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Sunshine Mint Bullion

The Sunshine Mint (SMI) is one of the primary suppliers of precious metals blanks to the United States Mint.

sunshine mint

In addition, the Sunshine Mint supplies rounds and bars to many other global financial institutions.

The company was founded in 1979 and is widely regarded as one of the premier private refiners in the United States.

The Sunshine Minting Corporation is located in the silver rich area of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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Sunshine Mint
a Full Service Refiner

The Sunshine Mint is a full service precious metals minting facility capable of producing large volumes of high quality bullion blanks, rounds and bars.

To guarantee the purity of their products, they use Optical Emission Spectrometry in the assaying process of silver and gold.

The Optical Emissions Spectrometer can produce uncompromising accuracy through qualitative and quantitative metal analysis.

Sunshine Minting manufactures products to the highest industry standards in brilliant un-circulated, proof-like, and proof quality bullion.

sunshine mint roundSunshine Mint Round

Bullion Products

Sunshine Minting bullion products come in both rounds and bars made of silver and gold.

The purity of their gold and silver bullion ranges from .999 to.9999, depending on the customer's manufacturing requirements.

They offer silver rounds in sizes from 1 troy oz. to 10 troy oz., and silver bars from 1 troy oz. to 100 ozt.

Their gold rounds range from a 10th of a troy oz. in size (.10), up to 1 troy oz. in size.

The Sunshine Mint's gold bars range in size from 1gram in size, to a 10 troy oz. gold bullion bar.

The purity of the mint's gold bullion, depends on the customers requirements.

Sunshine Mint, Inc. (SMI)
Mint Mark

sunshine mint bar

Since 2018, the Sunshine Mint has been placing the 'Mint Mark SI' on all of their bullion products.

Whether the bullion item is a round or a bar, on the reverse side of the bullion product you will find a circular area located in the middle of the item with the Mint Mark SI label. (as seen on the bar to the right)

Mint Mark SI is an Scrambled Indication security feature that is Micro-Engraved.

The Micro Engraving can only be visible with the Mint Mark SI decoding lens placed over the security feature.

Depending on whether the lens is held vertically or horizontally over the "Mint Mark SI security feature, will determine what you will see.

When the decoder lens is placed horizontally over the security feature, you will see the word "VALID" in the lens (shown right).

However, when the decoder lens is placed vertically over the security feature, you will see the Sunshine Mint's sunshine design.

Source: Sunshine Mint

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Sunshine Mint

The following Videos show the Sunshine Mints product development process and their bullion operations

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