October 2021
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I hope that you and your family and friends had a Great Summer and are staying safe and well.

This is the 19th issue of the Free Bullion Investment Guide's monthly newsletter.

September Donation

For those who are unaware, the Free Bullion Investment Guide donates at least half of its monthly earnings to the Angel of Healing Cancer Fund. When the fund collects more than $100, it donates that money to an individual who's battling cancer on GoFundMe.com.

In September, the Free Bullion Investment Guide earned a total of $43.35 of which $21.68 will be donated to the Angel of Healing Cancer Fund.

Note: Last month we had several SD Bullion orders through the guide; however, since they changed affiliate managers, which happened about a year ago, they only pay commissions on 'New Customer' orders. Although I have no idea who made any of the orders, I wanted to make a note of this, and you can see this on their portion of the guide's affiliate page. Also, please note that once a person places their first order, they are no longer are a 'new customer.'

On October 15th, a breakdown of the Donations, Commissions from Affiliates, and any Advertising Fees that generated the money earned for this donation will be noted on the guide's Ledger/Journal page.

Updates to the Guide

No new updates were made to the guide last month, except when news worth your time is found and posted on the homepage.

My Take on the Current Market

At this time, with all the talk about inflation going higher and the supply side of the economy breaking down, which are both true, I do not expect gold and silver to move higher.

This is because I think the issues surrounding 'Evergrande,' the Chinese Real Estate company is greater than many think. 

The Chinese Communist Pary (CCP) [edit] lie as often as they breathe, they cannot be trusted, and I think the problem with Evergrande is systemic in the Chinese economy.   Evergrande is known for building China's ghost cities, as seen in this short video, these ghost cities make up more than 20% of the Evergrande's portfolio of properties. 

I think the majority of Chinese companies are run like Evergrande, and their books are built on lies and because of this China may have a bigger problem on its hands than the U.S. did in 2008.  

The jury is still out on what will happen when Evergrande eventually fails, but it isn't looking good, in addition, U.S. companies are highly invested in all of China's markets, and when it hits the fan, as it has already started to, we will likely see a lot of selling, even precious metals.  

Why precious metals? 

The metals usually see deep sell-offs during market downturns, for instance when the U.S. shut down because of COVID in March of 2019, gold dropped from $1,700 to $1,450, and silver dropped from roughly $17.00 to $11.00. 

It happens every time the market gets killed, but why the drop?  It happens mostly over panic, it also has to do with investors trying to cover their margins with whatever investment they can sell that still holds a decent value.

It also has to do with investors pilling into the Dollar and Treasuries, which in a fast downturn, the reserve currency, which the Dollar currently is,  are always a safe bet because they are the most likely to hold their value.

But this time, we have inflation creeping more and more into the market, while supply is struggling to meet demand.

If Evergrande ends up being as bad for the World Markets as I think it might be, here's something you may want to contemplate.

When inflation starts to reach levels that scare the Federal Reserve, and they realize that raising rates will bankrupt the country because of our 30 trillion in debt (give or take a trillion).

What will be the value of your dollars then?

This is when you want to own gold and silver, and many of the bad outcomes to this inevitable future has a lot to do with why this guide exists.

This video interview with Jim Grant also sheds some light on the subject of Evergrande, the percentage of Chinese Banking assets on World GDP, the Federal Reserve, and Gold...see the video here.

Affiliate Specials

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Until next month, Thank you for your time and for your support.

Take Care & God Bless,
Steven Warrenfeltz

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord                                                                                                                                         -  Isaiah 1:18 (KJV)

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