Troy - System of Weight

The Troy and the Avoirdupois (pronounced: a-vo-du-pwasystems to measure weight, have many differences.

The Troy measurement system is used to weigh precious metals bullion, gemstones and gunpowder.

Many of us use the Avoirdupois measurement system of weight everyday, for example; weighing one's self or weighing produce.

troy oz scale

The place where people often get confused between the two systems of weight is when it comes to grams, ounces and pounds.

A Troy ounce has 31.10 grams, unlike the Avoirdupois ounce which has 28.35 grams.

troy lbs scale

And there are 12 Troy ounces in every Troy pound, and 16 ounces in every Avoirdupois pound.

It can get confusing if you try to weigh bullion in the Avoirdupois weight measurement system and is not recommended.

But, if you want to see the differences between the two systems of weight, the conversion chart below can help you out.

Troy / Avoirdupois Conversion Chart

troy  avoirdupois conversion chart

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