Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research Report

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by Steven Warrenfeltz

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For the last seven years, I've been informing people about the many ways gold nanoparticles offer a better way to treat cancer than today's methods.

Gold Nano Blog

Gold Nanoparticles are non-toxic, bio-compatible, and research studies have proven that they can be made only to attack and kill cancer cells, so there are no life-threatening side-effects associated with this research.  

This is the guide's ninth issue of the Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research Report and in it you'll find the reports on all of the latest Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research.

Below is a glimpse into what you'll find in this issue:

  • Sugar & Gold Kill Liver Cancer Cells
  • Silver & Gold work together to Fight Cancer
  • Gold-Silica Nanoparticles Gene Therapy


The medical research articles below have been summarized to make the subject matter a little more understandable, with each summary you'll find direct links to the original articles and/or research reports.

Sugar & Gold
Kill Liver Cancer Cells

The first research report comes to us from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

In the study, researchers used two forms of polysaccharides (sugar) and gold nanorods to attack cancer cells, in a living specimen (in vivo).

The first graphic below shows you how they weaved the sugar molecules to the gold nanorods.

The polysaccharides used in this study are 'Dextran or Pullulan,' their chemical composition is shown in the first box, in the graphic below.

In the next two boxes, in the graphic below, the combined sugars were bound to an amino acid called Azanide (NH2), to aid in the delivery of the cancer killing molecule to the cancer cell.

Polysaccharide - Gold Nanoparticle Generation

Once the sugars were bound to the amino acid Azanide (NH2), gold nanorods were introduced into the solution to create the green cancer killing molecule in the graphic above.

After the Gold Nanorod - Polysaccharides (Au@PSa) molecules where created, they were introduced to the living organism.

Through endocytosis, the Au@PSa's entered into the cancer cells.

Endocytosis a process that all cells use to absorb molecules, in the process, a cell's walls will extend outward around the molecule, slowly encompassing it, while pulling it into the cell.

To learn more about how endocytosis works, see this short video: here.

Polysaccharide - Gold Nanoparticle 2018 - Cancer Killers

Shortly after the cancer cell absorbed the Gold Nanorod / Polysaccharides (Au@PSa), the highly acidic (low pH) environment inside the cancer cells dissolved the Au@PSa molecule causing it to 'self-destruct.'

Polysaccharide - Gold Nanoparticle 2018 - Cancer Killers

As the 'Au@Psa' molecule dissolved, it released the gold nanorods throughout the cancer cell, at which point the researchers pointed a laser at the gold nanorods making them heat up, killing the cancer cells.

The heating process is called 'Photothermal therapy.'

Images taken after Photothermal Therapy, in the living specimens, revealed massive shrinking of cancerous cells and fragmented nuclei.

Furthermore, there were no side effects on any major organs and the surrounding non-cancerous healthy tissue was unharmed.

See the full research paper here: Self-destructible polysaccharide nanocomposites with unlockable Au nanorods for high-performance photothermal therapy - nature

Silver & Gold Nanoparticles
Fight Cancer

In this next study, researchers from France, Canada, and Spain used gold nanoparticles with a silver core to attack and kill cancer cells.

Silver is known for having the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and reflective properties of any other metal.

On the other hand, unlike silver or any other metal, gold does not tarnish and it does not degrade.

gold and silver nanoparticleGold and Silver Nanoparticle

So, to get the best out of both of these metals in the fight against cancer, the researchers in this study produced hybrid nanoparticles made of a silver core that was surrounded by a shell of gold.

The study involved using Photothermal therapy (PTT), which refers to using infrared wavelengths directed at the nanoparticles to make them heat up, furthermore, the researchers used living specimens (in vivo) to conduct their studies.

But, before they tested the bi-metallic nanoparticles, the researchers wanted to find out how each of the precious metals interacted biochemically alone in their efforts to kill cancer cells.

In the study, they found that silver nanoparticles created the greatest heating efficiency, but they also succumbed to the harsh, highly acidic biological conditions inside the cancer cell, degrading their effectiveness.

Whereas even though the gold nanoparticles didn't heat up as much as the silver nanoparticles, they were not affected by the harsh conditions inside the cancer cell, and their integrity was not compromised.

Ultimately, the researchers found that by encompassing silver nanoparticles around a golden shell created the best cancer-fighting tactic for their study.

As a result, Photo-Thermal Therapy (PTT) was successful in harnessing the combined effects of the Ag/AuNPs (silver/gold nanoparticles) in a living mouse tumor model (in vivo).

The silver/gold nanoparticles showed that they provided the greatest results with the nanoparticle's golden shell shielding the silver core from the harsh biological environment and preserving its excellent heating properties that helped to alter and destroy the cancer cells.

Read the abstract from the research here: Intracellular Biodegradation of Ag Nanoparticles, Storage in Ferritin, and Protection by a Au Shell for Enhanced Photothermal Therapy - acsNANO

Gold-Silica Nanoparticles
Gene Therapy

The last study, in this report, comes to us from the University of Delaware, where researchers are laying the groundwork for using gold-silica nanoparticles and lasers to inhibit cancer-promoting genes.

The gene therapy involves using a 'light sensitive' form RNA which stands for RiboNucleic Acid.

RNA is found in every living cell, its principal purpose is to carry instructions from DNA for controlling the synthesis of proteins.

In the study, light-sensitive RNAs called siRNA (small interfering RNA) were attached to the gold-silica nanoparticles.

The light-sensitive 'siRNAs' were used so that the gene therapy would only specifically target the genes in the cancer cells.

The researchers were able to do this by focusing a near-infrared laser light onto the siRNA after the gold-silica nanoparticles entered into the cancer cells.

The light caused the gene altering siRNA to release from the gold-silica nanoparticles where they were able to attach and attack their target gene and kill the cancer cells.

As the article from the University of Delaware states, this research has "substantial potential to enable high precision cancer therapy while minimizing impact to non-irradiated healthy cells."

See the full article here: Shining a light on gene regulation - The University of Delaware

See the Abstract from the study here: Evaluating the Mechanisms of Light-Triggered siRNA Release from Nanoshells for Temporal Control Over Gene Regulation - ACS Publications (Nano Letters)

Information about Emily Day and her University of Delaware research lab: The Day Lab - University of Delaware

One last thing...

To learn more about Gold Nanoparticles and how their distinct qualities  help kill cancer; 'click here', on the page you’ll learn all there is to know about the research.

In addition, please support Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research through this guide's Angel of Healing Cancer Research Fund.

Visit this page to learn more about this fund and who's research it is currently supporting.

Thank You for your Time.

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