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Kanzius Cancer Research

Thank you for visiting this guide which is a site for those interested in gold, silver, and other precious metals.  It also advocates for Better Ways to treat cancer and the cancer research behind it, and Cancer Awarenes.

In the past, prior to 9/17/2015, the guide supported the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.

The Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation closed on June 30th, 2014.

The video below gives you a brief look into who was John Kanzius, his machine and how the Gold Nano-Particles destroy cancer inside the body.

John Kanzius

John was a former radio broadcaster and cancer patient.

One restless night, after receiving a chemotherapy treatment and dealing with the after effects, he came up with the idea of using radio waves to kill cancer cells.

radio wave

The idea stuck so much into his head that he could not go back sleep; he had to see if it was possible.

So in the middle of the night, he started the experiment in his kitchen using pie pans and a hot dog.

In the experiment he put a small amount of copper into a hot dog.

He placed the hot dog in the area between the two pie pans creating radio waves and turned the power on.

John KanziusJohn Kanzius

He noticed that only the copper interacted with the radio-waves and got hot, the rest of the hot dog was still cool to the touch.

In relation to the human body, this meant to him that a possible new treatment for cancer was possible. 

Dealing with Cancer

"There has to be a better way." - John Kanzius

In our lives, many of us have known someone who has dealt with or is dealing with Cancer. It can tear a person's hopes and dreams apart or it can make them defiant in fighting the disease.

Either way, it brings their mortality front and center, in addition to the crude treatments that they will have to endure to fight the disease.

The author of this site has personally witnessed close friends and relatives battle and ultimately be defeated, by not only the disease but the effects of chemotherapy.

Currently, chemotherapy is the most common treatment recommended to fight the disease and to be fair to those who have won the fight, it has saved many lives too.

But many have also wondered while taking the treatment: "What is hurting them more, the Chemo or the Cancer?"

John Kanzius devoted his live to find a "better way" for all those you suffer from Cancer.

A Better Way

The two videos below are from a 2008 Interview with John Kanzius on 60 minutes.

It introduces you to John Kanzius and what drove him to pursue his mission to find a better way to treat cancer.

Part I

Part II

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation's : Breakthroughs

Since Research started on a way to fight Cancer using Gold Nano-particles the hardest part was getting the nano-particle into the nucleus of the cancer cell.

gold hope ribbon

In earlier studies, researchers were able to get the nano-particles into the fluid surrounding the nucleus called the cytoplasm.

But never has any research team actually been able to get the nano-particles into the nucleus (the brain of the cell) where the DNA of the cell is located.

That was until researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston, TX, proved that carbon nano-particles can be delivered into the nucleus of cancer cells.

This research is a step in the right direction to destroy cancer cells and stop them from multiplying.

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation &
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