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05/26: Perth Mint Research - Insurance – Do We Really Need It?

05/26: Silver Monthly - 13 Secret Tactics of Bullion Dealers

05/26: BullionStar - Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

05/26: Free Market Cafe - Silver Isn’t Always a “Sell”

05/26: Bullion Vault - When Is the Best Time to Buy Gold?

05/26: AUDIO : Kitco - Greece Back On The Front Burner as U.S. Dollar Rallies

05/26: National Inflation Assoc. - A 100% Perfect Predictor of Stock Market Crashes

05/26: CoinWeek - New PCGS Holder To Protect Coins, Combat Counterfeiting

05/26: CoinWorld - ‘Gold’ a longtime synonym for ‘value’

05/26: The Deviant Investor - “Suicidal Credit-Based Money System”

05/26: GoldSeek - John Nash RIP: “Beautiful Mind” Game Theory May Lead to Gold Standard

05/26: Daily Reckoning - When Genius Fails Again, Part I

05/26: Daily Reckoning - When Genius Fails Again, Part II

05/26: Cobden Centre - Why Government Deficits And Debt Do Matter

05/26: GoldReporter.de - Australia has funded 7 per cent less gold

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05/25: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Action Forex - XAU/USD (Gold) Is Refused By 200-Day SMA

05/25: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trader Dan's World - Is The Silver Trade Getting Crowded?

05/25: AUDIO : Sprott Money - Ask The Expert - Bob Thompson

05/25: Money Morning - Another Crisis of Confidence in the US Dollar is Coming by James Rickards

05/25: Solidus Center - Busted Metals Traders Distract from Larger Manipulation Problem

05/25: CANCER RESEARCH : GRAPHIC : Twitter - Dr. Steven Curley - Non-invasive RF field can trigger release of anti-cancer drugs from carbon nanotubes

05/25: CHARTS : National Inflation Assoc. - Global Stock Valuations Nearing Extreme Peak

05/25: The Bullion Desk - Above-ground platinum stocks unlikely to reach zero – WPIC

05/25: Market Watch - Platinum prices could see a pop even as deficit shrinks

05/25: GoldCore - China Creates Gold Investment Fund For Central Banks

05/25: GoldSeiten.de - Explaining a Cashless Economy - Google Translation Link

05/25: VIDEO : CNBC - Yellen not as hawkish as market thinks: Schlossberg

05/25: PDF : Federal Reserve - The Outlook for the Economy Remarks by Janet L. Yellen (Full Text)

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05/24: SafeHaven - Gold Buried?

05/24: VIDEO : PhysicalGoldFund - Kyle Bass Comments on Taking Delivery of $1B in Physical Gold Bullion

05/24: SRSrocco Report - THE KEY FUTURE SILVER PRICE FACTOR: Investment Demand, Not Solar

05/24: Economic Times - Fall-off in weddings bodes ill for jewellers, gold

05/24: Business Insider - Five global banks just proved that no one can stop Wall Street from breaking the law

05/24: GRAPHIC : Zentrader - #1 Stock Market Concern This Memorial Day

05/24: GOLD NANO-PARTICLES : Twitter - PHOTO : Dr. Steven Curley - New targeting molecules get gold nanoparticles into cancer cells. RF field can kill with heat

05/24: VIDEO : The Next Big Trade - Are Corporations the Dumb Money of This Bull Market

05/24: The Speculative Investor - Comparing the Rates of Money-Pumping

05/24: CHARTS : Alhambra Investment Partners - Yellen Puts The ‘Dollar’ Back On Suicide Watch

05/24: Confounded Interest - The Low Velocity Economy (US Money Velocity At All-time Low)

05/24: AUDIO : Sovereign Man- Simon Black - The Fundamentals of the US Economy

05/24: Sputnik - More Russian, Chinese Companies Switching to Yuan Transactions – Bank

05/24: Economic Policy Journal - BREAKING: Greece Threatens June Bankruptcy

05/24: WhaTech - BitGold Inc. Announces Additional Information on the CAD 51.9 Million Acquisition of GoldMoney.com to Clarify Earlier Announcement - Includes GoldMoney's Annual Earnings for the Past 5years.

05/24: my journal courier - The meaning of the message "E Plurabus Unum"

The Bullion News & Commentary Continues...

Recent Bullion News & Commentary Headlines

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"...Gold having been highly prized by the world's population since before the time of the Egyptians and the Incas, I doubt that we've seen its last hurrah."

- Peter Lynch, 1993 - Beating the Street

The Perth Mint Australia

The Free Bullion Investment Guide offers you:

  • Charts of the Latest spot prices of all Precious Metals

  • Up to Date News about Bullion Coins, Precious Metals Investing and Financial News influencing the Bullion Markets

  • The basics of understanding physical bullion investing.

  • A glossary of bullion and market related terms

  • Information about Junk Silver Coins

  • Silver Coin Price Calculators for both Junk Silver US Coins and Junk Silver Canadian Coins

  • Information and Links to Government Mints including Coin Information & Mintage Figures

  • Information and Links to Online Private Mints and Online Bullion Dealers

  • Information about physical bullion Refiners and Links to them.

  • Information and Links about grading bullion and third party graders and the practices that they use to grade bullion

  • Information about Precious Metal bullion in IRAs

  • Information and Links to Precious Metals information sites

  • Introductions to Leading Voices (Gurus) in the Precious Metals & Investment Industry and Links to find them.

  • Information and Links to Wire Services

  • Information for Physical Bullion Storage through Bullion Vault Storage Companies and Links to them (ex: GoldMoney / Bullion Vault)

  • Information and Links about Home Safes and Links to Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Information, Tips and Links to buy precious metals at online Bullion Auctions.

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