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Investment Guru - Jim Rogers

Investment Guru - Jim Rogers, is an American Commodities Investor and Author and a free market capitalist.  

Jim Rogers has said that if he were to be labeled, the Austrian School of economics best supports his views.

In an Interview conducted with Jim Rogers, in 2009, he was asked "Where should people put their money?"

He replied...

     "Invest only in the things you know something about.  The mistake most people make is that they listen to hot tips, or act on something they read in a magazine."

     "Most people know a lot about something, so they should just stick to what they know and buy an investment in that area.  That is how you get rich.  You don't get rich investing in things you know nothing about."

samples of commodities

Early Life

James Beeland Rogers, Jr. was born in Baltimore, Md. on October 19th, 1942 and was raised in Alabama.

At the age of five he started in business by collecting empty soda bottles at the local baseball field.

Roger's holds a bachelor's degree from Yale Univ. in History.

After graduating from Yale University in 1964, he won a scholarship to Balliol College, Oxford.

He also holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from University of Oxford.


In 1970, Roger's started the Quantum fund with George Soros with less than $1,000.00 to his name, within 10years the fund's portfolio gained 4,200%, while during the same period, the S&P 500 gained just 42%.

Jim Rogers is the chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc.

In 1998, Jim Rogers founded the Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI) and he is an outspoken advocate for agriculture investments.

In addition to the Rogers Commodity Index, Rogers is involved with two direct, farmland investment funds - Agrifirma, based in Brazil, and Agcapita Farmland Investment Partnership, based in Canada.

The Rogers International Commodity Index rogersrawmaterials.com

In February 2011, Jim Rogers started a new index fund which focuses on the top companies in agriculture, mining, metals and energy sectors as well as those in the alternative energy space including solar, wind and hydro.

The index is called The Rogers Global Resources Equity Index.

Jim Roger's Advice to
Future Generations

In 2010, at Oxford University’s Balliol College, he urged students to scrap career plans for Wall Street or London’s financial district, and to study agriculture and mining instead.

jim rogersJim Rogers

He stated,

     "The power is shifting again from the financial centers to the producers of real goods.  The place to be is in commodities, raw materials and natural resources..."

".....Don’t go to Harvard Business School." He also said, "If you want to make fortunes and come back and donate large sums of money to Balliol you’re not going to do it if you get an MBA."

This is a link to Jim Rogers personal web page: www.jimrogers.com

Books by Jim Rogers

1995: Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers.

2003: Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip.

2004: Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market.

2007: A Bull in China: Investing Profitably in the World's Greatest Market.

2009: A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons For Life And Investing

2013: Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets

Below are a couple of interviews with Investment Guru - Jim Rogers

Raw Footage of Jim Rogers Interview - The Bubble film

GoldSilver Radio - Mike Maloney & Jim Rogers - Is Gold Money?

Investment Guru - Jim Rogers Articles & Commentary

Note:  All of these articles were first posted on the Homepage.


Each year starts with the end of the year articles, first

VIDEO : The China Money Report - Jim Rogers: This Can’t Go on
- First 3min. of Video are in the Chinese Language, Jim Rogers and Interviewer speak in English Language at the 2:59 mark

PDF : Asia Confidential - Asia Money Masters : Includes Interview with Jim Rogers

Sprott's Thoughts - Jim Rogers: Governments Will Loot Pensions, Savings – Hold onto your Gold

AUDIO : FSN - Jim Rogers – More On Street Smarts

VIDEO : Fox Business - Rogers Holdings chairman Jim Rogers talks Gold, Agriculture and the Markets.

The Economic Times - Gold will rally, but silver will do better: Jim Rogers

VIDEO : Bloomberg - Jim Rogers Explains How Capitalism (the Free Market) is Suppose to Work

Capital Liberty News - Jim Rogers: Collapse of the Federal Reserve is ‘a probability’


Each year starts with the end of the year articles, first

International Man - Jim Rogers On "Buying Panic" And Investments Nobody Is Talking About

ZeroHedge - Jim Rogers Blasts "Abolish The Fed" Before It Self-Destructs

AUDIO : ZeroHedge - Jim Rogers: "Own Gold" Because "One Day, Markets Will Stop Playing This Game"

Bull Market Thinking - Jim Rogers: U.S. Stock Market Dominated By, “Kids With Very Little Experience And Just Enough Brains To Be Dangerous”

Birch Gold - Exclusive Interview with Jim Rogers: QE, currency wars, gold and inflation

AUDIO : Wall St. for Main St. - Doug Casey & Jim Rogers: Legendary Investors' Roundtable

GoldSeek - The Jim Rogers view on gold

VIDEO : RT - Jim Rogers: US is exceptional...it's largest debt nation in the world!

VIDEO : Fox Business - Rogers Holding Chairman Jim Rogers on gold, silver and why he is investing in sugar

Digital Journal - Jim Rogers: Gold to jump due to U.S. desperation to have a war

VIDEO (15:04) : The Blaze - Jim Rogers - US Economy & Growth, Economic Outlook & President Obama

Market Watch - Jim Rogers expects higher gold prices, and Marc Faber does too!

Summary & VIDEO (12:27) : USA Watchdog - Financial Calamity- It’s Coming, Be Worried, Be Careful-Jim Rogers

LiveMint - Jim Rogers: Why I’m shorting India

VIDEO (13:26) : Venture Capital (RT) - Jim Rogers - US Debt is MUCH bigger than declared! (Interview spans the first 2:22min)

VIDEO (04:17) : Fox Business - When Will Gold Hit a Bottom? - Jim Rogers gives his outlook for gold

VIDEO (05:21) : Liberty Crier - Jim Rogers: Is Gold Hitting Bottom?

Arabian Money - Jim Rogers blames India for the falling price of gold

Bull Market Thinking - Jim Rogers: “This Is Too Insane–And I’m Afraid We’re All Going To Suffer For The Rest Of This Decade”

Hard Assets Investor - Jim Rogers: I Bought More Gold Today; Bull Market Far From Over

Market Watch - Jim Rogers on bond bubbles, buying gold and the Japan disaster

MoneyNews - Jim Rogers: Yen's 'Collapse Very Dangerous'

Article & VIDEO (08:22) : MoneyNews - Jim Rogers to Moneynews: Fed's 'Artificial' Inflation Will 'End Badly'

VIDEO (02:47) : The Daily Ticker - Jim Rogers on Gold: Continues to Have a Long Overdue Correction

MorningStar - Jim Rogers' Gold Investment Philosophy - The maverick investor explains why he prefers to hold gold coins and his rationale for gold prices to continue to rise over the next decade

Money Morning - Jim Rogers Exclusive: Once Gold Bottoms, We’re Looking at ‘A Multi-Year Bull Market’

Money Morning - Jim Rogers Exclusive: It's a "Race to Insanity"

VIDEO (09:06) : USA Watchdog - These are Perilous Times - Jim Rogers

Wall St Daily - What Would You Ask Investing Legend, Jim Rogers?

NewsMax - Investor Jim Rogers Says Gold Needs Correction, Isn’t Buying Yet

VIDEO (04:52) : CNBC - Jim Rogers; "I know it's going to End Badly" (Full Interview)

Article & AUDIO : Bull Market Thinking - Jim Rogers: “This Is The First Time In Recorded History Where All Governments & Central Banks Are Printing Money”

AUDIO (18:54) : Peak Prosperity - Jim Rogers: We're Wiping Out The Savings Class Globally, To Terrible Consequence

VIDEO (09:03) : CNBC - Larry Kudlow Interviews Jim Rogers asks about his thoughts on the Market - a look into WallStreet's point of view (Kudlow) and an Austrian's point of view (Rogers)

Minyanville - Why Jim Rogers Is Hoarding Gold and Silver

VIDEO (05:58) : Yahoo (The Daily Ticker) - Don’t Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins: Jim Rogers

Summary & AUDIO : arabian money - Jim Rogers publishes his memoirs reviewing a lifetime of investment and tips gold and silver


Each year starts with the end of the year articles, first

Bull Market Thinking - Jim Rogers: “This is Not The 1920s, There’s No Reason For The Gov’t To Manipulate Gold Or Silver, I Don’t Buy It”

VIDEO (03:51) : Kitco - Jim Rogers' Gold Outlook for 2013

CNBC - Even Gold Bull Jim Rogers Is Turning Cautious

Digital Journal - Famed investor Jim Rogers: 'I’d Rather Buy Silver than Gold'

VIDEO (28:03) : Capital Account - Interview with Commodities Guru - Jim Rogers goes Short US Treasuries, talks JP Morgan Silver and ...

The Daily Bell - Jim Rogers on Politics, Money Metals and How to Deal With an Endless Downturn

VIDEO (02:24) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - America Is Facing a Lost Generation: Jim Rogers

VIDEO (04:13) : CNBC - Jim Rogers: Policy Makers Saying 'Same Old Garbage'

VIDEO (04:18) : Commodities Guru Jim Rogers talks live from APEC Summit in Russia

The Telegraph – Federal Reserve has already started QE3, says investor Jim Rogers

AUDIO (08:32) MineWeb – Gold, China and the commodities super cycle - Jim Rogers

VIDEO (04:15) : Wealth Wire - Jim Rogers Isn't Going to Argue With Thousands of Years of Stupidity

Index Universe - Jim Rogers Waits For Gold, Shorts Stocks

VIDEO (06:44) : CNBC - EU Debt Deal Only Making Problems Worse: Jim Rogers

VIDEO (05:40) : Yahoo (BreakOut) - Monetary & Fiscal Policies of the Last 4 Years Have Failed: Jim Rogers

VIDEO (08:27) : CNBC - Jim Rogers: Let Spain, Greece Go Bankrupt

VIDEO (14:44) : Jim Rogers Greece Should have never joined the Euro

Seeking Alpha - Jim Rogers: Buy Commodities Now, Or You'll Hate Yourself Later

VIDEO (23:59) : Total Investor - Jim Rogers: Global Economic Shocks Coming in 2013-2014

Summary & AUDIO (05:44) : Bull Market Thinking - Jim Rogers: “What Kept Us Alive Was We Were Constantly Alert to the Fact That We Could Probably Get Killed”

AUDIO (45:55) : Stansberry Radio Interviews Jim Rogers (recorded 11/22/11)

VIDEO (10:31) : CNBC - Jim Rogers on JPMorgan, the Dollar & More

AUDIO : FSN - LEGENDARY INVESTOR - Jim Rogers says to Follow Your Passion

AUDIO (03:23) : BBC Radio; Investor Jim Rogers tells it like it is...

VIDEO (15:49) : Steve Forbes interviews Jim Rogers: Don't Give Up On The U.S.

VIDEO (04:44) : Jim Rogers The Next Economic Slowdown Is Going To Be Much Worse

VIDEO 02:33) : Business Insider - JIM ROGERS: The One Thing Investors Need To Consider Before Diving Into Commodities

VIDEO (06:35) : Jim Rogers on Markets, Economy and China

Hard Assets INVESTOR - Jim Rogers On When To Buy Gold, Chinese Bubbles And Fake Good News

AUDIO (23:00) : Jim Rogers puts his money where his mouth is

GoldSeek - Jim Rogers “I Will Buy More” Gold – Still Long Term Bullish

VIDEO (27:59) : Capital Account w/ Lauren Lyster - Interview with Jim Rogers

AUDIO (24:29) : Financial Sense - Jim Rogers: Why You Want To Own Hard Assets In An Age Of Inflation

AUDIO (08:20) : Jim Rogers is the special guest on Goldseek radio

AUDIO (14:26) : Jim Rogers on Everything Financial Radio

Business Insider - GOLD, OIL, CHINA, LIES, BIKE LANES: Jim Rogers Tells All To Business Insider

Lew Rockwell - Jim Rogers Is Scared...

VIDEO (05:14) : Jim Rogers Speaks at the University of Alabama

Article & VIDEO (10:13) : CNBC - Jim Rogers: Play This Rally With Commodities

CNBC - Jim Rogers: Don’t Pay Governments Much Attention

VIDEO (03:18) : YouTube - Jim Rogers on Emerging Markerts, Elections & Gold

VIDEO (28:00) : YouTube - Capital Account - Lauren Lyster Interviews Jim Rogers


Each year starts with the end of the year articles, first

VIDEO (14:01) : FNN - Jim Rogers 2012 global outlook

Summary & VIDEO (04:15) : Wealth Wire – Jim Rogers: "Don't Make This Terrible Mistake"

Bull Market Thinking – Jim Rogers: “MF Global to Help Push Commodities Business Away from Chicago and Towards Asia.”

The Globe and Mail - Jim Rogers: Abolish the Fed, buy commodities, short stocks

Wealth Daily - Jim Rogers Vaporizes Fed

Article & VIDEO (05:26) : MoneyNews - Jim Rogers: US Falling Into 'Deeper Trouble,' Faces 2013 Depression

MINING - Marc Faber, Jim Rogers not selling gold, but it’s not all good news for bullion

VIDEO (06:25) : Bloomberg - Jim Rogers discusses Europe's sovereign debt crisis, Federal Reserve monetary policy and the U.S. economy

VIDEO (07:24) : CNBC - Jim Rogers; Don't Sell Your Gold

AUDIO (46:12) : HoweStreet - Jim Rogers – Keys to success, John Embry – Gold and Silver, David Smith – Latest from China

Commodity Online - Jim Rogers: Owning silver means you profit whether the economy tanks or not

CNBC - Decline in Commodities Is 'Artificial': Jim Rogers

VIDEO (05:35) : YouTube - Jim Rogers talks about the Commodities Markets

Commodity Online - Jim Rogers: Eurozone deal for Greece not to save Europe

VIDEO (04:32) : Fox Business - Investor Jim Rogers Has Gloomy Outlook for U.S. Markets

CNBC - US to Experience Stagflation Worse Than 1970s: Jim Rogers

VIDEO (03:01) : Lew Rockwell - Jim Rogers: Bernanke Is Lying to Us

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