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The US Mint and its satellite branches produces all Gold, Silver & Platinum, American Eagle, US bullion coins. 

To provide maximum availability for the public, the United States Mint distributes Uncirculated US Bullion coins through a network of wholesalers and participating dealers, a network known as Authorized Purchasers.

The United States Mint also produces all coins for circulation and Precious Metals Commemorative Coins, in 2010, the US Mint produced 28 billion coins.


first mint director

After the U.S. Constitution's ratification, Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton prepared plans for a National Mint. On April 2, 1792, Congress passed The Coinage Act.

The Coinage Act created the U.S. Mint and authorized construction of the first Mint building in Philadelphia which was the nation's capitol at the time.

The U.S. Mint was the first federal building erected under the Constitution.

President George Washington appointed a leading scientist from Philadelphia, David Rittenhouse, as the first Director of the Mint.

Under Rittenhouse, the Mint produced its first circulating coins, 11,178 copper cents, which were delivered in March of 1793.

Designers & Engravers

The designer and engraver of each US coin, has their initials inscribed on the side of the coin they designed. As with most modern US coins, if the specified side of the coin has the same designer and engraver, you can find his or her initials on the left side of the coin.

However, if the coin has a different Designer and Engraver, the engraver's initial would be found on the left and the designer's initials would be found on the right side of the coin.

This procedure is used for most modern US coins. However with coins that use a design from a coin created before this practice was commonplace, the initials of the designer or engraver are can be found somewhere in the lower half of the coin. (Ex: US Gold Buffalo coin)

United States Circulated coins also display the designers and engravers initials.  Even though the initials can be hard to see, they are there, once in a while you may need a magnifying glass to locate them.

Bullion Coin Values

The "Face Value" of a bullion coin, does not represent the "Real Value" of the different precious metal bullion coins.

US Bullion Coins are bought and sold based on the current market spot price of gold, silver or platinum, plus a small premium to cover minting, handling, distribution, and marketing costs. 

Gold, Silver and Platinum Spot Price Charts are located on every one of the bullion coin pages below.

SourceUS Mint

US Bullion Coins

Gold Bullion Coins

american eagle gold

1oz. American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins - $50 Face Value

1/2 oz. American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins - $25 Face Value

1/4 oz. American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins - $10 Face Value

1/10th oz. American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins - $5 Face Value

gold buffalo

1oz. American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins - $50 Face Value

Silver Bullion Coins

amer eagle silver

1oz. American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins - $1 Face Value

america the beautiful

5oz. America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins - $0.25 Face Value

Platinum Bullion Coins

one oz platinum

1oz. American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins - $100 Face Value

1/2oz. American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins - $50 Face Value

1/4oz. American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins - $25 Face value

1/10th oz. American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coins - $10 Face Value

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