nano-Particles to Detect Deadly Viruses

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - Beast Mode

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Buying Power of the U.S. Dollar Over the Last Century

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04/04/2017 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SAXO Group - Risk-Off Signs Support Gold and Silver

The New York Times - Richmond Fed President Resigns, Admitting He Violated Confidentiality

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : MedicalPhysicsWeb - Rethinking Gold Nano-Particle Radio-Sensitization

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : RIA - Leverage Hits An All-Time High

CHARTS : Econimica - Euro Saves Germany, Slaughters the PIGS, & Feeds the BLICS

Oil Price - The New Tech Transforming The Platinum Industry

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Science Daily - DNA double helix structures crystals

04/03/2017 - Bullion News

Reuters - Global debt hits $215 trillion in 2016, led by emerging markets: IIF

Market Watch - Inflation reaches Fed target for first time in nearly five years

Coin News - Gold Rises Slightly, Douglass 5oz. Bullion Coin Sales Numbers Released

Bullion Star - German and Swiss Precious Metals Refiners join forces as Heraeus acquires Argor-Heraeus

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Doug Noland: Central Bank Credit Risks Reaching New Highs

Perth Mint - Iconic swan makes rare appearance on spectacular Australian bullion coin

Cobden Centre - Zero Hedge: Two Fed Presidents Warn Markets Getting “Frothy”, Valuations “May Come Down”

Wolf Street - This Economy is Ruined for Many Americans

Econimica - Italy's Banking Crisis Off the Radar - REDUX

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1st Quarter of 2017 - Bullion News

(January 1st  -  March 31st)

The Quarterly News starts with the end of the quarter articles, first.

03/31/2017 - Bullion News

Coin World - Millions of American Eagle silver bullion coins struck at San Francisco, Philadelphia Mints

King One Eye - What to do Before the Next Heart Attack

Detroit News - Glut of off-lease cars makes it good time to buy used

tweet : CHART : Don Draper - Auto Inventories to Sales: Excluding 2009, highest ever (since 1993)

Yahoo Finance - Fed's Williams says bank lending slowdown doesn't worry him yet

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03/30/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg View - The Fed Is Bedeviled by Keynes's Paradox

Hedgeye - Boston Fed President - Eric Rosengren - Sees Some Market Imbalances

Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots...

CHARTS : CATO Institute - Six Sobering Charts about America’s Grim Future from CBO’s New Report on the Long-Run Fiscal Outlook

Business Standard (India) - Gold May Test $1,475 by the end of 2017

Market Watch - Here’s why it’s getting harder to ignore rising subprime auto defaults

Numismatic News - Royal Mint to Issue Platinum Coins

GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechonology - Multifunctional Nanoplatform for Targeted Laser-induced Hyperthermia and Microscopy of Breast Cancer Cells using SPION-based Gold and Folic Acid Conjugated Nanodendrimers

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03/29/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Gold Set to Soar to $1,500 as Inflation Makes a Comeback

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - This Doesn't Look Good: A Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market

DiMartino Booth - Retailing in America: Game Theory in Reverse

Tech Investor News - Brits Hoard Gold on Brexit Nerves

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : biomat - How to Stop Brain Cancer -- with Rabies

The Deviant Investor - Death Valley Snowballs and Fiat Currencies

Barrons - Gold: 46 Trillion Reasons to Buy

Energy and Capital - How Much Does an Ounce of Gold Buy?

RT - China claims discovery of its largest gold mine with $22 billion potential

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03/28/2017 - Bullion News

Jim Rogers Says Fed Has No Clue,
Will 'Ruin Us All'

Bloomberg - Jim Rogers Says Fed Has No Clue, Will 'Ruin Us All' - link to video above

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - The Final Wave

Reuters - Gold investment seen rising for 4th year in 2017 -CPM

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Eureka Alert - Gold Standards for Nanoparticles

Wolf Street - Auto Industry Resorts to Biggest Incentives Ever Just to Slow the Decline in Sales

Viable Opposition - Ben Bernanke on Negative Interest Rates

Gold Coast Bulletin - You’ll never guess where this Gold Coast dad found three precious gold nuggets

The New York Times - Thieves Take a Chunk of Change, All 221 Pounds of It, From a Berlin Museum

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03/26/2017 - Bullion News

Hussman Funds - Dissolving Musical Chairs

Bloomberg - Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore

Econimica - Required Minimum Distributions Spell Disaster (& Even Greater Intervention) As Sellers To Overwhelm Buyers

VIDEO : DiMartino Booth - Popescu Interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth, author of Fed Up

Market Watch - The Dow’s tumultuous 120-year history, in one chart

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Printing Money To Save The System Won’t Work Anymore

CARTOON : Heisenberg Report - “Sign Of The Times"

Quanta Magazine - Where did Gold Come From Neutron Stars or Supernova?

03/24/2017 - Bullion News

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Technology Life - Gold Nanoparticles Show Promise For 'Cooking' Cancer Cells

Wolf Street - Subprime Auto Loans Crushed Worse than in 2009, Auto Industry Bleeds, Knock-on Effects Commence

Market Watch - Auto-loan quality to deteriorate further, forcing tighter underwriting: Fitch

DiMartino Booth - The American Dream: An Endangered Ethos

Heisenberg Report - “As Greedy As A Pig”: Investors Pull Most From Bank Funds In A Year

Bullion Vault - Fake Gold on the Autobahn

Coin News - 2017 $5 Canadian Lynx Silver Bullion Coin Photos

Numismatic News - CCAC reviews palladium, medal designs

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03/23/2017 - Bullion News

SilverSeek - Soar with Eagles Hoot With Owls

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Register Guard (Oregon) - Police say two Bend teens made more than $50,000 selling fake bars of gold

UnCommon Wisdom Daily - Getting Religion on Gold

BGASC - Frederick Douglass National Historical Site Five Ounce Silver Coin Now Available

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : PHYS ORG - Laser activated gold pyramids could deliver drugs, DNA into cells without harm

Dr. Ed's Blog - Age-Old Adages for the Bull Market

Mises Institute - The Stench Inside The Fed

Market Watch - BOE rate hike in May? Soaring U.K. inflation will bring out the hawks, analysts say

Numismatic News - Avoid Auction Fever and Overpaying

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03/21/2017 - Bullion News

The Daily Reckoning - Why Gold Bulls Love Yellen

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - The $'s April Showers Can Bring May Flowers to Gold

SAXO Group - Skittish dollar bulls boost euro and yen

Bloomberg - What Do Banks Know That Mom and Pop Don't?

Daily Reckoning - The Biggest Gold Story Not Being Reported

CHART : Dana Lyons - Traders Aggressively Trimming Their Hedges

The Telegraph - Turtle dies after ingesting hundreds of coins that people threw into her tank 'for good luck'

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03/20/2017 - Bullion News

Coin News - Gold, Silver Extend Gains; 2017 Silver Eagle Bullion Sales Jump

CHARTS : NorthmanTrader - Chained to the Rhythm

CHARTS : Market Watch - A Popular Stock-market ‘Black Swan’ Gauge is at a Record

NANO TECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Nano Werk - Tethered Nano-Particles Make Tumor Cells More Vulnerable

The Daily Reckoning - Why Indians are Hiding Their Gold from their Government

Business Insider - How High Frequency Trading has Changed the Stock Market

Mint News Blog - 2017 palladium American Eagle design mock-ups revealed

The Perth Mint Australia
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03/19/2017 - Bullion News

Banyan Hill - In Gold We Trust

Bloomberg - Silver Seen Climbing Faster Than Gold as Yellen Wakens Bulls

tweet : CHART : Tracy Alloway - This Time is Different?

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Death of a Bull Market – Major Paradigm Shift

tweet : CHART : The Daily Shot - US corporate loan growth (YoY) lowest since 2011

Fox Business - Golden Rules for Investors: 8 Things to Consider Before Buying Actual Gold

Financial Content - World Platinum Investment Council and BullionVault Launch the Lowest-Cost Physical Platinum Marketplace

Daily Mail - How a crack team of marine experts spent 20 years breaking secret wartime codes and scouring archives to finally trace the £4.5BILLION of British gold sunk by the Nazis

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03/17/2017 - Bullion News

True Wealth Publishing - What Naughty Kids and the U.S. Interest Rate Hike have in Common

Wolf Street - Inflation Hits Consumers, Mortgage Rates Take Off, “Financial Repression” for Bondholders and Savers

Market Watch - Why rising stock ownership by U.S. households may be a bad omen

GOLD NANO-TECHNOLOGY : AZO Nano - Research Reveals Inner Workings of Nanocages for Gold Particles

FAKE GOLD : WHSV (Harrisonburg, VA) - Fake Gold Scam Reported in Harrisonburg

RIA - Just Buy Everything (or Not)

AUDIO : Sprott Money - Ask the Expert: Jim Rogers

Silver Institute - Strong Institutional Investment Pushes Silver Prices Higher

Palm Beach Post - ‘Life changing’ amount of gold found in piano

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03/16/2017 - Bullion News

SAXO Group - What's Next for Gold After Dovish FOMC Jump?

Alhambra Partners - Inflation, But Only Where It Hurts

Coin Update - New to bullion investing? Important guidelines to get you safely started

Bloomberg - The Gold Party's Back on After Yellen Reassures the Market

The Felder Report - The Unintended and Deleterious Societal Consequences of Quantitative Easing

Advancing Time - Currencies Are Trading In A False Paradigm

The Deviant Investor - Death, Debt, Devaluation and Taxes

Coin World - Commission of Fine Arts gets first look at 2017 American Eagle palladium coin mock-ups

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03/15/2017 - Bullion News

The Week - Will the Fed Repeat its Inflation Mistake?

VIDEO : Squawk Box - Watch Inflation Data: Jim Grant

tweet : CHART : Don Draper - Producer Prices

DiMartino Booth - The Corporate Bond Market: The Start of the Matter

TownHall - The Netherlands (and Europe) Could “Vote for Gold” This Week

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Voracious Stock Buyers “Double Down” With $500+ Billion in Borrowed Betting Money

CoinWorld - Silver bullion version of Athenian Owl takes flight on new issue from Niue

CoinNews - US Mint ‘Then & Now’ Series, Part 2 Released

SD Bullion
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03/14/2017 - Bullion News

BullionVault - Gold Bullion Holds $1200 as US Inflation Confirms 5-Year High Before Fed, But Crude Oil Sinks

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - The Q Ratio and Market Valuation: Z.1 Update

PLATA - Bonds Will Not Turn Into a Noah's Flood of Cash

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - The Fed's Financial Accounts: What Is Uncle Sam's Largest Asset?

CoinNews - Canadian 2017 ‘Predator’ and ‘Call of the Wild’ Bullion Coins Released

Tenth Amendment Center - Idaho House Passes Bill to Support Sound Money, Undermine Federal Reserve Monopoly

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : NanoWerk - Creating Protein Crystals from Gold

AOL - Researchers say there may be $140M worth of Confederate gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan

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03/12/2017 - Bullion News

Advancing Time - Infrastructure Spending Feeds The Myth Of Easy Answers!

Daily Reckoning - Einstein Says Central Bankers Are Insane

Wolf Street - Deutsche Bank Tries to Stay Alive

Market Watch - Jobs report takes away last hurdle to Fed interest-rate hike

AUDIO : Financial Sense - The Next Big Thing – Infrastructure

Perth Mint Blog - Monthly Sales – February 2017

Numismatic News - Smart buyers grab education before coins

The Perth Mint Australia
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03/10/2017 - Bullion News

Janus - Monthly Investment Outlook from Bill Gross

Bloomberg View - Young People Don't Share the Fed's Irrational Exuberance

tweet : CHART : HeadBanger Finance - We Haven't Seen Such "Undistressed" Equity Markets as Now Since 2007 by This Measure

Mish Talk - Solid Jobs Report but Divergence Between Jobs and Employment is Still Strong

Bloomberg - U.S. Subprime Auto Loan Losses Reach Highest Level Since the Financial Crisis

Advancing Time - Understanding Economics As A Rube Goldberg Machine

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Dow/Gold Ratio: The Ultimate Leverage for Your Assets

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03/08/2017 - Bullion News

Benzinga - Bank Of America Sees Gold Rising By $200 Despite Tightening Monetary Policy

King One Eye - Two Crises that Could Drive Gold Short-Term

Daily Reckoning - Why Gold Investors Are Losing Sleep Over 15 March

FAKE BULLION : SwissInfo - Too good to be true: Swiss ‘gold’ discounts

SAXO Group - US Market Wrap: Dollar wilts under Draghi sunshine

Kitco - WPIC Projects 120,000-Ounce Platinum-Supply Deficit In 2017

CHARTS : RIA - Yellen: “Our Brand Is Crisis”

tweet : CHART : Jesse Felder - Insider buying has dried up to a degree not seen almost 30 years


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03/08/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Kitco - Why Jeff Christian Thinks Silver Will Start To Rise ‘More Forcefully’

King One Eye - Gold Pulls Back -- Grow Some Cajones!

CPI Financial - Platinum and Palladium: Diesel's Sad Jubilee

Bloomberg - Top-Rated Credit Is Poised to Fall

RIA - Technically Speaking: Beware The Ides Of March

The Corner - What’s happened to the Secular Stagnation thesis?

Tenth Amendment Center - Arizona Committee Passes Bill to Treat Gold and Silver as Money, Remove Capital Gains Taxes

Tenth Amendment Center - Maine Bill Would Encourage use of Gold and Silver as Currency

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03/07/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Cash Dwindles to Two-Decade Low in Global Investor Portfolio

Gavekal Capital - A Massive Liquidity Illusion

CoinWorld - Palladium American Eagle bullion coin designs to be considered by CCAC, CFA

SAXO Group - Gold longs being reduced following recent build-up

King One Eye - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gold Rally

FAKE GOLD : CoinWorld - Fake California Gold Still Floods Online Auctions

Sprott Money - Endless Fed Deceit - Craig Hemke

Money Metals Exchange - Sound Money Is Rising at the State Level

Bullion Star - More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price, but an Opportunity for Overhaul

Guillermo Barba - The Bank of Mexico reveals its gold bar list

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : BioScience - New Technique Uses Gold Nanoparticles to Rapidly Detect Ebola

SD Bullion
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03/06/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Northman Trader - Disconnects

Advancing Time - Budget Issues Approaching Very Fast And Soon Upon Us

Zero Hedge - Visualizing The US Debt Ceiling (In $100 Bills)

RIA - The World’s Most Deceptive Chart

tweet : CHART : The Euchre - US non financials borrowing mainly to fund share repurchases.

Business Standard - Gold jewellery demand likely to rebound after note ban

CoinDesk - Fed Governor Voices Caution on Central Bank Digital Currencies

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03/05/2017 - Bullion News

King One Eye - Gold Gods Will Get the Last Laugh

SilverSeek - CME, Thomson Reuters step down from providing London silver benchmark

AUDIO : Financial Sense - 7 Megatrends for the Next Decade – Investment Implications

Silver Coins Today - 2017 Bullion Silver Eagles Slow to 1.2 Million in February

Bullion Vault - The Crash That Cured Itself

Safe Haven - Arizona Challenges the Fed's Money Monopoly

GOLD FRAUD : CoinWeek - CFTC Charges Florida Companies in Fraud Schemes Involving Gold

Wolf Street - Costco Gets Whacked by Inflation

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Dermatology News - Gold nanoparticles target laser acne therapy

The Perth Mint Australia
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03/03/2017 - Bullion News

Advancing Time - When Will Atlas Shrug? The Burden Of Global Debt!

Bloomberg - Full Text of Fed Chair Yellen’s Executives’ Club of Chicago Remarks

tweet : CHART : Eric Pomboy - Nothing to See Here - Record Gap Between Asset Prices and Economic Fundamentals

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Internet Medicine - 3 Reasons Why Gold Will Disrupt Healthcare

tweet : CHART : Macro Charting - At 57 months, we have eclipsed the pre-1987 and pre-2000 markets for longest streak of non-stop p/e expansion

Numismatic News - Survey Misses Gold Buyers

Mises Institute - High Prices Don't Cause Economic Bubbles

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03/01/2017 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - The Diversification Benefits of Gold

BBC - The Royal Mint's "Queen's Beasts" to feature 'Welsh Dragon' on Gold and Silver Bullion coins

Advisor Perspectives - A New Look at NYSE Margin Debt and the Market

DiMartino Booth - The Five-Tool Bond Market

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : News Medical - Using Spherical Nucleic Acids to Track and Treat Disease

Bloomberg - U.S. Consumers Spend Less Than Forecast as Inflation Bites

Infographic: CoinWorld - After slow February, how do 2017 American Eagle bullion coin sales compare to 2016?

Bloomberg - Timing of the Next Fed Rate Hike Is Now a Balancing Act

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02/28/2017 - Bullion News

02/28: Fed Up With Central Banks | Danielle DiMartino Booth

VIDEO : Power & Market Report - Fed Up With Central Banks | Danielle DiMartino Booth - link to video above

Coin News - Gold, Silver Inch Higher to Mark Fresh 3-1/2 Month Highs

Numismaster - Time to sound gold and silver bullion alarm?

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : MIMS - 4 Medical Uses of Gold

Wolf Street - Oops, this Isn’t Supposed to Happen in a Rosy Credit Scenario

Coin Update - Virginia sales-tax exemption expanded to include coins

The Guardian - Detectorists strike gold 20 years after leaving field empty-handed

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02/27/2017 - Bullion News

CHART : King One Eye - Gold Must Battle Through Resistance to Push Higher

tweet : CHART : Ole S. Hansen - Gold testing 200 day SMA at $1262/oz with platinum hitting a fresh five-month high and silver makes a full retracement of the Trump dump

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Inch Higher to Mark Fresh 3-1/2 Month Highs

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Citigroup Sees Gold Topping $1,300 This Year

GoldSeek - A Global Eurodollar Shortage

Hedgeye - China Has A $24 Trillion Problem & Is ‘Extremely Vulnerable’

VIDEO : Bloomberg - The Bond Market Is Calling Yellen’s March Rate Hike Bluff

SPEAR'S - The mystery of the German gold rush

CoinWorld - American Eagle silver bullion coins struck at three facilities in FY 2016

SD Bullion
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02/26/2017 - Bullion News

New York Daily News - America’s a Land of Riches — But We’re Mortgaging the Future

CHARTS : Econimica - Stuff to think about this Sunday

SAXO Group - Is infrastructure spending an enabler or boondoggle?

Carl Menger Center - Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors

Deviant Investor - Reasons to Buy Gold in the Age of Trump

AUDIO : Financial Sense - 7 Megatrends and the Next Crash

Bullion Star - US Mint Releases New Fort Knox “Audit Documentation”. The First Critical Observations.

The Perth Mint Australia
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02/24/2017 - Bullion News

02/24: Why Gold and Silver have Broken Higher

SAXO Group - Why Gold and Silver have Broken Higher - link to video above

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - February 24, 2017

CoinWorld - Could palladium American Eagle bullion coins finally make their debut in 2017?

RIA - Errant Thinking

tweet : PHOTOS : Robyn Urback - Inflation : Today in Toronto real estate: what half a million dollars will buy you

TownHall - Why I Write about Gold More than Gold Coins

GRUNGE - The Biggest Bank Robberies in History

RIDDLES : FiveThirtyEight - The Two Mysteries Of The Gold Coins

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02/23/2017 - Bullion News

Investing - Gold Glitters to 3-Month High as Fed Dash Hopes for March Rate Hike

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Fed Doesn't Want to Surprise Market on Policy, Mester Says

VIDEO : Peak Prosperity - It’s Bubble Time!

U.S. Global Investors - Gold Gets a Shot in the Arm from Inflation and China

PFI - Fitch warns on China’s 'back door' debt

Market Watch - Kuroda: Bank of Japan won’t take rates deeper into negative territory

MINING - Toyota's new technology a blow for platinum, palladium price

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Bert Dohmen: “Gold & Silver: Opportunity of a Lifetime?”

Investing News - 5 Investing Lessons from the Movie “Gold”

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02/22/2017 - Bullion News

King One Eye - Real Negative Interest Rates Drive Gold Higher

MisesInstitute - Alan Greenspan Admits Ron Paul Was Right About Gold

Opinion: Market Watch - The inherent asymmetry in the Fed’s monetary policy

CHARTS : Econimica - Dazed & Confused...Treasury Buying vs. Asset Valuations?

The Felder Report - What’s A Prudent Investor To Do?

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : SpringerLink - Targeting Orthotopic Gliomas with Renal-Clearable Luminescent Gold Nanoparticles

BQLive - Birmingham’s Golden Boy

INFOGRAPHIC : SGT Report - Bullion Banking Mechanics

Coin World - Why the Royal Mint’s bullion sales were up big in January 2017

Coin Telegraph - India Prints New 1000 Rupee Note 3 Months After Banning it

Coin Telegraph - Russia Considers Cash Crackdown to Halt Shadow Economy

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02/21/2017 - Bullion News

CoinNews - Precious Metals Little Changed; US Mint Bullion Sales Rise

tweet : CHART : Real Vision - The Last 7 Times This Happened Markets Fell

BloombergGadfly - The Auto-Loan Industry's Warning Light

Bloomberg - Dallas Police and Fire Pension Backs Cutbacks to Avoid Collapse

Shanghai Daily - Shanghai Gold Exchange Denies Connection with Fraudulent Manufacturer

Gold-Eagle - Putin Gold Buying Is Back – Buys One Million Ounces In January

Tenth Amendment Center - Alabama Bill Would Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Currency

MSN - Sunken treasure? Is part of $17M Selby gold loot at bottom of the bay?

SD Bullion
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02/20/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Gold Isn’t Behaving in Practice The Way It Should in Theory

Reuters - Gold firms in thin trade as markets await Trump tax plans

Financial Sense - The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse

Enterprising Investor - Gauging Market Sentiment: Selling Greed Is Harder Than Buying Fear

Hussman Funds - When Speculators Prosper Through Ignorance

CHARTS : Northman Trader - The Coming Bear Market

Dollar Collapse - The Three Lives Of Alan Greenspan – And Why The Third Won’t Redeem The Second

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Japan Today - Test can detect HIV within a week of infection: researchers

The Perth Mint Australia
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02/19/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Yellen Can't Halt Trump Gold Rally That Hedge Funds Bet Against

NFTRH - Stocks and Gold; the Next Opportunity

Sprott Money - Duesenberg in a Barn

Advancing Time - Auto Market Facing Over Supply And lower Prices

Numismastic News - Metal Prices Affect Common Dates

Stock Photos
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02/17/2017 - Bullion News

Bullion Vault - Gold: The Fear of the Deal

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - February 17, 2017

King One Eye - ETF Gold Buying Surges -- Chart!

Bloomberg - Banks to Test London Gold-Trading Platform in Transparency Push

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Flanders Today - Nanoparticles offer fresh ammunition in battle against cancer

Reuters - New delinquent U.S. car loans at 8-year peak: NY Fed survey

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots - 2/16/17

Numismatic News - Gold Passes Money Test

SilverSeek - Another Unique Blow-Off Factor

CoinWorld - The Story of the American Gold Eagle Coin

A unique and safe way to invest in gold and silver
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02/16/2017 - Bullion News

The Corner - Dodd-Frank deregulation could turn banks into massive sellers of treasuries

Yahoo - Gold rises as dollar gives up gains; U.S. rates in focus

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : VIDEO : SAXO Group - Why I'm Buying Gold: O'Hare

CHART : King One Eye - Mind the Gap in Gold!

Bloomberg - China's Holdings of Treasuries Dropped in 2016 by Most on Record

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Advanced Science News - Gold Nanoparticle-Mediated Photothermal Therapy: Applications and Opportunities for Multimodal Cancer Treatment

DiMartino Booth - Fed Up: Culture Shock

HYPOCRITE : Market Insider - ALAN GREENSPAN: The US cannot afford to spend on infrastructure like it wants to because it's not on the gold standard

Zero Hedge - Fed President Admits US Banks Have Only "Half The Equity They Need"

CHARTS : RIA - 3 Things: Fake News, Net Positioning, Buying Panic

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - 11 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Show Its Value and Rarity

Business Insider - Kyrgyzstan's central bank governor wants every citizen to own 100g of gold - It's part of a drive to steer some citizens away from denominating their savings in cattle.

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02/15/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Opinion: 3 reasons we may face a fresh debt crisis in 2017 - Look at what’s happening with subprime car loans, student loans and mortgage defaults for those with lower credit scores

Advancing Time - Revisiting the Derivatives Time Bomb

CNBC - Mortgage delinquencies among some homeowners just spiked, spelling trouble

Wolf Street - Fed Frets about Commercial Real Estate Bubble & its $2 Trillion in Loans Mostly at “Smaller Banks”

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Here's Why Market Euphoria Maybe a Bit Overdone

TF Metals Report - The Sudden Onset of Inflation

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Worldwide Demand for Gold Increases as Distracted U.S. Buys “Toppy, Trumpy” Stock Market

Bloomberg - Gold Rooster Coins Are a Hot Commodity

PHOTOS : The Huffington Post - Hyperinflation In The US — A Real Or Imagined Threat?

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02/14/2017 - Bullion News

Casey Research - If This Trend Continues, a Full-Fledged Credit Crisis Is Inevitable

Yahoo - US wholesale inflation sees biggest monthly gain in 4 years

Market Watch - Dollar climbs to 4-week high as Yellen hints at rate-hike timing

Coin Update - Milk Spots on Modern Silver Coins: How Big of an Issue?

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : IFLScience - Copying Rabies Could Provide A New Way To Treat Brain Cancer

Sure Money Investor - Why We’re In A Bubble – And Two Companies That Will Pop First

CARTOON : Hedgeye - Donald + The Bull

BullionStar - China Net Imported 1,300t Of Gold In 2016

PHOTOS : Denerite - LOOK: $100,000 a day — in coins! A fresh look at the Denver Mint

SD Bullion
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02/13/2017 - Bullion News

Hussman Funds - Time-Stamp of Speculative Euphoria

METER : CNN Money - Fear & Greed Index

CHART : GoldSeek - Is the Gold Silver Ratio Predictive?

City AM - The Bundesbank Conspiracy: Why Germany is Really Repatriating its Gold

Advancing Time - Euro-zone Woes Continue Enshrouded By False Hope

VIDEO : CNBC - Is the Fed bad for America?

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : The Daily Reckoning - Gold’s Crazy Secret

The Daily Courier - Lawmaker floats plan to sell gold coins without paying taxes on profits

Tenth Amendment Center - Arizona House Passes Bill to Support Sound Money

AMUSING & INSIGHTFUL : INVERSE Science & Chill - Arrested Anal Gold Smuggler Should Have Brought a Doctor's Note

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02/12/2017 - Bullion News

Wolf Street - Foreign Governments Dump US Treasuries as Never Before, But Who the Heck is Buying Them?

AUDIO : Zero Hedge - Jim Rogers: "We're About To Have The Worst Economic Problems Of A Lifetime, A Lot Of People Will Disappear"

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Danielle DiMartino Booth: An Insider Exposes The Evils Of The Fed

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - ECRI Weekly Leading Index: Another All-Time High

Moneyness - To what extent can Trump trash the dollar?

Bullion Vault - Demonetisation Shock to India's Gold Bullion Demand 'Only Temporary'

Mish Talk - Dallas Pension Fund: In Search of a Fix (When None is Possible): What Happens?

Institutional Investor - Doomsday Scenario for Hedge Funds

Sputnik News - Germany Gets the 'Wrong Suitcase' While Repatriating Its Gold Reserves From US

The Telegraph (Georgia, USA) - One billion in gold bullion?

BlueRidgeNow - Metal detectors find new friends as well as artifacts

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02/10/2017 - Bullion News

The Epoch Times - Is Central Banking a Capitalist or Communist Concept?

City Journal - In Debt They Trust

ABA Banking Journal - ABA, Washington Federal Sue Over Federal Reserve Dividend Cut

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : The Telegraph - Britain at the cutting edge of cancer research

Sure Money Investor - A Transcript of My Market Brainstorming Session with Peter Boockvar

The Felder Report - ‘The Triumph of Hope Over Experience’

CHART : OtterWood Capital - Foreign Governments Selling US Treasuries At Record Pace

02/09/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Gold Isn’t Done Climbing, says ‘Precious Metals Investing for Dummies’ Author

Reuters - Fed's Bullard says rates can remain low through 2017

tweet : CHART : NDR Research - Increasingly Worried about Secular Pivot in US Bonds - Limited Upside & Plenty Downside.

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - The “Uncertainty Hedge” Gold Up 6.6% So Far This Year

GOLDSEITEN.de (Germany) - What you always wanted to know about platinum - google translation link

Bullion Star - Lukewarm start for new London Gold Futures Contracts

ABC News (Australia) - Warnings of financial 'catastrophe' as National Debt Helpline Buckles Under Record Call Volumes

Mish Talk - Time to Panic in Australia

THE LOCAL.de (Germany) - Germany moves 100 tonnes of its gold from New York to Frankfurt

The New York Times - Germans Sent Gold Away to Keep It From the Soviets. Now Much of It Is Back.

Bloomberg - Gold Stashed in Bag Shows Hurdles in Italy’s Tax-Evasion Fight

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02/08/2017 - Bullion News

CHARTS : RIA - The Lowest Common Denominator: Debt

DiMartino-Booth - Slapped in the Face by the Invisible Hand

AUDIO : Lance Roberts - Interview with 'Fed Up' Author - Danielle DiMartino-Booth - link to Audio below

GoldSeek - U.S. Exorbitant Privilege At Risk?!

Bloomberg - Druckenmiller Bought Gold After Reversing November Stance

tweet : CARTOON : Michael D. Underhill - Every Time the Rates are Raised, it Will Make that Debt that Much More Difficult to Service.

CoinWorld - U.S. Mint strikes 2017 American Eagle silver bullion coins at three facilities - Output executed at West Point, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Mints

Reuters - Out of pocket, Italians fall out of love with the euro

The Telegraph - EU Faces Crisis as IMF Warns Greek Debts are on ‘Explosive’ Path

Bloomberg - ‘Death Spiral’ Looms for Zimbabwe Economy as Cash Runs Out

Buy Gold And Silver Coins
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02/07/2017 - Bullion News

Ole Hansen of SAXO Group "Gold targeting $1,250/oz"

SAXO Group - Gold targeting $1,250/oz - link to video above

Investopedia - London Banks Want Gold Traded on Exchange

Bloomberg - U.S. Consumer Credit Posts Smallest Annual Gain Since 2013

Business Insider - The Fed Already has a Problem with its 2017 Forecast

CoinNews- Gold and Silver End At Fresh, Nearly 3-Month Highs

CHART : Perth Mint Blog - Monthly Sales – January 2017

VIDEO : CNBC - Can investors expect more upside for the yellow metal?

Tenth Amendment Center - Tennessee Bill Would Help Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Currency

MINING - Cereal box-sized spacecraft could sample asteroids for mining potential

Ottawa Citizen - Capital Facts: The world’s first million dollar coin

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02/06/2017 - Bullion News

CHART : Energy and Resource Digest - The One Gold Chart You Need to See

International Business Times - Gold up to 12-week high as slow wage inflation reduces Fed hike chances, palladium near 6-year peak

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Hit Almost 3-Month Highs; Effigy Mounds 5 Oz Bullion Coin Released

Market Watch - Fed’s Evans wants interest-rate hikes rolled out at a ‘slow’ pace

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : New Scientist - Blood Test Could Catch Pancreatic Cancer before It’s Too Late

CHARTS : GoldSeek - The 46-Year Record of Platinum-Gold Ratios

AUDIO : TF Metals Report - A Visit with John Hathaway of The Tocqueville Gold Fund

Moneyness - Italian Exit and the Problem of Lira Shortages

International Man - When the Money Supply Dries Up

Public Finance International - India to ban cash transactions over $4,500

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02/05/2017 - Bullion News

Public Finance International - Wavering Policy Undermined Euro Projects, says Draghi - The eurozone’s financial pitfalls were not due to inherent faults of the single market or currency, but because national policymakers didn’t stick to the plan, the European Central Bank chief has said.

Notes from Underground - After the FOMC, Do Payrolls Mean Anything?

Wolf Street - Consumer Bankruptcies Rise for the First Time since 2010

AUDIO : The Korelin Report - Economic Data Points and Gold Investing Including Stocks

VIDEO : Peter Schiff - No President Will Escape Fed's Debt Bomb - Schiff and Santelli Discuss

AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Grant Williams: A Punch To The Face For Central Banks

Zeal - US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales

The Brazil Times (Indiana) - Banking on Yourself: Local Banks Once Manufactured Their Own Currency

Buy Gold And Silver Coins
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02/03/2017 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Prepared to Come About

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - February 3, 2017

VIDEO : SAXO Group - Strong NFP number, But Not All Rosy

Bloomberg - Inflation Surprise Index Shows Unexpected Global Turn: Chart

GOLD NANO TECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Horizon Magazine - Gold Nanoparticles Shine Light on Cancer Cure

World Gold Council - Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2016

VIDEO : U.S. Mint - Frederick Douglass 2017 ATB

Daily Reckoning - China’s Demand for Gold Can’t be Met

Sunshine Profits - February FOMC Meeting and Gold

Financial Tribune - Iran to Ditch US Dollar in Official Reports

Numismaster - Longacre’s gold masterpiece

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02/02/2017 - Bullion News

TownHall - Barron’s Changes from Gold Bear to Gold Bull in One Month

Numismatic News - Gold Beats Them All

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - GroundHog Day - Gold & Silver about to repeat very bullish pattern?

Market Watch - Fed holds interest rates as it waits for real economy to match rising confidence

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Paperity - Biological Mechanisms of Gold Nanoparticle Radiosensitization

Advancing Time - Where Wealth Is Stored

CHARTS : Econimica - Is America in a Bubble & Will America Ever Return to "Normal"

The Deviant Investor - Depression, Stagflation, Stag-Depress-Flation

Coin News - 2017 Australian Platypus Platinum Bullion Coin Released

Coin News - 2017 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Launches

Daily Mail - Auctioneer is stunned to find gold sovereigns and silver ingots worth £35,000 in suitcase stashed behind a sofa in routine house clearance

Buy Gold And Silver Coins
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02/01/2017 - Bullion News

DiMartino Booth - Federal Reserve Policy: The Cash Menagerie

Kitco - Advise Central Banks, And I Tell Them To Buy Gold: Steve Hanke

CNBC - Here's what changed in the new Fed statement - scroll down to see the changes in the Fed's statement

CoinNews - Gold, Silver Surge in January; US Mint Bullion Coin Sales Solid

Kitco - Buyer Beware: PNG Says Donald Trump Commemorative Coin Offers Little Value

RBTH - Where are Russia’s Vast Gold Reserves Hidden?

CoinWorld - January American Eagle bullion coin sales, explained in one infographic

Reuters - Royal Mint bullion coin sales surge on wave of political turmoil

Tenth Amendment Center - Utah Bill Would Set Stage For State Gold and Silver Depository

SLIDESHOW : RBTH - Dying for Gold: A Miner’s Life in Northern Russia

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01/31/2017 - Bullion News

CHARTS : Gavekal Capital - USD is Overvalued Against CAD, EUR, JPY, NOK, KRW, SEK, CHF & GBP

Bullion Vault - Gold Price +8% in 2017 Says Top LBMA Forecast

CHARTS : Econimica - America According to GDP

Sure Money Investor - The One Sector That Hasn’t Been Fooled By “Dow 20,000 Fever”

Value Penguin - Three Reasons to Consider Gold Now

Coin Desk - Federal Reserve Staffer Fined for Mining Bitcoins at Work

Calgary Herald - Matthew McConaughey takes on Bre-X, but the real story behind Gold is crazier than fiction

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01/30/2017 - Bullion News

CHART : Dana Lyons - Will Record Short VIX Position Backfire On Speculators?

Wolf Street - Dow Companies Report Worst Revenues since 2010, Dow Rises to 20,000 (LOL?)

Market Watch - Economists Expect the Fed to hold interest rates while Congress debates stimulus - The Fed will release its statement at 2 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday.

CoinWorld - U.S. Mint sells 20,000 2017 American Eagle platinum bullion coins first day

Reuters - BOJ to keep policy steady, seek to allay tapering fears

Tenth Amendment Center - A Virginia bill that would remove sales taxes from some purchases of gold and silver unanimously passed their House last week.

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01/29/2017 - Bullion News

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Charles Gave and Clash of the Titans – Trump vs. Yellen

tweet : CHART : John Hussman - This is an everything bubble.

BGASC - Effigy Mounds National Monument Five Ounce Silver Coin Now Available

VIDEO : Hedgeye - Trump is good for gold, says investor with £250 million worth...

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : The Pueblo Chieftain - Dr. Oz: It’s true, breath-test device ‘sniffs out’ disease

VIDEO : Hedgeye - GOLD: The Complete Investor’s Guide From the Smartest Guy In the Room

Coin News - Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Surge in 2016

tweet : CHART : Jesse Felder - New record this week in speculative net short positions against the VIX

Bloomberg - VIX Near Record Low Ignores Risks Revealed in Swaptions: Chart

Wolf Street - Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash

U.S. Global Investors - The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns 2016

Coin World - How the discovery of 10 1933 gold double eagles altered life for Israel Switt's heirs

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01/27/2017 - Bullion News

Numismatic News - Fit Gold to Your Needs

tweet : CHART : SoberLook - Chart: Foreign official accounts (mostly central banks) have been selling Treasuries consistently

FAKE GOLD : FoxNews 45 (Baltimore, Md.) - Baltimore man accused of trying to sell fake gold to off-duty officer in Bowie

The Almanac Trader - February Worst Month of Post-Election Years for Stocks

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Labroots - New Advances for Patients With Liver Cancer

Viable Oppositition - Ending Corruption and Cash

Bitcoin Magazine - Will Global Cash Woes Boost Bitcoin’s Use?

The Brookings Institute - An Amusing Read from Ben Bernanke 'Shrinking the Fed's Balance Sheet'

The Felder Report - The Unintended and Deleterious Societal Consequences of Quantitative Easing

gizmodo - Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

History Extra - How a Speck of Glitter Triggered the California Gold Rush

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01/25/2017 - Bullion News

Business Insider - MORGAN STANLEY: A 'Correlation Crash' is Happening in the Markets "We'd expected correlations to rise again if growth data disappointed," Morgan Stanley wrote. "Since lower correlation has helped to depress volatility, hedges that benefit from both correlation and vol moving benefit from unusually good pricing now. Our favorites are AUDUSD, gold, and EURUSD."

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - What’s Happening with Subprime Auto Loans?

New York Times - In Its Third Month, India’s Cash Shortage Begins to Bite

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Research Gate - Gold nanoparticles surface-functionalized with paclitaxel drug and biotin receptor as theranostic agents for cancer therapy

Advancing Time - Signs Of Rising Commercial Property In The Midwest

Econimica - UN Base Case Shows Massive Depopulation Among Young...The World Economy Is Likely To Decelerate Indefinitely

Cobden Centre - Doug Casey: Comparing the 1930s and Today

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01/23/2017 - Bullion News

SAXO Group - Headlines Knock US Dollar to the Floor

tweet : CHART : Amity Shlaes - Inflation & Deflation

What Investments - Exclusive: Why I’ve invested more in gold, by top investor

BARRON'S - Will Gold Shine On?

Numismatic News - Questions & Answers about Pre-1983 Pennies, 1965-1970 Kennedy Halves and More...

tweet : CHART : GoldCore - Gold Gains In All Currencies In 2016

Bloomberg - A Rising Tide of Used Cars Threatens Ford’s Profits

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01/22/2017 - Bullion News

Greek Reporter - Greeks Exchanged their Gold English Pounds to Get By in 2016

Reuters - Fed's Harker Doesn't Sound Confident on Seeing '3 Rate Hikes' this Year (Current Fed Fund Rate 0.75%)

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Dana Lyons - An Important Level To Hold Here For The Dollar

Wolf Street - These are the Countries with the Biggest Debt Slaves, and Americans Are Only in 10th place

MINING - Palladium price surges to 22-month high

Mining Weekly - Platinum price upside limited despite stronger structural demand in coming years

SILVER NANOTECHNOLOGY : CoinWorld - ‘Microbiocidal silver nanoparticle coating’ the solution to filthy paper money?

The BeachComber - The Gold and Silver Mine: Gold coins are a piece of history from the California gold rush days

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01/20/2017 - Bullion News

Commodity Trade Mantra - Pension Funds Need a Meaningful Allocation to Gold and Silver Before They Implode

FAKE BULLION ALERT : WISHTV (Indiana) - 1 arrested following counterfeit silver coin investigation

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - January 20, 2017

Wolf Street- The Dollar, “the Most Crowded Trade,” Gets Less Crowded

Kitco - And the Best President For Gold Is...

The Felder Report - Will President Trump Prick The ‘Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble’?

CoinWeek - First 2017 ATB Quarter, Platinum Eagle Bullion Coin Among Upcoming U.S. Mint Products

FoxNews - Man who allegedly stole $1.6M in gold flakes in NYC arrested in Ecuador; was reportedly deported 4 times

The Perth Mint Australia
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01/19/2017 - Bullion News

FINANZ und WIRTSCHAFT - Draghi: "Zero Interest Rates are Needed for Euro Zone Recovery" - google translation link

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - GOLD Trend Update

Reuters - Fed's Kaplan says can raise rates in gradual, patient manner

GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : ExosomeRNA - Targeting Malicious Exosomes with Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy

Moneyness - The Shrinking Rupee

INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Global War on Cash

Daily Wealth - The Surprising Fall in Interest Rates Is Here

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - In Search of the New World

The Deviant Investor - Major Markets at Turning Points

Coin World - NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar picked for CCAC membership - the panel reviews and recommends proposed designs for coins and medals issued by the U.S. Mint

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01/17/2017 - Bullion News

Market Watch - Trump is Waving Adios to the Longstanding ‘Strong Dollar Policy’

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - King Dollar potentially topping out here!

Sunshine Profits - December Retail Sales, PPI and Gold

Bloomberg - Cash Ban Gives India Gold Lovers No Way to Buy Wedding Rings

CHARTS : RIA - The Real Value Of Cash

Bullion Vault - 7 Fed Tools (All Flawed)

My Budget 360 - Millennials are worse off than their parents: Millennials earn 20% less than baby boomers at same stage in life.

PLATA - The Further Decline in International Reserves by Hugo Salinas Price

International Man - Trump Could Go Down as the Worst President… But It Will NOT Be His Fault

news.com.au - The Crazy True Story behind Matthew McConaughey’s New Film ‘Gold’

FEE - The Soda Police Learn a Valuable Lesson about Taxes

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01/15/2017 - Bullion News

HeraldNet - Responding to Trump uncertainty, investors divided over gold

GoldReporter.de - Gold Margins are Lowered - google translation link

GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - January 13, 2017

Sunshine Profits - Gold Shrugs Off Hawkish Fed Comments

Sure Money Investor - Two Ways The Government Is Lying to You Right Now

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01/13/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Central-Bank Bashing Has Gold Only Asset Safe From Meddling

World Gold Council - The Gold Market in 2017

VIDEO : BNN - Mining Legends: High U.S. Dollar hurts Gold, but Trump will Push Bullion Higher

CHARTS : Econimica - Why The Stock Market Has Blasted Into Outerspace...and Will Likely Orbit the Moon

VIDEO : SAXO Group - Trump ‘Dump’ on Gold Gives Way

Reuters - China posts worst export fall since 2009 as fears of U.S. trade war loom

CHART : Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis - Department Stores Retail Sales are the Lowest since 2009

Bloomberg - The World's Largest Gold Fund Is Going Through Its Longest Dry Spell On Record

BullionVault - Silver's Solar Demand 'Key' in 2017, PV Thrifting 'Critical'

The Perth Mint Australia
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01/12/2017 - Bullion News

SAXO Group : Quarterly Outlook: The 1970s All Over Again

SAXO Group - Quarterly Outlook: The 1970s all over again - Link to Video above

Coin World - First day of sales for 2017 American Eagles slightly outpace 2016 numbers

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold could blast off if King Dollar turns weak here!

Sunshine Profits - Trump’s Press Conference Pushes Gold above $1,200

CoinWorld - Here’s your first look at an actual 2017 American Liberty gold coin

GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : eCancer - VIDEO : Gold Nanoparticles and Cancer Treatment

FEE - The Hyperdrive to Serfdom

CHARTS : Econimica - How America "Recovered" From the Great Recession of '08

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Lance Roberts - 3 Things: Consumer Debt, NFIB Optimism & Policy Uncertainty

PLATA - Trump's (Monetary) Ignorance by Hugo Salinas Price

South China Morning Post - Bitcoin plummets in value as PBOC announces formal investigation into virtual currency

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01/10/2017 - Bullion News

Tocqueville - 'Physical Will Trump Paper Gold' - Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter by John Hathaway, Senior Portfolio Manager

The Felder Report - Why You Might Want To Prepare Your Portfolio For A Time ‘When Doves Cry’

Wolf Street - Get Ready for China’s Hot New Export Product: Inflation

GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : industry tap - Treating Cancer with Nanomedicine a Paradigm Shift in Treatment

CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - Long-Term Trends in Employment by Age Group

BullionStar - Who Owns the World’s Largest Gold Hoards? – Not the Central Banks!

Market Watch - Six ways to tell real money from counterfeit

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01/09/2017 - Bullion News

U.S. Global Investors - Ringing in the New Year with a Bullish Case for Gold

FAKE BULLION ALERT : Global News - $10K in fake gold bars uncovered during Edmonton police investigation

CHART : Business Insider - This Goldman Sachs chart sums up the global fallout from the 2008 financial crisis

tweet : CHART : Tom McClellan - Debt - End Game

Hussman Funds - The Economic Risk of Ignoring Arithmetic

GOLD NANO TECHNOLOGY : CANCER RESEARCH : Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research - PDF : Phototherapy in Cancer Prevention and Treatment

AUDIO : Financial Repression Authority - Peter Boockvar And Yra Harris On The 2017 Outlook

Mises Institute - Money-Supply Growth Accelerates in Late 2016

VIDEO : Perth Mint Blog - Close-up look at the 2017 Australian Koala 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The Speculative Investor - Revisiting the gold market’s “London bias”

Lawrie on Gold - Shanghai beginning to dominate global gold pricing

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01/08/2017 - Bullion News

VIDEO : SAXO Group - Metals to shine in 2017?

Wolf Street - Evictions by Wall-Street Mega-Landlords Soar, Financialization of Rents Cause “Housing Instability”: Atlanta Fed

The Huffington Post - Coming Pension Defaults

AUDIO : Financial Sense - Technician Jonathan Krinsky on US Stock Market; Ned Schmidt on Gold, Commodities

Midas Letter - Trump’s Brewing Trade War with China Behind Gold Price Strength

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Why Tom DeMark Still Thinks Dow Won’t Break 20,000

Reuters - Venezuela's Maduro hikes minimum wage for fifth time in a year

Carl Menger Center - January 7th was the Anniversary of Murray Rothbard’s Death

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01/06/2017 - Bullion News

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Northman Trader - 2017 Market Outlook - (Change is in the Air)

Carl Menger Center - Top Five Monetary Policy Issues To Watch In 2017

tweet : CHART : Babak - A Wee Bit of Post-Election Euphoria in the US Markets

BullionStar - How The West Has Been Selling Gold Into A Black Hole

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : McClellan Financial - Debt or DJIA: Who Gets to 20* First?

DiMartino Booth - The Art of Trade Warfare

Zero Hedge - Venezuela's March Toward Default

CoinWeek - The Vienna Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin and the Austrian Mint

SLIDE-SHOW : U.S. Global Investors - A Brief History of Silver Production and Application

Yahoo Finance - Where Do Coins Tossed in Fountains End Up?

SD Bullion
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01/05/2017 - Bullion News

Bloomberg - Rebuild the Fed From the Bottom Up - Danielle DiMartino Booth

CHARTS : Market Anthropology - Connecting the Dots

CHARTS : Lance Roberts - 3 Things: Policy Hopes, Puppies & Rainbows

The Corner - “What is clear is that Greece cannot pay its debt and will never pay it”

AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Your Questions Answered Part 2

Sunshine Profits - Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Bloomberg - Palladium Outperforms Precious-Metal Peers With New Year Rally

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Kimble Charting - Gold Bugs; poised to outperform S&P for years to come?

Numismatic News - Mint struck $4.5 billion in gold coins

CHART : Visual Capitalist - How Every Commodity Performed in 2016

Econimica - America's Supposed "Enemies" Are Literally Disappearing...but They Won't Likely Gently Fade Away

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01/04/2017 - Bullion News

What Investment - Ned Naylor-Leyland, manager of the Old Mutual Gold & Silver Fund, Writes Exclusively for What Investment on the Outlook for Gold in 2017.

Reuters - Platinum and palladium jump as investors gear up for 2017

INFOGRAPHIC : BullionStar - Gold ETF Mechanics

VIDEO : Rick Santelli - Should Markets Ignore the Fed?

CHARTS : Zero Hedge - Bitcoin Nears Parity with Gold

GOLD NANO TECHNOLOGY : NewsMax - Simple Breath Test Detects Parkinson's, Cancer

Hurriyet Daily News - Turkey’s gold imports surge 688 pct in December after Erdoğan’s call

Perth Mint Blog - Monthly Sales – December 2016

Zero Hedge - Global Debt Hits 325% Of World GDP, Rises To Record $217 Trillion

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Japan’s Debt Burden Is Quietly Falling the Most in the World

Sprott Money - 42 Years of Fractional Reserve Alchemy

Numismatic News - Cashless society makes advances

Mish Talk - Audit the Fed Bill Coming Up, Trump Will Likely Sign

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

01/03/2017 - Bullion News

Gold-Eagle - 2016 Precious Metals Performance Review

Value Walk - US Govt Debt And The China Factor

MINING - Gold price breaks 3-year losing streak

Gainesville Times - Man accused of trying to sell fake gold bars

Business Standard (India) - India's Gold import lowest since 2003

GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : Egypt Independent - Egyptian Cancer Treatment with Gold Proves Successful

BGASC Blog - 2016 U.S. Mint Gold Sales Best Since 2010

BGASC Blog - Silver Sales at the United States Mint Fall 20% in 2016

Zero Hedge - Italy Slams ECB For Revealing It Has A "Bank Run" Problem

LA Times - Leaving for Las Vegas: California's minimum wage law leaves businesses no choice

Juggling Dynamite - OECD: global property prices fall amid ‘dangerous’ conditions and market slow-down

01/01/2017 - Bullion News

12/31/2016 & 01/01/2017

Have a Safe & Happy New Year!

01/01/2017 - Bullion News

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