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The Free Bullion Investment Guide has three missions:

  • The 1st mission is to give anyone interested in the precious metals bullion markets, an honest place on the web that provides bullion market reference material, bullion market news, and other market-related information.

  • Its 3rd mission is to give 50% or more of what it earns from the Bullion Guide to Cancer Research or to those who are Battling Cancer.

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Bullion Market News &

05/28: AUDIO : Richard Dickson on Market Technicals; Frank Holmes on Trump, Gold - Financial Sense

05/28: VIDEO : Gold $10,000: The Full Report - Gary Christensen - Wealth Research Group

05/28: tweet : CHART : Mick Mulvaney just told congress: "receipts are coming a little slower than expected". This has been true for 15 months - John Alexander

05/28: VIDEO : Fed balance sheet unwind 'absolutely' reduces chance of more rate hikes: Former Dallas Fed advisor - Danielle DiMartino Booth

05/28: Why one hedge-fund titan is bracing for ‘all hell to break loose’ in the stock market - Market Watch

05/28: Mexico’s Economy Reels from a Blast from the Past - Wolf Street

05/28: Police: Men Posing As Construction Workers Take Off With $750,000 In Jewels, Gold And Cash From Brooklyn Store - CBS New York

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

05/25: Mint walks back some 2015 American Eagle information, says it got info wrong - Released mintages are accurate but way of identifying coins may not be - Coin World

05/25: Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin - The Deviant Investor

05/25: Gold Price 'Boring Like Summer' as LBMA Launches Code, Benchmark 'Loses Liquidity' - Bullion Vault

05/25: Ballooning Chinese dollar borrowing a dilemma for index trackers - Reuters

05/25: Itronics starts silver bullion production - Northern Nevada Business Weekly

05/25: U.S. stocks scale new peaks on retailer results; oil falls - Reuters

05/24: Exclusive: London's gold benchmark hit by volatility after banks exit - Reuters

05/24: NANOMEDICINE : CANCER RESEARCH : What is nanomedicine, and how can it improve childhood cancer treatment? - DiMartino Booth

05/24: Beware of Central Bankers Bearing Gifts - DiMartino Booth

05/24: China hit with first credit rating downgrade in over 25 years - Public Finance International

05/24: STOCKS CLIMB AFTER FED MINUTES: Here's what you need to know - Business Insider

05/24: Arizona Ends Income Taxation On Gold & Silver Coins - ValueWalk

05/24: Panning for Gold in Oklahoma - KTUL-8

Free Bullion Investment Guide Blog

05/23: VIDEO : Is the Federal Reserve Good for America? - McCuistion

05/23: Gold, Silver Slip from 3-1/2-Week High - CoinNews

05/23: Greek creditors seek to thrash out new deal as economists warn fourth bail-out looms - The Telegraph

05/23: Can palladium remain strong despite a disruptive auto sector? - mining-technology

05/23: GOLD NANOTECHNOLOGY : Nano Fiber Feels Forces and Hears Sounds Made by Cells - BioPhotonics

05/23: The Fed is about to reveal how it could wind down its biggest policy experiment ever - CNBC

05/23: Dollar off 6-1/2-month lows; Fed minutes in focus - Reuters

05/23: Arizona Gov. Ducey Signs Tax Cut on Gold Bullion Coin Sales - U.S. News & World Report

05/23: North Carolina House Passes Bill to Encourage Use of Gold and Silver as Money - Tenth Amendment Center

The Bullion News & Commentary Continues...

Recent Bullion and Financial News & Commentary Headlines


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Financial Market News

The Bullion and Financial Market News, above, is updated daily.


You can click on one of the pages below to see all the Financial Market News the Guide provides you

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Free Bullion Investment Guide

Precious Metals - Charts

The Latest spot price charts of all Precious Metals are found on almost every page of the Guide.


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Bullion Market Basics

The Bullion Basics pages were created to help you to get familiar with the Bullion Market. 

Silver Supply & Demand

Free Bullion Investment Guide

World Gold & Silver Bullion

Modern Government Bullion Coins

The following pages give you a history of the Mints and or Central Banks that produce the bullion coins, for each country. 

In addition, you will find, near the bottom of each page, a link to the Precious Metal Bullion Coins for each country. 

The Coin pages offer you the history and narration of the coins, photos, specific coin information and mintage figures.

Bullion Refiners

The Refiners pages give you a history of each refiner and in-depth information about their bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Security

The Bullion Security pages offers you information about two popular ways to protect your bullion.  On your premises and off premises.

The Home Safes page gives you information about the differences in the way home safes are made, how to choose the best one for you and links to suppliers of these safes.

And the Vault Bullion Storage page offers you information about storing bullion abroad.  It explains the differences between allocated and unallocated bullion and lets you decide what is best for you.

Bullion Investment Ratios

The pages below give you the history behind the ratios and how to interpret them to help you judge the bullion markets.

Bullion Buying Guides &
Where to Buy Gold and more

Each page offers you more information about the type of Bullion you may be interested in, in addition, you will find on these pages the links to the dealers who offer the bullion.

Bullion Buying Tools & Links

These three pages of the guide will help assist you in purchasing bullion (if you choose to do so).  In addition, each page gives you in-depth information about how they can help you in your bullion purchases.

Bullion Forums

The Investing Gurus page gives you a glimpse into many well known investors and their trading practices.  Some are well known in the precious metals industry and others are popular in all markets.

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