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June 2023
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I apologize for getting this newsletter out to you one day late, I hope you and your family had a safe and happy Memorial Day, I hope you are staying well.   

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Updates to the Guide...

There were no updates in mintages or updating any information on particular pages; however, one update that I have decided to make on the coin and bullion pages are to move the "Where to Buy" list of affiliates from the middle of the "body" of the page, to the "Right Side Column" on the pages that are big enough to make this adjustment.

Example: 1oz. American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin.

Affiliate Updates

Last month, we had the privilege of adding the Royal Canadian Mint to our list of affiliates.  I've done business with them in the past and they used to be one of our top performing affiliates and we are happy to have them back.

In addition, I have reinstated advertising for the Royal Mint (UK) because their customer reviews have been consistently improving over the last few months. 

In April, I posted in that month's newsletter that I was going to be suspending any advertising for the Royal Mint (United Kingdom) because their customer reviews had become dismal. 

Here are the Royal Mint's latest customer reviews, in all honesty, the "Trust Pilot" reviews could see a lot more improvement, however, the "feefo" customer reviews have improved impressively. 

My take on the Market

In the market now, Gold and Silver are Range Bound, which means they are bouncing up and down between their recent highs and lows. 
Gold's bouncing range is between $1900.00 to $2050.00, while Silver's bouncing range is between $22.50 to $26.00.   The question is what will cause a break to the up or downside for these precious metals.  

For an upside move, look for instability, and another Bank collapsing, which I think will happen, nothing has changed in the market to help troubled banks, and we are far from correcting the problems within the markets that caused the most recent Banks to fail.

Also, a jump in inflation could cause the precious metals to rise, which I doubt will happen because I think that as long as rates are higher (5.25% FFR) than the rate of inflation (4.90%)

However, for Gold and Silver to fall in price, things in the market need to improve, and the constant trickling of information tells us that the market isn't getting better.I don't think we are past the turmoil in the markets regarding all banks (regional and big banks).  Ultimately, time will tell, but it's never too late to get some hard assets to insure the value of your dollars. 

All the article above were originally posted on the Free Bullion Investment Guide's homepage, under the ticker.

Affiliate Specials

Please be-aware that Supplies are low with many bullion dealers and other retailers below.

Deals & Specials from 

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Fast Growing Trees

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KellyCo Metal Detectors

Money Metals Exchange

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Survival Frog

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The Royal Mint (United Kingdom)

The Royal Canadian Mint

TradingView - Interactive Investment Charts

Universal Coin

One Last Thing...

No matter what age you are, no matter where you are in life, the best thing you can do is get your heart and soul right with the Son of God - Jesus Christ.  If you question that Jesus is God, pray to him (in his name).

If you did this, I know he answered you or will, depending on the goodness(edit) of the prayer.  Thank him when the prayer is answered, and keep talking to him, he wants to have a relationship with you.

Furthermore, remind him to answer you if he doesn't when you expected an answer, or perhaps the lack of answer is the answer you needed, you may just be looking at the situation from the wrong point of view. Jesus only wants to help you. Open your Mind.

We all know that this life will not last forever, but your spirit does, Jesus will give you eternal life all you have to do is believe.  Learn about Jesus Christ and how his death and resurrection(edit) defeated eternal death so that you could have eternal life - here.   

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father [God] except through me.    John 14:6

Until next month, Thank you for your time and for your support.

Take Care & God Bless,
Steven Warrenfeltz

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