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03/01: OWNING GOLD - Umbrellas Cost More When It’s Raining. And So Does Gold.

03/01: PDF : Wizzen Trading - Technical Analysis : The Precious Metals are Trying to Find A Trend...

03/01: Inside Futures - Key Levels for Silver

03/01: AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Grant Williams: Why The Smart Money Is So Nervous Now

03/01: First Rebuttal - I’m Bedazzled by the Bewilderment Surrounding the Fed’s Behaviour… So I’ve De-engineered to the Bare Basics.. and Oh Boy!

03/01: BullionBullsCanada - Negative Interest Rates and Precious Metals

03/01: AUDIO : Larry Kudlow Show - Review of Friday's Meeting between Fed Chair Janet Yellen and Hard Money (Gold Standard) Economists (Review Starts @78:20 & Ends @95:51) Interview with Two of the Participants of the Meeting

03/01: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES - India Budget 2015: Gold monetisation scheme in the works

03/01: ZAWYA - India's new gold scheme may hit Qatar market

03/01: GATA - 1968 magazine article shows how control of gold is main mechanism of imperial power

03/01: AUDIO : Financial Sense - Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: Popular Delusions and the Madness of Bankers

03/01: VIDEO : The Royal Mint (UK) - A brief history of monarchy on coins - On the 2nd of March, 2015, the Royal Mint will unveil the fifth definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen

03/01: Bullion Star - The Bank of England and the London Gold Fixings in the 1980s

Chinese Panda Coins

02/27: SafeHaven - Debt, huh, yeah; What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, uh-huh, uh-huh

02/27: Economic Policy Journal - AND IT BEGINS: Moody's Downgrades Chicago

02/27: Profit Confidential - Massive U.S. Debt ($57k+ a Person) Will Force Interest Rates Higher

02/27: CHARTS : dshort - NYSE Margin Debt Declined in January

02/27: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CFD Trading - Gold & Silver Moving Off Support, U.S. CPI Print In Focus

02/27: CNBC - China plans yuan-denominated gold fix this year - sources

02/27: Alhambra Investment Partners - Harmonized Inflation

02/27: MidasLetter - How Quantitative Easing Fuels Deflation and Fails to Stimulate

02/27: CEO.CA - Is Deflation Bullish for Gold?

02/27: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - Looking Towards the Ides of March

02/27: MineWeb - HK January gold exports to China confirm strong demand

02/27: Monetary Metals - A Salvo in the Battle for the Gold Standard

02/27: Bullion Vault - Silver? Watch Gold & Base Metals

02/27: Munknee - Gold Measurements “Troy” & “Karat”: What Do They Mean?

SD Bullion

02/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : TheGoldandOilGuy - Money Will Rotate Into These Dead Investments

02/26: VIDEO : GoldBroker - Alan Greenspan Likes Gold: Listen up!

02/26: CHARTS : McClellan Financial - 2-Year T-Note Shows Path For FOMC

02/26: Bloomberg - Major Firms Are Saying the Stage Is Set for Another Crisis in the Bond Market

02/26: INFO~GRAPHIC : Sovereign Man - Someone please show this to Warren Buffett (Gold vs. the Financial System)

02/26: GoldSeek - Do You Have a Gold and Silver “Seat Belt”?

02/26: The Bullion Desk - Precious metals evenly grouped – gold price looks well placed

02/26: SRSrocco Report - MAJOR FACTOR FOR OWNING GOLD: The Collapse Of Gold’s EROI

02/26: Alhambra Investment Partners - New Home Sales Confirm Resales; New Home Prices Confirm Bubble

02/26: CANCER RESEARCH : Science Simplified - Graphene Oxide Neutralizes Cancer Stem Cells

02/26: MetalMiner - Platinum Dives to 5-Year Low, Global Uncertainty Produces No Rise in Precious Metals

02/26: The BRICS POST - India follows Russia, ratifies $100 bn BRICS Bank

02/26: Peak Prosperity - Time To Toss The Playbook

02/26: 321gold - Merk Insights : Is Gold Risk Free?

02/26: INFO~GRAPHIC : GoldCore - EU Warns of “Macroeconomic Imbalances” and Debt Dangers in EU Economy and Ireland

02/26: Kitco - Increase In Eurozone Gold Reserves Not From New Purchases – Macquarie

02/26: PLATTS - China's 2014 spot gold trade volume soars near 60% on year to 18,486 mt

02/26: The Bullion Desk - Chinese imports of gold from HK at net 72 tns in January

02/26: Bullion Star - 1973 EU CB’s Traded Gold In Secret At Free Market Price

02/26: CHARTS : dshort - A Long-Term Look at Inflation

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"With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people."

- Friedrich August von Hayek

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