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Gold Nano Particle Technology Letter to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

(2nd Letter)

Posted on 12/16/2016 @1:32pm

by Steven Warrenfeltz

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The letter below is the second letter that this guide has sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The first letter (seen here) was sent to Jianrong (John) Wu, Ph.D who is the Director of the Division of Pre-Clinical Research at the Hospital.

After he had received my letter, he informed me that he could not help me with the questions I asked in the letter, but he gave me the names of two doctors who he thought that could.

Those doctors are Dr. Michael Dyer, Ph.D. the Chair of the Developmental Neurobiology Department and the Director of the Developmental Biology Division and Dr. Alberto Pappo, MD the Director of the Solid Tumor Division and the Co-Leader, Developmental Biology & Solid Tumor Program.

About a month after I sent my letter to Dr. Wu, I sent letters to both doctors, but the USPS lost them in Transit; this information was explained in this guide's 55th & 56th ledger entries.

After realizing that sending the letter through the mail isn't always the best way for a letter to reach its proper destination.  I decided to re-write and re-format the letters and send them by email.

After going through many drafts and rewrites, I sent the letters on Tuesday morning (Dec. 13, 2016)

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to Dr. Dyer, and under the letter, I've posted a 'Scribd' file of it, for those who find it easier to read in that format.

Lastly, I'll keep you up-to-date on this blog or on the ledger page of the response I receive.

2nd Letter to
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital



Dr. Michael Dyer,

Chair, Developmental Neurobiology Department

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

MS 324, Room D2039

262 Danny Thomas Place

Memphis, TN 38105-3678


RE: Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research

Dear Dr. Michael Dyer,

I hope you are well; my name is Steven Warrenfeltz, and for the last five years, I have brought awareness to the public about Gold Nano-Particle Cancer Research.

I am not a physician or a salesman; I am an individual who is tired of watching those I love who have been diagnosed with cancer not only succumb to the disease but also the status quo in Cancer Treatment a.k.a Traditional Chemo / Radiation Therapy.

Several months ago I sent a letter to Dr. Jianrong (John) Wu – the Director of the Division of Pre-Clinical Research about Gold Nano-Particle Cancer Research.

After he had received my letter, I corresponded with Dr. Wu through email; this was his first response to my letter:


Yes, I did receive your letter.

I am a statistician and not physician. Thus, I don’t have the ability to assess if Gold Nano-Particles is suitable for cancer treatment. But at least, it is worth to try on mouse models (of course need funding to do pre-clinical experiments too) same as currently what people are doing for the mouse models to screen the anti-cancer drugs.

 Thanks for sending me the letter.

 Best, John Wu

After receiving his response, I asked him who at the hospital should I contact, and he gave me your name, and Dr. Alberto Pappo, who will also be receiving a version of this letter (today).

After he had given me your names, I sent letters to both of you about a month later, but unfortunately, the letters I sent by Certified Mail – got lost in Transit by the USPS.

Once it became obvious that the letters were never going to reach you, I re-wrote and re-formatted the letters to you and Dr. Pappo.

So, if you would please allow me a few minutes of your valuable time, I’d like to introduce you to Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research and how researchers are using them to kill cancer.

Dr. Michael Dyer,

First, I think you need to know a little bit of my backstory so you can understand why I am doing what I am doing.

I’ve never had cancer, but it has affected my life. 

I grew up with a large extended family, my father had seven siblings, and my mother grew up as an only child, but her mother had seven siblings, and my mother’s father had ten siblings.

When I was six, I went to my first funeral, when my father’s oldest brother died of stomach cancer.

After that first funeral, I lost count of how many funerals I’ve been to; my family saw each other more when we came together to mourn the loss of a loved one than at normal family functions.

I’m now 43 and all of my aunts and uncles have passed away; cancer took at least two-thirds of them.

Of the ones that died of cancer, I was with a few before their passing, and I can tell you that the person I saw dying in front of me looked nothing like the relative I knew before they were diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy. 

But, it was when I was 12-years old, that I learned and witnessed how cancer and its traditional treatment affects our bodies.  

When you’re a kid, and you’re told that a loved one has cancer it honestly doesn’t hit home the way it does for a grown up, you just know it isn’t good, but you don’t know how to react to the news.

When I was in 6th grade, my best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia, by that time I had known several in my family who had died of cancer and when I found out his condition; it hit home.

He hated the treatment, and I remember him complaining about it, he felt like he wasn’t only fighting cancer, but that he was also fighting the radiation therapy. 

My friend fought leukemia for ten months, he passed away three months before his 12th birthday, in 1986.

His gravestone says “This Boy had Courage,” several years after his death I visited his grave and made him a promise that I would try to help cancer research in the hopes that others would not have to go through the hell that he did.

That is why I am writing you.

About six years ago I started a website, part of it brings awareness to gold nanoparticle cancer research and it currently sponsors St. Jude Cancer Research Hospital.

After I had created the website, I looked for ways I could support cancer research.  It didn't matter to me at the time what type of Cancer research it was; I just wanted to find something that worked better than Chemotherapy & Radiation and that had less harmful side-effects.

Also, I wanted to find a form of cancer research that could treat all forms of cancer.

I looked up Genome Therapy, DNA sequencing replacement, and other forms of cancer research, but it wasn’t till I found Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research that I felt that I found what I was looking for.

I already knew a lot about gold in its physical, tradable form, but I found out that it can do so much more in its nano-form and there are several unique qualities that Gold Nanoparticles possess that makes it ideal for treating cancer.


Fighting Cancer with Gold Nano-Particles

My first encounter with gold nanoparticle cancer research came after listening to the radio and hearing the senior director of a Cancer Research Foundation describe their research that used Gold Nanoparticles.

After listening to the radio interview, I looked up Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research on the Internet and found this video:

Nanoshell Therapy: Using Gold to Fight Cancer (click the link to see video):

After seeing the video, I liked what I saw, but I knew I needed to learn more about the research before I could believe in it.

In the video referenced above, the speaker talks about attaching antibodies or bio-markers to the gold nanoparticles to assist them in finding cancer cells. 

I researched this information and found out that gold nanoparticles have a massive surface area, which allows them to carry and deliver the ingredients needed to attack and kill cancer cells.

But it wasn’t until recently, after I read this section, in an article from Stanford Medicine News, that I got a visualization on how big the surface area is of a gold nanoparticle:

“Nanoscale particles also sport tremendous amounts of surface area as compared with larger particles. A cube of gold with sides 1 centimeter long has a total surface area of 6 square centimeters. But the same volume filled with gold nanospheres with diameters of 1 nanometer has a surface area greater than half a football field.”

Source: Stanford Medicine News - Small wonder: How nanotechnology could detect and treat cancer -  (May 17th, 2016)


I also found out that gold nanoparticles have the unique ability to pass into the interior of a cell without damaging it in the process. 

In this study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the researchers wanted to figure out how gold nanoparticles can pass through cells walls without permanently damaging or rupturing them.

Here are a few key factors found in the MIT study:

The team demonstrated that the crucial first step in the process is for coated gold nanoparticles to fuse with the lipids — a category of natural fats, waxes and vitamins — that form the cell wall. The scientists also demonstrated an upper limit on the size of such particles that can penetrate the cell wall — a limit that depends on the composition of the particle’s coating.

Source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - The gold standard for cell penetration -  (August 23rd, 2013)

In addition, I found out that gold nanoparticles naturally possess an inherent property called the EPR effect or Enhanced Permeability and Retention Effect –

GNPs have many properties that are attractive for use in cancer therapy. They are small and can penetrate widely throughout the body, preferentially accumulating at tumour sites owing to the EPR effect. Importantly, they can bind many proteins and drugs and can be actively targeted to cancer cells overexpressing cell surface receptors.

Source: NCBI - Gold nanoparticles as novel agents for cancer therapy  -  (Feb. 2012)


The study cited above, that referenced the EPR effect, was the same study that informed me that Gold Nanoparticles resonate when they interact with light or energy waves, which is known as Surface Plasmon Resonance.

GNPs have a high atomic number, which leads to greater absorption of kilovoltage X-rays and provides greater contrast than standard agents. They resonate when exposed to the light of specific energies, producing heat that can be used for tumour-selective photothermal therapy.

Source: NCBI - Gold nanoparticles as novel agents for cancer therapy  -  (Feb. 2012)


From March 2012 thru September of 2015, I supported and sponsored cancer research, through my website, that involved Surface Plasmon Resonance and Gold Nano Particles, a big reason why I supported this form of cancer research was that it does not involve any chemotherapy drugs.

I had first supported a Foundation named the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation, then after it closed, I supported Dr. Steven Curley at the Baylor College of Medicine who had continued the work of the Kanzius Foundation.   I supported his work until he decided to start using traditional chemotherapy with the research.

The majority of this research involved injecting a subject (animal with a tumor) or ‘in vitro’ cancer cells with gold nanoparticles with attached biomarkers.   Then the test subject or cancer cells would be subjected to radio waves or X-rays for a duration of time from 2min to an hour.

They found that when the Gold NanoParticles resonated inside the cancer cell, it would heat up, killing the cell, leaving the rest of the tissues in the body unharmed. 

This form of Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research is also used with lasers and infrared light.

In fact, just last week, an international cancer research study was published that used Gold Nanoparticles and Surface Plasmon Resonance.

The study was led by the University of Missouri School of Medicine, below are some of the conclusions of their study: 

“The administration of gum Arabic, gold nanoparticles and photothermal therapy caused no change to healthy tissue, which confirmed the safe use of these treatments,” Katti said. “However, the use of gum Arabic-encapsulated nanoparticles combined with photothermal therapy resulted in the targeted eradication of the precancerous cells and their genetic code in both our mice model and the human in vitro cell model we developed for this study.”

“The components for this new therapy are inexpensive, do not have any issues associated with a shelf-life and are easy to produce,” Katti said. “Most importantly, it does not involve the use of harsh chemotherapy drugs or radiation. It is a ‘green’ approach that also may lead to successful treatment of other forms of cancer.”  Kavita Katti, Ph.D

Source:  TechinAmerica - Nanotechnology ‘Green’ Approach to Treating Liver Cancer”  (Dec. 5th, 2016)


Chemotherapy Drugs & Gold Nanoparticles

Although I hope that there will be a day in the future that we will stop using chemotherapy drugs in their traditional form, they have proven to be very effective when they are attached to gold nanoparticles and sent directly to cancer cells.

In each one of the examples below, the Chemotherapy drug used in the study did exactly what every patient wants from a cancer treatment: They want the drugs only to harm their cancer, not them.

This first example of a recent study that used chemotherapy drugs with gold nanoparticles showed they were effective in destroying inoperable solid tumors.

The study was headed by Yaowu Hao, an associate professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington, in the article Hao stated the following about the study he conducted:

"Our main breakthrough is the development of uniquely coated gold nanoparticles that act as a carrier for the radioactive isotopes," Hao said. "We chose gold because it is inert

and biocompatible. The nanoseed is about 100 nanometers in size, so it is small enough to be injected in solution but large enough that it will not spread out of the tumor."

This type of radiation therapy is highly effective in attacking a tumor, but is also safer for the surrounding tissue because the radiation is contained within the tumor.

Source:  Medical Press - Tackling tumors: Researcher using nanotechnology to target inoperable tumors from the inside out -  -  (September 27th, 2016)


In the next study I wanted to show you, researchers from the University of Southampton designed an advanced type of nanoparticle.   In this study, gold nanoparticles were coated with short duplex DNA to form a ‘smart nanoparticle.’

The study was headed by Dr. Antonios Kanaras, head of the Laboratory for Inorganic Colloidal Nanocrystals and Applications group, which developed this new technology; he stated the following about their research:

"This is an important step forward for the development of new types of smart nanotechnological drugs.  The use of smart nanoparticle designs, which release drugs selectively, can ensure minimal damage to healthy cells, be more efficient in smaller doses, and eliminate toxic side effects during the duration of a therapy (e.g. chemotherapy)."

Source: nanowerk -  mRNA Selective Drug Release from Nanoparticles  -  -  (October 31st, 2016)


Furthermore, in the next study from the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, Dr. Andrew Thorley stated the following in a study he conducted that involved using Chemotherapy Drugs, Gold Nanoparticles and Surface Plasmon Resonance about how gold’s attributes can kill cancer cells – ‘two-fold.’

“By using gold nanoparticles we hope to reduce the side effects of existing chemotherapy such as sickness, hair loss and hearing damage. At the moment, chemotherapy is given into the blood stream and so affects the whole body. However, using targeted gold beads, the drug would only enter cancer cells, and leave healthy tissue untouched.”

Scientists are using gold, explains Dr. Thorley, as it does not react with cells of the body, and earlier research suggests the beads are safe. The gold beads can also be easily seen on CT scans, he adds.

“This enables doctors to confirm the nanoparticles have reached the tumour. The gold particles can also be heated using a type of infra-red light – and this heat destroys the cancer cells from the inside, leading to a two-fold attack.”

Source: Gold beads may boost cancer treatment -  -  (January 13rd, 2016)


Dr. Dyer, I believe this research holds the future to finding a better way to treat cancer, and I don’t seem to be alone. 

The referenced studies above are only a small sample of the cancer research studies that have used gold nanoparticles.  On my website I have collected more than 250 articles and research papers about Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research; you can find them here (link: ).

As I write you this letter, I have sitting on my desk the 2017 calendar for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, it was sent as a gift of appreciation for past donations from my website’s earnings (I believe all donors receive this calendar).

The cover of the calendar shows a cute little girl smiling who’s been treated with chemo and or radiation therapy.

I keep it on my desk to remind me why I’m doing what I’m doing and why I’m writing you this letter; to inform people that there is a better way to treat cancer.

I hope you will respond to this letter to let me know, how or if St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital would consider adding gold nanoparticle cancer research in their search to find a better cancer treatment.



Steven Warrenfeltz

Frederick, Md.


Scribd file

Gold Nanoparticle - St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital - 2nd Letter by Free Bullion Investment Guide on Scribd

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