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This is the Free Bullion Investment Guide's Second Cancer Research update from Dr. Steven Curley's research team located at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

The research team uses Gold Nano-particles and the Kanzius Radio-wave machine to achieve results that only cause harm to the tumor and not the individual, unlike most other commonly used treatments for cancer.


dr steven curely

Late last month (January, 2015), the guide received a research update from Dr. Stuart Corr, Assistant Professor to Dr. Steven Curley's Division of Surgical Research.

Dr. Steven Curley, is a Professor and the Chief of Surgical Oncology and the head of the Kanzius Gold Nano-Particle / Radiowave Cancer Research at the Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, TX.

Gold Nanoparticles Stablilized with MPEG-Grafted Poly(L-lysine): in Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of a Potential Theranostic Agent

The latest study released by Dr. Steven Curley and his research team studied how to modify the surface of a gold nano particle without lowering its surface energy.

In several past studies, using Gold Nano-Particles, by different research groups, it has been observed that different coatings of the gold nano-particles have reduced its effectiveness.

This research experiments involved MPEG-Grafted Poly(L-lysine) coated Gold Nano-Particles & Radio-wave therapy. ( MPEG-gPLL = methoxy-polyethylene glycol-graft-poly(l-lysine) co-polymer)

L-lysine is one of the 22 amino acids, it is an essential amino acid for humans to live. (its a protein)

They attached the MPEG-gPLL to Gold Nano-Particles as seen in the graphic, above.


L-lysine Nutritional Fact: L-lysine increases the intestinal absorption of calcium and eliminates its excretion by the kidney, suggesting that it might be helpful in osteoporosis. L-lysine can be found in meats, dairy products, eggs, grains, seeds, beans and nuts.


'In Vitro' Experiment

In the 'in vitro' (in glass or culture medium) the MPEG-gPLL-stabilized Gold Nano-Particles exhibited a high uptake and very low toxicity levels in normal human endothelial cells.

But the same MPEG-gPLL coated Gold Nano-Particles showed a high dose-dependent toxicity in epithelioid cancer cells.

Endothelial cells line the walls of your blood vessels (click link to see WikiMedia Graphic).

gold nano-particle spect_ct imaging

'In Vivo' Experiment

In the 'in-vivo' (in body) experiment, they injected a mouse with the MPEG-gPLL Gold Nano-Particles. (shown in the photo to the right)

In the right femur of the mouse is a cancerous tumor, after a 22h period, as shown by the arrow in the photo, the gold nano-particles show they have collected in the tumor.

The research showed that with localized Radio-wave therapy, that the L-lysine proved to be a good biological stabilizing coating for Gold Nano-Particle cancer research.

In addition, L-lysine did not hinder the Gold Nano-Particle/Radio-wave therapy when the localized segment of inflammation was placed in a radio wave field.

In the conclusion of the research the team noted:

"We conclude that PEG-pPLL coating of AuNPs confers "stealth" properties that enable these particles to exist in vivo in a non-aggregating, bio-compatible state making them suitable for potential use in biomedical applications such as noninvasive radio-frequency cancer therapy."

The previous paragraphs are a summary of the Gold Nano-Particle / Radio-wave Research that is in relation to the missions of the guide, the link below takes you to a link to the full pdf research file.

Research Link: Gold Nanoparticles Stablilized with MPEG-Grafted Poly(L-lysine): in Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of a Potential Theranostic Agent

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