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08/21: Gold's Chart is Showing a Positive Chart Pattern...
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08/25: Bloomberg - Gold Believers From Soros to UBS Lose Faith in Mining-Share Gain

08/25: CARTOON : Hedgeye - Fed-Induced Hyperventilation

08/25: Market Watch - ‘Rich Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki: If You’re Investing (in Stocks) for the Long Term, ‘You’re Crazy’

08/25: The Felder Report - The Greatest Money Manager Alive Attributes The Majority His Success To Just This One Thing

08/25: Econimica - American Demographics Bad But Developed World is Horrific - Will US Fare Relatively Better?

08/25: Sure Money - Here’s Why High Yield Bonds Are Much Riskier Than Most Investors Realize

08/25: CoinWorld - Australian man unearths 145-ounce gold nugget found using metal detector

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08/24: AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - Part 2) Doug Noland – The Consequences of Massive Debt

08/24: Market Watch - The unrelenting hunt for yield may end in tears, says James Grant

08/24: DiMartino Booth - A New Monetary Policy Framework? Old Faithful Meets the ‘New Normal’

08/24: Midas Letter - George Orwell’s ‘negative yield’ doublespeak portends another financial crisis brewing

08/24: GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : VIDEO : OncLive - Dr. Lee on Nanotechnology Combination Therapy in RCC

08/24: Hedgopia - Stock Buybacks Decelerate In 2Q16 – Likely Trend Reversal

08/24: Hedgeye - Japan: A Case Study In The Folly Of Central Planning & Dogmatic Economic Thinking


08/24: Sovereign Man - Four more mega-banks join the anti-dollar alliance

08/24: VIDEO : CNBC - The Santelli Exchange: Markets & monetary policy

08/23: CoinNews - Gold Rebounds Slightly; US Mint Bullion Sales Rise

08/23: Reuters - CME Group Suspends (Gold) Trader for Spoofing

08/23: CHART : tweet : John Authers - U.S. Pensions Returns and Liabilities

08/23: AUDIO : FT - Explaining the Global Pension Crisis

08/23: NewsWire - Inc 5000 Names SD Bullion to List of 500 Fastest Growing Companies

08/23: GOLD NANO : NanoWerk - Nanoparticle that Mimics Salmonella Counteracts Chemotherapy Resistance

08/23: The Globe and Mail - Gold’s revival forging new fortunes for pawn shops and scrap recyclers

08/23: Trader Planet - Will New Money Market SEC Rules Kick Off Another 08’ Style Liquidity Crisis?

08/23: Bloomberg - Ten Reasons Why Bank of America Thinks U.S. Stocks Have an 'Elevated Risk of Correction'

08/23: Market Watch - Fed’s new Facebook ‘friends’ slam central bank for ‘monetary enslavement and currency destruction’

08/23: The Bubba Show - Does the Fed Have Any Value?

08/23: Bullion Star - Song Xin: Increase Gold Reserves And Join SDR.

08/23: BBC - Japan May Use E-Waste for 2020 Medals

08/23: HEART : Inside Edition - Olympian Auctions Off Medal From Rio to Raise Money for Cancer-Stricken Boy

Government Auctions

08/22: CoinWorld - How do sales of 1-ounce gold American Eagles in 2016 compare to last year?

08/22: Bloomberg - Gold's Rally Means Old Rings Are Headed to the Melting Pot

08/22: CHARTS : Gavekal Capital - Gold Is At Extreme Correlations Against Stocks, Bonds and Oil

08/22: VIDEO : CNBC - For clues on Janet Yellen's Jackson Hole speech, pay attention to comments from the San Fran Fed's John Williams, says Tony Nash of Complete Intelligence

08/22: GOLD NANO : ALZHEIMER'S RESEARCH : Real Investment Advice - A tiny ball of gold could help fight Alzheimer’s - Gold and polyethylene glycol are both popular choices for nanoparticles. Gold is nontoxic and stable, while polyethylene glycol also adds stability

08/22: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Real Investment Advice - Bulls, Bears & The Broken Clock Syndrome

08/22: Midas Letter - Financial repression, misinformation increasingly the principle tools of central banks

08/22: GOLD FRAUD : Herald Mail Media (Chambersburg, PA) - Chambersburg Police Search for Woman in Fake Jewelry Scam

08/22: The Deviant Investor - The Inflation Imperative

08/22: Mises Institute - The Blessing of Cash

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08/21: AUDIO : Financial Sense - What the Media Aren’t Telling You - Jim Puplava Describes in Detail the Financial Truths of the U.S. Markets.

08/21: CHARTS : Value Walk - 6 Charts -Why Gold Is Going Higher

08/21: tweet : DiMartino Booth - No Truer Words....

08/21: IRONY : Bloomberg - Morgan Stanley, Board Accused in Suit of 401(k) Self-Dealing

08/21: Hedgeye - The Carnage Continues: Italian Bank Stocks Crushed (Again)

08/21: Bloomberg - Where Median Incomes Have Fallen the Most

08/21: INFOGRAPHIC : BullionStar - The Chinese Gold Market

08/21: Sputnik News - Why Rothschild is Shifting From US Dollars to Gold, 'Other Currencies'

08/21: LiverPool Echo - The (UK) coins in your pocket that could be worth a fortune

PhotoStamps Summer 2015

08/19: Dana Lyons - Investor Complacency Is Smashing Records

08/19: USA Today - Are Dow Transports a dark signal for the economy?

08/19: CoinWorld - When and where the Theodore Roosevelt National Park quarter will be launched

08/19: Zero Hedge - Dallas Cops' Pension Fund Nears Insolvency In Wake Of Shady Real Estate Deals, FBI Raid

08/19: GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : University of Toronto - Multi-functional, Modular Nano-Particles Could Help Fight Cancer

08/19: CARTOON : Hedgeye - Projections

08/19: International Man - Decline of Empire: Parallels Between the U.S. and Rome, Part V

08/19: Bullion Star - The World’s largest Precious Metals Refineries

08/19: South China Morning Post - Valuable hauls: Hong Kong customs officers step up border inspections after surge in gold and silver seizures

08/19: McClellan Financial - Gold Bound To The Yen

08/19: BAWERK - Toward Stagflation

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Gold's Chart is Showing a Positive Chart Pattern...
Bullion Market Weekly Out-Look

Posted on 8/21/2016 @11:30pm


In this week's charts, Gold is showing that it could break above a important long-term falling trend-line. 

It is this falling trend-line that makes breaking above the $1350 level so important and by looking at the chart below you'll be able to see why.

gold price

Charts provided courtesy of TradingView.com

The chart below an example of a ascending pennant and it is currently showing up in the Gold Chart.

The Ascending Pennant is inside the ascending channel I started to draw more than a month ago in gold's daily chart.

For the definition of a Ascending Pennant click here.

gold price

Over the last week, I've read a lot of other gold chart analyst's state that they think that gold is going to be correcting in the near term, however, the only things in the chart above that I'm seeing that could be a negative for gold is a falling 'MACD' and the 'RSI' is slightly above 50.

Time will tell which way gold will move, I only try to interpret what the charts say, not predict the future.

Gold's Price Resistance & Support Levels

Gold's Resistance Level


Gold's Support Level



In Silver's chart this week, I'm not seeing much of anything significant to point out to you. 

I do see possible head and shoulder patterns all over silver's chart, but I've learned you shouldn't predict them, but wait for them to form before you call them out.

Silver's price could go in either direction this week, both the MACD and the RSI are indicating that the metal is over sold, but only time will tell which way it will go.

Silver's Price Resistance & Support Levels - Chart

gold price chart

Charts provided courtesy of TradingView.com

Silver's Resistance Level


Silver's Support Level



Two Weeks ago I posted the chart below and I stated the following; "Although most on Wall Street see the U.S. Dollar breaking higher ground, I've identified a bearish indicator..."

gold price chart

Charts provided courtesy of TradingView.com

Then last week I posted the following tweet and I also posted the chart below on the guide's facebook page.

Right now, I don't see any patterns taking shape in the US Dollar's Chart.

The US Dollar's MACD and RSI are both in oversold territory.  Only time will tell which way the dollar will move.

US Dollar's Price Resistance & Support Levels - Chart


In all honestly, I'm posting this Sunday evening (8/21) and I'm listening to the 'Recorded' Live Metallica Concert in Minnesota on Pandora (I listen to the free version of Pandora)

But, yesterday is when I did most of the work on this week's post and I listened to a lot of 70's music and the one song that has stuck in my mind the most was from SuperTramp. 

I'm actually going to send this out to my sister, growing up she liked SuperTramp and I remember I used to always tell her they sucked, I've since learned that I was wrong.

Enjoy and I hope you have a Great Week! SW

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