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01/27: U.S. Global Investors - There’s More to the Gold Rally Than European Market Fears

01/27: King One Eye - Don't Panic! Today's Must-See Charts on Earnings -- And How to Save Your Sorry Hide

01/27: Bloomberg - Stronger Dollar Punishes U.S. Earnings From P&G to DuPont

01/27: Numismatic News - New Tactic Used To Combat Fake ENGELHARD Bars

01/27: VIDEO : Smart Stack - Technical Analysis : Silver Price Analysis 27/012015 - Brilliant Brittanias - Golden Greeks

01/27: Market Realist - Why You Should Own Gold: The Diversification Angle

01/27: Dollar Collapse - This Is What It Means To Lose A Currency War

01/27: Mauldin Economics - Income Inequality? American Savers Treated Like Dogs

01/27: CHARTS : The New York Times - The Shrinking American Middle Class

01/27: The Mess That Greenspan Made - The Increasingly Unequal States of America

01/27: INFO~GRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - The Cost of Living Around the World

01/27: SRSrocco Report - U.S. GOLD EXPORTS TO HONG KONG & CHINA : Doubled In October

01/27: Bullion Star - Netherlands Did Not Increase Gold Holdings In December

01/27: The Bullion Desk - Thailand to launch physical gold exchange

01/27: Profit Confidential - Two Factors to Continue Pushing Gold Prices Higher in 2015

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01/26: CoinNews - Gold Slips, Jan 2015 Silver Eagle Sales Top Jan 2014

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Nifty Charts - GOLD Trend update

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Edge Trader Plus - Gold And Silver – Around The FX World In Charts

01/26: Market Realist - Why Gold Out-Performed Other Assets Recently

01/26: The Hindu - Swiss Bullion Exports to India Nearly Treble

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : GoldSilverWorlds - Why Gold Is Set To Move Higher

01/26: GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Korea IT Times - Attracting Cancer Cells by Using Innocuous Gold or Silver Nano-Particles

01/26: GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : PHYS.org - Nano scale research could yield better ways to identify and track malignant cells

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : CEO.CA - Gold in Euro Terms Set for Correction

01/26: CHART : King One Eye - Today's Must-See Chart #1: King Dollar

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Acting Man - Gold at an Interesting Juncture

01/26: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Short Side of Long - Emerging Markets To Rebound?

01/26: CHART : The Mess That Greenspan Made - The Fed’s “smooth, fully anticipated, glide path towards a June lift off” now in doubt

01/26: Bloomberg - CME Starts Gold Futures in Hong Kong in Price-Benchmark Race

01/26: Coin Update - New Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II To Be Unveiled March 2nd

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01/25: Cyprus Mail - Oil, Gold and Debt

01/25: PDF : Wizzen Trading - And Just Like That, It All Changed

01/25: The Guardian - Devaluation and discord as the world’s currencies quietly go to war

01/25: VIDEO : StackSmart - Technical Analysis : Surging silver - Cracking Kilo Kooks

01/25: MineWeb - Despite higher gold price Chinese demand still surging

01/25: Gold-Eagle - Grandmaster Putin’s Gold Trap: Russia Is Selling Oil And Gas In Exchange For Physical Gold

01/25: AUDIO : Peak Prosperity - Axel Merk: Why Asset Prices Must Return To Lower Levels

01/25: VIDEO : Zero Hedge - "This Is A Race To The Bottom Where No Fiat Currency Wins"

01/25: The New York Times - The Strong Dollar Is Always Good, Except When It Isn’t

01/25: Bloomberg - America's Losing the Currency War

01/25: VIDEO : BNN - Marc Faber : Feckless Central Banks to Underpin Gold

01/25: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Juggling Dynamite - Copper Cracks

01/25: VIDEO : Bloomberg - Bill Gates: QE Helps Debtors at Savers' Expense

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"With the exception only of the period of the gold standard, practically all governments of history have used their exclusive power to issue money to defraud and plunder the people."

- Friedrich August von Hayek

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The Free Bullion Investment Guide offers you:

  • Charts of the Latest spot prices of all Precious Metals

  • Up to Date News about Bullion Coins, Precious Metals Investing and Financial News influencing the Bullion Markets

  • The basics of understanding physical bullion investing.

  • A glossary of bullion and market related terms

  • Information about Junk Silver Coins

  • Silver Coin Price Calculators for both Junk Silver US Coins and Junk Silver Canadian Coins

  • Information and Links to Government Mints including Coin Information & Mintage Figures

  • Information and Links to Online Private Mints and Online Bullion Dealers

  • Information about physical bullion Refiners and Links to them.

  • Information and Links about grading bullion and third party graders and the practices that they use to grade bullion

  • Information about Precious Metal bullion in IRAs

  • Information and Links to Precious Metals information sites

  • Introductions to Leading Voices (Gurus) in the Precious Metals & Investment Industry and Links to find them.

  • Information and Links to Wire Services

  • Information for Physical Bullion Storage through Bullion Vault Storage Companies and Links to them (ex: GoldMoney / Bullion Vault)

  • Information and Links about Home Safes and Links to Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Information, Tips and Links to buy precious metals at online Bullion Auctions.

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