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Owning physical Gold can become more than a hobby or an investment, for some, like the Lord of the Rings character Sméagol (a.k.a. Gollum), his "Precious" became an obsession.

Man's obsession with gold has destroyed empires, sparked wars, and forced some into slavery, but the real villain in these scenarios is greed, not Gold.

In the following paragraphs, the guide goes into detail about the fundamental reasons why you should own some gold, then it offers you a list of reputable gold bullion dealers, so if you choose, you can get your hands on it too.

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Gold - Is Money

doug caseyDoug Casey

Gold has been used as money for over 5,000 years.

Below, Doug Casey of Casey's Research, wrote one of the best explanations as to why gold is the best form of money.

"...Gold, as we’ve discussed many times, happens to be the best form of money the market has ever produced: It’s convenient, consistent, durable, divisible, has intrinsic value (it’s the second-most reflective and conductive metal [second to silver], the most nonreactive, the most ductile, and the most malleable of all metals), and can’t be created out of thin air."

Furthermore, Murray Newton Rothbard, a well-known libertarian and the co-founder of the Austrian School of Economics, stated the following about Gold's role as money.

"Gold was not selected arbitrarily by governments to be the monetary standard. Gold had developed for many centuries on the free market as the best money; as the commodity providing the most stable and desirable monetary medium."

In 1912, during testimony in front of the U.S. Congress, J.P. Morgan  made the following in statement “Gold is money, and nothing else.”

Gold Saves the Value
of Your Dollar

The chart below is from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, it shows the value or purchasing power of the US dollar since 1910.

Or, another way to interpret the chart below is that it is a chart representing the mismanagement of a national currency; the U.S. Dollar.

value of the dollar
coke 5centsEarly 20th Century
Coca-Cola Sign

But, the following is the easiest way to interpret the chart above:

In 1910, one U.S. dollar had great purchasing power when it is compared to today's dollar. 

If you had a time machine and went back in time to 1910, you'd only need two cents ($0.02) in 1910, to have the same purchasing power to one of today's dollars.

The guide's Price Inflation page offers you many more examples of how today's dollar has lost its purchasing power.  

The next chart below is also from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, it shows the value of real money a.k.a Gold.

price of gold

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Gold is Insurance &
a Safe Haven

Like car insurance protects your car and home owner's insurance protects your home, Gold is insurance that protects your Money.


Gold and other precious metals are 'de-centralized' forms of money, they have no liabilities and they will never be worth zero.

In addition, gold doesn't have a liability that cash does, because cash is a paper representation for the value of the government that produces it.

Most people save cash to protect themselves for emergencies, which is smart and this guide isn't telling you to stop that practice, what it is informing you of is that cash doesn't always hold its value.

Furthermore, the charts above show you that the cash in your wallet has been losing its value since the early 20th century.

gold safehaven

Gold will always have intrinsic value and through that value it can ensure your money.

Gold is the truest form of money, it carries the least amount of risk, that's why it is called insurance for your money.

national debt

"Cash is a paper representation for the value of the government that produces it"

"Gresham's Law"   

"When coins of equal face value but different intrinsic value are put into circulation side by side, the coin with the higher intrinsic value will be hoarded and only the coin of lower intrinsic value will remain in circulation."   -  Sir Thomas Gresham

Ray Dalio:
Everybody should put 5% to 10% of their assets in gold

Understanding Gold's Role in the Financial Markets

Gold is an asset with little risk. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why an investor purchases gold when the market is falling.

However, this is also the same reason investor's sell gold when the market is rising.

Rising markets give investor's the mindset of "Great Risk, brings Great Reward."  There is nothing wrong with this mindset, without it, many great things would have never happened.

In a rising market environment, investor's sell assets that have little risk to purchase riskier assets.

This causes gold's price to fall and other assets to rise in price.

But, as the market moves higher, investors adopt an 'all in' mentality, believing the market will not stop going higher.

In this scenario, more and more investors 'herd' into the assets that are moving up.

The 'all in' mentality leads to market bubbles, here are some examples of historic market bubbles that killed 'all in' investors:

Gold is not immune to bubbles, in the last 40years gold's market has experienced two bubbles, one in 1980 and the other 2011.

However, it is not the asset that is the issue, it is the mentality of those who purchased the asset.

Everyone has heard the phrase "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" and all investors should know the word "Diversification."

In every bubble market, the diversified investor was the one who didn't lose everything.

A well diversified investor should own at least 10% of their savings or portfolio in gold and other precious metals.

Gold is a 'Precious' Metal, Gold is Money and Gold is Insurance, but most of all -- gold is one of the few investment safe havens a person can hold that will consistently protect the value of their money.

Gold Bullion Dealers

Below you will find two groups of reputable Gold Bullion Dealers.

The first group is a list of this Guide's Affiliated Bullion Dealers

Each Affiliated listing includes:

  • A screen shot of the page you'll land on if you click the Dealer's links

  • A brief description about the bullion dealer

  • Links to the bullion dealer's Better Business Bureau review page and other customer review pages (where applicable).

The second group consist of non-affiliated bullion dealers, they are on this list because although the guide is not affiliated with them they still belong in this list.

The Free Bullion Investment Guide receives a commission from every referred customer's sale we send to an affiliate.

The guide's earnings are used for two main purposes, the first is the most obvious, to keep it online to give you an honest approach to bullion investing.

The other is to give 50% or more of what it earns from the Bullion Guide to Cancer Research or to those who are Battling Cancer.  

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Cookies only indicate, to the merchant, that you linked to the merchant's website from this guide.  No Personal Information is Obtained in this process.

Note: As a suggestion to anyone interested in buying bullion from any one of the sites listed below, Please Read each company's ordering instructions and shipping rules carefully.

Gold Bullion Dealers

Affiliated & Non-Affiliated

Bullion Dealers are Not Listed in Any Specific Order

* = Affiliated Gold Bullion Dealers

* GoldenEagle Coins (Gold Coins page) -

is a Family Owned Precious Metals Dealer based in Laurel, Maryland, that has been in business since 1974.  They offer one of the largest online selections of precious metals bullion. 


GoldenEagle Coins  - Customer Review links

Golden Eagle Coins - Trust Pilot Customer Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Better Business Bureau Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Customer Testimonial page

* GoldenEagle Coins (Gold Bars page)

GoldenEagle Coins has been doing business for over 40years and they offer one of the largest online selections of precious metals bullion coins and bars.


GoldenEagle Coins  - Customer Review links

Golden Eagle Coins - Trust Pilot Customer Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Better Business Bureau Review page

Golden Eagle Coins - Customer Testimonial page

* Bullion Exchanges (Gold Bullion page)

Bullion Exchanges is a trusted Precious Metals Retailer located in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District. 

Bullion Exchanges we have a wide variety of products including but not limited to, metals that range from the ever popular gold and silver to the newly emerging platinum and palladium.


Bullion Exchanges  - Customer Review links

Bullion Exchanges - Trusted Pilot Customer Review page

Bullion Exchanges - Shopper Approved Reviews page

Bullion Exchanges - Better Business Bureau Review page

* BGASC  (Gold Bullion page)

"BGASC" is a acronym for "Buy Gold And Silver Coins" they are a Precious Metals Dealer based in California.

They offer a large variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion.

Every single package BGASC ships is sent fully privately insured for its time in transit.


BGASC  - Customer Review links

BGASC - Trust Pilot Customer Reviews page

BGASC - Better Business Bureau Review page

* SD Bullion/Silver Doctors   (Gold Bullion page)

is a Precious Metals Dealer located in Michigan.

The SDBllion website offers a large selection of gold bullion.

SD Bullion is a subsidiary of the popular alternative financial website 'Silver Doctors.' 


SD Bullion  - Customer Review links

SD Bullion - Trust Pilot Customer Review page

SD Bullion - Better Business Bureau Review page

* Money Metals Exchange  - (Gold Bullion page)

is a Precious Metals Dealer based in Idaho, US.  They offer bullion in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

They also have a popular blog and they host a weekly podcast with precious metals market insiders. 


Money Metals Exchange  - Customer Review links

Money Metals Exchange - Better Business Bureau Review page

* Sprott Money  - (Gold Bullion page)

Established in February 2008, Sprott Money Ltd. is a leading precious metals wholesale, institutional and retail dealer selling gold, silver and platinum bars, coins and wafers.

The company strives to facilitate ownership of precious metals no matter how big or small your portfolio.


Sprott Money - Customer Review links

Sprott Money - Better Business Bureau Review page

* SilverGoldBull  - (Gold Bullion page) has tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have taken their financial future into their own hands by investing in gold and silver. 

This bullion dealer is based in Canada and offers a wide variety of precious metals bullion for you to choose from, their commitment to you is to provide extraordinary service throughout your bullion buying experience.


SilverGoldBull - Customer Review Links

SilverGoldBull - Approved Shopper Review page

SilverGoldBull - Better Business Bureau Review page

Gold Bullion Dealers


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