Saint George the Victorious 
Russian Gold Bullion Coin

On January 2nd, 2006, the Bank of Russia authorized the production of the first Russian gold bullion coins to be minted.

The Saint George the Victorious Gold bullion coin is about the size of a British Sovereign or a United States Nickel and contains 0.2537 troy ounces of gold.

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Design of the
Saint George the Victorious 
Russian Gold Bullion Coin


In the center of the Gold Bullion Coin features the emblem of the Bank of Russia.

It is a two-headed eagle with it's wings down, under it is the inscription "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA).

Outside the circle of dots, across the top of the coin, are the words "ПЯТЬДЕСЯТ РУБЛЕЙ" (FIFTY RUBLES).

Along the bottom of the coin indicates the precious metal "Au" (gold) and the bullion coin's fineness "999."

The year of issue is also along the bottom with the metal content "7.78" and the mint mark.

The edge of the gold bullion coin is Reeded.


russian gold bullion

The reverse side of the Saint George the Victorious gold bullion coin features Saint George on Horseback.

The depiction is of Saint George spearing a Dragon.

The designer of both sides of the gold bullion coin is A.V. Baklanov, a National Artist of Russia.

Saint George the Victorious is a Christian Saint, his image has been used for many centuries on state symbols and coins.

Saint George the Victorious 
Russian Gold Bullion
Coin Information


IRA approved:......No


Face Value:.........50 rubles

Silver Content:.....0.2537 Troy oz.

Total Weight:.......7.89 grams

Purity:................99.90% / .999

karat:.................22 karat



Designer:............A.V. Baklanov

Mint Mark:...........Yes


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Saint George the Victorious
Gold Bullion Coin
Mintage Figures:

Year     Mintage













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