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07/31: Daily Reckoning - Why the Fed Has Declared War on Your Money

07/31: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Bullion Vault - Spot the Sheeple

07/31: Bullion Baron - How Safe Are Unallocated Bullion Accounts?

07/31: GoldMoney - James Turk, Founder and Director of GoldMoney is interviewed by Franklin Sanders and The Money Changer

07/31: Reuters - Chinese gold jewellery demand sees first quarterly drop in 8 years

07/31: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : SOLARCYCLES - QE is mantra rather than driver

07/31: International Man - Peter Schiff and Doug Casey on the REAL State of the Economy

07/31: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Gold Scents - S&P 500 Breaks Important Trend Line

07/31: CHARTS : McClellan Oscillator - A Scary Valuation Indicator

07/31: GoldBroker - U.S. Authorities Starting to Worry about Deutsche Bank’s Mountain of Derivatives

07/31: Kimble Charting - Triple Top in this”Value Index” take place?

07/31: Economic Policy Journal - The Worst Comment on Economics That'll You'll Read All Day

07/31: Reuters - London platinum, palladium fixing co seeks third-party administrator

07/30: Kimble Charting - Since 2000, the S&P 500 on an "Inflation-Adjusted" Basis is STILL BELOW where it was 14-years ago - Whereas exactly 14 years ago today, Gold was $273.00 & Silver was $4.90 a troy ounce

07/30: Forbes - The Government's Assault On Retirees

07/30: MineWeb - Hold some gold. Better safe than sorry

07/30: CoinNews - Gold Dips, Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Top 26 Million

07/30: Munknee - Gold Production to Drop By 50%; Few New Discoveries Will Exacerbate Problem

07/30: South China Morning Post - Stricter emissions control in China to drive palladium prices higher

07/30: GoldBroker - Shanghai Gold Exchange - Gold deliveries since December 2008

07/30: CHARTS : Zero Hedge - 3 WTF Charts

07/30: Casey Research - Why the Fed’s Taper Hasn’t Hurt the Stock Market… Yet

07/30: VIDEO : Mises Economics - Jim Grant: “The Federal Reserve Has So Little Self-Awareness…”

07/30: CHARTS : StreetTalkLive - Misunderstandings Of The End Of Q.E.

07/30: VIDEO : Bloomberg - Greenspan: Significant Correction Likely in Stocks

07/30: Profit Confidential - The Era of Financial Insanity

07/30: Mish's Blog - Whopping 35% Have Debt in Collection! Delinquent Debt in America: By Region and Metro Area, Where Is It?

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07/29: AUDIO : Howe Street - The Morgan Report's David Smith - Following the Trading Herd Will Get you Slaughtered

07/29: GoldSilverWorlds - US Dollar Facing Competition From Other Currencies, Gold Will Also Benefit

07/29: VIDEO : Bloomberg - James Grant - The Fed is Manipulating the Interest Rates and the Markets

07/29: Hussman Funds - Yes, This Is An Equity Bubble

07/29: The Bullion Desk - Gold fix race to open in ‘late August’, close in September – LBMA

07/29: VIDEO : CNBC - Ron Paul: Why I still believe in gold

07/29: AsianScientist - Gold Nanoparticles are Killing Tissue-Deep Tumors With Light

07/29: Zero Hedge - Is Hong Kong-US Dollar Link About To End? HKMA Buys $715 Million To Support Peg

07/29: Gold-Eagle - Fed Exit a Blue Pill?

07/29: MINING - China's war on pollution to push palladium higher still

07/29: AUDIO : Bullion Star - Interview with BullionStar's CEO on the development of the Asian gold market - Mr. Persson touches specifically on the development of the Chinese and Singaporean gold markets

07/29: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - The Miners Lead a Rising Tide

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  • Information and Links to Online Private Mints and Online Bullion Dealers

  • Information about physical bullion Refiners and Links to them.

  • Information and Links about grading bullion and third party graders and the practices that they use to grade bullion

  • Information about Precious Metal bullion in IRAs

  • Information and Links to Precious Metals information sites

  • Introductions to Leading Voices (Gurus) in the Precious Metals & Investment Industry and Links to find them.

  • Information and Links to Wire Services

  • Information for Physical Bullion Storage through Bullion Vault Storage Companies and Links to them (ex: GoldMoney / Bullion Vault)

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  • Information, Tips and Links to buy precious metals at online Bullion Auctions.

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