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Gold Nanoparticle Cancer Research Report

Originally Posted on 10/16/2018 @ 8:52 pm EDT

by Steven Warrenfeltz

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There hasn't been any life-threatening side-effects associated with this research. 

Gold Nanoparticles are non-toxic, bio-compatible, and they can be made to attack and kill only cancer cells.

In this report, you'll find summaries of the most promising and compelling studies from the past month in regards to gold nanoparticle medical research, with each summary you'll find direct links to the original articles and/or research reports.

Below is a glimpse into what you'll find in this issue:

  • Nano Gold & Iron make MRI's safer and better

  • Treating Brain Cancer using a Gold Nanoparticle Nasal Spray

Making MRI's
Better and Safer using
Gold (Au) & Iron (Fe)

If you have ever had an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) you know that they can be confining and loud.


The confined atmosphere of an MRI machine occurs because a person is lying inside a large electromagnet.

Furthermore, the loud noise comes from the amount of energy that is needed to create that magnetic field that aligns the protons in your body.

Magnetic Resonance Image occurs when a radio-frequency disrupts the electromagnetic field, in the body, creating an image.

To enhance the image, traditionally, MRI technicians inject a drug or contrast agent containing gadolinium into the patient's body.

Gadolinium is a toxic, rare earth metal, and it is the traditional contrast agent given to patients who are having an MRI.

gold and iron

When Gadolinium is manufactured, as a contrast agent, it's placed in an organic wrap that reduces an individual's exposure to the metal's toxicity, which helps it pass through the body.

However, in a study from Japan, gadolinium was found to accumulate in the brains of some patients, plus other studies found deposits of the metal in other areas of the body.

Although no toxicity from the gadolinium was found in the studies, the FDA has made drug manufacturers add warning labels to all gadolinium-based drugs.

This is why researchers at Rice University developed a way to make Magnetic Resonance Images safer with a contrasting agent consisting of gold nanoparticles, iron, and fluorescent dyes.

In the study, the researchers called their new contrasting agent  'Nano-matryoshkas' because they were multi-layered like the Russian nesting dolls.

The gold nano-matryoshkas are assembled with a gold core that's covered with a layer of silica that encapsulates iron molecules called 'chelates' and fluorescent dyes (contrasting agents), then another layer of gold was added for protection.

(Courtesy of: Luke Henderson/Rice University)

When the researchers used the gold-based nanomatryoshkas in experimental MRI's, they stated that the "results surprised everyone."

Gold nanoparticles have a very large surface area, which enabled the researchers to overload the particles with iron chelates, making the nano-matryoshkas perform twice as well gadolinium.

In addition, the lead researcher in the study, Dr. Naomi Halas, stated that the gold-based nanomatryoshkas can kill cancer cells when a near-infrared light is focused on them.

So with further research, these experiments may one day give individuals the ability to diagnose and treat cancer in a single visit to the MRI lab.

Lastly, this study was headed up by Dr. Naomi Halas, who invented 'Nano-matryoshkas and nanoshells' twenty years ago at Rice University.

Read the full research report here: Reimagining MRI contrast: Iron outperforms gadolinium - Rice University

Treating Brain Cancer using a
Gold Nanoparticle
Nasal Spray

Blood-flow to BrainBlood-flow to the Brain

Current forms of treating brain cancer involve surgery, if operable, but usually it is treated with chemo and/or radiation therapy, and often with poor results.

These poor results come from modern-day treatments failure to break the Blood-Brain Barrier.

Researchers at the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri have come up with an ingenious way to break the 'blood-brain barrier' with a nasal spray (intra-nasal delivery) that treats and kills brain cancer cells.

The researchers did this using gold nanoparticles, micro-bubbles, and Focused Ultra-Sound.

In the study, a cancer-fighting drug was attached to gold nanoparticles and introduced them into the brain using a nasal spray.

When the spray is introduced to the nasal cavity, the gold nanoparticles are absorbed by the Olfactory and Trigeminal nerves, bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

However, in an odd twist to this research, it is the heart's pumping effect on the vessels in the body that help to distribute the gold nanoparticles and the drug into the brain.

Once the gold nanoparticles fully penetrated the brain, micro-bubbles were injected into the body, and 'Focused Ultra-Soundwaves' were focused on the cancer cells in the brain.

The combination of the Focused Ultra-Sound and the micro-bubbles,  propelled the drug-coated gold nanoparticles into the cancer cells, killing them.

Researchers stated the following about their results:

"... results suggest that FUSIN (Focused Ultra-Sound IntraNasal delivery) is a promising technique for noninvasive, spatially targeted, and safe delivery of nanoparticles to the brain with minimal systemic exposure."

Read the Abstract about the research here: Focused ultrasound combined with microbubble-mediated intranasal delivery of gold nanoclusters to the brain - Science Direct

The Washington University Article is here: Focused delivery for brain cancers - Washington University in St. Louis

One last thing...

Please help this guide spread the word about Gold Nanoparticle Medical/Cancer Research by forwarding this blog post to a friend, or a subject related website / forum.

Thank You for your Time.

Take Care & God Bless,


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