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10/23: Gold, Silver and the U.S. Dollar
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10/23: Business Insider - Economists Never Imagined Negative Interest Rates — Now They're Rewriting Textbooks

10/23: Hussman Funds - The Illusion that "Old Measures No Longer Apply"

10/23: AUDIO : Financial Sense - Approaching the Peak

10/23: Sputnik News - As US Corporate Debt Soars, Earnings Suggest Dim Outlook on Growth

10/23: MINING - South African union reaches tentative wage deals with platinum trio

10/23: Market Watch - Fed’s Williams says gradual rate hikes needed with economy in ‘good shape’

10/23: BullionStar - Central Bank Austria Claims To Have Audited Gold at BOE. Refuses To Release Audit Reports & Gold Bar List by Koos Jansen

10/23: Business Recorder - Russian gold reserves edge up to 49.6mn oz as of Oct. 1

10/23: Durango Herald - Dollar coins still aren’t on a roll

10/21: SAXO Group - Commodities pause as the Dollar Rises

10/21: Kitco - U.S. Dollar Weakness Will Be Key For Gold’s Recovery Next Week

10/21: GOLD FRAUD : New York Daily News - Con artists posing as handymen trick victims out of $250G using fake bags of gold

10/21: GoldSeek - COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - October 21, 2016

10/21: GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : UMass Lowell - Researcher Uses Nanomedicine for Breast Cancer Treatment

10/21: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Market Anthropology - "Real" Negative

10/21: CoinWorld - World Bullion Coins in 2017

10/21: World Mint News - Isle of Man: Final Gold Christmas Angel Issued

10/21: CoinWorld - Are you aware that India has its own gold bullion coin program?

10/21: CARTOON : Hedgeye - Yellen's Bottom

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10/20: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Trading Floor - The Gold Exodus is Showing Signs of Fading

10/20: Dimartino Booth - Global Debt Investors: The Silence of the Lambs

10/20: Sputnik News - Federal Reserve Sees Pickup in Wages, Workers Don't

10/20: CHART : Sunshine Profits - Speculators Close Gold Positions

10/20: High Yield Bond - The Incredible Expanding High-Yield Overvaluation - Only on the brink of the massive price collapse of the Great Recession in 2008 has the high-yield market ever been as overvalued as it currently is

10/20: GoldReporter - From Switzerland: China doubled gold imports in September

10/20: Econimica - Why Exporters Are in Double Trouble

10/20: The Felder Report - Remembering The Impetus Of “Irrational Exuberance” As We Approach Its 20th Anniversary

10/20: Money Control - India, Japan platinum demand to be strong in 2017: PGI

10/20: Mises - The Fed Thinks It Can Use the "Natural" Interest Rate to Fine-Tune the Economy

10/20: Platts - Zero wedge: Shrinking margins and increased regulation leaves ‘restrained optimism’ for gold

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10/19: 24/7 Wall St. - Saudis, China Dump Treasuries; Foreign Central Banks Liquidate a Record $346 Billion in US Paper

10/19: CHARTS : Advisor Perspectives - A Long-Term Look at Inflation

10/19: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : King One Eye - A Hot Trio of Gold Charts

10/19: GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : nanowerk - Gold Nanoparticles could be the Key to Developing a Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

10/19: AUDIO : McAlvany Weekly Commentary - $20 Trillion in Debt, Who Cares!? Just Numbers On A Screen

10/19: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Bullion Desk - PLATINUM TODAY – Prices appear to have finally found some support

10/19: CARTOON : Hedgeye - No Worries?

10/19: SRSrocco Report - Silver Eagle Demand Returns With A Vengeance As Political & Economic Turmoil Increases

10/19: BullionStar - The Great Physical Gold Supply & Demand Illusion

10/19: Notes from Underground - Janet Yellen’s Speech Scared The Halloween Out of Me

10/19: VIDEO : Perth Mint Blog - The Perth Mint – leading the world in precious metals

10/19: INFOGRAPHIC : Visual Capitalist - What is a Stock Chart?

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10/18: 24/7 WallSt. - Inflation Reaches Fed Target Range, If You Look Closely

10/18: Advisor Perspectives - Inflation: An X-Ray View of the Components

10/18: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : Decision Point - SPY: Toppy

10/18: The Telegraph - Want to know why central bankers can't solve the world's problems? Read a book

10/18: GOLD NANO : CANCER RESEARCH : figShare - Gold Nanoparticle Reprograms Pancreatic Tumor Microenvironment and Inhibits Tumor Growth

10/18: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS : The Bullion Desk - PLATINUM TODAY – Is a price rebound possible?

10/18: Bloomberg - Goldman Says U.S. Bondholders Risk a $1.1 Trillion Hit if Rates Spike

10/18: Reuters - Deutsche Bank to pay $38 million in U.S. silver price-fixing case

10/18: The Deviant Investor - Silver, Debt, and Deficits – From an Election Year Perspective

10/18: Nevada Appeal - John R. Bullis: Investments in gold

10/18: FEE - The Free Market Wins against Discrimination

The Perth Mint Australia

10/17: Tocqueville - Gold Strategy Investor Letter - Third Quarter 2016 Review & Outlook

10/17: Hussman Funds - Calm Before the Storm

10/17: Econimica - The Greatest Bubble Ever...& The Federal Reserve Can't See It?!?

10/17: CoinNews - Gold, Silver Edge Higher; US Bullion Coins Log Wide Gains

10/17: Market Watch - BOJ’s Kuroda relaxes his tone on additional easing

10/17: Zero Hedge - Restaurant Industry In Gloom As Number Of Americans Eating Out Tumbles

10/17: Money Metals Exchange - How Will the Election Outcome Impact Precious Metals?

10/17: VIDEO : CNBC - Santelli Exchange: Obstacles to growth

10/17: Casey Research - Former Goldman Insider Says Price of Gold Could Double

10/17: FEE - Ludwig von Mises, the Academic

10/17: Bloomberg - The Cashless Society Is a Creepy Fantasy

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Free Bullion Investment Guide

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The Latest spot price charts of all Precious Metals are found on almost every page of the Guide.


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Bullion Market Basics

The Bullion Basics pages were created to help you to get familiar with the Bullion Market. 

Silver Supply & Demand

Free Bullion Investment Guide

World Gold & Silver Bullion

Modern Government Bullion Coins

The following pages give you a history of the Mints and or Central Banks that produce the bullion coins, for each country. 

In addition, you will find, near the bottom of each page, a link to the Precious Metal Bullion Coins for each country. 

The Coin pages offer you the history and narration of the coins, photos, specific coin information and mintage figures.

Bullion Refiners

The Refiners pages give you a history of each refiner and in-depth information about their bullion.

Free Bullion Investment Guide

Bullion Security

The Bullion Security pages offers you information about two popular ways to protect your bullion.  On your premises and off premises.

The Home Safes page gives you information about the differences in the way home safes are made, how to choose the best one for you and links to suppliers of these safes.

And the Vault Bullion Storage page offers you information about storing bullion abroad.  It explains the differences between allocated and unallocated bullion and lets you decide what is best for you.

Bullion Investment Ratios

The pages below give you the history behind the ratios and how to interpret them to help you judge the bullion markets.

Bullion...Where to Buy

Each page offers you more information about the type of Bullion you may be interested in, in addition, you will find on these pages the links to the dealers who offer the bullion.

Bullion Buying Tools & Links

These three pages of the guide will help assist you in purchasing bullion (if you choose to do so).  In addition, each page gives you in-depth information about how they can help you in your bullion purchases.

The Investing Gurus page gives you a glimpse into many well known investors and their trading practices.  Some are well known in the precious metals industry and others are popular in all markets.

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